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Another New Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Trailer Released

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Treecko Torchic Mudkip Group_layersremoved.png

    E3 may slowly be coming to a close now and many of us weren't really expecting to see any more Pokémon news for a little while after being treated to two very nice new trailers over the last couple of days. However, things haven't gone quiet just yet as today the official website for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire has opened, and we've been treated to yet another trailer in order to celebrate.

    The new trailer doesn't reveal much new information, it's mostly reintroducing us to the Mega Evolutions for the three Hoenn starters. The trailer does reveal Mega Diancie outside of Japan for the first time though, reconfirming that the Pokémon will be given away through an event for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y soon. The trailer can be seen below:

    The official site for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire can be found here. Do note that the release date given in the trailer is only the date for Japan and the US. In Europe the games won't be released until the 28th of November.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Jun 12, 2014.

    1. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      the "two different tails await you" part seem to suggest that OR and AS will have different storylines and thus not Emerald's. Here's hoping it might be something different from the original Ruby and Sapphire and thus might make more sense, but alas I cannot hope much x_x
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    2. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      The storyline does focus on Magma wanting to increase the world's landmass, and Aqua wanting to rise the oceans:

      "While traversing the Hoenn region, players will encounter two evil organizations with opposing aims that are locked in struggle. In Pokémon Omega Ruby, Maxie leads Team Magma as it seeks to seize more power and expand the landmass in the Hoenn region. Team Aqua takes a more prominent role in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, seeking to raise the oceans all around Hoenn under leader Archie’s command. Players will find themselves drawn into the conflict between the two sides—however, the story will be different based on whether a person plays Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire!"

      I don't doubt, however, that the storyline will be somewhat different from Ruby/Sapphire's (especially since it will focus on Primal Groudon/Kyogre over the normal forms) or that the game will almost certainly start to go down Emerald's route with Rayquaza once Groudon/Kyogre have been summoned.
    3. Teapot
      I'm looking forward to that, simply because Groudon and Kyogre beating the tar out of each other in 3D is going to be impressive as hell. As will AHHHHHH GET OUTTA MY SKY Rayquaza, because no way are they not including that bit.
    4. Luckii
      I always viewed Rayquaza as the troubled father of Groudon and Kyogre. When he comes down from the sky to stop the other two, I always imagine him putting on his sternest dad face and saying "HEY, CUT IT OUT."
    5. Linkachu
      I'm very indifferent regarding the directions that they've decided to handle to plots but it would be nice if they included that segment with Rayquaza at some point, just so see how it's handled in pretty three-deeee.

      Mostly I just can't get enough of seeing this reimagined Hoenn, which this latest trailer was nice for. I'm also glad that I like all three of the Hoenn starters' mega forms because it'll make training those lines again that much more refreshing (I've still never gotten around to testing out Mega Blaziken either). The existence and flexibility of Mega Pokemon is nice for that in general really. Not only are we receiving full 3D remakes, that are likely to house a few new gameplay features and hopefully some brand new areas, we're also receiving new Pokemon forms that aren't tied to legendaries. That's more than was ever done for FR/LG and HG/SS. Even just the build-up to OR/AS's release is more interesting this time 'round because of the slow reveal of new Megas. Can't wait to see which gets dropped on us next. Personally, I'm crossing my fingers for Mega Metagross. :3
    6. Mr.Munchlax
      As much as I'm looking forward to OR/AS's release, the one thing that still surprises me is how so many people have been wanting and anticipating for these games to come out, even during the whole "Hoenn Remake Confirmed" thing that started in Gen V. I know that when I was growing up, Gen III was considered the worst generation when it was first released since the pokemon were so different compared to the last two generations, the whole migration issue, the fact that this was the first game where they didn't include certain pokemon in a region's pokedex, and the fact that all of my friends were beginning to grow out of pokemon in general.

      That being said, after everything we've seen this week, I can easily tell that OR/AS are definitely going to be a fresh new twist to the Gen III games and introduce a new generation of trainers to the Hoenn region. Plus, I feel like competitive gamers will especially be excited about this because, at least from what I can tell, RSE were the games that introduced the pokemon fan base to many of the competitive battling basics that we still use today
    7. Yuriportrov
      This makes me feel so old!
      Ruby was my first and all time favorite Pokemon game, i loved it so much i literally missed gen 4! It will be nice to see the games with a new lick of paint.
    8. Alexxander
      I was actually looking forward to these remakes so much I set my expectations sky high and while what we have seen is nice and all. It's so far not as impressive as I thought it would be.
    9. JadaDoesArt
      As excited as I am for these games I wanna know if the secret bases are coming back with the remakes. Sure its all pretty looking and everything but those bases were so much fun to hunt down and create, I reeeeaaally wanna see that in 3D.
      //is shot
    10. Alexxander
      I saw this on Tumblr a few days ago. Not sure which trailer or whatever this is from though.
    11. Burgundy
      Took me a second to realize what was there, but omigosh! It seems they will be back, unless they decide to change it in some way, which I hope they don't. I want the Lilycove sale to happen so I can get that epic slide. I also have what I considered the best secret base location, in the top-right corner of the desert (Route 119, I think?). I want to rebuild my memories!!!
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    12. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      They haven't even released Diancie yet and she has a mega ev--WHAT?!?

      I won't lie, I'm shaking with excitement over this! I've been waiting for this for so long! And it's almost here! So close... yet no cigar...
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    13. Awoken
      So instead of giving Kyogre and Groudon mega evolutions, they gave you... primal forms. Wow.
    14. Alexxander
      Primal forms are probably a primitive form of Mega Evolution and the other Pokemon developed a better way to Mega Evolve. I imagine these games will look into the origins of Mega Evolution and have Team Magma/Aqua and Steven tell the story. Basically same story just with some Mega Evolution history in it
    15. Keleri
      "Primal" forms are mega evolution, just with a special spin.
      Very excited though still hoping that they incorporate the emerald plot as much as possible-- I would like to see perhaps a focus on the "enemy" team reviving their chosen pokemon given whether you're playing OR or AS, followed by the "ally" team also reviving their mascot, and then rayquaza having to sort out the conflict. In HG/SS, you could capture Lugia and Ho-oh, just one at level 40 and the other at level 70 depending on your version, so there is a precedent for capturing the other version's mascot in one game.

      Maxie and Archie have mega stones as part of their design, so people are speculating that camerupt and sharpedo will get megas (sounds good to me). I'm hoping desperately for mega metagross, especially since there seems to be some doubt about the report that Steven has a mega charizard-x now.
    16. Alexxander
      Well the images show it the Mega Charizard X at level 100 so I'm guessing these are just visual mock-ups to show Steven is the Mega Evolution expert in Hoenn without explicitly revealing new Mega Evolutions or at least I hope so.
      Last edited: Jun 14, 2014
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    17. HootJump
      the new treeko (sorry if misspell) is awesome but im still picking mudkip
    18. Zenologia
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    19. HootJump
      LOL!!!! XD that made my day (or night) I might follow toy CX
    20. stephanie spots
      stephanie spots
      Aww I was looking forward to mega Drifblim but at least there's mega Sabeleye
    21. YueliaBreeze
      Just think if you played Omega Ruby and Alpha even though you can watch the battle between them in the last town of the game just think you can just say ah well it can wait i rather finish then sort that out XD Lol
    22. Jeydis
      keeping my fingers crossed for Mega Grumpig or some new evos in general.

      region looks oddly green though, like not natural looking? Might be the early textures or something.
    23. jackiscoolsigns
      what is this about
    24. Jeydis
      There is an indent in the wall. When Alexxander posted it was before we had confirmation we would have the secret bases.
    25. jackiscoolsigns

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