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Your Heart Gold/ Soul Silver Starter Will Be...

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Electivire61952, Jun 9, 2009.


What Is Your Heart Gold/ Soul Silver Starter Gonna Be

  1. Chikorita

    21 vote(s)
  2. Cyndaquil

    64 vote(s)
  3. Totodile

    31 vote(s)
  1. My starter is going to be Totodile
  2. Chikorita, 'cause I started with Totodile in my last Crystal run.
  3. I allways start with Cyndaquil or Tododile but i'm going with cyndaquil this time.
  4. I still love Chikorita ;D

    Meganium in the Pokespecial Manga still owns me!
    &&. I always goes with the cutest :p
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    An explaination for your choices would be nice, like GodlessM's.

    As for me, Chikorita will be my starter of choice. Since I chose Piplup in Pearl and Chimchar in Platinum (twice,) to complete the set it's only fitting to pick the Grass-type starter for Heart Gold. Plus, Chikorita learns some pretty awesome support moves, including the dual-screen moves as well as Aromatherapy.
  6. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm going for Cyndaquil, purely for nostalgic reasons. He's who I chose way back when I first played Silver, so it will be just like old times picking him again. Plus, I can't say that I can remember what it was like raising the little guy, so it'll almost be like a new experience this time round XD

    While I like Chikorita/Bayleef and Totodile, I was never overly keen on their evolutions. I can't say that I'm overjoyed with Cyndaquil's either, but meh, he's the best of the bunch in my humble opinion.
  7. I agree with Magpie here, and Cyndaquil is my favorite starter out of them anyways, so it will be nice going through SS with shiny Cyndaquil. :3 Though in my opinion Quilava>Cyndaquil>Typhlosion...So I -might- keep it Quilava, maybe >>' Along with my trusty Sneasel, Tyranitar and Houndoom, just because :p
  8. Chikorita.
    Out of the starter pokemon I have had, (Torchic, Piplup and Chimchar) none of them have been grass- type. And Meganium is awsome.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    You have one too? x3

    I'm a sucker for tradition, so tradition shall prevail once more. I'll be choosing Chikorita as my initial SS starter solely because I have always chosen the Grass-type starter first each generation. I'll probably pick Cyndaquil for my play through HG (although, like Middy, I might swap it out for my shiny Cynda), then Totodile whenever I play through either game a second time... As cute as Totodile is, I can't say I'm a huge fan of its line ^^;

    It amuses me that I'm one of the rare people who likes Meganium more than Bayleef, so I have no qualms fully evolving mine. I'm in the same boat as Magpie/Middy with Cyndaquil, though. While I don't dislike Typhie, I certainly love Quilava a helluva lot more.
  10. Not yet :3 As much as I would -love- one. I'm going to Soft Reset for one when SS/HG come out :)
  11. Imported HG: Cyndaquil
    English SS: Chickorita
    English HG: Totodile

    I voted Chikorita, because my English SS will be my main one.
  12. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Well, mainly because I want to name, or at least associate, most, if not all of my Pokemon after people I know, either in real life or here on 'Charms, I'm starting with Chikorita and naming it after our awesome Alex here.

    Also, because Alex is the webmaster here, it just seems to fit that he'll also be my starter, or first Pokemon, here in my (maybe) SS game.

    I'm choosing Chikorita not just 'cause of those reasons, though. Chiko is probably the cuter starter of the three, though I do love Cyndaquil a lot as well. Also, I've never started with a grass starter before, as I always chose the fire type (usually) or the water type starter. Plus, I have to say, of all the grass-type starters, I think Chiko is the cutest.

    Maybe my second time around I'll start with Cynda, if I ever restart my game, but I'll be keeping Chiko around for a while anyways.
  13. Cyndaquil. I always thought the Gen II Fire starter line was pretty cool looking, but I never had a chance to play with them.
  14. Cyndaquil.

    I've always started with the water types, but ever since I started Platinum with a Chimchar, I fell in love with the fire types. Plus, Typhloision just damn rocks. I'm going to SR until I get a female. (I want a female soooo badly.)
  15. Ignoring the butt-ugly protagonists, I may follow the path I took on the original Gold with a Male character and a Cyndaquil, or create a new one with a Female character and a Chikorita.

    I used to use the cloning glitch to get all three Starters, but found that the only one I really bothered to train was Cyndaquil. Typhlosion was a neat final evo for it, and with the only other Fire Type available being Growlithe (never really thought highly of Magmar or Ho-oh at the time), which couldn't evolve until much much later in the game, Cyndaquil was a better choice and an awesome Poke anyway.
  16. While both Totodile and Chikorita own, I'm going with Totodile as my starter. It was first true starter ever so I'm picking it again due to extreme nostalgia. In my opinion, Totodile has the best design of all of the Johto starters and because I just realized that I -haven't- picked a water starter since Silver came out ten years ago XD
  17. My starter is going to be cyndaquil due to nostalgic reasons as well. Totodile is ok, but I'm not really good with water pokemon training. I would get creamed by fire pokemon some how, never was good. As for chikorita, the speed stat gets lowered when it becomes meganium. Due to my bad EV and IV training, I wouldn't be able to compensate for it.
  18. I'm rare? I love Meganium. =3
  19. I adore Meganium to shreds too. But whether I like the first or second stage form or not, I would never not fully evolve my starter. For example, Quilava looks better than Typlosion but that wouldn't stop me from evolving it to it's final form. ;)
  20. I actually think I am going to break with tradition of a water starter and go with Chikorita. Or just breed a Totodile to shove on the team too. :3
  21. Most likely, I'll choose Cyndaquil, just like I did in my original game, for the same reason: He's the one I find least annoying in design and moves.
  22. I chose Chikorita in Crystal and will probably choose it again. :)
  23. I'll probably choose Totodile instead of Cyndaquil this time around. I really like Cyndaquil, but I want something different this time and I have another fire type in mind.
  24. Cyndaquil!! i love Cyndaquill :d it's so cut :D
  25. I'm pretty obsessive compulsive about my starters, so I'm going to continue with my running theme of picking the fire type.
    I mean, as much as I adore Totodile, his evolutions freak me out a bit. Feraligatr looks like it has scoliosis and arthritis in the elbow region D:
    And as for Chikorita, well, it's adorable, but I could never choose a grass starter. 'Nostalic' reasons, you see :V
  26. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Chikorita. And I'm making a point of it being female too. ARANYANI MUST BE REBORN INTO GEN 4! X-X
  27. I've always been a Chikorita fan since Gen II came out... something tells me the trend won't stop here :p
  28. So your starter follows you around in ala Yellow? Awesome.
  29. Not your starter, it's whatever Pokemon you have up first.
  30. Gotcha. Kind of wish there was more of that. I love Amity Square.
  31. I love amity square too, especially with jigglypuff, my favorite pokemon
  32. As much as I like meganium, I already have one. And I'm a sucker for tradition.

    Soooooo, I shall be going through Soul Silver with a Cyndaquil, just like my old Gold version.

    Ahh, good times. I was soo sad when Gold died.
  33. my starter will be cyndaquil because i always start with him in silver.
  34. Not your starter, it's whatever Pokemon you have up first.

    That's interesting - I'd heard on the NSider2 forums that it was only your starter that followed you.

    Speaking of starters ... I'll choose Cyndaquil, mainly because I love fire-types and that's what I choose for my first playthrough with the original Silver Version. ^_^
  35. Pachirisu all the way :D
  36. Ill be starting with Totodile because I originally started with Chikorita. I have never started with water but I absolutely hate cyndaquil. You know how puppies have their eyes closed when they are born? That's how cyndaquil looks to me- and I don't like it. I also feel like chikorita is a bit on the cutesy side, althought I didnt think that when I chose it originally.
  37. Toughie. I'd love to run something like cyndaquil/hoppip/mareep/maybe wooper; back before G/S were released I remember fangurling over hoppip (which is one of the only pink things I think is AHHHHH ADORABLE
  38. I wish I remembered which one I had first picked back when I got Silver, but unfortunatly I can't. But that's fine, because Chikorita is currently my favorite starter (and one of my favorite Pokemon), so I have no choice but to pick it as my starter in SS. Besides, I'm pretty sure I had picked it as my first in Silver anyway.
  39. I'll be starting with Totodile in Soul Silver. This is because I like the few weaknesses of water types and how effective Totodile are at sweeping. I already have a moveset planned out for it, so that also helps me with my decision.

    As a note, I would choose the water starter in every generation except for the Kanto ones. I dislike Blastoise's Bulky Water-ness.
    #39 Secad MS, Jun 24, 2009
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  40. I'm choosing Cyndaquil.

    I never ever choose the Fire type starter, and since Cyndaquil's awesome I figured I may as well see what it's like to play through with a Fire type :3

    But there's a chance I may get both games, since I love them that much, so if I get HeartGold too I'll most likely choose Chikorita.

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