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Private/Closed Pokemon: Rainbow Ties Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by tokkiyo, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. Just realized that all our character's names have two syllables (if you don't count Mimi as Emilia).
  2. That's pretty interesting actually lol. Hey Crystal will you be replying anytime soon?
  3. I'm pretty sure he's already replied??
  4. Oh wait sorry bout that-
  5. Aw hell sorry about that Red! We ended up posting at the same time lmao sorry if that messed with anyone's alerts??
  6. I don't think there is a Sharpedo, I think Mimi only mentioned one.
  7. Poor Arthur. Its the fate of every bean stalk in a friend group: you can and will be climbed on at any given opportunity u_u RIP Arthur's shoulders
  8. And now Arthur's gonna be in a bind given the fact that if he shows everyone his team, it might hint at how he might be The Dragon Knight.
  9. Oooh he could maybe only show half of his team or something? 'Cus anyone could have a clutch of dergs!
  10. Yeah, and mons like Haxorus and Dragapult are pretty common among strong trainers anyways.
  11. Fair enough, although idk what'd happen if he showed and/or battled with his Kommo-o.

    Maybe I'll have him bring out Dragapult, Turtonator and Drampa.
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  12. Maybe Cosmos Inc can show up before Arthur has the chance to show his Pokémon?
  13. Sounds good to me.
  14. Oh heck! Yeah, we could do that!

    There's multiple ways we can go about the next few upcoming scenes!
  15. Richie already has his Pokemon out so he'd be ready for any battle.
  16. I'll probably have David send out one of his Pokémon soon.
  17. Yeaaaah Harper might send one out too but I'm curious what Cosmos' whole plot with us is?? Are... are we gonna get kidnapped? What's gonna happen?? The anticipation is so spooky~
  18. Wonder what'll happen once we get the last person who gets the last crystal.
  19. Oh yeah! Tokki was thinking the last crystal holder would potentially be a Cosmos member! Not sure who'll rp as them tho!
  20. If all else fails they could just be an NPC.
  21. Idea: Cosmos Inc. nukes us all with Sleep Powder from the Venomoth
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  22. That'd actually be a pretty good way of getting out of the battle. B)
  23. Wouldn't the Venomoth only be able to use Sleep Powder on one small area at a time?
  24. Just have them use a lot of Venomoths
  25. Ah, the age old question: How many Venomoths does it take to Sleep Powder a large friend group?

    EDIT: Didn't want to double-post, I just wanted to say that I'll probably be out for a few hours because it's Thanksgiving here in Canada.
  26. I won't be posting for a while either as I need to get some sleep, with Arthur not having his Pokemon on him (yet), he wouldn't do too much anyway.
  27. Well, one in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl episode 22, one Paras's Spore was able to put asleep one teenage female. Let's say that due to the Venemoths wings, they would be abe to cover a larger area so let's say about 2 pokemon. So it would take 3 Venemoths to put to sleep the whole friend group. Including everyone's pokemon out, Let's add about 2 more venomoths. So it would take about 5 venemoths wotrth of sleep powder to put the group asleep.
  28. Pff oh man I took a nap during a very crucial dilemma
  29. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    Name: Zack Daimon
    Age: 16
    Crystal Petal: Wisdom
    Personality: Loves Reading Books, Very silent and loves interacting with other people that he knows and doesn't know
    Appearance: White Polo shirt, With Black Pants and brown hair
    Espeon (Female)
    Umbreon (Male)
    Decidueye (Male)
    Absol (Female)
    Backstory: Zack was never noticed in his school until one summer meeting up with six other kids, In a Summer Camp, He became friends with them, but after their camp Zack stayed in Alola to become the Champion of the region as Cosmos Inc. was making MeleMele his home island into one large industrial Factory, He wants to stop them as the crystal flower they met at was in that island
  30. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    I'd be up for that
  31. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    someone notice me pls lol
  32. Eyyy haha its up to you and Tokki what kinda role you take!
  33. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    This could be my oc
  34. I'm not the rp leader so its not up to me to decide who joins! I'd just wait for Tokki if I were you!
  35. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    k i can wait lol
  36. Just to make sure my half-done post isn't worth nothing, I plan to have David's Hitmontop take on the Ursaring. I'll finish the post when I wake up.
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  37. Who should Arthur take on?
  38. I guess you two are taking the two in the front.
  39. Actually, since Richie took the Ursaring, David should probably go for the Venomoth.

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