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Private/Closed Dragon Ball RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, May 22, 2017.

  1. Hmm....how about I have Icicure spend time with the other fighters while Damunga is just training his ass off.
  2. Well, I can make a post (Time Skip for when we do that) of Damunga alone in the Gravity Room and clarify he's been in there any chance he has compared to the rest of the crew. Just so long as nobody joins him as it will be the tail end of his session.
  3. Wait, is your side gonna solo the Sur Crem Force?
  4. Probably not. It's more likely that Ken and Celacion are going to struggle against the Sur Crem force like Gohan/Krillin/Vegeta were against the Ginyus until they try to take Ji, Ken gets pissed and kills the first member of the force with the AXOM. Ideally, the rest of the heroes arrive soon after when Lute manages to reach Arcie's mind with Namekian telepathy.
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  5. Lute and Jin will also help out with the Sur Crem force
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  6. Lute won't. Remember the whole "frozen and captured" thing? Otherwise yeah he'd be able to solo them in his Wraith form at the least with Ken's AXOM and Celacion backing him up.
  7. How strong was Wraith form? The Sur Crem force is late Cell saga to mid Buu saga in power
  8. Close to SSJ3. It's his penultimate form before god tier.
  9. something that high is a bit sudden
  10. Yeah, it's a latent form of his. Nature is even more powerful. That's why I'm planning to save Wraith until the Horsemen Arc.
  11. FYI in school won't be able to get my first post of the new arc till later.
  12. I think Lao would also train with Damunga, but stay there a bit more after resting for some time.
    Also, I think we should do some kind of 'filler' arc to introduce the rebelion Yan and Maka are in. They are basically just gonna join Lute's group. I also think they should fight off against final form Dridice, since they are pretty much the leaders of the rebelion, but Maka gets killed, making Yan have a rage boost before almost being killed by Dridice. I also think Lao would join the fight, since when he leaves the gravity room for the last time he would be around SSJ2 Goku from the Buu saga.
  13. Alright, sure.
    Also, to clear up where Ken's group is right now, they're back on the planet we started at. I'm thinking Dridice hasn't already conquered it, and is just about to begin his invasion in... maybe a week? I'd like a week to time-skip so Lute and Celacion can get some training in, if you all are cool with that.
  14. The planet could already be conquered, Dridice can just not be on it at the moment
  15. Well I guess we have to since the planet's Arcosia :p
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  16. @Mecha Who

    Arcie's Gravity Machine only goes up to 100x Gravity now. I was planning to have Damunga nag Arice to modify it up to higher levels despite her concerns over going too far.
  17. Oh I'm sorry lel
  18. It's okay, minor thing really. Gonna have her modify it for this arc anyway.
  19. @BlueMew392 I think Lao and Sasha already met each other, right? I am gonna post as if he already met her, but if anything, just tell me what you think.
  20. I don't think they have officially met.
  21. They could have met off screen, since they spent a week together.
  22. Sounds legit.
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  23. But if you want, they can have an 'official' greeting.
  24. I think I prefer the idea of them meeting off screen.
  25. Me too. It would be weird to see someone just greeting a partner after spending a week with him.
  26. Man, a week has passed and already Infant has been surpassed by you guys XD
  27. That's Dragon Ball for you.
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  28. Now that I think about it, ye lel.
  29. I think it's a bit too fast for my pace, but whatever I don't control your characters.

    Feel bad for Infant though...XD
  30. She deserves it, she has much stronger forms anyways, forms that could rival the last form of this arc's villain. (I mean, it's weaker, but it's still pretty close)
  31. Hum, maybe Yan could show up, since they are on Arcosia. I think the results would still be the same though.
  32. I'd like to keep our group just our group for the time being
  33. Hm, okay. Then maybe Yan goes to check the area after the group is gone. Or just have him introduce himself and the rebelion to Sasha's group.
  34. How strong is Damunga and the fighters now? And how strong is Magus?
    Because I think Lao and Diover could take him on, depending on the scaling.
  35. Depends on what level Icicure, Sasha and Diover are at right now. Then I can properly scale Damunga & Magnus.

    Demona is stronger than any of them at this point, so she won't do much direct fighting ideally (Mainly just an encounter with Damunga, and anyone else who decides to step in foolishly) which is why Magnus is a thing.
  36. Well, Damunga should be stronger than the rest of the crew. But, I also wanted to know the level of Icicure, Sasha and Diover to scale him correctly. But I think they would still be stronger than Lao, but if he trains more I think he could close the gap a bit.
  37. He would? I just imagined his excessive training ate up the gap between himself and Sasha/Icicure. So they aren't too far ahead like in the previous arc. Though by how much I do not know.
  38. He would be weaker than Sasha/Icicure, but maybe equal in power with Diover. I think that on the next arc tho, he will pretty much close the gap (That is, if no A**pulls happen, or Sasha gets a new form. Then, she would be much stronger than pretty much everyone again, lol.).
  39. @SS-I Never How strong is Icicure now? (Compared to a DBZ character.)
  40. Hmmm....I'd say close to Perfect Cell.

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