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Private/Closed Project P

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. this group called PHP has taken people to a secret lab and made them Pokemon. They have technology making you work for them, such as the collar on Nocturne in AsPara. This is the Kalos region, and you become a Pokemon in your first post. I don't care what Pokemon you pick, really, but I still would like you to have to approve the Pokemon. The five people taken must find a way out of the lab before they become the PHP's newest toy. This is invitation only.
    Kia was thrown into the van, tied up and scared. As the van drove away, it was cold and dark. She realized it was PHP- Project Human Pokemon. Kia was soon threw out of the van and into a room, strapped onto a table with a laser. A grunt turned it on, and she was in immense pain. Kia began feeling weak, and small. She looked down, and she was a chespin. They slapped a bracelet on her, and it said, " S3." Kia was thrown in a dark cell, alone. She was now a defenseless chespin. And would become the PHP latest toys.
  2. Ashen was looking to the stars, getting ready to do her homework for her astronomy class. He dad walked out to greet her. The man hasn't been around lately because he's working on something in the science labs. "Ashen, do you mind coming with me? I have something I want to show you. I've been working on it for a long time just for you!" The scientist beamed at her. 'Why now? You've never really cared about what I do and you are never home to get to know me....' Thought Ashen as she stood up and smiled. "Sure! I would love to come!" She concluded. Ashen climbed into her dad's car and watched the snowy fields of snowbell roll by. "So, what is it? How long have you been working on your project Dad?" She asked, trying to create conversation. "It's a secret." Was her reply and she became somewhat agitated. Ashen'a phone buzzed slightly in her lap. When she picked it up to read the message she saw it was from mom.

    'Hi Ashen! I'm going to be working later tonight, you know my crazy class I need to teach! Anyways, don't forget to do your astronomy! You have a nice high A and you should maintain it! I'm proud you you! Bye sweetie!'

    Ashen smiled and texted back

    'Ok Mom. Dad is taking me to his lab, he said he made a suprise for me. I'll get my Astronomy done when I get home. See ya!'

    Ashen waited for a minute before her phone buzzed again. She reached to see what it said, but her father took the phone and said "The suprise won't work if you stare at a screen for too long. Besides you can hurt your eyes." Ashen shrugged thinking her mom may have just texted OK. She looked outside once again. "Wow, the stars are so pretty! The sun is so much better though." Ashen commented. She loved the sun and everything to do with it. How it warms you, how it makes you tan, how it melts snow from so far away, it just mystified her. Shadow was probably still at home. The Liepard was one of her best friends but she didn't like to travel so Ashen never took her in the car. Despite her love for the sun, her favorite type of Pokemon is Dark. The car stopped in front of her Dad's lab. He waited for a moment as Ashen got out, only to immediately be seized by a few other scientists. "Hey let me go!" She cried as she thrashed violently against their grip. Finally she ran out of energy and she gave into the others. When Ashen came to she was in the lab on a table. The girl found herself strapped down with a laser at her. When the operation started, immense pain coursed through Ashen and she felt herself getting smaller and smaller. Around her neck they put a collar that said S16. Ashen didn't realize any changes other than size until she was set down in a cell, across from a Chespin. Ashen tried to get up, but balancing on four paws was harder than on two legs. Pink paws were sprawled out in front of her vision as she tried to stand. "Dad! Where are you!? I need your help! What did they do?" She cried out. The gem on her forehead glowed a faint red as the girl-turned-Espeon struggled to balance.
  3. Nocturne was already in the same cage as Ashen. He was curled up in a ball as of right now, his collar read "X-7". His already skinny form was even skinner from the transformation process. When he saw Ashen he growled and backed up farther into the cage.
  4. "What happened to you two?" Kia asked weakly. She was in the cell next to the two. Their bands read "X7" and something else so faint she couldn't read it. They were an espeon and a umbreone.
  5. Ashen jumped at the growl and turned with her ear back in fear. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad....." She flattened herself in the corner across from the Umbreon. Her gem continued to emit the soft red light as she tried to relax. Across from her was a Chespin. "My Dad works here as a scientist. He said he had a suprise for me. Then I was taken away by some other scientists and then boom. I'm here. I have no idea....." Ashen said In an uncharacteristicly small voice. The thought of never seeing her mother scared her. Even the simple thought of never seeing the sun gave the Espeon a spook. "W-who are you?" She asked both the Umbreon and the Chespin. "I-I'm.....I'm....." Ashen stopped. The feeling of hopelessness rushed over her and she thought to, yet again, the sun. "I'm Solstice." She said. The new name and the new appearance was like a fresh new slate for the Espeon, but that slate started with a large black smudge.
  6. "So, they caught some others?" A voice said. It was a Squrtle, in the cell across from the other 3. It had a collar that read 'S-7.' "I assume you're also humans turned Pokemon?"
  7. The Umbreon pounced on the Espeon before pinning her too the cold floor. He studied her for a few moments before releasing her. He sulked back over to the other side of the cell and curled back up, his red eyes glowing.
  8. Solstice trembled in fear as the Umbreon pinned her down. "I'm sorry.... I'm sorry..... I'm sorry....." She kept repeating. The Espeon looked up at the Squirtle once the Umbreon was off of her. "Others? Then this means that..... All of you were human's too?" She whispered. Solstice curled up in sorrow for the others and started to make a small whimpering noise. Never in her life has she felt so alone than in this moment.
  9. "Leaf, at least now it is. So let's see, solstice, Ricky, and two others. I can tell because of our bands we're humans. Or were humans," she stated. Kia, or now leaf, suddenly felt weak in the knees. Anyone else feeling weak after becoming Pokemon?" She asked. Leaf wobbled a bit, then fell over. She was almost unconscious.
  10. "Yea.I cant even stand. I dont know how that lazer made us so weak but I guess we dont have to worry about it now." Ricky said."Anyway there are 5 of us now. I wonder if there will be more?"Ricky said.
  11. "Sher." The Squrtle said. "You gotta learn to roll with the hits." he said. "We got an unlucky break. That's all."
  12. "Yea I guess so. The only thing that bothers me is that why did they do this? What if were stuck like this forever! Ill never see my friends, my family! They will forget about me! Please let this be a dream!"He said.
    Ricky tackled the wall hoping he would wake up from a nightmare but it dident work."Oww. I dident wake up. This is real."Ricky said.

    Ricky went to the corner of his cell and layed there lonely.
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  13. Spencer was playing games in the basement, C.O.D., yelling at players on his own team. "Ha! You absolute-" he began, a heavy lisp in his voice, but was interrupted by someone grabbing him from behind. He tried screaming for help, but his family was out and his mouth was covered. They threw him in a van, tied up and gagged. They knocked him out, and when he awoke he was in a a cage. It was small, and oddly enough everything around him was large and he was small. [can I make him a Poochyena instead?]
  14. (Yep)
    Leaf stared at Ricky. He was like her. But she didn't have friends. Or siblings. Only parents. And they were on a trip to Hoenn, and wouldn't return for a year. They wouldn't know she was gone until it was to late. She went to a corner and cried.
  15. Spencer stood up and shouted, "HELLO? ANY ONE THERE?" In his lisp-filled voice. He felt something itchy around his neck and began scratching at it. He suddenly realized he was using his hind leg, and what he was itching at was a collar. He looked down and saw he was a Poochyena. "AHHHHHHH!" He screamed.
  16. "Huh? A Poocheana. Lookes like they have another one." Ricky said sadly."Wait, What." Ricky said looking at the crying Chespin. "Are you okay? Im sorry. I dident mean to make you upset. Im sorry."Ricky said.

    Ricky walked to the cell bars and looked at poocheana.

    "So whats your name? My name is Static, well its a nickname.Anyway whats yours?"Static asked.
  17. "I'm The Great And Mighty Spence! But my family calls me Spencer. Why am I a Pokemon?!?!" He whined, covering his head with his paws.
  18. Solstice sat up silently. She was listening to the other' conversations and had no interest in joining. She looked towards the Umbreon who was in the opposite corner. Solstice wanted to know his name, yet was scared to ask. To be honest she probably couldnt say anything even if she wanted to at this point. The Espeon shivered, yet again casting a faint glow of red light. Solstice stared at the others with her huge purple eyes just watching. Her paws were numb and she was shivering but that was the only movement noticeable from the Pyschic type.
  19. Leaf looked up. "It's not you. Unlike everyone else, I have no friends, and my parents are in Hoenn. They won't know I'm gone for another year. I'm just a useless, little spec of dust. Might as well stay here forever." She looked at the poochyena. " the evil PHP made Us Pokemon as an experiment." She starts crying again.
  20. Spencer was fuming. "What?!?! They kidnapped me in the middle of a Black Ops game!" He snarled, then began ranting to himself. He sat down angrily. "HELLOOOOOOOOO? ANY ANSOLUTE NERD SCIENTISTS OUT THERE?"
  21. "You may carry the burden of having no friends or your family is away, however my father is one of the PHP." Solstice whispered almost inaudiblely. "I never knew that he would sacrifice his own daughter for science. You don't understand." She finished, curling up again. Solstice is no longer Ashen. No longer an Espeon either. She is a statistic, S16. That is her. Nothing else will describe the Espeon now to the scientists.
  22. "Deal with it." Sher said. He showed almost no emotion to anyone.
  23. 'So they don't care. That's ok..... I never expected them to.... I suppose we are all feeling the same way....' Thought solstice as her ears drooped in sadness. The Espeon curled up and rhythmically tapped her tail on the cold, damp floors. Solstice put her head on her paws, transferring the coldness to her head which felt like it would explode of a killer headache. The Espeon noticed a pile of dust nearby that looked like a pile of ashes. 'How long have I been Solstice? Was it only an hour or two ago that I was Ashen? Will we ever be allowed out?' She wondered, prodding at her rumbling stomach with her nose.
  24. "From what I've seen, we're stuck here. I've been here... let's see..." Sher said, checking the wall. "About fifteen days."
  25. Spencer gave up shouting and laid down in his cage, whining. He itched at the collar again, aggravated it was there. He ignored the others, keen on finding a way out. He had an idea, standing up and walking to the door of his cage. He put a claw in the lock, twisting and turning it.
  26. "Well we will be your friends."Static said to Leaf.Static looked at everyone for support hoping they would help cheer up the Deppressed Chespin."Right Guys?"Static said seriously.

    "Besides soon we will find a way to make us human again. That is if we can get out of here."Static said.
  27. Leaf looked up. "Really?" She asked. The chespin jumped up and gave the pikachu a hug. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her neck. "Ahh!" Leaf cried in pain. She fell down. "Help..."
  28. "What the!!!"He yelled."What happend!?!?"He asked.Static tried Picking Kia up but he got shocked instead and fainted.When he woke up he was in a room with Kia with tons of items."W-Where are we?"Static said Scared.
  29. "I find myself despising of you guys." The Espeon muttered quietly. "To be honest, none of us are showing empathy towards one another so why complain and try to make others feel bad? I don't care if you feel bad that my father is one of these scientists. The Umbreon is being the nicest just by not saying anything." Solstice whispered to herself. Her voice was just a dandelion seed floating on the wind and landing on your nose. Heard, seen, thought about, and then smacked to the side. The Espeon was serious though. The Umbreon so far-despite the pinning down part- was the nicest to her by not saying anything but probably listening to her. Solstice slowly crawled towards the Umbreon, finally mustering up the courage to talk to him. "So, I didn't catch it, what is your na--" the Espeon didn't get to finish her sentence because a screech erupted from her throat as pain exploded in her neck. Solstice passed out, making a sickening thump on the cold ground.
  30. A man in a lab coat came up to them. He grinned an evil grin. The man held a flash drive that would fit perfectly in her collar. "Static..." She called weakly.
  31. "Kia!"Static yelled.Static pushed Kia out of the way and the Evil Man put the Flash Drive in His collar.Static slowly loss control to his body and his eyes were comepletely black."Whats happining to me!Static loss all control to his body and awaited the Man's orders.
  32. "Static!" Leaf yelled. That's it. She was gonna blow a fuse. The chespin jumped and hit the flash drive out of statics collar. Then, she pounced on the device, destroying it. Suddenly, the pain came back. She fell over, and couldn't stand up. "Static.." She repeated.
  33. Spencer was confused, but soon had picked the lock on his cage and pushed it open with his nose. He ran to open the cages of the others, trying his best to ignore the pain. He stuck his claw in Solstice's lock before collapsing, shuddering in pain. He picked the lock, and with a final effort opened it. He then fainted, the world spinning into blackness.
  34. "WHAT THE...?" Sher shouted as the room erupted into chaos. As it happened, he saw the lights in the roof of his cell light up. "Oh, sh-" Sher was cut off by the power-draining beam. "AAAAAH!"
  35. Once Static regained body control he saw the hurt chespin."Thats It!"Static Yelled biting the scientist.The scientist tried throwing him off but Static would not let go.Eventually the scientist gave up punched Static in the face making him fall."Oww! Fine you asked for it!" Static said jumping at the opponent.Once Static jumped in the air his collar shocked him making him fall behind the scientist."Ow"Zack said.
  36. "Static, together, let's attack!" Leaf said in Pokemon. Leaf got ready to pounce, and so did Static. But then, an airwave made her automatically black out. When leaf woken up, they were in the cell again. "Nuts."
  37. "Hello." Sher said. The three of them were now stuck in a cell. "Charged in recklessely, got taken down. Don't worry." he said. "Happened to me too. Then I learned."
  38. Spencer was biting the bars, snarling between chomps that "You can't contain the Mighty Spence!" he was secretly waiting for the scientist to leave, so then he could pick his lock with his nails again. Once he was out, he would unlock the others' cages and, hopefully, they would escape.
  39. "Man. That was Scary. Having no control of your body is like an Nightmare." Static Shivered. "Anyway I think I know what keeps shocking us." Static thought. "Guys lets try to take our collars off. Static suggested. Static tried taking his collar off but once he touched it he was Shocked."Ow." Static said.
  40. "Don't even try." Sher said. "The only thing that can deactivate these are the lab controls in the main office. Or a really, really powerful Ground-type attack. I prefer the former option, myself." Sher put his hand in his shell, and tried pulling something out.

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