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Ask to Join Demon Slayer Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mango137, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. "I ain't no hermit... (Ren grumbled to himself) humans are stupid, they will belie-... Most humans are stupid ,and will believe anything. I will be fine without a scarf. Though I appreciate the offer." Ren said. As he made is way around a large stalactite then jumping over and past a dark chasm like pit, and as a rat scurried by he looked over, "Just because I'm leaving doesn't mean you can touch my stuff...and no pooping in the training area..." he said calmly. He eventually made his way out to which Sena remarked about training in the dark Ren looked up at the stars, "When you look as good as me sometimes you have to hide the goods. Don't want people getting too excited" Ren said with a smirk. Ren stared at the stars for an entire minute before turning his gaze towards the fishing village ,and as he did his smirk faded. He looked at the fishing village as if he wanted to remember something ,but couldn't quite figure out what he had forgotten. Ren remembered this fishing village is where he met his demon slayer friend. Ren was so lost in thought that he almost didn't hear Sena talk, "It's alright... The people here aren't too nosey... The nuns talk a lot... everybodies happy and mind their own business... maybe they aren't that bad" Ren said.

    He stood there watching a merchant peddle his cart pulled by a donkey on the road going up the hill with a lantern shining bright. The man had what looked like a mercenary walking with him. Ren didn't give them too much attention as he quickly turned his gaze back at the town. As Sena mentioned going to a bar Ren was momentarily confused, "Bar. Bar? Bar! Bar?? What bar? Why does she want to go to a bar? What am I supposed to do at a bar?... Wait nevermind. I know what a bar is... Wait Why do I want to go to a bar?... Why not?... Because I said so... Wait when did I say so... Doesn't matter because I said it now... Ahhh
    I'm overthinking this... Bar it is..." Ren pondered to himself. He stood there a few moments before responding, "No... Yes... Maybe..." Ren said calmly. He couldn't quite put his finger on it ,but something felt familiar about going to a bar. (Before Ren became a demon, him and his friends would sneak in the bar through the back entrance and sneak out drinks and get drunk in the fields, act stupid ,and ultimately pass out. The fact that they never got caught was a true mystery.)
  2. Fight was quite tough and for a moment, Shirade thought that he may win this spar, but he was overconfident. Well, even if he wasn't. He probably couldn't beat Saito as he is now. In this fight, Saito manage to get rid of Shirade eye and the moment of shock was enough to receive a great pummeling. He had also many smaller or bigger cuts.. His eye regenerated as Saito praised a bit Shira and gave him last tip to eat well... If we can call it a tip now. "Thanks for everything, Saito.." said Shira, he grabbed branch leader hand.
    Kazu reached his hause, it was completely destroyed. Traces of blood led to the woods. So Kazu without a break ran to the place where they led. Finally he arrived and the thing that he saw shaterred him. Two demons, one was more his height. He had black hair and a blue kimono. Second demon was way more Intimidating. He was tall (around 6'4"), he was in a red cloak with black outfit under it and was wearing a mask.
    The thing that was the most intriguing thing was Demon's white mask that covered his entire visage. The mask itself was simply designed with a mischievous smirk running from its cheekbones down to, slightly above, the jawline and arching back up to his opposite cheekbone. Granting him visibility are two crescent-shaped spots flowing downwards, forming a wicked portrayal along with the mouth piece. Between the demons was massacred body. It.. Was.. Hagima...


    "Stupid Bro" yelled Hagi. She had with her two swords. "What happend?" He asked.
    "Some weird guy has visited you" she answered. "And where is he now?" Kazu asked. "I threw him away and took those swords, as he said they are for you" Hagi explained. "You what!?.."
    "And next time, I wish that your next guest will be a beautiful girl, Kazu" She said, left his swords on the grass and left. "You little... It isn't my fault, that in this village there isn't any girl in my age"
    Kazure was about to leave home, as Arashi said that he had his first mission. He was about to leave, when his sister stopped him and hug him from behind "Take care of yourself, stupid lazy bro" Hagima mumbled.
    "You too" he told her, she released him and he was on his way "And don't even try to return home, without girlfriend or someone like that!" She yelled as he was far away.

    "You will be my age after a year, maybe start to think about boy, huh" Kazu thought.
    "Stupid bro!"
    "I just can't take care of you entire life, bro."

    "Hey, we have a guest..Hirako" said demon in blue kimono as he noticed Kazu.
    "Oh.. Really, Bakto" said Hirako, the demon with the mask. It was hard to hear any emotions in his voice. "Give me a second or two.. It seems that our friend over here is a demon slayer" said Hirako.

    Kazu did not listen to them. His Tears welled up and he fell to his knees. He couldn't believe that his sister died. Hirako slowly approached him.
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  3. "Just go inside already," Sena prodded when Ren gave three different answers. Was he getting cold feet right after he'd said the people here weren't that bad?

    She didn't blame him. Individually they might've been bearable, but when so many of them were bunched into a single watering hole and lulled into an alcoholic stupor, she understood his hesitation. To her, though, the laughing men, the bustling waitresses, and the bubbling mugs knocking together blended into an easily dismissible background noise. She walked calmly to the bar and sat down, gesturing Ren to the chair beside her.

    "Sake. Two of them," she told the tender, who must've been so used to surly drunks and laconic phrases that she set the glasses down without raising any eyebrows. Well, not at Sena's bluntness, at least.

    "Hey, isn't your boyfriend a little young to be drinking?" the older woman questioned.

    "He doesn't age," she answered vaguely. "And he isn't my boyfriend."

    Did the girl's icy blue hair and equally chilling eyes give her a cold, dead look or something? Or did the scarf covering half her face prevent people from accurately assessing her age? Sena wasn't getting any compliments for her own youthful looks tonight, but she didn't let it bother her. The server similarly shrugged and moved on, wiping down glasses and burying herself in work.

    "So what's your name, demon?" she asked Ren, not threatening him with a katana this time and potentially starting a barfight. But she wasn't shy about addressing him by race, because if the civilians, plastered or sober, were oblivious to his kind's existence, then they'd likely dismiss "demon" as some flirty nickname. The barkeep had already assumed they were romantically involved, and in an atmosphere of gossiping boozers, the fact that she didn't know his actual name made it seem more like a one-night stand than it resolved the misunderstanding.

    "Mine is Sena," she introduced herself, loosening her scarf and tipping the sake into her still-hidden mouth. "You don't need to drown your sorrows tonight, but I wonder how you ended up in that cave and what happened that turned you. You don't seem like the type of guy who'd choose to become a demon."
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  4. Hirako stood before the kneeling Kazure. "Don't take it to yourself... You just were in wrong place and time...and die" he kicked him with all his strength and Kazu hit the nearest tree, hardly breaking it.

    Don't die
    Don't die
    Don't die
    Die... Kill

    "First style.. Thunderclap and flash" said Kazu and in great speed rushed at Hirako, aiming for the head. The masked demon, however managed to catch the blade. Kazure grabbed his second sword "Fifth Style:Heat Lightning!" Hirako was faster again, before blade reached him, he blocked it... With his bone. He pulled a bone out of his hand and used it like a sword, but it seemed like his hand didn't looked any different, like he was spare bone inside or something. "It's the first time meeting you, useless human sucker! My name is Hirako, engrave it in memory before I kill you" said Hirako and kicked Kazu away from him. Hirako threw his bone away and pulled out his.. Spine. "I will be enjoying this"
  5. As Ren made his way into the bar a couple patrons looked over at him with friendly faces ,and he even got a couple winks from some of the waitresses. Ren hadn't had much experience socializing in a while so he smiled ,and waved back. Ren slowly made his way to the counter When Sena ordered two drinks. As Ren held up one of the glasses he looked at the drink sway back and forth in the glass before pouring it down quickly. Ren felt an immediate kick as well as some of his senses slowly dulling. As Sena said her name asking for his he paused looking over, "Ren... My name is Ren..." he said. The older bartender woman looked over at Ren, "well your friend seems to think your old enough... Also have a second on the house" She said chuckling to herself as she slid the drink across the counter. Ren was confused why he had another drink now, "On the house? what house? who puts it on a house? Am I supposed to drink another drink now?" Ren pondered to himself, "Thanks miss! it's neat getting more drinks. TO THE HOUSE!" he cheered lifting his drink the lady gave to him. As he did most of the people in the bar joined in on the toast, "TO THE HOUSE" The patrons cheered.

    A few minutes later a waitress walked over, "Here's you another drink!" She said cheerfully. Ren was confused as to why she was giving him another drink ,and she cheerfully responded, "From the table over there!" She said pointing. Ren turned his head and saw several fisherman drinking to their hearts content. A stout old man stood up ,and began walking in Ren's direction, "look at you! getting everyone all excited! This place is a little more lively now than it usually is..." the grizzled fisherman said chuckling while patting Ren across the back. Several other fishermen joined began chuckling. Ren began laughing too patting the old grizzled fisherman across the back. He accidentally patted the man hard enough to knock him to the ground ,but luckily not hard enough to hurt him. The man stood up and surprisingly rather than get angry he chuckled causing most of the other people inside to chuckle too, "Good arm you have there lad! A greenhorn such as yourself should consider joinin up with me crew... we catch much of the fish in these here waters. The job pays well and you get to drink with us every night... well most nights at least... me wife still needs some attention too..." The grizzled old man said.

    Ren stood there silently,
    "Wow! I can be a pirate?!... I wonder if Sena wants to be a pirate too... Being a pirate sounds WAY cooler than being a demon slayer..." Ren thought to himself. He stood in shock for a moment realizing he couldn't find Sena. Much of his senses were dull yet he still had more than enough left to locate her. He then walked over leaning against the counter. Ren grabbed the drink he got from the sailor ,and slid it over to Sena before sitting down leaning back against the counter. Ren almost felt comfy enough to go to sleep ,but he still had enough senses to decide against it. Ren didn't even mind the fact that the sleeping waitress from earlier fell asleep at the counter ,and was now snoring. Ren looked over at Sena, "Coming here wasn't a bad idea..." Ren said calmly looking out the window to see the moon shine beautifully across the ocean by the harbor.
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  6. Hirako attacked with the spine, which divided into segments, each of them connected. Despite the long distance, he attacked the demon slayer. Kazu barely escaped the attack by jumping up, but the trees were cut down in seconds. Probably if Kazu was as he usually did, he would think 'Oh, he can manipulate the lenght and sharpness of his weapon' but he wasn't his old self. Hirako rushed at Kazu, who tried to escape him. But then, Kazu realised shocking truth. "He is really fast! Faster than me!! How can it be.."

    Hirako gave him a solid pummeling and many slashes with his sword. Kazu tried to block his attacks, but demon was too fast for him and always manage to avoid or break Kazu's block. This demon was truly strong. Hirako kicked Kazu away again and prepared his 'spine-sword' for next attack.
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  7. The clatter of hooves broke Phyra from her reverie. She hadn't really been paying attention to what was around her. At some point, she'd fallen deep into thought, her mind bogged with worries and queries, most, revolving around their troublesome teammates. However, it seemed her teammates had decided they would part here, rather than travel together, and as Phyra's own mount came galloping, the newly inducted demon slayer found herself at a slight loss.

    Although she'd technically killed her first demon, it didn't really feel like she'd done much. She wasn't sure whether that was a good thing, a testament to the strength and effectiveness of their numbers, or a bad thing. However, what she did know, was that it was high time they headed home and prepared for the next mission. Turning to face Miyaji, she smiled and questioned with the faintest tilt of her head.

    "Then, shall we leave as well?"
  8. As Arista loudly approached the two, Miyaji glanced at Phyra as she queried him with a smile. He would have answered with a grin, "Sure, right after you", had he not been taken aback by the expression on the girl's face. Head-tilt.. dammit, that's cute. However, his childish stupor was quickly realized, and he promptly kicked himself out of his short moment of hesitation with a small cough into his arm and a nod. No need for that right now. "Uh, yeah. Right after you." With that, Miyaji returned Phyra's smile with a small grin of his own and motioned for her to mount her steed, planning to jump on after her. However, as he made the gesture, a sharp pain seared through his arm, and he winced for an instant before gingerly clutching the deep cut on his left upper arm, courtesy of a particular falling tree blasted onto him by Vero. "Oh; should probably get that treated sometime soon." Continuing to grip his arm, Miyaji began to employ Total Concentration Breathing in an attempt to slow down the bleeding and prevent the risk of infection.
  9. Hirako spine divided into segments again and he make a slash attack with his spine.
    "First Style:Thunderclap and Flash" said Kazure and managed to dodge the demon attack. "If I use my breathing technique, I may be able to dodge him" he thought

    He manage do dodge distant attacks "So, you stopped to play around, finally. I was getting really bored!" said Hirako, his spine sword returned to normal and demon chased Kazu. At first, someone could say that Kazu was faster with Thunderclap and Flash.. But demon was adapting to his speed. He catched up to him, punched his belly and Kazu flinched, he slashed his chest with his spine-sword and kicked away again "Don't bother to stand up! You won't show me anything interesting.. I know it"
    Komugi... What is the meaning of life, Komugi!
    Life is meaningless...
    So don't be scared to lose it.. You had a meaning to protect people? You failed! You want to know your only meaning?
    My... Only meaning
    Beat them! Maim them! Kill them! Cut off their heads.

    Hirako was heading to his demonic friend and Bakto noticed that Kazu returned to kneeled position "Hey, he still is alive, may I...?" Bakto asked and Hirako glared at him through his mask "May you what!!"
    Hirako yelled furious and Bakto took a step back. "Nothing" he mumbled quietly.

    "You are up for more? Suit yourself!" he said and attacked. Kazu raised his hand and... Grabbed the divided spine part, cutting his hand. Blood in big amount came from his hand. Hirako looked a bit interested now.. "Thunderclap and flash" he said and arrived quickly in front of demon. He was about to slash, aiming for the head but The ribs came out of the demon and pierced him slightly. He blood fell from his mouth. "He really is... Stronger than me... But, there is a possibility to beat stronger opponent!.. If he drop his guard for a second!" Kazure thought. Kazu raised both his legs and kicked off his opponent, who flinched. "Thunderclap and Flash" Kazu arrived behind his opponent.
    "Not Good! I won't be able to dodge" thought Hirako as becouse of his flinch, Kazu got enough time...
    "Fifth Style: Heat Lightning" said Shirade and cut demons head off.
    "Damn you.. Damn you.. Damn you.. Damn youuu! You stupid brat! He will.." Hirako yelled, his body slowly turned into dust, but before it happend he 'shot' his bones from body. Kazure blocked them with his swords, Bakto was forced to dodge. They were piercing through the trees and rocks.. As they stopped, his body almost entire dissapired and head too. Kazu grabbed Hirako's mask with its devil grin. Kazu fell, seriously wounded in many places and exhausted at the ground.
    Bakto noticed that Kazu is still breathing and wanted to finish him. But villagers were on their way and he had to escape for now. They took back Kazu to heal him, Hagi body for funeral and the weird mask.....
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  10. "Not gonna wear the cat suit? Well I'M not gonna answer your question!" Pearlan said, turning away from Arashi and grumbling in defiance. "Besides, my Persian Paradise is still going strong..."

    The other duke doubted him because he lived in a colorless world, no imagination behind those dull eyes that only knew how to break things down. Maybe there'd be some life in them once he witnessed the maturation of his mind's most promising brainchild. Fuck cats. A week from now, he'd gather the townspeople like sheep. Still in his costume, the royal hobbled away from Ara-kun, burst through the door into the streets, and screamed at the top of his lungs to any pedestrians who were out this late.


    He had every right to be loud, because that was the last they'd hear of him for a while. The last they'd see of him was when he made the usual rounds that night and checked each of his businesses. The tiny kebab shop closed the earliest, so there was nothing to look at. The town's toilet holes were tinier and similarly closed full of shit, so there wasn't anything he wanted to observe there either. But at Arashi's Dream Spa, he found the same troubled teen he'd met on its opening night, absently twirling his finger in the water like a lonely female.

    "Hey, kid. Do me a favor. I need someone to look after my latest master plan. It's a cat café called Cataclysm, and boy, that sure is a lot of c-words in one sentence," Pearlan stated. "You'll take this costume I'm wearing, feed the cats periodically, and serve the guests tea."

    "That sounds hella lame. The only reason I like you so much is 'cause you gave me a place where I can be lazy. Why do I have to work?" the yawning adolescent replied.

    "Because nobody likes you. You'd do anything to get away from your parents, but you ain't getting any bitches either. So I'll let you in on a little secret," the Duke enticed with a devilish smirk. "GIRLS! LOVE! CATS!"

    "They do?"

    "Well, unless they have allergies."

    "Then if I do as you say, I'll get pu-"

    "Of course. It's a cat café," he interrupted. "Now quit beating off in the tub and go put on an apron."

    Pearlan had little hope in the younger generation, but when one becomes a demon, he loses faith in all mere mortals. The only thing he needed to be convinced of was his final plot's success. He continued through the dusty town road and stopped to admire his stone likeness. Or tried to, at least. The lustful women who'd chased and lost him had flocked back to it, either awaiting his return with a patience rivaling that of a demon trapped in Hell, or settling for a chiseled impression of himself in the real thing's absence. When he reappeared, they sprang toward him as if they'd been set free from their fiery pit, eyes glinting with sin unlike the impassable ones of the statue at which they’d been gawking.

    He had no time to waste, so he stepped back instead of indulging their antics and watched them land in a heap at his feet. "LADIES! I'm going to need you to do me a favor that's crucial to the survival of my wicked design!"

    "Anything for you~" they purred in unison.

    "I'm looking for waitresses to staff Cataclysm, the new joint I just opened up at the end of town. Y'all sound like a bunch of felines, so you'll love the uniforms."

    "Oh? Do we get to wear cat suits? The tight-fitting, seductive kind?~"

    "No, the cute and cuddly kind. They're the most innocent things ever."


    The bathhouse and meat stand could safely be shuttered, but someone had to care for the animals while he was gone. The Duke faded into the woods with a smile creeping to his visage, because this next scheme would be Arashi's favorite. He hadn't been the biggest fan of the one that just concluded, but knowing his penchant for destruction, the fellow royal would actively involve himself this time instead of criticizing him from afar like he frequently did. His participation would streamline his plan in the night, and they'd retire in a cave as sunlight streamed over the horizon's distant line in the day. As the week slowly passed, Pearlan cleared the forest and fashioned the materials into his most ambitious construction yet. He let Ara-kun handle the trees in their flimsiest form⁠—papers he'd purchased in the neighborhood and scrawled with rhythmic verses. Committing these to memory would train their minds, while the intense physical labor would train their bodies. Seven days flew by just like that, and at the end, Pearlan looked like someone whose face had braved a wind tunnel.

    "Feast your eyes, Arashi!" he presented, throwing out his sweaty arm and inviting his eyes to traverse the seemingly endless rows of chairs until stopping at a massive stage. "When I said this was my ultimate plan, I wasn't kidding! Now put on these clothes! Ditch the shirt and keep showing your bare torso if you're going for an LL Cruel J look! You didn't want to wear the stuffy cat outfit, but these are way cooler! And more diabolical! Or as I like to say, gangsta!"

    The demon held up a white bucket hat, a short-sleeved, open-armed shirt, a tangle of gold chains, and baggy, low-hanging pants, switching the first for a red jersey emblazoned with white numbers. These were Pearlan's original designs, for he was not only a master of the needle but also a visionary who'd pull the entire fashion world into the future along with his thread. This wear was unlike anything Japan or the rest of the world had seen, but he was certain his unconventional genius would be a hit.

    "Now here's the devious plan," the Duke whispered for effect, despite them being the only ones here. "I couldn't pollute a kid's mind earlier since he was an infant who hadn't yet uttered his first word. But information travels quickly, and I stressed in last week's announcement that everyone bring their kids to tonight's concert. The children, unlike that baby, will be old enough to speak and have minds developed enough to corrupt. You've seen the lyrics, so you know exactly where I'm going with this..."

    Pearlan took his place onstage, having filled Arashi in and watching gleefully as curious townsfolk did the seats. Unlike the trickling pace at which the spa had drawn its crowd, attendance skyrocketed almost immediately. Perhaps that was because he'd encouraged the residents to bring their whole families, or because those without them formed groups instead of venturing into the woods alone. Soon the demon's quiet, evil musings were drowned out by a storm of chatter and speculation.

    "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! EVERYONE LISTEN UP!" he started, approaching a primitive microphone stand at the stage's edge. He'd handle the singing, while Ara-kun would play the instruments and provide backing vocals when appropriate. "I'M ABOUT TO POISON ALL YOUR KIDS' EARS, SO DON'T YOU DARE COVER THEM! AFTER THIS, THEY'LL GROW INTO TERRIBLE, RAGE-FILLED ADULTS WHO'LL KILL YOU ALL IN YOUR SLEEP! Because from what the local teenagers have shown me, this is the type of town where grown men still live in their parents' basements..."

    The meaning of the words wasn't clear, though they were spoken loud. So when he finished his opening remarks, the spectators didn't know what they were cheering about. Either they did so as a formality, or they were genuinely stupid. But an entire song's worth of profanities would flow unequivocally into their ears, since even idiots understood curse words. Pearlan shook his gold chains confidently, turned his skin black, and breathed the first few fiery phrases into the mic.



    "It's a pleasure, Ren..." Sena managed to say, before the bartender slid the demon another drink and opened a bottle of untapped excitement within him. She'd thought he was only talkative in private, but he instantly became the center of attention in the public space. Were the patrons so drunk that they picked on anyone who met their eyes, or was this how they reacted upon first seeing one of Ren's kind? Did they even know what he was?

    Sena was asking a lot of questions, and those she'd voiced weren't being answered. Maybe that was because she'd phrased the ones about Ren's past as statements. If he just didn't want to talk about it, she'd prompt him again once the booze had completely taken over. Hopefully his newfound popularity would die down as everyone sobered up and no one else needed a word with him.

    "So much for workplace professionalism," she flatly remarked when the waitress passed out before her. "Or maybe she just went on break and couldn't stop herself. No, she's definitely done for the night."

    The girl stayed put as the plastered folks played with Ren like a shiny new toy and waited patiently until what was left of him stumbled back over.

    "It's like you have a Blood Demon Art that hypnotizes people into giving you free drinks," Sena quipped, accepting his offer and downing her second glass. She forgot the serious stuff and settled into small talk, her cheeks suffused with red. "That's good, because if you'd ordered more and cleaned out my wallet, I'd have cut your head off. You demons find all kinds of ways to screw with us slayers."

    "Unless," she cooed, "getting me tipsy and vulnerable is your way of screwing with me. Don't worry, I'll play along. The lady passed out at the counter makes girls look like they can't hold their liquor, but I'll show you just how wrong that is."
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  11. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    A parched feeling was present in Kit’s throat.
    “I guess I could use a drink.” He muttered. A breeze ruffled his brown hair and chilled his exposed skin, turning his cheeks a pinkish hue as he wandered through the night, searching for a place to fix his sobriety.

    Finally A raggedy sign hanging from the top of a tavern filled the demon slayer with joy. He began to salivate with anticipation and began sprinting to the door. However, moments before his anxious fist connected with the wooden plank, Kit froze. He had let his guard down but now the presence of a threat was evident even without increased awareness. Fear froze him at the entrance, never before had such a powerful and intimidating aura.

    Slowly, his hand fell down the side of his body and his fingers curled around the grip of his blade. I’m a demon slayer. This is my responsibility now. Kit took a large gulp as he swallowed his fears and cautiously stepped into the bar. A darkness surrounded him instantly and Kit struggled to locate the source that seemed to consume the building amongst ignorant people enjoying themselves. Then, he fixated on the back of a man at the bar. Though puzzled by the seeming lack of power compared to the crushing gravity of the aura around him, it was evident that the man at the bar was in fact a demon.

    With a new sense of confidence from the perceived lack of strength vs what he was expecting, Kit quickly strode forward with his hand ready to draw the sword and finish things in an instant.
  12. "Not with those wounds you won't..."

    Her lips pressed into a line, her eyebrows furrowing to complete her expression of concernment. She moved over to Miyaji, reaching her hand out as if to pull away what remained of his clothing. Her hand paused mid-way, her face flushing as she thought better of her actions. What if she aggravated his wounds?

    "Let me take a look, we'll book an inn if those wounds are too bad. There's no way they'll heal if you go rough-rider on horseback."
  13. Miyaji watched as Phyra motioned to attempt to treat his wounds, and a look of slight confusion appeared on his face as the girl abruptly stopped. Upon hearing her request, he quietly complied, gingerly tearing away at the sleeve that covered his main cut, and with it, a small portion of the fiery red embroidery Phyra had done for his uniform. The pain of removing the layer of clothing sealed with his blood made him wince for a small instant, but he managed a weak grin and soft laugh. "Damn, sorry for ruining your embroidery like that." Once he had finally removed the patches of clothing that were stuck to his wound, it was finally revealed, a deep mess of splinters and dried blood. "Well, now that's a pretty deep wound, isn't it?" Miyaji reached with his other hand to remove the larger splinters, wincing with a bit more pained expression than before as he tried to pull out the large fragments of bark by hand.
  14. "You certainly don't remind me of my little brother anymore..." Sena added more seriously. "He died before he was old enough to drink."

    It was as if the situation turned grave with the change in her tone. Determined strides thumped against her ears right then, and however tipsy she was, her head instantly whipped toward their source. There, she saw a familiar face, and foresaw an all-too-familiar reaction in the presence of a demon, Kit's hand ready to draw his sword and cause a scene. The female slayer acted quickly, pulling the boy outside and flashing him an icy stare.

    "Just what are you doing, Kit?" Sena hissed, blushing slightly from the booze. "I'm here, so no one's in any danger. Ren isn’t that kind of demon. The tip of my blade doesn't lie."

    As the air outside tensed, the bar's atmosphere relaxed, the drunk patrons' energy winding down and their conversations dying out. Those loose lips that had barely stuck to their faces a second ago, contorting them in every direction as if feeling for purchase with each slurred word, settled into tired, satisfied expressions, and Ren was now sprawled at the bar like a wet mop⁠, no longer the center of attention.

    But to a mysterious character a few seats over, he was still the most fascinating presence in the room. The hatted imp, who'd been silently sipping water and tuning out the noise, removed his mask and set it down with a gentleness that the reprobates lacked, then addressed Ren just as softly.

    "I've seen many things, but never a demon with a slayer for a girlfriend. So coming here was her idea, if my pointy ears don't deceive me?" the Eater concluded in amusement, figuring that he didn't go out much. "If you want to have that kind of fun every day, then my organization may be of interest to you. See, I run a network of demons just like you who coexist with humans."

    He might not need to do much convincing with the liquor in Ren's system. But if he was flirting with the idea of staying in town and openly living among the people instead of operating in the shadows with others of his kind, his isolation, boredom, or whatever it was that made him seem out of place and ignorant of basic pub slang would persist. He'd only catch the humans in the late evening, before they went to bed and left him to spend the rest of the night alone. Besides, for him to be a functioning member of society, he'd have to get a job, when virtually all businesses were closed during his available hours. The penniless Ren's nights in the tavern were numbered.

    "You need something more permanent, with fellow members of your race who better understand you. If you join the Red Demon, you'll have a job, some friends, and a steady supply of food," the Mystery Eater explained. "Before we go any further, though, how have you sustained yourself thus far? Are you willing to harm humans for survival?"​
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  15. Ren began thinking about the question Sena asked thinking about how he became a demon. He remembered leaving his house to get his pendant ,but before he could get back to his house he was attacked by a demon which lead to his current predicament. Ren didn't like thinking about this aspect of his life ,and wondered what his life would have been like had he simply stayed home. There was no reason he couldn't simply get his amulet the next day ,but he was impatient ,and just had to have it.

    As the demon slayer(Kit) made an attempt to attack Ren immediately saw the attack coming a mile away. Ren wasn't concerned in the slightest as his claws were tucked away in the palm of his hand. He sat there waiting for the man to swing his sword down so Ren could sidestep his attack ,and catch the boy by the wrist forcing him to drop the sword.

    Before Ren could enact his plan Sena took the boy outside. Ren wasn't sure whether or not she wanted to yell at him or fight him ,but whatever the case a stranger approached Ren. The stranger took off his mask ,and spoke with a soft voice. Ren was a slight bit confused as to why this man was making an offer. Ren looked over relaxing his hand, "Food? Why is he offering me food ,and what's this talk of survival?" Ren thought to himself. He wondered to himself as most humans were too weak to put up a real fight. The demon slayers were the only thing Ren considered a true threat ,and even then he was still confident he could get himself out of a bad situation. Ren cleared his throat, "who needs sustenance when your me?" Ren said confidently. Despite Ren's radiating confidence he still made sure not to drop his guard as the guy might see it as a challenge. Ren might not have been completely sober ,but he wasn't stupid. Making decisions while under the influence also seemed like a poor idea leaving Ren to ponder whether or not he should answer the strangers question. What more was the fact that Ren had no clue what the Red Demon was as the name didn't seem immediate familiar, but he wasn't about to ask just yet.
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  16. Somewhere deep in a cavern, a low hum droned on a beat of dripping stalactites and traveled to the tunnel's entrance, the rock formations shredding the noise like teeth until all they offered the wind outside was silence, even to the most discerning ear. But if one ventured in the opposite direction, followed the sound and the meandering vines of glowing green pumpkins that accentuated its eeriness, the thrum would become a distant bellow, and if one reached the tender spot at the dark throat's end, a horrific scream.

    The walls of that small, secluded space were illuminated with eldritch plants and inscribed with words. They were interspersed with furious claw marks and tallies, as if someone had been counting the days they'd spent here and the writings were merely a prisoner's diversion. The etched phrases made more sense, however, than the piercing cries of the demon who'd produced them, a madwoman who'd turned her claws on herself.

    But she pointed her sharp nails back to the pumpkin-headed scarecrow before her and lashed out instead, seeing in its green, impassive, featureless face the likenesses of the people who didn't understand her, and never would. The precise hands that had carved stories neatly into the stone didn't settle in resignation. No, they trembled with rage, and as glowing chunks of fruit flew through the air, her head began to throb again. Her surroundings melted into a shadowed audience of derisive, cackling devils, ghosts from the demon's past life who'd said that her writings were bad for their community, who'd dismissed the words that poured from her heart to her fingertips as ingenuine attempts at humor and celebrated as she faded into obscurity.

    "I do this for myself, not you..." she seethed through the pain. "I drive the knife in, and I fear the blade that swings beautifully but does not cut."


    Ren was projecting confidence, but his ambiguous response reflected the same insecurity Shirade had felt upon encountering the Eater⁠—distrust. The imp was far more perceptive than his foggy lenses suggested, and he'd seen right through him.

    "I'm not 100% sure what that means, but if you're saying you don't need to eat humans to survive, I'd still like to know how willing you are to harm them, for any reason," he elaborated. "Yeah, I know you're on edge and wondering who I am. Anyone would be if some stranger started talking to him when he's drunk and impressionable. Call me Mr. Eater. It's easier to open up when there's a name to a face."

    However potent the effects of alcohol, the Mystery Eater would soon have Ren under his own influence. Or not. He wasn't here to play mind games, but to make a genuine connection with the demon, understand his mental limits, and show him the light in the darkness, which was why he addressed him without the expected pretense of an extravagantly dressed sprite.

    "The Red Demon is an organization of individuals like you who've retained their emotions," he continued. Ren hadn't asked, but the petite devil had spoken the enterprise's name earlier and was simply going from there. "It's a community of demons who complement society and make a living doing the jobs humans can't. That sounds awfully depressing, but so does every conversation about work. The bright side is that you'll have demon friends and the closest thing to a normal life, which, despite the fun you've had tonight, isn't something you can find here. Ultimately, the turned and the unturned lead very different lives..."

    He trailed off, allowing Ren's inebriated ears to take in his words and discern a clear message. Instead of proceeding with sad admissions and completely lulling him into a drunken slumber, he spoke up again on a more positive note.

    "I knew from the moment you entered that it was your first time out in a while," the Mystery Eater smirked. "I don't know your history, but I've spoken to a lot of our kind, and when they get a rare taste of the outside world, they return to their dark dwellings. I don't want that to be you, so I'm providing a next step."

    He'd said his piece, and if he pressed the demon further, he really would look like an unscrupulous stranger giving him no choice in the matter. The imp hopped off his barstool and dusted himself off in conclusion, preparing to leave.

    "It's up to you if you want to take it, though. Sober up and think it over. I don't mind helping you get home and telling you where to go on the way," the Eater offered, "if you're interested."
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    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    The fear rushing throughout Kit’s entire body prevented him from even enjoying the blushing girl pulling him outside, pushing him against a wall, and talking about the tip of some sword.

    “What are you talking about you idiot!?” He whisper-screamed as his sharp words cut through the cold night.
    “Can you not feel that? It’s the strongest aura I’ve ever felt. It felt like it was crushing me.” Kit’s breaths became more regulated, as genuine relief flooded over him from being removed from the terrifying area. His nose curled as the stench of alcohol that was emitted from Sena reached him.

    “Nevermind of course you don’t.” Any sense of respect he had gained for her quickly faded away as he pushed her to the side and began to march towards the bar once more.
  18. Ren thought about the question the mystery eater asked him ,but he didn't really care about attacking people as most of the people around him wouldn't be able to give him a good fight anyways. sober or not. Ren cleared his throat before turning to the mystery eater, "I have no problem harming people if it's self defense ,but otherwise serves no purpose" Ren stood up calmly stretched his legs as he stood up. Ren looked towards the mystery eater as he spoke ,and was somewhat pleased to his response. Ren was curious as to what sort of offer he would have of him. He began wondering what Sena would think of the offer ,but before the mystery eater could walk out the door Ren looked at him, "I'll think about it... but don't get your hopes up. I said I would think about it..." Ren said cheerfully as he decided to leave as well.


    As Dolan rode his horse down the road until he found himself at a crossroad with one path leading to the city, one path leading towards a dense forest,and the other path leading towards a small village. Dolan sat on his horse contemplating, "Now just where am I going to go? The city is so big and bright with lots a lights and stuff...I reckon i'd get lost and not know where im goin and anoth-" Dolan said before being interrupted. "The city just north of here isn't that bad! in fact we were just headin that way" a voice went, "Gaah did you read my mind?!"went Dolan nearly falling off his horse. He looked to see a merchant with a cart and a bodyguard. The man looked friendly enough ,and Dolan was happy enough to talk to an actual human. The man looked at Dolan with a serious face, "No... I can't read minds... You were just talking out loud..." He said calmly. The bodyguard with him rolled his eyes before turning his gaze towards the dense forest. Dolan chuckled before responding, "I guess your right!... Im just a little nervous" Dolan said scratching his head, "I know I'm right... and anyone with eyes can tell your nervous... Relax! The people in the city aren't gonna eat ya boy!" The man responded again before they headed towards the city. Dolan chuckled again. He was less little nervous about going to the city ,and on his way he began thinking about the snacks they would have.
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  19. "Stupid boy," Sena rebuked. "You feel a crushing aura, so you rush back in without a plan. What exactly do you intend to do? Start a fight and endanger innocent people? At least I have the sense to be discreet in the midst of a threat."

    Kit's deceptive maneuver had given her false hope. Whatever tricks he had up his sleeve, that was where the impulsive fool wore his heart, and whether there really was a powerful demon in the bar, allowing him to barge back in would bring harm to everyone inside. She started after him and caught his arm, but before she could yank him toward her, a procession of drunken sailors lumbered out of the saloon and shoved them aside.

    Ren brought up the rear, and under the unlikely cover of a few loose-lipped individuals, the secretive imp slipped by, feeding his potential recruit directions to Branch Leader Mori's current location and starving the demon slayers' growing suspicions as the boozers' grumbling drowned out the sound of his voice. The Mystery Eater had seen everything, catching the two in the corner of his eye one last time before he disappeared.

    "Hey, Ren. Wait a second," Sena called. "I'm a demon slayer with a job to do, so this is where we'll part ways. I'm sure we'll meet again, but don't go back to that cave."

    She was unwittingly playing into the sprite's hands, bidding the hermit farewell with words his drunk self could easily interpret as a blessing to leave his confines and work for him. In her eyes, however, she'd set him free and quelled his loneliness. She'd never get back the years she'd spent in his situation or the people she'd lost, but the immortal still had his life ahead of him. As the girl watched him fade, needing the support of several men to stand up straight, she thought of her hopeless brother once more.

    "Oh, and don't worry about him!" she added, caustically dismissing Kit. "He just wet himself in your presence and needs a new pair of pants!"

    That was now the first order of business, since they'd already found a place to stay for the night. Sena squinted at the sign that read "Tavern &," the piece of wood drifting in her vision and rocking the accompanying word back and forth—"Inn."
  20. Ren began walking towards the door, "Mori. That's a strange name... Moiri. Maury. Morieeeeeee. Moria. Morio... Itsa me! Morio!... Mori... I hope this guy isn't some sort of weird creepy old pervert or some sort of flamboyant kebab eating weirdo..." Ren shuddered to the thought. As he headed outside he saw Sena and the evil demon slayer boy from earlier. As Sena called out to him Ren attempted to make a smile, "I see... Well stay safe out there... Theres no telling what sort of oddball you might run into" As Ren said that he glanced over at Kit. He looked back at Sena, "guess it's time for me to head down the road. It would seem we both have places to be..." Ren chuckled. He began wondering what the mystery eater could have had him do. Ren definitely wasn't sure what to expect which made him more concerned.


    As Dolan made his way closer in town he continued listing off random snacks off the top of his head. At this point he was completely excited for what he would find. As Dolan finally made his way to the town he noticed the lights were just as bright as he thought they would be ,but the people on the other hand. There were so many people. Dolan was completely shocked to see how many people were in town ,but after thinking about treats so long he was not about to be detoured. As Dolan finally saw some venders his face completely lit up with excitement as he saw someone selling Tanghulu. Dolan gasped before attempting to get off his horse only to fall ,and hit his face flat on the ground with his foot still in the saddle loop. He eventually got up ,and regained his composure before running over to the merchant lady"two please lady! thankyooooou! Dolan said excitedly. The old lady before being approached by Dolan was thinking about her grand children ,and was completely caught off guard as the boy yelled, "oooohh dear! please don't attack me!" The old lady yelled in terror. Before Dolan could reply the old lady threw a frying pan at him, "Oh my goodness!" said Dolan jumping up just barely missing the frying pan. "I just want to buy some tanghulu miss! honest!" Dolan yelled, "You should have said that earlier!" the old woman said swinging another frying pan idly in the air... "that will be 150 yen please!" She said calmly. Dolan smiled handing the lady the money ,and as he did she smiled and handed him two treats, "thank you ,and come again!" She said cheerfully. Dolan made his way back to Apri ,and the two began looking for an inn.

    Dolan quickly got lost ,and began walking around the town getting all sorts of gawks and bewildered looks from the townsfolk. Dolan was a bit confused as to why they were making weird faces at him. Haven't they ever seen a boy riding a horse and eating candy before? Dolan didn't let the people bother him. He eventually found a decent looking inn as well as a place to leave his horse for the night, "don't worry apri... Ill be back in the morning!" Dolan said before heading inside. There was a lady sitting at the front desk, "hello miss! I would like to rent a room please..." He said. The lady looked over at Dolan ,and after a minute of awkward eye contact she finally spoke, "yeah sure... The room two doors on your left is vacant...just don't forget to pay first..." She said. Dolan smiled placing the money for the room on the table. The woman seemed reluctant to accept the money. As Dolan headed towards his room he closed the door ,and sat down. He looked in the mirror ,and noticed he had candy sauce all over his face. He quickly wiped the candy sauce off his face before heading to bed for the night.
  21. Her gums itched, ivory teeth grinding together as Phyralis locked her jaw. Her lips whitened as she pressed them into a line; the intensity of her pupils was channeled by the narrowing gap between her eyelids; her expression was steely. Her voice was even more so, ground out by vocal cords like rough steel plates...


    She closed her eyes and turned from Miyaji. The embroidery? Who cared about that? She had a thousand and one ribbons just like it, and all the time in the world to sew it back to perfection. Him though? That wound... She'd seen him removed the splinters splattered with blood, but she feared if she looked any closer she would soon see the white of bone peeking through. Her fingers clenched over the cold hilt of her blade, then they release as her joints popped softly. She drew a deep breath, the chilly night air filling like ice in her veins. She exhaled with a shudder.

    "If you weren't already dying, I would kill you myself."

    She spun back around to face Miyaji; expression stormy. She slapped away the arm he was using to remove his splinters.

    "Stop that! Are you trying to get infected!"

    There was a snappy, growl-like quality to her voice, and Phyralis used it to full effect, bearing down on Miyaji with the rebuking combination of voice and expression. He didn't hold her attention long though —not directly— as she began to speak to herself, pacing back and forth as she did so.

    "Um...okay, I need to sanitize the wound and stop the bleeding. Damn— should've brought more supplies! At least some of that herbal grass would've been nice...okay, what else can I use. I don't really recognize any of the surrounding plants...but, I think saltwater is a pretty good sanitizer? And I can probably make some bandages with strips of clothing...no, wait!"

    She suddenly stopped. She whipped around to face Miyaji.

    "Wait right here!"

    With that she took a deep breath, concentrating on her breathing style as she took off with exceptional speed.
  22. "Bravo! Excellent show!"

    "You rocked the crowd!"

    "My wife and kids will remember this moment for as long as we live! Who cares if they'll grow into terrible, rage-filled adults who'll kill us in our sleep?"

    "Best concert ever!"

    Pearlan released the microphone, his strained vocals relieved but his dark face still heavy with beads of sweat. After a spellbinding performance into which he'd poured every drop of his diabolical heart, spitting more curses than a cultist at a satanic ritual, the Duke stepped back and admired the ripe fruits of his scheme, gazing upon an audience of newly rotten minds. At least that was what he saw, since the spectators' individual reactions coalesced into a furious cheer instead of a polite, positive reception. Besides, the noise complemented the demon's own inner celebration.

    "That's right! Let my hypnotic voice forever ring in your children's heads and permanently corrupt them!" he rejoiced.

    "Your name?!" someone in the front row shouted back.


    "Your stage name! Everyone needs a stage name! What do we call you?!"

    The royal's labored breathing ceased and he composed himself, bringing his finger to his chin in contemplation. A supervillain couldn't do without an evil, fear-inspiring moniker. He needed something more impactful than "Great Demon Lord Pearlan Eveldauer" now that he'd drawn a larger crowd, something more relevant than "Platehead" now that Arashi's red locks were exposed. Then, his pressed digit curled into a fist that slapped the open palm of his other hand in conclusion.

    "We are... Trippie Purple and Arashi 6ix9ine!" he exclaimed. "And together, we are OutLast, because we never die!"

    The unintelligible cheering became a discernible chant, the newly christened demonic duo filling the venue. But a single person in the rows grimaced at the affair, tightly gripping the handle of a frying pan like a microphone. It was time to destroy these fiends' careers and pull the wool from the people's eyes before they massacred them like sheep.
  23. Miyaji

    As Phyra snapped at him, slapping his arm aside before he could attempt to remove any more splinters, Miyaji turned to eye the girl with a look of confusion and surprise. However, it was obvious what she had been so concerned--well, mostly mad--about, and his expression softened into a small grin that was forced through gritted teeth from the pain. "Yeah, I probably shouldn't do that. Sorr--oh." Miyaji's apology was cut short as Phyra then began to pace back and forth while mumbling words under her breath, and in an instant, she had ordered him to wait before dashing off somewhere. The Demon Slayer watched as the girl disappeared into the night, and he shrugged, sitting down onto the grass and waiting for Phyra to return. Well, not like I can really get anywhere right now, so.. He obviously wouldn't be attempting to tend to his wound on his own while she was gone; if Phyra caught him trying to do so, Miyaji wouldn't have to worry about being killed by a demon.


    Arashi simply stared into the space above the crowd, paying no heed to the cheers or Pearlan's vulgar blabbering. However, he had accepted the strange outfit, putting on the uncomfortable garb with a cold glare. As Pearlan then revealed their new “stage name”, Arashi watched as amidst the loud, joyous cheers, an unknown person in the audience raised a frying pan, gripping it tightly with a look of resentment on their face. The duke rested a hand on the handle of his longer blade and continued to stare at the figure, prepared to immediately retaliate should the human try anything stupid.
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    “You seriously are an idiot huh?” He shot back at Sena. He had loosened up a bit, now feeling the presence had left and knowing he’d be incapable of tracking a demon of that caliber.
    “I’m not talking about you’re pathetic friend, someone infinitely stronger just left here with him. Yeah we could’ve died trying to stop him, but how many innocent people are going to die now that you let him get away? No demon is that strong without eating scores if people and I guarantee he intends to eat more.”
    The scolding was largely attributed to the wide scale of emotions Kit was feeling having been filled with fear just moments ago. However, after taking a few deep breaths to regain his composure, Kit’s senses settled down and he now saw Sena for what she was: a cute drunk girl, albeit infuriating, that would be subject to torment if left on her own. Knowing that’d she likely kill a man who tried to come onto her, Kit decided to take care of her himself.

    “Come on” he whispered softly, wrapping her arm around his shoulders so he could help support her weight and led her inside, pulling his hat over his head to avoid being seen in such an embarrassing situation.

    “We need two rooms.” Kit flicked two coins at the inn keeper without so much as looking at the man.

    “You’re in luck, we’ve only got the one.” The heavy set man said with a wink, tossing a coin and a key back to Kit with his greasing hand.

    “Whatever... Thanks.” He swiftly snatched the items out of the air and proceeded to lead Sena up the raggedy steps.

    Kit sneered when he saw the room. Sure, the view was beautiful with the large window fully capturing the beauty of the vast lake and allowed the large moon to illuminate the small room, but the single bed was by no means luxurious as it played into the quaint feeling of the village and only provided enough space for two people pressed closely together.

    “Get some sleep, you’ve had a big day.” Kit set Sena down on the bed and gently tossed a blanket over her before walking to the raggedy wooden chair in the opposite corner of the room. He sat himself down in the old chair which let out a soft squeak in response to his weight, stretched his legs out as far as he could, pulled his hat down over his eyes, and attempted to sleep.
  25. "So... you are Ren," a hunched, disheveled demon finally said after an intensive analysis. But his eyes were too wide and traumatized to conduct a critical examination, staying open as if the last fibers of Mori's being hung on their lids and would snap should they relax. The Branch Leader was barely holding the rest of him together, the brown pants sagging below his waist, the patchy stubble clinging to his scarred face, and the heavy raincoat sitting precariously on his shoulders. He organized the Gravediggers much better, however, and though Mori was a fearful creature, he was still an apt leader whom lesser demons could follow. Besides, he didn't need to be imposing to command their attention, since they were the softest of the crop.

    "I was told that you only harm people in self-defense," Mori continued ominously, a marked contrast from the tone of his carefree subordinates. "You won't be hurting anyone... Ren. You'll dig up the bodies of the recently deceased and consume them. You'll be officially employed as a cemetery groundskeeper, so humanity has given our operation its seal of approval. Now..."

    He made the positives seem like negatives, so one could only imagine what the real negatives were. There was no bad news, however—only the finality in Mori's voice that made his words weigh more than a headstone. So when he closed his eyes in contemplation and added, the Branch Leader was just dragging everyone else down, his anxiety the hand of a zombie pulling its victims to the earth.

    "...you will be disturbing the dead, so the Gravediggers are not for the faint of heart. When you aren't working the land, you'll be out on the streets selling drugs. The addicts will flock to you and pay handsomely, hastening their deaths and maintaining a steady flow of fresh bodies. Though you'll keep some of the money, the bulk of it goes to Mr. Eater through me."

    "Ah, don't listen to him!" a common demon strutted over and swung his arm onto Ren's shoulder like an old friend. "If you're a social guy like I am, you'll get plenty of chances to interact with the unturned down in the city! They might be junkies, but we've got a taste for flesh, so we're no better! Plus I heard you were wasted when the big boss first scouted you!"

    "Don't interrupt our interview," Mori reprimanded, shifting his focus back to the prospective employee. "No, the Gravediggers aren't evil, since we don't kill anyone. The humans inject themselves with bad substances, and we're just a means to an end. They'd deal the drugs if we weren't around, so we're taking the dregs out of society and doing it for them. But I wish my men would take things more seriously. My operation is more established in the human world than any other, and that's an important distinction."

    Maybe the reprobates would be more reserved if they stared death in the face and witnessed the Kraken's looming tentacle. Though Mori had just implied the existence of other branches, his workers never asked, staying ignorant of their darkness and living happy, insulated lives. For a Branch Leader who expected a degree of professionalism and an attempt at subtlety given the clandestine nature of their work, that was a problem.

    "Anyway, I understand you don't need to eat people to survive," the gloomy devil resigned and moved on. "If you have no objections, I want to see how you've developed. Think of this strength test as your initiation."

    He and Ren were in an open field with sparse tombstones and mausoleums, an ideal sparring environment that provided ample cover. The wily, experienced ones in their ranks viewed these scraps as wastes of time, since they hardly used brute force on the job. But even the softest demons had their fighting prowess evaluated, because it wasn't their lack of strength that separated them from the enterprise's dark side. No, what distinguished tame from wicked was a branch's ability to justify its actions by giving humans exactly what they wanted.
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  26. After a short power sprint, Phyralis had returned to the pier where the Demon had met its fate. Her eyes scanned the darkness of the water and beyond, and her mind cranked through ideas. She would need water —clean water— something that could disinfect Miyaji's wound. But before she could get that, she needed something to carry that water in. She was hoping that a village so close to the sea would have at least one or two fishermen who owned boats, and inside those boats, perhaps she could find a container. The thick darkness of night made her search difficult, but not incredibly so. She'd soon found a small boat which she raided for supplies, leaving behind a small pouch of coin that should more than cover for the taken supplies. She'd taken two containers and rinsed them as best she could.

    With that done she caught some water in both containers and set about to making makeshift bandages. She undid the ribbons on her sword's hilt, slicing them into more manageable shreds and then setting them to soak in the container of water. That took care of wrapping the wound and a makeshift antiseptic, but she couldn't clean the wound with the bandages or her hands...she would need a rag of some sort...

    Phyralis didn't quite trust the villagers for this item. Any cloth she could poach from the boats had likely been extensively used and was most certainly not sanitary enough to clean a wound. She sunk into deep contemplation for a moment. It wasn't that she didn't have extra cloth she could use for the rag, but...

    "Arggg, I'll fine him for this later!"


    A handful of minutes after she'd departed, Phyralis returned. Noticeably, she was now wearing her uniform's jacket as intended, instead of wrapped around her waist. She set down her two containers of water, reaching into one and pulling out a black rag with blue highlights. Giving Miyaji another no-nonsense look, she pointed to a more comfortable spot on the ground.

    "Show me that wound again, let's try to clean that up a bit."
  27. Miyaji looked up as Phyra returned from her short departure, a handful of supplies in her hands. As she gestured and instructed him to show her his injury, he complied quietly and shifted into an upright sitting position, the cut on his arm facing toward Phyra. When she shot the sharp look at him once more, he couldn’t help but let out an amused chuckle, though he promptly stopped and said a quiet apology. While waiting for her to tend to the wound, Miyaji continued to use Total Concentration Breathing as he sat still, taking focused breaths to reduce the wound’s intensity and assist Phyra in cleaning it. Staring into the sky, the Demon Slayer ran a hand through his hair and pressed it against the significantly smaller cut on his forehead, tending to the wounds that he could himself as Phyra worked on his worst. “Sena and Kit seemed like pretty proficient sword fighters; I’d like to spar against them if we ever do meet again,” Miyaji remarked after a few moments of silence in an attempt to make small talk, which would help take his mind away from the pain of his injury.
  28. As Ren finally met the Mori fellow he was told about he was surprised to find out it was an old man. The man didn't look particularly special, but it he could run an entire branch he had to atleast be competent. As the man spoke Ren silently stood there listening. As he spoke he heard another voice ,and looked over to see another scruffy looking demon approach him and placing his arm over Ren's shoulder. Not wanting to be the anti-social person he patted the guy across the back before continuing to listen to Mori. Ren was surprised that they already knew about him. As Mori said test of strength curious as to what he had in mind, and as soon as he talked about fighting, and evaluating he was curious whether the old man could put up a good fight. As soon as they went to the field with tomb stones and mausoleums Ren took up a defensive stance readying him self just in case.
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  29. After several more shows over the next two weeks, Pearlan was convinced that his ultimate plan had succeeded, so much so that he marched proudly ahead of the naysaying Arashi. People congregated on the sides of the streets as usual, waving and complimenting the Duke as he passed, but the small jabs of praise didn't affect him like they normally did, clattering against his suit of confidence and falling to the ground. Ever since he'd come here, the humans had been staying up late just to see him, and this time, he didn't mind. He carried himself like he'd already taken over the town, so seeing clusters of his minions hugging the avenues and clearing a path only humored him. But there were side glances, gossip, and awkward wavers in their speech.

    "Did you hear the new diss track?" a young lady whispered to her friend.

    "It's all over the radio..." she replied.

    "I wonder how Trippie Purple and Arashi 6ix9ine will respond..."

    "There's no way they can come back from it. Their careers are over."

    To the royal, these were a bunch of cryptic murmurs that made no sense, until he neared a porch with a primitive radio grinding out the grainy sound of an old woman's voice. When he clearly interpreted her fiery and disrespectful words, he noticed how lukewarm the people's applause really was. He was partially glad that their opinions of him weren't as flattering now, but the song that was playing attacked Pearlan's Persian Paradise, shouted out a fire-grilled shrimp stand on the other side of town, challenged him for supremacy, and made him question his existence. The entire second verse called him a rainbow fag and detailed him performing lewd, unspeakable acts on Ara-kun.

    "What?! I would never put my sword in your sheath!" the Duke recoiled at the lyrics, turning to Arashi with a grimace. "Or stuff you like a cornucopia. Or put icing on your cakehole..."

    He shuddered quickly, but the old man who'd been sitting on the porch and listening to the track for a long time rocked slowly, eyeing them disappointedly and coolly smoking a cigarette. He swayed warningly as if it were the demons' lives that hung in the balance, and though his scratchy vocals clawed up his throat with a little more purchase, the words that they produced were uncertain and defeated.

    "You've made an enemy out of the most feared member of our community... and though we're a small place, this scathing tune is so catchy that it's bound to spread across all Japan. I'm sorry to say this... but MC Granny just ended your careers."

    "Hell no..." Pearlan denied. Was she the same old bat who'd scolded him the first day and smacked him with a frying pan? There was no way that dinosaur also ran a food stall, and came out with an expletive-laden rap to beat him at his own game. He gritted his fangs and addressed Ara-kun resolutely, even as every radio, speaker, and gramophone in the area mocked him. "That's it. Get in the booth and prepare for war... BECAUSE WE ARE DROPPING THE BEST DISS TRACK OF 1913!"


    "It was a bad matchup, Ren. That's how these things often end..." Mori lamented, offering the orange-eyed fiend a hand. "You did well, though. I see you've been training on your own, which is why your body withstood the first few increases in gravity. I wonder how you'd fare against Saito..."

    The Branch Leader reminisced about the sterling recruit who'd started in the Gravediggers many years ago, working his way up and earning a spot as his equal. They treated the strength tests differently, Mori flooring demons with his ability while Saito bested them without cheap tricks. How was his star pupil doing, anyway? He wondered if he could make something out of Ren and one day muse about him the same way. The new guy took physical conditioning seriously, which was rare in his division.

    "You're skilled without your Blood Demon Art, just like him. I was less impressed by your powers. You saw how I opened shafts in the ground and pulled the pink fog into them like vents..." Mori recounted. "But you pass. Welcome to the Red Demon."
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  30. Ren chuckled for a moment as this was the first time he actually got to try his demon art in actual combat. Ren was more than disapointed a large portion of his fog was rendered useless. He wasn't sure how much of the mist actually managed to hurt the old man ,but he was glad the fight was over as he didn't much enjoy being pushed into the ground. As soon as Ren got up from the ground he dusted the dirt from his pants ,and cracked his knuckles, "I was hoping to be able to get a couple more hits in ,but that was a good fight..." Ren said. He wasn't going to openly say it ,but he was impressed by the old man's ability ,and had a bit of respect for him.


    That night Dolan had gotten up ,and sleep walked from one side of the room then to the other. While he was sleep walking he was also sleep talking about his favorite chicken named "cucco".
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  31. "Hey, Kit."

    If he was expecting a thank you, he was a bigger fool than he claimed Sena was.

    "Try anything and I'll kill you," she warned, entering the surly phase of her intoxication. "And don't even think about touching my scarf."

    Thankfully, she wasn't as hostile toward the bed, which coaxed her into a deep sleep in a short ten minutes and loosened tension that the booze never could. Not long after her eyes closed on the streaks of moonlight that colored the lake and sloshed about in her vision, a dream colored the grainy darkness of her lids.

    However pleasant it was, she woke up groggily, the sun's rays intruding through the window and her cactus wren pecking at the glass. Sena rolled out of bed with a groan and leaned against the pane ungracefully, forcing it up and letting the bird in. While it had the decency to knock, the screech with which it delivered its message was as unwelcome as the harsh morning light.

    "People are going missing at Kessho Lake! We suspect that a demon is involved! Kit Akiyama will be your partner for this mission!"

    "Great. Another place with water. Is this HQ's way of telling me I'm dry?" Sena remarked listlessly. "Fine, I'll be ready soon..."

    She dismissed the avian and headed out into the hallway to wash up, unsealing the pouch that stored essentials at her waist, undoing her scarf, and brushing her teeth. Her mission came first, but her long-term goal as a demon slayer was exacting revenge and assimilating back into society, so there was no way she'd neglect basic hygiene and live like some animal. Somewhere in the back of her head, the independent girl cared about what other people thought, but on the surface, it didn't show; she fastened the scarf around her face anew and hid her teeth from the world, communicating that she'd only cleaned them for herself.

    The fact that she bothered to wake Kit up was not out of kindness, but because the assignment required it. Sena was driven by her selfish desires, but she wasn't headstrong or foolish enough to underestimate her opponent and go it alone.

    "Get up," she told the boy bluntly, with a hint of begrudging respect in her tone. "We're heading to a place called Kessho Lake. You're my partner, so don't slow me down. Use your head, like you did when you got behind me last night, and not like when you barged into the tavern without a strategy."

    Her cactus wren flapped its wings madly at the way she phrased the first half of that last sentence, its little heart fluttering just as furiously and its tiny brain intensely curious at what transpired between the two in this bedroom. But the oblivious Sena interpreted its energy as impatience, so she addressed the task at hand.

    "What are you still doing here? I thought you left," she questioned, then sighed. "Never mind. Lead the way."

    Kit had already covered their stay. That much she'd confirmed in her drunken daze. Now, it was she who guided him, exchanging goodbyes with the innkeeper and the bartender who'd gotten wasted yesterday. Upon stepping outside and adjusting to the looming sun overhead, she caught the bird's silhouette in the sky and started in its direction. From there, the journey was a frugal one. Carriages were too conspicuous, and they didn't need to hire bodyguards to traverse the more dangerous stretches of land to their destination, since they could protect themselves. Like Phyra, they did it the hard way, but without her ostentatious attempts at strategy.

    Yet despite their scrimping, soldiering, and self-sufficiency, their true test came when they arrived at Kessho Lake a few days later.

    "Welcome to Camp Kessho! You two must be the counselors we've been expecting!" greeted a man with sleek hair and a plastic smile, his glistening cheeks perking up and his restless hands rubbing together. He'd uttered a sentence that travel-hardened adventurers would least expect to hear upon reaching the road's end. "The children are a handful, so we're glad you've come!"

    When the director stepped away, it was as if floodgates had opened, kids pouring from the wooden-stake fence of a campsite hugging the lake and swarming the demon slayers, making all kinds of noise and jumping excitedly about them.

    "Ooh! Are those swords real?! Lemme hold them!"

    "Wanna race?!"

    "Gimme candy!"

    "Let's play!"

    "The water's getting warmer, so we should swim!"

    The girl was mostly unbothered, but she was puzzled that a camp had drawn this many children in the cold of winter. Was it because the weather was indeed getting warmer, or had their parents sent them here to get rid of them? She was a trained fighter, and killing was what she did best, but her investigator's instincts were just as keen. The composed girl turned to Kit and reassured him in case he was feeling overwhelmed.

    "Unbelievable, I know," she admitted. "But this sort of thing happens all the time. Headquarters sends us somewhere that's popular with tourists and has us assume a role without our knowledge. Most people don't appreciate what we do, so this is our way of fitting in and not arousing the suspicions of the demon we're hunting."​
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    As the sunlight sneaked into Akane's room and placed itself over her face, the newbie demon slayer yawned loudly. Despite the events of the previous night, she had slept quiet well. The red head stretched her limbs as her mind finished processing the state of asleep to awake. The nice warmth around the area made her skin feel good, but under the blanket it made her feel even better. She slowly forced herself to sit up, as she rubbed her right eye, her left eye adjusted to the scenery. Flashbacks of the previous night came to her mind, especially when she cut down the demon. She smiled as she remembered how great she had fought. Then Kazu came to her mind, he had been there too and in her room? She blinked twice and then looked around, the pin she had given Kazu was left there. She was sure he had given her an explanation, but couldn't remember much of the interaction. The calm confusing morning was cut short when a certain hummingbird flew in through the window.
    The small but flew around Akane's head, softly poking her as if trying to check on something. The girl just smiled and watched it fly around. The bird finally landed on her shoulder and began singing and interesting tune. Akane nodded twice. Korudo was her next destination and she had two new teammates this time. She didn't understood the names, but hopefully Kazu would be there, so she could return his pin. She got up, made sure her phoenix pin was placed correctly along with her hair neatly combed to the back down the middle and the sides went down. She has her demon slayer uniform and placed her new coat over it. She adjusted her katana, looked at herself in the mirror to make sure she looked pretty, her mother taught her that. She smiled and petted her bird companion as she departed the inn.

    On the road, Akane would say hi to everyone she would see. She bought some bread and milk for the road and even wondered about maybe getting a horse. The days passed and she quickly arrived to the road leading to her destination. With a few hours to spare, Akane sat down under the shade of a tree and took out some herbs. She began crushing them with rocks and using her warm breath to heat them up. She had bought some small bottles to place the newly made medicine in it. In case her teammates got injured. She also took out her last piece of bread and some water, sharing with her feathery friend.
  33. Dolan ran threw the backyard of his house chasing the chickens when all of the sudden a demon jumped out scaring him causing him to wake up immediately. Dolan looked around to come to the conclusion that the room he was in had somehow turned upside down. He looked around the upside down room pondering how he would make things normal when he came to the awkward realization that he was upside down and not the room. *thump* Went Dolan as he fell off the table he was laying on. As he stood up he looked around to see various objects knocked over. For the most part it was fairly quiet that morning. He freshened up before seeing if his clothes were clean to his satisfaction they were. As he headed out he waved at the lady by the desk before leaving.

    He made his way over to Apri. He rode into town to the market ,and bought himself breakfast as well as an apricot for Apri. As he made his way out of the city ,and down the road he stopped so he could eat breakfast. He slit the apricot open pulling the seed out before giving the fruit to his horse. He sat there eating while watching the sun rise, "it sure doesn't get better than this!" Dolan cheered, "neeeeigh" went Apri. As they finished he got back on his horse ,and nade his way down the road. He eventually spotted a demon slayer off in the distance, but couldn't tell who. He decided to approach to see who it was.
  34. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane was finishing her water. She gulped down the last of it, closed the small glass musk and placed it away in one of her pockets. She was about to take a nap when she noticed a fellow demon slayer approaching on horse. She recognized the face, but couldn't remember his name. She raised her hand waved, just to make sure he noticed her. She smiled as he got closer.
    "Hi! You must be one of my new teammates. I'm Akane Ito."
  35. "So.. You became a demon Slayer, Komugi" asked his master. The tall, muscular man around 28-30 years old, with short, blond hair and mark of a clouds on his neck, going down.. Probably through the back.
    "Yes, Master. I want to become demon slayer and devote myself for people" Kazu replied.
    "Yes... Its too early to teach you created by me, secret breathing technique..."
    "Too early? You tought me so much and I was training for so long.."
    "It's already too much for someone who wants to sacrifice for people"
    "But Master! Your knowledge and power can still help so many people!"
    "Power *Cought*...? You seek for power? Kazure!" whispered Master and then Kazu notice big, Fatal wound on his master chest. He fell at the floor. "Master!!"
    "I wanted... Give it to you, when I get sure that you are mature enough.. In the letter, I gave you special training to slowly, with small steps reach secret of.. My power.. Promise me that you will use it to protect.."
    "Master! Anybody! Is there anybody here! Get the Doctor, please!"
    He raised his head to search for anyone. He saw the demon, Hirako standing above him...

    Kazu woke up with a scream and panting "Oh, You are finally awake, Redhead!" said the Doctor Ginateme, from Kazu's village "You were in really bad condition, when we brought you here, but don't worry. Its okay now, you should be able even to fight now" said the Doc.
    "How long did I slept?" asked Kazu "10 hours or something around that number. I placed your (Hirako's) mask, your swords and clothes in the room downstairs and your bird keep saying something about a mission"
    "Can I.. Get a letter that is with my things?" asked Kazu, after a while doctor returned with his master's letter. Great, it wasn't demaged in any way...

    Kazu changed, took his swords and put the mask with its mischievous grin on. It was hard to see his lifeless eyes through this mask. He cut his hair and shorten his quite long red hair. After that, he headed out from the Doctor's hause for his next mission. Making 20 minutes breaks after 1 hour of walking to train and practice, then he continued his travel.
  36. While Dolan made his way closer he began making out the facial features of the demon slayer ,and recognized the redheaded girl as one of the candidates from the final selection. Dolan looked over with slight confusion before exchanging smiles ,and waving, "Howdy!" He said cheerfully. As she introduced herself Dolan paused, "I'm Dolan Larch. Nice to meet you!" He said cheerfully.
  37. As the bright rays of the morning sun shone through the window, Miyaji slowly blinked awake, sitting up with a tired yawn. White bandages were tightly wrapped around his left bicep, and he was promptly reminded of his injury from last night when he attempted to stretch and agitated the wound, causing him to sharply wince in pain. Running a hand through his wild bedhead, the Demon Slayer slowly stood up and groggily walked outside to get some fresh air; however, he did also retrieve his haori that he had hung to dry after Phyra was done using it, since she had been in the lake during the demon fight several hours ago. As Miyaji draped it over his shoulder, the familiar cry of his Kasugai falcon rang through the serene morning silence as the bird dove to the ground with astonishing speed and landed on its feet.

    "A demon has been spotted in Korudo! You have been sent to aid two other Demon Slayers to eradicate the threat!"

    "Yeah, yeah," Miyaji replied curtly, rubbing his eyes as he dismissively waved off the bird. Still feeling drowsy and sore from his previous fight, he wasn't quite in the condition to battle, but duty called, he supposed. As the Kasugai bird waited for the Demon Slayer to get ready, Miyaji went back into the inn and slipped into his uniform and haori, brandishing his Naginata and sheathing it against his back. Quickly scrawling a note onto a piece of paper, he slid it under the door of the room Phyra had checked into last night and with it, a few bills that added up to 500 yen (modern conversion rates). The note read:

    Just got dispatched to Korudo to fight another demon; hopefully we'll meet again! (Thanks for patching up my wound last night. Here's a little cash; it's the least I could do after how much you helped.)
    ~ Miyaji

    Now back in his regular work clothes, Miyaji began the walk to his assigned location, his falcon leading the way. Due to the increased pace of his companion, he was required to walk rather quickly, and after roughly an hour and a half of walking, two silhouettes slowly came into view. The falcon seemed to notice as well, hovering around Miyaji for a few seconds before perching on his shoulder, and Miyaji quickened the pace once more, waving to get the two figures' attention. Having noticed the familiar color and emblem on their uniforms, he inferred that they were probably his teammates for his next fight, and he finally arrived at their position after several seconds of walking. "Hey; I'm assuming you guys are my teammates for the demon in Korudo? I'm Miyaji."
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    Akane bowed toward the two slayers as a show of respect. She began gathering her things, since she figured they would leave soon. She made sure the small empty bottles weren't opened and separated from the ones with medicine. She adjusted her katana on the side and then smiled at her teammates.
    "Well I'm glad you're both are okay. Did you both have your first mission already?" She didn't wait for a reply. "I did. I officially killed my first demon as a demon slayer, although my partner Kazu did most of the work, I just went for the final blow. Shall we get going into town? It might be early but maybe getting to know the area might help later." She was obviously nervous and excited, but she hid it well, except for the fact she couldn't control her mouth.
  39. "I totally killed my first demon as a demon slayer with the assi-" Dolan said before pausing as he wondered where his previous partner had gone. He had no clue what happened to her or where she was at during the fight. Dolan was terrified at the thought that she might be somewhere dead in the woods or worse. She could have been killed by a demon or mauled by a bear. Or worse demon bears! Dolan shuddered to himself. "I totally killed the demon with my partner... I'm glad to see your fight went well too!" Dolan said cheerfully. As she mentioned going to town Dolan. For the most part Dolan was just happy the ringing in his ears had stopped. As soon as Akane mentioned the word "town" Dolan looked over "tooown?? towns that way! Its big! and plus they got Tanghulu you know that?! its great! You should definitely try some! I know that town like the back of my hand" he said excitedly hiding the fact that he still had know clue where anything was in the town.
  40. Miyaji raised a brow at the other two's eagerness to get to town, his confusion amplified when they talked about how they killed their first demon. They're rather chipper, aren't they? Shrugging to himself, he gingerly scratched the back of his neck before sighing with a slight tone of disapproval. "Akane's right; we should get there as soon as possible." Dolan's horse would provide the quickest mode of transportation to Korudo, but based off of first impressions, working with him and Akane would prove to be rather difficult, as they seemed a little inexperienced; Akane herself had admitted that her previous partner did most of the work against her assigned demon. Man, I wish I was assigned with Phyra again; or Kit and Sena. Nevertheless, Miyaji wouldn't let his personal feelings hinder him from providing as much support as possible. Ah, well. Let's see how this works out. "Dolan, you think all three of us can fit on your horse? It would be the fastest way to Korudo."

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