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Private/Closed Project P

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. "I'll tell you the details later, but I'm leaf, I'm a chespin, and I e been here about a week. Now, how good are you at melting metal?" She asked. Leaf started to glow. She was learning vine whip! Leaf stared at the scientists and used her new move. Beside her was the Oran berry from static. She held it out to Amber. (Great to have ya night Raven!"
  2. Amber looked at the Oran Berry. "I might be able to melt this cage. After this, we can get out of here!" Amber said. She used Ember on the metal, melting it a bit. She continued to do so until the cage has melted almost completely. Amber glared at the scientists.
  3. "Amber, I need you tomelt that vent over there. Our friends are in there, and we've got to go, but we can't leave them behind!"
  4. Amber nodded and charged at the vent and used Ember constantly until it finally melted. "C'mon! We've gotta ho now! Don't leave anyone behind because who knows what could happen to them!" Amber said frantically, helping everyone out of the vent. Every now and then, she glanced at the scientists. She feared what could happen to anyone who got left behind. She shuddered, but tried to push that thought to the back of her mind; her first priority was to help everone out of here!
  5. The Umbreon turned towards the burning vent. He whimpered from the heat. 'The Pokemon where trying to cook us alive!' He thought anxiously. He nudged the Espeon towards the vent that lead outside.
  6. Amber looked at the Umbreon. "I'm not going to hurt you. We have to leave before they catch us again!" She said reassuringly.
  7. Solstice woke with a start, the sound and heat of the vent scaring her. The Espeon frantically looked around, for the picture she saw earlier. Solstice felt the need to keep it, no matter what it took. She bounded over to where she grabbed the picture and dashed back to Nocturne once more. Solstice was able to hear Amber, but disregarded the comment, as she didn't trust mostly anyone anymore.
  8. Amber pinned her ears back. She sighed. "We have to leave...you can trust me..."The Fennekin whispered.
  9. "Solostice its me, Leaf! Come on, we gotta leave the scientists are on our tale! I'm sorry I had to melt the bars, or told Amber to, but we have to escape!" Leaf exclamaid frantically.
  10. Amber glanced at Solstice, ears twitching slightly. She remained silent for quite some time.
  11. The Umbreon scowled at the vent opening. "Is that why you are trying to cook us alive in here?" He asked angrily. He looked at Solstice. "Here, I know a way out..." He whispered to her quietly. He gestured with his tail to another vent. He pulled Amber by the scruff through, and sealed the vent after, not trusting the other Pokemon. He then began walking towards the air vent that led outside.
  12. "Amber! Hey, I didn't mean to barbecue you! I was trying to help you!" Leaf yelled. She looked at Sher, Static, and Spencer. Funny, they all start with s. Leaf ran out towards an emergency exit door. She hoped they would follow her.
  13. Amber got out of his grip, pinning her ears back and following far behind. "Is there anything against fire types? I didn't want to hurt you...it's just..." Her voice trailed off, and she stared shamefully at the ground. Why doesn't anyone trust me? What other move could I have used to destroy the vent..? Amber wondered.
  14. "The others cannot be trusted. I have spared you. Please do not show me I was wrong to do so." He replied softly. He continued into the vent. "If you don't hurry, the fire will cook you two alive..." He added darkly.
  15. "But you all act..." She cut herself off, knowing she should just remain silent. But you all act as though I cannot be trusted...and I would've harmed you even though I just tried to save you...sorry... Amber thought to herself, sighing.
  16. Solstice padded unusually silently. Her eyes were dark and dull, she almost seemed like her actions were controlled. The picture was in her mouth. The Espeon scented air, but remained static. "I'm not even sure what I will do." She whispered finally, her bright purple eyes manifested in a haunted look.
  17. Amber continued to stare at the ground, remaining silent the whole time. She glanced back every now and then, and sighed.
  18. It was night outside. To top things off it was also raining. He grabbed Amber by the scruff. "Mmmmphh..." He mumbled around her neck fur as he sheltered the fire type from the rain. He eventually found a nice, warm, dry den, safe from the rain. He released the Fennekin and laid down. "We'all... Sleeep... Here for tonight..." He yawned softly.
  19. Amber curled up silently. She stared outside for a moment, and soon rested her tail over her face. Before she was going to fall asleep, she wondered if she should make a fire for the others. "I can start a small fire for us all if we're cold." Amber offered silently.
  20. "Well, I suppose that would be helpful." Solstice blinked, seemingly jumping out of the small trance she was in. "Ahem, may I ask were are we?" She inquired as the Espeon looked at the photo she had taken. "And, Nocturne, do you know who these people are?" Solstice asked, suddenly full of questions.
  21. Amber nodded, gathering a few sticks that just happened to be in the cave. She set them in a small pile and used Ember, this time not as forceful as she had with the vent. Amber looked outside again, soon curling up and resting her tail over her face.
  22. The Umbreon looked darkly at the picture. "He's dead." He said darkly before rolling over. He was shaking obvouisly not from the cold. "We are in the Ilex forest. They won't find us. We will live. I hope..." He mumbled before falling asleep.
  23. Amber soon drifted off into a dreamless sleep. She woke up only a few hours later and she looked around. She has decided to stay up for the rest of the night.
  24. Sher was still unconscious. It was only the help of the others that had brought him this far. But now the chip lit up again, sending electricity into Sher's body. The Squrtle was in immense pain.
  25. "Amber!" Static shouted. "Why would they take Amber? They hardly knew her. She wasn't trying to cook them!" Static said. "Great and it raining. Ugh." Static said. Static ran into a cave and sat down looking to the raining sky.
  26. The rain short-circuted the chip. It blasted electricity wildly before exploding, sending Sher flying.
  27. Sher flew into Static and they flew into the cave and surely enough they bumped into a ursuring. Static ran away from the ursuring hoping sher would follow but he was uncouncious and static saw the ursuring chasing him insted of Sher. "Ahhh" Static yelled falling of a cliff outside of the cave. Static fell with a thud next to the bottom of the cave and saw Amber, and the eeveelutions. "A-Amber." Static said. Static tried to walk toward the 3 pokemon but fainted in the rain.
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  28. Amber rushed towards Static in alarm. "Static!" She yelped, dragging him gently into the cave.
  29. In Static's Dream
    Static sat in a pitch white room. "Where am I?" He questioned himself. Static walked around a bit but kept walking into a wall. Static kept walking and everytime he bumped into a wall the distance got shorter and shorter untill he had to crouch. "Ahh" Static yelled trying to push the walls away. "Ahh"! Static said being squished together.
  30. Boys leaf thought. Leaf went up to Amber. She held three berries. " Here, my small group can go with me, and yours with you. The chespin walked over to Sher. The girl popped a berry into the pokemons mouth. Static ladies in a dream. Leaf shook him hard to try to wake him up.
  31. Static immediantly woke up and jumped up. "Oh. Its you guys." Static said. Wait Amber are you okay?" Static said. Static looked at the sleeping eeveelutions. They didint do anything? Huh you would expect the umbreon to do something as brutal as Tackle Sher making him fly." Static said. "Maybe they are nice?" Static said. Static slowly walked toward the Umbreon trying to wake him up.
  32. "And you couldn't do anything? Nothing? There was not a single treatment?" Ashen screamed in the face if the doctor, who instantly recoiled at this reaction. "No, Miss Ashen. We do not know the cause. There was nothing we could do." Ashen laughed. It was one that you made when you are going insane. "No treatment. What kind of Doctors are you?" She whispered eerily, Ashen turned to her brother, laying on the hospital bed. Ashen's eyes welled with tears as she remember his unruly blonde hair, and his desire to be like her. Now, he would never smile his beautiful grin and never put on her jacket and pretend to be her.

    Solstice woke with a start, jumping up. For a moment, she was back in the hospital, her brother on the ground as a doctor prodded him to wake up. "No! Stop! Don't touch him!" The Espeon barreled into Static with a wild look in her eyes, the red gem glowing brightly. Her breathing was heavy and uneven. Solstice paused as her senses came back, and instead if her brother, Nocturne was on the ground, and the docotor she attacked was Static. Solstice growled at no one in particular and padded back to an isolated corner, tears welling in her purple eyes.
  33. "Uh Hey are you okay?" Static asked. "I wont touch the Umbreon okay." Static said. Static knoticed the Espeon Crying. " Whoa cheer up. What Happend?" Static asked.
  34. "Nothing. Nothing at all" Solstice growled in response, glancing at Nocturne. She couldn't believe that she just imagined a Pokemon as her younger brother. The Espeon became rigid with fear as a voice flashed through her head.

    "Ashen! Come play with me!"
    "I'm sorry Harry..."

    "Are you sick? You don't sound good."
    "No Harry...."

    "Do you still love me?"
    "Yes Harry, I still love you."

    Solstice whispered her responses out loud. Every time a question was asked, the Espeon seemed to suffer internal pain. Finally by the end of the last question, she fell. She dropped on the floor without a sound. It was like down one forced her to suddenly fall asleep.
  35. Static walked away slowly and sat at the cave wall. "Well its raining hard and there is nothing to do so I might as well." Static said. Static then slowly fell asleep in the cave.
  36. "Leave now. You have brought nothing but trouble. Unless you need me to reinforce that for you..." He said darkly, unsheathing his sharp claws. He pushed them out of the cave and hissed. He quickly padded towards the Espeon. He wished he could do something. But he knew the best thing he could do was gradually help ease her back to sanity.
  37. Amber backed away from the cave, looking at the Umbreon. She narrowed her eyes and wandered away, ears pinned back. I should've done something different! Amber thought to herself.
  38. "Fine." Static said. Static walked out of the cave and sat under the tree. Static started to release small waves of electricity cause of the rain dripping on his head.
  39. Amber found shelter in a small den. "Fine. I'll live my own life from now on." She whispered to herself, curling up.

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