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Ask to Join Kanto Pokémon League; The Next Generation Sign-up/Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Von Pumpkin, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. The IC thread is located [here].

    The old guard have retired. Blue is off in Alola, Sabrina is making movies... One by one, the Kanto Gym Leaders have been replaced by fresh faces and the Pokémon Professor is choosing three new child trainers to take on the gym challenge with Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander.

    The adventure begins in Pallet Town shortly after the new trainers-to-be receive their starter Pokémon, and there's a bit of a twist! In the years following the First Champions' adventures over Kanto soil, new Pokémon have been introduced by humans or have migrated naturally from other regions. Not every Pokémon is available to catch, but most of them are.

    Finally, what part of a new generation wouldn't be complete without a new Team lurking in the shadows? That's right, in the cracks left behind by Team Rocket, a new team has made a name for itself in the criminal world: Team Void. They specialize in using Dark and Ghost types, but have also been seen using Fairy types. Their motives are, as of yet, unknown, (AKA: I will PM anyone who is accepted for a role in Team Void and tell you what their mission statement is then.) but they've been committing robberies all over the region.

    Team Void's uniform... isn't a uniform, but a guideline. The grunts wear all black, but a team emblem is nowhere to be found. If it wasn't for the Gym Leaders' and police officers' hard work and investigation, people would hardly know this team of night robbers had a name at all. Team Void Admins wear black with a flash of color somewhere on their uniforms. There is, as of yet, no intel on Team Void's Leader. The Gym Leaders have been on this case for years, but have turned up nothing. The grunts they manage to interrogate have never seen their leader, nor know if their leader is male or female.

    1. Each player will be allowed up to three trainers. Only one of those may be a Gym Challenge trainer.
    2. Starter Pokémon (Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle) are first come, first serve.
      2a. So are character slots. I won't be reserving anything.
    3. If you're playing one of the gym challenge trainers, you may not play a member of Team Void.
      3a. Those playing Team Void will be asked to keep the team's goals a secret until the boss admits their master plan in the RP.
    4. Team Void Admins are allowed to control a collection of underlings as NPCs in their posts.
      Gym Leaders will be allowed to control Gym Trainers for as long as the Gym Challengers are challenging that gym.
      The Gym Challengers, the Elite Four, and the Champion don't have NPCs they can personally play, other than their parents/family.
    5. Hidden Abilities and otherwise special Abilities (Own Tempo Rockruff) are available for Pokémon bought from or given to by breeders. They won't be found in the wild.
      Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle will all have their Hidden Abilities; Chlorophyll, Solar Power, and Rain Dish.
    6. If you think it's reasonable for the area, I will let you catch most anything (barring Legendary Pokémon) from any region. Try to keep it reasonable, though. It's okay to catch a Sewaddle in Viridian Forest, but it would be very strange if you could catch a Snorunt on Route 3, where it isn't icy. If you want a random encounter, I am working on a random encounter table that you can use random.org to generate for you. It is not the be-all end-all of which Pokémon can be caught.
    7. If your trainer gives a Pokémon a nickname, please make sure that your nickname is not a human name.
    8. One-liners are seldom accepted. You will be given two warnings for one-liners. That's it.
    Bulbasaur: Karl (Quiver; Out of commission)
    Eevee: Allie (EeviumZ)
    Squirtle: Archer (Mango137)
    1st, Rock: Pewter City, Hana (Von Pumpkin)
    2nd, Water: Cerulean City, Sarah (EmoKitty21)
    3rd, Fighting: Lavender Town, Luna (Von Pumpkin)
    4th, Fairy: Mia (EeviumZ)
    5th, Type: Location, Name (Player)
    6th, Steel: Saffron City, Rowan (Condor)
    7th, Bug: Celadon City, Auri (Slatzly)
    8th, Ice: Cinnabar Island, Lizzie (Altari_owl)
    Grass: Rya (Condor)
    Dark: Luma (Mango137)
    Fairy: Valric (EmoKitty21)
    Electric: Kami (Slatzsly)
    Champion: Argeus (Zanhu)
    Leader: Saraki (Von Pumpkin)
    Admin: Sarafina (Condor)
    Admin: Furizuhato (Altari_owl)
    Admin: Darcy (Merciless Medic)
    Admin: Grey (Keybored)

    I will be a little bit selective. I'd like to see everyone using proper grammar and compelling or fun characters. If I don't select you, it's not personal.
    There are no more Gym Challenger spots available; this form has been deleted. Gym Challengers cannot be replaced.
    Age: (at least 14)
    Gym Type:
    Gym Number:
    Gym Badge:
    Gym Description:
    Gym Team: (2-4 Pokémon that match your gym type.)
    Personal Team:
    RP Sample:
    Age: (At least 14)
    Type Specialty:
    Pokémon Team: (5 fully-evolved Pokémon fitting your type specialty)
    Age: (any over 14)
    Pokémon Team: (6 fully-evolved Pokémon)
    RP Sample:
    Age: (any over 12)
    Pokémon Team: (2-3 Dark or Ghost or Fairy types for Admins. Other Pokémon, even ones that don't match Void's specialties, can be obtained later. You are allowed to have evolved Pokémon.)
    RP Sample:

    My Characters
    Name: Hanabi Igarashi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Standing at 5 foot, 4 inches tall, Hana walks a fine line between girl-next-door and "unapproachably popular". Her ochre complexion compliments the greens and flower patterns she likes to wear. She keeps her wavy, black hair in the signature 'idol' style, where most of it is kept flowing down, but a small bunch of hair gets tied into a pigtail on either side of her head.
    Personality: Overbearingly friendly. If she thinks you're fashionable, or if you have a cool Pokémon, you are her friend now. No take backs. When she's serious, she focuses on her task so hard, she'll forget to do things like sleep or eat.
    Backstory: Born into a rich family, her CEO father would buy her anything she wanted, be that a Pokémon, a shopping spree, or even admission into an otherwise-selective academy that she didn't earn her way into. It didn't take long for the realization that she was unworthy of that academy to set in, and that marked the first time she ever had to work hard for something. Years of working hard and studying for real changed her outlook on life, and her personal affinity for rock type Pokémon meant her next career choice had to be the life of a gym leader.
    Gym Type: Rock
    Gym Theme: "Not everything is as it seems." Swadloon is a bug that looks like a leaf. Lileep is a Pokémon that looks like seaweed. Sudowoodo is a rock that looks like a tree.
    Gym Number: 1
    Gym Badge: The Camouflage Badge is a brown tree trunk adorned at either side by green circles.
    Gym Description: Hana's gym is a beautiful greenhouse garden, overgrown by tropical plants. Inside the walls, great palm trees grow. There's a simple, yellow-brick pathway, lined on either side by rows of beautiful and colorful hibiscus flower bushes.
    Only one trainer stands between a challenger and the gym leader; a blonde beauty named Mira with a single Swadloon.
    At the end, on a pink platform emblazoned with a large flower, stands the gym leader.
    Gym Team: Hana starts with Sudowoodo, the rock that looks like a tree. Its ability is Sturdy, which protects it from being fainted in one turn.
    Sudowoodo has all moves up to Mimic, as well as the TM for Hidden Power.
    Sudowoodo's Hidden Power is Electric.

    When Sudowoodo is defeated, she brings out her ace, Lileep. Its ability is Storm Drain, which makes water-type moves do no damage to Lileep, as well as power it up.
    Lileep has all moves up to Ancient Power, as well as the TM for Hidden Power.
    Lileep's Hidden Power is Fire.
    Personal Team: Hana's first Pokémon was a Rockruff she named Pocchi. He has evolved into a Dusk Lycanroc, as well as her true and trusted companion. His ability is Tough Claws, which makes moves that require physical contact stronger. He has all moves up to Rock Slide, as well as Accelerock and the TM Hidden Power.
    Pocchi's Hidden Power is Fighting.

    Hana caught a Scatterbug she named Spots after he gave her a fright in Viridian Forest. He's small and has very few moves. His ability is Shield Dust.
    Spots' Hidden Power is Poison.
    Name: Luna
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: 5'1" height, wearing loose-fitting and simple clothes. Just a T-shirt and some comfortable jeans, really. She keeps her dark hair cut in a bob that reaches her chin. She has dark brown skin and chestnut eyes.
    Personality: Has trouble connecting with others. Though she wants to do the right thing, always, she doesn't always know what the right thing is. Luna never stops smiling, and can disregard the presence of others, making her seem spacey. There are times when she may talk to herself or react to a sound that isn't there. Despite her smiles and joyful monotone, or perhaps because of them, people who know her long enough think she's creepy.
    Backstory: Luna lost her father a week before her move to Alola. The loss marked the very start of her reluctant Pokémon journey across the region, which ended during the tournament on her way to the newly-formed Pokémon League.

    Her encounters with a small collection of criminals throughout her journey hardened her heart-- It soon became difficult to care much about other people at all. She never seemed to stop working for the right thing, but her friends and family soon learned that the once-expressive Tsukiko rebranded herself into 'Luna', a girl who always wore a faint, placid smile.

    During the tournament, she received word from her father's side of the family. He had run into the street of his own accord, because he believed that his schizophrenia was a burden on the rest of his family. Luna could only feel empty, seeing those words written on paper. It was like a great black hole opened up in her heart and sucked everything else past its event horizon, never to be seen again. Because she aspired to help others, she forfeited the pre-league tournament and moved back to Kanto. Her high marks in battle earned her a spot as a Gym Leader, and on a whim, she chose the Fighting type.

    To this day, Luna has not shown her true feelings to anyone. Not even her Pokémon.
    Gym Type: Fighting
    Gym Number: 3
    Gym Badge: The Stuffing Badge is a white puffball.
    Gym Description: Luna's gym is built in the shape of a crescent moon. Sparkling walls and floor illuminate the way to each and every trainer in the building, of which there are ten. This a fighting gym, so if you don't fight everyone, you don't get to see the gym leader. Really. Her crescent-shaped stage is empty until you do.
    The TM you get for beating the gym is Bulk Up.
    Gym Team: Stufful, Hariyama, Gallade, Scrafty
    Personal Team: Primarina, Bewear, Alolan Dugtrio, Vikavolt, Midday Lycanroc, Alolan Persian
    Name: Saraki
    Gender: Male
    Age: 45
    Appearance: Saraki typically wears a three-piece suit, all in black. Around his neck is a loosely ruffled jabot, sewn from gold lamè. He wears half-rimmed black eyeglasses that transition from clear indoors and shaded outdoors above dark eyes. His black hair is kept perfectly straight and styled in an 'effortless' crop.
    Personality: Saraki is a ruthless leader. He doesn't give nicknames to his Pokémon, or spend any time fussing with people he believes are beneath him. He's your typical snooty rich guy, kind of a heel.
    Backstory: [SPOILERS] (Due to the nature of Team Void's secrecy, I will edit this post once I have revealed Saraki to the protagonists in the RP.)
    Pokémon Team:
    Malamar, Sableye, Drapion, Mandibuzz, Jellicent, Klefki
    Saraki's team members know most, if not all, moves that their species should know. Because Saraki should not engage the children in battle until they are considerably powerful, he will not grow alongside the party.
    Their abilities are Contrary, Keen Eye, Battle Armor, Overcoat, Cursed Body, Prankster respectively.

    Random Encounter Tables
    Roll a number between 1 and 5 on random.org:
    1. Rattata
    2. Pidgey
    3. Bidoof
    4. Zigzagoon
    5. Taillow
    Roll 1-6 on random.org for:
    1. Mankey
    2. Spearow
    3. Starly
    4. Alolan Rattata
    5. Makuhita
    6. Happiny
    See Route 1
    Roll 1-100 on random.org for:
    1: Butterfree
    2: Beedrill
    3-7: Metapod
    8-12: Kakuna
    13-22: Burmy
    23-38: Pikachu
    39-50: Wurmple
    51-60: Caterpie
    61-65: Scatterbug
    66-75: Weedle
    76-89: Sewaddle
    90-100: Cascoon
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  2. Quiver

    Quiver Previously QuiveringRaptor

    Hallo, fellow newcomer. This RP looks super interesting, so I'm going to make a character(s)... Hopefully they aren't totally garbage.

    Name: Karl Hessinger
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Starter Pokémon: Bulbasaur
    Appearance: Karl has dark brown hair with light blue eyes. He wears a grey v-neck shirt with three lines near his chest. Over that, he fashions a sweatshirt with a argyle maroon-and-white pattern to liven it up. He also styles a velvet and green plaid sweatpants, which appear more pajama-like. To top it off, he wears black Nike sneakers.
    Personality: He is hasty and always wants to rush ahead of others and try to take control of their adventure. He never takes into consideration of what others think before doing something. Karl always wants to be the first in everything, constantly competing unnecessarily. Usually, he is very flamboyant, rarely stern or serious.
    Backstory: Karl was born and raised in Saffron City, but due to his mother relocating her Gym to Viridian City, he moved closer to Pallet Town. When he was younger, he was obsessed about Pokemon, so he has a lot of background knowledge and embarrassing memories about them. Karl has some in tel about Team Void, as his mother had direct communications with the Police Force.
    RP Sample: Karl Hessinger sighed, glancing outside of his window. He had to go to Pallet Town to get his starter... Why couldn't he just take one of mom's? His father was busy preparing a meal in the kitchen below him. Slowly, Karl made his way down to the room, disappointed. "Oh!", his father realized," You need to go to the Professor's, right?" His father immediately bombarded him with travelling items, a duffel bag, repels, and three PokeBalls. Annoyed by his father's responsibility, he departed their household without eating a meal. He was greeted by a rather warm morning breeze, and started to walk in the direction of Pallet Town. After the long trek, he headed into Professor Oak's Lab. He chose Bulbasaur randomly. After opening the PokeBall, his eyes gleamed. "Yes!", he exclaimed, leaving everyone else to stare at him. After he was done gloating over his Pokemon, the Professor gave him a PokeDex. "As the journey continues!", he pointed at the ceiling in a dramatic pose.

    Name: Karina (Karma) Hessinger
    Gender: Female
    Age: 35
    Appearance: Karina has black hair and blue eyes, with her hair long and wavy. She wears a dark purple wrap dress, with the vibe of a Hex Maniac. To distinguish that, she wears white gloves, black high heels, and has a burgundy-coloured beaded necklace.
    Personality: Karina is very calm and likes to break up fights and mentor people about battling. She only takes challengers with four badges, which complicates things as she moved from Saffron City to Viridian.
    Backstory: Karina grew up in a family obsessed with witchcraft and other sorcery. Because of that, she is an expert in the phenomenon of supernatural activities. She slowly grew more and more attatched to Ghost-types. However, she quit when she was 22, so Karl was unaffected.
    Gym Type: Ghost
    Gym Number: 5
    Gym Badge: The Spirit Badge. It appears to be a dark purple orb, most representing Shadow Ball.
    Gym Theme: No Matter How Hard It Gets, You Must Try As Hard As You Did The First Time. (seeing as how the puzzles, trainers, and fog get tougher, and at the end, there's a huge bridge you MUST get past.)
    Technical Machine: Shadow Ball
    Gym Description: Appearing to be a hazy forest, intimidating to most. It lies in the outskirts of Viridian City, making even more ominous. Inside of it are lakes, which need to be activated by pressing a certain order of buttons on a 9x9 platform. Trainers will give the code out one by one, while others may not tell you anything. The further you progress, the more thick the fog becomes. Most of the trainers are Hex Maniacs or Mediums that use Pokemon like: Lampent, Haunter, Gengar, Doublade, Trevanent, Gourgeist, Froslass, and Sableye. The final bridge is massive, and has a 12x12 platform, meaning there are even more trainers.
    Gym Team: If you have Bulbasaur: Chandelure If you have Charmander: Jellicent If you have Squirtle: Gourgeist. Froslass, Mimikyu, and Dusknoir.
    Personal Team: Shuppet, Parasect, Sunflora, Wartortle, Dusknoir.
    RP Sample:
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  3. I am into this and here for it, accepted and added to the list.
    Edit: I missed it the first time I read through, and I'm still accepting the apps, but Karma needs to have a TM to give the challengers.
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  4. Name: Archer Christianson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Starter Pokémon: Squirtle
    Appearance: Archer has dark, shorter, brown hair that gets slightly lighter near its tips. His skin is tan and he has stunning, big, golden eyes. He wears a blue button up collared t-shirt that has little white circles speckled across it, black dress shorts that are held up by a black leather belt with a small silver buckle, and white athletic shoes. Wes wears classy clothes, but his laid back personality causes him to appear somewhat messy; evidence of this is seen in his messy hair and his shirt that is often only half tucked in. He does not carry a lot of supplies, and only has a small leather pouch, just big enough to hold the necessities, attached to his belt.
    Personality: Archer came from a high strung and uptight family, and hated the experience, so naturally he is as easy going as they come. Archer’s lack of motivation is considered by many to be a great waste of potential, he is the type of person who could fall asleep anywhere. He clearly has natural talent and came from a family of great trainers, but simply has no desire to be competitive. Archer can be a bit blunt with what he says, not seeing any purpose in sugarcoating things. Coming from a strict family, he developed a good sense of humor as a cooping mechanism, and can always find a way to cheer someone up. Although he may act like he doesn’t care about anything, he cares strongly for his Pokémon and friends and is willing to do anything for them.
    Backstory: Archer grew up in a penthouse apartment in Celadon City. There he would often venture outside the city limits to fish and relax, enjoying his days in nature. Archer always felt out of place in his family, they all were into buying the most expensive things and devoting their lives to making money while Archer just wanted time freedom. He grew up in the shadow of his older siblings, and was often treated worse by the rest of his family because of it. Archer’s kind soul allowed him to establish strong bonds with the wild Pokémon in his area, and was devastated when he had to say goodbye to them when his family relocated to Pallet Town because his Father got a job as a research assistant. There was much less to do in the small town, so Archer decided to take on the gym challenge as an exciting experience.
    RP Example: Archer woke up feeling cold and wet, he had fallen asleep outside once again and was getting rained on. “Ugh” he groaned “What’s a guy gotten do to get a decent sleep around here?” He asked himself. He reluctantly jumped down from the tree he had perched in for his nap, but the shaking caused the leaves to drop all of their stored water onto him. From watching Archer, one would not guess he was stuck in a rainstorm. He strolled along towards his house, while it was not his ideal weather for naps, Archer thoroughly enjoyed rain. He found the rhythmic splashing sound water droplets made as they hit the ground relaxing, and enjoyed the feeling of slushing his feet on the wet grass. The soaking he endured from the rain did not bother Archer, but he felt suffocated but the dress clothes his mother made him wear felt suffocating. He toyed with the top button when he remembered why he was dressed so fancy; he was supposed to be at Professor Oak’s lab 15 minutes ago. Archer laughed out loud at his misfortune and turned around, facing the direction of the laboratory. “Well they say sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins, and moms gonna kill you when she finds out you were late.” Archer joked to himself as he broke into a sprint, despite how lazy he could be he was genuinely excited for today; it marked the start of his great adventure.
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  5. Neat. I love him. Welcome to the Squirtle Squad, and also this RP.
  6. Yay thank you so much!
  7. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    So, uh, my character comes from another region, can i have him have a second pokemon wich would be his best friend?
    : Sam Slack
    Gender: Male
    Age: (10 to 14, inclusive) 12
    Starter Pokémon: Charmander
    Appearance: with his brown hair and yellow tips, Sam has Black eyes with streaks of white,
    He wears an amazing Dark blue hoodie with a Charmander in the backround, some grey jeans and some light brown sandal ((and a backpack with alot of stuff))
    Personality: SUPER talkative and happy, he loves making new friends and is always there for them
    Backstory: after moving away from sinnoh, Sam was kinda sad that he couldn't start his adventure there, but at the aftermath of finally leaving the plane, he was immediately excited and jumped around like a child who knows he is getting a new toy / video game
    RP Sample:
    After choosing Charmander, Sam immediately took him out of the Pokeball "i'm gonna name Firy!" He exclaimed happily before leaving with his brand new pokemon following , upon entering route 1, he knew that was where the adventure started
  8. Quiver

    Quiver Previously QuiveringRaptor

    Okay, I edited her. The TM will be Shadow Ball.
  9. Hi, I was wondering if I could still join? If so...
    Name Dubkip
    Gender Male
    Age 13
    Starter Pokémon Bulbasaur (Also do they their final evolutions have their hidden abilities cause if so Venusaur has thick fat)
    Appearance Honey Blonde Hair, Short, Blue Eyes, Worn Out Red Hat, White Under Shirt, Black Coat, Jeans, Winter Boots, Mail Bag, Scar on Right Cheek.
    Personality Bold and super fast and jumping to conclusions. Loves battling but has a fear when they get to intense.
    Backstory When Dubkip was 7 His brother took him to see a battle, ever since then he seemed to love them. But on the way home Team Rocket had approached them and challenged Dubkip’s brother to a battle. Team Rocket had one which made Dubkip’s brother depressed and he ran away never to be seen again...
    RP STARTER Dubkip has just chosen Bulbasaur from Professor Oak, excited as ever. “First my starter next the Pokémon League!” Dubkip shouted. Bulbasaur gave him a confused look. “Oh sorry Bulbasaur I’m just super excited to become a Pokémon trainer!” Dubkip Exclaimed. Bulbasaur nodded and began to run around eager for their journey to begin...
  10. Name: Sarafina “Sara” Newman
    Gender: F
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Sarafina stands at 5’ 2”, has shoulder length light brown hair, light skin and a slight build. Her eyes are blue. (When not wearing her Void uniform) she wears fairly expensive dresses, blouses, handbags, coats, shoes, you name it, she has it. She only wears it to please her parents, though, she doesn’t care much about appearances. Her void outfit consists of a black sundress and blazer with a yellow/sunflower print bow tied around her waist.
    Personality: Sarafina is uppity and energetic, but not at all as friendly as she first appears. She has a knack for deception and is an excellent liar, and can do both with an inoccent smile on her face.
    Backstory: Sarafina grew up in a rich household, but life in high society bored her. In her large amounts of free time, she quickly found her talent for petty thievery, and spent most of her time off with fiends pulling pranks on her unassuming neighbors. She joined Team Void at a very young age, and her oblivious parents were none the wiser. They still think their daughter is a perfect angel.
    Pokémon Team: Shiinotic, Klefki, and Alolan Persian
    Charmander- stolen from the Pallet town lab
    RP Sample:

    As she browsed through the shelves of stunning jewelry, the dazzling diamond earrings had caught her eye almost immediately. Sara knew immediately she had to have them. She looked left and right, observing the other patrons inside the quaint jewelry shop. It was nearly empty, with only one woman browsing necklaces a few paces away. To her delight, the owner turned out to be an elderly man, he couldn’t have been younger than 60. People like them were always the easiest to fool. Everything was absolutely perfect, taking the earrings would would be simple, like plucking an apple from a tree. Sure, Sara could easily just buy the earrings, she had more than enough money. But where was the fun in that?

    This sounds fun! I hope I didn’t miss anything here. I am also working on a Gym leader too. I’ll post that very soon.
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  11. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Oops! I accidentally posted...

    Let me just do this and that and bippity, boppity, DELETE.
  12. Name: Rowan Alwin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Rowan is 6’, has brown hair, and grey eyes, and a medium tan skin tone. He isn’t incredibly muscular, but he isn’t a shrimp either. Rowan could win his fair share of arm wrestling matches. He almost always has a serious look on his face, which can make him seem intimidating at first. He wears black gloves while he is in the gym, it helps him grasp his Poke-balls more easily.
    Personality: Quiet and reserved, Rowan is by no means outgoing, but he does enjoy the company of virtually any person or Pokémon. As it turns out, being quiet makes you a great listener, so he often finds himself as the sort of stand in therapist for his friends and family, who they always come to when they need to get something off their chest.
    Backstory: Rowan was born and raised in Sinnoh, but travelled to Kanto for the position of Gym leader.
    Rowan’s passion for Pokémon battles is what helped him break out of his shell when he was younger. He decided to train a team of steel types with a focus on unbreakable defense, his favorite battling style.
    Gym Type: Steel
    Gym Number: 6
    Gym Badge: the Ironworks Badge, a sort of an abstracted image of the steel type symbol.
    TM: Iron Defense
    Gym Description: The gym is themed around a forge. Dimly lit with molten rock running through pits and streams in the walls and floor, as such it can get quite hot inside. It consists of several rock walls, arranged in a maze-like pattern (think of the rock gym in Kalos) where the trainer must scale the wall and battle a gym trainer to continue. The gym is meant to test endurance, as the trainers climb, they will have to push forward or have to climb down the rock wall again. It is reccomended that trainer bring plenty of healing items. Rowan stands at the top of the rock wall maze.
    Gym Team: Bastiodon, Doublade, Metang, Lairon.

    Bastiodon —> Soundproof
    Doublade —> No Guard
    Metang —> Clear Body
    Lairon —> Rock Head

    Personal Team: Rowan has a Larvitar, Rhydon, Shelgon, and a shiny Aron he raised from an egg.

    Rhydon—> Lighting Rod
    Shelgon —> Rock Head
    Aron —> Sturdy
    Larvitar —> Sand Veil

    Rowan uses his gym Pokémon on occasion as well, as he trained each of them personally.

    Here’s the gym leader, let me know if I need to change anything.
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  13. @Hungry Badass I can't accept that application. I'm sorry, but I said I was going to be selecting for grammar and compelling characters. Your RP sample has a lowercase at the beginning of dialogue in quotation marks, and it's a lowercase "I'm". It also uses no punctuation at the ends of sentences, and is very short. I don't think one-liners are the way I want to go with this. Also, I don't see much of a story in this character. The information on him is very sparse. Thank you for understanding.

    @QuiveringRaptor Thank you! All's good now.

    @Dubkip_Playz Bulbasaur has already been taken, so I can't accept this application. Please check the slots in the first post to see what's available. What also stops me from accepting that form is the sparse amount of description in the appearance section and an un-compelling character. I get that he likes battles, but I don't see much else there. Thank you for understanding.

    Also, yes, if a Pokémon is born with its hidden ability, it will retain the hidden ability for its species throughout its life.
    I have to correct you, though; Venusaur's hidden ability is still Chlorophyll. Mega Venusaur's ability is Thick Fat. I won't be giving anyone Mega Evolution, though.

    @Condor Sarafina is accepted, but I'd also like to ask that you describe what she wears as a Void Admin. Mostly, I want to make sure that two admin uniforms don't use splashes of the same color. That would be awkward.
    Rowan is accepted, and he is allowed to have a shiny Aron. One or two shinies on an experienced trainer isn't a problem.
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  14. Hmm. I'd like to join this.

    Question. Do the gym challengers *have* to take one of the Kanto starters? (becauseIreallywantEeveeforobviousreasons)
  15. @EeviumZ There's precedent in canon works for Eevee as a starter, so I can replace Charmander with Eevee!
    I'd just need to see the application before I say anything definitively.

    Edit: I can also give your character an Eevee egg soon after receiving or at the same time as Charmander, though. Your choice on how to do it.
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  16. @Von Pumpkin I'd love to replace Charmander with Eevee. I'll write up a bio first though.

    Name: Allison Minerva Silverstone (Prefers the name Allie)
    Gender: Straight Female
    Age: 13
    Starter Pokémon: Eevee (if possible)
    Appearance: Standing at a height of 5'5, Allie has long shoulder-blade length brown hair and brown eyes. She typically wears a simple navy blue tank top and black miniskirt, along with simplistic white leggings and black combat boots. She also occasionally wears a black hoodie with a navy-blue Pokeball motif decorating the back. She also sometimes ties her long hair back with a white satin ribbon, to keep it out of her face when traveling through difficult terrain. She is of caucasian descent and has a slim build.
    Personality: Bubbly and flamboyant, Allie is one bright ray of sunshine. She loves making friends with anyone and everyone, and will do anything to protect said friends. She has a fighting spirit, and never gives up until it's over. She can be fairly rash and hot-headed, and often rushes into dangerous situations completely unprepared. However, she does have trouble in intense social situations such as arguments and feels extremely bad if she thinks she's hurt someone emotionally.
    Backstory: She doesn't really have too much of a backstory yet. Allie's wanted to become a Pokemon trainer for years now, and took every chance possible to interact with Pokemon in her early years. As a young child, she developed a fear of Beedrill and other bee-like Pokemon, as she was attacked by one at the age of seven - although she was protected by a Blissey owned by her mother. She's mostly gotten over it now, but still might freak out when encountering a swarm of wild Beedrill.
    RP Sample:
    With a massive grin on her face, Allie skipped through Pallet Town joyfully. She seemed to radiate excitement and happiness, and her smile was contagious. She was talking to herself, lost in her own thoughts.
    "Oooh, I wonder which starter I'm gonna get! I could get Charmander, I suppose - or maybe Bulbasaur would be better. But Squirtle is so cute - then again, so is Charmander - but Bulbasaur is too - maybe Charmander might be a bit difficult to train - whoooaaa!"
    Her rapid-fire train of speech was abruptly derailed when she accidentally tripped over a stone and faceplanted on the ground. She pushed herself into a sitting position, and began laughing at herself. "Ah - oops!" she giggled, appearing to have bounced back quickly.
    She stood right back up, and began bouncing towards her destination, continuing to talk to herself about her starter choice.
  17. @EeviumZ Your application is accepted and I have an excuse in mind for why Charmander is not available to Allie at the beginning! Allie's Eevee will still have its Hidden Ability, Anticipation.

    As soon as I finish the random encounter tables for the routes you'll be able to access up to the first gym & first Void encounter, we can actually start. I'll, of course, still be accepting applications for Gym Leaders, E4, and Void Admins until their slots are filled.
  18. @Von Pumpkin Got it!
    Just to check, are the Partner Eevee moves (Glitzy Glow, Sappy Seed, etc) A-OK to use?
    And is there a four move limit?
  19. @EeviumZ This RP uses Move Pool mechanics, meaning your Pokémon will learn new moves as they grow, and all moves they learned prior will still be available to them. Partner Eevee moves from Let's Go are perfect for this RP. Your Eevee should be able to learn them one by one as you explore the region; there will be special tutors for them in each city.
    I didn't think about Partner Eevee moves myself, and I feel silly for not doing so.
  20. Got it! Mind if I write a Gym Leader as well? I've got an idea in mind.
  21. Ok sorry about the false application, here’s my new one!
    Name Dubkip
    Age 13
    Gender Male
    Starter (Since The normal ones are taken) Riolu
    Personality Feisty and short tempered. He always excepts a Pokémon battle, really competitive. But helps a friend/Pokémon in need. Jumps to conclusions and tries to figure out the “crime” at any possible time. During a battle he’s super bright and isn’t afraid of anybody but after the battle he gets shy of new people causing him and his Pokémon to freak out. Dubkip always tries to win the argument (Especially about Pokémon) to prove he’s smart.
    Appearance Short at 5,1 Ocean Blue Eyes, Half Cut Blonde Hair, Worn Out Maroon Hat, White Under Shirt With A Pokeball On It, Black Coat, Skinny Jeans, Tan Winter Boots, Has Glasses But Usually Where’s Contacts.
    Backstory Dubkip had always looked up to his brother, he was a strong Pokémon trainer that had collected over 16 badges! But one day he went missing. Dubkip started his journey to find his brother. But ended being Super late to pick a Pokémon...
    RP Starter “Dang, I’m gonna be super late!” Dubkip Claimed as he sprinted towards the lab in pallet town. “I can’t believe it!” Dubkip Whispered. It said that the lab had. Given out all of its Pokémon. Sad, Dubkip walked away. On his way back to Pallet Town, he saw something. An injured Pokémon! He ran to pick it up. “What happened?” He asked the Pokémon thinking he’d get an answer. “Ri... ri.. lu...” The Pokémon responded. Dubkip picked up the Pokémon and but it on his shoulders and ran into the lab. “Professor! Please heal this Pokémon!” Dubkip yelled. The Professor took the Pokémon and took it to The back of the lab. Dubkip walked to the lobby and sat down. There he saw another trainer and her Pokémon...

    I hope that was better and yes the Pokémon he found is a riolu and I was hoping that could be his starter? Thanks!
  22. @EeviumZ You still have two characters you can make, so yes, you can make a Gym Leader. I would request you make an early gym leader, but I'm not going to get on your case if you don't, lol.

    @Dubkip_Playz I'm only allowing three slots for Gym Challengers, no matter what their starters are. However, I'm now interested in the character. If you make him a year or two older and give him a gym, I wouldn't mind accepting him as a Gym Leader.
  23. Ok thanks, I probably won’t end up joining this. But thanks for the offer.
  24. I'll make a Gym Leader. Question: would it be OK if I had a dual type gym? I have a really unique OC that would work for a Dark/Fairy type gym. If not, I'll just do a singular type leader. The TM would be Play Rough (because it's a Fairy move but has hints of malice in it).

    She'll probably be the fourth or fifth leader.
  25. The fifth leader is taken, so it'd be the fourth. I wouldn't be opposed to a Fairy-type gym that also has dark-type trainers in it, or vice versa, but for classification purposes, the gym leader would have to have only one of those types.
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  27. Slatzsly

    Slatzsly Previously WildFlower

    Im actually interested in this, so Maybe I can make a dual gym too..? Maybe the 7th gym..? I'll start making it, but I just need to know if thats fine, cause I dont want too many Dual types but, I think it would be really cool-
  28. For classification purposes, it would be a single-type gym. Gym trainers other than the Leader have had types other than the gym type, especially in Kanto gyms, but I am going to ask that the Leaders themselves use a single type.
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  29. Slatzsly

    Slatzsly Previously WildFlower

    Alright, thank you for the clarification!
  30. Wait before I completely give up do can I ask you something? Could I be the third Gym Leader (Fighting) But journey with one of the gym challengers? Kinda like Clemont except more involved with battling? I’d be like Flannery a young Gym leader who wants to train more so they head out with one of the gym challengers? Maybe even help them?
  31. Oh, yes, you can journey alongside the gym challengers as a Gym Leader. I know Hana's going to. I think having a piece of the RP that's like the anime (gym leaders traveling with the protagonists) would be fun. It's also the only part of the anime I really know, haha, whoops.
  32. I, so you want me to make an application? I was also wondering though. I don’t want my character to be like the father of the group so I was wondering if I could add in a personal goal for him? I have one in mind.
  33. Yes, I would encourage adding a personal goal for him. That would breathe more life into the character. It's always a plus. He can still be their peer, like Brock and Misty were to Ash in the first anime series.

    Please do make an application.
  34. Slatzsly

    Slatzsly Previously WildFlower

    Name: Auri
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Auri wears a butterfly shirt, mostly red with the butterfly being yellow. She also enjoys wearing brown or white pants ( depends on IDC what she wears really- ). Auri also has Blonde hair, very long hair too.
    Personality: Really shy and keeps to herself. She follows what is said, however, and will try to help if she can.
    Backstory: Auri's family is from a group of Bee farmers, and her Father was the gym leader of their town. Her father was getting really old, and it was really hard for him to stand up. When she had turned just 17, she was forced to take over the gym as her mother took care of her father. Auri tried her best to keep the gym the way it was, and after a bit of a close for a few months, It was back to normal for everything except her father. Auri constantly visits her home, so expect to see her not THAT often.
    Gym Type: Bug
    Gym Number: 7
    Gym Badge: This badge is 6 honey spots, and the bottom 3 have " Honey " pouring out. Its called the Ho
    Gym Description: The Gym has 3 sections. When you first walk in, you'll have entered the " Ladybug " Section. Here, you'll be in something of a glass box, and you'll have to find specific ladybug patches to make a code to move to the next room. Trainers will aim for them when they go to check a group of ladybugs. Moving to the second section, We come into the view of the " Butterfly " Section. In order to move onto the Honey section, they must move toward cacoons and open them. If any gym trainers pop out, Travelers must beat them for the next code. Going into the " Honey " Section, its just Auri surrounded by honey. In order to reach her, you must walk in the honey, but the honey will slow you down. Your goal is to hide in places where a group of bees won't charge at you. After finishing such a task, you finally get to challenge the Gym leader, Auri.
    Gym Team: Ledian -> Mothim -> Vespiquen -> Ribombee
    Personal Team: Mothim -> Cherrim -> Araquanaid -> Scoliopede -> Volcerona -> Ribombee ( I can lower this of course- )
    RP Sample: Auri breathed heavily, and looked at her father. She was about to leave, so she decided to just hold his hand for a few more seconds, staring at his sleeping body. " T-Try to... rest, alright..? " She said, before finally getting out of their house, and looked back, before grabbing onto her Pokeball. " Try to survive... " she muttered, before walking on the road.
    Sorry it's so bad lol- )
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  35. I feel like the bug type gym should be earlier on
  36. Slatzsly

    Slatzsly Previously WildFlower

    I know but you don't see many weak gym types on late game, so I'm trying to be er.. unique..?

    Looking at most of the generation games, you see ice, dragon, some water, steel. So.. yeah!
  37. Alight the application
    Name: Dubkip
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Pokémon: Lucario, Heracross, Breloom, Quilava (Like Brock with his Mudkip, and Clemont with Chespin, and so fourth) Also some of these Pokémon will be left at the gym because they’d be to OP to continue a normal journey.
    Personality: Leon is usually calm and confident. But when something bad happens (Pokémon kidnapped, something stolen, etc.) he gets really mad, on a personal level and seared to hunt them down. Kinda like Bruce Banner, clam and collected, but gets super upset. No one knows why but he also has something against Prof. Oak, The Professor is also someone that can make him mad.
    Appearance: Dubkip has long platinum hair (based off me as a kid) that can cover up his scar on his cheek. He wears a maroon fedora that has a note tucked in the dash (He doesn’t like when people try to read it) When you first meet him he’s dressed like any other fighting type gym leader... He has no shirt on with a white white pants and a red belt. His hair is tucked in a man bun, he barely speaks but uses grunts and hand signals to control his Pokémon. After beating him (or not) he talks to you and gives you advice on how to grow. (He’ll travel with who he thinks is the strongest trainer). He’ll change into black hoodie with a great ball on the front. He wears athletic shorts with running shoes.
    Backstory: He just became the new gym leader when trainers come along and challenge him (Story wise someone should lose but he decides to train with them and travels with them). I don’t want to say much about him considering lots are going to be found out in the story.
    RP Starter: Nothing to say yet considering his story can’t start until he meets one of the gym challengers...

    Alright new one written up. So his Lucario will usually be outside it’s pokeball. He’ll Leave his Breloom behind and probably catch another Pokémon on his journey. Also his goal is to stop team void but not just that stale. He wants to stop a lot of crime and he figures out in the story that he wants to be a detective (I just had an idea that this would eventually become Looker because he had a Lucario). Alright that’s all!
  38. Also if this is acceptable I’ll write in the gym, it’s badge, and design later on...

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