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Private/Closed Project P

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. "Im pretty sure being a Pikachu means that if someone used a ground type on me then it would knock me out." Static said."Hey Kia are you okay? Youve been Shocked alot. Dont you feel a little num?" Static said woried.
  2. The Umbreon nuzzled the Espeon sadly, as he dragged her over to his spot, where there was a small tattered blanket. There was also a heating pipe. He dragged her over to that and dropped the blanket onto the unconscious Espeon. He then laid down a Little ways away.
  3. "Ashen! Ashen come play with me!" a young voice called behind the girl's shoulder. A boy stood behind her with the same ruffled blonde hair as she did. He was wearing jean pants that were obviously too big for him and he also had a big pink jacket on in the snow. "See? I'm just like you! I wear Pink and jeans! I love you Ashen!" Ashen felt a wave of bittersweetness run through her. Why should she be bitter about this moment? Her adorable brother Harry was wearing her clothes and wanting to play with her. Ashen laughed and knelt in the powdery snow in front of Harry with a serious look on her face. "You know that I don't play in the snow anymore." She said as she packed a snowball before throwing it at her brother, smacking him in the face. He laughed and threw lots of snow in her face and it became a playful wrestle. Harry stopped dead and suddenly didn't look right. "Harry? What is wrong?" Ashen asked as her brother turned to face her. When he turned all the way around he had an Espeon face. "See Ashen? I'm just like you!"

    Solstice felt warmer than usual. Her tail flicked around in her sleep, not quite awake but not asleep. Suddenly she bolted upwards and whispered the word 'Harry' before having to catch herself from fainting. Solstice noticed the umbreon who was awake lying a few strides away. "I don't want to be rude and just call you Umbreon, what is your name?" She cracked a silly smile as she remembered that Is what she tried to say earlier. "I'm Solstice."
  4. " Wait, did you say a ground type attack?" She asked. Leaf felt herself suddenly feel like it was a noodle. Like a battery, she had burned out. The chespin hit the collar, breaking one of the wires. Then, she was shocked. Leaf felt herself falling. "Static..Please."
  5. The Umbreon stared before shaking his head no. He then proceeded to sniff the cramped cage. The cage was a 6 by 6 enclosure, so the Pokemon were nearly crammed against each other. Awkward yes, but efficient for the scientists. Plus they got free eggs to test as well.
  6. "Oh, ok. I hope you don't mind me calling you Umbreon then...." Solstice said, shrinking back a tad. The cell was indeed very cramped and the Espeon felt a little bit cheated. She could have had at least a bit more room to stretch. Large stomping footsteps echoed in the near quiet hall of cells and Solstice's heart leaped with terror as the feet stopped in front of her. "Go away...." The words were barely a squeak. She shrunk back farther towards the back of the encased area. Never more has she wanted to disappear in a flash of light or sneak out as a shadow. This is way worse than accidently answering 2+2 wrong by saying it was 5.
  7. The Umbreon quickly used his black fur to try and protect Solstice from being spotted. Although the Umbreon was quiet and decisive, there seemed to be a strangeness about him. Maybe his eyes, which had iris like diamonds. Or maybe his rings which, where white as well.
  8. "Kia!"Static yelled. Static held the collar and the pain went from Kia to Him. Static resisted the Pain while slipping the collar off Kia's head. Static threw the collar to the ground and smacked it with his tail.Statics collar then shocked him harder than before."Damm it!" Static said before fainting.
  9. Solstice shut her eyes so they wouldn't glow their usual purple. She cant ever be sure if the soft red glow from the gem on her forehead stopped but Solstice desperately hoped it did. The Espeon tried to assist their concealment by shrinking even farther back than she already was. 'Tiny, smaller, smaller, become invisible....' Solstice repeated that over and over in her head until she felt like her bones would not allow her to become any smaller than she had already curled herself up to be.

    Ashen! Its your Dad! Want to see something I made for you and Harry?" The man said. Ashen felt anger towards this man byt her voice did not emit any clear feelings. "Ok. What is it?" she had asked. Her father pulled out a small toy that was shaped like a red gem. It was bigger than and Espeon's but not as big as a baseball. Harry leaped in front of her and squealed in delight. "Yay! Something new to play with! Thank you Dad!"
    That night Ashen remembers Harry changing forever. For the worse.
  10. Leaf ran to static. She bit the collar and threw it to the other room, receiving some of Statics pain. "Are you ok?" She asked. The chespin looked at everyone else. "Can anybody help me?"
  11. "Ugh... you idiots!" Sher said. "I didn't want to do this..." Sher charged a Tackle attack and hit both Leaf and Static hard.
    , with enough force to knock them unconscious.
  12. In Static's Dream.
    "Where am I? Why am I here? Kia? Sher? Spence, Solstice? There all gone." Static said in worry. Static ran untill he saw light." What the!!! Kia, Sher, Spence, Solstice!" Static yelled. Spence, Kia, Sher, Solstice, and the Umbreon were standing in front of him with Eyes Completely Black.

    "Ahh!" Static ran. Until he bumped into the Evil Scientist."Oh No." Static said.
  13. "Oh, no. No, no no nonono NO!" Sher shouted, spotting the greyed-out eyes of static. "The-the damage to the collar... the impact of the attack... oh god, NO!"
  14. The Scientist walked into the room and opened their cage and picked up Static by the tail. He slamed the cage shut. He walked to the room with the lazer and placed static on the table.He turned the laser on resulting a white light. He then put a chip that would go inside of Static's Collar and would only come out with a passcode. He left the room with Static on the table.
  15. Kia woke up steadily. "Where's...umm.. Wheres static?!" She asked scared.
  16. Spencer snarled and quickly picked his lock with his claw, and began picking the others the same way. He did all but Sher's, hesitating after seeing him[? Her?] attack the others. He felt a strong shock that only grew more painful, but ignored it for now.
  17. "Is he gone?" She whispered almost inaudiblely to the Umbreon. Solstice opened her eyes but quickly shut them again because the human obviously had not left yet. She was greatful for the Umbreon's help, but Solstice was ready to present herself if the human provided any threat to her silent friend.

    Ashen ran into Harry's room. He was crying for the first time in a long time. The small red object their dad brought home glowed in the darkness of the night. "Harry, what is wrong?" Ashen asked as she cautiously approched her brother. "Who am I Ashen? Who is Ashen? What are parents?" He was mumbling. The dusty blonde hair of her brother was not ruffled, but smoothed back. Ashen took a step back in suprise at her brother's questions. "Harry, I am Ashen, your sister. Can't you remember something as simple as that?" She said quietly. "Ashen, I love you. I want to be just like you....." Harry fell off of his bed and made a sickening thump on the floor. Ashen rushed up to her brother and screamed for her parents. Harry didn't look ok. Why was he shaking? Why was he crying? Why did His eyes grow white?
    Why did he have the red sphere?
  18. (Uh... Sher, Static and Leaf are in the same room.)
    "I... I made him unconscious... while the collar was shocking him... he's in Soft-lock mode!" Sher said. "It's happened before to others in a struggle to escape. He could be called brain-dead!" Sher had no other choice. He tried to tear the collar in half. Pain went through his joints as he pulled, but he was no closer to success.
  19. Static walked into the room with completely Black eyes. He attacked Spence by Tackling him across the room. "Why aren't you in your cage!" Static asked. He looked to see that Kia was out of her cage. "Ugh you let her out!" Static said. "Fine you asked for this!" Static said. He walked to Kia and hesitated trying to not attack.
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  20. The Scientist looked at the blackness inside the cage. It seemed rather dark in the place, but he felt no need to shed light on the first subject they had. A boy named crow had been abducted a few weeks earlier. He had had no one to talk to. No one to share any pain with. Nothing. He went insane halfway through the second week. After the third week he had stopped making any noise at all. Even when prodded and poked. He judged stared blankly at the guards. When they gave him food, he usually didn't eat it, seeming to survive off of darkness itself. The Scientist, shrugged, and shuffled out of the room.

    The Umbreon backed away from Solstice, making no attempt to take back his space or the blanket. He merely nodded at Solstice, and laid back down.
  21. Spencer growled, seeing that Static was about to attack Kia and bit his leg. Hard. He student realized with a bit of pride he had just used Chomp, his first time using a move. He used all his strength to fling Static off him and stand up.
  22. "Ah! Static no!" She yelled. "Please." She almost whispered. Leaf couldn't hurt Static. He saved her from the scientist. Now it was her turn. The chespin ran, using pin missile, and hit is new collar. From the attempt, she stumbled backwards and fell. Static was still coming for her. "Help."
  23. Sher went into processing mode. All right, I'm a Squirtle. If age equals levels, I would be... level 16. And according to the new rules the strongest attack a level 16 Squirtle can use is... Bite! Glad he had memorized the move-sets for all starter Pokemon, he bit down into Static.
  24. "Surprize!" Static said shooting a ThunderShock at Sher. He then Quick Attacked him sending him flying toward Spence and they both went flying to the end of the room. "How do you like me now!" Static said. Static proceeded to Kia. Once he was in front of Kia he got ready to use Iron Tail from the Laser Provided him. (In Static's mind.) "Kia!" Static said. He saw everything happening. "Must Resist!" Static said. (In cell room.)

    Static attacked Kia with Iron Tail but stopped before attacking. He reached out his hand offering to help her up.
  25. Sher struggled to get up. He charged a bubble attack and fought.
  26. "Wait!" Static said. The Bubbles attacked Static. " Time to finish this!" The Scientist said pressing a Button on a Controler. Static eyes went red, his collar emited electricity. "Errr!" Static said running as fast as he could and Quick Attacked Sher.
  27. "Thank you" Solstice whispered again, not completely sure if the scientist was gone. She passed over to the side of the enclosure and sat down. The Espeon then realized that the blanket was being unused right now so she picked it up and draped it over the Umbreon before curling up to try to relax.

    Ashen was sitting at the side of a hospital bed with a small lump as its patient lying there. It has been quite a few days since the incident and Ashen went into a small depression period where she didn't talk much and she refused to go anywhere with the exception of school. The teen took her brother's hand gently. Quickly she dropped it. The hand was extremely hot and extremely cold in one place or another. The veins that ran down his wrist glowed an eerie red...

    ((What in the world is going on in this RP right now?))
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  28. Sher, taking a risk, braced himself and allowed himself to be hit. With his powerful Bite attack, he ripped the collar in half.
  29. Static's eyes became regular again and fell due to the damage. "Thanks Sher." Static said. He looked around to see a Scientist looking through a window. "Thats it!" Static said. Static Ran into the window breaking it giving him some scratches and ThunderBolted the Scientist making him faint. "Plz let it be over." Static said fainting with blood rushing down his forhead.
  30. Sher, exhausted, collapsed on the floor. He drifted into the dream world, falling into unconsciousness.

    "Where am I?" Sher asked. He was in a strange place, where it was all blue. "Static? Leaf?" He was alone... except for one. His dad. "Dad!" Sher shouted. His dad looked at him, and turned away. "No, dad, it's me! DAD!" Sher said. He was now truly alone.
  31. Spencer nodded, trying his best to urge the Espeon out of the chaos. "I'm Spencer," he told her gently, "I never got your name!" The Poochyena for once didn't seem cocky, fearing for the lives of others. Suddenly, thoughts of his family surfaced. I miss them, no matter how much absolute nerds they were!
  32. "Static?" She asked, fear In her eyes. Leaf backed away into a corner, away from him. He had turned evil like them. She was scared. The chespin cried.
  33. In Static's dream.
    "Not again. It's just complete darkness again. Ugh." Static said. He walked around until he saw a human. " Dali!?" Static asked. Dali suddenly transformed Into a Eevee. She hugged Static and then faded away into fog. "Dali." Static said falling to his knees. Static found a bow and holded on to it. He curled up into a ball and sobbod.
  34. The Umbreon shook his head slowly and in turn dropped the blanket back by Solstice. He had once been selfless, and caring, one aspect that had never left him, even after his sanity had been lost. He curled up again this time feeling a little better...
  35. Solstice grew somewhat determined an a tad frustrated. 'Why won't he let me help him?' She thought as she pushed the blanket back, not to the Umbreon but between the two eeveeloutions. Solstice was very determined to be a help, for she wanted to do something productive and helpful to another living being. She had always been selfish and she ignored her brother on bad days, now she wished she could take all of that back. Harry always reminded her that he loved her no matter what, and he would always play with her if she felt lonely. The Espeon knew that they were both in the same situation so somebody had to make sure that everyone was healthy.
  36. The Umbreon sighed. One of the first aduible sounds he had made in few weeks. He had forgotten about other humans Compasion for those in need. He flicked his tail before dragging the blanket with him, and curling up next to Solstice, hopefully solving the problem. He shivered. He had forgotten how much warmer, and stronger other Pokemon were. He was only a tad bit Jealouse of the Espeons less bony frame.
  37. Solstice felt the Umbreon curl up next to her. 'Holy Arceus he's cold. Why didn't he use the blanket?' She asked herself, trying to raise her body temperature so both of them would be warmer. The Espeon felt accomplished. 'Finally! I did something helpful...' Her thoughts glowed with a sense of happiness and accomplishment as she slipped into a fitful sleep.

    Ashen tried to warm up Harry's hand, but then it was too hot. She tried putting it next to a fan, but it was too cold. She eventually gave up and a tear slipped down her cheek. She was useless wasn't she? No matter what she did her loving brother did not feel any comfort. Ashen got up and left, leaving a Pokeball by the bed. It was her Eevee who she found in the forest one day while playing hide and seek with Harry. The normal type always favored Harry anyways. Ashen marched into the living room. "Where is dad? I need to talk to him now!" She asked angrily to her mom who was reading a book. "He's at work honey. He bought a dorm at the lab for late nights." Her mother responded. Ashen gave a dirty look before running into her room and started to write a note to her father.

    Dear Dad,
    I don't know what you did to Harry, but I'll find a way to make it better. He always loved me and now I need to return the favor. I'm finding a way....
  38. The second noise the Umbreon made was as he stretched yawning slightly. He had forgotten what being warm was like. He made a constant Effort to keep his eyes awake, blinking sleepily. But he was fighting a battle he couldn't win, and eventually his head rested on the Espeons side.
  39. Solstice yawned a tad bit. She wasn't quite awake, yet not all the way asleep either. The Umbreon didn't seem uncomfortable so the Espeon took the time to organize her thoughts while laying down still. 'Ok, so I'm having dreams about my brother when ever I am feeling a strong emotion, like when I was proud of myself after helping Umbreon.' She thought. 'Or when I was scared the scientist was looking for me. All of them are real but with twists to them. Like my brother didn't really have an Espeon face when he turned around on that snowy day, he had make snow bangs falling from his forehead. Harry's hand wasn't hot and cold, just really cold. The red object Harry had was not a large as the one I remember our father giving us.' Solstice gave an inward sigh. 'Does this mean I'm going insane? I'm seeing the past? I don't feel like I'm losing my mind though....' she finished her thought process because she fell back asleep.
  40. ~A few hours later~

    Nocturne was laying on a table when he came to. His mind was cloudy, like some one had drugged him. Some one had drugged him of course, precaution was nessary when handling the x7 test subjects. As they were very fragile mentally. He felt a pair of hands touch his stomach, and the Umbreon immeadtely grew alarmed. But when the Hand didn't poke or prod him, or inject any thing into him, he looked at the person above him. It happened to be Alexis, his sister.

    "I'm so sorry... I never thought they would hurt you... Ca-a-n you Ever forgive m-me?" She said squeezing the Umbreons paw. The Umbreon blinked dully at the sight of his sister, his mind sluggish as the drugs slowed him down.

    Alexis had seemingly forgotten to drug Solstice, or hadn't deliberately. Either way she felt bad for her as well.i

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