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What would you be in the Pokemon World?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Magpie, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Partly inspired by the ideal career thread, and partly by the new Ranger game, I was just wondering what people here would be if they lived in the Pokemon world. Would you be involved with Pokemon, or would you be a regular citizen, who maybe has a good old Pokemon companion? Here are the ones I picked out, though if you think of another job you'd like to do then say so ^^

    Pokemon Trainer

    At first I thought, well, I'd obviously love to be a trainer, with my loyal team of Pokemon. But then I thought about it and I doubt I would have been ready to leave home so young. Nor would I have wanted to really. I guess it would be something to consider later in life, say the age I am now, but not at the standard time. Now I'd happily go forth to conquer all foes with my trusty (and powerful) Manectric by my side ^^

    Pokemon Ranger

    I'd love the idea of helping Pokemon, but I don't think it would be the job for me. Operator and mechanic would be a certain 'no', purely because I have no interest in them. Telling other people Pokemon are in trouble, but doing nothing about it myself and just sitting there hoping for the best is not my idea of a happy, stress-free career.

    Pokemon Researcher

    Would be interesting, although I doubt I have the mind for this line of work. My attention span would let me down... so would my memory. I have the name for it though, even if it is my first. Take the 'e' off my name, Ferne, and you get Fern, which is a plant, and a species of tree. Prof. Fern has a certain ring ^^

    Pokemon Breeder

    I'd love to do this, but I'd never be able to give my Pokemon away or anything. I'd be overrun within the year XD
    I'd love the idea of raising Pokemon for the joy of raising them, and helping Pokemon.

    Pokemon Coordinator

    A professional Coordinator wouldn't be the job for me. I'm just not that way inclined. I'd rather battle or breed Pokemon, than dress them up/use them for show.

    Other Jobs (Pokemon Related)

    I'm counting Police, Pokemon center and other little jobs. I wouldn't be any of these, unless instead of a Growlithe I could have a Manectric... or Electrike, I'm not picky XD

    Other Jobs (Non-Pokemon related)

    The jobs that make the world go round. I'd want to be involved with Pokemon, so I'd happily be in a usual job, so long as that trusty Manectric was by my side...

    So, I'm going to go with Pokemon Breeder. I'd love helping to keep Pokemon healthy and like with Vulpix, I could still have a few good battles every now and then. So, what would you be?

    EDIT: I suddenly had a feeling this had been done before. If it has please let me know ^^;
  2. Pokémon trainer, hands down. I'd like to go on a adventure so I'd definitely be a trainer. And after I've explored the whole world I could be a gym leader ;D
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  3. [size=8pt]:3
    I was wondering when something like this was going to show up. (And no, I don't recall this being done in recent times..)

    Personally? I think I'd be a coordinator. I agree with your sentiments on the initial 'LOLZ I'M TEN YEARS OLD AND CAN DO ANYTHIIINNNNNNGGG' thing about trainer-dom, which is why I decided against it.
    If I'm going to sacrifice years of education to play with pokeymans, you damn well better believe I'm gonna make it PRETTY.
    I'm a fan of the idea that not only do you make your pokemon twirl and swirl like a sparkle princess, but the whole dress-up thing? I'm sure it belongs in some case of animal cruelty, but it's funny.
    I'd enjoy it.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Considering how I tend to PRP and the types of characters I use in fanfics, I'd probably be a combination of three jobs.

    I've always dreamed of getting out there and traveling, and in that world it's actually possible at a young age, so Pokemon Trainer would definitely be an ideal career for me early on. The exploring and seeing all the amazing things that world has to offer, meeting and raising various different Pokemon, the battles... All things I'd be interested in, even if I'd lean more towards traveling/raising Pokemon than battling them. While Coordinators in the Anime feel very similar to Pokemon Trainers, I still think I'd choose the title of Trainer over Coordinator. I'd try to battle in my own way, using combination attacks to bring out a Pokemon's potential, but it'd still be about the struggle of a battle for me, not the grace of a contest.

    As I got older, I'd probably shift my habits a bit and find a place to lay down some roots. I'd still travel often (that's just in my nature), but I'd be interested in the research side of Pokemon as well, taking on the title of Pokemon Researcher and finding a niche of my own. Considering the things that interest me now (the cross-breeding of Pokemon species' for special traits), Pokemon breeding would probably come into play then, too, so I'd become a mixture of a Pokemon Researcher, Breeder, and Trainer. I could see myself breeding Pokemon for other researchers/trainers and educating based on my research results, but then I'd be getting into Professor territory... Guess it's a possibility, too.

    One thing. I don't think I'd consider all Pokemon Researchers as Pokemon Professors. You could be a researcher (like a research assistant or a self-researcher) and not educate, which is what I'd consider a Professors role. I also view Pokemon Professors as mentors of sorts, but I guess that can vary in degree and purpose.

    (Edit for Magpie's edit: I don't think this question has been asked recently, and even when it was most topics focused more on in-game titles such as "Ace Trainer" and the like.)
  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    (shrugs) Knowing myself, I'd be a trainer of some sort - but beyond that it's anybody's guess. I'd probably drift from location to location with a small but trusty team of creatures with which I'll share a deep bond and just let life take me wherever the desu it may. Anything from that on depends on who or what I'll run into through the course of my journey, and If I manage to survive it without being vaporized.

    Either way it'd give me something to look forward to. Some way to find myself so to speak. Some kind of... sense of purpose.

    Sign me up for the next hyperdimensional anomaly that leads there, kthxplz. I need one right about now.
  6. While I love to travel around, I'm not sure my real life self would be capable of Pokemon training and battling. If I were in the Pokemon world I'd probably be doing what I'm doing now which is attending college. But I'd also have a Pokemon for companionship and I'd probably still travel around because the Pokemon world is so awesome.

    Now if were talking total fantasy, I'd totally be a trainer or a researcher!
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I would most likely be a trainer starting my career at age 14. By that time I would have finished middle school and would be old enough to take care of myself.

    I love to travel and see new sights, broaden my horizons, and what not. I could easily become a slacker ronin travelling the world with my Pokes. Esspecially with an Infernape. What better Pokemon for a pyromaniac monkey lover? Best. Life. Ever.
  8. Wow, I have no idea what I would be. I know I would WANT to be a Pokémon trainer, but I would probably suck really bad. And I'm pretty sure the only way to earn money as a trainer would be to win battles, but having to think quickly and shout at your Pokémon without messing up your command, and remembering your Pokémon's attacks... I would definitely starve. I would wait until after high school to become a trainer if that was what I chose to do. It seems a hell of a lot easier than being a real person.

    I would probably hang out with my Pokémon and make them attack trees and stuff and really only battle friends. I can see myself doing that. So my answer is Pokémon trainer, but a bad one. :)
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  9. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    I would probably be a breeder. I'd probably start to like my Pokémon too much to watch them get knocked out when I screw up. ^^; I dunno. I've kinda dreamed of having a little farm-type place on a beaten trail, effectively serving as a fairly old-fashioned Pokémon Center if there wasn't another one about for a while, healing Pokémon and letting their trainers rest, and taking care of runaway or stray Pokémon (or trainers ^^;) I'd probably only have one or two Pokémon myself, perhaps a Houndoom and a Luxray.
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  10. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I would most likely be a coordinator. Even though in the Pokemon games I have a love for battling, and my imagination often makes my characters be trainers of some sort, I, myself, am more into the beauty of attacks, Pokemon, and battling. Though some people may enjoy the thrill of seeing their opponent defeated with a one-on-one, and many people have the dream of becoming the Pokemon Champion, I just can't see myself striving to do that. True, I may battle once in a while, but I still prefer coordinating. Also, it just so happens that even in the games, I tend to try to get a ribbon on all my Pokemon from at least one contest. I fail, of course, but hey, I find the challenge fun.

    Of course, I won't have so many Pokemon like I do in my games. Perhaps five actual contest Pokemon, one for each of the contests, and one battle Pokemon whenever I feel like battling. If I could choose which Pokemon I wanted, I'll probably choose Spoink or some other psychic Pokemon like Kirlia or something for the smart contest, Swellow for cool, Altaria for beauty (maybe), Eevee for cute, and... possibly Golem or Flygon for tough. Swellow for cool for sure, though. As for the battle buddy, I think maybe Lucario, Aggron, or even Blaziken could work. Dunno why, though. ^^;

    I find that I also like Pokemon Researcher, but I would never be able to survive doing that. Research and whatnot is NOT my strength or passion. Breeder works as well, though I might just end up killing all the baby Pokemon. XD
  11. *stumbles in with Silver on my shoulder*

    'Ello mates. In case you don't know, Silver is my Aipom. Anyway, I'd be a trainer- hands down. Though, I too, would start when I am 14, and out of middle school. This way, I'd have me a basic edamacation, and some more life experience. I love travel, but I love being at home as well. I'd always have a flying Pokemon-that way I could fly home whenever I wanted to. At the age of twenty-couple, I'd settle down and get married, raise a family. But, I wouldn't get a job, no way no how. I'd support my family by winning tournaments and beating trainers all around.

    Maybe, after awhile, I'd apply (if you apply) to become a gym leader-maybe even Elite Four member. Those jobs have got to pay well-right? Anyway, after that escapade, I'd retire from compettive battling. Become like-an author or something. Write about all my life experiences. Then, I'd be that grandpa that even the kids down the block love, telling old stories and such. Oh, and I would of course have Silver, my Aipom with me every single moment of my life.
  12. Hmm... Well. If Pokemon randomly existed now, I'd probably try to get an Eevee, finish High School, and go on a Pokemon adventure with the Espeon it became while being my friend. I'd have to try a little bit of battling a coordinating before I actually chose, if I chose to be a single one at all. Or I'd settle down and then be like a newscaster with my Espeon predicting the weather or something. Yeah.
    If I were in the Pokemon world the whole time, I'd probably would do the whole "ten-year-olds are the epiczorz" and go on some amazing journey with my Pokes, both coordinating and battling. I'd probably be one of those weird trainer people you see on anime doing something cool that you'd want to do in a game.
    But I can't really imagine myself as a gym leader/ 4 member. Too much responsibility!​
  13. Well...if Pokemon existed now, I would most likely finish high school first then go on about my journey. I'm not sure which Poke I would have though, though I would have a flying type like a Skarmory and a Sneasel because I would want to be protected, and because y'know...Sneasel is just awesome as it is..>.>'

    I would like to have some sort of power, not a lot, but some. Though I probably wouldn't want to be a gym leader or in the E4 because of the 'Congrats you won, take the *insert badge name here* thing. That would get annoying fast.

    I would try to be the person who had high power and respect, but also someone you hardly saw and ended up being something totally different from what you had guessed. Like Mr Verrich (spelling?) :p
  14. Well dang, everything else is rather unappealing to me or just not my type of thing, so I'd be a Pokemon Trainer. (Oh well there's a big suprise! :p) I'd want to finish high school first so I'd at least have some smartness in my random brain. But if I would be a pokemon trainer, I'd just really have nothing to do, just exploring the world's mysteries with a team of loyal friends by my side sounds like me. (Sure going around towns and reigons and beating any trainer's pokemon to a pulp would be fun, but it gets a little cliche after a while)

    So I'd basically be a clone of Stel. XD

    I'd sometimes have pangs of homesickness, so I'll have a pokemon that can take me home when I want, but I'd also want a trusty companion *coughVulpixcoughcoughhack* who would stand by me no matter what. So the result is a nomad-like trainer of pokemon who just goes wherever the wind takes me, absorbing life and nature's natural beauty and just well, existing as a part of nature itself. So yeah, I'm a nomad.
  15. The only two here I would probably even consider would be a Pokemon Trainer or Breeder. I would like to help Pokemon and care for them, and learn about them a little in the process. But I'd probably be a Pokemon trainer, anyways. It would be fun to battle others and possibly have a chance to become well known with my Pokemon. I probably wouldn't catch very many though, as I would rather focus on a few, and keep those friendships strong, instead of having hundreds of Pokemon and not remembering half of them half the time...
  16. Hmmm... let me see... I love traveling with a lot of Pokemon whom are always with me, so bye-bye Ranger and other jobs but I wouldn't want to be overun by them too, so a Breeder is out. As much as I love learning, there isn't much else about Pokemon to discover... and I would get bored quickly. Researcher. Out of Trainer and Coodinatior? I have no Idea. I'd be both.
  17. I'm kinda in limbo between Ranger and Trainer. I love battiling, but my sense of justice is way too high for a Trainer. If I were a trainer, I'd probably be with my gf in a "Young Couple" kinda deal. (see trainer card in sig)
    But I enjoyed the Ranger game more, and am hoping to get the 2nd one soon...anyway...I love Pokemon, and don't like seeing them hurt, so most likely, I'd be a Ranger. I'd probably have a Bibarel as my partner Pokemon, and make sure no criminal goes unpunished! Beavee and I will kick butt and take names! Whether I'm a Trainer or Ranger, it'll be tough, but fun!
  18. I think it's limbo between trainer and ranger and the additional archeologist. Trainer because I get to travel, raise pokemon, and meet many friends. Ranger because it gives me great thrill helping others, no matter how small. One of those, or an archeologist, so I get to continue learning of pokemon mythology.
  19. I'd probably be a Trainer.

    I love the thought of being able to travel everywhere and see all of the pokemon there are to see. It just sounds... exciting.
  20. For sure I would be a Pokemon Trainer! Pokemon own! I would be a Ice or Steel type trainer. I like Weavile and Jirachi. I would kill to be a Gym Leader lol. You get to fight everyone. Be a strong trainer. And give badges! That would be awsome. My second choice would be Pokemon Coordinator. It's fun to combine moves and make effects. You even get ribbons! That's the life.
  21. Well...for me, it would be a combination of a Pokemon Professor and a Pokemon Trainer.

    My plan would be to start training at the earliest age possible. However, before that, I would do my best in school to learn as much as I could beforehand, along with skills like firebuildling. I would train for a five or six years, then try to settle down and get into a good school to become a Researcher/Professor on Dragon-types. Dragons have always interested me, not just because of their quirks of evolving later and being weak to each other, but also because of of their rarity and adaptations. Hopefully, after many years of study and field work, I would become a Professor on Dragons. Professor Secad has a nice ring, eh?

    However, an alternate path would be becoming a member of the Elite Four. They are powerful Trainers who know how to battle and train well, too. My strategy would be to use super-effectives and bombard the challengers with powerful attacks from Pokemon with high speed and/or defenses.

    Nevertheless, a little Coordinating wouldn't hurt with both paths, a Beauty Coordinator to be specific. I do enjoy coming up with beautiful displays of moves, and coming up with unique dance moves for the dance round. However, I could not stand a life which is defined by looks and dancing alone. That is why I would balance it out with lots of battling.
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  22. Pokemon Researcher is probably priority. Studying Pokemon in depth would be very interesting. As each Professor specializes in something, I'd specialize in Pokemon Moves, more specifically how egg moves are obtained. All the time you spend working with Pokemon and finding them out, it can't be beat.

    Second on the list would be a trainer. Region Champion. I would acknowledge the fact that I'm the region champion, but I would give the actual title to someone else. Take the ring or whatever and then resign by still be a champion of the region. Start out at a young age and capture new Pokemon to train with. I'm just into the traveling on the road non-stop thing. Especially meeting new friends along the way. Starter: Taillow.

    Finally, the Coordinator. I would love to just show-off my Pokemon through moves and other creative aspects. It's be the one time where I would have full creative control, and I would enjoy every minute of it. Appearing in the Grand Festival would be awesome, having all of the people watching you at once, watching your Pokemon's appeal. It'd be so awesome.
  23. I would definatly be a trainer, I wouldnt even mind leaving at a young age. It sounds like such a great adventure to have! I would plan to leave alone work my way along as best I could with my pokemon, making some buddies along the way of course. Eventually retire and set up a nice cottage by the beach where trainers can come and rest and hopefully learn about how some pokemon can do many more things then what they are credited for.

    The world of pokemon is full of surprises :p
  24. Now I, personally would be a member of Team Rocket but a trainer at the same time. Why?

    Because, being a Pokemon Trainer would get a bit boring after a while, don't you think? But if I was a member of Team Rocket I would get to cause mischief, and I'd get paid for it! But I would have an awsome team of uber Pokemon that could just own and help me steal everybodies Pokemon.

    But, thats just me ;D
  25. trainer, because i can travel arround the world and beat gymleaders who think they are good
  26. Pokemon Trainer only until I can qualify to be a Gym Leader or Elite 4 member. Those two would pwn. I'd definately have either Dark/Fire/Dragon gym/team, or a mix of all 3.

    Or start a team, like in "Shadow of Mortix". Go Team Eclipse!
  27. I'd be a trainer..so i can catch and train until im old and gray and maybe along the way open up a gym and become a steel type gym leader
  28. I'd probably be a teacher in a Pokemon School. I'll tell the children about Pokemon and show them how to treat them. I'll take a hiatus now and then with my team to go train heavily, but mostly they'll just hang around with me helping the class.
  29. Some ass-wipe trainer that whips My pokemon when they do right, Whips them harder when they do wrong, and yells at Onix's when they can't swim.

  30. I'd most likely end up being a Pokemon Breeder, raising them to help with the research of the Professors we have here. Most likely, my career would start off being a Trainer, travelling about challenging Gym Leaders and other Trainers, before trying my hand at Contests (hmm, this seems to be following how I played the game). I'd still have my team and various Pokemon I can use for breeding (oh, that'd be a lot), but batteling and contests would be "weekend things".

    All this and cooking. I'll bake cookies for you lot (and Poffins).
  31. Erm, I would defiantly be a trainer. I'm a sophomore right now, so I'd probably finish up high school with my trusty Sableye (: (and maybe a random Pidgeot to keep me company). As soon as I graduated, I would defiantly set out on my journey, from Twinleaf Town of course (:.
  32. A designer of Pokemon-related technology such as Poke Balls and the like. That would be mad legit.
  33. I probably wouldn't do any of the above. Working in the Safari Zone would be a nice job, I think. You'd get to work with Pogeymans without having to beat them up, you could spend time outdoors, and you can watch Pokemon in a (simulated lol) natural habitat. I'd probably just keep a Pokemon or two as a companion, that's it.
  34. I wanna be a Pokemon Coordinator. The contests are nice, and its fun showing-off my Pokemon's moves and some of it's special effects. It will make me creative, though. I can show how my Pokemon's appeal, and on how they battle. I also like dress-ups, and I can dress 'em the way I like. I think being a Coordinator would be enjoying. It's one way to have fun with your Pokemon. But being a Trainer is also nice.
  35. Psycho Boost

    Psycho Boost Guest

    I would like to be a Pokemon trainer. However, I would prefer to be a Frontier Brain or Gym Leader.
  36. You Know, I'm gonna be different. I would so be a member of the police!

    Think about it, you and your loyal pokemon, fighting crime and keeping the peace, solving crimes and the like.
    seriously that would be awesome.

    However... being a Policia would have to wait till College (or in my case Sixthform) is over and done with. After that I'd do some travelling as a Trainer (suprise suprise) see how good I can get. Go for the Badges and the Elite 4 with my Umbreon by my side.

    then once I'm older and done with the training gig (not much older mind! Training would suit for a while, but stop at 25 at most. You can't be a trainer forever) I would become a Detective in the police force. Champion-come-Poirot and the like. But with more action than the Belgian.

    seriously am I the only dude who thinks being a Cop would be really cool? ???
  37. Yes Jammy, you would be the only person to be a po-po. XD

    I, however, would be a pokemon trainer. Traveling around with my trusty Fighting typed pokemon and challanging gyms untill I got all 32 badges, after 've totally owned all of those proud gym leaders, I would settle down in my hometown and become a teacher and show how to battle to all the nice kids in the town.
  38. I'd want to be a coordinator simply because I love Contests.
  39. A combination of things. I'd totally run out the door when I'm little Pokemon Trainer is a definite first. I'd probably be good at it to I've only lost one Non-E4 battle in my pokemon game career >w> So I'd be going everywhere, most likely starting from Jahto, them getting all 24 badges as soon as I could (Gotta live up to my game counterparts!) I'd leave as soon as I could, (In the anime I think it's 10?) and haul it out of there.

    But soon as I got older, I'd settle down in a private place, most likely by the sea, on a island maybe, and start my own ranch. Get a nice spacious place with a lot of land, air, and sea so I could let all of my pokemon from all regions live comfortably. I'd love breeding them, getting wonderfully powered babies and trading them for pokemon I need.

    I'd also be a catcher-for-hire, you pay me, I'll catch you anything you want, as long as the price is right. Or I could breed for pay. Though some pokemon you can't breed. I'd be an adventure to find that specific pokemon, especially legendaries. I'd be lots of fun :D

    I'd kind of be a researcher on the side, but not a professor. I'd do my own research, on my own time. Most likely about pokemon behavior, their lifestyles, my personal pokemon's lives. Stuff like that.

    I'd still battle the hell out of anyone who challenged me, and kick their asses. But I'd be "that weird lady on that island who works for hire." They woun't know who I am till they see me. I wouldn't be a Gym Leader or E4. Then I'd have no fun :/
  40. I would have to be a Pokemon Ranger, you get to travel around a lot, get your own Pokemon, and use the cool capture stylus. Plus, being a Pokemon Ranger would seem a greater purpose than to just be a trainer and run around willy nilly. You would have the pride of helping the world. Boy does that sound corny...

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