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Ask to Join Human/Pokemon Survivors

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Omesei mimicked her moves and made a ball of fire and began bouncing it."Two can play that game haha!" He turns into smoke and reappears next to Jewel."BOO!"
  2. Jewel jumped a bit, losing concentration on the shadow ball, witch flew out of the gate. "Aww man...." Jewel said and pouted. 'Oh no! Don't pout! Your too cute! He'll fall instantly!'. Jewel's heart skipped a beat when Espeon said 'fall instantly'. Jewel's pout just increased as she watched the shadow ball bounce away.
  3. As Omesei went to say something he bent over and coughed up lava."Run...d...on't...try...to...help!" His hair turned black and melted into his skin creating fur. His eyes rolled inside his head and lava remained in his eye sockets. He turns into a typhlosion and launches fire towards Jewel. Everything around him melts and his fire mane turned purple.
  4. Jewel turned into a Espeon and dodged the fire. Jewel sighed and stood straight, it's not like she could really feel pain from a pokemon anyways. "Go ahead, give me you're best shot". Jewel let Espeon take over, he was half the size of the Typhlosion and pretty muscular. "C'mon, too scared a pink car will beat you?" Espeon asked, tauntingly.
  5. Omesei thickens the smoke and starts to smother the espeon he then uses fire fang. He smoke teleports behind the espeon and tries to embed his fangs in espeon's back.
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    'Don't hurt them, try to use a kind approach, like a hug?'. As Typhlosion used fire fang on Espeon, he hugged him, and in a flash of light, Espeon teleported a few feet behind Typhlosion.
  7. (OK my bad)
    Typhlosion collapses to the floor. He lets out a soft moan as lava covers him and hardens. A crack appears and the cocoon breaks open with an asleep Omesei in side. He stirs awake and looks at espeon."Why do you remind me of my mum when you did that and why didn't you run I could have killed you? I call those fits awakening as typhlosion was known to cause volcanic activity." Omesei falls to his knees and his tears turn to fire again. His hair smokes and he starts making a picture of a woman in the fire. She looked just like him. This was his mum.
  8. Espeon let Jewel take over. She slowly approached him and licked his cheek "Because, fighting is never a option when it comes to pain" She said her voice cracked when she licked up a fire tear. Jewel looked down and sighed, she missed her mom, witch was dead, and she never EVER wants to see her alcoholic father again. "I never want to go back home" she said as she transformed back into a human. Tears also ran down her cheeks, it's was way more rapid than Omesei's.
  9. "My mum and dad died in a wildfire caused by a typhlosion. That typhlosion was me. I was playing around in the forest and it caught fire. My fault they died. My curse is I have to be reminded every time I speak to typhlosion." Omesei's voice cracked during the last sentence. His hair began to smoke more fierce than before. He threw a ball at fire at the gate and warped the gate.
  10. "I'm gonna suffer from depression...." Jewel said and faceplanted on the ground, a pool of tears surrounded her. She slowly sat up "Let's go explore or something" Jewel said and Espeon agreed in her head.
  11. "Ok but no forests!" Omesei moves to grab Jewel." I can smoke teleport us out of the castle so no one sees us leaving." He powers up his hand and it starts to turn to smoke. He looks around to make sure no ones looking."You coming or what?"
  12. Jewel clung onto Omesei and closed her eyes. 'I wonder where he's taking me to....''its obviously somewhere''shut up''okay...'. Jewel shook slightly as her grip tightened. Her breathing became more heavy.
  13. Patrick overheard Jewel and Omesei and decided to follow them but He didn't Use Omesei's Smoke Cloud He Used His Fumes To make one of his own Smoke clouds but he just hoped that the guards notice his smell so he grabbed some scented candles and placed them on the dining table then began to leave
  14. When the smoke concealed them it was like traveling through space. Few seconds later they reappeared on a hill above a little town."Oh no scorch is down there." He pointed down to the town square. He started walking down the hill."I'll show you my house, I'll be welcomed there and they'll maybe give us something to eat I'm starving!"
  15. Jewel slowly followed "O-Ok". She was uneasy about going to this house. "Are you sure that it will be fine with Scorch around?" Jewel asked, walking beside Omesei.
  16. "Yea I can change our appearance if need be." He turned to smoke and reappeared in his black jeans, black tshirt and favourite Marroon hoodie."Of you want I'll create a smoke cloud for you and I'll wait for you to return." Omesei created a smoke cloud and sat down, eyes averted from the cloud.
  17. Jewel changed into jeans, pink hoodie with black boots and black scarf. The smoke cloud disappeared and Jewel gently tapped Omesei's shoulder. "Let's go" She said queitly.
  18. Omesei lead Jewel down the hill towards the village. He stopped in front of a building."Hankshore orphanage!" He exclaimed as he opened the door.
  19. Jewel looked down "I wish I stayed here, I always get abused by my father, it'll be better here" Jewel said as she watched kids ransack the place. A small smile formed on Jewel's face as she saw a boy giving a girl his food. Her smile faltered and she looked down.
  20. Omesei noticed her smile turn sour and felt sad."Are you thinking about your family?"He asked. It was nice when he got to show Jewel how everyone was a big family. He introduced Herb to Jewel."This is Herb my friend. Herb this is Jewel."
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  21. Jewel looked up and waved slightly at Herb before looking back down. 'Want me to take over while you get all your emotions out?'. Sudden rage filled Jewel's body as she clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. "It was all your fault that mom is dead now!" Jewel screamed at Espeon before running off with tears in her eyes. Jewel climbed a tree and sat down on a branch before she hugged her legs against her chest and cried. She felt a sudden weight get lifted off her chest. "It was all your fault. When I first saw you! You acted innocent! But you never were!" Jewel screamed into oblivion. 'Sorry....' Was all Espeon could say right now.
  22. Omesei didn't know what to do. Jewel ran out of the orphanage and he followed her and found her up a tree."So...what's wrong is it about your mum? If you want I could let you stay at the orphanage. I built it with my money I got from my parents will. I'm technically the owner of the place and I protect everyone. Always room for 1 more!"He looked up at Jewel and smoke teleported onto the branch she was on.
  23. Jewel's eyes gleamed with sadness "I don't what to put more of a burden on your chest, I'll just roam around until I find a nice place to stay" Jewel said and looked at the ground. "...." She didn't know if this was a dream but Espeon stood on the ground looking up at her. "Why are you there?" Jewel asked and jumped down the branch. Before Espeon protested, he was pulled into a hug. Espeon sunk back into Jewel's body. 'I fell empty without you Espeon, please, don't leave, you might have crushed the air out of my mom, but I love you, more than anyone else now''I love you too...'. Jewel stood up and looked up at Omesei "You coming down or what? I wanna meet the others" She said rather quietly.
  24. This was it, she wasn't sad anymore."Um...ok but can I ask you a question?" He started walking towards her. He wasn't sure if he should ask.
  25. Jewel looked intently at Omesei "Sure! What is it?" She asked, suddenly filled with joy and happiness. Espeon, who was watching the scene unfold, snickered at how happy Jewel suddenly was.

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    "I'm afraid that I might hurt a kid at the orphanage during a awakening. You helped me and I want you to stay and help me." He began to cry and his hair began to smoke again , he wiped away the fire tears."I'm scared!"
  27. Jewel smiled slightly and gently pulled Omesei into a slightly tight embrace. Some fire tears landed on Jewel's cheek, making it look like she was also crying lava tears. "Shushhh, calm down, I'll stay" Jewel said in a soothing voice as she gently rubbed Omesei's back.
  28. "This is the first time I felt safe after my parents dying." He pulled jewel's hand away and held it."I promise you'll be safe now in the orphanage." He pulled away and laid down and stared at the sky."I'm free from worrying!"He murmured. He grabbed Jewel and smoke teleported to the front of the orphanage."There is a spare room in the middle of mine and herb's rooms. Lunch will be served soon." He opened the door for her. This time normal tears ran down his face
  29. Jewel looked at Omesei "Stop crying, please" She said and looked around. Jewel slowly walked into the room and glanced behind her to see if Omesei is also coming in. "Sorry if I'm a little skittish, I been through rough times, and barely made it out alive" Jewel said and looked down at one of her hands. It had a pinkish tint to it, it was extremely visible if they were in the sunlight.
  30. Omesei walked in with a tray of food."Newcomers get to eat in their own room for a week and then we integrate them in to our society." He sat down on the bed and gave Jewel the tray. Bacon and Bake beans with an apple and a cheese sandwich.
  31. Jewel smiled "Thanks but I don't eat, those experimenters made me immune to get full from human food, I only get full when I'm in the sunlight, I know, I hate then for that" Jewel said and looked outside, it was turning dark and she didn't absorb any sunlight. "Oh well...looks like I'll go hungry tonight" Jewel said and patted her empty tummy with a giggle. She was a bit different than other people, not just because of Espeon, but for...many reasons.
  32. "Oh...Er...Ok then."Omesei ate the food instead. The food had gone cold so he made a fire in his hand and reheated the food. He kept the fire in his hand."Does it work with fire?" He moved his hand closer to her.
  33. Jewel yelped and jumped back "No..." She said, suddenly scared. Her eyes reflected the fire and she stared at it. A burn mark was on her hand and Jewel quickly covered it. Jewel took a few more steps back.
  34. "Oh my...Sorry" he grabbed her hand after putting the fire out and stared at the burn. He touched her burn and it healed instantly. He looked confused about something."How did you let them do that to you? I would have burnt them all!"
  35. "They cut off all my senses when I tried to harm them, it hurts when you can't smell, see, hear, talk or feel anything except for the injections that their kill you with!" Jewel exclaimed when she remembered how many times they cut off her senses, and she still couldn't do anything at all. Jewel looked down "I'm not a curse..." She mumbled and her head hung low.
  36. "You aren't a curse because if you were people wouldn't care about you, every one in this orphanage cares for each other so they care for you. You saw Tyson give Elly his food didn't you? She was new and had been staved on the streets for as long as she remembered. Just because your past was rough doesn't mean it can't change." He hugged her lightly and looked into her eyes. They were full of pain he noticed.
  37. Lucas let out a sigh of relief as she answered his question, and she also asked how his day was. He was about to answer when nauseating fumes filled his nostrils. He cringed at the smell, which eventually faded. "Um, that was strange. Uh, yes, my day was fine. Nothing much of event happened." Which was pretty untrue, he learned he wasn't the only imposter or one with the...condition, he called it.

    That's when he heard all hell break out outside: and it was quickly over. "Um, I'm sorry, I'll be right back." Getting up from table, he walked jogged to the door. Peering out, he saw several wounded guards, weapons out. There was also scorch marks covering the ground. Some type of scuffle had taken place here, and he didn't like it. Walking over to one of the guards, he helped prop him up on a wall, and asked "What happened here?"
  38. The guard nodded "Princess Aura saved us from Shadow souls!, and then, she disappeared with a fire demon!" he said and sighed.

    "Nothings the same, I'm not blaming Espeon, he needed someplace to stay, so I let him in my life, but as soon as I did, nobody liked me, they kept calling me a curse, then, my drunk dad sent me to the dumb experimenters and made them do several tests on me, but, the thing that hurt me the second most was that he said, don't bother bringing me back, and after I escaped that horrid place, I roamed the streets and finally met Aura, who never called me a curse, I am a curse, from the beginning to the end...." Jewel said the last part queitly. Her Espeon ears and tail popped out. The ears drooped at the tail layed fat on the ground.
  39. Omesei saw the ears and tail and transformed in to a typhlosion."What's wrong with being different it just shows you are special and that you are more than what normal humans can be?"He said through a series of growls,this was the only way he could communicate with Jewel/Espeon. He used sunny day to try and help espeon eat. He shot a small ball of fire at the door handle,closing the door."Maybe this will raise your mood."
  40. Jewel's eyes gleamed with something she never genuinely had, joy. Jewel turned fully into a Espeon and sat down. Her blue gem glowed slightly. The sunny day helped a little, witch the two spirits smiled gratefully. Jewel jumped on Omesei's Typhlosion shouder and sat down. Jewel suddenly yawned, feeling a bit sleepy. Jewe jumped onto the bed and curled up ontop of the pillows as she watched Omesei sleepily.

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