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Ask to Join Human/Pokemon Survivors

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. "No! Don't!" Jewel whispered and tackled Omesei. Ben stared at Lucas "He has a dangerous spirit, Hydreigon" Ben said and Laurence dragged Jewel off lover boy.
  2. "Hydreigon? But that's impossible my dad had hydreigon as his spirit." Omesei remembered helping calm his dad."Go get something cold and turn off all the lights!" He held Lucas down."Calm down man I know what you're going through!"
  3. Jewel growled "He said don't help!" Jewel yelled and used psychic on Omesei, making him hover, to top that, Laurence helps by also using psychic. Ben just sighs "Let him calm down by himself" He said and stared at Lucas, just like the Espeon.
  4. Omesei turns to smoke."Incoming God voice awakening run now!" He changes into typhlosion and the white in his ying and yang eyes turned red from blood and blood seeped out of his ears eyes nose and mouth. His hair turns to fire and melts into his skin. He sends fire along his arms and shoots them at the 3 eeveelutions. He then sets his whole body on fire. The fire turns black and white.
  5. The Eeveelutions just sigh as the fire attacks bounced right off them. "I'm not gonna try anymore, I've lost interest" Jewel said as she watched Lucas. Ben raised his eyebrows and laughed at Jewel's response "I'm pretty sure Omesei will have a breakdown when he hears that!" Ben exclaimed and the Eeveelutions laughed together.
  6. Omesei actually BREAKS the psychic and sets the whole floor on fire. He takes a claw across Jewel and smoke teleports him and her outside. He gags her with smoke and held her above a pit of lava. He created a typhlosion out of lava and sent him in to the room to bring the other eeveelutions outside."YOU NEED TO STOP MAKING THE WRONG DECISIONS YOUNG LADY!"His God spirit made him shift into an image of Jewel mum."Sweetie stop it."The God voice said in the voice of Jewel mum.
    (This God spirit is creepy as heck lol!)
  7. (Yeah!)

    Jewel's eyes welled up as she started to grow in size, she screamed as her fur turned back and her eyes and gem turned blood red. Her fangs grew saber-like. "Don't bring my mom into this!!!" She howled a ear piercing howl. Ben and Laurence whimpered "Oh oh....".
  8. The God spirit started to crush Jewel with a massive rock."YOU CANT BEAT A GOD"He exploded and sent Jewel smashing into the ground.Omesei fell to the ground and started to choke in his lava sick."What happened?"He said as he choked and wiped his mouth. He fell unconcious and laid there whilst his body came to normal. His heart was visible in his chest as it gave off immense heat.
  9. Jewel layed, unmoving, her size changed to normal but her colours didn't. Ben and Laurence screamed and ran over to her and began to shake her body saying "Wake up!". Tears streamed down their eyes as they layed either side of Jewel and waited for her to move.
  10. It all happened so fast. Jewel and another boy came...he must've been the fire demon, as he ended up burning the entire room. He'd had a lot of explaining to Gerald to do. By the time they were gone again, Lucas had started to shift. As jagged black wings burst out of his back, and teeth became sharp. He grunted in pain as this happened, and the shift got continuingly worse. Halfway through, lucas lost conciousness. He could never handle the pain.

    That's because his spirit wanted him unconscious: so he could talk to the spirits uninterrupted. Around most humans he acted like a primal beast: a monstrous dragon. No matter how many times they killed the beast, it would come back, in the next heir. He had been doing it for ages. The Hydreigon cracked a wicked smile and smashed out of the room's window.

    Hey, what was that spirit doing with that espeon? He'd need her. As to continue his eternal life. The spirit lacked the knowledge that her heart layed to the Typholosion that threatened her life. And now he crushed her! The fire type needed an extinguishing. He lunged at the beast. Two equally powered beasts: this would be fun.
  11. Omesei woke up to see Jewel on the floor and ran to her."No no no!" He said as he held her head. He cursed the God spirit and tried something. He cut his arm and drew ying and yang on her forehead. He lightly poured lava on her forehead and said."Omesei shoa chen tenshi engransei shoa kinbanksuno." This meant "Balance is the reason everyone is alive." He kissed her and waited. He turned and burnt the hydreigon wing and used seismic toss on his head."leave here I am trying to revive Jewel." His tears fell to the floor.
  12. Jewel's body was still unmoving. Ben screamed like a little girl as the Hydreigon Spirit smashed into Omesei. The two grabbed Jewel and ran for cover ontop of a rock. Laurence sighed as he looked at Jewel's motionless body. Ben's eyes were as wide as moons right now.
  13. Omesei threw the hydreigon and put him in a blazing cage."Stay there!" His voice turned deadly serious. He walked over to Jewel and started to recite the line he said earlier. He stopped and walked towards the hydreigon. His God voice activated."BALANCE IS THE REASON YOU ARE ALIVE. I WILL TAKE YOUR POWERS IF YOU DONT BEHAVE." He kicked the hydreigon with a molten foot. He collapsed again and was his normal self again."Just chill dude." He said
  14. Ben hissed "Forget about her! We're on it! Lucas is fighting for Jewel! Now, if you don't go, we won't help, GO!" Ben shouted and Laurence jumped a bit before they started to say a spell.

    And as quickly as she fainted, Jewel woke up and hid behind Laurence and Ben. "G-Go fight!" Jewel said and whimpered.
  15. Omesei saw Jewel wake up and his heart skipped a beat. He ran towards her."Jewel I'm sorry help me.I love you remember!" He continued running towards her.
  16. "How curious. Since when did you think you could contain a thousand year old entity?" This voice was not of Lucas, but of the Hydreigon. One Dragon Rush busted him out, another was letting him catch up to the strange human. "Come on. I know you want to fight."
  17. Jewel backed away and began run, from both Typhlosion and Hydreigon spirits. Ben and Laurence skittled after her, not wanting to get crushed but the two beasts.
  18. Omesei turned around his eyes actually froze the hydreigon with lava."WHAT A PITY...SON!"The God spirit stripped hydreigon of his powers and threw hi all the way back to where the cage was."BE A GOOD CHILD AND DONT INTERRUPT!" God spirit summoned 100 lava typhlosions and sent them after him.
  19. The Eeveelutions stopped running and watched from the shadows of the forest. "Who do you think will win?" Ben asked and Jewel shrugged along with Laurence. "There's some kind of connection with these two, like brotherly rivalry" Laurence said as they moved around a bit.
  20. The God voice was killing Omesei."Shut up and let me go see Jewel." He started running to the forest in human form."Jewel where are you?"Again the God voice took over."STUPID CHILD BEHAVE I NEED TO FIND JEWEL AND HIDE HER FROM HYDREIGON HE WANTS HER!"
  21. "Ah, you are a strange specimen, aren't you?" With a single surf attack, and cage was gone and the Typholosion's turned to stone. With swift movements, he prepared an Iron tail. "You cannot strip me of my powers. I out age you tenfold! I have existed for century's. You are just some fluke. No, worse than that. A mistake, in all your pityful existance." However Omesei was gone: again! After Jewel, stupid boy. Speaking of stupid boy, Lucas had began to stir. Great. He couldn't knock him out without a shift back. He just ignored him for the time being. He'd be confused anyways. As long as he didn't mention any of his plot, he'd be fine. Now, to chase.
  22. Instantly, the three teleported somewhere else. "I can protect myself!" Jewel screamed in God's/Omesei's head. Ben and Laurence stayed silent and the three of them hid in a hollowed tree and sat at the entrance so the two beasts don't see their precious Jewel.
  23. The God spirit spoke to hydreigon"YOU DONT KNOW YOUR OWN FATHER? I HAVE BEEN ALIVE FOR EONS REMEMBER AND YOU ARE ONE OF MY UNLUCKY CHILDREN. YOU WERE BORN TO BALANCE THIS WORLD." God spirit choked hydreigon with invisible hands and burnt him repeatedly. He then grabbed hydreigon s skull and turned to molten magma and entered his head in magma form. He showed hydreigon visions of when he was first born in the sky and God spirit looked at him."SEE THE TRUTH SON."
  24. " Haha. I am no son of yours. I don't even know you. There a thing humans call people like you: psychopaths. I'll tell you everything that happened thousands of years ago. If you stop burning out the inside of my head." Was this Psycho trying to kill him? And the worst part of this was he thought he was his son. And Lucas was coming to...ah, screw it! He could hear it too.
  25. "That's not good" Ben said and the tree began to topple over. The three tumbled out and got shot with some weird dart. Instead of growing, they started shrinking. They turned to ten years old, nine, eight, seven, six, five, and they stopped shrinking. The now three Eevee's sat up and looked around before groaning. "Wow schnitzels! They are more gigantic now!" Ben screamed as the three Eevee ran up the the fighting beasts.
  26. God spirit split from Omesei and appeared in a blazing inferno. Omesei fell to the floor."NOW DO YOU SEE ME? I KNOW YOUR PLAN FOR JEWEL AS I KNOW EVERYTHING!" He picked up hydreigon and threw him on the floor.Omesei woke up to see God spirit in front of him
  27. "Stooooppppppp!!!!!!" They yelled in union. "Do you thing fighting is the best option?!" Jewel yelled, her voice squeaky but louder than any attack. "You are just gonna cause pain to others!" Ben shouted, his voice matching up to Jewel's. "All three of you are monsters!" Laurence screamed, matching up to Ben and Jewel. The Eevee's looked beyond pissed.
  28. Lucas was awake now: and terrified! This demon on front of him was demonic. But...what was this? Somone else was utilizing his body, as a three headed beast. "Your not my father. Let me explain. My mother and father were both Hydreigons. And..." Three Eevee interrupted them. They were the ones from earlier, but Eevee's. "We're done here. You are no father of mine." And like that, the spirit's voice faded. He was not going to keep up a conversation with the idiot. With his body under control again, Lucas feebly asked, "Did...I hurt anyone?"
  29. Omesei was still unconcious on the floor with God spirit standing in front of him facing the hydreigon. Omesei wakes up and runs to the trees to take cover from God spirit and hydreigon."Jewel where are you?" He turns to see Lucas."Hey bro get over here!"
  30. Jewel shook her head and smiled "Nope, but Hydreigon had bad intentions for me" She said and shivered at the thought of it. The Eevee's sat down and did baby-doll eyes at Lucas "Huggie?" They asked in union.
  31. Omesei found Jewel in Eevee form."Jewel you're safe? I got scared. I'm sorry God spirit has taken over me so many times I promise I'll make it up to you somehow." He got to his knees."Nothing God spirit did was because of me I promise I never tried to hurt you."
  32. Jewel backed away "Who are you?" She asked and Laurence and Ben backed away too. "We don't know you, we are only five" They said in union and utter confusion.
  33. "Well, that's good to hear...uh, the fact I didn't hurt anybody, not the plot. What is Hyd...Hyde...Hydegon going to do to you?" Lucas was confused what a 'Hydreigon' was. Hydreigon didn't say a word, but he was ready to maul the boy the psycho sat dormant in. Due to the fact he just sat next to him. The two fox things and Jewel asked for a hug. They were pretty cute. He slowly moved his arm to hug them, but then the recoiled in surprise at Omesei. They were only five they said. Weird. They seemed to remember him...?
  34. Omesei ran after that statement."She doesn't know me or she doesn't love me!" He stopped By a lake and started to get in."I don't know why I should live I'll only kill her by mistake and I know God spirit will return one day." He almost collapsed as soon as he touched the water. It was excruciating and he had to stop quickly. His fire tears dripped onto the lake."I'll fizzle out in this lake just like her memory of me."
  35. The Eevee's yelped and jumped into Lucas's arms before somehow, turning back into their normal age, but no memory of Omesei. They were back to the weird coloured Eeveelutions that they were before. Jewel pointed at the boy that suddenly started fading. "Help him, please, I somehow know him, but not a lot about him...O-Omesei?" She asked das she stood behind the Typhlosion with her two buddies behind her.
  36. "Bro stop we don't have to die do we?""No but I can't take it anymore!" Omesei picks up a rock and splits it in 2 with his hands."No point typhlosion just leave my body somehow and let me die." Omesei closed his eyes and leant forward to fall over head first into the lake.
  37. "I, uh, can try." He tried getting up, but barely managed it. Hydreigon soghed as he realize he'd have to grab the reins of this body. And like that, Lucas was off towards the lake.

    Once he made it, Hydreigon fished his body out of the water. "Are you okay?" Asked Lucas, thinking he was controlling his body...
  38. All the memories came back (Not the romance tho!) and Jewel jumped forward and attached herself to Lucas's main head and then climbed up it and layed on it. "Sooo warm~" She said and the two Eeveelutions jumped on his back.
  39. Omesei was almost dead. He wasn't breathing and his eyes were back to normal. He could hear everything but couldn't do anything but make noises."Joolee?Dooo yoo lerf meee?" He rasped,gulping in air.
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  40. "L-Love?, n-no, I just met you" Jewel said and hugged him "Of course I love you!". "But one problem, the Experimenters made me only to have kids with Eeveelutions, so no matter what, I can only have kids with other Eeveelutions, I'm just saying, also so Hydreigon can also hear!" Jewel exclaimed and glanced at the water.

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