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Ask to Join Human/Pokemon Survivors

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Omesei stood up."If you need me I'll be next door. Don't hesitate,I'll always make time for a friend. Remember...Everyone is special and all they need is to be nurtured." Omesei turned into human form and walked out the bedroom."Nice move,now all you need to do is tell her how you really feel about her lover boy!""Shut up typhlosion it was your fault about the awakening. I was going to tell her but then you went all knock knock I'm bored out of nowhere. I need to ask her though but when?"
  2. Jewel sighed and smiled before crawling under the bed sheets and falling asleep, still in Espeon form.

    Jewel whimpered as she was slammed into the testing tube. Her body was already covered in cuts that were still bleeding. About five injections shot into the Espeon's blood system, making her woozy, but what the people didn't know was that she could still feel pain. Something picked her up and she turned to see her dad, only for him to look at her with demonic eyes. Jewel was then transported to a black room where everybody that she knew, was standing around her, chanting "Your a CURSE" in union. "N-No..NO!"--
    *Nightmare cut short from fear*

    Jewel screamed as she covered her head with the blanket. He was too scare to peep out, just incase the people would start changing again. Jewel heard rapid footsteps coming hour direction, and then the door flinging open with a bang.
  3. Omesei bursted through the door and held Jewel against the bed saying nice things to try and calm her down. He used sunny day to try and help her."It's ok what happened in your dream?""Everyone stay outside!"He yelled at the kids staring through the door."It's an awakening don't panic,Herb you know the drill. BEDTIME EVERYONE!"Omesei yelled as Herb ushered the kids back to bed.
  4. Jewel closed her eyes as a wave of security rushed over her. She was in human form so she HAD to make it a bit more awkward than it should be. "I was back at the experimental place and then I was shoved into a black room with all the people I know and then, you guys started chanting, saying that I'm a curse" Jewel said and sighed as she looked at the door, a kid somehow managed to stay there and watch the whole show. Suddenly traumatised, Jewel dived back under the blankets and shook vigorously. That kid remaindered he ran out her father.
  5. Omesei closed the door"Go to bed Caden!" He said. He returned to jewel's bed"Even me? He asked as he sat down and waited for Jewel to come out from under the blanket."Was I saying you're a curse? It's not true you're not a curse!"
  6. Jewel peeked her head out from the blanket and nodded solemly "Yes...even you..." Jewel said. and a whimper escaped her mouth. Then, something happend that will shock all four of them, Jewel lunged at Omesei and clung onto him, quivering. "D-Don't G-G-Go..." She mumbled, now waiting for Omesei's response.
  7. "Shadow souls? What are those?" Lucas was confused. Now Jewel was gone, from a fiery demon? Things were getting worse and worse. And now things reached a climax, as primal growling filled his head. "Uh, nevermind. Send someone to find her. I'm...not feeling well."

    He walked back into the castle, the ever insistent growling in his ears growing louder and louder. He didn't even say anything as he passed by the table: just walked up the stairs. He had a singular goal: get to the room.

    After what felt like an eternity, he finally reached it. The room. He slammed the door shut and locked it. Sweat drenched Lucas's face. The warmth in his chest had grown into a blazing inferno. He just hoped no one looked for him.
  8. "Whoa calm down its ok! I would never betray or hurt you...well I might accidentally hurt you during an awakening but that's not the point." He hugged her lightly and stroked her hair."What do you think my name means?"He whispered.
  9. "L-Love?" Jewel asked, wrapping her arms around Omesei's neck. Jewel closed her eyes as she listened to Omesei's heartbeat. It was somehow beating really fast, was he nervous? scared? Or was it normal for him?. Why was she even so concerned?! Well, Omesei is trying to calm the aggravated girl down without saying any words that offended her, that's why she's concerned.
  10. "No it means balance in an ancient language my parents told me. Funny really how I destroy many trees and as a way to balance it I lose my parents. Also you saved me in my awakening and vice versa. Julisanae is love in the language which I'm told is where Jewel came from." His heart was beating fast. He then whispered "Which is funny because I love you!"
  11. Jewel's eyes snapped open "Y-You...Love...me?" Jewel asked, letting go of the embrace. Right now, many emotions were flying through her head right now, but the most of all was..."I-I love you too..." Jewel whispered, finally managing to get those four words out. Espeon gasped dramatically and then fainted in Jewel's head. Jewel then looked dead in the eyes of Omesei, and then hugged him.
  12. This was perfect! Omesei had lifted a massive weight off of his shoulders. He hugged her and looked her in the eyes."I promise I'll never call you a curse!""Ha finally lover boy I was about awaken again!" "You should sleep now I'll be on the floor next to the door." He moved to the door and laid there smiling as he started to fall asleep.
  13. Jewel frowned and pulled off the bed sheets and pillows. She slid a Pillow underneath Omesei's head and laid the blanket over him before setting another pillow down and lying next to Omesei, tugging the blanket a little so she could also get a bit of blanket. Jewel smiled 'Someone actually loves me....''GO.TO.SLEEP''Oh, now Jeff da Killer style now ey~''Shut up!'. Jewel giggled slightly and fell asleep, smiling.
  14. Omesei was first up the next morning. He slipped out of the blankets and put it over Jewel. He lightly strokes her hair to not wake her and steps out. He wakes up every kid in the orphanage and passed breakfast out. He entered jewel's room and lightly shook her."Wake up Jewel it's sunny outside and it's morning." He lightly kissed her forehead.
  15. Jewel smiled and got up before she flung the pillows and blankets back onto the bed. Jewel lightly kissed Omesei's cheek before she bounce out the window and turned into a Espeon and layed on. A rock that was cover in sun. Her gem glowed brightly as it absorbed the sunlight.
  16. Omesei watched her out the window and smoke teleported next to her. He used sunny day to increase the sun rays."Easy sleep? No dreams? I hated it when you were scared."He turned into typhlosion and laid next to Jewel absorbing the sun and made a 3D picture off him and Jewel out of fire.
  17. Jewel opened her eyes and smiled at Omesei "Cute little picture you made there, but why are you absorbing sunlight? That's not how you feed, right?" Jewel asked, not turning her head because the sun was facing her gem directly. "Yup, good sleep, cute dream..." she mumbled the last part before blushing bright red. She felt a disturbance, like the Lucas disturbance and experimental disturbance.
  18. "Well it strengthens my powers and it lets me reach better goals that I set for myself. Like this picture!"Omesei noticed jewel's worried face."is it awakening or is something wrong, what did I do?" He asked. His heart raced and he panicked.
  19. Jewel's face returns to a happy state "No! Haha! I just thought that I felt bad disturbances! But it's ok! It has nothing to do with you cutie!" Jewel exclaimed and moved her head to lick the Typhlosion's cheek. Jewel turned her head back to the sun and rested her head on her paws as she closed her eyes again, a smirk on her face. 'Ohhhhh! I know what your planning! This is gonna be exciting to watch!''Hehe, Espeon my friend, it will...hehe...". The two insane spirits manually laughed, Jewel's mischievous smirk growing by the instant.
  20. Omesei frowned "Are you trying to deceive me?" He moves his head to face her."You don't have to hide anymore no one can hurt you." He licks her paw and turns into human form."You coming in now or do you want to stay here?"
  21. Jewel sat up and turned back into human, her mischievous smirk and gleam in her eyes never fading. "I'm coming" Jewel said, Espeon burster out laughing, while poor Jewel couldn't even give of a chuckle. Jewel's Mischievous smirk soon faded to a frown as she looked at the woods beside them. A cold shiver was sent down her spine and she bounced up and ran inside.
  22. Omesei followed Jewel inside."Bro I got a bad feeling about this!"" Dude don't worry I got this." He went into his room and smoke cloud changed clothes. He went to find Jewel.
  23. Jewel frowned as a lot of children tackled her to the ground. One of them shouted "We loved Omesei before you!" and stuff like that. Then, Jewel snapped, they all screamed in union "You're really are a curse!". Jewel's eyes welled up with tears before she changed into a Espeon and jumped out the window and ran into the forest. She climbed a tall tree and curled up, crying again. All the kids went back to normal like nothing happend.
  24. Omesei saw what happened and ran up to the kids."WHAT.DO.YOU.THINK.YOU.ARE.DOING!" He yelled. He turned into typhlosion picked them up and walked them to their rooms. He told them off and then smoke teleported into the forest."JEWEL! Where are you?" He yelled as he searched through the trees. He used his heat sensor ability and found the tree Jewel was hiding in.
  25. Jewel's ears perked up and she stood up before jumping from tree to tree, her body suddenly getting colder until she couldn't take it any longer, she slipped and hit the ground, unconscious. A Jolteon with red eyes and a red mane and a Espeon with red fur and blue eyes and blue gem walked out of the darkness and sighed. "Jewel, again?" The Espeon asked the unconscious Jewel. The two weird coloured eeveelutions looked at the Typhlosion before they put one paw on Jewel's chest, sending a white beam into her body. With a jolt, Jewel jumped up, her fur more spiker than the Jolteon's. Jewel's fur flattened as she saw the two pokèmon. They shared a insane laugh before they hugged and departed. "By Ben(Jolteon), By Laurence(Espeon)!" Jewel called, earing a bye back from the two. Jewel turned around and looked at Omesei, her eyes were now blood red and kinda demonic looking, not the innocent aqua blue eyes she used to have. Not wanting to move, Jewel smiled kindly at the Typhlosion.
  26. Omesei turned human again. Omesei was scared."They were kids come back they were messing around. Trust me." He went to say something else but then the awakening happened."Not now please Jewel help!" The transformation completed and his eyes turned into the signs of ting and yang. His fur was glowing and his name was black and White. He caught the trees on fire and trapped Jewel in a smoke prison."Balance is the reason everyone is alive. I am the reason everyone is alive!" he smoke teleported at Jewel and grabbed her with molten hands. His voice sounded deep like a gods.
  27. Jewel demonic eyes grew black, before turning back into the now normal red eyes. Jewel forced a hug before she collapsed, the molten left burned marks on her skin, it didn't take out her fur but it singed it. Jewel chest was unmoving and the two insane buddies of hers already disappeared.
  28. The transformation turned him back into human and he ran towards Jewel. He knelt down next to her."Jewel? Wake up!" He rolled her so her mouth was open to the sky. He began to cry water not fire as he shook her. He used sunny day and used his life to push his fiery soul in to hers. The fire entered her and he collapsed. He turned night black then snow white as he laid there. He spoke in his God voice "Balance shall be restored and death shall mean life and life shall mean death." He went into a fit. He was close to dying.
  29. Jewel moaned as she sent the fiery spirit back into the Typhlosion's body and got up. The sky was white. "Hmmm....i have a feeling if Omesei doesn't wake up, we won't have night, or more importantly, we won't have him!" Jewel exclaimed as she nudged the Typhlosion's head. "If you don't wake up...I'll kill myself, I prove I'm a curse!" She said and layed beside him patiently.
  30. Omesei had his vision restored and he gasped for breath "What happened to you?" He said as his hand started to reform from the molten lava. He pushed himself up and rugby tackled her. He then kissed her and hugged her as hard as he could."Don't do that again!" He said looking into her eyes. He made a mirror out of some sand on the floor and saw his eyes were still ying and yang.
  31. The Espeon layed on her back, half shocked and half crushed to death. She finally gained her composure and sighed "What was that for?" She asked before kicking the mirror away with her back paws. Jewel rolled onto her stomach and jumped on the Typhlosion's back, resting her back paws on his shoulders and her front paws and her head on his head. "So, let's get out of the forest, before imy energy gets drained...again" Jewel said and tapped the Typhlosion's head in a rhythm.
  32. Omesei smoke teleported back to the orphanage. He turned around and all the kids had came out and were staring at them. He placed Jewel on the floor, turned human and said"Guys what did I say about family? This is not how you treat someone. She's been through tough times like you. Don't be scared about my eyes I'm fine!" He held his hand out towards the kids."GROUP HUG!" He shouted.
  33. Jewel screamed and ducked for cover but of course was pulled into the hug anyways. Jewel turned back to human form and closed her eyes. 'Espi? You still there?''Yup!...do you still love me?''Of course I still love you my lil' Espi''if you didn't notice, I'm blushing''So flattering Espi, so flattering''Well I'm gonna take a rest for a bit''Ok!'. Jewel weezed as the kids hugged her even tighter, like it was in purpose.
  34. After the group hug ended everyone went to bed. He walked towards Jewel."What happened you scared me? I was about to die to save you!" He cried fire tears again and held her head in his hands and kissed her again."I hope this is the end of that. Let's go sleep." He grabbed her hand and beckoned her to come with him.
  35. Jewel smiled and she numbly followed Omesei. She sleepily looked around and groaned as she rubbed her eyes even more sleepily. She looked like a five year old who didn't sleep for three days! It was pretty cute though "Where are you taking me?" Jewel asked groggily.
  36. "To your room obviously. But there is a little detour first." He went into his room and picked up a book and then walked into jewel's room, hopefully she was behind him. He sat in a chair next to her bed. He laid the book on his lap.
  37. "Your gonna read me a bed time story?" Jewel asked as she jumped on the bed and layed down before she gazed at Omesei and then at the book on his lap. A question mark formed ontop of Jewel's head witch she grabbed and started to fiddle with.
  38. "No this is a record my parents kept of me. It appears something like this happened before with my...Sister? Apparently this happened to her and I did what I just did then. Also she was said to have died in the fire. She had a grass spirit called venusaur. I'm afraid that you might die too because of me." He closes the book and his hair begins to smoke. He coughs and starts playing with fire again. He stopped and collapses in the chair asleep.
  39. Jewel sighed and shifted before she managed to use psychic and put Omesei on the bed beside her. Jewel put the blanket over Omesei and sighed before she slowly fel asleep, thinking about Espeon.
  40. Jewel sighed and shifted before she managed to use psychic and put Omesei on the bed beside her. Jewel put the blanket over Omesei and sighed before she slowly fel asleep, thinking about Espeon.

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