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Private/Closed Dragon Ball RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, May 22, 2017.

  1. In that case, Damunga should be nipping at her heels given the extra training he does and will get a book to learn new interesting techniques. What's like a step or half-step below that?

    And Magnus is someone who, if Icicure's party worked as a team, could beat together. Kinda like Nappa versus the Z-Fighters. Only more fair.
  2. Then Lao would be stronger than her, which I don't think could happen. You probably know why Goku SSJ2> Perfect Cell, but I will explain it anyways:
    So Goku fights with Majin Vegeta, both SSJ2 forms. Dabura is Perfect Cell level, and was one shotted by Fat Buu. Goku SSJ2 was stronger than Majin Vegeta SSJ2, that only beat Goku because of a cheap shot. Majin Vegeta then went to fight Fat Buu, and he wasn't one shotted like Dabura, meaning he is stronger than Perfect Cell. So Gotenks SSJ3 >>> Fat Buu >> Goku SSJ2 > Majin Vegeta SSJ2 > Perfect Cell = Dabura. > Pretty much the rest of the Z-Fighters, maybe apart from Tien.
    (Sorry, I just wanted to write a bit.)
  3. where were you going with that?
  4. Since when was Lao SSJ2 Goku (Buu Saga) level? That would make him stronger than Infant, and everyone in the RP. Last time you mentioned he was SSJ Goku level.
  5. And, no. It was clearly stated that Goku and Vegeta were equal in power as SSJ2. The only reason Goku would've been able to win the fight was because he was holding back SSJ3.
  6. I think I meant that he was stronger than Perfect Cell level. I just think I wanted to make him OP for some reason. Anyways, I just meant stronger that Perfect Cell level, I used the wrong characters to compare him to.
    But, I think they were not equal, remember, Goku's body had less limitations, so he could be stronger than Vegeta at the time.
  7. They were equal as Super Saiyan twos. Goku being dead doesn't change he held back to some degree by keeping Super Saiyan 3 hidden.

    Also Lao lost to Damunga who is not as powerful (At this point) in Super Saiyan 2.
  8. Stop trying to beef up your character Mecha, you should just stop arguing
  9. Exactly as Godjacob says, Lao is suppose to be weaker than Damunga and Infant, yet he has a power greater than most of the next arc's villains. You should really lower Lao's power. Now I'm not saying to lower his power greatly, but just low enough to where it makes sense in the RP.
  10. So, I could make him as strong as Vegeta SSJ Grade 2. I think this makes more sense than Perfect Cell Level+. If that is fine, I mean.
  11. Dude, that's perfect! It's a power level that makes sense.
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  12. good, glad we got that figured out
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  13. @Rohan Kishibe I think Yan and Maka could be introduced to Lute's group. They wouldn't join him now, but in the future. At least, they would help Lute's group fight.
  14. Eh i don’t feel like having your character join us, you can join after the arc if you want
  15. Ok, but can they still help them fight, at least? Well, maybe they get there after Lute's group have already beaten the army, and Maka thinks they were the only survivors, or that they were assasins or something. Then they would fight. But that's up for you to decide. I think this would make sense, as Maka would see them as enemies, and would refuse to join the group.
  16. Celacion and Lute will get beat by the Sur Crem force when they arrive, I don’t get when your characters can appear in that situation
  17. I know. Just wanted to know how long the Desert World sub-plot should go until we are ready to come together. And how do our sides meet up again. Though Sarah's character?
  18. Oh sorry....though it was convo XD
  19. Maybe after they get beaten. Yan and Maka then fight the Sur Crem Force, but also fail.
  20. Yeah sure, but make them leave after they lose, it’s still not late enough to introduce your characters
  21. I think if they’re going to be introduced this arc, it’d be during Ken and Ji’s fight against the Sur Crem Force at the earliest.
  22. Ok. Just a question, how strong are the Sur Crem Force members compared to a DBZ character?
  23. You'll have to ask SS about that one.
  24. @SS-I Never ?
  25. The Sur Crem Force are as strong as characters from Early Buu Saga. The weakest being Cell level, and the strongest being Goku/Vegeta SSJ2 level.
  26. Which Cell form? Perfect or Super Perfect?
  27. Ok then. How many people are on the group?
  28. Ok, so I assume Ken, Ji, Yan and Maka would be able to beat 2 or 3 of them.
  29. You seem to be severely underestimating them (or overestimating yourself like usual)
  30. Then, how many will they be able to beat? Two or only one? Because they can definetly beat at least one of them.
  31. But we don't want to beat them, just yet. We're trying to make this interesting.
  32. They don't need to beat everyone, but I think they can beat 1. It would be cool to see his partners watch him suffer, which could make them rage, beating every enemy on the field. That's up to you, but according to the scaling, they would beat 1, at least.
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  33. beating doesn't automatically mean killing
  34. I meant they would see him laying on the ground, knocked out, and rage. But he would remain alive, if you want.
  35. what's your obsession with them raging?
  36. Idk, it seems natural. They see their (What I assume) old friend almost dead and then rage, creating a hate relationship with their enemies.
  37. The Sur Crem Force wouldn't give a rats ass of one of their partners is dead, they only live to serve Lord Dridice and Sur Crem.

    And, your characters could beat one of them, but as of right now in the RP, I don't think so. Wait till further down the line, as soon as Lute and Celacion lose, and all of the other people in the RP get together.
  38. Seems fair. I don't care if it is my character that kills one of them, but then, Maka and Yan wouldn't go 100% at the fight, if they have the power I said they would have. So I will decrease it, because I don't want to be called out because my OCs were too strong (Even tho their power levels aren't stronger than most of the Sur Crem Force, since they were SSJ2 Gohan and Perfect Cell level.). Maka would be Perfect Cell Level and Yan would be around MSSJ Gohan (After he gets the rage boost, which is still much weaker than Perfect Cell.). But if this is still too strong, I will decrease it more, but they still would be fairly strong.

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