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Ask to Join Human/Pokemon Survivors

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Hi guys! This is where your a human and you got a pokemon spirit inside of you, so basically, two people in one person, Like the Split Personality disorder. There will be one person per type, like one fire spirit, one water and on and on! You have a twin that lived in a castle, he/she gets fed up of living the royal style and askes you to fill in for them. You and your twin are the only ones to know about the spirit you have inside you. One day you run away and start to fend for yourself, obviously finding others like you and bonding with them. Also you can transform into your chosen Pokèmon and you can transform into their spirit. Everybody lives in the same Royal Castle. Hope you have fun and no legendaries!

    Fire: @OZZIEMON as the Typhlosion Spirit
    Psychic: @EclipseTheShinyUmbreon as a Espeon Spirit
    Dark: @BurbleBurble as the Hydreigon Spirit
    Fairy: @Starfall as the Sylveon Spirit
    Dragon: @Narsi as the Garchomp Spirit
    Poison: @Miles The Torterra Rider as the Stunky Spirit
    Ghost: @Blue moon as the Gourgeist Spirit

    Jewel's mouth hung open as her twin, Aura, told her that she's fed up of living a royal life. "But isn't it nice?" Jewel asked as her non-sister twin shook her head "No its not! I hate it there! Can we please swap for the weekend?" Aura pleaded and Jewel sighed. "Alright Jewel" Jewel said to Aura, the new Jewel. "Ok, by Aura!" Jewel said as the new Aura, Jewel walked off. Aura sighed as she walked up the gigantic flight of stairs. She opened the door and held back her squeal, it was absolutely beautiful. The red carpet leading to all the rooms, even running up the stairs. Aura ran up the stairs and ran into the room labeled 'Aura' on the door. She quickly changed her clothes that was a purple knee-dress into a Pink silk dress. She pulled on red velvet boots and wrapped a red Ribbon as a elastic around her light brown hair, making it into a pony tail. Aura hid the Purple Dress in the 'Secret' pocket in the bed. Aura looked around as her purple eyes gleamed with astonishment. She spotted a red crown with pink jewels on the bed and she put it on her head. Just then, someone barged into her room.
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  2. Lucas busied himself rapping his fingers on 'Aura''s door. His look-a-like, Gerald, told him not to bother with Aura: she would catch on too quick. He didn't care: someone else needed to know of his condition. He could seriously hurt someone if they didn't listen. If they'd listen to anyone, it be Aura. Unfortunately, he caught Jewel instead. He couldn't wait any longer!

    Bursting through the door, he shouted out "Princess Aura! I mean, um..." Regaining his composer, he calmly stated, "Princess Aura, I have matters to discuss with you."
  3. Jewel turned around with wide eyes "Y-Yes?" She said and smiled kindly at Gerald. Jewel had no idea what she has to do but MEH! She'll try. "What might be the problem?" She asked, clearly concerned. Her hand began to fiddled about.
  4. "Uh. He told me not to come talk to you alone, but...i'm not Gerald. Just someone who...looks like him. He hired me to come here, to replace him for the weekend. My name is actually Lucas." He wanted to let that sink in first before he continued.
  5. Jewel blinked "I'm not Princess Aura, I'm Jewel, and the same thing happend to me, I'm staying her for today, Aura said she'll be back on sunday..." Jewel said and nodded at Lucas. "let's just keep this to ourselves, no telling anyone else, alright, continue, I can see you want to tell me something else" Jewel said, her eyes darted to the door before she silently used her psychic powers and closed it.
  6. "Oh. Ah, haha, funny coincidence." He jumped a bit as the door shut, but otherwise kept his composure. "Uh, secondly, if I walk away, perturbed or something. Or if something bothering me... and if you see my door locked... Please do not try to follow or come in. I have this condition... Sometimes I act differently. And it's possible... That I change shape. Into something dangerous. So please, even if i'm screaming in pain. Never enter my room when it's locked." His eyes darted around in suspicion. "Was that too much? Sorry... Thanks for hearing me out anyways, Jewel."
  7. Jewel nodded "I can also get out of control, BUT, you must never, EVER, say...." Jewel pulled out a white board and a marker and wrote 'Is the lil' kitty afraid/scared?' Jewel showed Lucas and then quickly rubbed it out with her hand before putting the stuff back into the drawer. "Well if you don't mind, I need to do, something, so, farewell!" Jewel said and skipped past Lucas, flung the door open and bounded down the stairs. just then, the dinner bell rang for dinner. "Shoot!" Jewel mumbled and ran back into her room and out the crown back on the bed. Jewel strolled to the dining table where EVERYONE sat at. She found two empty seats at the table and sat down on one. Jewel looked down until she heard laughter in her head 'So, what did you write on the board? I'll find out soon enough! Anyways, try a make a lot of friends, I'm keeping that space for Lucas, whether you like it or not' Espeon snickered in my head. 'Shut Up, they'll think I'm crazy if I glare around for no reason' Jewel said to Espeon who said ok and kept quiet after that.
  8. Xerione walked over to the table, sitting down at a empty seat. She flipped open her book, and began to read. "Hello." Xerione exclaimed to Jewel. "Sorry for sitting here without permission."
  9. The Tsubuyaki family was way a traditionalist family. They were owner of a temple and all of their kids were thaught in the art of espiritism so they would become mikos (Japanese female priest) or Yamabushis (Japanese male priest).

    Sixteen year old Haruhi Tsubuyaki was quite tired of her busy life. In the morning, she was a student at a recognized private school. In the afternoon she was a miko at her family temple. The few hours she had for herself were usually spent studying, because her parents demanded for her to have the greatest grades.

    God, she had dreamed so many times about the things she might have done if she had more time for herself. Maybe she would have visited that ice cream shop with a friend, or read more books... maybe she might have gotten a boyfriend; not like her long dark red hair hadn't gotten any boys attention.

    But that day, when she was about to live the school, a little piece of paper appeared in her locker. Confused, she took it between her hands, wondering who might have left that note to her.

    'To: Haruhi Tsubuyaki'

    Was the first line of these one. Haruhi continued on reading.

    'I know you want some freedom, so do I. Meet me out of the temple at 21:00.

    From: your destiny.'

    There wasn't any explanation, just that. It might have been dangerous to obey such a misterious note like that, but something inside her had her waiting for that moment to arrive.

    So Haruhi waited for whoever sent the note to her out of the temple. She had been waiting there for some long ten minutes until she got tired, ready to turn around and leave, when a misterious silhouette showed from between the shadows.

    It was clearly a girl. Her long her fluttering thourgh the night as her luxurious white kimono followed her leg's rythim. As she got closer, she could notice how the dark red color of her hair began to make it self notice between the shadows, same with her caramel iris and her pale skin. Her eyes open wide as she recognized the girl's face: it was her own.

    That was the beggining of how she ended up there, in the castle where once her twin (named Mikuru) had changed places with her. And that's how her whole story began.


    She looked at the other three people chatting on the table she was going to sit at. 'Ok.' she thought to herself 'Just remember: there's no Haruhi in here, just Mikuru, princess Mikuru'. A little heat began to grow in her chest, as it something was burning inside of it. It sort of scared her, even though it wasn't painful, it felt almost natural. 'You don't have to be so nervous, you know?' There it was again: the voice. That voice that had been talking to her since she left Haruhi to become Mikuru 'You can always come with me, I can guide you through the road' she insisted.

    Haruhi din't answer. She had tried to answer before, but the voice inside her chest was really confusing and her words had always left her dizzy. She liked making conundrums and weird questions, also talking about places that Haruhi was almost sure didn't exist. But of course, for her they were absolutely real.

    'So you are denying me, huh?' she said saddly 'You can't see the reality that I could show you. You see yourself as a cloud in the middle of a storm, when you are a just borned star ready to shine and light up the sky...'

    'It's enough, weird voice' interrupted Haruhi as she sat next to the other guys around her "Hello everyone" said as she straigthened herself and formed a polite smile on her lips.
  10. Lucas walked out of Aura's room, before hearing the dinner bell ring. Jewel ran past him twice, once up, once down. Her words rang in his mind. Why shouldn't I say those words? Are they trigger words? He walked down the stairs to the dining room, where a huge table met him. He was going to sit next Jewel, but someone else was there. He didn't know why, but whenever he got close to her, a primal fear rose up in him. A warmth in his chest: was she the cause? Sweat dribbled down his neck, he decided to make an executive choice and walk away from her. As he walked away from the girl next to Jewel, the warmth faded. She WAS the cause.

    He chose a different seat, next to someone else. If the paper Prince Gerald gave him was correct, that should of been...Mikuru! Right. As she greeted everyone, he responded back "Hello Mikuru." He said it in a neutral voice, quiet voice. He forgot if Gerald dispised Mikuru or not. Thinking about this whole royal family: we're they all related? Where was the king and queen? Jewel seemed to know what she was talking about: he'd ask her later. When she wasn't sitting next to the girl who gave off weird vibes.
  11. Jewel felt weird vibes coming off from the other girl. "I-I Need to go" Jewel stuttered and stood up before running into her room and closing it with a bang. She locked the door and windows and closed the curtains. Just then, she fell to her knees and let out a sharp cry. It was THAT pain again. Not even Espeon commented because he was also in pain. And the transformation started, Jewel's body started turning into a Espeon. But anyone would only hear screams of pain coming through all the property that they had. Jewel lay unconscious under her bed as she started turning back into human. 'Jewel, are you ok?'. 'Yeah, you?'. 'I'm fine, just a little bit of-wait, did you see everyone glaring at you? I didn't like that Jewel'. 'Oh well, let's not have any violence in this'. 'Grrr, fine'. Jewel smiled, it was rare that she gets the upper hand between her and Espeon. She was sure she heard knocking but she ignored it and closed her eyes. The pain was still there and neither of them liked that. 'I don't think I like changing, well not yet'. Jewel frowned.
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  12. Lucas once again found himself rapping on Jewel's door. He wanted to know if she was alright, but she obviously wasn't. He had no choice but to walk away, others would come looking for him and by extension find 'Aura' too. Still, one thing lingered in his mind: what was up with the girl? He'd eventually suck it up and talk to her, but not at the dinner table. In private. Once he returned to the table, he came up with a quick alibi to help Jewel. "Aura is not feeling well, and she desires rest. Please do not disturb her." The boy had to stir up conversation other than that, but how? "Um, so how was your day, everyone? Anything exciting happen?"
  13. The door unlocked with a loud click. Jewel groaned as she climbed under the bed sheets. 'To be honest, I still can't belive that I have a male spirit inside of me'. Espeon snickered but didn't say anything.

    One of the men stood up "What do you think? We work and clean the house! Nothing exciting happening here! And, Princess Aura's room is open but, as you said, we will not bother her, yet..." He said and everyone evacuated from the table except a few.

    Jewel looked around for the pills that Aura said she left for the transformation pain, but no pills were in sight. "Just great, w-wait! Someone's coming!" Jewel exclaimed and tried to use psychic on the door the lock it, but the key wasn't in the lock. 'Great, now what will we do? We're in pain and can't even move our fingers' Espeon said and sighed.
  14. Patrick was bored he had nothing to do in his room. He then heard a voice in his head "Bonjour Mon Amie," The voice said "What is it now,Stunky?" Patrick asked his spirit. "Well you're bored so I thought I might cheer you up," I Don't need cheering Up,Stunky" Said Patrick Bored
  15. "Oh. Alright, have a nice night!" He called out after the men. They seemed to be a grumpy bunch. Hopefully no one entered Jewel's room. In the awkward silence as the men left, he began to eat the cold dinner. Soup, of course. Cold soup was the worst. He had two bites before pushing away the bowl.

    The silence was killing him. Only a couple people wete left in the dining hall: a girl he had identified as another princess, a few others in the royal family, and 'Mikuru'. She hadn't said hello yet back, so... Whatever, small talk was better than silence. Sighing, he asked her, "How are you today, Mikuru? Anything interesting happen to you today?"
  16. Patrick was still bored. He went down stairs to eat his dinner but it was soup which was cold "Ugh... I'm tired of this," Said Patrick to Himself. "I need to leave this castle here I'm stuck with servants who won't leave me alone and I have brothers and sisters who are annoying," Patrick thought in his mind
  17. Sitting in a chair in the hall, Marcus watched in a daze as the grandfather clock's pendulum swung back and forth. "Stupid Alex. 'Oh it'll be fun!' He said, 'Oh it'll be cool' he said. I shouldn't have agreed to this." Marc talked to himself bitterly about his lookalike Alex asking him to take his job as a guard for a week."At least it's not hard. We dont have to move very much" The Garchomp in his head said, and Marc replied with a sharp "Shut up" before returning to the silence of the clock ticking.
  18. 'You always shush me when I'm saying important stuff!' complained the voice in Haruhi's chest 'Sorry girl, but you never say important stuff. It's not even coherent!' The voice sighed 'Someday you'll understand the world that's benesth your five senses, the world I can lead you to. A world that's as fascinating as dangerous, a world...' 'It's enough voice, I'm getting tired of this.'
    'My name isn't voice. I'm Gourgeist.' 'Do allucinations have names?' 'I'M NOT AN ALUCINATION HARUHI!' she yelled frustrated 'I'm as real as you, only in a way you still don't understand...'

    Haruhi wanted to cover her ears and stop listening to her, the only problem was that she didn't listen to her through her ears.

    'What did I do to deserve this?'

    'You've spent so much time complaining that you can hear what others are trying to tell you.'

    'Are you talking about the voices from the world I don't understand?' asked Haruhi sarcastically.

    'Yes.' answered Gourgeist without getting the sarcasm 'And the voices from the world you consider real too.'

    'What do you mean?'

    'That boy next to you has been talking to you and you haven't answered him.'

    Haruhi fastly turned to face the boy... what was his name? Mikuru had told it to her! It was...


    "Oh! Hum... Hi Gerald." she answered nervously. God! That voice had her frustrated enough to not put attention to what happened around her "I'm sorry, I was hum... in another world..."

    'Did you finally see it?' 'Stop it Gourgeist.'

    "Nothing interesting happening yet... just living in an awesome castle and eating delicious food..." 'and dealing with a insistent allucination who won't let you a single moment of peace.' "What about you?"
  19. A growl echoes from Marcus's stomach "I need some food. Are we allowed to eat? I think I smelled something earlier. " He stood up from his chair and followed the fading smell of soup and found himself in a large dining hall. "Whoa" he said out loud in pure awe. He sat down in an empty seat and pulled the room temperature soup towards him. Remembering he was in a castle, he sat up straight and took a spoonful of the soup as delicately as he could. "Gross. " he thought, but shrugged off the bad taste and continued to eat, oblivious to the others at the table.
  20. Jewel, finally poked her head out of the room door. "Most of the people evacuated, but hopefully they don't come and bombard me with questions..." Jewel whispered to herself as she decended down the staircase. Jewel stood at the last step and looked around. She saw Lucas, the weird vibe girl and some other people. Jewel slinked to the table and sat down. She wasn't hungry but she will try to act normal. 'Why did that girl hive off weird vibes before? Espeon, do you think we should talk to her?''No! Are you crazy?! That's the reason you wanted to transform! Can't you feel it? Most of the people here have those weird vibes! Let's just go back into the room''Grrr, your right'. Jewel then ran back up the stairs, closed the door and locked it. Jewel jumped on the bed and sat criss-crossed before she levitated a beautiful Vas. Then she levitated her favorite stuffed animal, and then she levitated the bed and put the vas and stuffed animal down. Someone broke the door down and Jewel immediately dropped the bed out of fear. The room looked the same, despite Jewel almost rearranging it with her psychic powers.
  21. Omesei and Scorch enter the room. Scorch is in a black suit that has been well tailored. Omesei, however was in a Marroon hoodie, black jeans and a black tshirt. The white and ginger hair on his head shined in the warm light. Omesei notices a group of people in the center of the room. "Hey. Do you think we should go talk to someone?" He says to his typhlosion spirit. "Sure but act casual, it's Scorch's job to be the sensible one!" Omesei giggles as he makes his way towards the middle of the room. After telling Omesei to behave Scorch quickly disappears. "Can't we leave I'm bored? Let's go burn stuff or I don't know maybe practice on your smoke teleportation? "Shut up Typhlosion we need to try and be nice and we are representing our family, besides we need to meet that princess...Aura! Almost forgot her name and I haven't even spoke to the princess yet!" He steps to the side of the room in the shadow and turns into smoke and forms back to human form in the black suit Scorch wore.
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  22. Patrick was tired and went back to his room he said to the Stunky living inside him "Hey Stunky," Said Patrick to Stunky "Yes,My Friend?" Asked Stunky to Patrick "I Have To Transform into you so they can throw me out of this place," Said Patrick to Stunky Patrick then felt a pain shouting at the top of his voice then Transforming "Yes I'm Now A Stinky Stunky," Said Patrick to Himself. Now I'll Smell So Bad That They Have To Make Me Leave," Said Patrick to The Stunky living inside of him then exited his room
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  23. Omesei and typhlosion could smell the stench from a mile away as they took their seat."Whoa what's that reek?" They excuses themselves and followed the smell
  24. Patrick in his Stunky form and enter the dining room then snickered and sprayed his nauseous fumes making people in the dining room not want to eat he then waited for the guards to take him out the castle
  25. Omesei stumbles upon the stunky."Hey your the cause of the smell. I need to take you to a bathroom." Omesei moves to pick up the stunky
  26. Patrick's plan was a success,he waited for the boy who was holding him to carry him outside the castle door And Thought In His Mind "Yes I'm Finally Getting Out Of This Castle," Thought Patrick and his clever Mind
  27. Omesei turns past the gate and heads to the wash room. He appears to be talking to himself."Bro shut up we are not going to go outside. I know I have to practice but I'm tired.""Sure, lie to me, I know you, excuses excuses." They enter a bathroom and Omesei puts the stunky in the tub.
  28. Patrick's Stunky form was put inside a tub He Then Said To The Stunky Inside His Mind "So Stunky How Do I Get Out Of Here?" Patrick asked Skunky "How Am I Supposed To Know You figure it Out," Said Skunky living inside Patrick Fine I'll Just Make Him Shower Me," Patrick Thought In His Mind
  29. Omesei grabs the tap and turns it on. He then makes a ball of fire in his hand and lit a few scented candles because of the smell. He got the feeling that the stunky was watching him as he lit the candles."Dude the stunky is not afraid of the fire quit telling me to be careful." He moves towards the stunky and applies soap to him. He warms his hands slightly and cleans the stunky."Man why won't you stay still?"
  30. The Stunky Living Inside Of Patrick Said "Ugghhh..... Soap My Age Old Enemy," How Are You Supposed To Spread Nauseous Fumes If He Gives You A Shower?" Stunky said to Patrick "Wait Until My Fumes Come Back To Me," Said Patrick to The Stunky in His Mind
  31. Omesei grabs a small peice of dirt on the stunky's fur and burns it."Well at least you can't tell anyone I'm not scorch and that I have a typhlosion living inside me" He grabs a comb and works on the tangled fur.
  32. Patrick Started to feel the pain from the brushing And Said "Ow Stunky Do You Ever Keep Your Fur Untangled ?" Patrick Asked Stunky "No I Don't I Like To Keep My Mess To Myself
  33. Omesei started talking."man it would be cool if you were a human then I could communicate with you...I can!" Omesei transforms into a typhlosion and tries to talk to the stunky."Hello do you understand me?"
  34. Patrick then said "Actually I Do Understand You Maybe when we're in Pokemon Form we can understand each other," Said Patrick to the boy in typhlosion form standing in front of Him
  35. "Wait you are a human! Don't tell anyone I'm an imposter please don't." Omesei turns into a human."Talk to me on human form please I need to know I can trust you." Omesei starts playing with fire and creating shapes out of the fire.
  36. Patrick didn't Have much powers when he turned back into a human other than self defense He Then Tried To Produce Something. Then He Then Created A Bomb Made Out Of Sludge And His Eyes Opened Wide And Then Turned Over To The Boy "It's Ok I Can Keep A Secret Said Patrick to the boy
  37. "Uh...hi my names Omesei and I'm Scorch's lookalike. He wanted to live a normal life for a while and I wanted to help him." Omesei's White and ginger hair started to smoke."All my life I felt worthless but now i realise typhlosion has always got my back. What's your name and how come you have powers too?" He started to cry, his tears turned into fire and his hair turned black, he was clearly stressed about something. He doesn't notice it but the candles are starting to melt at rapid rate and his tears have caught fire on a piece of wood
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  38. (Guys, just a friendly reminder that you don't know about any pokèmon other than yourself, there are some pokèmon shifters but no actual pokemon)

    Before Jewel could answer, a loud clanging sound thundered through from the entrance. Without any hesitation, Jewel jumped out the window and landed flat on her feet on the soft grass. There was dark shadows filing in through the gates of the royal mansion. When they saw Jewel, they started laughing. "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!" Espeon and Jewel yelled together. (Jewel is the normal text and Espeon is the bold)
    Jewel started transforming into Espeon Human. Espeon ears and tail, check,short pink hair,
    check, is a male, not female, check. Yup, Espeon is a male, weird hey? 'Alright, find their-'. "OW!!" They shouted as one of the shadows slashed Jewel's/Espeon's cheek open. The two felt a bit woozy and when they finally reached their cheek, they found purple foam coming out of of the cheek. "It's Poison, that's it! This is not pokèmon poison, Jewel, we're getting these idiots off our backs!" Espeon exclaimed and dodged another claw. 'Turn into proper Espeon form, you'll be able to do it better then'. And Espeon turned into, well, a Espeon. He did back flips, summersaults, cartwheels and the most important, DODGES!!!!. Espeon as sure that a crowed gathered behind them. He used swords dance and then held the swords in place with psychic as he layed down on the grass, his front paws crossed. All the shadows fled, followed by the swords. Espeon let Jewel take over and she shifted back into human and stood up. "Wow, that was easier than expected" Jewel said to her male spirit.
  39. Omesei runs into the castle after saying a quick goodbye to the boy. He comes across princess Aura infromt of the gates."Er...hello princess Aura." His cheeks grew red and he accidentally made his hand catch on fire. He quickly puts it out."Don't tell anyone that just happened please you never saw my hand." His hair began to smoke again.
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  40. Jewel smiled "It's ok, and I'm not Princess Aura, I'm her twin, Jewel, I'm just staying here for the weekend, YES!!!!! NO INTERUPTIONS!!!!" Jewel exclaimed and mentally high-fived Espeon. Jewel then turned around and used psychic on the gate, picking it up and putting it back in place. Some people evacuated and others didn't. Jewel sighed and summoned a Shadow ball. She used psychic and bounced it up and down.

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