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Ask to Join The Past Is Reborn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StormingCobra55, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-past-is-reborn-discussion.18878/#post-584273

    Jason was sitting on his couch when the phone rang.

    He had lost many friends during the war. He hadn’t taken it as hard as some of the others, but it was still a loss for him. He vowed to kill anybody who was responsible for the deaths of those he lost. He picked up the phone. “Hello?” he asked. His face became wide-eyed at the response. “On it.” He hung up the phone and ran out the door, flying on Magnezone’s back.

    He was told to recruit a list of people, most of which he knew: JC, Dimitrij, Jasper, Luke, most of the normal people he ended up on missions with. Two of the people he was told to recruit were away, and others were dead, but not known to be.

    He landed right in front of where JC lived. He knocked on the door, a little too loud, but he was assigned to get her on board with the mission. “JC, open up!” he called to her. “The regions need you!”
  2. She was already out of her house, Blue beside her as she saw Jason banging on her door sighing as she was in her hooded cape and mask and Blue as well. She shook her head walking up from behind him removing her mask then her hood as Blue did as well. "Geez Jason...do you have to be so loud on the door I'm already out of my house and yes I know the region needs me so I left early this morning to get a bit of training through to make sure I wasn't rusty.." she sighed again as she let out Gem her Flygon. "Umbre?...."Blue said as if saying the same thing. "You never change do you Jason...just hope I can keep up I'm not like how I use to be when I was younger...my condition mostly" she sighed yet again then smiled looking at him before it faded away. "Flygon?" Gem gestured her orb like ruby red eyes to her then back at Jason as she felt her trainer sit on her back having her braced leg on top of her good leg arms crossed with Blue on her lap.
  3. “I wish we had time to catch up, but the longer we take, the stronger our opponent gets,” Jason said. “And with our dwindling numbers, that is not a good thing. Get ready to fly.” He jumped back on Magnezone and flew towards Jasper’s house. He landed and knocked on the door, anxious for him to open it.

    Meanwhile, back in Alola, the explosion pod that was used to stop the war lay on the ground, surprising unscathed, despite it charging into a nuke head-on. The one-sided window lay facing the sky. Suddenly, a bang came from inside the pod. The window cracked. Another bang came, and a leg could be seen kicking at the window. With a third kick, the window shattered. A single arm reached out, and pulled up the rest of the body it was attached to, revealing...
  4. Jasper was still laying in his bed... But when he heard the knock he ran downstairs and opened the door. "Jason? What seems to be the problem?" He asked. He had been recruited many times before. By the army mostly. But was he being recruited? He didn't know. He hoped he was.
  5. She walked over to the door once Gem landed "Jasper get ready the region needs us" she said. "We'll explain along the way just get you and your Pokemon ready please and a flying type if possible.."she felt herself becoming lightheaded for the moment placing her hand on Gem to steady herself before it went away. "Umbre!" "Fly!" Blue and Gem said as if agreeing with her.-
  6. "Th-The regions need us??!?!? Could be Kahl... He never died... But I'm on it!!!" Jasper said as he sent out his Unfezant. "Got a flying type. Met this guy heading through Unova. I've done some travelling... Oh and I've invited someone special." Jasper said as he hopped on Unfezant. "Where to?" He asked Jason and JC.
  7. Dimitrij was sitting in his room. He was testing some weapons on his shield and then improving it, so it was ready for the war. After some time" Dimitrij got a message. He was called to the army. He quickly texted Jason about what happened and asked when are they gonna meet. Dimitrij put his kevlar vest on, took his equipment and got on his Pidgeot.
  8. Jason read the text. “Meet up in Alola, by Luke’s place,” was his response. He motioned for JC and Jasper to follow him before hopping back on Magnezone.

    He landed on Akala Island and ran to Royal Avenue. He stopped at Luke’s house, wondering whether or not he would help them, before finally deciding to knock.
  9. She and Gem followed after Jason as she landed right in front of Luke's house as she waited patiently as she sudden felt lightheaded once again placing her hand on Gem and the other on her head as she said nothing quietly. Blue and Gem noticed this as they both grew worried of her. "Umbre...." "Fly..."
  10. Aero got up from his bed walking downstairs towards the front door. He opens it and walks outside going around the house. Before he went back inside the house, Aero checked his mailbox seeing that he has a few things inside. He found a specific note inside his mailbox saying "Aero, the region needs you to help win this war. We need your help just as anyone else who is going to assist us in this war. You will most likely meet the rest of these trainers at Akala Island in the Alola region nearby Royal Avenue." Aero thought the whole thing was a bluff, but he decided to go to the location anyways to see if theres actually a war coming up.
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  11. Unfezant jumped into the air and began to fly. Along the way they ran into some Trumbeaks. Jasper decided to use an attack. "Brave Bird!!!" He shouted as Unfezant charged through one, K.Oing it. "Use Air Cutter on the rest!!!" Unfezant shot out blades of air towards the remaining Trumbeaks. Jasper landed at Luke's house waiting with Jason and JC.
  12. As Aero was about to leave, he looked at a picture of him and his family for a few seconds then he put the picture down. He walked outside as he sent out his Staraptor and hop in its back. The Staraptor began to fly towards Akala Island as Aero looked back at his house thinking about how much he wants to be reunited with his family. Aero then looked ahead of him as he was getting closer to the island. He pointed towards the island as his Staraptor starting flying faster until they arrived at Royal Avenue.
  13. As Isaac walked out of the Royal Avenue Pokemon Center, he saw Jason in front of a house. He slowly approached him so he didn't show any signs of aggression. Sylveon walked at his feet gazing around at the regions sights. He saw Jason and perked up ready to see his trainer's friend.
  14. Samuel was practicing shooting in the outskirts of Lumiose City when he had message received a message, something about the region needing him, about a new conflict, memories from the war started to haunt his mind, the sound of explosions, the smell of blood, the cries from scared young people and pokémon sent to battle, the lives he took. It was unpleasant but his sense of duty was winning, he took the earliest flight to the Alola region in order to meet the other trainers.

    The flight was uneventful, Samuel started to immediately search for the people he was supposed to meet, despite not having found somewhere to stay in Akala first.
  15. Birdie was just chilling out in her semi-barricaded greenhouse with her Pokemon, when she received an unmarked message on her phone. Something about a war criminal of some sorts? This could get interesting fast.
    "Sunkist, mind flying me to Akala? I got a message about some sorta war criminal guy, and I wanna go check it out."
    The Fletchinder happily obliged, but Birdie's Froslass, Mistress, looked worried.
    "Hm? What's wrong, Mistress? Stressed?"
    The Snow Land Pokemon imitated a struggling bird, then fell to the ground in a game of frantic charades.
    "Oh, you're worried about Sunkist here. Don't worry, she'll be fine."
    Birdie then stepped out of the greenhouse, recalled Ammie and Demix, and took off, with Sunkist carrying her by the hand. Mistress floated behind the two, boosting the Fletchinder with cold wind whenever she lost height. It was the perfect system for a bird like Sunkist. A passenger and a source of velocity. Perfection.

    (OOC: Sorry if the last parts seemed like filler, I usually rp on a mouse game miniforum where one-liners and italics format are okay.)
  16. Dimitrij flew to his parents' house on his Pidgeot. He walked in and explained the whole situation. His family was worried about him.
    Please be careful out there. - his mother said
    Don't worry, this isn't a kamikaze attack! - Dimitrij replied. He was about to leave, but suddenly, his brother said
    Dimitrij, before you leave... I want you to take this. Use it when you're in danger! - he said and threw a small box to Dimitrij. At first, he didn't want to take the package but something strange in his head forced him to accept it. Then, Dimitrij said goodbye and left.
    Pidgeot, use fly! We're probably late! - he shouted and headed to Alola. He put on his earplugs, turned on the MP3 player and started to sing quietly 'Should I stay or should I go...'
  17. As Aero jumped of his Staraptor, he returned it inside its Quick ball while he sent out his Emolga as it landed on Aero's right shoulder. He still was not sure about the situation, so he had Emolga out in case if he was walking into a trap. He realized there was a group of trainers in front of a house. Aero quietly said to himself, "Maybe that's some of the other trainers.." He walked over to where the trainers are to see whats happening.
  18. Amara smiled and ran over to the group "heyyy, is this where all the badasses come? Cause I think I got a bit lost! But who cares! Its gonna be fine!" She said energetically
  19. Dimitrij finally arrived to Alola. He landed near other trainers.
    Sorry, I had to visit my family before going there. Am I late? - he said.
    So... Why are we here? Is a new war coming? - he added and pulled out his baton. He was ready for combat.
  20. Birdie and Sunkist finally arrived at Akala, with Ammie announcing their presence with a shrill cry.
    Birdie giggled, while the rest of her team facepalmed.
    "Ammie, are ya excited to be here? Well, let's go find this "Luke", and see if we can find a hotel or something. This better not be a prank..."
    And they were off, running towards wherever the heck Luke's house was.
    (OOC: short post is short)
  21. “Piss off!” Luke yelled. Jason greeted the newcomers quietly before turning his attention back to Luke. “Luke, it’s Jason,” he said. “We need your help!”

    “What do you want?” Luke retorted. Jason responded with something he shouldn’t have.

    “The regions need you!” Luke responded to this by kicking open his door and confronting Jason. “What did the regions ever do for me?” he yelled. “They killed our friends! Tes, Voler, Nick, all gone because of that stupid war! And they didn’t stop there, either. Not only did they kill my friends, they killed my family!”

    Jason backed down. He remembered Killian being stabbed in the stomach during his final battle, and that Luke’s parents had been killed during the apocalypse. He also remembered when the war stopped, and the sacrifice that had been made for it to happen.

    “The regions didn’t kill Killian,” Jason replied quietly. “But they know who did. And they gave that information to me. Your only chance at avenging your family is by helping us.” Luke finally conceded and let them inside the house.
  22. Jasper started to back up, intimidated by Luke. "Luke! This is important! The regions are not guilty! So join forces with us and the regions!" Jasper said as he wasn't scared after that. "Unfezant!" Said Unfezant, agreeing. "You guys agree too don't you?" He asked the newcomers. He waited for an answer.
  23. Luke opened the door. Jason walked in, signaling for the others to follow. “We have information on the man who caused the war, and we were surprised with what we found.”

    Jason pulled a file out of his bag. “I have a feeling this guy is specifically trying to kill us. First of all, he aided the Auralians back when I was at Froena.” Luke remembered how Jason almost died there, and that that first detail was already enough for Jason to chase after the guy.

    “He also aided Zachariah when Kaleb, Isaac, and me were on the run back in Sinnoh, and tried to sabotage the mission to Silvalya that Kaleb and Aura, who went by the name Halt at the time, were on. He also attacked the ship sailing to Uraniumian, the ship sailing to the championship Kaleb, Isaac, and Aura attended, and tried to kill Kaleb during the first war. He used a Zoroark to create an illusionary man that ended up cutting out Kaleb’s eye and almost killing him, the same way Jeremy did fighting Aura.”

    “He then proceeded to sabotage our mission at Raka, which is why it was so miserable, and cause another war, the second war where Luke almost died, while we were there. And, Jeremy wasn’t the one who sliced Luke’s back open, it was him creating an illusion of Jeremy to get Kaleb mad. He created a formula to cause a zombie apocalypse, which succeeded, and then caused the nuclear war by taking over Hoenn and ordering them to start the war. We have been sent to put an end to his bad deeds.”
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  24. Aero walked inside the house with the rest of the trainers. He listened to what Jason was saying and actually paying attention. "So about this 'Halt' guy. When we find him, could we just simply kill him after and the job is done? I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with that. "If anything, we could stop another war if he is planning start one if we could just simply get him killed." Aero said thinking his plan is actually useful.
  25. “Why would we kill Halt, or as he is now known, Aura?” Jason asked. “I explained that he was there for the adventures. He wasn’t taking part in the deaths of anybody Luke mentioned beforehand. Tes was his sister. Aura is an ally that could help our chances drastically.”

    “So it was him who tried to kill Luke?” a familiar voice said from outside. Jason and Luke recognized it immediately, the voice of somebody that they had not heard in a long time, somebody who had been presumed dead since the second war. Jason looked over at the door and saw the beaten figure of Jeremy standing there. “How are you alive?” Jason questioned, gripping Sceptile’s ball.

    “Zoroark illusion,” he simply stated. “I’m not here to cause any fights. I heard what you said, and if it’s true, than I’m here to do the opposite.” Jason raised an eyebrow at the last sentence. “If what you said is true, I want to help you bring him down.”
  26. "Well that's really weird. Not like the usual Jeremy. 'I'm gonna kill Kaleb just for the hell of it!'. What the heck happened to you?" Asked Jasper, intrigued about Jeremy's sudden appearance. "I've finally found you..." Said a voice from above. A trainer was flying on a Pidgeot high above Luke's house. "Little brother."
  27. "Well if this guy is actually trying to kill us what are we suppose to do with him? Shouldn't we make some sort of surprise to catch him off guard atleast? Oh well whatever i'm thinking is probably not a good idea anyways." Aero said as he stopped himself from saying anymore ideas that wouldn't be helpful.He looked at the rest of the trainers then sarcisticly says. "Nobody else is coming up with ideas...So I guess that just puts me in an even 'better' position."
  28. She listened in to the guys conversation arms across her chest "Well who ever started this war it really needs to end...I have suffered enough pain and grief..in this war...its hard for me to even move around like I use to..I just want this to end once and for all..I'm...not getting any younger.."she said. "-I hope Kaleb is alright..?-" she thought. "Bre..?"Blue said. "Fly..?" Gem said.-
  29. Ember was still venturing through the forest in search of the other heroes. She was finally in the region the rest of them were- she had had to journey all the way from Johto to here. It had been exactly 2 weeks since she had set off, but now she had finally arrived. She hopped onto Noivern's back. "Noivern, lets take flight!" She commanded. The dragon-type Pokemon took off straight away, multi-colored body appearing against the blue sky. She was in the air for not long before she heard voices in the distance and saw someone on a Pidgeot and trainers on the ground. She recognized a couple from the last time she had to save the regions with the others. The ones she recognized the most were Aero and a couple of others. "Noivern, let them know we're here with a small Dragon Pulse." She whispered into her Pokemon's ear. A dark purple orb appeared in front of Noviern's beak, and the shot downwards. It was only a small Dragon Pulse; Ember wanted to save power for any close battles or enemies. The purple beam made a small crater in the ground behind the trainers, and she and Noivern landed right after, appearing behind the bit of dust. "Miss me?" She said as she appeared.
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  30. Casper landed behind the group, wanting to know what was going on. "What's up? I'm Jasper's-" He was cut off by a yelling Jasper. "BROTHER!!!!!!" He yelled. "I thought you died during the second war!!! How are you alive??!!?" Jasper asked him repeatedly. "A missile landed twenty metres away from where I was. I was sent flying. Luckily, I landed next to a Chansey and it healed me." Casper said. "Awesome! Everyone, say hi to Casper! My brother!" Jasper said to the group.
  31. Amara skipped over to ember and smiled "I don't know you! But you seem super nice! So yeah hi!" She said excitedly and giggling at her putting out her hand "I'm amara!"
  32. Ember flicked her eyes over to where Amara was holding out her hand. "Nice to meet you, Amara. I'm Ember." She introduced herself. She shook her hand with her black gloves that were open at the fingertips. "I don't think I've met you before, either." She added. She looked up at the blue sky, smelling the air. "Ah, it's so great to be in this region again. I missed being here." She said before returning her gaze to the people around her and then to Casper and Jasper, who seemed to be having a mini family reunion. "Oh, uh.. hi. I guess." She narrowed her eyes at Casper in slight suspicion.
  33. Aero had most of his attention on what to do to stop Aura and he couldn't really come up with anymore ideas. So he looked at Jason and replied to him. "So Jason if you have any ideas i'm sure they could be better then mine in this case because based on what I know is that we have to stop this guy from starting another war." Aero said hoping he would hear a plan that's a lot better then his. The Emolga on top of his head was getting ready to shock Jason but Aero pet the Emolga by it's tail to calm him down.
  34. "Anyway, back to business.... Why the hell do you think we'll trust you Jeremy!!!! You just wanted to kill Kaleb, and now that he's gone you want to team up with us!?!?!?" Jasper shouted at Jeremy, not impressed. He pulled out knives to show he wasn't messing around. "Woah lil' bro. Should I do that too?" Casper asked. "Yes." Jasper replied. "Got it." Casper said as he pulled out his staff. "I'm not that cute ghost. I'm a warrior!!!!" Casper said.
  35. “I said I want to help you kill the guy who tried to kill Luke,” he replied. “Jason explained earlier that he posed as me and tried to kill Luke under an illusion, so it looked like I had killed him. Because of him, Kaleb stabbed me in rage, and it’s that guy’s fault that I’ve been presumed dead since the war. That’s why I want to kill him.”

    “The story makes sense,” Jason said, “but what makes you think we can trust you, the one who has tried to kill us numerous times? Sinking our ship at Froena, firing a Focus Blast directly at me when my back was turned, ordering the masked men to stab Luke, shooting everyone with sleeping darts, almost crushing Kaleb with your Pinsir, leaving me for dead trapped under a huge piece of rubble, fighting Kaleb, Aura, and Luke and allowing the guy to knock you out and pose as you, stranding Kaleb and Killian at Raka, trying to collapse Lavender Tower while we were all inside, you have attempted to kill us far too many times.”

    “If I wanted to kill you, I would’ve come in here and attacked right now,” Jeremy replied. “I wouldn’t have even revealed my presence by speaking. You of all people know that I’m not dumb enough to do that. Not once have I reached toward a single Pokeball, while your hand sits on two. I’m starting to think that I can’t trust you.”
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  36. She glared at Jeremy as she pulled out her katana as she placed her mask back on her face as she pointed it at Jeremy. "I have to agree with Jason! What you did to us is unforgivable! Trusting you is out of the question no matter what you say!"she said stern as Blue agreed glaring at him. "Umbre!".
  37. "I'd rather kill myself than trust you Jeremy!!! You tried to kidnap me!!! I would never forget the feeling of those blowdarts going in my skin!!! Screw you!!!" Jasper yelled with a voice of thunder as he ordered Unfezant to use Quick Attack on Jeremy. "Unfez!!! Fezant!!!" Unfezant screeched as it flew towards Jeremy at full speed.
  38. Ember stared at the oncoming fight. "Finally some action and bloodshed," She muttered as she pulled out her longsword. "Noivern, show this Jeremy what it feels like to be Dragon Pulse-d." She ordered. Her Pokemon breathed a purple flame-looking attack straight at the supposed enemy. As Noivern attacked she sent out Luxray, who growled at the instant sight of Jeremy. "Luxray, Thunderbolt this guy." She commanded, her eyes trailing Jasper's Unfezant who was flying at Jeremy.
  39. Aero would yawn in dissapointment knowing that everyone is now currently fighting each other. "Well even though this seems interesting it has to be stopped. I feel to tired to even bother try hurt anyone, but this is the least I could do." Aero said as he walked closely to the battle sending out Delphox as his Emolga hid inside the hoodie Aero is wearing. "Delphox use Psychic." The Delphox did what Aero commanded using Psychic to stop everyone and their Pokemon from moving. "Well isn't this great?" Aero sarcasticly asked. "You guys are starting a war already and we never even made a plan to stop the person who's trying to cause it." Aero said looking at everyone then glaring at Jeremy.
  40. "excuse me" Damocles said interrupting them in the midst of their conversation"sorry for the inconvenience but I couldn't help but notice that you guys were chosen too is that correct? the name's Damocles nice to meet you guys"he said in a sightly disoriented voice motioning his right hand forward expecting a handshake in return.

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