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Ask to Join The Past Is Reborn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StormingCobra55, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Jeremy, noticing the attacks had stopped, looked back up at the group. “If I’m not wanted, I’ll leave,” he said. “I was just trying to help others while getting my own revenge at the same time. I guess I’m just gonna bring that scumbag down myself.” He walked out of the house and looked down at his tracking device once far enough away. “I’ve got you right where I want you, and there’s no running from me,” he said before running towards the blip on his screen, on Ula’Ula island’s Route 17.

    Meanwhile, at Po Town, Team Skull had evacuated, and there were only two people there. One, with dark blue hair, a black shirt, and black pants, with a sword in his hand, ran towards the throne, where the other was sitting. He was wearing all black, and his face was shadowed by a hat.

    “Master, they’re coming for us,” the blue-haired one said. “The regions have sent them to apprehend us.”

    “I already know of this,” he replied. “We are well-hidden. If they find us here before our first strike, you will be our first line of defense, my apprentice. But for now, we must wait for the perfect opportunity to attack.”
  2. She noticed the male after Jeremy walked out as she was more concerned about Kaleb's safety "-Be aware of your surroundings Kaleb your being targeted and I will fight them off to protect you my friend-" she said in thought hoping maybe he would hear her thought warning as she slowly extended her hand to his shaking it. "Greetings I'm JC and this is my partner Blue my shiny Umbreon and Gem my Flygon also one of my Pokemon on my team and what brings you here?"she asked calmly as her mask hide her face as she placed her katana back in her sheath under her hood.-
  3. After some time, Dimitrij fell asleep. He woke up in the middle of the fight. He tried to calm down the conflict, he ran into the middle of the brawl and divided both sides with his shield. His Pidgeot realized that somebody left the house. Dimitrij saw that and shouted to him there
    Hey, where are ya going? We can help you!
  4. "huh....what's up with that guy? he ask with a hint of confusion in his voice"anyways I'm looking the region's recruits"he said shifting his voice into a more serious tone"It's a matter of life and death please take me to them there's no time to explain.Hurry!"
  5. She glanced to him "Nothing you should be concerned with but if your looking for new recruits we are all ready in one but if you would like to join us to help then I'm alright with it but don't act suspicious Blue here can sense that and believe it or not I can as well" she warned as Blue looked up at the male. "Umbre!"She agreed.-
  6. Aero would take a deep sigh. "In this case there's no time to do anything besides stopping another war from starting. Yet most of us are so 'smart', none of them have thought of any sort of plan." Aero said shrugging his shoulders. His Emolga was about to zap eevryone just so they could think of a plan "Emol". "Emolga that's not neccesary to do that now. Especially if you were to zap me they wouldn't think my ideas would be good either way." As Aero said that the Emolga stopped making sparks out from his cheeks.
  7. We need to eliminate the threat as quickly as possible, before they will notice it. We can surprise them with a massive attack. Or we could silently sabotage their plans. So we have two options, loud or silent. - Dimitrij explained his plans.
    What do you think about it? Maybe someone has a better plan? - he added
  8. "Well at least someone is actually paying attention to why we are actually here." Aero said as he listened to Dimitrij's plans. "I was already making a plan to surprise this threat but that will do. It sounds better then what I thought of from before." Aero added as his Emolga climbed down to his backpack where Aero stores certain things inside. The Emolga opened the bag taking out a folded map. "Emolga what are you doing?" Aero asked as the Emolga unfolded the piece of paper in front of Aero's face. Turns out it was a map of the Alola region and Emolga showed it to Dimitrij.
  9. "What I'm about to tell you is classified information so listen closely,very,very closely cuz I'm only gonna say this once" he said looking around for any suspicious looking people"the region's army is not who you think they are"he said boldly
  10. Aero cleared his throat after listening what the boy said. "As in you're saying that none of us are even strong enough to help the army? Well that makes a lot of sense since you like jumping to conclusions apparently. If you are actually looking for the trainers the region recruited, your search for them has been finished." Aero said.
  11. "no it's not like that!"he said clearly trying to help them"they were the ones who stated this war! believe it or not"he sighs as he showed them hid badge"Inspector Damocles, former general of the region's army.Trust me what I say that THEY'RE THE BAD GUYS.if you don't believe me then I guess that's fine I am just trying to help after all if don't want my company then I'll just leave you guys be."
  12. She moved her head in confusion "Whoa calm down no need to get weird my senses aren't tinging so I believe what your saying" she said. "Umbre? Bre! Bre!" Blue said refering to Wolfa. "Blue oh I see Wolfa" she took out Wolfa's Luxury pokeball as she appeared in front of him. "Lycan!" "Wolfa sniff him out" "Ly!" Wolfa sniffed him then turned to her trainer "Ly! Lycanroc!" "I see well done Wolfa and that proves your telling the truth" she said returning Gem leaving Wolfa out. " Just one question, where are you originally from? I have not seen you anywhere around when we were fighting off in these wars?" she crossed her arms looking at him through her mask. Wolfa and Blue sat looking at him as well.
  13. he looks away at her for awhile before removing his helmet revealing a bearded,pale skinned man who looks like he's in his mid 40's."like I said FORMER ARMY"he said with a sigh then he took out a picture of him with three other men causing him to chuckle a bit before frowning
    "damn I miss you guys so much" he said to himself
  14. Jason and Luke stood up. “We should get moving,” Jason said. “Let’s go catch this guy before he causes any trouble.” They followed behind the tracks Jeremy left on the ground in an attempt to follow him to the base.

    The man suddenly got off his throne. The blue-haired boy ran into the room with his sword still in hand.

    “What is it?” the blue-haired one asked, gripping a Pokeball on his waist.

    “It’s time,” the man said, “for our first strike.” The two simultaneously grinned and walked towards the mansion door, strolling out and flying to Poni Island. They went towards Vast Poni Canyon, and both Jason and Jeremy saw this and did the same.
  15. She followed with Jason as she let out Gem again returning Wolfa as she got on her then took off following Jason. "-I have a bad feeling and I'm pretty sure Blue senses it as well...-" "Bre?" Blue said hearing my thoughts as she looked up at her as she felt her partners hand gently pet her. "So you feel it too huh Blue good stay alert" she commanded as Gem flew up to where Jason was on his flying type Pokemon as she had an alert expression on her face but her mask covered it as she huffed.
  16. "whoa whoa whoa what's going on?"he ask as he put his helmet back on"were are we going?"he said following her as he switched on his Pokemon translator built in his helmet"hello? hello? testing testing"he said testing the translator in his helmet.
  17. She glanced down to him on Gem "We are following Jason to catch who is responsible so do you have a flying typing to ride on or do you need a lift?"she asked as Blue looked at him as well. "Also is that a translator?" She asked again.-
  18. "I'd rather take a lift thanks"he said lending his hand getting on gem with her"and yes,this is a translator built by your truly"he said motioning his hand gesture to himself showing off a bit
  19. She chuckled "That seems interesting however I have a different way to understand Pokemon and Blue knows it as well"she said. "Umbre!(yup)" Blue said. "Hang on tight Gem if you will" "Fly!(Here we go)" Gem flew up higher above the ground next to Jason again. "So tell me about yourself since we have not seen you around before during the wars we gone through" she asked glancing to him under her wolf mask.
  20. he looks down at his dog tags before sighing"before I tell you,just one more question,I can trust you to keep it secret right?"he said looking at her cautiously
  21. She glanced to him "You have my trust so don't worry" she said in a stern voice. "Bre?"(You have my trust as well) Blue nodded as did Gem. "You don't have to force it to tell if you don't want to that's alright" she said as she kept a close eye on her surroundings.
  22. Jason and Luke landed at Vast Poni Canyon and heard a loud crash. They ran into the canyon and saw the two men standing there.

    “So you’re the regions’ recruits,” the one in all black said. “Let me introduce myself. I am Cain, the ruler of Raka and this region’s reckoning.”

    “And I am Florencio,” the blue-haired one said. “Master swordsman, beast of battling, and apprentice of Cain. You’ve come to stop us? Come get it.”
  23. "that's a relief"he said with a sigh" well since you asked nicely I'll tell you anyway. 9 Years ago in xxxx/xx/xx [inaudible] was attacked by an unknown threat. An elite group of soldiers was created for the sole purpose of eradicating the threat. These soldiers was the best of the best. Unparalleled in skills and strategy. the code name for this elite task force, was[ CLASSIFIED]."

    "4 years later, the last of the threat was finally defeated. though the feral virus they created was still spreading, as they have not yet found a cure. Those infected by the virus remained in a stasis until a cure was found."

    "The threat has returned without warning,it's still unclear why.Being the last survivor of the [CLASSIFIED] task force they pulled me out of the stasis early.I'm still infected with the virus. Let's just hope that we can get the job done before it takes over."
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  24. Gem landed at Vast Poni Canyon "Hm I see well hold off on the rest of your secret for now we have to deal with this" she whispered in his ear before walking next to Jason and Luke. "Yes we have come to stop you and you a master swordsmen and a beast at battling well I don't see you as one Florencio mind if I tell your abilities with swords then a battle" she took out her sword pointing it at the blue haired male.
  25. he points his AWP the other one without hesitation then used terrifying presence"finally! after all these years of searching i can finally have my revenge!" he said aiming carefully at his victim "Breath your last breath, you stinking,putrid filth!"
  26. Aero was on his Staraptor above Vast Poni Canyon up in the air where everyone else can't see them. He was preparng a surprise attack against the two enemies. "Alright then Staraptor get ready to dive towards the enemies." Aero said as he took out his bow and a steel tipped arrow. The tip of the arrow was the size of a dagger blade. Aero looked down at the island waiting for the people to start attacking each other.
  27. Stop everyone! - Dimitrij shouted nervously That's insane! Behind every gunsight there is a human being. Of course, not all people are good and kind but that's not the reason to take their lives away. And by the way, we have the advantage - he added. Dimitrij took out his gun, aimed at these two people and shouted: PUT YOUR WEAPONS DOWN, I KNOW KRAV MAGA, YOU HAVE NO CHANCES, NOBODY MOVES AND EVERYBODY WILL LIVE!!
  28. “Take your best shot,” Cain said to both Dimitrij and Damocles. He gripped Umbreon’s pokeball, waiting for them to make a move.

    Jason pulled out his axe, and Florencio pulled out his sword. “You have no idea what you’re getting into, kid,” he shouted to Dimitrij. “Come get it, axe-man!” Jason ran towards him and lifted his axe above his head, swinging it at Florencio.

    Luke sent out Greninja, Rhyperior, and Trevenant. He picked up his staff and charged at Cain, but was blasted back by a Focus Blast, sent flying towards him by a Zoroark, standing behind Cain. He stood up and charged at the Zoroark, but it disappeared and reappeared behind him, grabbing his back and throwing him into the air. Rhyperior ran up to Zoroark and used Focus Punch, knocking it over and dealing heavy damage, but it got up and used its Illusion to transform into Luke’s Greninja and blasted it back with Water Pulse.
  29. She watched Jason starting to swing the axe at Florencio. "-Hm an axe is much heavier to swing then a sword however just by looking at Florencio he is very skilled and Jason may have a hard time-"she said in thought. "Bre!" "Flygon!" Blue and Gem said. "I know girls I will jump in if I have to if my braced leg keeps up with me..." She said in a more softly as she felt a head nudge on her hand. "Bre!" "Blue..." "Fly!" "Gem...I know you are" She said letting out Wolfa her Dusk Lycanroc.
  30. Aero saw that everyone on the island starting fighting. He took out a Pokeball and his Vensaur came out of it while Aero was still in the air on his Staraptor. As Vensaur landed in between everyone fighting, it used Earthquake attemtping to get everyone on the ground off balance. "Go now." Aero said commanding his Staraptor to start descending towards their enemies. He had his bow and arrow prepared to fire at one of his enemies.
  31. "Hey JC!" he said in his head "do you know what an artist and a sniper have in common?"he fires his first shot at Aero's Staraptor on purpose not wanting him to steal his kill "details" he said in a monotone voice followed by heightened senses. He fires his second shot at the umbreon's pokeball
  32. As Aero's Staraptor was flying towards the enemy, the Staraptor lowered it self down a bit causing the bullet that was fired towards him skimming the back of Aero's hoodie. Aero did realize he was shot but he did not worry about where it came from or who shot it at this point. He didn't want his surprise attack to fail because a bullet skimmed the back of his hoodie.
  33. She only kept her eyes on Jason and Florencio fight hearing his thoughts to her. "-If I were to guess.. accuracy and skill and don't hurt that Staraptor I will not tolerate that please!-" "Bre!(That's right)" "Flygon!(I agree)" Blue and Gem said.
  34. “King’s Shield!” Florencio shouted. An Aegislash jumped out of a pokeball on his waist and obeyed, protecting Cain from the blast.

    Luke shouted at Damocles. “What are you doing?” he yelled, noticing he fired at Aero. “Are you deciding to turn on your own allies or something?” He jumped on Vikavolt, who flew him up towards Damocles, and commanded him to use Thunder. “I’m sorry, but if you’re going to get in our way, that makes you the enemy. Thunder again!”
  35. She started to grew suspicious of Damocles "-Why did you try to hurt that Staraptor! Answer me!" she said sternly as she went over to Jason. "Jason let me handle Florencio" She said. "He is not as easy to beat as you think I can tell just by his movements and besides I like to test out my sword skills with him" she said clenching her sword in her hand looking to him under her mask.
  36. Florencio jumped over Jason and landed right in front of JC. “Well hello there,” he said. He swung his sword towards her face, missing by an inch, before sending out his Ninjask. Ninjask flew towards Luke’s Trevenant and knocked it over with Fury Cutter, but Vikavolt fired a Zap Cannon at it, sending it flying into the side of the canyon. Jason turned around and kicked Florencio in the back, but almost got stabbed when he turned around and swung his sword at his stomach. He dodged the sword barely. “I’ll get Cain, you take this guy out,” he said to JC. He ran towards Cain, but Florencio jumped at him, landing on his back. He knocked Jason over and stood on top of him. He raised his sword in preparation to stab Jason in the back.
  37. Aero's Staraptor flew at a spot where Aero could shoot Cain. The Staraptor was above the canyone in the air where Aero could get a perfect shot. Aero then released the arrow from the bow after stretching it a bit further then he usually did shooting the arrow at Cain. Aero's Venasaur realized that jason was about to get stabbed by Florencio. The Venasaur then fired an Energy Ball at the sword Florencio was holding causing it to get knocked away from his hands.
  38. "everyone stand back!" he demanded "they're mine"he said using death wish as he did so followed by a blood curdling scream from Damocles "JC I'm sorry,take everyone to safety."he thought in a guilty tone "I don't know how long i can hold it"he thought as he clench his head and screams in pain [DAMOCLES IS INFECTED BY THE FERAL VIRUS!]
  39. She acted fast pointing her blade at Florencio "Quite fast aren't you but don't think you can just get away with trying to hurt any of my friends, they have suffered enough from the wars we had but enough talk lets see how well of a swords men you are or are you scared?" She smirked under her wolf mask pushing him back away from her group. "Jason get up now it's your chance!" "Blue, Gem, and Wolfa hold the others off as well as you can!" she commanded. "Umbre!" "Fly!" "Lycanroc!" they all nodded as the girls stood in front of Jason protecting him. "Pick up your sword Florencio I will keep you well occupied that I am sure of" She gave another smirk placing her hand on her mask resting it there.
  40. Florencio grabbed his sword and charged at JC, not noticing Jason getting up behind him. Jason sweep kicked him before punching him in the face while he was down, but Florencio kicked him in the leg and picked him up before throwing him to the ground and charging at JC again. Jason ran towards Cain and was almost hit in the face by a scythe, held by Cain.

    “Didn’t you hear me?” he mocked. “I am your reckoning!” He swung the scythe again, and caught Jason’s collar with it. “Bow before your king!” he shouted before forcing him to the ground. He smirked, but was caught off guard when he was tackled by Luke.

    Meanwhile, on Ula’Ula Island, a man stood, missing his left arm and bleeding from the stump, with an empty right eye socket that had been gutted years ago, and bruises and cuts all over his body, after kicking a window of an escape pod and breaking it. He had crawled out and saw the remains of a ship lying on the ground near the pod. He walked inside and saw something that left him in awe.

    His younger self, along with all his friends at that same age.
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