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Private/Closed Pokemon: Rainbow Ties Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tokki_Boki, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. When seven kids in a Pokemon summer camp located in the Alola region all follow the same rainbow and coincidentally meet up, who knew that a sudden rainbow would lead them to a one of a kind crystal petaled flower and more importantly a newfound unbreakable bond between them. But it couldn't have all been a coincidence right? Well after a few years had passed by the separated rainbow friends all found themselves in Alola once more but for a different reason. A new research organization dubbed Cosmos Inc rose up from the ground and was hunting down all the petals to use as a power source to fuel their weapon that would be able to control all Pokemon. All seven of the now grown teenagers all arrive for different reasons, but end up uniting as one to form the rainbow of hope to defend the world. In order to do so, all seven petals must be reunited in Poni Island before being reconnected the second the sun's light mirrors itself on the clear waters. In doing so the crystal flower will be whole again and can only be broken when another evil arises and the flower must once again choose the next seven friends who will combine their strengths as trainers to take down the evil.

    Official RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-rainbow-ties-rp.23323/

    Petal Colors:
    Crystal of Courage (Red): @Crystal1302
    Crystal of Determination (Orange): @SproutGang
    Crystal of Happiness (Yellow): @Tokki_Boki
    Crystal of Peace (Green): @UFO Neptune
    Crystal of Wisdom (Blue): @NotAPokemonRanger
    Crystal of Integrity (Indigo): @KadenX12
    Crystal of Loyalty (Violet): @Red Gallade
    Crystal of Strength: @HollowDevil

    Character Sheet:

    Age: (15-17)
    Crystal Petal:

    Name: Emilia "Mimi" Sakurajima
    Age: 16
    Crystal Petal: Yellow - Crystal of Happiness
    Personality: an optimistic female who can never see the world in dull colors. Just like her crystal, Mimi was always the happy go lucky member in their 7 man squad. But besides being a walking ball of sunshine, Mimi is also very hyperactive and pretty much makes sure that everybody around her was always as hyped up as she was.
    Appearance: Mimi sports shoulder length blonde hair with pink dyed at the bottom half and ocean blue eyes. She's pretty short for her age, only standing at 5'2 but her personality makes up for the rest of her height missing. She typically wears a pastel yellow cropped tube top with a fluffy pastel pink colored jacket and a high waisted black mini skirt. She accentuates the cute look with thigh high black socks and pastel pink high top shoes. Mimi completes her style with a black choker that has her yellow crystal petal hanging off of it, star shaped earrings, and bubblegum pink star shaped sunglasses that she always leaves on her head and matching pink wireless headphones resting around her neck.
    1. Sunny - Serperior (Female)
    2. Raichu (Female)
    3. Dragonite (Female)
    4. Toxtricity (Amped Form - Female)
    5. Electivire ( Female)
    6. Ampharos (Female)
    Backstory: Mimi was born in the beautiful Sunnyshore City located in the Sinnoh region before moving to the Unova region after she finished her Alolan summer camp. Her mother was an A-list actress back in Unova before ditching her work to marry Mimi's father who was a well known director back in Sinnoh. But after she turned seven, Mimi and her parents moved to Nimbasa City where the young girl found her passion for bright lights and excitement. Emilia knew that the spotlight was just made for her, and so her rise to fame as a DJ and songwriter in Unova started. But even through all the fame and spotlight, Mimi could never forget the friends she made back in Alola that one fateful summer. That one summer that changed her outlook on the world all in all.
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  2. This seems interesting, I may have a couple of recycled characters I wanna bring in to this, but I'll only pick one and I'm trying to decide whether I want Loyalty or Determination.

    I also see your character's popular for something so I might bring back one who seems similar to The Masked Royal.


    Name: Arthur Lane (In the Battle Royal Dome, he is known as "The Dragon Knight")
    Age: 17
    Crystal Petal: Purple - Crystal of Loyalty
    Personality: Arthur is a calm, friendly and often polite individual who does his best to follow the rules and enjoys Pokemon battles so long as the battles are fair. He has a strong respect for trainers who's strength are only rivaled by their kind and respected hearts and despises trainers who would utilize dirty tricks.

    When he changes his identity to "The Dragon Knight" he adopts a more proud, chivalrous and serious persona, doing his best to remind people what Pokemon battles are all about: "Strength and Honor."
    Appearance: Standing at 5'10" with somewhat long Gray hair, royal Purple eyes, Fair skin and a slim yet athletic body build, his attire consists of a White t shirt under a sleeveless Black jacket with a fur mane, Blue jeans and Brown sneakers. On his right wrist, he wears a Black Z-Ring and wears a bracelet with the Purple crystal on his left wrist.

    When donning his Dragon Knight persona, he changes his outfit to a jet Black untucked shirt, Black pants under an open high collared ankle long Black coat, Purple gloves, Purple boots, a purple ascot and a plain Silver mask with Purple eyeliner like markings. The mask disguises his voice, making him sound deeper with a small echo.
    Team: Kommo-o (Male), Salamence (Male), Turtonator (Female), Drampa (Male), Haxorus (Male), Dragapult (Female)
    Arthur was born from a long line of Pokemon trainers in Heahea city, while he got along well with his mother like any mother and son should, he had a mixed relationship with his father due to his notoriety for beating Pokemon trainers through unfair strategies and dirty tricks. When Arthur was 6, his father gifted him a Pokemon egg which contained his Pokemon partner, Jangmo-o who hatched around a week after receiving the egg, Arthur and Jangmo-o got along like brothers and gained a liking for Dragon type Pokemon after learning about how strong they were. When Arthur turned 10, he went to Melemele Island to start the island challenge, receiving his Z-Ring in the process, he stormed through most of the trials and caught many Pokemon (Most of which were Dragon types). On some occasions, he ran in to Team Skull who attempted to trip him and any other trainers in their trials.

    One such occasion was when a group of grunts attempted to catch a group of Jangmo-o who were only still young and under the care of their Kommo-o mother, Arthur stepped in and attempted to protect Skull grunts and Jangmo-o alike from the furious Dragon type. After Arthur successfully calmed down the Kommo-o and drove off the Skull Grunts, the Kommo-o briefly delved deeper in to the cave and gave him a Kommonium Z Crystal as a token of gratitude for saving her children and to apologize for hurting him and his partner. After Arthur completed his trials, he heard about the Battle Royal dome and thought about entering, but when he saw the Masked Royal, he was in awe and gave him an idea, using the Masked Royal as an inspiration, he began to don his own Battle Royal persona and proclaimed himself as "The Dragon Knight", this persona helped him make a name for himself over the next two years and inspire others to battle with Strength and Honor.

    I will remove the Z Ring and/or Z Crystal if not allowed.
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  3. This seems cool, I'll reserve a spot for myself if that's okay. I'll probably take the Determination crystal.
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  4. I've edited my post to include my bio and called the Purple Loyalty Crystal.
  5. Accepted~
  6. Here we go. Don't hesitate to tell me if there are any problems.
    Name: David Bright
    Age: 16
    Crystal Petal: Orange - Crystal of Determination

    Personality: A kind, somewhat shy boy who looks up to the rest of the group. He constantly pushes himself to improve, so he can impress the others. He holds a very deep respect and admiration for the rest of the group and credits them for inspiring him to become a Pokemon Trainer. He's also very protective of others, and will jump in whenever he sees a threat.

    Appearance: Stands at 5'4. Short neat black hair, brown eyes. Usually wears an orange t-shirt obscured by a puffy dark blue jacket, blue jeans that have been faded from wear, white shoes and short white socks. Wears a large brown backpack containing a silver locket in a small box, among several other things. The locket contains the orange crystal. Lastly, a white Z-Ring on his wrist with a Fightinium Z in it, although he may switch it out for a Rockium Z when necessary.

    Hitmontop (Male)
    Gigalith (Male)
    Grapploct (Female)
    Gallade (Male)
    Minior (Genderless, orange core)
    Barbaracle (Male)

    Backstory: Born in Motostoke City, David's first Pokemon was a Tyrogue that wandered in from the nearby Wild Area. At some time his parents signed him up for a summer camp in Alola, and he came back inspired to take the Galar Gym Challenge. However, after a while it didn't feel right for him, and he felt a strange desire to go back to Alola, so he did. He went through the Island Challenge, expanding his team and conquering trial after trial. He's nearly completed all of them as of this RP. David wishes that, one day, he could find the people that inspired him all those years ago.

    Other: Just noticed that the crystal petals are the same colors as the Minior cores. Nice touch.
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  7. Trying to think on how to introduce Arthur, either training his Pokemon or fighting as The Dragon Knight in the Dome.
  8. Can I reserve a spot in this? I would probably go for integrity
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  9. A logical age range for a summer camp for kids would be 5-10, and so I wanted a 10 year gap between the summer they all met back in Alola and to the current timeline. I mean who sends their 4 year old child to a summer camp?
  10. Makes sense now... I'll probably make my character soon enough.
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  11. A c c e p t e d :3
  12. Character Sheet:
    Name: Richie Smart (don't ask about the name lol)
    Age: (15-17) 15
    Crystal Petal: Petal of Integrity
    Personality: He's upbeat, truthful, and he's smart. He loves to battle and plans on becoming a very strong trainer, he has integrity with everything he does. He also loves practical jokes. He's honest and anyone can count on him, he can keep a secret and will never tell a lie. He's always the guy to tell everyone the truth of the situation, yet in an upbeat tone. He has a huge fear of fire types. He wishes to travel to kanto to beat the league there after adventuring every island and beating the fire-type trial.

    Appearance: He has dark brown hair, nearly black. His hair is a lot like Elio's from Pokemon Sun & Moon, although his is more spiky, it's also a bit shorter. He has black eyes, and short eyelashes. He has a burn mark stretching across his left hand. He wears a white shirt with blue stripes on it, he wears cargo shorts, and a blue cap on his head.
    -Decidueye (Male)

    -Toxicroak (Male)

    -Goodra (Female)

    -Lycanroc Midday (Female)

    -Mudsdale (Male)

    (I want him to catch his last Pokemon in rp if that's fine, likely a fire-type)

    Backstory: Born in Alola on Akala Island, Richie has known the place all his life, he challenged all the trials there and won except for the fire-type trial, as well as the Melemele trials. When he was 10 he had a very unusual encounter with a fire type, he attempted to catch it but was fought back by the hostile pocket monster. It burned some of his left hand as he attempted to run away from the wild Pokemon. Ever since he's been very afraid of fire types. He's been attempting to try the fire-type trial but hasn't had the courage to do so ever since. He's been battling to get stronger and stronger as time went on.

    (Let me know if I should change anything about the character)

    I want to add some extra details to him. For starters, he lives on Paniola Ranch with his mother, his mother is a Pokemon breeder and works at the Pokemon Nursery there. He actually caught his Mudbray there, which evolved into Mudsdale. Also would like to specify his pokemon's moves so I don't forget them. He also had a Rockruff which evolved into his Lycanroc now.
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  13. Accepted :3
  14. Is it fine if they have a Z-Ring specifically with Decidium Z?
  15. I dont see why not :3
  16. Thanks, I'm working on a post on the RP thread now!
  17. @Red Gallade Is it okay if I have David be a fan of The Dragon Knight?
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  18. Of course! Just as long as he doesn't know it's Arthur behind the mask.
  19. Hey red gallade, got any idea on how The Dragon Knight is gonna join us?
  20. Well as the concert is in Heahea city which is (I believe) close to the Battle Royal Dome, maybe Arthur the Dragon Knight will have finished up his matches for the day and decides to see the concert if it's still happening, riding on his Salamence to get closer or something. (Yes, Salamence will be saddled so he could be permitted for air travel.)
  21. Well the concert just ended, also I believe the battle royal dome is somewhere near Heahea. You might have to find another way for him to come.
  22. I dunno if I should save their meeting for later or plan something else if that's the case. And I certainly don't plan for the other six to find out so soon that he's The Dragon Knight.
  23. Yeah I get it, I was just wondering how you were going to include em in the story with all of us, especially taking into account his alter ego.
  24. I'm honestly not so sure, it would also depend on when Cosmos Inc decides to step in looking for the crystals and how often they make attempts at obtaining them.

    Why do Cosmos what to control all Pokemon anyway, to use them to take over the world like usual villains?
  25. Well I feel that since both Hype Queen Mimi and The Dragon Knight both have fame to the name they should stay at the same high end hotel and bump into each other by pure coincidence, or maybe Mimi and The Dragon Knight get to meet for a special interview
  26. Well no they dont want to take over the world, they just want to harness the power of all the Pokemon to rip a fabric in the space and time continuum as a way to go back to when the Pokemin world was still first being made so that they can build their foundation from the beggining and control the world in the present time...yeah take over the world but with extra steps :3
  27. Wouldn't they need Dialga to accomplish that then?
  28. Does Ultra Space travel technically count as Space Travel? I wonder if Lunala and Solgaleo can travel through space.
  29. Well you see I cant really use the legendary Pokemon in the RP apparently, plus if you think about it enough power absorbed into a weapon from all types of Pokemon attacks should be able to rip a small fracture in reality. To be honest I'm just trying to make logical reason that add up without incorporating in legendary Pokemon
  30. @KadenX12 Sorry if my wording was a bit confusing, but Hitmontop wasn't on David's head. I meant that Hitmontop was spinning on his own head, like their species are known to do.
  31. Name: Alex Cykes
    Age: 15
    Crystal Petal: Red Crystal Petal of Courage
    Personality: A guy who loves fun, to try new things, and battling. He is very upbeat
    A and impulsive at times. He loves to meet new people and make new friends. He's extroverted in every sense of the word, but in short: He's an idiot. To further explain, he doesn't do well with books, paying attention to minor details and critical thinking. He is good at running and cooking
    Appearance: short Brown hair, a black hoodie with a Pokeball design on the front, jean shorts and a black backpack and a red bandanna around his neck, 5' 7" with a semi-athletic build
    • Incineroar - NN: Tabasco
    • Ariados - NN: Adrianna
    • Kingdra - NN: Sapphire
    • Jumpluff - NN: Fluffy
    • Togekiss - NN: Frittata
    • Furret - NN: Brownie
    Backstory: Alex's family just consists of him, and his mom in Ecruteak City. He has a father but he isn't around much. It's not bad or anything. He constantly calls, sends gifts, and tries to be around whenever he can. Sadly his work as the national police constantly keeps him away from home. When Alex's dad came home for his 5th birthday, he gave Alex two things: two plane tickets to Alola and 2. registration papers for a summer camp in Alola. Alex was ecstatic and went together with his mom in Alola to go to summer camp. While he was in Alola, Alex and his mom adopted a Litten from a pokemon adoption center named Tabasco. After he got back, he was excited, and immediately (and by that I mean 5 years later) later he started on his journey around Johto with Tabasco. He beat all of the gyms and became a part-time (and eventually full time) professor assistant to Professor Elm. After almost 5 years of hard work, Professor Elm was nice enough to let him go on vacation. Alex knew there was only one place he could visit: Alola.

    Can I join?
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  32. a c c e p t e d :3
  33. Trying to think on how to proceed with Arthur, maybe he wraps up on the Battle Dome for the day and goes back to being Arthur or go along with one of your ideas regarding a hotel or interview.
  34. Seems like a pretty good idea to me...I've just been waiting on everyone to reply.
  35. One: I saw "Dragon Lord", not Knight somewhere
    Two: I should've mentioned in the bio but he hides his bracelet under his sleeve so then he has a bit more anonymity behind the mask.
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  37. Apologies if my latest post was a bit rushed, the RP was slowing down a bit so I tried to let Mimi and Richie say something.
  38. It was fine to me, I was waiting on everyone else to post. I'm glad you got yours in.
  39. Sorry, still deciding on how to have Arthur proceed, what do you think @Tokki_Boki; interview, hotel or something else?

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