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Ask to Join Demon Slayer Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mango137, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Dolan wondered what sort of demon they were going to face. He felt confident that they would have the demon slayed fairly quickly, and be on their way. However last time he thought like that he was fighting Preech ,and that fight temporarily impaired his hearing. If this fight was going to go well there would have to be no room for underestimating ones opponents.
    As Miyaji called Dolan's name out he looked over, "Apri is a strong horse. She is a clydesdale after all. Also if either of you need help getting on I can lend a hand" Dolan said. He smiled while holding his hand out.
  2. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane smiled and watched as the other two spoke. She waited patiently for her opportunity to speak. Her mother always said that a good lady never interrupted. Then they talked about the three of them riding the horse together. She didn't like the idea. Riding with two strangers, it wouldn't feel comfortable.
    "I rather walk. I think I'll be in town an hour or two before nightfall." She said with a small smile, trying to sound as normal as possible. "I hope that's okay."
  3. A city with paved stone streets, traditional tiled roofs, a system of intersecting rivers, and walled Japanese homes on either side of the bridges, Korudo was the closest thing to a concrete jungle in the Taisho era, given how easy it was to get lost. But wandering aimlessly in a place like this wasn't anything dangerous, since this showcase neighborhood was the affluent quarter. If one left its security and explored more of the sprawling city, however, he'd soon find himself in the dirty slums where cherry-blossom petals didn't blow. The poor side was crowded with run-down buildings whose walls were packed with seven-member families and stained with trails of filth like the claw marks of captive beasts. The sun's light did nothing to redeem the tenements, making the stains more obvious, and the night brought problems of its own. The area was rife with street gangs and juvenile delinquents, who became more active in the dark and preyed on innocent civilians. The runaways seemed like a motley bunch, but somewhere in the shadows, a powerful adolescent demon was pulling the strings. With his hood pulled tightly over his head, Kenshiro seldom showed his face, and if anyone ever learned of his existence, he wished them luck in finding him. Whether slayers arrived in the wealthy district or the impoverished slums, he stayed where he was, in the eye of a storm, the scattered bands of disillusioned youth and the city's other social problems swirling about him. They'd have to fight them off, witness a bleak reality, and cut deep into Korudo's underbelly before their blades even reached him. He looked out from a broken clocktower, the crowning feature of the sad cityscape, and felt invincible, picturing his enemies battling throngs of punk kids and succumbing to their numbers.

    "Should've left it to them, but I fucked up," Kenshiro muttered to himself. "I intervened in that last attack and showed too much of my power. Wouldn't be surprised if I tripped the slayers' suspicions..."

    The cocky teen smirked, turning away from the view and concluding his period of reflection. The Corps' inexperienced brats might've dealt with big fish in small ponds—creatures who preyed on the weakest humans—but he'd grown up in the toughest company and the harshest streets, keeping his wits about him and honing countless techniques that aided his survival.


    "Eh, what's your full name again? Shirade Quicksand-ryoku? Big Bro Saito told me you were coming," said a slightly hunched demon with tools in the pockets of his dark green apron and a white bandana around his head. A few days had passed since Shirade's interview, and the Branch Leader had assigned the new employee to this local souvenir shop before leaving on business. During open hours, the recruit would master sculpting and train his fingers for delicate tasks, while after closing time, he'd put them to use and deliver artful swipes to sleeping humans' throats. In case those requesting salvation didn't leave any addresses or identifying information in the mountains, he'd need a solid tracking ability, but what was even more crucial was to not be tracked himself.

    "Here you go, Quicksand," the storeowner offered, handing Shira stealth clothes that melted into the obscure interior of a lightless home. "You'll wear this on missions. Since you're just starting, I'd like you to meet someone who'll accompany you on your first few jobs. Her Blood Demon Art can wipe the last 30 minutes of someone's memory, if you ever mess up. Rin, get out here."

    At the shopkeeper's call, a female demon appeared in the doorway of the back room, her flowing black hair giving shape to the formless darkness behind her and her bright, emerald eyes reflecting the weakly stirring candles ahead. But at the sight of Shirade, her bluish skin paled. There, she saw the demon who had killed her brother, the last, heart-rending recollection from her human life flickering in the back of her head like the dim lights before exploding into an inferno. She instinctively lunged forward, boosted herself off the counter, and flew at Shira, emboldened by the fact that he was whiter and sicklier than when she'd last seen him.

    "I'll... I'll kill you!" Rin cried.
  4. "Kyūksuiryoku!... Shirade Kyūksuiryoku" said Shirade. He earlier looked around this shop and thought about that he will need to learn.. Quite much...

    "Dōmo arigatō" said young demon as he received his... Working clothes, after that he turned to demon girl, that seemed... Quite unhappy to see him and when she rushed at him with killer intent.. What a pain...

    Shira didn't wait for Rin to attack him, he simply prepared himself and when she get closer he made a big jump away "Hey! Is this some sort of greeting?.." said Shira, it sounded more calm, than it should. "So..She will accompany me?.. She doesn't look to like work with strangers, that she just met..."

    (Fastmade post)
  5. "Hmm... is that so?... Okay! Sounds fine to me!" Dolan said calmly. As they slowly began making their way to korudo town Dolan decided to hop off Apri, "I think I'll give Apri a little rest while we head to town" he said calmly as he began walking beside the horse. Dolan had no clue what kind of demon they were going to face. He looked over at his partners, "Do you guys have any idea of what strategy we are gonna use. I'm guessing its going to be some difficult fight" Dolan said. He continued looking down the road as they heeded towards their destination.
  6. Phyrals tilted her head to the side. Her careful redone hair-style was reflected in a small handheld mirror she’d borrowed from the inn. Satisfied by what she saw, she placed the mirror down. She stood from the boudoir at the scuff of paper against the wooden flooring. Something had been slipped beneath her door.

    She glanced over, picking out a letter a few stacks of bills. Phyra nodded to herself after reading the letter. It seemed Miyaji had already left ahead of her. She heard the flutter of feathers as her own Kasugai bird alighted on the windowsill. It delivered its message with a warble.

    “Demon Spotted amount the arid Tottori Sand Dunes. Phyralis Delphis, you are to rendezvous with a fellow demon slayer and put an end to the dust devil!”

    Packing up her swords and clothing, Phyralis left the room leaving behind payment at the Inn’s front desk. It had cost a bit extra to rent these higher-class rooms, heated water, and care for Arista, but it was all worth it in the long run. Rest between missions would be crucial to performance during missions. It could in no way be neglected.

    Now well-rested, Phyra mounted Arista and took off —next stop Tottori Sand Dunes!

    The Demon slayer arrived with some time to spare. She wasn’t sure which town exactly the demon was located in but knowing that civilization would be restricted to pockets of water with the desert —the oases— she imagined there weren’t too many places the demon could be hiding.

    First, though, she would need to find whoever her assigned partner was.
  7. Miyaji shrugged when Dolan asked him and Akane about what strategy they'd use against the demon that may have been awaiting them in Korudo. "It's far too early to consider strategy right now; we haven't even gotten to the city, and there's no telling what kind of abilities the demon has." A chilly wind began to blow in from the group's right side, and Miyaji shuddered slightly before shoving his hands into the pockets of his uniform pants. "It's cold out here; it'll be a pain if this weather keeps up in Korudo."
  8. An oasis nestled in a trough between towering dunes, Hokori had always been a strange place, and if topography said anything about the people who lived there, its inhabitants were similarly at the nadir of civilization. For a long time they'd been a reclusive tribe, but all that changed in the past five years. The beaten paths suddenly flourished into market streets, the hovels swelled into sizable homes, and the sandy expanse yielded to a domed palace that dwarfed them all. The castle walls housed a ruling class responsible for Hokori's rapid growth, but however packed and noisy the roads were, there wasn't a single whisper about what went on inside.

    No, the people's anger was directed toward the wealthy, mansion-dwelling private citizens who'd settled there. They were outsiders who'd flocked to the isolated village, unbothered and unregulated by the Japanese government, bringing jobs and development to the desert town but exploiting its sheltered natives for cheap labor. Entire rows of ancestral homes were cleared to make room for lavish estates, the affluent men sending goons to destroy huts in the night or middlemen to swindle rightful owners out of their land.

    A bitter hatred for the invading capitalists soon festered in the rubble, and when word of rich people found bloodied and mangled in their homes spread through the gritty, clothesline-strung streets of Hokori, the indigenous poor rejoiced, declaring that God was punishing them for their greed. The Demon Slayer Corps received a request to investigate almost immediately, but the organization never told the assigned slayers who'd sent it. There was no way those real-world profiteers living in the lap of luxury were superstitious enough to suspect a demon, so who'd jumped to the conclusion?

    Kazu and Phyra didn't need to know, and neither did Basano. As far as she was aware, there wasn't a soul in Hokori who'd seen through her disguise, and she could continue her killing spree unchecked. She'd claimed her most recent victim last night, hiding in an urn that the pampered bourgeois had won at the grand auction house and compelling a resting kitchen knife into his temple. Basano slipped out of the vase, devoured his corpse, and left a grisly crime scene, but she wasn't worried. In the eyes of the oppressed paupers and the sympathetic middle class, she was a hero, not a criminal.

    They were misguided, however. The demon had previously possessed objects in antique shops frequented by commoners and devoured them all the same. Anyone with a slightly better situation than her human life was a target. Those with more meat on their bones and money in their pockets just tasted better.

    "If only my appetite weren't so insatiable..." Basano mused from a painting, the female subject's smirking lips not moving with the words. "Then I'd spare time to thank the ruling class for drawing so many fat pigs for the slaughter..."


    "Rin! What's wrong with you?!" the head sculptor yelled. "Stop it right now!"

    But the female demon ignored him, pinning Shirade to the wall and pressing a knife to this neck. Maybe enough of the command had registered for her not to finish the job, or maybe she knew not to senselessly bloody an ordinary blade that wouldn't do it. Her glossy eyes wavered, thinly layered with tears, but what didn't was their fiery intensity. She'd boil over sooner than she'd break down.

    "Don't play dumb!" Rin shouted, convinced yet vulnerable. "It was you! You were the demon who killed my brother!"

    The storeowner's strong arms suddenly pulled her back, but the slender girl didn't stumble. She guarded the lower half of her face with a knife-wielding arm, regretting the mercy she'd shown Shirade earlier and wanting the satisfaction of stabbing him into submission, even if it didn't end his life.

    "I said stop, Rin!" the shopkeeper demanded.
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    As they approached the city, Akane's eyes widen as her mind processed all the different shopping possibilities there could be in such place. This place was so big, she felt foolish calling it a town before. She wondered what the people were like and if there was any special food or treats that were exclusive to this place.

    The cold breeze wasn't much of a problem for Akane, her warm breath helped with that. "Why don't we get to an Inn? Rest from the trip, then prepare for tonight." She had to play it slow if she wanted to go shopping.
  10. As they finally reached the town stood there surprised, "Look at all them there lights! I bet theres atleast two hundred people living here!" Dolan said cheerfully. His eyes lit up when he started thinking about eating. He looked around hoping he could find a place to eat when Akane mentioned finding an inn, "yeah! Any inn will due as long as the food is good!" Dolan said cheerfully clenching his fist.

    A few moments after he finished talking he felt a hush of wind slap him across the face. It almost reminded him of the morning breeze back at home. As they looked for an inn he saw several shops ,and one of them was a was a food shop. Dolan was excited to see they had onigiri(rice balls).
  11. Kazure walked through the desert. He had a white rag soaked in cold water on his head to not overheat (It is almost impossible to see his red hair through it now)... It was probably at least 37°C... He also still weared the mischievous mask on his head and blue cloak hid his demon slayer outfit. This outfit was the only thing that would help people think that he is a demon slayer.

    He eventually reached the first city... How was it called... Hokori..
    He took a small walk around. He saw a small, poor huts on the edge of the city and huge, expensive hauses and palaces in the center.
    "Don't you think that you and your husband should pay our lord? He said that everything will be done before midnight and it was two days already!" said one thug, he and his friends surrounded the young woman. Three muscular, big men were threating the girl... (not the most original situation)...
    "It isn't his fault! He was attacked by someone and couldn't work!" she said.
    " Then you and him should prepare to leave your hause or..." Thug walked up to the woman "You can pay our lord for..."
    "Excuse me.." Kazu interrupted.
    "What do you want, Masked Freak?!" asked Thug.
    "This!" Kazu said and kicked him in the chest sending at the wall. The other two rushed at Kazu. He broke hand of the first one and threw him at the wall, next to their boss and he hit second one chest with his palm and then kicked in the belly, punched the top of his head and Kazu last opponent fell unconscious at the floor. If don't count boss, the rest of thugs were unconscious.
    Kazu walked up to him, His hands were clenched to fists and he glared at the thug through his mask.
    "W-what do you think, you are doing you!..."
    "Killing demons.. " Kazu answered, with strong kick, he knocked the last thug down.
    Woman was silent, she probably was both grateful and terrified.
    "Hmm ... I didn't expect any thanks anyway" said Kazu and left her. He was searching for an Inn of some sort. He should also think about finding his assigned partner.


    Shira took a deep breath and shouted "I don't play dump and I didn't kill anyone's brother!" he walked up to her, He quickly took her wrist and knocked the knife out of her hand (Trying not to hurt her..). He kicked the knife away from them and poked her forehead with his two fingers "Now, calm down and think for a while! Think, do I look like someone who is lying to you?" he looked her in the eyes, like he was checking if there is still rage, sadness or killing intent in them.
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  12. As he saw Akane's and Dolan's eyes light up upon entering the town of Korudo, Miyaji mentally slapped a hand to his forehead. We're not here as tourists; there's a demon that could probably tear this place apart. Of course, his disdain wasn't expressed out loud, but he couldn't help but quietly click his tongue in slight agitation. "I wouldn't get too excited; places like these always have the area filled with poverty, so that might be where our demon is." However, despite his retort against his teammates' enthusiasm, the Demon Slayer looked up at the sky, which finally began to fill with shades of burnt orange and indigo as the day transitioned into the evening. "It would be wise to find a place to stay as soon as possible. That inn over there should suffice." Miyaji pointed to the nearby building before continuing. "We still have time before the demon can come out safely, so feel free to unwind or rest up before what's coming. If you guys want to go somewhere in the city, that's fine, but don't wander too far, and stay relatively close to the inn. I'll keep a look out somewhere high up to check for any unusual activity, and if anything comes up, I'll meet up with you right away." Despite what could have been interpreted as a sharp command coupled with his cold demeanor as of recently, Miyaji allowed a small grin. "Most of this city is quite nice, so I have no qualms with you guys wanting to look around." With that, he left the two, harnessing Total Concentration Breathing to quickly scale the tallest building he could find, and stood atop the roof, now having a clear view of most of the town. Brandishing his Naginata, Miyaji twirled it as he silently watched, taking focused breaths to keep himself warm amidst the cold.
  13. Beneath the sweltering sun, Phyralis trudged across the desert on foot. These shifting slopes and dusty dunes would be unkind to Arista's hooved feet, so the Demon Slayer had decided to proceed on foot. She'd left her mount to the care of a homely couple in a village just outskirts of the Tottori Desert. With enough incentive the couple had agreed to care for her horse for the few days, it would take for someone from her father's company to come and retrieve it. By the girl's calculations, her father should've been receiving her letter either today or tomorrow. Hopefully, the messenger dispatched would be treated more fondly by Jizō than herself; but, speaking of the deities, Inari had not smiled upon this land in centuries. Perhaps they have invited her wrath?

    Phyra shook her head dismissively and shook her legs with ire. As sand flashed from her sandals, she pondered what the people could've done to be so scorned by the goddess of fertility. A crime against foxes? She would not know without gaining more information, likewise, she needed more knowledge on the area in general. If she remembered correctly, Hokori —the town she was now headed towards— was the most prominent town in this area, the word in the surrounding villages was that the town of Hokori had changed rapidly in the last few years...did that have anything to do with the appearance of the demon?

    Questions plagued her mind while the heat plagued her spirit, the environment alone was more dreadful than any demon. Still, Phyra pushed on. She could see the town now and it wouldn't be long before she could take a cool drink beneath the shade...


    Sitting beneath a tarp in the town center, Phyra swished the contents of her cup. It was a slightly fermented fruit beverage, chilled with ice. A local specialty, or so the bartender had claimed. She'd decided to take a short break at what she figured passed for a bar. The dishes were a little on the drab side, but she attributed it to a lack of resources. She stared into her cup, watching the ice-cube bobble about. The drink's taste was secondary to the fact that It was cold, and the heavenly chill sliding down her throat —she almost moaned just thinking about it— a delicacy without compare. Downing the rest of her drink, Phyra hailed the bartender again and ordered another.

    The man smiled, pleased to have a customer with such free pockets. Phyralis hadn't missed the glint that had passed through his eyes, and he whipped up another of those delightful spirits. Her hand rummaged beneath the table for a moment, retrieving a few yen from her purse. Sliding the bills across the table, she asked smoothly.

    "I heard they've been some strange deaths lately. That's an interesting story for a traveler like me, care to share the tale? Maybe you can take a break and down a drink yourself. It's on me."

    The man's eyes brightened at the prospect. Money and alcohol often loosened lips, but together they could pry secrets from the most callous of men and this man was no iron-jaw. Smiling, he took a seat and Phyra leaned back to listen...
  14. "This isn't my first time killin demons... I know what I'm doing..." Dolan thought to himself as he headed towards the inn ,and left his horse Apri safely by the water trough near the inn. "Gee I wonder if this inn here offers a complementary breakfast... I know it isn't morning ,but it never hurts to ask anyways... Killin demons is difficult enough even on a full belly. Even more so when ya ain't eaten anything in a while" Dolan said cheerfully. Despite Dolan's cheerful disposition he hadn't dropped his guard ,and was very much on alert in case something bad happened. He wondered to himself what sort of demon they would face ,and began pondering what sort of strategies they could use. It would have to be a flexible strategy as they still didn't know what they were up against. As the sky began to set Dolan knew a demon could emerge from the shadows as soon as the sun set. The question now was where would the demon strike? would the demon attack the demon slayers or avoid them? too many possibilities for Dolan to take into consideration by himself. Despite his concern he maintained a calm friendly outward appearance.
  15. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane nodded attentively towards Miyaji. She was glad to see someone taking charge, it was better for her to take in the actions of others and not act on her own. He seemed to really know what he was doing and Dolan seemed confident enough to smile at the situation. As long as she was with either one, she would be able to focus on her battle.
    As Dolan walked away, Akane aporoached the horse. She petted it's nose and thanked it for being patient while they were away. The red head girl then followed Dolan to the inn, it was safer to have the room reserved just in case they got booked later on. She didn't want to have to share with any of her teammates. Akane stepped into her small room and began getting ready. She made sure her hair was in a tight ponytail, although it was small, it wouldn't get in the way. She adjusted and tightened her clothes, making sure nothing was lose. She cleaned and sharpened her blade while hiding the small bottles with the smashed herbs safely in her uniform's pockets. Once ready she left the room and walked over to the horse, she petted it's nose again, this time slow strokes as if trying to calm it down, but it was really for her.

    "If I come back I'll give Dolan money so he can buy you a big carrot okay?" Akane whispered to the horse and then made her way to the base of the tower, waiting for furher instructions from Miyaji.

    The fire style demon slayer placed her hands up to her mouth and warmed them up with her warm breath. She noticed people going from their daily jobs to their homes, stopping by places to buy dinner. The streets began to take a colder, darker look. Desopite the lights, it seemed like the kind of place nobody would feel comfortable being alone during the night. She waved at a small girl who was walking with her mother, they both smiled at each other. Akane closed her eyes and began concentrating on her breath, increasing her body temperature lightly, to avoid her skin aching from the cold.
  16. As they made their way inside the room he noticed Akane go into her room. Growing up with sisters Dolan knew better than to go in a girl's room uninvited. He turned tail ,and went straight to the room he was staying at ,and threw his stuff on his bed before leaping onto the bed himself messing up the blankets and knocking his stuff to the floor. *thump* went his bag as it fell to the ground. He laid there for a good few minute before getting up ,and combing his hair with his hands before heading out the door. He headed towards his horse to see Akane talking to her. Dolan thought it was nice to see Apri wasn't entirely lonely. He grabbed a large blanket from Apri's saddlebag ,and tossed the blanket over her, "There you go Apri! that should keep you warm tonight..." Dolan said cheerfully. As the dark skies started to loom over the city ,and the cold winds creeped through the streets Dolan knew something was about to happen, "As hungry as I am we may need to postpone eating... This is just an assumption ,but I got a feeling something is about to go bump in the night. We should be ready" Dolan said calmly placing his hand on the hilt of his sword ,and trying not to show any sign of nervousness. The fact it was cold outside, a demon was somewhere ,and to top of off Dolan was still hungry.

    Dolan stopped and thought about something Kishi would say when he had a flashback of when he was nervous about taking the final selection, ("kishi are you sure I'm ready?" Dolan said nervously. Kishi turned his head with a fearsome scowl, "How many times have I told you to stop asking that question?!" Kishi yelled, "SORRY!" Dolan yelled, Kishi's scowl turned into a cold deadpan expression as his hand went over his sword hilt, "what did you just say?" Kishi muttered under his breath. "uuugh uuummmmm-" Dolan said before being interrupted, *smack!* "And stop stuttering too!" Kishi yelled, "So- Yes sir!" Dolan yelled. Kishi took his hand off his sword hilt, "You know you won't succeed as a demon slayer if you get nervous right? take a few deep breathes ,and relax... your no good in combat if you can't stay calm" Kishi said). Dolan stood quietly as he slowly took deep breaths ,and slowly exhaled each time, "Whatever kind of demon we'll face I won't be nervous... You can count on it Kishi!" Dolan thought to himself.
  17. Masked demon slayer searched for any hint about where should he begin to search for his target. Kazu wasn't lucky.. Either people don't know or they don't want to talk. Some of them seemed like they know what happend, but didn't want to help for some reason. Kazu gave himself a little break and sipped a bit of his water. He drank less water than he wanted, the water in his canteen ended... "Dang it" he whispered and put his mask back on. After a while, a woman approached him. It was the same woman that he helped earlier.
    "Mister... I may have an interesting information for you" She said shyly...


    Kazu made his way to 'home' of the last demon's victim, Masked demon slayer still thought about informations that woman gave him. The woman didn't like the guy, that was the last victim and Kazure could understand why. It was one of those rich bastards that think that they are better than the rest, becouse they have the money that they didn't even work to earn. Kazu wasn't a member of rich family, his parents died when he was young and left him and his sister behind... Well, nevermind that..

    He reached that Temple.. Palace or something of this sort.. He didn't care much, it was now just a place of the murder now. Kazu slowly walked there and hoped to find something, that will help him.
  18. MC Granny? That was the lamest name conceivable. If it belonged to the old woman who'd hit Pearlan with a saucer and scolded him for assuming her age, then she was essentially condoning her audience doing the same. Maybe she'd let them off easy as long as they didn't guess an actual number like the Duke had and stuck with the general idea that she was old. If research papers accurately reflected the real world, then backing up claims with quantitative evidence always made an argument more impactful and damaging. Perhaps the hag had taken special offense to the demon saying she was "like 80."

    Or was there more to it? Pearlan didn't expect someone that old to go around calling herself "MC Granny," since people at that stage in their lives were usually more mature and far less petty. They'd be too busy fighting off Death to hold small grudges. Sure, he'd hurt the lady's fire-grilled shrimp business with his meat stand, but if she was unable to compete, that was her problem. And yes, he'd tasted her husband, but not the part of his body that enabled him to say "that's why I fucked your bitch, you old motherfucker." She was being childish, and though the Duke wasn't much better, he wondered what it really was that made her hate him so much.

    The only elderly thing about her was the speed with which she'd dropped her diss. Pearlan had to wait a whole two weeks since his first show before the shots came. It wasn't like she had relatives who needed her, or else they wouldn't have left her in this middle-of-nowhere town, nor was she preoccupied with her spouse's failing health, since he'd been cured.

    Whatever took her so long, the demon got to work right away, furiously penning a FIRE comeback that lit up the darkness of his food stall, dispelled the relaxing air of the bathhouse, and drew suggestions from the felines of his cat café. They pointed to his scribbled pages and meowed, the demon nodding along as if he understood their tongue and drawing further inspiration from his allergic patrons' sneezing. Why? Because he'd drop the illest record.

    "I! Fuck with your town like evil! Will! Teach you the queen you know you! Not! 'Devil' across the belly! Lose! Kebabs on my machete!" the royal recited his finished lines a week later. He hadn't killed anyone's career yet, but he'd certainly destroyed the peaceful atmosphere of Arashi's Dream Spa, rising nude from the water and declaring, as bold as his lack of clothing. "This is... MY MASTERPIECE!"


    "I can't... trust a demon," Rin muttered, stunned when the meek recruit suddenly disarmed her. Granted, the storeowner had held her back, so his move was largely unnecessary and didn't make him look any stronger. The girl was poised even with the knife knocked from her hand, but the slightest blow had mentally thrown her off balance.

    She looked away from Shirade, her gaze falling to the floor and her rage collapsing into regular sadness. Her contemplative eyes still trembled, not because a turbulent mix of emotions stirred them, but because she was conflicted. Her Blood Demon Art erased people's memories, but she now faced a situation where she needed to make someone remember. Rin was positive that she'd seen Shirade that fateful night, when she wandered into the basement of her home and witnessed a demon feasting on her brother's defiled corpse.

    "I guess... I guess not," she conceded, struggling to meet the male's stare but managing eventually. Despite the clarity of her recollection, the woman was equally certain that he wasn't lying. Besides, if he and the monster from her past were indeed different, then his lighter skin was enough of a distinguishing feature. Rin would give him the benefit of the doubt for now, but she'd maintain her guard on missions. "It's... nice to meet you, Quicksand. You just... reminded me of someone."

    "See? You're already addressing each other informally. You'll get along fine!" the head sculptor interjected awkwardly, glad that his nickname for Shira had caught on at the right time. "Now why don't you two head into the mountains, check the statue for jobs, and work things out along the way?"
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  19. Shirade didn't comment 'Quicksand' again, he just said "Maybe call me by name... Shirade or Shira... Nice to meet you, Rin. I hope to learn a lot with your help" then he turned to head sculptor "Sounds like a good idea to me" Shira said calmly and left them for a while to take a 'quick bite'. It will be second day, when Shin started to eat meat too... It was hard to tell, how he felt with this, but he didn't like to be seen during meal. He already felt the strength that came with normal meal... "He already died... Nothing will help him, so he may help me to become stronger" Shira repeated in mind, during those meals.

    It was 2 minutes or so, when Shirade returned to them. "I gonna... Wait outside" he said and walked out from the shop.
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane silently observed Dolan as he joined her. She blinked twice and then smile. "It's not completey dark. Let's go get you some food. I'm sure there's some night stands in this area. We just have to look for the market area of the city. If we hurry, we can grab something to go and be back soon." She then began walking towards what she thought would be the way to the center of town. "Besides, walking and talking distracts you from the cold." She wasn't sure if that was true, since being cold was never really a problem for her, but she thought it made sense.
    The red head looked around as the night life was slowly coming out while the sky was in it's last moments of day. The stars were already taking their place above the city and the moon was beginning to light up, giving the sun a few moments to say goodbye. The more Akane walked, more lively the city got. The street lights began to illumminate the roads, people who were going out with friends began to gather and lovers on their dates. The demon slayer actually stopped when she saw a lovely scene through a window. A man seemed to be arriving from work while a woman was placing plates of food down on the table. A young child ran up and took a seat, his legs hanging from the chair. The man sat down and thanked the woman with a kiss, while she smiled and poured him a drink. They began eating and talking, clearly enjoying each other's company. Akane smiled, that was suppose to be her life. Maybe one day.
    "I'm glad they're doing okay." She said as she continued on her way.
  21. As he continued to look over the town, Miyaji's gaze wandered over to the abysmal environment of the slums, which could be just barely seen from where he was standing. I should go see if my premonition is right. Probably best to do simple recon, though; it'd be dumb to go in there and face what could potentially be an extremely dangerous demon alone. With his thought process concluded, Miyaji tightly gripped his Naginata before taking much heavier Total Concentration breaths as he turned to the side and burst into a sprint. As he reached the edge of the building, the Demon Slayer leapt through the air, landing with a roll onto the roof of the next building; he continued this sequence until he finally reached the outskirts of Korudo, where the living conditions were far from even remotely comfortable. Sheathing his Naginata, Miyaji dropped to the ground by hopping off the roof of a small but luckily durable wooden hut, and as he dusted himself off, he began to walk along the dirt road, gently asking nearby townsfolk--though there were very few, for some reason--if they had recently seen any suspicious activity in the area. However, the scarce people that he could find and approach quite promptly shut him down with either a glare equally as dirty as their clothes or the simple middle finger.

    Suddenly, while he had been carefully examining potential leads as to where the demon might reveal itself, Miyaji was abruptly grabbed by his neck and flung to the side. Stumbling to regain his footing, he coughed once before glaring at his assailant; to his surprise, it was merely a boy, maybe about twelve or thirteen years of age. Raising a brow, the Demon Slayer folding his arms over his chest and gave the punk a cold stare. "What do you think you're doing, kid?" Hearing the wild pattering of footsteps behind him, Miyaji turned to see a handful of more kids around the same age as the first, circling him armed with old wooden bats or rusted metal poles. Narrowing his eyes, he scanned the area around him before making a quick and deft movement before anyone could react. A nearby wooden staff, worn and covered in dirt in most places, was flipped into the air with Miyaji's foot and immediately caught in his grasp. He could have used his Naginata, but the Slayer had no intention of giving any of these punks too deep of an injury; all they would need was a swift beating. Brandishing his staff, Miyaji got into a fighting stance as he awaited the charge of the kids, and he simply asked in a chilling tone, "Might any of you kids be aware of suspicious activity related to a demon in this part of town?"
  22. Hokori's socioeconomic divide was as clearly defined as a line in the sand, on one side of which stood the people who smiled, and on the other, those who frowned. The bartender clearly fell into the latter category, but there was a patience to his exhausted, pessimistic eyes, cultivated by years of customer service that forced him to listen. Though they stayed droopy like the hanging fingers of a puppet master, he tugged a smile to his face, fully in control and not needing the alcohol's influence to loosen him up.

    "Plenty to share," the amused man obliged. "Most of us in Hokori are poor, and while the indigenous folk have it the worst, we all feel it. Any story involving the wealthy getting what's coming is one I'd tell willingly."

    Nevertheless, he indulged Phyra, tipping the booze into his mouth and leaving the bar to his coworker.

    "Lately rich people have been turning up dead in their mansions, and from what I hear, the crime scenes are messes of blood, bite marks, and mangled parts. They're obviously not suicides, but no one has a solid idea as to what's responsible. The poor call it divine retribution for the wealthy's greed, and to be honest, most of us are satisfied with that explanation. The penniless disappear around these parts all the time, but the moment someone of a higher social status goes missing, someone out there loses their marbles. The second this place starts looking less like a land of opportunists and more like the land of opportunity it's touted as, the only news we hear is of their tragic deaths..." the man grumbled, catching himself just as he started ranting, stifling an exhale and popping his mouth in a way that suggested this was beyond his comprehension. "Hokori's a messed-up place. It was once a small tribe, and though it's still ruled by a chief, he hasn't shown himself in nearly 5 years. Today, this widespread desert oasis is split sharply between hovels, mansions, and ruling class territory. So you can imagine how the killings have shaken the city along its classist fault lines."

    The server wasn't sure how long Phyra would be here, or whether she was curious enough a traveler to care, but anyone who remained for an extended period ought to know its troubling social climate. He returned to the subject and told the girl exactly where to go, hoping she'd tread more carefully than she, to his delight, spent her money.

    "The most recent case happened over at Pesok Manor. If you want to check it out, head into Hokori's affluent neighborhood and find a giant house with an elaborate fountain, potted shrubs lining a path to its steps, and willows practically hanging their heads in shame at how out-of-place they look. The windows are oversized as ever, none of them damaged from the incident, so you can't miss it," he concluded, a smirk creeping like a scorpion to a face joy had deserted. "Oh, and thanks for the drink. It's not every day the customer buys me one."
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  23. As soon as Dolan heard Akane utter the word food Dolan's vacant expression turned into a large grin as he looking over at her, "Thought you'd never ask!" Dolan said as he headed to the first food vender he could lay his eyes on. Two bowls of something good please! The chef looked at Dolan with a friendly expression nodding before heading to the back to cook. As soon as he got his bowl his eyes lit up as the aroma filled the air, "Two of our finest bowls of ramen!" Dolan went ahead and paid the man for the two bowls ,and ate his. While he was eating Dolan wondered where Miyaji was. Dolan would have been more than happy to buy a third bowl ,but Miyaji was nowhere nearby. Dolan continued eating, and thanked the man as he finished. Dolan leaned back, and yawned as he relaxed. Dolan assumed Miyaji would try fight the demon by himself. Dolan was not about to let that happen he eventually got around to heading towards the slums to look for Miyaji.
  24. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane ate her meal slowly, so she wouldn't make a mess. When she was full she put the bowl to the side and thanked both the cook and Dolan. She had only eaten half the ramen since she was taught only to eat until she was no longer hungry, because a pretty lady must watch her figure. She then followed Dolan quietly, getting to know the city and mentally marking places she would like to visit after the mission, if given the time. As they approached the slums, her face looked more concerned. It was no longer a friendly city. People looked upset and scared. Some men even smiled oddly at her as she walked by, sending goosebumps down her spine. She walked closer to Dolan.
    "Are you sure he is this way? He said to stay close to the inn and we're wondering off." She looked over at a group of men who were staring at her.
    One of them, who had a gold tooth, smiled and shouted. "Why don't you ditch that loser and come hang out with us real man? I'll make you feel like a real woman!"
    Akane looked away quickly. This just caused for the men to laugh out loud.
  25. By the time Dolan and Akane arrived, Miyaji would be found, circled by the crumpled, unconscious bodies of the kids who had attacked him. Those who hadn’t been knocked out were groaning in pain, writhing on the ground. Miyaji now had the first punk who had started the whole ordeal pinned against the wall of a nearby building, his countenance seething with a mixture of annoyance and irritation. “Now do you wanna let me know what made you attack me for no reason at all?” The kid spat back a sharp retort, his own demeanor twisted with rage. “The boss warned us about people like you. We’re ordered to attack anyone who’s wearing those black clothes and drive them out.” Miyaji’s eyes narrowed upon hearing the boy’s answer and pressed his interrogation. “Your boss? And who’s that?” If whoever these punks are working for is trying to avoid interaction with people in the Demon Slayer uniform, there’s a good chance he’s the one we’re looking for. The kid smiled sinisterly, his gaze burning with malice despite his black eye and bleeding lip. “Someone more powerful than you. I won’t tell you his name, but it’s not like it even matters; you’re gonna have to go through an entire army to even get close to him.”

    With that, Tōru kicked forward with both feet straight into Miyaji’s gut, and the latter stumbled back with an expression of pain and anger. The punk then let out a shrill whistle, piercing through the silence of the slums. From far away, the faint thundering of footsteps could be heard, and within minutes, Miyaji, Dolan, and Akane were surrounded by what definitely was an entire army of kids just like Tōru. Just like the handful that Miyaji had fought earlier, the majority of them were armed to the teeth with various weapons that they could find: rusted poles, hatchets, chains, and machetes; bats, brass knuckles, et cetera. Miyaji turned to see Dolan and Akane behind him and sighed, an annoyed look in his eyes. “I thought I might look around this place and see if I could get any leads to who we’re looking for, and I suppose I found a good one,” He explained with a dry laugh. “Sorry you guys were dragged into this; I’d appreciate it if you helped me give these punks a good beating, but don’t use your blades. We should just knock them out, not kill them.” With that, Miyaji turned back to glare at Tōru, tightening his grip on his wooden staff from earlier. “I’m gonna have to go through an army to get to your boss, you said? I’ll do just that, then.”
  26. As they made their way down the slums Akane asked Dolan if they were headed the right direction in which Dolan turned, "No... I have no idea where I'm going" Dolan thought to himself, "absolutely!... its... this... that way!" Pointing towards the dark alleyway. Dolan was completely oblivious to the looks Akane was receiving, and assumed they were looking at him. As soon as one of the thugs spoke Dolan looked around confused as to who he was calling a zero. Dolan noticed a mirror against the wall with the thugs reflecting. Dolan quickly looked back at the thug, "that's your reflection... Your not a zero... I mean... you could definitely use a bath and really reevaluate your life choices... and stop slouching! Your gonna get a hump back! And another thing. Dont make those facial expressions. Girls don't like that in a guy. No wonder why your single!" Dolan said. He continued nitpicking the thugs overall appearance. Despite Dolan's criticisms he meant well ,and patted the thug before the enraged thug had had enough. Dolan was so startled by the thugs reaction he accidentally pushed the thug ,and immidiatly afterwards he Tripped and accidentally dropped his elbow right to the thug's kidney. "Gahh! Why you!" The thug yelled as soon as Dolan got up to apologize the thug jumped up immidiatly falling down a small flight of stairs as Dolan's extended leg accidentally tripped him. Dolan stood there in shock ,and bewilderment as he looked at the man stumbling to get up from down the stairs, "put some ice on it!" Dolan yelled nervously. He turned towards Akane, "We should hurry to find Miyaji!" Dolan said concerned.

    As they finally found Miyaji Dolan agreed to use his fists. He smacked his fists together as he readied himself for what was to come. He didn't mind the fact that they were humans. They were criminals, and needed to be brought to justice.
  27. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    When Dolan took out the golden toothed thug, Akane looked at her fellow demon slayer with admiration. He was such a gentleman. The redhead smiled and followed along, maybe she would buy him a pin also. Feeling more safe, she followed Dolan deeper into the slums until the whole Miyaji situation unraveled.

    Akane didn't like the idea of fighting other humans, she wasn't trained for that and she was pretty useless without her sword. Maybe if she used her hand as one would work? But they all looked young and she didn't want to be remebered as someone evil in their eyes.

    "Can we just not fight and talk about this. Looks like we are being seen as the bad guys, when really, we are here to help. We should all talk about this over some tea." Akane smiled politely. "Maybe some biscuits too."
  28. Dolan noticed Akane seemed nervous which might have been due to the fact that they were fighting humans. Dolan trained with Kishi how to fight empty handed so this wasn't new for him ,but he wanted to help so he looked over, "You don't have to fight them. You can leave that to me ,and Miyaji if you don't want to. Besides we may need to conserve energy for the demon fight. If you do decide to come with us just remember to block. Keep a sturdy stance ,and block their attacks. The worst they will get is bruises on their arms and legs... unless you block hard enough to hurt them ,but that choice is up to you" Dolan said calmly before heading inside.

    Two people charged at Dolan ,and as they did the first one threw a punch at him while the second threw a kick. Dolan caught the 1st thug's punch ,and pulled him off balance. He pushed the thug into the second thug to intercept the kick. Dolan quickly tugged the first thug's wrist causing him to flinch. He pulled his arm behind his back kicking him in the shin ,and driving his foot down the thug's leg stopping on his foot forcing him to th he ground. As the second thug threw a jumping kick Dolan caught it with an X block throwing him to the ground. He caught the thug by the leg putting him in a joint lock. Dolan punched the thug twice in the stomach. He smacked him across the shoulder knocking him out. A few moments later the 1st thug stood up with a limp ,but ready for round two. Dolan looked over putting his hands up ready to finish the fight.
  29. Time spent sharpening the ax was not wasted while chopping the tree. Now armed with information, Phyra could map out her actions. She smiled dismissively at the man and excused herself cordially. "My Pleasure. Have a nice day."

    Stepping away from the table she took to the streets, mulling over what she'd learned. The incidents only happened to rich people. Was there any reason for that? The town's people called it retribution. An interesting interpretation, but not one that would help her find the demon. She doubted the demon would distinguish between rich or poor. What did that mean though? If the demon wasn't actively targetting the rich, then why would they be the only ones dying? Hokori was stratified among class-divides...so was there something inside the rich district?

    "Hmmm, whatever it might be I should take a look first...wonder when my partner is supposed to arrive?"

    Wondering into the rich district Phyralis meandered over to the described Pesok Manor. She glanced over at the Willow trees, nostalgia prickling as an old lullaby came to mind. With a renewed pep in her step, and her hand cautiously placed on the hilt of her sword, Phyralis snuck into the house, seeking to avoid any prying eyes. The mellow tune that played in her mind began to slip through her lips in a soft hum.

    "A young man walked through the forest
    with his quiver and hunting bow
    he heard a young girl singing
    and followed the sound below
    there he found the maiden
    who lives in the willow
    he called to her as she listened
    from a ring of toadstools red
    'Come with me my maiden'
    'Come from thy willow bed'

    she looked at him serenely
    and only shook her head."​
  30. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Hmmmm?” Kit yawned and slowly lifted his hat above his barely opened eyes. The blurred outline of Sena began to come into focus as he processed bits and pieces of the message she gave in his sleep state.
    “Alright, I’m coming.” He grumbled, too tired to start an argument in response to her insult.

    Kit allowed himself to be escorted out by Sena, and after a few long days of tedious hiking between the two silent demon slayers, they had finally arrived at the destination.

    Immediately, a chill almost equal in severity to the one at the bar permeated throughout Kit’s body. Counselors? Kids? His eyes filled with horror as he quickly realized the role they had been given. After he resisted the urge to kill one of the children bombarding him, internalized anger swelled within Kit, and Sena’s usual know-it-all manner finally got to him and elicited a rather snarky response.
    “Yeah, I figured.” Kit snapped at her. “Quit acting like you’re so much smarter than everyone.” Maybe it was the anger of his kill being stolen, maybe it was her not taking him seriously about the threat at the bar, or maybe it was the infatuating yet incredibly irritating self-superior aura she emitted, but one thing was for sure: Kit did not have enough sleep to deal with it. He turned his back to his partner, politely greeted the director, and marched away towards the boy cabins where he would be staying, hopefully gaining a short break from his accompanying demon slayer.
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  31. "Shira..." Rin repeated absently, like she'd had stronger words to fire off and this one had been a dud. Instead of holding a grudge, the demon let things go rather quickly, welcomed her assistance, and excused himself to take a "quick bite." But his polite manner and the indecent state in which she'd found her brother were harder to reconcile. In the few minutes that he was gone, Rin barely moved, her conviction that he was a murderer gradually weakening.

    "B-be right there!"

    So had her grip on reality, his return waking the girl from her thoughts and hurrying her words. She bowed at the storeowner and followed her partner out, taking the lead upon remembering that she knew the mountains better. Shirade, however, was a total mystery, and as she contrasted his behaviors with the horrific snippets of her history, Rin grew curious.

    "Do you not... eat in front of others?"
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  32. Komugi was lost in his thought as he wondered, what could happend to the demon victims.. How he/she chooses his/her targets.. Or maybe s/he eats just random people. Man... Kazu would use some help now.

    Then he heard a soft humming and interested, follow the voice. He kinda wondered in the same time.. Do demons hum? Maybe...
    He didn't find a demon, but a person. Female demon slayer was humming a quite beautiful melody.. Komugi couldn't tell, if he heard this melody before or not. He took off his mask, as a mask with mischievous grin coming out of nowhere may really scare someone and Kazu wasn't so cold-hearted to scare people for no reason and he approached her.
    "That's a really nice melody.. Sorry that I interrupt.." he said to the girl, quietly.
    Shira followed Rin to the mountain and seemed to think about something, then he heard the question. "I used to survive without killing humans, make little cuts to be able to gather some blood and I survived by drinking.. It was easier not to get noticed that way. If I killed someone, then in self-defense and I didn't ate them after this.." he felt like he said to much and he didn't answer the question. " Saito told me that I should eat proper meals more than just drinking blood and... Yes, I don't like to eat in front of others... I can't get used to this.. Not that I ever will" he said, making several breaks during his statement.
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  33. With the appearance of another person, Phyra tightened her grip on her blade. Her song fell silent as she sized up the new attendee. His attire and the sword he toted allowed her to breathe a sigh of relief. He was a Demon Slayer.

    "Don't worry about it, just an old handmaidens tale."

    Phyra responded with a warm smile, but rather than pleasantries, she decided to get right into things.

    "Then I assume you're my partner for this mission? Have you found anything out yet? I heard that this demon exclusively targetted the rich but...that sounds rather suspicious. I'm Reva by the way, who might you be?"
  34. “Sorry, Akane,” Miyaji called over his shoulder, as she and Dolan had already been jumped by a few thugs. “These guys have already made up their minds, I’m afraid.” He was about to say more, but he was abruptly cut short by an enraged snarl from Tōru. “Tea? Biscuits? You rich people are all alike, aren’t you? In the eyes of everyone here, you all are already the villains. You can wear whatever fancy clothes you want, and you never have to go hungry; so many more of us have to live with torn rags on our backs and dirty water to drink, but no one cares, especially not you wealthy idiots.” The kid narrowed his eyes, burning with malice. “Our boss is gonna change that. He’ll change all of you, you pathetic cowards, hiding behind your luxury.” With that, Tōru pointed his axe at the three Demon Slayers and gave his final order for the rest of the punks, his voice just as sinister as his demeanor. “Tear them all apart.” A loud cry went up as Miyaji, Dolan, and Akane were charged by the fully mobilized army of thugs, and Miyaji sighed before clutching his staff and re-entering his stance. It was going to be a long night.
  35. "If you say so..." whispered Kazu then made a little bow "I am Kazu, Nice to meet you Reva.. Well, I probably don't have any new news for you. Most of the victims of the demon are rich people, but demons doesn't care much about the fact if their victim is poor or rich.. Demons usually just hunt the pray that is close to them... I started to wonder if there is something that connects all deaths of the rich people.. But I didn't gather much informations. Those who are poor don't like to share with informations, if that may save the rich" he took a little break, put his mask on "I was about to check the latest murder and search for clues here now.." he said.
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane didn't reply to the comments Toru made. She didn't know what he was going through, so it was hard for her to imagine it. She didn't want to fight them, but there were too many for Miyaji and Dolan. She decided to help, but do as less damage as possible. She took in a deep breath, increasing her concentration. Every enemy that would attempt to strike her, she would move to one side, smash her palm into their ribs or face and then pull their arms downward with her other hand, throwing them to the ground. She figured as long as she can keep them at bay, Miyaji and Dolan could take care of the rest.

    "Sorry!" She said as she took down the first one. "Sorry!" She apologized to every single one.
  37. Dolan was confused as to what torū was talking about them being wealthy living in luxury, "what in the world are you talking about?! If you stop wasting so much time out here in these slums ,and more time working you would have more money to buy food! Manuel labor is hard work ,but I've never met anyone who worked ,and went hungry" Dolan said. He smiled when he saw the others fighting as well then quickly turned his attention towards the next grunt crescent kicking him hard enough to knock him to the ground. He heel palm striked the next thug hard enough to knock the wind out of him. As soon as he fell to the ground gasping for air Dolan knocked them both unconcious. As the thugs kept coming Dolan continued dropping them one at a time.
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  38. "Hmmm, then let's just right into it. How about...you search the right side and I'll search the left side?"

    It appeared both of them had about the same level of information, which meant that the only way forward was to inspect the crime scene. Though Phyra was no detective, she had a decent enough eye for detail as a merchant. She also felt like she had an indistinct edge, as she was more familiar with the lifestyle of the wealthy.

    "Let's work hard together."

    Beginning to hum again, Phyra prepared to search her half of the house, however, she waited in case Kazu had something to say.
  39. Pearlan's eyes twitched as they caught the grainy sound of a playing record, slowly opening to the pitch-black interior of his Persian Paradise. But as his ears discerned the fiery diss track he'd debuted a few nights ago, the Duke didn't take a second to find his bearings, crashing through the metal sheet that sealed his stall and landing in the street, eager to know how the public had received it. What the people outside broke into was a sprint, instantly crowding him and celebrating a roast more delicious than his kebabs.

    "Yooo, that song was LIT!"

    "You really clapped back at MC Granny!"

    "You had me worried for a second there, but I knew you'd recover!"

    "I never doubted you once!"

    "Totally ended her career!"

    "Straight up ruined a 79-year-old woman's life!"

    "Trippie Purple and Arashi 6ix9ine forever!"

    Having faded into obscurity for a week, the demon stood there a while and soaked up the praise, the townsfolk stroking an ego that had returned like a stray feline. He'd checked the hag who disrespected his name, put those who mimicked his schemes in their place, polluted the airwaves with profanities, and asserted himself as the evilest, most foul-mouthed spitter. With a temporary problem out of the way, however, the triumphant feeling didn't last and left him to face a more persistent one.

    "We love you, Pearlan!" the civilians cheered.

    Right then, the Duke realized that all this time he'd spent saving his pride, he'd been blind to his ultimate plan's failure. Here the humans were, their smiles still pure and their minds uncorrupted, not clawing at their faces as their brains rotted from the inside but practically clawing at his like rabid fans. After everything he'd done, they hadn't gotten his diabolical genius through their thick skulls, and the love with which they showered him splashed against his seething jaw like fuel to a fire.

    "GAAAAH! ENOUGH ALREADY! WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE YOU FEAR ME?!" he exploded. However heated the royal was, a quiet resolution burned in the back of his head. That was it. No more elaborate plots. After at least a month of night labor that yielded nothing, Pearlan lost his patience, ripping into the throng of innocents with a splash of blood and devouring everyone in sight. Their eyes almost sprang from the prisons of their sockets as the demon's fangs connected with their throats, but severed digits flew freely through the air. Terrified screams drowned out the rhymes he'd dropped, the Duke sparing no one as he advanced through the gore and dropped bodies instead. The sophisticated demon became the unsightly beast he shunned, streaks of blood whipping from the powerful bites he took and cracks of bone sounding from the flimsy necks he snapped. "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR TREATING THE GREAT PEARLAN EVELDAUER AS A JOKE!"

    In the end, he'd only consumed a fraction of the human swarm. But his face lit up when the survivors eyed him with disdain, thinking he'd done enough to prove his point.

    "We were worried for a second..." a man spoke up, the blood of a dismembered corpse dripping suspensefully into a pool before him. "We were afraid that Pearlan had gone on a killing spree when we knew he was too kind to do such a thing. But we're relieved to find out that you're an imposter..."

    "Yeah!" a woman agreed. "I clearly heard you say 'Pear-LAHN!' Not Pearlan! You're a fake!"

    "How dare you impersonate our hero!"


    "Let's beat him up!"

    The royal's heart sank deep in his chest and pulled his gaping mouth down with it. He suddenly felt himself losing braincells in the company of idiots, just another clown in a circus with blood smeared around his lips like face paint. No matter what he did—addicting them to unhealthy food, boiling them alive, triggering their allergies, dirtying their children's minds, and straight up murdering them—the people still loved him. He couldn't believe it. Wasn't there a single person in town who saw him for the villain he was?

    "So you finally show your true colors..."

    Immediately after he'd asked himself that question, the crowd cleared and revealed a muttering old woman, the very one who'd reprimanded Pearlan on the night of his arrival. The petite lady walked across the red puddles, brandished her frying pan, and leveled it at the Duke. Her appearance was a bit of comedic relief that pulled him out of his crisis and allowed him to laugh it off.

    "HAHAHA! Are you MC Granny? I destroyed you, so get lost!" the overconfident demon spat. "What kind of grown adult goes around calling themselves silly nicknames, anyway? You're a cornball, LOL!"

    "Is that so? Don't you know who I was in my youth?" the elder replied ominously. "You see, I knew you were evil the moment you showed your face here, but I decided not to end you then since you amputated my husband's diseased leg. The competition from your meat stand was a nuisance, but that's not the real reason I hate you."

    "End me? You're just a puny, pruny human, while I'm one of the strongest demons in existence! The G.O.A.T!"

    "I'm aware..." the unimpressed hag responded, then uttered a phrase that melted the smirk from the chameleon's face and quieted their surroundings to a silence in which one could hear a pin drop. "I'm a retired demon slayer... a former Pillar, actually. I was known for my unconventional methods and was often tasked with eliminating oddball fiends like you. I followed your schemes closely and played your game, assuming the identity of MC Granny and devising a perfect counter. I wasn't fooled like everyone else."

    "My ass!" the royal sharply dismissed. "The only pillar you've got is a walking cane, and you look like you can hardly breathe!"

    "I'll have you know I practiced the strongest Breath Style..." the aged bat cautioned, tucking her massive saucer by her waist as if she was preparing to strike.

    "Oh shit, Breath of the Sun? Kunie, I think we're fucked," the Duke joked to Arashi, not buying her story.

    "No, you fool!" she rejoined, blitzing forward and punishing the royals with a blow that swept the street, erupting a broad plume of wind and dirt that extended the path of her weapon and lingered in the road long after she'd sent them flying. "I practice the Breath of the Fire-Grilled Shrimp!"

    Pearlan, who hadn't seen this coming, placed a finger on his chin in contemplation as he sailed into the sky, resigning himself to the fact that he couldn't reverse his course and reacting more calmly than he should've.

    "Hmm... can you make a Breath Style out of anything? My kebabs taste way better than her shrimp, so would a Kebab Breath Style be even stronger? I'd probably be the greatest demon slayer of all time if I weren't a demon myself..." he mused, his gaze drifting to the clouds above him. "Oh hey, I think I see the fourth wall from up here! Yo Mango, this is for saying I'm not funny!"

    He cupped his hands and shouted, flipping his middle fingers as he whizzed by.

    "Not that I'm supposed to be," the chameleon clarified. "Anyway, getting blown away makes me look uncool, so I'll redeem myself with a clever ending line. How about... WE'RE BLASTING OFF AGAIN?!"

    He'd restored his image in his mind, but in the eyes of grounded observers, he was an insignificant twinkle in the air from which they quickly moved on. A fat sheriff had plodded over, catching his breath and badgering them for information.

    "Everyone, there's danger! A group of violent criminals has escaped from prison and is masquerading as members of this community!" cried the panting officer, hunched over with his hands on his knees. When his eyes settled on the mutilated bodies at his feet and recognized their faces, however, his mouth hung open in what was both a gasp and a sigh of relief. "Oh... it seems someone's taken care of them already! Whoever killed these people is a real hero!"
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  40. "Yhm..." he replied after she said to work hard. Young demon slayer turned to the right and before he headed out, he said as he heard her humming again "As I hear it now, then it isn't the same melody..Sorry, nevermind... I hope that I will be able to help..."

    Kazu searched for clues or anything useful, first room... Well, it wasn't a murder scene and if we don't count incredibly expensive things, then it wasn't anything special in this room.

    " To buy one thing from this room, I should be working for the 10 years without a break... 24 hours... And not buy anything during this time" Kazu whispered to himself. He would never buy anything from this room. Most of the things were decorations... Just decorations. He went back with thoughts, when he heard Reva's humming. He thought for a while that he hears his sister, as she used to hum many different melodies during her work in hause. He kinda know thanks to this that she is home...

    He checked most of the rooms and didn't found anything, then he was about to enter the last room. "Okay... Let's check this place"
    Shirade thought for a while and then he asked Rin, as he wanted to know "... Don't answer, if you don't want to... How your brother died?" Shira asked. He remember as she rushed at him and keep saying earlier, that he killed her brother. Who he was? How he died? Shira kinda started to be curious...
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