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Ask to Join Demon Slayer Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mango137, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Cutting words short Phyra simply nodded in response to Kazu's agreement. As he wandered off to do his search, the rain blade took to her own inspections of the premises. Her hum picked up as she shifted through the rooms, careful not to disturb any possible evidence. The sun was still up so she didn't expect to find much, the demon most certainly would've booked it out of here by now or they were exceptionally good at hiding. With that possibility in mind, Phyra pulled open all the drapes, curtains or shutters she could find and then summarily ignored anything touched by the sunlight. This allowed her to complete her search very quickly, leaving only enough time for another stanza of her song.

    "See me now, a ray of light in the Moondance
    See me now, I cannot leave this place
    Hear me now, a strain of song in the forest
    Don't ask me, to follow where you lead"

    "A young man walked through the forest
    With a flower and coat of green
    His love had hair like fire
    Her eyes an emerald sheen
    She wrapped herself in beauty
    So young and so serene."

    Her song was once again cut short when she reconvened with Kazu. It appeared he too had found nothing of significance, and they had converged on the final room of the house. With Kazu's prompt, she pushed the door open with the hilt of her sword. The scene of blood and gore on the other side caused the demon slayer to squint, and the putrid smell of dried blood caused her nose to twist in disgust. Amidst the scene of carnage, a set of footprints immediately grabbed Phyra's attention. The trained from the murderous gruel...err, murdered gruel, and led over to an ornate vase.

    With a hand signal, Phyralis gestured toward the vase.

    "What do you think? Some kind of shapeshifting demon?"

    If that was the case then attacking it now wasn't the best option. Since the demon clearly favored stealth it was likely that the fiend would flee rather than engage them in combat, and they'd have to scan the whole house again if it escaped —checking each and every object.

  2. After the fight between Ren and Mori had concluded Ren stood in an open field practicing his blood demon art. It was his attempt to condense his fog as well as expand it outwards so if he got into another fight with Mori the fog would not so easily pulled away. Ren wasn't contempt with the results so far so he continued practicing his demon art each time making it denser and widespread. He then reached a stopping point when he decided he would need to rest and replenish. He went off to a dark and empty mausoleum where he could hide away and replenish his energy through rest.
  3. The fight lasted several hours, and once it was done, the three Demon Slayers slowly trudged back to their inn. Several thugs lay unconscious or incapacitated on the ground, while a few stragglers, now bloodied and bruised, scrambled back to the deeper ends of the slums to retreat. Miyaji let out a raspy cough as he gingerly massaged his shoulder. He had dropped his staff once he was done using it, and it lay among the punks, heavily worn out and marked with blood in some places.

    "There were way too many; that place is probably our best shot for a lead as to where the demon is, but it'll be exhausting to get through them..."

    As the three continued to go on their way, Tōru sat against a wall, his chest heaving with each exhausting breath. He pressed a dirty hand against the bloody wound on his temple as he simply remained, staring at the ground with burning rage. The images of Miyaji, Akane, and Dolan were burned into his mind, and Tōru punched the ground next to him with his free hand, scattering dirt and pebbles around it. "They'll never make it to him; I'll get rid of them all. Our boss won't be dying anytime soon."
  4. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane looked around sadly at what was left of the battle. She bowed to apologize to all those she hurt and then followed the others back, walking quickly and close to them. "I don't like this." She said in a soft voice as they reached the inn. Once inside she pulled out her little medicine jars and gave one to each of her teammates. "Just rub it into the wound or around the bruises. It will help avoid infection and ease the pain." She avoiding eye contact with them, feeling ashamed of herself. She didn't like having to fight humans and the way they were handled was too brutal.

    Akane made her way into her room. She took a long bath, washed her clothes, ate a good meal and then healed her wounds. She fell asleep soon, having terrible nightmares and waking up every now and then, only to drift off into another on. When it was time to wake up, she repeated the same routine as before. Making herself look presentable and neat. She left her room and went to the lobby, preparing more medical herbs just in case.
  5. Kazu smirked as he heard Phyra humming and followed her when she entered the last room. He saw... What left from the last victim of the demon. Old him would be disgusted and angry... Kazu now just saw a corpse, that was slowly decompose...
    Dried blood scent, Kazu was about to puke as he remind himself...

    He looked at the vase as Phyra gave him a signal with her hand at her and then he returned his eyes at her. "Maybe... If our opponent really is a shapeshifter... He can be anywhere here or nowhere..." said Kazu. "We may have our culprit... But it may be also some kind of false clues. The only one thing is for sure, our opponent isn't a fighter. We may leave this place.. But what if they are here... Or we can stay and it may happend that they didn't.." Kazu said quietly to Phyra... As someone could hear them.

    He thought for a long while... He looked around the room for more clues... But his eye wasn't able to see anything useful.. He thought and thought. He even tried as he thought to repeat hummed by Reva melody... He did it subconsciously when he focused on thinking of something ... Then he came up with an idea.

    Kazu whistled and Arashi, his buzzard landed on his shoulder.

    "I may have an idea.. I just don't know, that it is a good one, but... We will seperate. One of us may stay here... Maybe even try to be a bait.. If they are still here, it may want an easy target close to them. Another one gonna patrol around the city, to be close, if something happends in another hauses and we can communicate thanks to our birds. If one of us meets with opponent, their bird will go to another one... About who will stay and who will go... It's a hard decision... " he said and then added quickly "But first... Do you like this idea? What do you think about it..."
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  6. "Thanks!" Dolan said accepting the medicine from Akane. He rubbed it on a few of his wounds here and there. Dolan was pretty contempt with the results of the fight as he wasn't bothered by knowing he had to fight humans ,but he could tell it was bothered Akane though, "We did good today. It might not seem right ,but its them or us. And if we lose the whole town loses to the demon. You saw the people at the streets and shops. These people have families and kids to deal with. They don't need to add demons to their list of problems" Dolan said as he looked back and forth at Akane and Miyaji.

    As they finally made their way back to the inn he ran to his horse Apri cheerfully hugging her ,and giving her an apricot slice. He saw the others head inside so he decided to do the same. As he went in his room he leaped onto his bed making a loud noise before landing on the bed making another loud noise, "gaaaaah!" Dolan went as he landed on one of his still fresh wounds from the fight against the thugs, "So uncool of them to use low blows" Dolan muttered as he stumbled up. He yelled cheerfully as he thought about dinner before running outside his room. They ate dinner ,and Dolan slept like a rock for the most part if you ignore the snoring, the sleep walking, and talking, "ladies... theres plenty of the prince to go around... all aboard the boat. Toot toot" Dolan muttered to himself as he sleep walked around the room.

    Upon waking up Dolan realized he was leaning against the wall, there were drinks spilled on the floor, food on the floor, crumbs on the bed, bird droppings on the table, a sock on the door ,and Dolan's backpack was knocked over. As soon as Dolan got dressed, closed the window ,and made himself decent he headed towards the lobby with a goofy grin and his back thrown over his shoulder.
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  7. "I'm green and I just blasted off like a star, so would that make me a JadeStar?" Pearlan asked Arashi, having changed his skin to a leafy hue to phase through thick forests as he made it back to town. He'd sold platinum records along the way and nurtured a successful career, but the community had returned to its stagnant, middle-of-nowhere state. The locals dragged their feet across the dirt with no inspiration, the buzz dying down with the Duke's abrupt exit.

    The demon had no room to talk, though. He kept his contemplating head down as he wandered into the neighborhood, the faces of civilians lighting up at his appearance. Every time he seized the loose fiber of a scheme in his empty mind and chased it down, it led nowhere. The elaborate plots just weren't coming the way they used to.

    "What the hell do I do now?" he wondered without purpose. When he looked up at the intent stares of the people who'd flocked to him, however, his absorbed expression broke down and tears streamed over his face like conquered territory. For once, the emotions that showed weren't anger, frustration, or dismissal, but sadness and desperation. "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO RULE THIS TOWN WHEN MY PLANS KEEP FAILING?! HOW DO I MAKE MY EVIL GENIUS KNOWN WHEN EVERYONE HERE LIKES ME NO MATTER WHAT I DO?!"

    "You want to take over the town?" one of his googly-eyed admirers asked.

    "You should run for mayor!" another encouraged.

    "Yeah! I'd totally vote for you!"

    "You'd have complete control!"

    "Politicians are scumbags! If you want an evil reputation, that's the way to go!"

    Pearlan's crying suddenly stopped. His last tear slunk away from his countenance and joined the others on the ground, fleeing just in time before he surged with creativity.

    "THAT'S IT!" he exclaimed, whipping his head toward Arashi, placing his hands on his shoulders, and forgetting, in a massive power trip, that he was only vying for a local position. "We're starting a campaign, and you're my VP."

    At around five o'clock the next night, this quiet conviction became a bold declaration, and Pearlan officially entered the race. In a relatively small settlement like this, a single candidate opposed him, and while it thankfully wasn't MC Granny, he faced 10-time incumbent Shibo Aburakkoi, a bald, greasy, calculating career statesman. He and Pearlan finally met on the debate stage at an open forum later that week, the organizers postponing the event until night to prevent the latter from burning in the sun. Shibo would be the one getting burned, the royal resolved, scowling at the man who approached the microphone with a relaxed, conceited gait and glanced at him asquint, as if he wasn't worth his time.

    "If I'm reelected, I'll bring jobs, development, and opportunity to this great village while preserving its traditions and upholding its integrity," he delivered, wooing supporters who'd gathered in the street with his eloquence and stinging his rival with the tone of someone who thought he had this in the bag. "My challenger, however, is grossly unfit to govern. The offenses he's committed against this community include infringing on private property, harming small businesses, and tearing people to shreds, but more importantly, he's a demon, and a race that acts on its destructive impulses can hardly be trusted to lead."

    Shibo was leveling serious charges at the Duke, and though he almost blushed at the former's villainous description, his prejudiced statement was what really made him turn red. How dare he lump the refined fiend who oversaw lands far vaster than this in with those hunger-driven monsters! The audience, whose combined IQ amounted to a single digit, clapped at the speech's conclusion, but Pearlan's clapback would silence them all.

    "What'll you do now?" the mayor questioned smugly as he yielded the floor. The royal's lip had been quivering, struggling to contain his scathing response, but this last jab tipped him over the edge.


    The crowd indeed went silent and stopped heaving the signs that bore Pearlan's name. In the absence of noise a smirk advanced across Shibo's expression unchecked, claiming his face as completely as he thought he'd claimed the win. The foolish demon had just ended his chances of victory with his stupid admission and handed him another term.

    But when the staccato clapping of a lone spectator pierced the quiet, the smile melted from the incumbent's ugly mug. The applause steadily picked up, loud cheers and campaign posters rising like pitchforks from the throng. They'd been moved, not stunned speechless.

    "That was the most heartfelt message I've ever heard!"

    "Every politician is out to screw us over, but at least Pearlan is honest about it!"

    "An honest leader is just what this town needs!"

    "He built a bathhouse and eased my back muscles!"

    "He cleaned up the stray-infested streets!"

    "He cleared the alleys of garbage and built thriving businesses!"

    "He gave me a job at his cat café and got me a girlfriend!"

    "Thanks to his establishments, tourism has shot up!"

    "People are visiting the neighborhood in droves!"

    "Market street is flourishing!"

    "We're earning more money!"

    "I'm voting purple!"

    "What?!" the mayor shouted in surprise. He couldn't believe the rallygoers' idiocy, or perhaps he'd simply taken it for granted in all the years they'd elected him. No matter, he regained his cool and told himself. The seasoned official just needed to be smarter, acknowledge his foe's celebrity status, and expose him for who he really was. "I did some research on our beloved Pearlan, and it turns out he's the same demon responsible for the bloody Scourge of Dowa that consumed an entire city! One of the most powerful and exalted fiends! A duke!"

    "Amazing! He even has prior government experience!"

    "You're missing the point!" Shibo retorted, now on the defensive and sweating visibly. He'd announced his bid not for personal gain, but to maintain the status quo and satisfy the wishes of his political backers. For decades he'd made promises as empty as the town, purposely stunting its growth and realizing his outside influencers' vision of a backwater. He couldn't allow anyone to unseat him, much less a candidate who threatened that image. Abandoning decorum as well as lines of criticism that weren't resonating, he pointed at the royal and, in a bizarre, last-ditch effort to undermine his credibility, asked a basic question. "Do you even know the name of the town for whose highest office you're running?!"

    "Uh..." Pearlan pondered, drawing a total blank. "I dunno."

    With these few syllables, he'd killed the people's cheers, and in the flustered mayor's expectant eyes, his short-lived political career. But those of the audience were equally wide in awe, and it was ultimately his hopes that were short-lived.

    "You... you finally said it! The name of this town!"

    "It's Idono!"

    "It means 'of the well!'"

    "This legitimizes you!"

    "Pearlan Eveldauer, new mayor of Idono! There's a nice ring to it!"

    Shibo's fat mouth hung open dumbly, insulted that the attendees were declaring his rival the victor before voting even began. The only person he cursed, however, was Lady Fortune, who'd smiled down on the Duke and gotten him out of a predicament with a coincidentally fitting answer. His own smirk, which ruled his face like lands not long ago, had slid away, and in a matter of weeks, Pearlan similarly won in a landslide.

    "I guess this makes me the first democratically elected demon," the royal concluded, unimpressed by the shabby desk chair and office he'd inherited. "Which means I don't get a throne. But I have done it! I've finally taken over this place! Now get me a cup of coffee, Ara-k... I mean, Secretary-kun!"
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  8. "Alright, sounds like a plan."

    Phyra readily agreed to Kazu's idea since, after she'd given it a once over, seemed well-thought-out. It would allow them to keep their eyes on a greater area while simultaneously setting bait for the demon. With their Kasugai birds acting as eyes in the air, whoever the demon went after, if the demon went after one of them, would only need to hold out for a short while before back-up arrived.

    "So then who's going to stay here? You or me?"
  9. "What's wrong with him?" Sena wondered after Kit stomped away. The one time she'd shown concern, he rebuffed her and told her to quit acting like she was smarter than everyone. Neither the dismissal nor the accusation stung, though. She put the mission first, so she was more worried about her partner's ego. If he got so hung up on how people addressed him rather than the useful information they addressed him with, his petty, prideful self wasn't suited to the life of a demon slayer. Despite their differences, Sena knew they had a job to do, and any time she shared something with him, it was for his own good.

    "Maybe he just doesn't like kids," she shrugged, reserving her judgements. The children who hopped about her, however, lacked an ounce of restraint. Sena didn't feel Kit's urge to lash out at them, and though kids weren't supposed to play with sharp objects, she was glad they were more focused on her sword than her scarf. She moved with the crowd to the girls' side of the camp, settling into the role she'd been given just as comfortably.

    Some slayers shopped until sunset, while others who took their jobs more seriously investigated the area. Sena had plenty to do, spending the day teaching the girls how to sew, and by the time night had dressed the site in darkness, she'd dressed them in matching scarves. They looked like little soldiers imitating her steely gaze, which wasn't far from the truth, since their parents had sent them to brave the harsh lakeside air. The only thing stirring it this late in the evening was a fire, tickling the cold as curiosity did the back of her mind.

    "Hey," Sena asked the young ones. "What are you all doing here this time of year? Isn't camping a summer activity?"

    "It is..." a girl answered. Her energy had either wound down with the passing hours, or the boys had been the ones making the noise in the first place. "This camp is special. Parents send their kids here to toughen them up, so winter is one of the more popular seasons. Today is a rest day, so we had time to knit and roast marshmallows, but tomorrow, we'll be sparring with stick swords."

    The slayer wondered what kinds of people would place their children in such an environment, and frankly, she wasn't disgusted. Sena had been a clingy girl whose family had showered her with love, the type who hid from the world and wasn't growing up, until one day, all that changed and forced her to grow up fast. Maybe their folks were doing the right thing, making them leave the nest for a bit and develop gradually. There was one problem, however.

    "Is the threat of a demon in the area also part of your training?" she pressed.

    "Yeah, it is," another girl responded. "But that's the least scary part. There's always been a demon here, and it's just an urban legend. Some people were attacked, but it could've easily been a bear. Others swear they've seen it, but the eyes play all kinds of tricks on you in the dark. That doesn't stop the boys from telling stupid stories, though..."

    "You have a point," the young woman conceded. Her first impression of these kids was that they were hyper and juvenile, but they'd matured far beyond their years. "People use the supernatural to explain the things they don't understand. But sometimes, they dismiss it and blame the innocent when disaster strikes. In the end, people believe what they want."

    This was too much for young ears, so she kept it vague.

    "Unfortunately, in my line of work, I don't have that luxury. I take all claims seriously," Sena continued, "so if there really is a demon, you have nothing to fear."

    "Will you... spar with us tomorrow?"

    "Sure. It's the least a counselor could do," she replied with a smirk. "Those flimsy marshmallow sticks won't cut it, though."

    The slayer made her promises for tomorrow, and tonight's last act as a chaperone was putting the campers to bed. The strict curfew they observed allowed her a few hours to gaze out onto the water, moonlight tugging at its darkness like a cloak the virgin lake held close. She didn't trust its innocence for a second, because somewhere—either in the depths or the surroundings forests—there lurked a flesh-eating monster. Sena's eyes drifted to the ground, unconvinced by the waves that lapped hypnotically at the shore.

    But when they receded and left a disembodied hand, her face turned grim. She didn't need to pick it up and determine the date of death, for its cold, lifeless fingers instantly hardened her cool, unemotional stare.

    "We're not dealing with a bear..." she concluded, as the ursine mammals normally hunted fish. Whatever it was, the surest way to lure it out was to take a canoe and head directly into the mouth of the beast, staying near enough the bank to avoid putting themselves at a disadvantage.

    "Are you still mad, Kit?" Sena called to her partner, a little more sympathetic than usual if it helped their teamwork. "Let's head out onto the lake and talk it over. We'll know if that's where the demon is hiding."
  10. As soon as Dolan aproached the others, "I'm betting you guys are hungry right? I know I am! let go eat! come on! can't kill demons on an empty belly..." Dolan said,"No you caaan't" Dolan said moving his stomach around as he spoke in a higher pitch voice pretending as if his belly spoke. As soon as he ate his meal Dolan continued moving his belly around ,and began speaking in a higher pitch voice again, "Much better! Now I can kill all sorts of demons now!" Dolan said pretending his belly were speaking. Dolan recieved strange looks from most of the restaurant workers all except one waiter who giggled to Dolan's goofy behavior. The man walked over, Wow... Your a real weird one you know that? Your friend is quite unusual! Just for that your meals on me!" The waiter said chuckling. Dolan looked over confused, "Are you sure? I have money" Dolan said, "No no... It's totally fine!" The waiter said still chuckling. Dolan looked over, "Guess it's time to go look for more clues or something right? demon slayin!" Dolan said cheerfully.


    Dolan continued walking down the alleyway when he looked around ,and as the demon slayers made their way down the street Dolan had a bad feeling something bad was going to happen. He didn't want to express his fear to the others as they must have had all sorts of stuff on their minds ,and didn't need to add Dolan's concerns onto their list of problems to deal with. Dolan began humming as he went down the street as a means of passing time until they would inevitably reach their destination.
  11. "Probably shouldn't hum," Miyaji suggested quietly, his hand firmly grasping his Naginata as the three Demon Slayers set off once again for the slums in search of more leads. "We might attract unwanted attention."
    "Too late," A gruff voice sounded from the darkness in front of them. A handful of thugs, maybe six or seven, emerged from the walls of the alleyway, armed with similar weapons from their last encounter. Miyaji muttered a curse and stepped back, tightening his hold on his blade. "These guys don't know when to quit."
    The punk at the front scoffed with bitterness, scowling at the slayers as he brandished his hatchet. "Neither do you lot; first you beat up a ton of our guys yesterday, and now you're back for more?"
    Miyaji glared back before retorting, "This could be avoided if you just take us to whoever's leading you guys; none of us wanted to give you guys a much-needed beating. Maybe if we could meet him, we won't have to resort to such measures." As he spoke, the Volcano Breathing user scanned his surroundings: the building to their left was an old, abandoned clock tower, which seemed to be the tallest in the area. Is he in there? Miyaji turned back to glance at Dolan and Akane to give instructions. "Again, we're not killing these guys; just incapacitate them. I think we might be able to find our demon near this area, but it looks like we'll have to draw him out. We might have to go through a lot of punks to do that, though, so stay alert."
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane laughed at Dolan's tummy performance. It felt nice to laugh while in the middle of hunting demons, made her relax a bit more and not worry too much about being killed. She made sure to the leave the waiter a big tip, since they didn't pay for the meal. The rest of the day she followed her teammates wherever she was told to.

    After a good walk, they had found themselves in the same situation again. Akane didn't like the idea of fighting these people while a demon was probably feeding on innocent citizens. When Miyaji said this might be an occuring thing, Akane just nodded and prepared to fight, using just her palms. This time she looked more focused and less worried about the well being of their attackers, but she had to try anyways.

    "Any chance we can figure this out without fighting? Maybe a game of cards?" She smiled. It was a pointless attempt, but you never know.
  13. Kazu made a little smile, as she agreed to his plan "I will stay, Reva.. If my plan have to work, person that will be staying won't have with them their weapons and as this is my idea.. I would like to take this bigger risk as responsibility" whispered Kazu to her.
    After that he send Arashi outside.

    "And remember that safety of people is more important than demon's death... But I am sure that you knew this already" he said and took off his mask. "Well... If we want to try my plan and you agree with me that I should take a role of a bait.. Then can you leave this room for a while?"
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  14. As Miyaji gave instructions Dolan looked over towards the thugs, "I know that..." Dolan said politely, "I don't need to be told what to do" Dolan thought to himself rolling his eyes. Dolan turned to Akane, these people don't want to talk sadly..." Dolan said turning his gaze back to the thugs.

    As soon as the the thugs began attacking one of them lunged a punch towards Dolan to which he parried it before backfisting him across the stomach and back handing him across the face before pushing him away. As soon as the second thug came forward Dolan using his same hand attempted to front hand the thig ,but was met with a block. Dolan took the opportunity to grab his wrist, and pull him off balance before front hand slapping and backhanded slapping him. Dolan continued the attack by pulling the thugs arm behind his back putting him in a wrist lock forcing him to the ground. He punched the thug again just in case.

    Dolan took a second to evaluate his position as well as his allies. He took a defensive stance he would be ready for whatever was to come.
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  15. "Oh..." Rin lamented, realizing, as Shirade wavered through his response, that feeding was a sensitive subject for him. She couldn't say the same for herself, because while the ghosts of the past haunted her, the way she presently survived didn't. She'd gotten used to the Suicide Squad and had no qualms about devouring people. Their unwanted lives served a better purpose, sustaining demons like her who only wanted to exist, she reasoned.​

    Saito had probably told him something similar, so if Shira was still unconvinced, his hesitation might've been visceral. Even if he thought the way Rin did, the feeling of wrongdoing was still there. Instead of moralizing, she smiled in understanding and added on a positive note. "I think Brother Saito was just looking out for you. If a little blood is all you need, he probably figured you wouldn't get hungry as quickly if you had proper meals. Or he assumed your situation forced you to eat less than you wanted all this time and was telling you not to worry, since you can eat your fill here without ever blowing your cover."

    She'd gone from trying to kill him to cheering him up at his most vulnerable.

    "He may be our leader, but he doesn't control every aspect of our lives. We have the freedom of stray demons, but we're close like a family, since many of us forgot our actual ones," the girl reflected. Her troubled eyes were already peering into her history, so Shirade's next question wasn't inappropriate. "The last thing I remember... is finding my brother with his clothes removed and his face eaten around the eyes, preserving the suffering he'd felt in death. I'd returned home one evening and followed the sounds of a feasting animal into the basement, where I saw a demon who looked exactly like you but with tanner skin and a colored ribbon. The only person I had in this world was..."

    Rin was suddenly unable to continue, the graphic recollection seizing her throat and the girl seizing back the tears that nearly spilled from her eyes. Though she ate and slept like a demon, her human emotions were all there and more complex than the winding forest trail they followed. When she and the boy finally reached the stone idol tucked away in a thicket, Rin looked less like someone delivering salvation and more in need of it. She knelt and picked up an old doll with an address affixed to the head, a relic from the tenderest and happiest years of the victim's life.

    "Do you have any memories of your past, Shira?" she asked, swallowing her sentiments and blinking the gloss from her eyes.


    "Oh dear. The cursed vase strikes again!"

    Phyra and Kazu were no longer the only ones in Pesok Manor. Though this was their mission, officials from the auction house had arrived to intervene. They didn't know that demon slayers had been called here, but even if they had, they would've treated it like every other crime scene involving expensive artifacts⁠—showing up and repossessing the item.

    "Please excuse us. We'll be taking this urn now!" the head auctioneer informed the two. "Countless people who've owned it turned up dead, but that doesn't stop the price from shooting up!"

    His plastic smile revealed a disturbing truth about Hokori. If the slayers had been ordinary investigators, the rich would've intruded on the site and muscled them out of here. Even as fellow members of the upper echelons dropped like flies, the survivors thought only of reclaiming property and redistributing assets. In a deeply corrupt society where law enforcers were paid off, they walked around like they owned the place.

    "We bid you adieu!" the trespasser chimed with the cheeky assuredness of someone who indeed ruled the neighborhood and had never been challenged.


    "That painting we won at the auction today is simply gorgeous, isn't it?"

    Night had fallen, and the wealthy woman who'd asked the question was wrapped in the covers of a regal bed.

    "Of course it is," her husband agreed. "When one has enough money, he develops an eye for true beauty, not the common things the peasantry finds attractive."

    Though the affluent couple admired her, the female subject wasn't flattered, scowling at the two in the darkness and stepping from the picture. Basano gingerly dipped her toe back into the real world and drew closer to their bed, killing intent peaking within her as her next victims waned out of consciousness. A levitating fire poker accompanied her, turning over in the air and studying its targets before it'd plunge into them.

    But what Basano instead released were her joined fingers, snapping and flicking on the lights. The wife squinted through the brightness, vaguely discerning the demon's shape but not realizing the danger she was in.

    "Huh...? Who are you... and what are you doing in my house?" she questioned groggily, then noticed her silky, loose-fitting kimono and shook her husband awake. "Did you seriously bring a prostitute here?! Have you been seeing this woman behind my back?!"

    "Hmm...? What are you talking about? Like I said, I have an eye for true beauty, not common whores the peasantry finds attractive," the man responded, not knowing whom she was referring to.

    "Then who is this woman standing at the foot of our bed?!"

    He looked ahead and finally acknowledged Basano, his adjusting eyes colored with surprise.

    "I don't know! I've never seen her in my life!" he yelled. "What are you doing in my house, wench?!"

    The calmly observing demon simply smirked, finding as much beauty in the picture of their startled faces as they had in her disguise. The art had lost its alluring quality the second she'd slipped out, and soon, the life would similarly leave her victims' bodies. Their words were cheapened with fear, but Basano's were rich, husky, and sadistic.

    "I'm a hungry demon... and your greed is vast enough to fill me right up~"

    "Oh. You're one of those people," the capitalist said with an awkward laugh, dismissing her as some crazy poor lady who'd broken in. To the well-off, demons were nothing more than myths, and honestly, he'd have been more scared if she'd introduced herself as a prostitute and his wife found out that he'd indeed been romping with random women. "Look, if you want money or something, I'll give you a few bucks and you'll be on your way. How does that-"

    He was cut short when blood splattered his face and a steel rod extended into his peripheral vision. When the pain didn't come, a grim realization kicked in, and his neck creaked slowly to the side. His eyes instantly froze at the fire poker lodged in his wife's neck, horrified not by the death of a woman on whom he'd cheated many times, but by the thought of meeting the same fate.

    "N-no! Not a few bucks! I'll... I'll give you my whole fortune if you spare me! Is that better?!" he shouted in despair.

    To an immortal who no longer lived in the human world, money held no value. If Basano killed for a nobler cause than sating her appetite, it was to teach humans that wealth made them no better than others. So when blood splashed the walls and screams filled the room, she was accepting his offer and taking what she considered a man's true worth—his life.

    "Demons are real..." she cooed, consuming the corpses and disappearing anew.
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    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Kit had finished putting his campers to bed before heading out for the night, though he was reluctant to leave the children without someone on guard. To help quell his worries, Kit placed a branch of wisteria at the door in order to act as a small deterrent and also rigged a glass to fall and shatter as an alert system should the door be opened.

    The damp grass crunched beneath his black boots as he strode down to the shore, donning his hat. Kit’s eyes didn’t raise to meet his partner’s as he heard her speak, instead he examined the hand on the shore and shot a worried glance back to the camp.
    “I think it’s a fair assumption that the demon is likely in the water. But if we go in a lot of your breath style will be nullified and my speed and mobility will be greatly decreased. That not only puts us at a disadvantage but if I’m wrong and the demon isn’t in the lake then we just left all the children open for an attack.” It seemed as though you could almost hear the churning of gears that was going on in the young slayer’s head as spoke while contemplating the ideal course of action.

    “If we make it to the island then it’s a fair fight, but again we’d be leaving the kids. Protecting the innocent is our first priority before killing the demon. Maybe if one of us heads to the island while the other waits... that way once the demon reveals itself one of us can hold it off until the other arrives.”
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  17. Kazu looked at the auction official with cold look of his eyes "I am sorry mister.. But I don't think that I will let you leave with that vase outside... If thats the true, what are you saying me and my friend will need to check this.." said Kazu and stood on their way to exit. ".. For people safety, I would ask you to put it down"

    Kazu didn't believed in ghosts or cursed items and if ever something paranormal happend, the demon was usually a reason. If Demon and vase are connected.. He made a little bow to Phyra and gave her a little sign for her to take that vase from their hands. "Please.." he added quietly to her.
    After Shira was cheered up by Rin, after a second he felt bad that he asked her the question about her brother, when he saw what was happening with Rin.. He tried to cheer her up somehow or tell her something "Rin-.." But he couldn't tell her anything. He didn't know what to say in such situation. The fact what happend to her brother is a scar for entire life.. Demon similar to him. Shin felt now like his very existence was painfull to her earlier, back in the shop. They finally reached the idol and Shira saw as Rin took the doll and checked the addres. He kneeled next to her "I vlearly remember what happend 9 months ago.. Rest of my memories are a little pieces, surrounded by mist. I remember having.. Mom and Dad.. But can't remember their faces, names, anything. You have sad memory with your brother.. But I can bet that you have a lot of happy ones, full of joy. He probably watch over you even now and he would want from you to make new happy memories.. We can only go forward now and if we met the demon that killed your brother.. I gonna help you to deal with him" said Shira to Rin as he answered her question and added something from himself. Then.. He smelled something. Shira stood up and looked around "We should probably be going, Rin.. I don't know why, but we shouldn't stay too long here"
  18. "I think he's right, you should leave that vase with us for your own good."

    Phyra narrowed her eyes threateningly at the brazen actions of the official, apparently, they'd sold their humanity to demons long ago. Anger burned in Phyralis' eyes, but as she schooled it with discipline greater rationality came to her.

    "Actually, how about we accompany you. It'd be rather unfortunate if you were the vase's next victim, no?"

    Shooting a glance at Kazu, she hoped he could tell where she was going with this. She didn't really want to come into conflict with the local authorities, but they couldn't let that vase out of their sights. This would be a pleasant compromise between their interests.
  19. Kazu looked at Phyra as she gave proposition to escort the official and the vase. He wanted to ask 'what are you doing?' at first, but he catched a hidden message sended by her glance and noded. He already have an enemy in some rich guy, as his goons probably told him about Kazu.. More enemies that may stop the hunt aren't needed..

    "Yeah.. It seems like quite... Dangerous thing.. If you really insist to take it, then we want at least to protect you on the way.. As something may happend on the way"
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  20. As the fighting between the three demon slayers and the thugs continued the punches began hitting harder ,and it showed in the bruises that were accumulating. Dolan had signs of exhaustion as the fighting continued ,and the friendly smile he worn at the beginning of the smile had faded away. He had plenty of bruises up and down his arms and legs from blocking punches and kicks. He didn't have many bruises on his torso. Despite the pain from the bruises he became more confident as the fighting came closer to its end.

    By the time the fighting was over Dolan walked over to one of the thugs in an attempt to gain information. He placed his hand on the man's shoulder, "Are you guys gonna tell us where your boss is yet?" Dolan asked to which the thug just ignored him. Dolan gritted his teeth before taking a deep breath, "come on! you do realize what your doing right? I bet your precious boss wouldn't defend you like this!" Dolan said as he held tightly to the man's shoulder. The thug looked over like he wanted to respond then yanked his shoulder away, "Hm!... Forget about it... Your wasting your breath. I ain't no snitch! Your not gonna get a name or place out of any of us. Your better off just leaving this town and forgetting us... Everyone else does..." The thug scoffed before leaning against the wall. Dolan clenched his fist as he began thinking what the next course of action should be. He looked to the other two demon slayers, "Back on the farm pa would go out catchin foxes ,but they would always run and hide in their hidey holes ,but pa was smart ,and would scare the thing out... If we can't get any answers from these people we may have to do somthin similar" Dolan said.
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane looked at her hands. They were full of blood and scratches. She didn't like fighting all these people, but they didn't really leave her any choice. She watched carefully as Dolan attempted to get information from the thug. How could they defend a demon so much? Did they know what a demon could? Maybe the demon's ability was to control people. Hopefully not, otherwise they were in trouble. She listened to Dolan's suggestion.

    "That makes sense." The redhead took water from a puddle nearby and began washing the blood from her hands. "But how do we scare a demon into coming out?" She took out a small medicine box and began using it on her hands. "Wouldn't it be easier to lure it out?"
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  22. Miyaji was bruised as well; the wounds marred his forearms and sides, and his knuckles were cut and bleeding. Throughout the fight, he maintained a demeanor of annoyance and agitation, and the slayer thrust his wooden staff into the ground once the fighting had ceased. "Don't know how," Miyaji grunted in response to Akane's suggestion before spitting up a glob of blood. "If the demon's this adamant about not coming out, it seems like he doesn't give a crap about any of these punks. You'd think after all of his guys got this bad of a beating, he'd at least show himself, but it makes him seem like a coward." He brandished his Naginata after unsheathing it and glared distastefully at the writhing bodies of the thugs. "Can't believe these guys would defend someone like him so earnestly."
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  23. "The demon does have to come out and eat eventually right? unless the thugs bring the meal straight to it... Could be an opportunity to bait the demon out... but the person doing the bait part would be at risk though... seems like a double edged sword..." Dolan said. In theory it seemed like a fairly effective strategy however much like how a fisherman uses a worm to bait a fish the worm often times dies in the process. Not the type of outcome Dolan would want of either of his fellow demon slayers. Dolan looked up at the clouds to see how late it was before looking back at the others to see what they had in mind.
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  24. JadeStar

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    Akane took out another small medicine bottle and walked over to Miyaji. "Here, you should start treating your wounds." She took out her last one and did the same with Dolan. "If the demon needs to feed, then what kind of lure are we going to use? He doesn't seem to care for these men." Her eyes pointed at the beat down thugs. "And I would feel terrible if we had to use some random girl." She began to remove the dirt and blood from her nails with her own nails. "What if we dress one of you up?" She looked up with a smile, trying to look convincing.
  25. Dolan happily accepted the bottle Akane handed him, "Thankyou!..." Dolan said. He rubbed some on his arms. As Akane mentioned "dressing up" Dolan looked over puzzled, "You mean one of us? I mean... I know I'd look gorgeous ,but would it actually work?" Dolan asked. He continued rubbing medicine on his bruises ,and wondered what sort of demon they were to expect. Dolan was slightly concerned about the trap failing or worse. It working too well. He pondered this thought for a moment before offering some bandages to the others.
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  26. Accepting the bottle from Akane with a nod of gratitude, Miyaji took some of the ointment and treated his bruises and scrapes. "If he needed to feed, he probably would have come out much sooner, and I don't think he'll be lured in by one of us disguised as a girl." When Dolan offered some bandages to the trio, Miyaji thanked the former and wrapped his bleeding wounds. He was about to speak once more when in his periphery, a thug began to struggle to his feet, pushing himself up into a weak standing position. The punk wound back and flung a nearby stone, and the sharp projectile hurtled at Miyaji, who barely avoided it though he was slightly grazed on his cheek. Cursing under his breath, he once again wielded his wooden staff and watched as more and more thugs began to slowly force themselves up. Despite their injuries, there were dozens of them, still willing to fight, and Miyaji let out an exasperated sigh. "These guys just don't know when to quit," He muttered as for what seemed like the hundredth time during their stay in Korudo, the team of Demon Slayers was rushed with a loud cry from their attackers. (@E.K.A.N.S. this is probably gonna be where Kenshiro makes his appearance)
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    Akane took a bandage from Dolan and thanked him with a smile. She wrapped her right hand with it, since it had suffered a cut, but nothing serious. As she adjusted her sword and listened to the other two talk she noticed the thug standing up. She didn't want to fight anymore, but as they all stood up again, it felt like she had no other choice.

    Akane took in some air and exhaled slowly. "This isn't right. It feels really wrong." She prepared to fight again, feeling guilty.
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  28. Before the demon slayers could further discuss their plan they were abruptly met with a loud war cry as the thugs had not given up their crusade against the demon slayers. Dolan placed his hand over his hip only reaching down to grab a broom from the ground that laid near the wall. As thugs began making their way towards the demon slayers dolan swung the broom 360 degrees before dropping to the ground and swiping the feet out from under a unsuspecting thug. He slammed the broom down against his stomach causing him to yell. Two more thugs came after Dolan to which he thrusted the bristles of the broom into the face of the first thug to distract him as he kicked the second thug to the ground. Dolan wiped the broom across the first thugs face in a swiping motion as he kicked the second. The agitated thug lunged at Dolan only to be sidestepped ,and pushed to the ground. While Dolan was facing the first one the second one had thrown a rock at Dolan ,but Dolan wasn't quick enough to react to the rock. He turned to face the thug that had thrown the rock ,and as he charged at the thug swinging a backfist purposefully missing so to distract the thug. He then undercutted the thug in the stomach before sidekicking him in the ribs. Dolan wanted to be extra careful that the thugs wouldn't end up surrounding them. Considering that in their situation such a disadvantage would be quite the detriment.
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  29. Who did these blade-wielding outsiders think they were, ordering him around and deciding for themselves that they'd follow? The auctioneer and his ilk had nearly marched out the door when the sudden question of their authority stopped them in their tracks. The besuited, moderately wrinkled man hadn't yet turned, his twitching face working the irritated kinks out of his salesperson's smile. When he finally addressed the slayers, his demeanor was cordial.

    "The more, the merrier! We don't mind a little company!" he beamed. From the way his group proceeded, however, the passive-aggressive official seemed intent on leaving them in the dust. That was where plebeian dogs of the Demon Slayer Corps belonged, anyway.

    Their dirty shoes had no place in the showcase white auction house at which they soon arrived, a row of pillars supporting its canopy and barring entry to those of a lesser social status. But the bitter thought passed as soon as it came. The auctioneer quickly forgot the slayers and hurried inside with two muscled vase bearers in tow. The others in his party stayed behind and crowded the hired help at the door, halting their advance.

    "That's as far as you go," one of the five men threatened. "No interfering with business."


    Just as the second round of the street brawl ensued, a hand rose from the thugs and called them off. The throng suddenly cleared and stood at attention like a pack of wolves in the presence of a demon moon on an otherwise lightless night... or the closest thing that the unrefined punks could manage. The hooded boy who now stood before Miyaji, Dolan, and Akane wore ripped jeans, beaten sneakers, and a twisted scowl.

    Though Miyaji had called him a coward, Kenshiro wasn't dumb enough to reveal the fact that he was the target of the insult. As far as they knew, he was some human underboss pissed at the slayers for disrupting his gang. He gathered from what Toru let slip that they were aware of a demon in the slums, but Ken's street smarts tempered his hotheadedness enough to not disclose his identity.

    "So you're the three who've been picking fights on our turf..." he growled under the shade of clothes that obscured his face, acting as if he had no idea who the slayers were. "Prepare to get your shit kicked in..."

    Kenshiro flew at the three intruders, his fist whipping back in an ungainly manner and his charging form looking untrained. His second arm, however, was poised to parry oncoming blows and loosely guarded his face.

    "Drop the swords and fight like men!"


    "Glad to know you're fine," Sena answered professionally, unbothered that Kit had avoided her eyes. All they'd ever done was bicker, so his focus on the mission was a breath of fresh air. "The island in the center of the lake? You go. I'll stay with the kids."

    That was all she said, following her companion's train of thought and not dwelling on the last. She pointed her thumb at the shabby canoe resting by the shore, perhaps in more ways than one. The strips of wood peeling off its splintered inside made it seem like a dying thing, though she was sure Kit would jump at the chance to prove his worth after she'd stolen his thunder before.

    "Have fun," Sena stated casually.
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    Akane admired the unique footwear for a split second before realizing he was attacking. Her instinct told her to use her sword, but her heart told her it was wrong against a human. She prepared her palms, going to try and paralyze the incoming attacker. She ran ahead to stand in front of her partners and raised her left palm in front of her and kept the right one low. When her enemy came close, she would use the left one as a distraction while attacking with her right one.
  31. Dolan looked at Kenshiro bewildered as to what the ominous looking man was wearing, "What a strange looking man..." Dolan said. Before Dolan could ponder the man's attire any longer he quickly clutched his sword hilt as he realized the strange man was a demon, "Akane careful! He's a demon!" Dolan said quickly taking up an offensive stance. He didn't know what sort of demon magic to expect so he avoided getting close to the demon just yet. He began looking at the demon's posture, and the way he moved for clues in how to fight him.
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  32. Kazu didn't cared about the fact that the auctioner was a bit hostile towards them and didn't like the idea.. But he didn't care much about it. He walked with Phyra and 'protected' those guys untill they reach auction hause and were stopped by five guardsman. He looked at Phyra as he kinda didn't want to make his own decision, as it could be out of pure emotions breaking through and it wouldn't be the best thing...
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  33. "It's okay." Phyra nodded, she'd had just about enough of people interfering with her work. To think it would be humans rather than the demons that possed the most challenge to their mission. She shook her head and released a sigh of fatigue.

    "This place looks pretty well off, I'm sure medicare comes with their employee benefits. Let's take em out."

    Her hand was already on the hilt of her sword as she stepped forward, squaring up with the guard who'd seen fit to attempt intimidation. Threats were a game for two, and a game was just what Phyra needed to take off the edge.

  34. Kazu thought about leaving this to Phyra, even if he didn't put his hand of the hilt of the sword. He took a loose stance in case, if he had to use a throw for example on someone that would try to hurt his friend.

    Still, he believed that leaving this one to her will be the best and that he will be supporting her if something happends.
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  35. "A demon?! Is that what we are you?! You're just like everyone else, treating us like less-than-human scum!"

    The first few words Kenshiro had spoken to the slayers were low and hostile, but these were torn with rage. He was far older than he looked, playing the role of a disillusioned youth so long that no one questioned his true identity. Dolan, from what the punks told him, didn't seem too bright and apparently concluded he was a demon on a whim, so Ken tried to make him doubt himself. Avoiding the law and surviving these parts meant keeping one's mouth shut.

    For the slayers, not surviving his assault meant keeping their swords sheathed. He'd taunted them to fight like men, but the woman among them was the only one to withdraw her blade. Dolan was instead pulling things out, acting on the stupid convictions he'd retrieved from his ass, and though Kenshiro was tempted to kick his head in, he seized the opportunity and attacked the most vulnerable of the three. His racing feet abandoned the collision course with Miyaji and leapt toward the alley wall, skipping off the stone and flying toward Akane with a kick aimed at the side of her head. If anything other than the chance he was a human took her mind out of the fight, it was the loud cheering of Kenshiro's underlings, who resonated with his earlier statement and were eager to see a beatdown.


    "Take us out? Who do you think you are?" the threatening guard responded. "You demon slayers aren't needed. I don't know who called you in, but demons don't exist."

    "Superstitions are for the poor masses who've nothing in the real world. If greed were a sin and divine punishment, a fact, it would've come sooner," another added. He might've been a lackey, but he understood his employer and his wealthy crowd's invincible attitude. If there truly was a supernatural force that righted the world, why were they so successful? The recent killing was just another business opportunity, and if someone was indeed targeting the rich, demon slayers who fed into plebeian fantasies were hardly the people to deal with them.

    "Get lost, you wastes of air!" a bodyguard yelled, using his position a step above Phyra and Kazu to his advantage and kicking them down.

    The auction inside the building was happening much more smoothly, the official having acquired the item in time for the event and taking his place at a podium before rows of excited gentry. The cursed vase was the center of everyone's attention, resting on a table as the nobles engaged in a fierce bidding war, the starting amount of ten million yen now seeming as ancient as the object itself. The situation unfolding in the house's walls, though unobstructed, was no less intense than the altercation outside, and the auctioneer wrung his hands in delight.

    "Going once!"
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane was not prepared for such an agile movement from Kenshiro. Her only reaction at the time was just to protect herself from any serious injury. She placed her forearms up to the level of her head and turned just in time to receive the kick. To her surprise, her enemy was too strong or she was too weak. Akane lost the feeling of the floor for a moment as she flew through the air for a second. She felt the air leave her lungs as she landed on her back and a strong pain on her arms from the impact. She quickly began to focus on getting her breathing back to normal, as her mind began to go into a state of panic due to the lack of oxygen.

    "I'm okay!" She yelled. It was better if the other two focused on their opponent and not get distracted by her.
  37. Dolan was somewhat surprised when the demon moved so fast ,and without warning he wen't after Akane. Dolan clenched his hilt as he knew he wouldn't be fast enough to block the attack coming for her. Dolan began taking the oppertunity to begin surrounding the Demon. He remembered Kishi teaching him the importance of surrounding an opponet as well as being surrounded, (*Bonk!* "Don't turn your head from your opponent nitwit! you get smacked!" Kishi yelled, "Yes sir!" Dolan responded as he quickly turned to Kishi. "Remember in a fight where you are, the enemy are ,and your allies are. You wouldn't want to accidentally hit your allies now would you? Be smart! take these things into perspective!" Kishi yelled.) Dolan looked towards Akane and Miyaji before quickly taking a quick look to the defeated thugs just in case any of them thought to reenter the fight. Dolan quickly turned his gaze back to Kenshiro as he was now the primary target. Dolan held his golden blade horizontally confident he could win like all his previous demon fights. He gritted his teeth as he slid his left foot back taking a forward stance. With his right hand hold the sword out and his left firmly planted against his right for strength.
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  38. Miyaji's brow raised upon Dolan's peculiar discovery. A demon? It was much too early to assume; he doubted that anyone could make that deduction upon only a few seconds after the man had made his appearance. Nevertheless, he turned to where Dolan had gestured, noting the movement of a few thugs still on their feet. Speaking of which, the punks seemed rather... subservient to the newcomer, having voluntarily parted to create a path for him and now cheering loudly as whoever he was began the fight. He didn't know how, but Miyaji now suspected that Dolan could be on to something. One last look at the thugs sealed it for him: they wouldn't be going anywhere. As Akane hit the ground, Miyaji lunged forward after sharply taking in a deep breath and scooped her up, carrying her in his arms before swiftly changing trajectory and returning to his original location. After orienting the girl into an upright seating position so that she could breathe with less difficulty, he unsheathed his Naginata and got into his own stance, ready to come to Dolan's aid when the new adversary next struck.
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  39. Being a member of the Merchant class and by extension not belonging to the 'poor masses', Phyra did understand the guard's line of reasoning. She didn't agree with it, but she certainly understood it. Many a merchant would rather believe in his own money than the providence of the divine. Phyra knew of such people. Her father had warned of such people. These were people who disregarded the true path of a Merchant. The measure of a merchant was not his wealth, but rather his word and judgment. Those guided by money both compromised their word and their judgment; foolish decisions would be made for short term benefits.

    The Auction before her was exemplar. Despite numerous deaths, the powers that be insisted on milking the most out of the profits; it disgusted her. People like these gave Merchants a bad rep, they spat in the face of the benevolence of Inari, their patron deity. It was unfortunate that these Auctioneers hadn't paid their due respects, for if they had, and they had known more about the deity of warriors and worldy prosperity they would've known that Inari often acted through messengers. It was not the way of the deified to act personally on every account, sometimes they acted through people.

    They wanted to know if divine punishment was real? Well, they were looking at her. By her honor, she'd uproot this whole operation.

    As the guard kicked out, Phyralis drew in a deep breath. « Breathe of Rain — 10th stance: Cleared Skies »

    Phyra's knees bent as she lowered her position further; her intent was to grab the guard's leg, and use her lowered stance to drag him down.

  40. "You're right. We should complete our mission..."

    Rin smiled in relief as she replied, Shirade's words undoing the knot in her throat. Her assignment occupied her mind now, so she had no more tears to cry, and even if she did, they weren't sad ones. The demon looked at her new partner fondly, no longer feeling like she had to bear the burden of her past alone.

    "Thank you, Shira."

    They made hushed conversation in the dark forest, but when they descended the mountain and entered their client's pitch-black house through a back window, any words between them became silence. Rin was light on her feet, careful with her steps so that she didn't provoke the creaky floor. The items that furnished the home objected less to their presence, a china cabinet tucked safely in the corner of the living room and a clock striking through the quiet unchallenged. She gave the door to their target's bedroom a gentle push and slipped past, drawing closer to a young lady who must've cried herself to sleep. Her beautiful looks didn't matter, for her troubled inside was ugly, and they had a request to honor.

    "Your turn," Rin whispered to Shirade. "A quick, clean cut is all we need."


    So Dolan still thought Ken was a demon, did he? It looked like Miyaji wasn't dropping his Naginata, either, on the off-chance that he was right. Why did he feel like Akane, the only one who'd fallen for his ploy, was the smartest among them? Having kicked her aside, Kenshiro now decided to go after the dumbest, jumping into the air with great speed, boosting himself off the tip of Dolan's sword, and launching a close-ranged kick into his face.

    "Maybe this'll get your brain going..."
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