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Private/Closed Dragon Ball RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, May 22, 2017.

  1. Idk about the filler, as @Eeveechu151 is in charge of it this time, but what we have so far is that Ken and his group will land in a planet. What they don't know is that the planet is property of Lord Dridice, and he is currently on the planet. Lute will sense Dridice's power, and try to find and fight him, but Dridice and his crew will be too powerful for Lute and the rest of the gang that went with him and they're easily overpowered. Celacion, Ken, and Ji make it out of the planet, but Lute gets captured. Jin, the daughter of the Supreme Kai, then aids Ken's group and will plead for them to help her defeat Dridice, she will do the same with Arcie's ship group.

    That is what we have so far.
    Also, you are correct about it being Icicure's father.
  2. I think it is a cool way to indroduce Yan and Maka, as they would already known each other, since they are master and learner. They could be on part of some rebelion, as they would be probably the strongest of them, since I just think Maka would be around Gohan SSJ2 (Cell saga), and Yan at Perfect Cell level (From the only arc he appeared on DBZ), but that is up to debate, since I don't know how strong Dridice is.
  3. Dridice's strongest form is SSJ Vegito level.

    But, don't worry, there other villains that work for Dridice, and Icicure (and maybe somone else) will only fight Dridice.
  4. ....I hope Icicure does not become Vegito tier this arc. We are focusing on Dridice's forces first correct?
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  5. I’m thinking that before Dridice shows his final form, he gets called away for something, so he only goes as far as his second form in this arc
  6. Then, I supose the power level of my characters aren't OP or anything.
  7. we can initiate the time skip as soon as @Eeveechu151 posts and let Celacion onto his ship and take off
  8. Nope. But she does take Dridice down with a special technique. And yes, we're dealing with Dridice's forces first, then Dridice. I'm thinking of it having it be like the Frieza, the next enemy is way stronger than the last, but they give the heroes a chance to power-up for the final boss.

    Besides, the enemy after this major arc is way stronger than Dridice, and he comes directly after the defeat of Dridice. So...good luck.
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  9. A special technique that can take down a Vegito-tier opponent? I'm...curious what you have in mind though I do hope it's not an Icicure solo run (Given the power difference, at this point). Delivering the final blow? Sure, but using a special technique to one-shot Dridice eh. Wait and see I suppose.

    Also I am curious what other villains we will have.
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  10. I’d like to see a villain based on powers like reality and/or space bending, even if that doesn’t end up being a big bad at some point.
  11. So something like Janemba then? He's about the closest thing Dragon Ball has to something like that.
  12. Janemba does have stuff like that, but I’m talking about like a bigger scale. Make entire cities dissapear in an instance, maybe temporarily remove someone’s ability to use ki, like an upgraded janemba I guess.
  13. Well, we have to be reasonable there. Go too far with that and the powers become to strong to logically beat which would lead to a victory by an a**-pull instead. Strong enough to be a formidable opponent, but not too strong to be a story breaker.
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  14. Could be interesting. What race would it be? One of the well-known ones or a fan-made one? And if he comes after Dridice, why did he not try to beat him to claim the universe or something?
  15. I know this is the ultimate uncle Ben of powers here, and I have no idea what race it would be. It would likely be something made up, though it’s really just an idea at this point.
  16. Maybe it could be a Majin? I think I Never wanted to introduce one so maybe this antagonist could be connected to that character in some way or something. Depending on when this villain pops up.

    Also introducing Damunga's sister in the upcoming filler but she won't be a major antagonist till a later arc.
  17. The majin will be introduced after the Dridice arc.
  18. If you want we could do the Majin with my power idea, though it’s totally up in the air at this point.
  19. Yeah, I wasn't planning on it being a solo-run either, I was thinking of it being Icicure, Sasha, and Damunga vs Lord Dridice or just Sasha and Icicure vs Lord Dridice. My point being that I want Sasha to help Icicure in this fight.
  20. I will like to take you up in that offer! My Majin will now have space-rendering powers like Janemba (even though Super Buu/Buuhan also had space-rendering powers, but to an extent due to their anger)!
  21. Hell yeah! Teamwork: character development!
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  22. Arcie: SHIPS!

    Should be interesting if nothing else, I'll probably have Damunga sit out to give them their moment together.
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  23. Question. So is Icicure's death going to be when Dridice is defeated?
  24. No, it'll be directly afterwards. Don't worry, there is a plan. >:D
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  25. Okay, good. That means I still have time to plan out how she will handle it. >:D

    Sasha: You guys are so mean!!!
  26. Me/???: HAHAHAHAH! My saga comes after Dridice - hope you’re ready.
    And also I like the idea of the Majin character having those powers, makes more sense why ??? would recruit her.
  27. Guys did you ignore my idea?
  28. I'm sorry, but from what @Eeveechu151 and I had already planned, it would only make the most sense to have Dridice go into his final form.
  29. Dridice has got to die for the sake of the Horseman arc and the one after it.
  30. If that's the case WHY the Hell did you make him Final Buu Saga level! Now its extremely unrealistic to kill him and if you say you have a secret technique to kill him then that's just a Deux Machina, come on people lets not be like bleach that pulls out powers that conveniently counters the enemy they're fighting out of nowhere with an explanation that sounds like an excuse
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  31. Rohan?
    You're forgetting something.
    Sasha + Icicure + Lute + Damunga + Maybe Diover + Maybe Celacion + Maybe AXOM 2/3 should be able to overpower Dridice.
  32. Never said Icicure and Sasha and maybe Damunga
  33. Yeah. They should still be able to overpower them, I'm just putting the "maybe"s in there since we may want other characters to join in. At the very least, Lute's going to be there.
  34. At Vegito Level? Either everyone arr going to gave to grind their power up or I don't think 3-4 people will beat Vegito at SSJ no less
  35. Our characters are going to power up throughout the arc, like in the Frieza saga. I'm trying to make it like the Frieza saga in which the next character is way stronger than the last, until they meet up with the big bad.

    And, our characters are going to get stronger in this filler arc. Speaking of which, @Godjacob when the Dridice arc starts, I want Damunga and Icicure to be similar in power.
  36. Ken's got his AXOM ready to go so that'll be fun. Lute can get a power burst from his second form if he needs to break it out just yet, and Ji's not a fighter yet.
    The filler arc before Dridice is just Dridice's troops, right? Or am I missing something?
  37. Well first, we get to the planet, we encounter Dridice, we get horribly beat by Dridice's men, Celacion gets thrown into space and rescued by Jin, Icicure's group show up and we fight, that's how the arc is oing to go right?
  38. I thought you had some filler planned out before the next arc. Am I wrong?
  39. In that case, we need to do the Demon Text Filler before the Dridice Arc cause I don't want Damunga to gain such a jump off screen. For the most part. Though it doesn't help that Icicure & Damunga train together all the time in the Gravity Room which means Damunga lacks that extra solo time to try and make up ground on Icicure.
  40. it doesn't have to be a filler, The Demon Text can be your side of the arc while our side take care of the Sur Crem force, th can join back w it time to fight Dridice and the Elites
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