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Private/Closed Dragon Ball RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, May 22, 2017.

  1. Yeah, The Sur Crem force doesn't seem like the kind that would rage over a fallen comrade
  2. @Mecha Who your characters could help beat the weakest one of the Sur Cream
  3. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    That's what I thought they could do.
    Well, they would just get knocked out anyways.
  4. My plan was for Ken and the others to get completely demolished by the Sur Crem Force (who attacks only after Lute and Celacion’s fight), one of them threatens Ji, and Ken gets mad and uses the AXOM to go to town on one of them.
  5. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Seems good. Maka and Yan would also get beaten, Ken would be the last fighter remaning.
  6. I thought they might show up after Ken and Ji get wiped by the Force though. Ken's going to be doing something with the AXOM that's sure to leave a noticeable impression.
  7. Celacion: Beans! My only weakness!
  8. Ah, typos. Lol.

    Sasha: Please tell me that's not actually your weakness.
  9. Y-you do know that expression right?
  10. Apparently I don't. Also I realized I read it wrong. :'|:'|:'|

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