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Ask to Join Human/Pokemon Survivors

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Omesei looked in to the sky and saw his sister Shigunai."You knucklehead you would never of had a chance with her anyway. She appeared next to him and said hello to Jewel."Take care of him he never meant to take my life. Keep him safe!" She kissed Omesei and restored his body. She disappeared in a cloud of leaves.Omesei cried and went unconcious again.
  2. Jewel nodded as Ben and Laurence held Omesei so he didn't fall flat on his face. "With a small flaw, a big gain is the best option" Ben said and they giggled at how Omesei's sister called him a knucklehead.
  3. Hydreigon was disappointed at this announcement. Oh well, he'd find another woman, anyways. There was many other maidens in the world. In the meantime, Lucas asked, "Being a big intimidating dragon is nice and all, but...does anyone know how to make me human again?"
  4. "You just kinda think about yourself, as a human, that's how I do it!" Jewel said and the two Eeveelutions nodded. "That's how most people do it....im not saying the other way, it's looks really painful though" Ben said and sighed.
  5. Omesei woke when Lucas spoke."Sure I'll show you." His eyes were ying and yang again but he didn't mind. He transformed into typhlosion."So you just think it inside your head and make it happen." He turned human again."Simple.""Were you just messing around and toying with my emotions when you said you loved me?" He asked Jewel."In the orphanage?" He turned to Lucas."The only time transforming hurts is during an awakening. It's fine every other time.""Shigunai I'm sorry." His voice trailed off.
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  6. Jewel's eyes welled up "If that's how you feel then yes!" Jewel yelled and stormed off. Ben and Laurence growled before they decided not to follow Jewel, They teleported home.

    Jewel curled up on a rock and started absorbing sunlight, tears streaming down her cheeks.
  7. Omesei walked after Jewel."Does she love me dude?" He asked typhlosion."I'm not sure bro but you need to find her and tell her your sorry for saying that I know how you feel bro you love her.""I just want her to love me again I'm confused...I'm scared and I don't know what to do." He found Jewel on the rock."Jewel you know I love you but I'm confused about if you do not love me or if you do love me. I need to know. I need to know I'm not a failure in every way possible. I need to know I wasn't wrong." He cried and laid down on the grass next to the rock.
  8. Jewel didn't even bother opening her eyes "Your not a failure, in any way, your perfect" Jewel said and rolled onto her back. Jewel opened her eyes and sowly got up. She sat beside the Typhlosion and patted his back. Jewel closed her eyes and leaned back on the rock. "I love you too" She said and sighed.
  9. Omesei hated this feeling of helplessness. He didn't know what to say. He didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to upset her again."Now I know I can do this." He stood up and prayed thanks to his family for protecting him."Shigunai I did it I restored the balance. I no longer feel a failure." He turned to Jewel."Do you remember what my name means?"
  10. Jewel smiled "Balance, in the ancient language your parents taught you" Jewel said without opening her eyes to think about it. "Also, you said Jewel meaned love and you loved me" Jewel said and her smiled grew bigger. "True story" She said.
  11. Omesei smiled."You do remember. Guess what my sisters name meant?" He moved up beside her on top of the rock and kissed her."It's not what you would expect." He laughed and yawned after. He listened to the gentle lap of the lake on the bank.
  12. "Destruction? Unbalance?" Jewel asked as she glared up at the sky, it was turning black, witch ment it was gonna rain. Jewel muttered something under the breath then she slid down the rock and began walking back to the castle.
  13. "No it meant Order because she was always sensible and the most important child in our family." He followed Jewel."By me being balance order would always be the most supreme aspect of life. I was less cherished as I was a trouble child. Always messing up and always getting caught. I was considered the second/least most important child and so I always ran into the woods to try and be better than my sister. It never worked. I ended up killing them." His voice went flat as he crumpled to his knees and hit the ground with his fist.
  14. Jewel stopped and a picture from her past showed in front of Omesei. It was her father about to shoot her with a shotgun. Jewel continued walking as the memory played in front of Omesei, with the ending of him shooting her near her heart.
  15. Omesei spat at the image of her father."No one deserves to be treated like that." He went and hugged her."I thought I had a tough time I'm sorry I shouldn't have mentioned it.Should we smoke teleport back because I might die from the rain?"
  16. "Okay. I...uh, Jewel?" By the time Lucas responded, she was gone. Hydreigon grunted. Looks like he had to step in again. It was a quick process. His body was in his control again. "Well, can't go to the castle again. Especially since the room is in shambles. Could go find Jewel and that boy." He started to wander around, looking for Jewel and Omesei.
  17. Jewel saw Lucas/Hydreigon and sighed "You can smoke teleport, I'll stay out for a little while" Jewel said and frowned before she teleported onto Lucas/Hydreigon's back. "Looking for me?" She asked.
  18. Omesei saw Lucas."Hey bro we're over here." He shouted and stopped, waiting for him to catch up. He hugged Jewel."You'll be safe with us we will help you out. Me and Lucas and everyone else." Omesei smoke teleports to the castle and runs into Scorch's room."Hello Omesei." Scorch was sitting on the bed."I thought I told you not to show anyone your powers?""It was an awakening scorch no one got hurt I don't think?"
  19. "Oh, hey Jewel, nice to see you. You sure like surprising me. And...here we are at the castle. Not where I wanted to be." He facepalmed, and just stared at a wall. "Oh god, Gerald's gonna be pissed. His room is in shambles, I destroyed his clothes, ugh..."
  20. "That's the thing Omesei you injured 7 guards and caused major damage to the castle. Everyone saw you and I had to explain everything." He choked and spat up blood."Look the thing is... I'm dying from TB and I need you to pretend to be me until you die." He coughed again and died."Poor guy." Omesei burnt his corpse and waited for Jewel to get back.
  21. Jewel laughed "Oh well! I kinda broke Aura's bed, and smashed her favorite vase, and....oh god when she gets back I'm gonna die..." Jewel mumbled as she saw the bed sheets half out of Aura's window. "Great...I DON'T WANNA DIE YOUNG!!!!!!!" Jew exclaimed and began to laugh, she almost fell of Lucas's back.
  22. Omesei walked out of his room and went to the kitchen. He asked for some food and got a plate of pancakes and sneaked some hot coals out of the fire place. He came across Lucas's room."Damn that's a mess in there I'm going to have to clean that up." He began to burn the whip room and ate all the fire, cleaning everything up and leaving the room clean."Oh I need to get a new bed for him." He went to a servant and asked for a new bed, when the servant looked at him funny he just said that a panel on his bed in his room had broken. He ate the pancakes and set the coals on fire then ate them. He saw Jewel outside and smoke teleported to her."Hi guys."
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  23. (I'm gonna go ahead and opt out of this rp. You guys got your dynamic already and I'm just awkwardly here. Thanks for letting me join in the first place, Eclipse )
  24. (No prob!)

    Jewel stopped and looked at the sky "OH GOD NO!!!!" She screamed and jumped off Lucas's back and began to run away, laughing. Ben, Laurence and a Zapdos came, the Zapdos was shooting thunder bolts at Jewel, but a few metres behind her. "Get back here!" Ben called as the four laughed and soon ran out of sight.

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