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Private/Closed Pokemon: Rainbow Ties Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by tokkiyo, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. I'm just chilling till y'all get to Malie
  2. I'm also waiting for everyone to finish so we can get to Maile City
  3. Yeah, who hasn't posted yet?
  4. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    1) Take your time with replying, there's no pressure. Just reply when you feel ready and I'll make sure that nothing major happens until everybody gets a chance to reply.

    2) Big brain idea but once this RP nears the end I think the last post should be the group meeting up as adults on the same beach and just catch up.

    3) Another big brain idea, I kinda want Mimi to move on from her dreams of becoming a musical star and instead end up replacing Elesa as the Nimbasa gym leader during that "future meet up when they're adults". Just an idea :3
  5. er...ok, I haven't really thought about the future of my character much.

    Maybe I could make him Kahuna of Akala Island, that'd be pretty cool.
  6. Sorry for taking so long to post, I'm really only available in the afternoon for most of the week. Also, I'll have to decide if David stays in Alola or goes back to Galar. Maybe he could be a Gym Leader in Galar, or part of the Alola Elite Four if I want him to go real far. The latter might be a bit of a stretch though.
  7. Aww heck that'd be so cool!! I was thinkin' Harper would eventually become a professor! I need to decide how to go about getting her there but I've always thought that professors usually specialize in their region?? And Harper has a passion for Sinnoh!

    Either that or she'd take on a ranger position. Become a sleepless dweller of the deep mountains lmao profession goals
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  8. What do you guys think about my character having a thing that "he's never won," because he gets to the point of victory, then uses false swipe or something, then forfeits?
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  9. Interesting idea, but maybe only have him do that if he feels like he's superior to his opponent. It could be like a "you're not worth the effort" kind of deal.
  10. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    What the thunder stealing bell pepper said, I agree with wholeheartedly
  11. Knock it off Tokki, it's not my fault my IRL ability is Lightning Rod
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  12. This is... Incredible
  13. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    @Tokki_Bokki who is the boy you were talking about? Just askiing so i know what to psost
  14. You aren't supposed to take that into consideration, your character wouldn't have heard that
  15. *Rises, screeching not unlike the living dead* I'M!!!! ALIVE!!!!!

    turns out I was more distracted than I thought I'd be! But that's nice when you're on vacation! Hope all ya'll are doing well!

    Edit// Not everyone has posted! D: So I'mma hold off until we can get every one to the docks!
    #376 UFO Neptune, Oct 16, 2020
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2020
  16. Now you know my pain lol
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  17. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    are they all on the boat now? JUst so i know what to post
  18. Nah, I still need to get Arthur there, forgot/didn't realize they were going on a boat after their food.
  19. Alex definitely is gonna be a professor. He's been an assistant for 4-5 years,
  20. I might have Arthur become an Island Kahuna if not something else.
  21. I just wanna say that I'm gonna be quite inactive for a few days, I might be able to get in a few posts, but otherwise, you guys can rope Richie into following you or something.
  22. Sorry everyone, I've gotta leave the RP. Life's been kicking my ass recently.
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  23. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    Awww... Well, Bye- :( See ya Next time Sprout!
    #384 | Korutesu |, Oct 20, 2020
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  24. Hope times get better Sprout, it's been fun!
  25. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Hope everything works out you thunder stealing bell pepper! Also you're super fun to RP with so feel free to join any of the ones I make in the future once you feel ready to! The same goes for all of you!
    #386 tokkiyo, Oct 20, 2020
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  26. Hopefully this RP's still going
  27. (I was thinking the same...I need more arthur in my life)
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