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Private/Closed Dragon Ball RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, May 22, 2017.

  1. This RP takes place in a different set of Dragon Ball universe than the known universes. You are a inhabitant of universe 16. The plot hasn't been thought of yet so I could use some help.
    1- No godmodding
    2- No OP powers
    3- Swearing is allowed but keep it to a minimal
    4- Follow Pokecharms rules
    5- Romance is allowed but keep it tame
    6- Have fun

    Signature move:
  2. Quick question does the character's race have to one of the canon races (Human, Sayin, namekian, whatever frieza is ect?)
  3. Oh my god, yes!

    Name: Icicure
    Race: Frieza Race
    Gender: Female (I know that there haven't been any specified genders, but this is a different universe, right? So new rules?)
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Icicure looks a lot like Frieza, except more slender, and she also has a mask that covers half of her face (like Cooler's). Her body is all white, except for some spots that surround her, they're red with a dash of purple.
    Personality: Icicure is cold, and tends to stay quiet and be by herself. She can be angered pretty easily, and isn't afraid to get in a fight. She might be very aggressive, but she has been able to show her positive side...sometimes.
    • First Form: She's small and has horns sticking out of her head.
    • Second Form: Looks like her first form, but much bigger.
    • Third and Final Form: She gets smaller, and loses her horns.
    Signature move: Hell's Beam
    Relatives: NO ONE (at least that of what she knows of)
    Other: She tends to stay in her final form more
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  4. Alright
    Name; Chris Morriland
    Race Quzacion.
    Gender Male
    age 21
    Appearance Light brown almost blonde hair that goes down to his ears. wears a blue T shirt and black slacks. Has emerald green eyes. and stands at 6'2
    Personallity: Respectful and caring to people. He will never start a fight but will gladly end it. He learned threw the years of pain and loss to always look ahead cause you never know what will happen the next day.
    forms: Gene mode. (Doubles his strength speed and kai control.) Gene stage 2( While his speed and kai control grows stronger his strengths weakends) Unleashed ( increases everything to the hundredth power. the downside is that it's a glass cannon if he get's hurt in this form he is severely injured no matter how weak the attack was)
    Signature moves: Spirit bomb ( He takes his inner kai and creates a ball of energy. once it makes contact with something it breaks engulfing every thing in a mile radius.)
    Relatives: None worth mentioning
    Other: He has a quick healing factor. Allowing him to take a lot of damage. the downside is that when he transforms the healing factor dwindles becoming non existent when he is in unleashed mode.
  5. Might as well test out a new form idea.....

    : Felix Dulvac
    Race: Sayian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: He has black hair, like his race, but has green eyes. When in his other forms, his fair becomes red, and spiky. Normaly his hair is spiky around the sides. Then it all goes up in his forms.He wears a training gi, similar to one of the Z-fighters, but it's colors are inverted. His tail had been cut off by an accident, a few years ago.
    Personality: Felix is a laid back guy who loves to fight and eat. However he can be pretty hot blooded at times, and start fights.
    Forms: SS1, SS2, Inferno Sayain (a technique he perfected. His saiyan form become attributed to fire, making him able use fire and becomes immune to it. So pretty much a fire version of super saiyan. Also his hair turns red and looks pretty lively.)
    Signature Moves: Blazing Inferno Blast (charges and fire a super charged ball of fire.)
    Relatives: N/A he was orphaned at a young age
    Other: N/A
  6. Here goes.
    Name: Sasha
    Race: Saiyan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Short black hair, greyish purple eyes, a scar on her left cheek, an old model green scouter, the same armor Fasha wears, and a tail she has wrapped around her waist.
    Personality: She may seem cold at first, but once she warms to others, she can a bit caring. She isn't afraid to have a fight with someone.
    Forms: SSJ and SSJ2, but she wants to go even further beyond.
    Signature move: Deadly Dance
    Relatives: Her mother is Fasha, but we all know she's dead.
    Other: She doesn't like anyone grabbing her tail. It doesn't make her weak, it just makes her feel violated.
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  7. Name: Neke Blane
    Race: Saiyan
    Gender: male
    Age: 16(Will Maybe Grow Up During RP)
    Appearance: Peachy Skin, Red Eyes, Average Weight, 6"78(Will Grow), A Modern Red Shirt, Blue Jeans, Black Shoes.
    Personality: Bit Of an Anti-Hero, Despises Human War, Arrogant, Always Looking For A Challenging Fight, Cocky, Ambitious, Rude.
    Forms: Base Form: Average Saiyan With A Lower Ki Supply, But Can Absorb Ki Through Ki Sword
    Super Saiyan White: Can Be Upgraded By Using Ki From Absorbing It, Starts At the Power Of Super Saiyan 3,But Mainly Accessed Through Anger. Decent Supply Of Ki.
    Signature move: Ki Sword, Can Absorb A Tiny Bit Of Ki, And Barely Takes Up Any of His Ki Supply.(Can Absorb God Ki)(Can only Kill Stronger Ki Users Like Gods, But That's Too Hard In Base Form)
    Relatives: None Alive, They All Died By Combat.
    Other: Has Won All Of 129 Fights He Took Part In, Except One Where He Ran Out Of Ki
  8. @koopa000
    Some people are already talking about God forms, and I was thinking... Why not make this like Dragon Ball, and make everyone work to get to their next form? But I don't know about my character, since Frieza was born in his final form.
  9. Yeah can't let people have their most powerful transformation at the start of the RP
  10. Neke Can Only Access Super Saiyan White Through Anger, And Is Only SS3 Power Level.
  11. Also what does this mean?
  12. If An Opponent Has A High Ki Supply, Ki Sword Can Kill, If They Can Use It Well.
  13. Bios
    Name: Celacion
    Race: Saiyan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: wears clothe similar to Broly except with grey pants
    Personality: I a fierce fighter, wants fight to go on as long as possible. Unlike most saiyans, he has a merciful nature
    Forms: SSJ, LSSJ, LSSJ2, LSSJ3
    Signature move: Eraser Cannon
    Relatives: Broly?
    Other: Doesn't care about pride as the average Saiyan
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  14. Finally! Someone whose name is actually a pun
  15. Yeah we should keep the naming trope in DB
  16. Also we should keep our character to their base of at most one transformation at the beginning of the RP and go further as we move on
  17. My characters base form is her final form, so what about me?
  18. Makes sense. Also not to be rude, but when will the rp thread be up?
  19. After we figure out how I will start the RP
  20. Yeah you're right, we need to plan a plot.

    Here are some questions that could help:
    • What is the setting?
    • How do(or will) our characters know each other?
    • What do our characters do?
  21. Well what if we have some kind of tournament set up by an overlord or something. We all come and are trapped and have to team up to escape.
  22. 'Course, After Everyone Shows Their Abilities And Fight A Few Times.
  23. Well maybe not exactly. There are a few fights, but not everyone does. After they escape there can be some conflict over who is actually stronger. Then we look like a group and are attacked again. Like before we accept are all equal exvept for a few, and create a friendship.
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  24. Sounds like a good plot.
  25. Oh, Yeah I Forgot To Mention. Neke Can Make Bubble Shields By Using Ki.
  26. cause that's where I first saw SSJ white
  27. @koopa000 Is it OK if someone in the RP were like Freiza, a galactic ruler, and that so many people confuse my character with that character? His name could be Lord Dridice.
  28. wait why would she hide her identity on her home planet? is it not populated with Acrosians?

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