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Private/Closed Project P

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. "If I don't come in, you're comin out," she declared. The chespin looked at spencer. He'll be ok. Leaf ran straight for the room, not even paying attention to statics warning. She got closer.
  2. "No!!!" Static said pushing Leaf and Himseft out of the room."Dang It!" Static said Blowing on his tail briuse.
  3. "Gotcha out. Now let's go, Spencer's hurt," she explained. The chespin ran over to the poocheyna. The bleeding had slowed. She looked at spencer, then to static. "What do I do?" She asked whispering.
  4. For the love of... Sher said. He then started spinning, making the scientist loose his grip. The Squrtle then smashed the door open. "Come on, let's go!" he shouted to Solstice.
  5. Spencer's eyes had rolled back, and the corner of his mouth had a frothy foam. His wound had gotten infected. He could walk, but he wouldn't be able to see, and it wouldn't be long before they would have to take breaks.
  6. "Dang It he's blind!" Static said. "Uh Here" Static said grabbing a rope from a wall. "Hang On. We're gonna have to get out of here before we get hurt even more." Static said.
  7. "I've got an idea. If I'm quick enough, I can grab some healing potion," she explained, pointing to a shelf. Leaf used her leaves and grabbed the potion. Beep! Beep! The chespin tossed the potion to static. "Go and cure Spencer! I'll fight them off."
  8. "Ok!" Static said catching the potion. Static spraed Spence with the potion and his wounds healed." There we need to help Leaf!" Static said running towards Leaf.
  9. Spencer groaned, "No.... Leave without me..." As his wounds healed. He stood up, looking at Static. "I..... You guys go without me....," he murmured.
  10. "No way! We need you!" Static said. "If we dont help Leaf she will get hurt and if we dont get you out of here you will get hurt! You have to come with us!" Static pleaded.
  11. "Spencer,come to your senses already! We need you," she told the poocheyna. Suddenly, Leaf was caught in a vine whip by a bulbasaur. The chespin was starting to feel immediate pain. "Static...Spncer...Help."
  12. Spencer leaped onto the Bulbasaur. "I have no reason to escape! I was a total jerk to my family....," he barked, struggling to pin the Bulbasaur down, biting it. "I'll be fine! I'll find another way out, distract the scientists!"
  13. "Fine!" Static said unstrangeling the Chespin." We will be back for you!" Static said helping leaf up. Static ran toward the bulbasaur and knocked it uncouncious. "Bye." Static said running to an exit.
  14. "Boys," she said annoyed. Spencer needed to come with them. "Static, no one gets left behind and you should know that," Leaf told him, " I don't even know you anymore." The chespin used her leaves to drag Spencer with them. Leaf looked the poocheyna in the eyes. " I don't care if you were a jerk in the past, I don't care if you have no reason to escape, you're coming with us," she said sternly. The chespin continued to drag Spencer away. She looked at Static. " I can't believe you were gonna let him die. I don't think I even had anything right about you. You're a stranger."
  15. Spencer squirmed and growled. "Oh ya? Where am I gonna go when I escape?" He asked. "Bet my parents don't want me." He thought back to the red-headed nerd with a lisp he was.
  16. "You can come with me, just come on!" She yelled. Leaf continued to pull on Spencer.
  17. "Well Kia I never knew you in the first place!" Static said tackling the door open. "Im not as much as a Stranger than you think." Static said running up a tree. "If I was such an stranger how would you think I know your name is Kia and that I met you in a Cell?" Static said.
  18. "That's an acquaintance. But I just can't believe that you'd sacrifice another life for your own," Leaf said sadly.
  19. Spencer wiggled out of her grasp, standing up and shaking his fur out. "Ok. Where to next?" He asked. "I don't know about you, but I might try to go back to my family as a pet."
  20. I say we first free everyone else. Then, we bust outta this joint," she told Spencer. "Let's go!"
  21. "Wait there are more?" Static asked. "Wait a minute." Static said jumping down the tree. " Are one of them an Eevee?" Static asked.
  22. Spencer nodded slightly. His look suddenly grew distant. Heh. Papa always wanted an attack dog to protect the house. I gues I'll have to do, since Ma doesn't like dogs that aren't cute as puppies.
  23. Spencer, we've got to go!" She said picking him up. Leaf ran towards the other cells, not even knowing it, and saw a squirtle bust out. " Sher, solostice, come on!" She urged.
  24. "Leaf? Thank goodness. I don't know what happened, but Solstice is unconscious or something!" Sher said. "Come on, I need your help to get her out." The Squrtle was attempting to carry the Psychic-type on his shoulders. The limp body of the Pokemon was too heavy for the turtle alone.
  25. Alexis passed out as an explosion echoed inside the room, and a cabinet fell on her. The lights flickered and dimmed to nothing and red flashing lights appeared. The Umbreon woke up confused but when he saw the squirtle he used Double kick, and quickly grabbed Solstice and leaped into the air vent. Dragging her behind him, he closed up the vent again, and continued into the darkness. He finnaly made it too his old hide away. A large 10 by 10 air duct chamber, that wasn't on the buildings designs. A little basket sorta thing had been pushed over in the corner, a old blanket with little Eevees on it, a few Toys strewn about the room. They looked like they hadn't been played with for sometime. A picture with a boy and his sister, was on the floor as well. There was also a card. He hadn't been here for weeks. He had been here for years. This was his hideout. Where he stayed day in day out. No interaction with other living things. He had only his toys to keep him company. He dragged her gently into the basket. The vent on the far wall dripped with water, so he didn't have to worry about that. He scavenged around the kitchen before coming back with some actual food. A loaf of bread, and some fruit. He laid some of the food outside the basket and dissapeared into another one of the air ducts.
  26. "Sher! Are you ok? What happened to solstice? We've gotta go!" Urged Leaf as she jumped into the airvents. Using vine whip, the chespin went after solstice and the umbreon. As she approached the eeveelutions, she saw old toys and a basket. The umbreon lied she thought to herself he's been here for over a year. As the umbreon left, the chespin grabbed Espeon with her leaves and started running towards the exit. They had to get out, now.
  27. The Umbreon had been lurking in the vent and leaped down on the Chespin, slashing and ravaging it. He growled and kicked her out of the air vent and locked it from the inside. Why couldn't the Others just leave him alone. He Dragged Solstices limp body back into the basket. He then listened to the rain patter on the outside of the vent, reminding him of how close he really was to freedom. He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.
  28. After a few moment, Solstice's head shot up as she wide eyed looked around the new atmosphere. She calmed once she saw that Nocturne was still there, so she wasn't all alone. The room looked like it came from a children's book, with all of the toys and pictures strewn about. The Espeon jumped out of the small basket and silently padded over to a particular picture that displayed a boy and another girl, they looked so much alike that they must have been siblings. Solstice studied the picture carefully, trying to decide who was in it. 'Not anyone who I should know.' She thought, but she still examined the photo.
  29. A roar came form below the large air duct, and it rumbled. The sound of claws against metal was unbearable as Nocturne shot through the vent, and into the main room. The demonic looking halfbreeds that stalked the place now where making it harder and harder to find food. Ever since the explosion the halfbreeds had gotten loose. Nocturne had devised an escape route though. Another vent had a large hole leading out into the forest where he could be free. Though he had never really gone out before, he was terrified. He hadn't seen real grass or felt it in years. Let alone a huge forest. He was clutching a cloth bag of berries in his mouth, some thing he had snagged from the Kitchen, before nearly being mauled to death. A few scratches lined his back where the Creature had slashed at him. "Here." He said dropping the sack, before dissapearing into the shadows.
  30. Solstice stared blankly at the plethora of berries and her eyes grew wide once more as she studied Nocturne's back for the split second she could see it. "Nope. I'm not eating until you allow me to help with your injury and until you eat one whole berry." She paused. "And a half." Solstice added for good measure. The Espeon felt the rumble though the vents and had no idea of where they came from, but she was sure that whatever it was wasn't pleasant to meet. Her stomach growled at the sight of food, but she suppressed the sound by placing a paw on her stomach and pushing slightly. "I needed to go on a diet anyways." She commented as she laid down, once more turning her attention to the picture
  31. "Solostice!" Leaf called from the outside of the vents," we need you and nocturne so we can escape!" Beside her was Sher, Static, and she didn't know much about Spencer. "Have breeds!" She calls as the creatures started surrounding the Pokemon. "Nocturne! Solostice! Help!"
  32. "Hey Leaf have an oran berry." Static said pulling one out. "You will need it if were going to get them out of here. All of these Scientists are giving me a headache." Static said. A Sceintist walked into the room. "Ugh" Static said. "Guys you better get them out quickly." Static said. Charging at the scientist.
  33. (@Shauna23 has allowed me to join ^^ Let's just say my character was here the whole time. Heh )
    Amber, a Fennekin, was looking around frantically. She remembered when she was once a human, but that past is long gone now. She glared at the scientists, staying in a corner of the cage. She was a rather shy Pokemon, and not very powerful. She pinned her ears back, wishing this was all just a nightmare, even though she knew it wasn't.
  34. Sher was very confused. "What the heck is go-" he said before he tumbled to the ground, unconscious. The chip placed on the back of his shell glowed with electrical power.
  35. The Fennekin saw Sher and wanted to help him, but she couldn't as she was in a separate cage. She stared outside the cage, whimpering in fear. She pawed at the cage repeatedly, but nothing happened. She returned to the corner of the cage, curling up and staring outside the cage. She remained silent for quite some time.
  36. "Sher!" Static said. Static piked the uncouncious squirtle. "Huh?" Static said looking at an fenniken. "Youre an human too arent you." Static asked.
  37. Amber nodded slowly in response. "My name is...Amber." Amber finally spoke. "I don't understand why they would do this to us...what'd we do wrong?" Amber wondered in fear, but she was afraid to learn the answer. She sighed and continued to stare outside of the cage. "I suppose you were too..." Amber whispered.
  38. "Youre right." static said. Static jumped up and cut the cage into peices using Iron Tail. "Cmon Amber were getting out of here." Static said.
  39. Amber looked at Static, nodding in response. She got up and slowly made her way out of the cage, looking around cautiously. She looked at the ground and sighed silently. She glanced at Static and then around the area, hoping that the scientists wouldn't be back soon. "Thank you..." She whispered.
  40. "No problem. My name is Static." He said. "Lets get the others and get out of here." Static said.

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