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Private/Closed Dragon Ball RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, May 22, 2017.

  1. Wait, but Yan is an Universe 15 fighter too.
  2. If your character is gonna be in my universe, I can easily take out daisy, the weakest one there.
  3. Alright, here are the parallel universes we planned out

    "6, 7, 16"
    "1, 12, 18"
    "2, 11, 13"
    "3, 10, 14"
    "4, 9, 15"
    "5, 8, 17"
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  4. If you're not bothered by it.
    who am i tricking, you needed to kick out a character.
  5. No poblerono pizza, I was just trying to fill up a slot with her anyway.
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  6. Wow, you know a character is weak when he's there just to fill up a slot lol. Anyways, I think I'm going to make Yan SSJ3 Goku (Buu saga) level in base, assuming how many arcs are going to pass till the tournament starts...
  7. Most of my characters are going to be of different strength, depending on where we are when the tourney starts.
  8. Who's your strongest OC? Just to compare.
  9. We have no way of knowing how strong these characters will be till we get to the tournament.
  10. Well, in the headcanon, it’s going to get complicated. Aaron is the strongest, but I guarantee his canonical best form not be making it in this, no matter how powerful we get.
  11. Yeah, good point.
    So, if Gyro wants to make a surprise, I can understand.
    (I also think I'm gonna make Yan stronger if the current characters get stronger too. Because I want to make him at least stronger than most characters in the Universal Tournament Arc)
  12. Is Yan going to be a Saiyan? Because, at least have it be a race similar to Saiyans. (too many saiyans, ya' know?)
  13. I Lao want to point out that a few characters of my universe re gonna be pretty damn strong, but cut way for stupid jokes a lot. Kinda like a semi gag character.
  14. Maybe a half Tuffle half Saiyan...
    It would be cool...
  15. I didn't mean it like that. I meant not have it be a Saiyan at all. He can have traits similar to say a Saiyan, but, ya know, isn't.
  16. Like a Tuffle...
    I mean, I WANT A TUFFLE. But a real Tuffle, not just like Baby. Or Infant. A full-blooded Tuffle.
    Then I would need to make him EVEN stronger, lol.
  17. *sigh* I'm trying to be reasonable here.

    There's the list of parallel universes. Each parallel universe shares the same species, but not with other universes (except for Yardrats who travel the universe). Universe 16 and 7 are the only one's we know with Tuffles. Do the math.

    In all honesty, I'm only being picky because I want interesting new characters.
  18. If being saiyan is going to be a problem, I’m just straight up not gonna do this team. 5 members of my team are saiyan, and getting rid of that would be like getting rid of them for me.
  19. So many damn monkeys
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  20. Are you serious? Five saiyans!?....That's a lot! (Especially for one universe)
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  21. Well, so Yan is going to be...
    Uhm... An... Universe... Maybe he could be running from...
    Actually, if he is half-Tuffle half-Saiyan, he could be easily from universe 16.
    Anyways, I'm going to create another fighter for universe 15.
  22. Well, yeah. If it’s an issue, I’ll just stick with my universe 8.
  23. Can't you just make your characters a different warrior race? Something similar, but not a complete copy of Saiyans?
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  24. No, not really. All of these saiyans are at least capable of ssj1, and I don’t know what tailed, human like race with a blonde hair transformation isn’t a saiyan.
  25. Exactly what I suggested.

    They could be called...Primavians (?) (Coming up with a name).
  26. Unfortunately, primavians like that would just be saiyans with a different name. I don’t really see that working out too well.
  27. Make it a different transformation. Change the hair color or something, but it can have the same effect.
  28. How about making them look more primitive. Like, their whole body is covered in fur (sort of like SSJ 4, but with brown fur), and each transformation could be blonde or whatever color you want it to be.
  29. Nah, I’m sorry. That just hurts my wittlr heart seeing the saiyans I’ve made not be saiyans just pains the memories I made with my late friend, Aaron. I’ll just figure out another set of fighters to do.
  30. Maybe we can use your Saiyan characters for Universe 16 in a different arc? So they don't go to waste for this RP. IDK.
  31. Idk, I’ll figure it out for later. For now, they’re stored away deep in my brain hole.
  32. Well, fine if that's how you want it to be, then so be it. I was just a bit disappointed in the lack of creativity, but if that's how it is then that's how it is.

    (Also, might make Primivians a species in another universe)
  33. Use them primavians however you want buddy. Meanwhile I’ll sit here and wait for heroes to be released in the us.
  34. So... that's gonna be my universe 15 fighter, I guess.

    Name: Loras
    Race: Shadow
    Gender: None.
    Age: 1000+
    Appearance: In his final form, he is completly dark but his eyes and mouths are white, and his skin and all body parts have an appearence of melting, or sweating. Apart from that, there's nothing much else. He can also take control over an body, and after that, he can freely turn into that person, with some slight changes. If he turns into a saiyan and stays into the form for long, he's going to start sweating, then his skin will appear to be melting, until he finally needs to venture and go to his true form.
    Other-Body Appearance: His saiyan body is a giant, routhless, muscle ball that you don't want to face. He is tall, his hair is spiky and short, also pretty messy. Apart from that, he uses the normal Saiyan clothes. When he turns SSJ, it's pretty different (Since the saiyan couldn't normally achieve the form), it has a dark aura, with a dark hair with two white stripes, and his eye's and mouth's appearence is visible on this form.
    Personality: 'I'm gonna slowly kill you' is a good way of describing him. But, nonetheless, here goes and full described personality: He enjoys killing, he won't toy around with you, he is going to make you suffer. Apart from that, he is completly mute.
    Forms: True form (Strongest form), Saiyan form (Yes, he killed a saiyan. Also, Weakest form.) and Corrupted-Shadow SSJ Saiyan form. (Drains a lot of stamina, but he can handle it for some minutes. )
    Signature move: Body controlling, Morph, and can steal techniques.
    Relatives: No one. He killed them.
    Other: "What? Never saw a shadow slowly slaughtering someone?" (this is a gag)

    I think this character is pretty cool...
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  35. I’m about to make Diover in xenoverse 1. Wish me luck, guys!
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  37. You're pretty unlucky, my friend.
    I mean, recolored Yamcha? No one deserves that!
  38. Yeah, I guess xeno 1 creation wasn’t nearly as good as I remembered it being.
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  39. by steal technique do you mean copy of taking all of it for himself?

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