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Ask to Join New Beginnings (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by StormingCobra55, Jul 7, 2018.


Who/what should be the antagonist?

Poll closed Jul 14, 2018.
  1. A person

  2. Nature

  3. Nothing

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  1. Name: Lilac
    Age: 13 (and 1/2)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Dark brown hair that is shoulder length, has a dress with a long vest
    Personality: She is very quiet at first but once you get to know her she talks a lot
    Likes: Pokemon, and bright colored items! She loves Bird pokemon
    Dislikes: People who lie
    Starter: Bc I am joining late can I have Shinx? If not then I will have chikorita
    Skills: Dancing she is also kinda smart
    Goals: To be a pokemon coordinator
    Other: n/A
  2. @Salted_Apples It's alright. Take your time.
    @E.K.A.N.S. Noted. It makes enough sense. Collax was just acting on instinct, and something told him there needed to be a way to pass the rock. He just didn't consider Barkley using Ingrain because it didn't seem like it was supposed to open like that.

    But now we've got us a puzzling puzzle. Ekans, I hope you don't mind if I make those glyphs clear in my next emote. I won't be solving the puzzle immediately, just clarifying them.
    #362 Zixal, Nov 29, 2018
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  3. Needed in general, cause the more people we have posting, the quicker this RP gets back to the top. I just feel bad that everyone you were talking to went AWOL which means you can’t
  4. @LunarSilvally I think you're critically misunderstanding what's happening again. Madison and Collax are only standing inside the room with the glyphs. In the center is a mass of Yamask that are circling endlessly among each other. Nobody has opened any doors. There aren't any doors to be seen.
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  5. (Oooo This looks fun!)

    Name: Otis Russell (If I can do her)

    Age: 11

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She has long brown wavy hair, and hazel eyes. Otis wears blue glasses, a fluffy white sweater, blue jeans, red sneakers, and a small pink backpack.

    Personality: She is kind, and will protect her Pokemon. Otis can be impatient or cowardly. But she is competitive in battle, and has a little knowledge on battling from her mother, Lily.

    Likes: Exploring, friends, Pokemon, and fruits.

    Dislikes: People who are mean, or people who have betrayed her.

    Starter: Snivy

    Skills: Exploring, and a bit of skill in battling, and knows some survival skills from her mother.

    Goals: To explore all of the new region.

    Other: She and her Snivy wear matching Sky blue bandanas around their necks.
  6. @Zixal It’s okay to get it wrong a few times on this puzzle, or else it isn’t really much of a puzzle. We can come up with creative ways of solving it. Of course I had a working solution in mind but we can stretch things out a bit.

    So the process of elimination thing should fail, because there are too many masks to check and no way to keep the Pokémon still while we’re running each by them (wait, Thunder Wave. Shit. XD)

    But they’ll fiercely attack us if we collect their masks in the first place, so there’s that. And as far as they know, the mask they carry is the right one, so they’ll reject the others. >:D

    ...There, that’s how we can draw it out, make things more interesting.

    @LunarSilvally Zixal is right. There is no door in this room. In your post you said there was.

    You’ve been online since Zixal told you, so I don’t know if you were planning to edit it this time or not.

    Oh, and reading over the post I just made... I’m sorry! I forgot to interact with your character! It’s been a busy day and this post was rushed, so I didn’t realize until now.

    I’d edit mine, but I think Collax can notice you for me/I can redeem myself in the next post instead. Besides I’m too busy to edit now...
    #367 E.K.A.N.S., Dec 1, 2018
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  7. @OtisRolePlays is this the same Otis from Apocalypse/Eclogue? Because this takes place way after both of those.
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  8. Well, no, because she only has her Snivy, and not the rest of her fully evolved Pokemon, so this is probably a more past version of Otis. And, I don’t really have any other characters I could RP with. If you want a different character than Otis, I could make a new character.
  9. Well, yeah, this one is way after the Apocalypse RP. Probably at least a decade after it. So a newer character would probably work best.
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  10. Okay!

    Name: Justice Flames

    Age: 12

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: He has green eyes, with fluffy brown hair. He wears a shirt that has a green snake on it, along with blue jeans, and green shoes with a flame pattern on them.

    Personality: He won’t listen to others very much, and won’t back down from a battle or a Pokemon battle. He is brave, but won’t think about his actions before he does them.

    Likes: Snakes, exploring, and Pokemon battles

    Dislikes: Evil people, and he has Gephyrophobia (The fear of bridges)

    Starter: Oshawott

    Skills: Exploring, and Pokemon battling

    Goals: To explore all of the new region

    Other: He has a secret, and won’t tell anyone.
  11. Accepted. Now I gotta figure out a post.
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  12. Thanks, can you tell me what is going on in the RP right now?
  13. Madison, Collax, and Aura are currently searching the remains of an old pyramid and are trying to figure out a puzzle involving Unown hieroglyphs and taking the masks of a group of Yamask.

    Anthony is trying to get back to his camp, where Ray is asleep. (Note that Ray’s RPer is currently taking a break from the website.)

    Brandon is searching for wild Pokémon.

    Sterling is currently trapped in a dusty cave with seemingly no way out.

    Shaynuh is at a stream battling a wild Totodile using her Charmander. (No idea why Charmander over Aron though.)

    Lisa is dead. Her neck was snapped by the tail of a confused and outraged Nidoking.

    No idea where the other characters currently are. Either their RPers have been inactive. or the characters have stopped having responses about them.
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  14. Okay, thanks for telling me!
  15. Storming’s characters (Brandon and Anthony) could use someone to interact with so he can develop his side of the story, or it’s harder for him to post @OtisRolePlays

    The beauty of this RP though is that you could do whatever, go wherever you want
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  16. Okay, I’ll make sure to interact with them.
  17. Nice to have some activity in this roleplay again. I'd hate to let it die.
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  18. I jinxed it.
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  19. It’s finals week.
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  20. *claps*

    You figured it out. Reflect was the answer.

    And I like that you’re using Forest’s Curse to slow em down instead of Trick Room, because that adds to the lore that Barkley’s the most important Pokémon here and only a jungle Pokémon can do the job, given where we are. Didn’t think of that
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  21. Surprise, I'm not incompetent.

    The Forest's Curse thing wasn't quite what was going for, but it felt a little more direct than "slow everyone down and make them look at their reflection". I figured that Barkley could use the vines to turn the Yamask around, or trigger them and make them charge at Barkley, thus allowing Inkay to swoop in with Reflect and catch them by surprise. But I do like the connections there.
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  22. @Zixal Since Collax is heavy how do you feel about having Inkay and Barkley almost lose him halfway across only for all the Yamask we just saved to swoop in and return the favor?
  23. That was the goal. Inkay and Barkley completely lost him a few meters from the edge, too far away to grab anything. I figured I'd leave the Yamask NPC actions to you, given that A) You play them better and B) It felt like a little much for one emote. I also have this thing with making actions that directly save my characters from certain doom, like this one. I know it's technically perfectly fine if agreed to prior to actually doing it, but it just doesn't sit well with me to emote something that saves my character through some sort of outside interaction that isn't controlled by the actual character.

    I was planning on dropping him anyway, and having two new characters swoop in for later, which would have been under my control. (But still a bit awkward.) But I'll save them for deeper into the temple.
    #384 Zixal, Dec 24, 2018
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  24. There’s not really much left in the temple, but if you’d like me to draw it out and add another trial so you can do that, I’ll think of one. I’m hella sick now though and needa sleep so maybe later
  25. Don't hurt yourself. I can wait, and so can you. Don't want to cause you any extra stress. Besides, I was mostly just going to reveal them on the way out or something, so you don't need to expand anything.
  26. Wow I didn't know Aura had a Spheal, I only saw Vulpix in her bio and she didn't catch one in the RP

    The key was originally gonna be the Chansey egg cracked over the altar since Chansey is the gatekeeper, but Hydro Pump is fine. You just saved Madison's lunch.

    Also the indents were on the altar @LunarSilvally , not the door, if that wasn't clear in my post. Filling the altar with water opens it.
  27. It wasn't clear actually but since you made it clear I can edit it better and yes she caught that Spheal in the region she came from but she usually don't tell what Pokemon she has.
    #388 LunarSilvally, Dec 26, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
  29. So we're currently fighting Mesasauga, one of my fanmade Pokémon. @Zixal I realize I might've messed with your plans a bit by having the door close behind us... since you wrote that something was following Skorupi

    Also at the end of my post I talk about a Krookodile somewhere deep in the desert. That's for later.
  30. @E.K.A.N.S. So I was about to post a response, but I just wanted to ask if it's fine if Inkay found Gible at the end of it. I won't say anything about what she's doing or what happened to her, but I will just note that Inkay noticed her off on the other end of the room after Aura's Flareon lit it back up.
  31. @Zixal No Gible's gone for now. Thanks for asking first though.
  32. @LunarSilvally I’m not sure if I understand you correctly or not, but I believe you just had Aura hike off on her own to head to another town?

    Lasryn, the region this takes place in, is an abandoned region. As far as anyone knows, there are no maps available to them, there are no cities, towns, or anything. Almost everything about this region is unknown; I don’t see how Aura would have a map of the uncharted region and be headed to a city that (if it even exists) is likely a ruin.
  33. Oh right I'll edit it my apologies
  34. @StormingCobra55 The sun's setting and our characters are probably going to sleep soon, which would put us back on schedule with the people who already timeskipped to night earlier in the RP. If you want to move this story forward, please do. My bit's over for now.

    @OtisRolePlays I tagged you before in Luna~Sun and it turns out you just lost notifications. Did the same thing happen for this one, but you're still interested?

    I doubt my guy is still into it with all the other kickass RP's that are popping up, but I'm tagging @Zandypants anyway. Your character ended off at night but the day's now ending for us too, which puts us all on the same page in the morning.
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  35. @LunarSilvally is the new character a secondary villain or a member of the evil organization?
  36. I am. Just trying to think of how to make the next post interesting P:
  37. I put Chance (a member of the evil organization) near Shaynuh. Would probably be wise for her to run as soon as she finished whatever you were already planning for the post.
  38. HA! She runs from no danger! XD I'll let her suffer >:D

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