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Ask to Join New Beginnings (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by StormingCobra55, Jul 7, 2018.


Who/what should be the antagonist?

Poll closed Jul 14, 2018.
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  1. It is time for a new age of heroes to arise. Every time heroes disappear, more appear soon after. And every story begins somewhere.

    A group of trainers have been sent to investigate a new region. They are unexperienced and have each been given one starter. Do they have what it takes to survive in the wilderness?


    This is the beginning of a new timeline. My past characters will not show up in this RP, with the exception of some newer ones such as Jacob or Anthony. Both Kalebs, Jason, Jack, and my currently dead characters are not present for this RP. This is the same universe, but a few years after the timeline we have created.


    -Everybody is allowed ONE Pokémon to start.
    -No shiny starters, and no evolved forms as starters.
    -No starters that cannot evolve (e.g. Chatot or Lapras). They are allowed to catch Pokémon like these later on, but they cannot be your starter.
    -No legendaries, mythicals, or Mega Evolutions whatsoever. Exceptions are if you get a Mega Evolution permitted by Stellar, but it must be late in the RP.
    -Keep team growth at a steady rate. Dont be like me in the original Froena RP.
    -If you decide to introduce a past character later on in the RP, they may have more than just one starter, as long as there is a plausible reason (sent by the professor to help, arent a part of the group and just decided to show up, etc.)
    -No Mary Sues. Also, our characters are supposed to be first-time trainers, so this is all supposed to be new to them.
    -Have fun.

    Character Format:


    My bio, along with the thread, will be up after three people join.
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  2. Name: Ray Aquario
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Blue hair, red jacket, white shirt, pale shorts
    Personality: she likes fighting strong opponents, she’s calm and cool
    Likes: The ocean, strong rivals
    Dislikes: Qctopus food, snobby people
    Starter: Squritle
    Skills: Quick thinker, Swimming
    Goals: she wants to be the best
    Other: N/A
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  3. (I would like to join, if so, here's my bio)

    Name: Sterling Hercules
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Silver hair, Purple fur hoodie, Black overcoat, Blue Jeans, Black trainers
    Personality: Laid back, Friendly, 'Smart', Brave
    Likes: Relaxing, Nature, Chocolate, Playing, Danger
    Dislikes: Losing, Loud noises, Being told what to do
    Starter: Axew
    Skills: Surfing, Flute playing, Perceptive, Great climber
    Goals: To become the strongest trainer he can be
    Other: His flute influences small Pokemon
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  4. All accepted. And by the way, skills is basically asking what the character is good at.

    Any Pokémon except shinies, legendaries, mythicals, Pokémon that cant evolve, or evolved forms are allowed as starters, so Axew is fine.

    Here is my bio:

    Name: Brandon Hurns
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Jet black hair, wears contact lenses, brown eyes, about 5”4, wears a black shirt and blue pants.
    Personality: Likes to have fun, but in a more immature way than most people. Only trusts his close friends, and usually intends on being what most would call a “lone wolf”.
    Likes: Fire, Dark, and Electric types, adventure, people who share the same humor as him.
    Dislikes: Ground types, big crowds, boredom.
    Starter: Chimchar
    Skills: Fairly fast, good at building shelters, decent at fishing.
    Goals: To become the best trainer in the world.
    Other: The thread will be up shortly.
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  5. Also forgive me if I don't respond as soon as the rest of you; time zones can be a pain in the arse sometimes.
  6. It's a new region so I'm assuming you're allowed to discover and catch Fakemon later on in the RP. Actually I'm only assuming that because they don't appear on your banlist. Previously unknown Pokémon would make exploring a new region more authentic

    Name: Madison Cairn
    Age: Everyone is 13 so I'll be 13 too
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Blood-red hair, light blue dress, darker blue flats, beige woven sunhat tied with a black ribbon.
    Personality: Prissy, vain, and stuck-up, thinking that she's special because she was sent to investigate a new region. Wants attention and throws tantrums when things don't go her way.
    Likes: Battles, attention, herself.
    Dislikes: Losing, being dirty, thunder.
    Starter: Gible
    Skills: Cooking, baking, battling.
    Goals: She already is the best and wants everyone to know it.
    Other: N/A
  7. Had I been allowed a Pokémon that can't evolve, I would've chosen Mawile, but there's always the opportunity to catch it, so... :p
  8. Name:Zack Steel replys to Z.
    Appearance:brown hair, white skinned,black jeans and a black hoody wears a white under shirt, red and white running sneakers
    Personality:Z has no personality he acts to get his way for you see he plan to rule the world, but he mostly acts kind and clam around people to make them feel clam around him.
    Likes:training and putting others down after beating htem
    Skills: acting, picking locks with a hair pin always caries hair pins on him, cooking and parkour (never really seen someone in the world of pokemon do it beside ash.)
    Goals: 1st beat this region then the rest to then take over the world
    Other:oh and he swears sometime (i will censor.)
  9. If it's not too late, here's my bio:

    Name: Lisa Ferrell
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Electric blue pixie cut hair with blonde roots just starting to show. Light brown eyes. Tan skin. Wearing a yellow zip-up sporty jacket, black leggings, athletic shoes and dark sunglasses. Carries everything in a plain black backpack.
    Personality: Polite, artistic, adventurous, struggles with words, constantly humming or whistling.
    Likes: Observing and documenting wild Pokemon, music.
    Dislikes: Bullies, dancing, complete darkness.
    Starter: Inkay
    Skills: Sketching, singing, sense of direction.
    Goals: Grow strong enough to compete with the best.
    Other: From Kalos
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  10. Name: Theresa (Tia) Jaklin
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Tia wears a light grey shirt under a silver jacket. She often wears a pair of black pants. Tia also has dark blue eyes and dark brown hair.
    Personality: Tia is a nice person, with a heavy competitive side to her. She isn't one to just pass off a challenge, often taking it and surpassing it. Other than that, Tia is quite normal.
    Likes: Battles, challenges, friends.
    Dislikes: Backstabbers, incomplete challenges, People who back down from things.
    Starter: Fennekin
    Skills: Good at cooking and very good climber.
    Goals: None yet.
  11. So many bios! All accepted. And it is fine if you wanna catch some Fakemon, but i wont be catching any. I will allow you to as long as they are real types, or you explain the advantages and disadvantages of the new type it has (like Crystal type for example).
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  12. Let's get our RP on then!
  13. So this place is new if I’m understanding it correctly. We’re sent to investigate, and we have to survive the wilderness. So it’s less civilized, and there are no gyms or Elite Four or anything like that, right? Maybe a few settlements or encampments I would think.

    Edit: I guess my question is “how explored is it” to make what I’m asking sound less seemingly obvious
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  14. It is currently uninhabited by anyone.
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  15. Name:Jade Leone

    Age: 14


    Appearance: Green Hair, Black coat, black socks ,green shoes and a green shirt

    Personality: she is competitive, she is a bit shy meeting new people

    Likes:her Dratini, cute pokemon

    Dislikes:people stealing Pokémon, the sea

    Starter: Dratini

    Skills: Strategic, good cook

    Goals: to be the strongest pokemon Trainer

    Other: she has sea sickness

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  16. Ooh, a seasick character. This should be fun
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  18. I didn't think that would be put up for that comeback XD

    Edit: That certainly made my morning.
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  19. @Red Gallade, remember that posts have to be in past tense at all times, meaning you should change “stops” to “stopped” and “gives” to “gave”.
  20. Sry about that, but aren't present tense words allowed within a character's dialogue?
  21. Yes, but not their actions.
  22. Gotcha
  23. So when we explore the region, how do we explore it?
  24. I don't see that James guy in the RP anymore so @StormingCobra55 is currently waiting on a response... from no one. Maybe you could talk to us, or @The Quiet Zubat, @FrostCrispz, and @Kakashi Sensai whose characters haven't engaged with anyone yet? You probably want us to get to know each other a bit onboard before we land, right? If we've done that and want to move the RP along, do we have the right to land the boat or can only you write that part in?

    Also in response to @Yusa maybe we could throw some ideas around unless @StormingCobra55 has a set plan in mind. We land, set up camp somewhere, argue over where to go (pick from three distinctive areas, like a cliff, a rainforest, and a volcano idk, we can work on that), and take a hike with a few pitfalls and other mysterious obstacles along the way that suggest this region may not be uninhabited. I know we're just kids but the purpose is to explore so maybe someone can map the sites that we visit while others register Pokémon. When we get there something will happen (won't spoil what I have in mind unless asked but it'll be a dangerous event that'll shake things up) and we'll scatter, seeking each other out and discovering interesting things on our own before finally reuniting and sharing what we know. There's time for battles and rivalries amongst ourselves too. Throughout the RP we can develop the larger question of why inexperienced kids were sent to an uninhabited region in the first place and learn some dark truth about Lasryn.

    Another possibility is that we journey through the region like any other, with caves and water sources as our stopping points in place of towns and cities. The "evil team" we fight could be corporate thugs from a different region who are illegally hunting Pokémon, destroying the environment, drilling oil, or exploiting Lasryn in other ways. Or they could be pirates, who knows. Maybe there could be some weather event, or someone sinks our ship, causing us to be stranded in Lasryn and explore it in the hope of finding something that will get us home. Or this could be a cursed region like the Bermuda Triangle with urban legends surrounding it and ships/people disappearing, people dying there in the past, and mysterious phenomena happening all around us as we explore. I'm not in charge of this thread and I'm only throwing around ideas, but how do these sound? Which do you like best? Do you have any ideas?

    Also @Yusa I know I wasn't asked, but you weren't answered, so I spoke up
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  25. I have no idea where that name came from. lol
  26. Well my mind's just shut down... :(
  27. Off to work, I'll check in in a few hours
  28. I’m at work right now lol
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  29. @Yusa was going to ask my character to battle. I am waiting on the request.
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  30. I’ll get to that give me a second
  31. Alright, currently making a post right now, basically just about Brandon seeing everyone quarreling.
  32. Wow frost you just ruined the challenge that she gave to cobra on her profile, even he wanted to fight XD
  33. Kinda, but they can still do it. just wanted some oc interaction.
  34. Maybe they can shake the boat with their battling and give Madison another excuse to yell at them
  35. I earned Madison’s respect, I’m not losing a friend so early
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  36. So there are two dragon tamers, one girl with a dragon Pokémon and fire type trainers and one water type trainer: and only one has the current advantage
  37. Dont worry, Chimchar has a coverage move. :)

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