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Ask to Join The Past Is Reborn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StormingCobra55, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. She looked at alternative Kaleb as she was with blades with another member "I am occupied at the moment with this member at the moment! I'll help with the task once I put him down!"she said sternly as she was being pushed back by this familar member right against the wall. "Mily how bad you are struggling" he smirked as she huffed pushing him back quickly before knocking him down with her sword to the ground as she pointed it at his neck. "Who's struggling I think its you!?"she said as she placed her katana back in her sheath as she had to put a pause on battling Faba. "Girls enough we will seal with him later, lead the way Kaleb"she said as Blue and Blade came to her side but had her hand on the end of her sword just in case.-
  2. Kaleb (normal) and Jack got past the wall of grunts and made their way to the final warp tile, while Luke and Anthony had finally figured out the floor puzzles.

    Kaleb (alternate) ducked under the eyes of a Meowth statue. “JC, we need to avoid being seen by the statues!” he called out to her.

    Jason had been spinning through the rooms via spin tiles. He did not find the experience enjoyable, and if he were anyone else, he would have been puking halfway through. He saw the final door and walked in. A man with blue hair in a white and black shirt stood there, with his back turned to Jason.
  3. She nodded to the alternative Kaleb as she leaped on top of them then leaped off next to Kaleb. "Is it possible to destroy them because if it is I can do that with no problem" she said returning Blade for now as Blue hid behind it as well ears alert for danger.
  4. “Let’s see,” Kaleb (alternate) said. He ordered his Infernape to blast it with Flamethrower, but nothing happened to the statue. It remained still as ever, without even a scratch on it.

    “Guess that answers our question,” he said. He somersaulted underneath the vision beam of one statue, and then snuck around another before arriving at the warp tile. “Not like it’s that hard to avoid them, anyways.”

    Jason yelled at the man. “Who are you, and what is your business here?” he yelled.

    “I am Cyrus, the boss of Team Plasma. I am not from this place. I fell through a portal here. Still, I will take over. If you are here to stop me, I will crush you.” Cyrus threw forward a pokeball at the same time as Jason.

    Kaleb and Jack had destroyed Archie’s team and were heading back.

    “Good thing he didn’t have his secret weapon on his team,” Jack said. “We would’ve been in trouble if he did.”

    They met up with Jason (alternate). “Did they respond yet?” Kaleb asked. He shook his head. “Keep trying.”
  5. She followed him as she held on to Blue against her so she wouldn't be spotted. She made her way to the warp tile as she placed Blue down looking at the alternate Kaleb. "You seem young and you look actually like the order Kaleb but where are we off to now" she asked as Blue stood next to her.-
  6. Pheobe woke up, not knowing what happened. She remembered something. She was knocked out from some of the pokemon in the tower. Pheobe stood up, sweeping her skirt, and put her sylveon in her pokeball. She was wondering still where she is. "Better use an escape rope." She took out one of the two ropes in her bag. She threw the rope and the rope immediately went to the direction where the exit is and pheobe followed it.
  7. Kaleb (alternate) pointed to the next warp tile across the room. “We need to reach Lysandre,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Jason’s Sceptile was facing off against Cyrus’s last Pokémon, a Crobat. Sceptile knocked it out with ease, using Leaf Blade. He walked out and met up with the others outside.

    Luke and Anthony had defeated Maxie at this time. “All that’s left is Lysandre,” Kaleb said. “Better get ready to go through the final warp tile once my younger self and JC finish up.”
  8. She nodded as she let out Gem her Flygon and Blade her Absol for back up "alright I'm ready when you are lets be aware of his strategy then counter it with the appropriate moves as if me that's easy to do and my partner and Pokemon" she said letting him led the way so she could have a clear of mind.-
  9. "Alright! I'm in position! what next?" Damocles asked unsure of what to do next "Uh...guys?"he said peeking through a window only to notice a truck parking next to the mansion"We've got company!" he screamed over the earpiece as a hoard of Florencio's grunts emerged from the truck "Whatever it is your doing do it faster!" he screamed in a panic voice as he smashed down the window followed by potshots with his sniper.
  10. Pheobe thought to herself, 'I wonder what happened?' she got out of the tower into the route. She looked around and saw that the road is in ruins. debris everywhere, fire eating the trees, and big cracks on the road. "But first, i need to find them."
  11. Kaleb ducked under the vision of the final Meowth statue. “JC, let’s go!” he called out. He stepped on the warp tile and waited for her at the doorway.

    David showed up. “I was making sure nobody attacked at the canyon,” he said. “What’d I miss?”

    “We defeated some evil team leaders,” Kaleb said. “We just need one more before we can go through the final warp tile.”

    They walked into the room with the final warp tile. “Hurry up, guys,” Kaleb said to himself.
  12. She followed after Kaleb running next to him as Blue and Gem were right beside her. "Don't worry about me I can keep up easily lets just hope everyone else catches up with us we can't afford to waste time here" she said gesturing to him under her mask sword ready to be used.
  13. Kaleb walked in the door and saw Lysandre with his back turned to them.

    “I am Lysandre,” he said. “See these two buttons on the wall? I have created a weapon capable of mass destruction. One arms it, and one destroys it. If you are really the saviors of this region, disarm the weapon.”

    Kaleb looked at JC. “What’s the plan here?” he asked.
  14. Damocles interrupts them by barging in the room battered and bruised "Sorry I'm late" he said before coughing up a little bit of blood "so...what did I missed?"
  15. She glanced to Kaleb "well even if we get the right button he is still going to activate it no matter what well if he left it to him" she said pointing at the guy with goggles on. "But if he tries to just stop him right away as quickly as you can if you can hold him down" she said placing her sword in her sheath. "I'll focus on the buttons since I might know which is the right button just stall Lysandre for now" she said before going to the buttons,Blue following as she gently touched both buttons to see which one was the correct one. She seemed to have figured it out quickly as she looked to Kaleb nodding to say she found the right one.-
  16. As Aero was on his Staraptor, he found a mansion surrounded by grunts. "This should be the place." He said to himself. The Staraptor started diving down towards the mansion as Aero sent out his Venasaur. As it immediately hit the ground, Aero's Venasaur used Earthquake catching most of the grunts of guard. Then his Emolga jumped from his shoulder gliding towards the grunts as it fired a Thunderbolt attempting to paralyze some of the grunts.

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