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Ask to Join Kanto Pokémon League; The Next Generation Sign-up/Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Von Pumpkin, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Also do you think we could head to Johto? I just think it would be cool... ESPECIALLY TO SMACK WHITNEY’S MILKTANK
  2. The Elite Four won't have to be fought in a specific order. That's a mechanic from the new games that I'll be adding here. So, fourth for Luma might mean she was the fourth one added to the E4, chronologically.

    Dub, let's focus on the region we're in right now. I can definitely think of a better excuse to go to Fuschia.
  3. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    im making my elite 4 member and i read that and are you saying that theres already a 4th-
  4. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Oh alright got it
  5. Ok sounds good. @Von Pumpkin want to go into the RP and do the interaction?
  6. Lol never mind they’re battling
  7. Okay, working route order:

    From Pallet to Veridian, Veridian through Mt. Moon to Cerulean, Cerulean around the cape past the Power Plant, down the river to Lavender Town. Then Lavender Town to Fuschia. I won't be dealing with HMs, so don't worry about HM restrictions.

    @Slatzsly We do not have all four members of the E4 yet.
  8. Oh @Von Pumpkin I was wondering, if I could write what’s going on in this story on Wattpad. So news Rps can know what’s happening? Just a thought.
  9. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    runs for the gold - Also, Dubkip, don't you have 6 pokemon instead of five?
    Name: Kami
    Gender: F
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Kami wears a small coat, Kukui sized but cut in half. Underneath her coats are a small black shirt and a white skirt. She has long brown hair and prefers to keep it short, Probably in a bun.
    Personality: Despite how young she is, she keeps things professional. She will not hesitate in attacking your pokemon and will make a strategy to defeat them. She is very confident in herself and believes she can beat most of the people who dare challenge her at all.
    Backstory: Ever since Kami was a child, she was always into Scientists and their discoveries. She also knew that electricity was an important part of doing any type of research. She was usually happy being with her mother around the lab, looking at all the discoveries on legendary pokemon. However, her biggest interest was Zapdos. After she graduated Highschool, she went through college and even University very quickly, excelling through all of her challenges. ( I don't know how somebody gets accepted so I'm gonna assume its an invite ) When she was given an invite to the E4, she grabbed all of her electric type pokemon and prepared for any challenges she would face.
    Type Specialty: Electric
    Pokémon Team: Oricoro ( Pom Pom ) -> Vikavolt -> Magnezone -> Electrive -> Ampharos ( If there is 6 and I'm mistaken ) -> Rotom ( Fan )
    RP Sample: Kami would brush her coat off, and grab her bag. " Good work today everyone," she said to her lab team, and walked out of the Lab into the hallway, walking toward the exit. She was looking through a small journal, looking through notes, before walking out. "Let's get back home now. " She said, and walked over to her house, lightly holding onto her Ampharos's ball.
  10. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    breathes heavily, Jesus christ that took a lot of thinking it was either electric or poison
  11. @Slatzsly what do you mean, the E4 or the Gym Leader, because the gym leader is the third gym leader. He’s supposed to have 5
  12. Wait, DANGIT. We have 2 Heloisk in the E4 right now...
  13. Bruce has one, and Kami has one
  14. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

  15. Elite Four slots are now full. I'm going to have to ask you to drop Heliolisk from the Electric team, though.
  16. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    I just saw 6 pokemon when i read your but its probably just a partner and THEN a team
  17. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    Swapped it to Vika!
  18. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    I tried to even it out based on her " Strategic " personality
  19. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    I remember playing heart gold and dealing with Whitney without a Heracross, she was SO ANNOYINGGGGGG
  20. What will the Champion’s role be in the events of the RP?
  21. I don't really know for certain yet, but I think the Champion is the one who's told the Gym Leaders to go out and stop Team Void.
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  22. It makes enough sense. But I feel like the Champion should be connected to Team Goid. Not in a bad way, but like Black 2 and White 2 Hugh and his sisters purllion. Just to make the Champion more committed and not seem like a wimp.
  23. I will only say that I'm thinking about it.
    Dubkip, can you give me time to respond to the RP?
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  24. @Dubkip_Playz Please delete that post. Allie is not in the same place as the gym leaders right now. Also, the one-liners are a problem.
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  25. @Dubkip_Playz, please disregard my last post. I was confused. Allie's still in Pallet.
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  26. Ok, I was confused to. I though she went on her own but that doesn’t make sense.
  27. Yeah, I doubt she could have got to Pewter in that time. I thought that the conversation was in Pallet as well, forgive me.

    (Dang it Eevium! Your first day in a new RP and you already make a bad impression!)
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  28. @Altari_owl, my last post is no longer canon. I done messed up. :p
  29. @Altari_owl, You can't expect a new trainer to battle someone who has way more experience and more pokemon way more powerful then their own. They would get destroyed.
  30. From now on, let's make sure to tag the people we're specifically replying to and/or are in the vicinity of our characters in our posts.
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  31. I hope this meets Champion standards. If there are any needed changes to the app, please critique away, thanks~

    Champion App:

    Name- Argeus Feur Jūgen
    Gender- Male
    Date of Birth- June 15th, 20XX? (29 years of age)
    Appearance- Argeus has quite the build, as he stands at 6'2 and weighs around 210 pounds. He has natural dark grey hair, his eyebrows the same color, and a trimmed neat beard. His face complexion is quite normal and his skin tone is extremely pale. The bold Champion wears a black cape draped over his shoulders with a Poké Ball emblem branded onto the back of it, with the inside of the cape being light grey. His shirt is a darkish red color; to compliment it he has a brown belt and a Poké Ball holster, along with light black pants. His shoes are a slick brown, and he wears red socks.
    Personality- Argeus can be extremely determined to do what is right in his eyes. Whether it's dealing with the bothersome Team Void, or aiding a raged Pokémon to calm down, he will always offer a helping hand. He can be quite stern in dire moments, though he usually has a laid-back and boisterous attitude.
    Argeus uses his adept battle skills and keen decisions making to trump his opponents, with the help of his skilled Pokémon, he is extremely powerful. Due to his laid-back demeanor, Argeus can sometimes lose focus, this includes in battle at times as well. Though he can get down to brass-act if the situation calls for it.
    Backstory- Growing up in Celadon City, Argeus was always an aspiring trainer at heart, and when he obtained his first Pokémon, Cubone, from his father; he was determined to become the strongest in all of the Kanto region. His father had worked at the Casino, and his mother had left and flew to another remote region due to relationship troubles. Argeus received his first Pokemon from his father, as his dad stumbled upon a Cubone that was left from it's mother. Argeus could really relate to the poor ground type Pokémon, so he vowed to become good friends and partners with the Cubone, and for years the two trained and trained, practicing and honing their skills against low level Tentacool and Pidgey. Soon the proud father had noticed his sons growth as a trainer, and gave him a large sum of money he had been saving and told him to venture off and become a grand trainer. The newly established trainer purchased Poké Balls, and caught all types of wondrous Pokémon, defeating esteemed gyms along the way. Soon he had become so strong as a trainer, he decided he was ready to become Champion. And the rest, is history.
    Pokémon Team-

    RP Sample-
    Footsteps echoed throughout the long hall; the expensive statues glistened in the light as Argeus strolled past them. He turned swiftly into the grand room, he sighed with relief then walked over to the comfortable chair position near the back of the room. He wiped his finger on the armrest of the chair, dust would pick up and attach onto it. He'd chuckle softly, "I suppose It has been some time since I was last here."
    Argeus sat firmly on the chair, then grabbed one of his Poké Balls from his holster. He sent out Marowak, then smiled at his friend, only to recieve a wack on the head from the tough bone his Pokémon wielded. "Hey! What was that for you bonehead?" He exclaimed in angered confusion. It then clicked to him. "Ah, I'm sorry I didn't send you out sooner, I had other things on my mind," Marowak shrugged in response to the apology, but was cut short from Argeus getting out of the chair. "We have errands to attend to, I'm afraid we cannot stay here for long." He stated as he headed towards the exit.
    Marowak sighed, then trudged along with him, dragging his bone on the ground sorely.
    #152 Zenhu, Jul 10, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
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  32. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Ooh... Ok! Welp, I'll delete my post. Also, I was going to have Porygon2 battle with some of its worse moves (Magic Coat, etc.)
  33. @Dubkip_Playz This is your second warning about one-liners.

    @Zenhu holy shit. Well, I guess the Champion slot is taken.
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  34. Thanks so much~
    So about the Champion, would he be playing a role in stopping Team Voids plans or?
  35. I'm going to send you a PM so we can discuss the Champion's role without any messages getting buried under the flood here.
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  36. @Von Pumpkin Sorry I keep forgetting but I’ll try to remember I sware
  37. I was wondering if gym leaders, champions, Void Admis/leaders, E4 members could list their pokemon’s moveset. Just in case somebody cheats and changes the moveset to match opens halfway through battle.
  38. We're using Move Pool mechanics, like it says to in the site rules. As Pokémon grow, they gain more moves without losing any old moves. For a demonstration on how to list one's move set with Move Pool mechanics, you can check Hana's bio in the first post.
    Very experienced trainers, like Void Leader Saraki, the Champion, and the Elite 4 are allowed to use any move on their Pokémon's level-up list. Like, end-game trainers.
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  39. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    I feel like the elite 4 and champion should have a meeting or something cause some people are gonna be waiting for a rp-

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