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Ask to Join Human/Pokemon Survivors

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. *DREAM*
    Omesei is back in the fire. He just found his parents."Mum? What did I do?" He went to roll her over and she was dead, charred black by fire. His sister is on the floor coughing."Shigunai!" He said as he lifts her up. She collapses again and speaks in the same God voice."This one is dead balance is restored and you shall bear my curse and shall have to suffer until death. Any children you have shall have this curse!" Her eyes went lifeless and Omesei screamed.

    He was sweating fire and jumped out of the bed and turned to molten magma. He came back to normal and sat down, hoping Jewel didn't wake up.
  2. Jewel moaned softly nd opened her eyes "What's with the dream? I had it too" Jewel said groggily before she finally noticed something, her eyes were now different colours, one red, one pitch black. "I feel no pain" Jewel said and closed her eyes before she opened her red eye "Are you ok?" Jewel asked and sat up.
  3. It hit Omesei like a train "How could I forget that? Why have I been cursed with the possibility of killing anyone I love." Omesei walked to the bed and sat down "I AM a curse. Jewel you were wrong I'm the curse not you."He let that sink in.
  4. Marcus followed Lucas outside to the commotion and watched as he talked to guard and studied the scorched ground. "I'm kinda jealous. that looks like it was fun" Garchomp said in his head.
  5. 'Haruhi... I want to see what happened!' demanded Gourgeist 'Gourgeist, I thinkthis issue isn't of our incumbency...' 'But Haruhi! I have a strong feeling about this. Something's gonna' come! Something big!' Haruhi sighed as she decided to ignore the voice inside her. Hourgeist, frustrated, decided to incist.

    'HARUHI! Listen to me, just for once. I know more than you think. Just please, please, please, please!!' The girl rolled her eyes as she decided it would be better to obey her, at least for once.

    She stood up and walk all the way to where the conmosion had taken place. There was a catastrophe out there. Harmed guards and broken windows. Something awfull must have happened. "What happened here?!" Haruhi asked to one of the guards.

    "They're gone." he said with a raspy voice "Three of you. They aren't here, they're outside and... Ugh, I don't even know how it happened!"

    Two guys had scaped? Who? Why? How? Wasn't totally dangerous to go outside on their own without even getting a place to go?

    'That was what they had to do, Haruhi.' said Gourgeist with serenity 'Haruhi... weird things are happening, and you are in between them. You have to listen to me, I swear I can help you...' 'And how would you help me?' a little silence formed in Haruhi's mind, until it was broken by Gourgeist 'I'll show you, just... not here. Let's head to the bathroom'.


    Haruhi was at the bathroom, completely on her own. Her red her and light brown eyes reflecting in the mirror as she listened to Gourgeist orders.

    'Ok, now I'll do the rest' said happily the spirit 'Wait, Gourgeist, what will you...'

    Haruhi couldn't finish her question because a horrible headache paralized her, followed by a strong tickling crossing her whole body until she couldn't feel her arms, legs or any other part of it. When it stopped, she felt smaller, painless and without any ground under her feet. She was floating.

    "What did just..." But when she saw her reflection in the mirror, things got even weirdier. There wasn't any Haruhi in front of her, just a black pumpkin boddy floating above the bathroom's floor and it's long neck preceding a small face, half covered by it's long pink hair.

    'This is our new form! You can enjoy it as much as you wish.' 'What had just happened?' 'I'll explain it to you later. Now it's time to face your destiny like the others and go outside!' 'Okay, okay, I'll do what you say...' as she was about to obey the spirit, she faced her first obstacle 'Hum... Gourgeist, how am I suposed to open the door? I don't have hands!'

    Gougeist sighed 'Doors, stupid human invention. You don't need hands anymore, just float through it.' 'Float?' 'Yes! FLOAT!' yelled excitedly Gourgeist as she took over her body control and crossed the door.

    'I... can go through walls...' murmured Haruhi incredulously 'Of course you can! And you can do lots of other things too! I can help you with it, but by now, just go through this palace walls so we can go out of here.' 'O-ok'

    Obeying her spirit, Haruhi crossed the palace walls until reaching the surface. Still without believing the power that she had just gotten.

    'This is so amazing...' 'Yup! We ran away and no need for violence. I'm the best spirit ever created! Now let's go, there's lots of things you have to learn about our powers.'

  6. "I'll let you think on that."Omesei said. But he could feel something wrong with the world, a discomforting vibe. He smoke teleported to the vibes and it was the castle!"Hey everyone just need to clean up my fault for leaving it like this." He sucks a burn from a guard and started to suck the scorch mark from the ground. He transformed into typhlosion and started fixing and welding broken pieces of gates and Windows."My bad!" He laughed. Everyone was staring at him. He remembered he is typhlosion and transformed back to human.
  7. Jewel suddenly growled, both her eyes turned pitch black, no other colour, just black eyes. Jewel teleported back to the castle and with a howl her once light brown hair turned blood red. All the guards eyes were now on "Aura". They looked shocked and scared. In a demonic voice "I'm the curse! Not you! Even if you think it is you because of that dream!". Blood tears began to stream down Jewel's face. Jewel stopped crying, as if it hit her right in the head, well, it did. Espeon was standing
    there, reflecting the human image of Jewel, except a male version with Espeon ears and tail. "If your a curse, I'm a curse too! I was the one that made you become the curse anyways!" Espeon howled and hugged Jewel, witch she returned. After that emotional show, Espeon sank back into Jewel's body. Now, Jewel had black Espeon ears and tail, but the tips of them were covered in blood. "IM THE CURSE!!" Jewel and Espeon exclaimed together.
  8. Omesei turned towards Jewel."You aren't a curse until it's proved. I'm a curse you aren't I killed my whole family and was cursed by some god. I love you remember and I don't care if you might be a curse because I am a curse. You might be the cure." He walked towards Jewel and fell to his knees."Please hear me out." He began to cry fire and water tears. His eyes spinning inside his sockets."This is my fault."He started to sink into the ground."I'm sealing myself away don't bother finding me you'll be safer without me."
  9. "Oh no you don't!" Jewel exclaimed as she pulled Omesei out from the ground. "I don't care if you're a Curse, or a Cure, I have enough proof that will probably send me to the mental asylum" Jewel said and looked at the forest "Turn into your Typhlosion form and follow me" Jewel said and turned into a Espeon....with black fur, Blood red eyes and a blood red gem. her ears, tail tips, paws and her mouth was stained with blood. Jewel ran into the forest and stopped at the entrance of it and turned around to see who's following.
  10. Omesei turned to typhlosion and smoke teleported next to Jewel."Who were those friends of yours?" He asked as he began trudging along behind her. He transformed into human so he doesn't burn the whole forest.
  11. "They are cursed, just like me" Jewel said and obviously, Ben and Laurence jumped out "Hi!!!". "...Where are the bodies?" Jewel asked and in one beam of light, all four of them were teleported into a room full of dead bodies, some fresh, and some decaying. "We did this because we couldn't control ourselves, just like you" Jewel said and jabbed a fresh kids belly open.
  12. Omesei was sick at that moment."What? When did you do this?" Then animal instincts took over and he transformed into typhlosion and began eating a arm from some guy."That's good!" He said as blood dripped from his mouth."AARGHHH!" Omeseibends ober and turns to pure lava. The God voice spoke again."YOU HAVE DISGRACED YOURSELVES AND NOW THIS ONE SHALL GO OFF LIKE A BOMB AND DESTROY YOU ALL!" He bent over and spoke in his normal voice."No!" He shouted as he half turned human and half stayed lava. He began shifting into some weird creature. His typhlosion body enlarged and his eyes began to spin and glow. It was tearing him in 2!
  13. Jewel stayed silent in a quick beam of light, she hoped, Omesei would be normal again. Jewel's head tilted to the side, she was different from any other living/non living creature on this planet. Jewel was about to cry, Ben and Laurence went further into the cave to do a patrol. "D-Dont go" She mumbled and started crying blood tears.
  14. He looked down at Jewel and spoke in the God voice."JEWEL YOU ARE NOT A CURSE IVE HAD YOU BELIEVE THAT FROM THE STAFT TO TRY AND TOUGHEN YOU FOR WHEN YOU WOULD MEET THIS CURSED BOY." He began to merge together again and Omesei spoke."Trust him. I saw this in his flame." He fell to the floor unconcious and laid there turning back to human.
  15. Jewel jumped forward and hugged the unconscious boy with her Espeon paws. Jewel layed beside Omesei and turned back into a human. "I'm still a curse, I know it, not just my appearance, but all that I did, I'm the worst, tieing with Benny and Laury" Jewel said and put her ears down.
  16. Omesei started to wake up."How did you save me? He was about to kill us!" He kissed her forehead and stood up."Why don't you trust me and a God? You aren't a curse he said!" He looked into her eyes and kissed her again."I promise I will keep you safe."
  17. "Thanks..." Jewel mumbled. Jewel's eyes closed "Let's go, I don't think you want to smell blood anymore" Jewel said and stood up her body turning back to its usual looks, only her eyes were still red. Jewel strolled out of the cave, she did take a few bites from a boys leg too.
  18. Omesei followed Jewel out of the cave and pulled her into a hug."Should we go to the castle I didn't finish cleaning up the mess we made haha?!" He started to smoke teleport."Don't do that again bro!" "Shut up I had it under control dude."
  19. "Ok, but I'll go my own way!" Jewel said and teleported back to the castle. She used psychic and levitated some broken pieces of cobblestone and put it back on the silo, yes, they had a farm at the back of the Mansion. As Jewel's eyes and gem glowed brightly, she didn't realise some familiar faces watching from the shadows.
  20. Omesei smoke teleported to help Jewel with the silo. He turned into typhlosion and used strength to bend the metal gate into shape again. He sucks up the scorch marks in the floor and saw the burn marks on Jewel from the first awakening."Want me to heal those burns?"
  21. "Nah, it doesn't hurt! I'm fine!" Jewel said and dodged a sleep date without noticing it. "Hum?" Jewel thought as she turned to the bushes. "Humm ok! Nevermind!" Jewel exclaimed and turned back to the dead crops she was throwing away. After throwing away all the dead crops, she used psychic and planted new ones, watering them and then glancing back at the bushes.
  22. Omesei saw the dart."Er...someone's watching us."He pointed at the bush. He ran in and pulled out Ben and Laurence the weird eeveelutions."Jewel they are back!" He yelled over to Jewel.
  23. "Wrong bush dum--" Laurence tried to say but got knocked out by a sleep dart, along with Ben. Jewel gasped "Ben! Laurence! Wh--" Jewel collapsed as well, also hit by the dart. They managed to drag the three into a cage and then a bullet shot at Omesei.
  24. Omesei turned to lava as the bullet hit him and it melted without damaging him. He ran towards the cage."Jewel!" He gets shot by a sleep dart and falls against the cage. He gets dragged inside and is propped against the aid of the cage facing Jewel.
  25. The Experimenters transported the four the the lab, extracted their powers, except for their shape shifting abilities and threw the four into a big cage. Jewel groaned as she woke up "N-No! Not here again!" She screamed and Ben woke up, followed by Laurence. The three began to run around the cage like crazy people.
  26. Omesei woke up and felt numb."What happened?" He asked when he looked around and saw the others going crazy."Is this the experimenters?"He tried to make fire but it fizzled out."Damn!" He shouted as he hit the bars. He called out to the God voice."Hey I could use some help here!""THESE HUMANS SHALL DIE AND I WILL ASSIST YOU TAKE THE POWERS OF MY FLAME AND USE THEM WELL!" He felt a power surge as he began to slowly melt the bars."Guys run!"
  27. Suddenly, the three, collapsed. Their bodies started fading. "S-stop using the heat! Your gonna kill us! No matter what, you'll always end up back here!" Ben exclaimed and the their bodies were almost completely faded. "Please Omesei, stop..." Jewel whimpered.
  28. Omesei stopped."What is wrong with you guys?" He went and hugged Jewel."They'll die for this I promise!" His eyes began spinning again and he sat down and played with fire, as far away as possible to not harm the other 3. He began to cry black and white tears and the flame turned black and white.
  29. Their bodies turned back to normal and Jewel walked behind Omesei and hugged him from behind. "Like I said, We're a curse, with no purpose on this planet, that doesn't me we don't care" Jewel said with honesty. Jewel kissed Omesei's bottom lip before she sat down in front of him and gave him a proper kiss. "You don't need to worry about us, even if you think we're freaks, we can protect ourselves, but sometimes, not..." Laurence said and Ben kicked the bars.
    He sat there and hugged Jewel."At least we'll be experimented on together."
  31. Jewel frowned "Only if you knew how much pain it is" She said before she moved away from Omesei and walked up to the other two Eeveelutions. "I have no idea why they took Omesei, they said they only wanted Eeveelutions" Laurence said and Ben kicked the bars harder. "Youch!" He yelped and jumped back. "Really? They have changed these bars one bit, see, if I kept on kicking the bars, we would be free" Ben said and pointed at the dented bar. A Experimenter walked into the cage. "Jewel, Ben, Laurence, come" He said as he held the collars and leashes. With a sigh, Jewel turned into a Espeon and ran over to him. He put the collar around Jewel's neck and then called Ben and Laurence. They turned into their forms and also got a collar around their necks. The three Eeveelutions turned their heads and looked at Omesei before looking back at their favorite Experimenter, Jack. with baby-doll eyes. He sighed and called Omesei over, pulling out a collar if the Typhlosion to wear. Ben looked back at Omesei "See, we like him because he doesn't experiment on us, even though he was suppose to" Ben said and the two Espeon nodded.
  32. Omesei looked at the experimenter."Trick me and you pig crackling!" Omesei turned into typhlosion and tried to fit the collar on. It didnt fit so he became human and just followed them."Was I a shock when you found me ha?!"" Bro smoke teleport out of here" "We have to touch the others so they'll come with us!"
  33. The experimenter detached the leashes and let the three run about in the springs. Jewel was swimming in the bubbling water before anybody had anytime to blink. The other Eeveelutions joined in and swan about with her. Wen Omesei tried to smoke teleported them (Whenever it was), they dived underwater and the spring erupted, causing the three to float on the little water sprout.
  34. Omesei sat on the bank. He couldn't swim or he would die."Hey any lava springs here?"He shouted at the experimenter."You know just the possibility of me dying if I took a swim in that is very high." He spat fire in to the water."Lousy water!" He shouted. He started to play with fire again.
  35. Jewel jumped down and tip-toed behind Omesei. Since she was wet, he would probably have a heart attack. Jewel jumped on Omesei's head "Boo!!!!!" .Since Omesei was still a human, Jewel would probably smell like chocolate, yep, chocolate. Ben and Laurence also jumped on Omesei, making him totally wet.
  36. Omesei went into a fit."No please no." The awakening came then. He threw them off and went for a seismic toss."Very clever!" He said in a sarcastic tone. He threw fire in every direction and aimed for the experimenter.
  37. Jewel jumped in front of Omesei and shook her fur, drying it and then she lunged at Omesei and hugged him. Jewel slid down to the floor before the three Eeveelutions ran behind Jack, whimpering.
  38. Omesei fell to the floor exhausted."That wasn't typhlosion awakening that was the God voice." He walked up to jack and looked at his eyes."Don't tell anyone about this!" He walked away from Jewel and the others and made fire and watched it intently. He was seeing things from the past!
  39. Jewel stayed quiet before the three Eeveelutions teleported into...Lucas's room?. Lucas looked pained. The three's one ear dropped but the other one stood straight up. "Lucas....are you ok?" Jewel asked stood still.
  40. They disappeared! He used his heat sensors to smoke teleport to their location."Peace out."He said to jack. Omesei arrived in a room with the other 3."Where are we Jewel? Who's in the bed?" He walked towards the bed.

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