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Private/Closed Pokemon: Rainbow Ties Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by tokkiyo, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    When do you think Cosmos Inc should attack? After their battle or during their battle? I'm leaning towards the end of the battle so they can just all vibe at the beach while watching the sunset. But then as the sun sets all of their crystals should start flowing their respective colors and that's when members from Cosmos Inc find them at the beach since they were tracking Mimi the whole time due to the fact her crystal was shining brightly during her concert. And thus the drama begins :3
  2. I'd say let them hang out at the beach before they make their move.

    Are we to expect them to be like the villainous teams such as Rocket, Plasma, etc. and see them have notable admins?
  3. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    They do have notable admins but since they're a legitimate corporation, the admins play the roles of high ranking company members
  4. Their leader must be pretty ambitious to want their company to be remembered for a long time.

    Reminds me I forgot to put down what Arthur would've done ten years ago in the intro post...
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  5. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Go big or go home honey! If you're not going to be remembered throughout history and you've even put in a lot of efforts, even if it is to destroy the world, then sit down

    To be honest I kind of messed up by giving Mimi an Ampharos when I could have given her Pom Pom style Oricorio. Big sad
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  6. Oof, sorry about that, Sprout. We all must be on different time zones cus I just woke up :0

    Woulda loved to have a battle with ya haha but I'll go ahead and edit my response too just so it flows a lil better!
  7. It's fine, it's my bad anyways. If it helps any of you, my time zone is PST. It's about 10:15 AM where I live.
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  8. Oh heck! We're on the same timezone!

    I'm a night owl most nights sooo whoops. Waking up at 10am :p
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  9. I don't know, well logically Lycanroc would win, but I don't know. We can just let the battle play out?
  10. I think you would probably win so Alex can join Mimi in the loser's club.
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  11. I'm open to anything really, doesn't matter to me who wins or loses.
  12. I imagine Arthur and Emilia might be good friends because they both have famous personas or something.
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  13. Ohhh I can see that! Famous pals. I can see the headlines really going ham with their relationship too since they're both have high showmanship haha

    Also... I can see this group getting into trouble with Cosmos Inc. And all we can really blame is our lack of Wisdom u_u
  14. Difference is they only know one of the two is famous, the other one just hides behind a mask.
  15. asjkfhasdf sorry for the delay! I had to come home from work! There's a thunder storm happening around me so it's been delightfully spooky.

    Well heck, the Dragon Knight and Mimi could potentially be pals in the limelight too?? But also, the rest of the gang might gain some infamy after this whole drama with Cosmos lmao
  16. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Yeee let's get this show on the road darlings! If I don't get a wholesome beach scene soon I'm going to be big mad! Also I was thinking that if somebody doesnt join soon as Wisdom, we can just play it off that whoever had the crystal of Wisdom handed it over to Cosmos Inc or big plot twist would; they're a member! Either way nobody's joining right now so we need to find a way for this to work
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  17. Yessss please wholesome beach hangouts!!! Chill fun times until they're NOT.

    OHHHH I love the idea of Wisdom being a member of Cosmos Inc!! Thats a good plot point!
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  18. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Wholesome beach scene here we come! I want them all to get emotional and nostalgic then we rip the soft moment right out of their hands!
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  19. So @KadenX12 and I probably should finish our battle.
  20. Nothing like an evil company wanting to steal your rocks to ruin a sweet moment.
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  21. Lmao sweet sweet rock theft.

    And yesss!! Tear it up!! Alex and Richie!!
  22. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Alex needs to hurry up and join Loser Central, the group for people who did their best but for plot purposes had to lose
  23. Loser Central sounds fun but David's too busy celebrating just barely beating absolutely demolishing a Riolu.

    Edit: Realized that this makes it sound like he fought Hyssop with his bare hands. David's a soft boy, he'd likely get the snot beat out of him.
  24. Heck yeah Team Loser Central!

    Cant believe David beat up Harper's dog with a rock. Absolutely brutal lol
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  25. Can't believe Richie beat up Alex's flower with a rock shooting dog. Absolutely brutal.
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  26. So far we've come to the conclusion that rock types always win. Good thing David has three of them.
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  27. Also the "Alex's Team is terrible against rock types" thing was completely in the spur of the moment. Jumpluff, Togekiss, Ariados, and Incineroar are all weak to Rock and Furret isn't very effective against it. Thank goodness there's no Rock gym leaders in Johto
  28. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Wait..."Cant believe that David beat Harpers dog with a rock" um yes 911? I'd like to report animal abuse
    Okay somebody hurry up, I have a plan for Mimi to tackle the members of Loser Central into a hug and tell them that losing doesnt matter as long as you're fabulous. Not just because she's my character but Mimi is giving me the "best girl" in an anime vibe and I'm big proud
  29. HOOOO BOY my sides are in pain. Okay, so we're mostly screwed if Cosmos Inc dropped a gentle rock slide on our Loser Central.

    Oh man, Mimi really is giving best girl anime vibes. We're gonna have to have to see who the best boy's gonna be lol I could reply but it wouldn't get you to your hug since we're just waitin' on the last battle!
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  30. I vote Arthur for best boy.
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  31. HmmmmMMM

    yeah, so far I'd vote Arthur too. There's a bunch of good boys here but Arthur is so far Best Boy
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  32. I third Arthur as best boi
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  33. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Arthur is best boi confirmed, until he slips up. If he slips up I'm voting David because he's the shortest out of all the males and that's cute
    #114 tokkiyo, Oct 11, 2020
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  34. Aw, I'm honored that my character is your second choice for best boy.
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  35. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Only because he's the second shortest in the group. You all really said 5"4 and up meanwhile hmmm should I make Mimi a gremlin or a oompa loompa
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  36. Harper for most In Need of caffeine.

    PFF-- shorties have to stick together. David and Mimi both deserve gold lil 'short stack' stars.
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  37. Well I've surely missed a lot while I was asleep.

    Nice to know some people like my character so.

    Still need to think if I should've had Arthur do anything notable ten years ago like Emilia and Psyduck.
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  38. Oops yeah, we went off a little bit lol

    I think you could honestly add a little blerb at any time?? I dont think a little flashback would hinder the pacing at all! At least, thats my personal opinion!
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  39. well this thread grew swiftly lol. Yeah we should finish our battle @Crystal1302 soon so we can begin the main plot mayybbeeee. I can't wait!

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