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Wii U Discussion

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, May 7, 2012.

  1. Linkachu

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    With E3 on the horizon and hordes of rumors to poke at, we might as well give this thing its own dedicated discussion thread. So, here it is. You can discuss your opinions on the Wii U here, share news or rumors regarding it, etc. And to start us off, I'm throwing up a quick poll. Will you buy the Wii U at launch? Tell us why or why not. :)

    I'd say I'm undecided with my purchase but that's likely a lie. I'm a consumer whore and very interested in the Wii U, and I like Nintendo games, so of course I'm getting it. I just hope the launch price is reasonable.

    And now, a rumor. Apparently Blockbuster UK has listed a bunch of upcoming Wii U games in their system and some images detailing these games leaked onto the internet. None of this is confirmed, but here's the full list:

    • Just Dance 4
    • Killer Freaks From Outer Space
    • Marvel Super Heroes
    • Metro Last Light
    • Monsters Party
    • New Super Mario Brothers Mii
    • Ninja Gaiden 3
    • Pikmin
    • Rabbids Party Land
    • Raving Rabbids
    • Rayman Legends
    • Shield Pose
    • Splinter Cell 6
    • Sports Connection
    • Tekken
    • Your Shape 2013
    • Zombie
    • Aliens: Colonial Marines
    • Assassin's Creed
    • Batman Arkham City
    • Darksiders II
    • Dirt 3
    • Formula 1 All Stars
    • Game Party
    • Ghost Recon Online

    Rumor or not, we already know that Rayman Legends and Pikmin 3 are coming to the Wii U. Assuming that I don't buy Rayman on a different console, those would be my two most wanted from this list.
  2. Doctor Oak

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    Will I buy it day one? Yes. I'm stupid like that.

    Will I find it to be a worthy investment? Well, that really will depend on what Nintendo is prepared to bring to the party. The console's interface and usability needs to be a million degrees better than their rubbish efforts on the Wii and 3DS; their online strategy (including content as well as multiplayer) needs to be a billion degrees better than anything they've managed thus far and the software available on the platform needs to be a trillion degrees better and more varied and competitive than the Wii has managed in its entire existence.

    The Blockbuster list looks like they've just taken a list of anything attributed to the Wii U, including tech demos from last year's E3, and slapped it in there in the vague hope any of it will come to fruition. We got a glimpse at the possibility of games like Arkham City and Assassin's Creed coming to the Wii U last year, but soon after, it was confirmed that none of these games were actually in development for the system yet - Nintendo was just fielding out ideas from developers. This is the same crap that promised us similar games on the 3DS, only to see them never turn into anything at all.

    For a successful launch, I'd like to see at least one massive Nintendo title in that line-up. A genuine must have like a brand new proper Mario adventure or a new console Pokemon game. They must not make the same mistake as the 3DS' launch and assume that something like Nintendogs will sustain the launch. And no, Pikmin does not count as a killer app.

    Launching with at least one of the big titles due out at the end of this year on a multiplatform basis would also be a massive win. Rayman Legends looks likely to manage that - but what we really need is Assassin's Creed III hitting the Wii U alongside the Xbox and Playstation on the same day (or at launch, if it's a few weeks later).

    Effectively, Nintendo needs to demonstrate from day one that the Wii U will not be a repeat of their persistent mistakes on previous platforms. I suspect I'm going to be rather let down in that regard either way, but at the very least, just make it a solid platform for better development and allow good third party games to shine on it. Being able to compete in a multi-platform market is necessary now more than ever - a vast majority of the best titles in the past few years have been on both the Playstation and the Xbox (and occassionally PC). The Wii was an abject failure in that regard, but the Wii U has the potential to match what the others can do with those titles and enhance it with the new controller. Seeing that potential realised, and not wasted, is what will make me happy with my £250-£300 lump of plastic (and if they want more money, they better deliver much, much more than that, too).

    PS: I will offer myself up as a Man-Slave to anyone in Nintendo that has the fucking balls to force them to CHANGE THE FUCKING NAME TO SOMETHING SENSIBLE.
  3. The Wii U version of Rayman Legends presumably has a couple of exclusive features, for example using the touch screen's NFC to enable playing as Ezio and the Rabbids by buying figures. I'll probably buy the Wii U on Day 1 along with Pikmin and Freaks. I'm getting tired of these "New" Mario games. But i agree with Doctor Oak, if it doesn't launch with one of the big 3rd party hits like Call of Duty or Assassins Creed fewer people will probably buy it.
  4. Simple enough, if the WiiU can grab the multiplats the PC/xbox and PS3 share already on top of their own IPs, everybody will be in trouble.

    Both Xbox and PS3 dont have exclusives that sell consoles much.
    FPS people prefer CoD over Halo nowadays mostly and stuff like God of War isnt the greatest thing either.
    Its at the point where people argue about dumb features that nobody cares about like multigame online chat, some internet thats supposedly better because you pay for it (even though both are p2p) and bluray players that have shitall to do with videogames instead of actually talking about the games that come out on each console.

    Most games simply are multiplat now and when Nintendo can grab those then they will have a huge advantage.

    This list already shows some multiplats, true or not, and now all we need is some Nintendo stuff to kick it off.

    Buying it when I can count 10 exclusives that are worth it or when I get a very good deal.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    Will I buy Wii U? Of course. In the first three months, looking at the release lineup? Fuck no.

    Sorry, but nothing on that lineup catches my eye at all. I honestly hope that isn't the finalized list, because for me personally it's crap.

    I probably still won't get it early anyway. The only console I've ever bought near release was the DS Phat, and I was playing nothing but GBA games on it (Metroid Prime Hunters demo doesn't count) for about a year after I bought the thing. I've learned from that mistake.
  6. I'll probably be one of the fools who buys it on release. The main reasoning behind it is games such as Arkham City and Assassin's Creed have been for the PC, Xbox and Playstation. I only own 1 of the 3 (PC) so I've not had chance to play them. Secondly I'm a sucker for Ninty series games especially Mario and Pokemon.

    However I do agree that this starting line-up could be better and is minimal much like the 3DS's. I would like to see at least the LoZ from the WiiU trailer come out on release day. As for other game I would like to see in the future would be a 3rd installment to the Galaxy series and a console Pokemon game. And finally I hope to god they do the SSB game right this time ^^
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    The chances of that happening are very, very slim, and considering how long it takes to develop your typical console Zelda game I personally would not want to see that happen. The last thing we want is a rushed LoZ simply to have one out at launch. I'd say a year or so after launch would be much more reasonable.

    But I fully agree with Alex that the leaked list is likely not an accurate reflection of the true launch line up (just assumed releases), and that Ninty needs to give us a better Mario launch title than an extended tech demo. Either way, E3 will undoubtedly show off a few new key titles that haven't yet been revealed.
  8. Wasn't there rumours of a Majora's Mask remake for the WiiU and I've also heard about a possible Twilight Princess HD remaster if either of these turn out to be true then we could possibly see a LoZ game on or not long after release similar to OoT for the 3DS.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    All rumbles I've seen regarding a Majora's Mask remake have been directed towards the 3DS, and I've yet to read anything hinting at a possible Twilight Princess HD version. It's always a possibility, but I'll believe it when I see it. For now it sounds mostly like the desires of hopeful fans.
  10. Yeah it probably just is hopeful fans, but I'm hoping it is true I think MM might suit the WiiU better :p
  11. If at all then MM would be a 3DS title simply because they would be able to work with the OoT3DS assets just like they did in the past on the n64.
  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Nothing major, but it appears that Nintendo has slightly redesigned the Wii U controller. This image was tweeted by a QA tester at Traveller's Tales:


    Aside from repositioning a few buttons, the circle pads have been replaced with analog sticks. There could still be more changes that this image doesn't take into account, but we'll see it all soon. :)
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Bumping with the latest pricing/release date rumors (which surfaced a few days ago but I wasn't around then). Imma be lazy and copypaste this directly off IGN:

    They currently do not know what the two bundle sets refer to, but if those truly are the North American prices then I'd be fine shoveling out for a higher end bundle - assuming it was actually worth the extra $100. Whether it's released on the 11th or 18th is of little consequence to me. Both are fine dates.
  14. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    So, discussion of this has mostly boiled down to two things (since the date is basically going to be around then either way):

    1) The price of the lowest SKU. IIRC, the Wii was $250 at launch, and this does wind up at about the same as the £180 we paid for the Wii at launch when you convert and add in VAT. Basically, below $300/£200 is the sweet spot Nintendo has to hit, and this would indicate that they plan on doing so. This is a good thing.

    2) The multiple SKUs that vary by as much as $100. No-one has any idea what the SKUs actually are, but the speculation is basically that the first version features the system itself, the second features a 'pro' controller (which is a pricy addition if that's all that extra $50 amounts to), while the last one features two GamePads.

    Alternatively, they refer to the inclusion of a game, or a game and another controller (of either variety) respectively.

    Either way, they look set to be bundles as defined by Nintendo, not the retailer, so the idea of a game being bundled means it would likely be a very specific one. Possibly Nintendo World - though one would hope for the sake of that having any value at all, it would be a freebie ala Wii Sports. This does put further emphasis on it being solely a hardware thing - so a variety of controller bundles is probable.

    Of course, it is just a rumour, but given that we're on the cusp of the release period anyways, information really can't be far behind.

    We already know that we in Europe will see the system delayed (seemingly not to next year, but likely mid-December at the earliest) to accommodate extra stock for Thanksgiving sales in America, so the system must be out around that period at either rate.
  15. Linkachu

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    Now that a rough price point has been leaked, one which seems believable considering Nintendo's past console pricing and insistence on wanting to keep Wii U costs down, I pretty much have no reason not to buy Wii U at launch. It really just boils down to this for me: do I want to keep playing Nintendo console games? And yes, yes I do. I won't find those games on PS3, 360, PC, or even 3DS for the most part, so that means I need a Wii U.

    Two Wii U launch window titles (Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends) are must-plays for me, and for $350 - let alone $250 - there's no reason why I would wait to play them. I already own everything else that interests me aside from PS Vita anyways, and I'll likely have one of those too at some point - as soon as it releases its first must-have game. :p
  16. Doctor Oak

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    Nintendo will be officially giving launch information about the Wii U in a NY Press event on Thursday. A European episode of Nintendo Direct will also be online at 3pm BST the same day.

    I'd probably go in expecting to be disappointed in terms of pricing - but launch titles will probably be ok so long as the vague indication of Nintendo and third parties as to what will be there this year from E3 holds true at all.
  17. Linkachu

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    I'm currently watching the North American preview (click here to watch it for yourself) and they announced the prices/release date right off the bat. Release date is November 18th as previously rumored. The prices and sets look like this:

    Basic set (8GB) (White Hardware) - $299.99: Wii U console, GamePad, HDMI cable, sensor bar, AC adapter

    Deluxe set (32GB) (Black Hardware) - $349.99: Same as basic set, plus a GamePad charging cradle, a stand for the GamePad and console, and Nintendo Land

    Apparently new game announcements are coming, including a key franchise that "people have wanted to see on Wii U". I'm guessing Zelda, Metroid, or Star Fox. Looks like they were referring to third party, not first party.

    I don't have time to look into the Europe region info right now, sorry! I know there already is some going around though.

    Edit: Kotaku summed up the presentations fairly nicely in a single article. Check it out if you missed anything.
  18. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Nintendo aren't giving an RRP again for the Wii U, as is standard now. Expect Tesco, Sainsbury's and ASDA to fight over undercutting eachother and for online retailers to follow suit soon after.

    To begin with, though, this is what we've got:

    White Wii U (Basic) for £249.99 at Amazon (£247.85 at ShopTo) and that has 8GB of storage and basically nothing else. The controller is included, obviously, but no Wii sensor bar. No indication on whether or not we'll get an HDMI cable either.

    Black Wii U (Premium) for £299.99 at Amazon (£296.86 at ShopTo). That has 32GB, the controller, an HDMI cable, stands for the console and controller, NintendoLand and '3 Months Nintendo Network Premium subscription' which is essentially Nintendo's 'PS+' kinda thingy. So far they only seem to be indicating that it allows you to get points back from your purchases to spend on other things.

    And then, there's the ZombiU bundle featuring the black Premium Wii U and Ubisoft's ZombiU, going for £324.85 on ShopTo. Which is the one I'm getting.

    So far, I don't think there's been any news about the Pro controller or buying a separate Wii U gamepad here, but hopefully that will come around sooner rather than later. Given that the Yen price of the Gamepad comes to £100 already, though, the idea of splashing out up to £150 for a controller, no matter how super awesome, may be too much for anyone here for them to feel it worth the option at all.

    I think the price is pretty fair, and the differing SKUs actually has worked out fairly well. Though the money you'll save by getting the 8GB is really going to be a false economy once you have to start buying external storage anyway.

    In all, it looks like this launch will set me back around £450, but thankfully I can spread that out across two months thanks to ShopTo allowing early pre-order payments. I think I'd have appreciated Nintendo giving us an opportunity to clear our balances a little earlier, though. Two months before launch is kinda ridiculous to have to wait for this kind of info.
  19. Linkachu

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    You may be interested in this. They're charging £249.99 with free delivery for the premium edition. No ZombiU included with this one though.
  20. Shocari

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    Oh wow. That is a sweet deal :o

    I don't really order things online much, so excuse the probably stupid question, but can I buy that too even though I'm in America?
  21. Teapot

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    Potentially, but you'd be -far- better off ordering it from the States. We pay a fairly hefty premium over what the Americans and Japanese pay because of taxes and various other reasons.
  22. Monster Hunter confirmed for WiiU with 3DS connectivity.

    Buying the WiiU day one.
    They know how to get me.
  23. Doctor Oak

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    There have been some gripes with the price elsewhere, so this is a general post aimed at those moreso than what's been said here - but the content is worth a repost.

    The problem with the price offers right now is that they aren't going to be what they launch at. For certain. Sure, GAME will stick to selling the premium at the £300 mark, but Tesco et al will begin a race to the bottom that most online retailers will then follow and undercut even further. In reality, it probably will end up at £199/£249 if you are sensible about buying it.

    I'm planning on getting the ZombiU Premium bundle, which ShopTo are currently offering at £325. Considering what you get in that, it's pretty good value.

    In terms of the price in general, though, it's worth considering that the Gamepad itself is valued by Nintendo at £100 (converted from Yen, so if it were to actually retail here at launch, which it won't, it'd be closer to £150 with taxes and shit). When you consider what you're paying for the rest of the actual console, it's a pretty fair deal - especially in terms of what's inside it. Honestly, you'd find it basically impossible to put together a similarly spec'd PC for £100-£150, let alone have money left over at the end (although Nintendo, of course, are hardly paying consumer rates for the insides).

    The 3DS was stupidly overpriced, but I really do feel that the Wii U is closer to the bone for Nintendo. When you take away VAT from the basic bundle cost, that's as near as makes no difference £200. Bear in mind that the cost to the retailer has to be less than that for THEM to make any profit, so whack at least £20 off that again. Between the cost of the controller AND the system, as well as harder to visualise costs such as shipping and marketing, Nintendo can't be making much more than £20-£30 net profit on each sale. There's really not much more room for a price cut, as opposed to the £60+ Nintendo were making on each 3DS originally.

    They were able to put the system out here this year (before Japan) and keep at least one version of it below £250. That's pretty good stuff. To claim that it should be cheaper is to basically not be realistic about how this business works. It really doesn't matter how relatively old the components in the Wii U are, a brand new system cannot be compared in costs to one that's been on the market (and gone through several cost-cutting component changes) for over 6 years.

    If you want a genuine gripe for the launch, it should be the rather poor game lineup. The 'launch window' up to March is very promising and has more titles on it alone than interest me on basically any other platform for the rest of this year, but unless third parties are going to be releasing games weekly up until Christmas, it's going to be a relatively weak selection available this year. Rayman Legends and ZombiU are basically must-haves, though. Nintendo Land is a good Wii Sports-like freebie (so don't buy it if you get the basic pack, or you may as well just go for the premium anyway) and despite not really caring for the NSMB series, having Mario leading the way on the console's launch is still a very good thing either way.

    The real strength of the system will be over the next year, when multi-platform titles will effectively run the best on the Wii U over the 360 and PS3. Things will become less clear after the likely release of a new Xbox at the end of the year, but at the very least it stands to reason that without the limitations of the hardware holding them back, Nintendo themselves should at least be able to put out some really top-quality games again. The Wii U delivers on the promises that the Wii failed to keep, so to me that makes it a worthwhile purchase for the sake of continuing to play some of Nintendo's finest.

    Not to say that doesn't change the reality that with Nintendo, every good idea is usually piled on top of with two pretty bad ones, but I'm not even going to be entertaining the thought that I'd stick with the Wii U alone and skip the next Xbox or Playstation, so it's really just more important to me to be able to enjoy the good, while the bad (inevitably going to be centred around networking, I'd say) can likely be ignored with what the others offer.

    Dare I say it, the system's even managed to get that little twinkle of Nintendo excitement back for me.
  24. Bayonetta 2 WiiU exclusive.

    Oh god this is so crazy.
    WiiU already has more interesting exclusives than the PS3 and the 360.
    Didnt expect this AT ALL.

    I thought that at best it would end up becoming another Gamecube, which I would be ok with, but so far shits great.
  25. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Current pre-order prices as they stand:

    http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012- ... s-cheapest

    Basically, Zavvi is looking like a good idea in terms of price, but you may get stung by the delivery speed. ShopTo is one of the more expensive online retailers (though they tend to undercut their competitors closer to launch, so don't count them out of the price wars yet), but I've never had any delivery from them that wasn't either early or delivered the morning after I ordered.
  26. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    I preordered my premium set yesterday but didn't preorder any games with it. I wanted to first know what would be launching with the console, and now I kinda do.

    Confirmed for launch day in North America:
    These ones are likely to be launch titles but still aren't 100% confirmed to be so:
    Looks like, as of now, none of my most wanted games are launch day releases, so I may either stick with Nintendo Land alone for a bit or pick up New Super Mario Bros. U for the hell of it. I want Scribblenauts Unlimited but not at full price, and I'm still undecided on whether I'll buy Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Wii U or on 360.
  27. Starting to save now, gonna get it the second they release Monster Hunter here. They might even make a console bundle which would be pretty cool.

    Its gonna be amazing. They updated MH3G from japan and added WiiU connectivity. Now you can send your savegame from the 3DS to the WiiU and continue playing.
    Basically what we saw with Pokeman stadium only that its the same game 2x.
    On the WiiU online play will be enabled.

    Its quite obvious that the WiiU doesnt start with too many 3rd party exclusives.
    Personally I am also interested in The Wonderful 101, made by Hideki Kamiya. That man knows what the hell is up.
    I mean, look at his twitter:
    He's what we need and I have yet to see a bad Platinum games game.
    Here's a link to the game
    Looks fun as hell.
  28. Carmen Lopez

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    Welp, I decided to trade in my Wii to get a Wii U although I plan on getting it in January instead November or December. With the Wii U I literally have no reason to keep my Wii anymore. If I ever wanted to play Gamecube games, I can use my actual GameCube.
  29. Doctor Oak

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    Of those, all we get in Yerop is NSMBU, Nintendo Land, Rayman and ZombiU... Not really the best start to a console ever. We do also get Mass Effect 3 (though why you'd get it on the Wii U, I have no idea), Call of Duty (yawn) and Fifa 13 (...just, why?), but none of those are wins, really.

    Really, really hoping that we get something more out this year. I'll be pretty disappointed if Assassin's Creed III doesn't make it out for the system this year. Also really hoping that Lego City Undercover makes it out sooner rather than later. Looks to be one of the best titles showcased so far.
  30. Linkachu

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    I'm not a Monster Hunter fan but I'm liking this news about effortlessly sharing game files between the 3DS and Wii U versions. I figured that such a feature would be unique to Vita this generation. I'd be surprised if the next Smash Bros. game doesn't take advantage of this, but what else first party could? Not referring to the usual Pokemon handheld-to-console connectivity.
  31. Animal Crossing could if it was put on the Wii U as the transfer option was available from DS to Wii. Possibly Skylanders: Giants. I can't really think of anything else
  32. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    There's really not anything that could have stopped this happening with Wii and DS games, either, to be honest. The fact is that this doesn't really do much for the gamer - so what's the point?

    A) Most handheld versions of console games will be nothing like the console version because they can't be replicated on a handheld the same way.

    B) If they were the same, why, exactly, would you own the game twice? Sure, this save swapping thing would be a good further incentive - but I don't really see many games where I'd want to buy the same game twice, at full price, just to be able to play it on two different formats. Monster Hunter is certainly right at the bottom of any such list.

    C) If the game is basically the same on both, by the rule of point A, the console version really can't be pushing the console to its full potential and you've effectively got a poorer game for it.

    If there was any real reason for this to be a frequent thing, I'd understand its general appeal - but in almost all cases, it's a worthless or really bad idea.

    It's slightly different for Vita/PS3 games because the Vita is capable of much more... but it's still not worth buying the game twice. At least the Vita/PS3 connection has the potential for you to be playing your own actual PS3 games on your Vita, without buying a separate new copy.
  33. MH3GU IS the same game on the WiiU.
    Major difference is that the WiiU version looks better and that it features an online mode, while the 3DS version just does local co-op.
    Thats a big deal.

    Definitely grabbing both games simply because it offers so much content. Its at least 400 hours on your first playthrough with potential for more.
    Having it on the run is a nice thing. Nothing better than being able to do your farm work on the train and then hunting the big stuff at home.
    Its definitely worth it for a game of that caliber.
    Personally I dont like to play games on my handheld when I'm at home. I want to be able to play them on the big screen.
    On my modded PSP I used a very nice homebrew app that allowed me to stream the picture to my PC monitor and allowed me to connect my ps3 gamepad. It didnt look good, but it got the job done.

    A game never needs to push the hardware to be considered good. Its devs that think that that are slowly ruining videogames.
    A connection feature like this is good for all the games that arent crappy 4 hour campaign ripoffs. Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, many RPGs and potential MMORPGs could work very well with such a connectivity system.

    I really miss the super gameboy.

    What could also work is games that are connected but not the exact same thing. Something like Project Dust and EVE come to mind.
    Also obviously the already existing Pokeman games. Final Fantasy 8 had this Chocobo minigame for the pocket station. Play minigame on the portable, unlock items, send them to your main game.
    Its definitely not a new concept but its one that got neglected way too hard.

    Also, a picture I made to describe the current situation:
  34. Some new insight of how the 3DS/WiiU connectivity can work:
    http://mynintendonews.com/2012/09/25/ca ... -together/
    Basically Nintendo does all that the PS3/Vita connectivity promoted (something that started with the PS3/psp and somehow failed) as their main feature as a small update on the side.
    Bring your savegame to somebody and then play multiplayer Splitscreen while actually keeping the rewards from your hunts.
    Hopefully this kind of thing will spread to more games. Maybe enable us another Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

    Also: Dragon Quest X customization and gamplay
    http://www.ign.com/videos/2012/06/22/dr ... ct-trailer
  35. Linkachu

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    A heads up for anyone who was planning to buy Rayman Legends at Wii U launch or for the holiday season: it's been delayed until first quarter 2013.

    They claim it was delayed in order to perfect the game but I'm thinking that New Super Mario Bros. U releasing at the same time was more to blame. At least now I won't have to debate over which to play during my holiday break...
  36. Linkachu

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    I think I recall reading this several weeks ago, but the Wii U Pro controller apparently has "a rechargeable battery that can last up to 80 hours on a single charge". That's pretty hefty. Just keep in mind that the Pro controller will not work with Wii games.

    Other than that, I ran into an interesting pic on IGN today. It's a third party controller but it looks kinda cool. Would any of you buy one of these?

  37. Linkachu

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    Here's an English subtitled video from the latest Japanese Nintendo Direct stream speaking about Wii U console accounts and the new Nintendo Network ID service. I wish Iwata had gone into more detail regarding the IDs but I'll take whatever I can get. Wii U's release date is so close for North America now...

    Speaking of which, does anyone know where I can find a fully translated version of the latest Japanese Nintendo Direct? If so, please share! Thanks. :)
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  38. Magpie

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    I must admit... it's starting to break me. I've barely even given the Wii U a second thought and I never even had a Wii. Pikmin 3 is seriously tempting me though, and obviously they'll hopefully be a Pokemon game of some sort. Skylanders Giants is calling to me too (the starter pack has a Gryphon-like dude with a gun!). Maybe... just maybe I'm starting to be tempted into buying a Wii U. Maybe.
  39. Linkachu

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    There's about a hundred things Nintendo dropped the ball on regarding Wii U's launch, and yet... I can't help but enjoy the thing. I'd recommend that most consumers wait on buying it until there's more gaming software available (aka. don't buy it on a whim) but otherwise the GamePad and features like Miiverse are very charming. It's also nice, for once, to have a gaming console with an internet browser that's actually usable. ;p
  40. The Wii U is starting to garner my attention but I think I'll wait until more games are available but saying that the release line up of games interests me mainly due to the fact I don't have some of the games like Arkham City, Mass Effect 3 and Darksiders II.

    I'm actually thinking of getting things like Just Dance 4 due to my confidence levels skyrocketing a lately

    I'm looking forward to Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts, NSMBU, TTT2 and S&ARST which are probably the main games out at the moment that is really selling the console to me

    Also looking forward to Pikmin and Lego City Undercover

    Hopefully we see some more great titles announced for this console

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