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Private/Closed Eli in Dragnos

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by ThePlayfulFox, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Flarea shook her head. "No, it wouldn't. It's supposed to be a punishment due to a Shadow Dragon claiming to be more powerful than Wild Magic a long, long time ago. It didn't take that claim to kindly, so it cursed them all. Here is a bit of advice, don't anger Wild Magic with any claims. Sure it is a pure source of energy, but it is also easily angered and very vengeful. There is an even darker side to it, but you don't hear about it since it is very well hidden."
    Yuro opened his eyes and nodded. He quickly trotted out of the hall, not glancing behind him. All he wanted to do is get out of this forsaken place, but Shadow Dragons seem to find themselves punished.
  2. Eli nodded "Noted, how long do you think it will to take to get there?"

    the ship lead the shadow dragon to a box made of glowing light blue clear walls, and opened a door for the dragon to get in "Enter the prison cell, now"
  3. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "Depends on how fast you can go," Flarea answered, as she picked up speed. She wouldn't go too fast, but fast enough. She wanted to test Eli's speed before she settled on a base speed. She knew she had to go as fast as she could go, without leaving Eli behind.

    Yuro nodded and looked around. He couldn't find anything that screamed 'prison' to him. "I'm sorry to be a nuisance, but what is a 'cell' and where is the prison?" He flinched, waiting for some sort of attack due to his question. That was the punishment of stupid questions, and his newest question could be considered very stupid. "Stupid Yuro! Why do you ask such questions? All you have to do is act dignified! But what if it attacks me due to me not doing anything? You are a Shadow Dragon Yuro! Surely you can become a shadow again! But if I try to escape, I'll get hurt, and I might die. I have to stay strong, that's what I promised. I'll wait until it lets me go, then I'll-I don't know what I'll do. Probably be a huge coward again."
  4. Eli nodde and hit his wrists together the gloves and boots lite up as Eli speed up to about 500 mph

    The camera became silent for a second before slowly saying "The big light blue box" to help out the dragon a big red arrow decended from the ceiling, pointing at the cell door
  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "Not too shabby, but Wind Dragons are faster than that, a lot faster," Flarea commented as she increased her own speed to match Eli's. Shui held on to Flarea's necklace, making sure not to touch the clasp that kept it on. Flarea's eyes seemed to be full of joy as she flew. A big grin appeared on her face.

    Yuro nodded and headed to the light blue box. Before he entered, he gave it a sniff. It smelled like nothing, which surprised Yuro. He cocked his head in confusion, then he entered the cell. He closed his eyes and thought about his family. "Please don't hurt them Ragenrok!" he pleaded in his mind. He opened his eyes to take in the prison.
  6. The cell did not have much to offer, four energy walls, a bed, a chair, and a table. a small cube robot ran in outside the cell and started to clean up some debris outside the cell, giving the dragon no head

    Eli smiled "I didn't want to go to fast, I have no clue anything fast" he laughed "I rarely go this fast, its so fun! how about just under the speed of sound, just so we don't make a sonic boom and give away our location?"
  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Yuro started to explore the furniture. He knocked over the chair, flipped the table over and removed the mattress from the bed, all in curiosity. After sniffing the items in the cell, he laid down on the hard floor. He closed his eyes and started to think of better times.
    Yuro was a small whelp, smaller than his siblings. You could say he was the runt. He didn't care though, he loved his family. His mother his two sisters and his father. He sat in front of the river, looking at the fish in the water. "Hey, Momma! I'm going to catch one!" He said as he stuck his head in the water. A large, black Shadow Dragon smiled at her son's antics. "If you can catch one, leave the fishing to the Water Dragons, Yuro." Yuro, not listening to his mother, brought his head out of the water, with a fish flopping in his mouth.
    "Fee, fee I ought un!" He cried, his voice muffled. The mother smiled at her son.
    "So you did, come on. Your father should be back from hunting now. Bring your fish, don't waste food, Yuro."
    The inprissoned dragon fell asleep while he thought of his whelphood.

    Flarea shook her head. "We might miss something important. We should slow down if anything. I'm looking for a dissatisfied Ice Dragon, not just going to fly into a village saying 'hey look at me! I'm Raenrok's worst enemy! I'm right here!'" Flarea corrected.
  8. Eli nodded "I'll slow down to whatever speed you go" Eli got a message in his earpiece and turned of his right glove, readjusting to have the right balance and power, bring his hand to his ear "Taken care of? Yeah they can do that I'm told. Great, I'll deal with him later, just keep him there"
  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Flarea slowed down by about 450 MPH, by expanding her wings backward and having her tail do the exact same motion. She looked at Eli. "What happened now?" she asked, cocking her head to the side. Shui grumbled something about nosey dragons.

    Unable to sleep for long, Yuro pounced on his tail. He was so bored that he was acting like a whelp. He tried to do it once more, failed the first attempt. He continued to try to pounce on his tail, causing the ground beneath him to shake when he let his 10,000 pounds to fall and crash himself. Laughing at his own game, he continued to wreak his cell in his harmless whelp game.
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  10. The energy walls absorbed the force from the playing dragon, preventing the rest of the ship from becoming a wreck again

    Eli looked at the dragon princess "The computer just reported the problem was taken care of, and I have a prisoner on my ship now, I'll be seeing what I can do tonight"
  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "Oh, ok. What is a computer?" Flarea asked. She cocked her head once more, clearly a sign of confusion in dragon body language. She then did a tight turn to the left, due to them going northwest this entire time, as she saw the Cliff of Resides ahead of her.

    Yuro got bored of his little game. He saw that his cell was a disaster, but outside was perfectly fine. Was it from the walls? Yuro walked over to them and sniffed once more, it smelled like nothing. He cocked his head. It was like nothing was there to stop him from escaping if there wasn't a big blue wall there. He decided to try to touch the wall, out of curiosity.
  12. Eli explained what a computer was "You see, a computer a machine built to essentially process, store, and act on information, computers can hold more information then almost any creature can remember and can control other machines, this specific computer is what is called an AI, artificial Intelligence, basically a soul made of digital code, digital meaning information stored in binary for computers"

    The wall did not give at all and was completely smooth, it was warm to the touch. A white camera came down from the ceiling and looked at the dragon "What is your diet?"
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  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Flarea looked more confused than when she didn't know what a computer was. Probably from the added information about AIs. She then shook her head and looked at the sky. The sun was in the west, almost night. "We should probably find a resting spot, it's starting to get late." The sky was now a lilac hue, turning into a lavender, then deep blue. She admired the sky and landed. She couldn't see well at night when she had her extra flying eyelid.

    Yuro looked at the camera. "Fresh meat, fish. That's about it. I'm not hungry though if that's what you are asking. I ate yesterday." Yuro then laid down up close to the wall and closed his eyes to try to sleep.
  14. Eli looked at the sunset "Are we stopping for the night or pushing through?"

    The computer could feel the hatred of the magic outside the ship, and did not like it, it pulled up a file it had made earlier about what she had overheard about dragons, reading it and seeing something about the magic animating statues, it pulled some inactive robots to the workshop room and had them start to build, adjusting what they were doing every so often and consulting another file as they worked
  15. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    (the Tear is pronounced as in a teardrop)
    "Stopping, I can't see well when I fly at night. I would rather sleep than fly blind." Flarea replied. She looked at Eli, "The night sky is pretty though, so many stars and then there is the Tear, oh and the Great Storm that hovers the sea is visible in the darkest of nights, due to how it seems to glow."

    The Wild Magic was furious that it was tricked! Now it could lay no amount of magic against the ship, but it could raise a ruckus outside. The Wild Magic felt like it was trying to trick it into doing something. It made living creatures out of statues once, it won't pull that trick again. Besides, the sprites belonged to it, the guardians made them and it gave them soul, same goes for the dragons.
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  16. Eli slowed down and landed, looking around, glad he had gotten his jacket, he looked up and waited for the other two to land

    The computer felt the magic getting riled up and started to get nervous, It turned back to the thing in the workshop and saw it was almost down, most of what it had needed was already done, it just needed a few metal plates and some redesigning, she gave it a test run to make sure everything was working and had one of the robots wield on a strip of metal and on the item of interest
  17. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Flarea landed and looked at the sky. The Tear was full, shining its beautiful white light in the shape of a teardrop. The Great Storm aid to the west, she could see a glowing light from that direction, but the Tear wanted the attention tonight. Another large moon-like celestial body was the Lesser Storm, large space rock with its own belt. Six stars clustered together near Tear. Flarea sighed at the beauty of the sky that Wild Magic made for them to enjoy.

    The Wild Magic felt the light of Tear and calmed down. Night was the time of rest, it made it that way. Nothing with a hand-crafted soul made by it would be awake. Only the lesser souls like wolves and owls would be active at this hour. The ones with hand-crafted souls would be sleeping or watching the night sky. It felt proud of what it created.
  18. Eli smiled and walked of the the side of the camplace they had chosen and tapped his watch, throwing up a video of his prisoner, he sighed when he saw him asleep and closed the video. He walked back to the dragons and sat a few feet away from the others and pulled the box of his back, opening a panel to reveal a monitor, he started to type on a keyboard, causally he asked "Do you dragons ever lose your scales, or are they permanent?"

    The computer and finally finished everything and draped a tarp over its creation, bringing it over to the door, but not taking it out or opening the door yet
  19. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Flarea glanced at Eli, "We molt when we are growing and when we are getting old, why?" she answered. Shui just glared at Eli.
    "He's just being nosy. We should sleep, not much happens at night." Flarea nodded and she laid her head down for some peaceful slumber, curling her tail around Shui who wrapped it on top of her like a blanket.
  20. Eli looked at how fast they went to sleep, and looked at the sky "Hmm, I wonder..." he shook his head and typed some more into the box before closing it and leaning back on some tall grass to sleep
  21. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The sun rose. The sky was a splash of crimson that subtlely turned to the deep, dark blue of night. The hills seemed to glow green as the deer fed on the healthy grass. The birds chirped at the rising sun, challenging it. A red youngling woke, with her blue sprite friend under her tail. She let out a huge yawn, showing her yellow-ish white teeth. The blue sprite awoke to the sound of the yawn. "Good morning," Shui said.
    Flarea nodded and smiled, in her dragoney way.

    Yuro awoke. Not seeing the sun, he thought he woke up early. But then he remembered about the events of yesterday. He looked at the floor as his stomach churned with guilt. He didn't even try to help his teammates. He was a selfish, stupid dragon. He didn't deserve the cell he stayed in, even if it was a prison. He closed his eyes as tears fell, it was his fault that he didn't do his job well enough.
  22. Eli had woken up early and was finishing up with his typing "You two went to sleep fast" he typed his last code and closed up his box "Oh and going back to something I said last night, do yo have a scale or something I can borrow?"

    The computer felt the magic outside seem to speed up, as if it woke up like everything else and had a robot wheel what it made the prior night outside, having the robot remove the wheels and set something up underneath the tarp
  23. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Flarea shook her head, She was full grown at this point and most whelps and younglings don't keep their scales. She wasn't about to offer one that was on her. "Maybe the dragon that you have prisoner has some." She replied. She then stretched her wings, legs, and back. She then shook herself as she looked at Eli. "Do you want to finish up?"

    Yuro was very itchy. He thought about his size compared to his mother. He wasn't full grown yet, starting late and all, so it must be molting season for him. Great, it would shower black scales everywhere. He tried to find something to scratch himself with, he didn't want to get double scales. Very painful. He tried to touch the wall again, maybe that thing would come back and he could explain his situation. This was basic dragon health.
  24. Eli sighed "Oh well, I can finish it later" he strapped the box to his back and stood up "Anything we need to do before we go?"

    The computer took notice of the young dragons distress and left the robot to work for a second, not bothering to use the camera it said "Is there a problem?"
  25. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Flarea shook her head, "I travel light." Shui hopped on Flarea's back and they took off. Looking at the sun's direction in the sky, Flarea faced north.

    Yuro jumped at the faceless voice. He looked around, trying to find something to place to the voice. As he did this he said timidly, "I'm molting right now and I don't want double scales. Could I please have something to scratch on?" He was ready to be yelled at for asking a request form an unknown entity. He was honestly scared of being in this place.
  26. Eli put his gloves and boots back on and flew after them on their way, not saying a word

    The computer considered the request for a second before the computer had a robot go into the workshop and grab a large wad of otherwise useless metal, delivering it to the cell, a small part of the wall vanished and was replaced after the ball was thrown in "Is this satisfactory?"
  27. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "As long as I can scratch, yes," Yuro answered, not trying to anger his captors. He went to test it out, not as comfortable as a cave wall, but it'll do. Black scales clattered on the floor. His suspicions were correct, it was molting season for him.

    Flarea glanced at Eli. "What's wrong?" she asked, due to his silence.
  28. Eli shrugged "Nothing to say, until I see something that makes no sense to me"

    The computer left the dragon to his own devices and turned its attention back outside, finally giving the command to lift the tarp, under it was a robotic dragon it was shiny grey, with eyes that would glow when it would be turned on, it was about the size of a medium dragon and was empty of any programing whatsoever, a sign propped up on the dragon said "Peace, My gift to you, to make something from the best of both worlds"
  29. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Flarea shook her body then looked forward. "Hey, Shui! Do you want me to do a dive?" Flarea asked, a huge grin appearing on her face.
    Wildly shaking her head, Shui said, "No, no, I'm good! Just keep flying on and no crazy stunts." Flarea frowned at this but kept going. Below them, snow covered the ground, even in the hottest of months. They have reached the outermost part of the Arctic North.

    Yuro sighed, the itch subsided, for now. He gave a huge yawn and went to find something for him to do. He could nap, or play catch the tail, or he could sit and do nothing, or explore the room some more. None of those options sounded nice to him at the moment, so he settled on exploring the explored room. Maybe he could find a use for those wood objects.

    The Wild Magic looked a the gift. It had no purpose to be alive in its world. There was nothing that thig dragon-like thing could mate with. If the Wild Magic were to bring it to life, it would be a very lonely exsistance. This was mercy it the Magic's eyes, now it would not suffer.
  30. The Computer anticipated, something to happen, but nothing did. It had a robot bring out a speaker to the outside "I know a being who focuses on organic life would find no immediate use for this, but you imbued the purpose of reproduction into your other creation, why not something like protection of your other creations? to keep peace or something similar?"

    Eli followed. chuckling at the exchange
  31. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The WIld Magic did nothing. It could not choose the fate of a single individual. The world was shaped by choices, choices that it allowed of course. It knew it could do what the outsider said it could do, but it could find no reason to do that. Plus, the outsider wanted it to do that, so it wouldn't, out of spite of the force onboard. It wished a Guardian was here so then it could speak to it, explaining why, but they stayed in the forest. Unless. The Wild Magic let out a massive surge of energy, not harmful in any way or form, to call on its first creations. One Guardian left, to explore what the Pure Energy wanted.

    Flarea, getting bored of the quiet flight, gave a sigh. She then asked Eli, "So, what do you do? Other then defend, that is." Shui facepalmed and gave a 'seriously' look to Flarea.

    After a long time of struggling, Yuro made the table stand upright again and started to stand on it.
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  32. The computer left the metal dragon alone and turned its attention to other things in the ship

    Eli looked ahead "I help others, for, well, others. For myself I collect artifacts, specifically artifacts of power" he looked back at her "I do that to get stronger, you see there's this being, she did something to me, something I've vowed to take vengeance upon, someday I'll go back someday to get vengeance"
  33. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shui looked at Flarea, then laughed. "Oh, my! You two sound so alike about your enemies! Flarea, what were your exact words again? 'I will avenge my parents' death, and free Dragnos from Ragenrok's reign.' Sounds like a vow of vengeance to me!"
    Flarea rolled in the sky, making Shui to stop talking. "Maybe you should stop talking about me and focus on yourself, why are you here Shui?"
    Shui seemed to turn red. "I don't need a reason!"
  34. Eli glared at Shui "It's not funny, I've been traveling for tens of thousands of years for it" he looked ahead "The only reason I have my powers, and am traveling is because Master Dimensions took pity on me" he looked back "I'm not proving him wrong about me, I'll see this whole thing through to the end"

    A robot entered a hole barely big enough for it into the cell and began to sweep the scales, dust, and anything else up
  35. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shui sighed. Flarea looked an ahead and said, "Sorry about her, she is... playful. And she needs to learn manners."
    "I do know manners! That is just how all sprites act! I was giving a statement, one that you would keep to yourself. Don't you dare try to shake me again, I almost touched to clasp last time." Flarea just shook her head and continued to fly.

    Yuro followed the small robot and sniffed it. He oh, so desperately wanted to pounce on it like it was a toy, but he told himself not to. He was a youngling, so he needed to act like one.
  36. The robot smelled like must and oil, it finished cleaning up and left the cell, and rolled out of the room.

    Eli stared into the distance and added "Why are looking for this dragon anyway, does he have something we need?"

    A ship like Elis, except pitch black entered the universe above Volcain, creating a massive shockwave and leaving what looked like a cracked crystal in the sky, landing on top of the volcano.
  37. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Yuro sneezed after smelling the robot and watched it leave. He then started to feel another itch. He padded over to the wall and started to scratch himself once more.

    Flarea didn't even look at Eli, she just watched to ground. "One, we do not know what the dragon even looks like. Two, don't assume that we will be talking to a male dragon, it could very well be a female. Three, the dragon we are looking for will give us knowledge. Well, me. It'll teach me the frost breath, something I need to learn if I'm going to fight Ragenrok."

    Ragenrok exited his cavern in Volcain. "What in the name of Wild Magic is that? Has that thing came back? I sware if that thing works for Flarea, then I'll find a way to rip it to shreds," he growled.

    The guardian was nearing the location that the Wild Magic requested him to go to. His soft white feathers rippled in the wind. There was another disturbance. He could feel it.
  38. Eli nodded, wondering if he should tell her that he knew how to do that, but ultimately decided against it as he was not currently a ice breathing dragon, looking down for something that could help

    The black ship opened and out walked a humanoid figure, skin completely pitch black with dark red eyes, a small devise at his waist, he surveyed the land and smiled
  39. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    A mother brought her whelps closer to her, in fear that one of Ragenrok's followers would find her and her clutch. One of them was different, he had a paddle as a tail and was a darker blue than usual. The mother looked at the whelp, knowing what would happen if he found them, if Ragenrok found them. It wouldn't be pretty. He wouldn't outright kill them, but send her little hybrid out into the cold, without him knowing a thing. She brought all three of her whelps closer to her. She wouldn't let that happen.

    Flarea flew closer to the icy peaks. She needed to see if any dragons were there. Not a thing. She recalled that Ice dragons were masters of camouflage in their natural habitat. She sighed and went to see if she could smell anything. Nothing, it was all covered up with the snow. Flarea growled.

    Ragenrok growled at the newcomer. "Who are you and why do you DARE enter my kingdom! On top of that my cavern system!" he roared. A group of guards went behind Ragenrok, waiting for the command to attack.
  40. The newcomer slowly turned to face Ragenrok, smiling "I dare to come here because it suits my purpose" he looked very confident and smug, despite being outsized

    Eli flew next to flarea "What's wrong? can you no find them?"

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