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Ask to Join The Past Is Reborn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StormingCobra55, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. " I'll do it!" he boldly volunteered raising his hands"let me handle this" he said activating his static shield around his Armour as he proceeds to inspect Cain carefully"here we go...nice and easy now" he said to himself to calm his nerves.
  2. She saw them get away as she huffed "Tsk....they got away....thanks girls" she returned River and Wolfa in their Pokeballs as she saw the others come to where she was "You guys are alright.....they got away.." she finally collapsed from her limit falling on the ground her mask and hood coming off as blood slipped out of an injury she received as it was starting to create a pool. Blue saw her collapse as she quickly ran over "Umbreon! Bre!" Blue said trying to get to her as tears form in her gold eyes as she looked up at the others "Umbreon! Bre!" she begged.
  3. " damn it!" he yell in frustration" you let me down guys..."he sighs before noticing Blue crying"oh s**t.... JC! hang on!" he screamed running toward her unconscious body"Blue quick use psychic and stop the bleeding I'll see weather or not it's fatal" he said taking out a blood pack and a med kit "come one JC stay with me I know you can do it!"
  4. Blue glanced to him ("I don't know Psychic but River knows it") "Breon Umbre!" Blue called for River who came out of her Pokeball willingly as she saw JC down. "Prima!" "Umbre!" "Primarina!" River used Psychic to at least stop the bleeding but she could see that JC was
    unconscious but even with Psychic it was coming out fast as Blue and River stood very close to her as a sudden attack with a Shadow ball came to where JC collapsed but Blue hit it with her tail knocking it back as she saw a figure knowing the scent instantly as she growled. "Umbreon!" "Well well JC is vulnerable right now maybe now is my chance to get her" a voice said.
  5. "you coward! show your self!"he yelled at the voice swerving his head left and right trying to find out where the source of the voice is coming form" I don't have time this!"he thought using heighten scenes to increase is field of vision and hearing.
  6. He chuckled loudly "I will not show myself to a weakling like you but my Genger will take care of you all I want is that girl your treating" he laughed as his Genger appeared just a distance in front as he used Shadow ball at JC but Blue deflected it with her own Shadow ball and used another one to hit the Genger it being super effective against it as it took a bad hit from it. Blue growled "Umbreon!(I will not allow you to touch her or even take her from me you coward!") "Prima!(Stand back Genger you have to go through us first!") "Gen! Genger (Haha you man that Shadow ball was powerful but you know she can't escape him forever") he said grinning.
  7. "I'll handle this"he said looking at both of them before hugging them "no matter what happens.....take care of each other"he said before looking back at genger"If you want to get to her your gonna have to go through me first"he said equipping his signature weapon his AWP sniper
  8. Blue and River looked to him "Umbre!(Wait he is a ghost type that will only just go threw him but the only way to defeat him is with a Pokemon battle and a move that will effect him easily trust me ghost types are tricky") Blue warned as she leaped up next to him looking up. "Umbre!(I'll help you battle him I have Shadow ball, Dark pulse, Hyper beam, and Moonlight for moves but only uses Moonlight to recover my health but I'm rather swift on dodging so you don't have to worry about that however Hyper beam is a normal typre move so it will not effect Genger but Shadow ball and Dark pulse are effective towards him and I also know how to combo them") Blue said as she leaped in front of him in battle stance eyes serious.
  9. "who said that ghost types are impossible to hit?" he ask rhetorically before activating type shift allowing his weapons to hit ghost types"A.I what's the status?" he asked activating his HUD"STATIC FIELD:OPERATIONAL, HEALING PULSE:OPERATIONAL, SHOCK WAVE:READY, BERSERK: READY,SMITE:READY, HP.....HP:HEALTHY" a robot voice said through his HUD"thanks for the help Blue but I think I gonna be ok without your help for now.Now go! help her" he nudged his head towards JC along with the blood pack and med kit
  10. Blue looked to him ("It's unsafe to move her he has us surrounded right now") Blue said looking around for Kaleb to appear as JC does not seem to be in the best of shape right now as she grew more worried. Blue stood above JC's unconscious body as she was fighting off the other Pokemon he sent off to keep them occupied in leading her to somewhere safe.
  11. "surrounded what do you mean 'surrounded'" he said looking around for any sign of the voice"hm...I wonder..."he thought before grabbing his flare gun ans shooting in upwards lighting up the whole area making it easier for him to see his surrounding
  12. The group of trainers had followed Cain and Florencio to Po Town. They had planned an attack, but sent some back to Poni Island. The younger Kaleb and Jason, along with David, had been sent back to help the others. Kaleb, Jason, Luke, Jeremy, and Jack planned their attack.

    Jeremy kicked down the front door. Kaleb went around the left side, Jason went through the right, and Luke went through the back. Jack went on top of the building and came crashing through the roof. Kaleb punched down the door with his metal arm, and Jason ripped his door apart with his axe. Finally, Luke kicked down his door. Cain and Florencio were cornered, but weren’t giving up.
  13. Blue knew she had to get JC out of here as she called for Gem "Flygon!" "Umbre! Umbreon!" "Flygon!" Gem grabbed the unconscious JC and flew up quickly as River returned to her Pokeball. "(Hold them off Damocles while I get JC to safety)" Blue said before leaping up on Gem as she flew off. The girls arrived at Po Town following the others. She had regained consciousness seeing Gem had her "Gem put me down quickly" "Flygon.." Gem obeyed as she placed her down as she put her hood up and mask on returning Gem as she fixed herself seeing her injury had leaked out blood again but ignored it for the time being as she leaped up after the group then stood next to Kaleb Katana in hand but blood dripped from her injury to the floor but was less concerned of it right now as Blue looked to her worried again. "You finally cornered them..good.. now what do you want to do Kaleb..I'm literally at my limit..." she glanced to him under her mask. "Bre..." Blue said looking at the two growling. "Umbre!".
  14. "Poliwrath!!! Hypnosis on that Gengar!!!" Jasper shouted as he returned Hariyama and Golem sending out Poliwrath. Casper flew after Florienco and Cain. "We've got you now Cain and Florienco... Give up!!!" He shouted. Meanwhile outside the base a familiar person was waiting. "Hehe! That Cain and Florienco will be great teammates! If only I could convince them...." The voice said.
  15. Cain sent out his Umbreon, who blasted everybody back with Dark Pulse. Kaleb got up and lunged at Florencio, but Gallade teleported the two of them and JC onto the roof.

    Jeremy teleported up with them shortly after with his own Gallade. The two Gallades began to fight each other while Kaleb and Jeremy looked at Florencio. Kaleb transformed his metal arm into a sword and Florencio unsheathed his own. Jeremy pulled out his machine gun and fired at Florencio, who dodged every bullet and sliced towards Jeremy, who barely dodged the blade.

    Jason tackled Cain while Luke blocked the door in case Cain tried to escape and Jack sent out his Flygon and Salamence to fly around the mansion and attack Cain or Florencio if they tried to escape. Jason pulled out his axe, but Umbreon kicked him in the back. Jason sent out his own Umbreon, and the two Umbreons starting fighting. Luke sent out Greninja, who used Water Shuriken to blast at Cain, who sent out his own shiny Greninja. The two began to fight, and Jack threw his mace at Cain, who dodged it. Cain and Jack began to fight, with Cain using his scythe and Jack using his chain and sickle.
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  16. She was becoming a bit lightheaded from the amount of blood loss as she placed her sword on the ground to keep steady "-I need to hold on until then even if I am at my limit-" as she thought this she saw Florencio come out of no where and clash swords with her as she was instantly pushed back a bit roughly almost falling off the edge as more blood dripped from her injury. "Tsk just because I'm injured doesn't mean you have the advantage to me!" she said pushing him back down away from the edge. "-Blue help Jason's Umbreon out-" "Bre!"Blue heard her command as she used Hyper beam on the opponents Umbreon placing him down as she stood in front of Jason's Umbreon as she glanced back to him "Umbre!" Blue said. She made eye contact under her mask to Florencio "Tsk it's Kaleb you should be fighting not me!" she and Florencio clashed swords now as she was injured already as this was probably why he clashed swords with her first as she saw her vision was blurring slightly but was able to keep them open and focused.
  17. Kaleb grabbed Florencio by the collar with his right arm and pulled him to the floor before trying to stab him with his left arm/sword. Florencio dodged and kicked Kaleb into the air. He flew off the roof, but he jabbed his sword into the shingles at the last second and pulled himself back up. Jeremy fired at Florencio, but missed again. Kaleb jabbed his sword into Florencio’s foot, causing him to cry out in pain, but he sliced his sword across Kaleb’s leg, causing him to fall onto his knees. He sliced across his right arm, causing Kaleb to yell, but Jeremy grabbed Florencio by the neck and punched him in the face. He fired at Florencio again, and this time, the bullet made contact, hitting him in the leg. Florencio retaliated by swinging his sword at Jeremy, but it went straight through him. The illusion faded and the real Jeremy came up behind Florencio and punched him in the head. Florencio knocked his gun out of his hand, but dropped his sword in the process. They dove for each other’s weapons. The two turned around, only for Florencio to fire a bullet, straight into Jeremy’s chest. Jeremy, shocked, fell to the floor as the blood poured out of his chest and mouth.

    “No!” Kaleb yelled. He rushed over to Jeremy, knocking Florencio over and almost off the roof. Florencio grabbed the ledge and hung off the roof, leaving room for Kaleb to try to save Jeremy. “You’re not gonna die,” he told him.

    “Not an illusion this time, Kaleb,” he told him. “It’s too late for me. Kill both of them. Florencio and Cain. Avenge the fallen regions. Avenge your lost brother, Killian. Avenge me.” Jeremy starting breathing heavily as Florencio pulled himself back up onto the roof. “Kaleb, my quarrel is with you,” he said. “Come and avenge him, like he told you to. Avenge Killian, as I was the one to kill him. Come and get it.”

    “We need to save him. He doesn’t deserve this,” Kaleb said to JC. Jeremy’s Gallade used Heal Pulse on JC, healing her wounds, and tried to do the same with Jeremy, but Florencio’s Gallade knocked Gallade off the roof before he could use the move. As he hit the ground, he fainted.
  18. A bullet whized past Florencio seemingly out of nowere “sorry I’m late” Damocles replied through his head phone followed by another shot this time aimed at Florencio’s Gallade.”I got you guys covered don’t worry. Now go save Jermy”
  19. She felt her wounds being healed by Gallade but saw him faint when he tried to heal Jeremy. She quickly leaped over to him "Hey don't give up on us! quick Blue my kit!" "Umbre!" Blue grabbed her kit and tossed it to her as she caught it. "Don't worry Kaleb I'll fix him up just go after Florencio quickly no time to waste!" she said as she quickly worked to stop Jeremy's bleeding as she took the bullet out and quickly stopped the bleeding and bandaged him up making sure he stayed with her. "Hey stay with me Jeremy and don't you dare die on us! Blue do you think you can use Moonlight on Jeremy to heal him" she asked. "Umbre...Umbreon!" Blue used Moonlight on Jeremy's injury to try and see if she could heal his wound. She let out Meadow "Saws!" "Meadow keep guard of Jeremy oh wait use Aromatherapy on Jeremy's injury" she commanded. "Saws!" Meadow used Aromatherapy on Jeremy as it was slowly healing his wound. She stood up but she felt very bad fatigue to her body as she was at the limit of collapsing but stood strong as she leaped towards Florencio and collided her sword with his but then took out her sickle and chain and put his arms behind him using the chain part to tie him down then through him to Kaleb. "All yours Kaleb.. you better do something with him before I do because he has pushed my flared emotions far enough!" she put the sharp blade of her sickle to Florencio's neck as she was not playing around.
  20. "stop that"he said to" I'll do it after all..."he briefly paused before cracking his fists"I have some unfinished business with him" he said leaning closer to Florencio"you son,are gonna pay for what you did to THEM.By the time I'm finished beating the s*** outta you, you are gonna be begging for death to come take you away"he whispered to him.
  21. Florencio simply grabbed Damocles and threw him towards the edge of the roof before kicking him off and onto the ground below. Kaleb punched him with his metal arm, but Florencio grabbed his arm and forced it back afterward.

    “It’s too late for me,” Jeremy said to JC. “Help Kaleb, I deserve this. I’ve done terrible things, but he needs to die. Help Kaleb. Leave me.” He sent out his Pinsir, who grabbed Florencio by the leg and crunched down with Vice Grip.

    “Get off me,” he muttered, kicking it off and tossing it back towards Jeremy, only for Gyarados to come out and collide with Florencio, knocking him sideways. He stayed on his feet only to be punched in the face by Kaleb with his metal arm. Metagross came out and slammed into Florencio, and Zoroark came out and blasted him with a Dark Pulse. Tyranitar used Focus Blast, sending him flying, and Kaleb grabbed him as he was about to fall off the roof and used Jeremy’s gun to shoot him in the leg multiple times. He dropped him back onto the roof and changed his arm into a sword, but Florencio sliced at his leg again, causing him to fall to his knees. He kicked him in the face, knocking him unconscious, before charging at JC and Jeremy. Gyarados came over and swiftly bit down, and Florencio ended up in Gyarados’s mouth. He got out, however, by having his Ninjask attack Gyarados from inside the mouth. Gyarados fell to the floor as they got out of its mouth, and Florencio walked towards JC and Jeremy only to be shot in the leg again, by Jason, who had made it to the top of the roof. Kaleb woke up and grabbed Florencio, throwing him to the very edge of the roof. Florencio leapt off the roof, landing on his Absol, and rode out of Po Town.

    Cain had knocked Luke to the side and ran out the building at the same time. He got onto the back Absol behind Florencio and the two rode off to their backup base.

    “Damn, they got away,” Jason said. “We need to follow them.”

    “We need to regroup,” Kaleb said.

    “We need to kill them,” Jeremy sputtered, blood flowing out of his mouth as he did so. “You need to kill them. I’m gone, it’s too late to save me. Avenge me and Killian.” He started breathing heavily again, and then closed his eyes. “This is not how I wanted to go, but at least I am dying with honor.” He breathed heavily for a few more seconds, and then stopped breathing altogether as he passed from the world. His six Pokémon glowed blue for a second, and were released due to the death of their trainer. They all stood around their trainer and wept for the loss of Jeremy. Kaleb joined the circle and looked down, followed by Jason.
  22. he leans down at Jeremy before whispering"I hope you owe me for this"he took a weird looking syringe and injects him with nanobots rapidly healing his wounds as a result."come on don't die on me now.not on my watch"he said before wincing in pain as a headache interrupted him causing him to shake his head a couple of times before looking back at Jeremy only to see his commander Hunter's carcass staring at him as if to haunt him of his painful memories"you left me to die" the voice of his fallen comrade echoed through his head"no...this can't be! you died a long time ago how can this be?!"he said as panic and fear takes over his senses.
  23. The nanobots healed Jeremy’s wounds, but he had already died, and there was no bringing him back. Kaleb and Jason flew back to Melemele Island with his body and buried him at Melemele Cemetery. They flew back to Akala Island and waited for Cain’s next move.

    Luke and Jack jumped out onto the roof and saw what happened. “We should return to the canyon,” Jack said. He and Luke hopped on Salamence and they flew back to Vast Poni Canyon and reunited with the others. They told Jasper and David what happened to Jeremy.

    “He died with honor,” Luke said to Jasper. “Kaleb and Jason went to Melemele to bury him. He didn’t deserve this death. In my opinion, he redeemed himself. He shouldn’t have suffered.” David nodded at Luke’s speech. “I agree,” he said.
  24. She saw the death of Jeremy lying limb on the ground as she gave a soft expression in her eyes more like grief. She removed her mask as tears formed in her eyes before they slide down her cheek as she used her hand to close his eyes. She saw that Blue had some flowers in her mouth and placed it on Jeremy as she had a sad look in her eyes. "Umbre..." Blue teared up as well. "I tried to save him...but I couldn't..." she said. "Why now...I'm sick and tired of grief...I have lost the only family member I had...and now a friend I couldn't protect..." she said more softly as she stood up placing her sword back in her sheath. "We need a place..to stay hidden for now....I'm at my limit.." she covered her mouth as she coughed up blood before collapsing on the ground from body exhaustion on her back head to the side, dropping her mask as Blue ran over worried. "Umbre!" Blue could sense that she was ok just unconscious as the wound that Gallade healed seemed to reopen as blood started to leak out again.
  25. Birdie glided down to Vast Poni Canyon and landed, with the help of Sunkist.
    "So! What did I miss? Did someone die?"
    Mistress glares at Birdie.
    "Oops, hehe! Should be a bit more serious next time..."
    The young Trainer adjusted her parka and scanned the group.
    "So, did I miss something while looking for you guys?"
    ((OOC: looooooooong hiatus, someone catch me up please ;u; ))
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  26. He kneels down at his dead body filled with grief and pain before screaming as loud as he can before removing his helmet as tears begins to form around his eyes"no....not like this.....not another one"
  27. Kaleb and Jason flew back to Po Town to meet up with JC and Damocles. They arrived on top of the roof, right next to them.

    “We should go back to the canyon,” Jason said quietly. “We need to regroup with the others.” Kaleb sent out his Charizard, and Jason sent out Magnezone. “You guys coming?” Kaleb asked them.
  28. Gem had appeared out of her Pokeball at will holding an unconscious JC. Gem looked to Kaleb and nodded "Flygon.." Gem said as she was a bit in mid air. Gem looked down at JC seeing she had pushed herself way to hard to protect the ones she cares about mostly her friends but also felt sad about what happened to Jeremy but also ferious at the same time. "Flygon..." Gem said as she looked back to Kaleb.-
  29. Kaleb looked down at his tracker and flew off on the back of his Charizard. Before he left, he said to the group, “I’m going alone. Nobody else needs to get hurt,” and then left them at the canyon. Luke didn’t listen to a word he said and followed him without him noticing, and Jack and Jason did the same.

    Kaleb landed at the Aether Foundation mansion. “Man, I hate this place,” he said. He ran past a group of employees cowering in fear and inside the Main Entrance and saw Florencio standing on the elevator. He ran at him, grabbing the railing when Florencio tried to lift the elevator without him. He pulled himself up and punched Florencio. He turned his arm into a sword and clashed it with Florencio’s blade. He sent out his Infernape, and Florencio sent out his Absol. The two Pokémon leapt off the elevator and began to fight on the ground below. The remainder of their Pokémon, excluding Pangoro and Kabutops, soon joined in the fight below the elevator. Kaleb and Florencio arrived at the Conservation Area, and then the elevator went back down. Kaleb shoved Florencio off in midair, but he broke his fall when his Scizor caught him in the air.

    Pangoro and Kabutops jumped out of their pokeballs and began fighting on the elevator. Pangoro led off with Bullet Punch, smacking Kabutops into the air, but it landed on top of him and used Rock Smash, hitting him in the back of the head and knocking both of them off of the elevator mid-transport. Pangoro threw Kabutops into the wall and past the railing, knocking him into it and sending him falling down to the next floor below.

    Absol flung Infernape into the air, and he was caught by Scizor, who pinched down on him with Vice Grip, but Infernape turned around and hit him in the face with Fire Punch, causing him to let go and fall out of the air. Infernape blasted Scizor with Flamethrower, overwhelming him and knocking him out of the battle.

    Absol lunged at Garchomp, who grabbed him by the horn and tossed him into the air. He used Dragon Claw, knocking him into the railing before using Dragon Breath, paralyzing Absol. Garchomp turned around and smacked Ninjask out of the air with Dragon Claw and began to use Outrage, absolutely obliterating Ninjask and sending it out of the battle almost immediately.

    Kaleb and Florencio were fighting on the lower deck by the labs when the elevator lifted them up again. They saw Kabutops charging towards them in an attempt to kill Kaleb after coming out of the water, but the elevator lifted up again, causing Kabutops to fall to the lowest floor through the hole left in the ground after the elevator ascended.
  30. She regained her consciousness as she gasped sitting up then noticed Gem standing beside the bed as Blue was on it. "Girls..I'm sorry to worry you.." "Flygon!" "Umbre!" they both embraced her as she gently petted her. "I'm alright don't worry.." she realized Kaleb was gone even Luke. "-Don't tell me..no I can't stand by and wait for more deaths to happen just like how it happened with Jeremy..and mom no I can't!-" she stood up getting properly dressed placing new bandages on her as she went onto Gem's back as Blue leaped on after. "Lets go Gem!" "Flygon!" Gem lifted up off the ground and flew off to Aether Palace mansion as she placed her hood up then her mask after. "-Besides there is someone there I need to pay a well good visit to since he has been after me this whole entire time!-" she said in thought as she seemed to arrive where Kaleb went as

    Gem landed just in front of the mansion as she returned Gem after leaving only Blue. She leaped over past the guards as Blue used Shadow ball to create a smoke for them to not follow her. She felt tears fall down her cheeks but quickly wiped them away as she didn't have time to grief right now as she made her way inside seeing a huge hole in the ground and some sort of elevator shaft seeing that the elevator had gone up. She saw the Aether empolyee start to surround her from behind and in front of her. She leaped over them before facing them all just in front of her as the first three threw out their Pokemon as she let out Gem and Blade along with Blue to battle the first pair.
  31. The elevator stopped at the Conservation area, where Kaleb shoved Florencio off and went back down without him. He went all the way down, where Kabutops lunged at him. He clashed his swords with Kabutops’s arms, and shoved him back. He went back up a couple floors and shoved Kabutops into the fight before Florencio jumped down onto the elevator from above. They went up another floor just as Luke entered the Foundation Entrance.
  32. She battled off the first pair of their Pokemon without question with the empolyees as the second pair of Pokemon appeared out. She felt her emotions to keep Kaleb and the others safe and prevent anymore pain they already have experienced and the death of Jeremy was enough. She felt the sadness with Jeremy's Pokemon when he passed on and released from the death of him. "Blue and Gem Hyper beam and Blade Fire Blast!" she commanded as the girls obeyed. "Umbreon!" "Flygon!" "Ab-sol!" they moves combined into one as it hit the second set of Pokemon making them all faint. She knocked them all out with the sheath of her Katana before putting it back in place as she saw Luke enter the foundation entrance under her mask. "Luke your here? Kaleb is in the elevator fighting off Florencio, do you have any idea what we should do? I don't want to play reckless here?" she asked before looked back to the elevator where Kaleb and Florencio fought off. "-Faba I will hunt you down and the rest of the Aether Foundation even if it kills me!-" she said in thought as fair enough Blue heard her thoughts giving eyes of determination as Gem and Blade seemed to look at her as well.
  33. Dimitrij and Sergiu managed to follow Kaleb.
    We can't lose more people! - Sergiu said before getting ready to fly with Dimitrij on their Pokémon.
    After a while, they took off and headed to Aether Foundation. They tried to get there ASAP. When they arrived there, they quickly entered the building and sent out Pidgeot along with Talonflame.
  34. Aero entered the Aether foundation flying on his Staraptor while his Emolga was on top of his head. He sadly knew about Jeremy's death but he couldn't worry about that now. Aero sees JC and Luke looking up towards the Elevator where Kaleb is fighting Florencio. "How much longer will it take until the elevator opens again? Because attacking Florencio when the elevator when it gets to the top is all I have in mind." Aero said.
  35. Kaleb and Florencio went back down again and appeared on the entrance floor, where Luke jumped onto the elevator to back Kaleb up. The two brothers fought Florencio, but he jumped off the elevator as soon as it went down and ran off in another direction, returning all his Pokémon and healing Scizor, Absol, and Ninjask before hopping on Absol’s back and riding away, escaping the group. Kabutops, who made his way to the entrance floor, got his attention and Florencio returned him as well before riding into Lusamine’s mansion, which was now the Team Rainbow Rocket Mansion. Kaleb and Luke came back up. They ran after him, and entered the mansion right after he did, only to see a bunch of doors. “Where to now?”
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  36. "stand back. I got an idea" he said looking down at his wrist revealing a holographic GPS showing their location along with a layout of the mansion." here's the plan..."
  37. She made her to the double door as she eyed it cautiously, Blue who was beside her had the same look as her as she was already in battle stance just in case anything sudden was happening. She was a bit ticked at the moment but remained calm as she wasn't her old self anymore when she would just lash out badly because of something irritating her. She was an adult and was clearly acting like one so she was able to remain calm now. "any ideas..anyone.." she asked as she looked around the place as it just irritated her by just being here.
  38. Kaleb went left and Luke went right. Just as they entered their respective doors, a huge group of people on the back of a Salamence arrived at the mansion. On it were Jack, Anthony, Jason, and the alternate forms of Kaleb and Jason.

    “Thought you guys could use some backup!” Jack called out. He ordered Salamence to land.

    “What’s our plan?” Anthony asked as the dragon landed. The five trainers hopped off.

    Jason rushed into the mansion before he heard a response. He ran through the upper door on the left. The alternate Kaleb ran through the upper right door.

    “Alright, never mind,” Anthony said. “I go lower right, Jack, you go lower left, JC, you go upper right, Damocles, you go upper left. Alternate Jason, send a message to Jasper, Casper, and Dimitrij. When they arrive, the four of you go through the four different doors. Got it?”

    Jack and Jason nodded. Jack and Anthony ran through their respective doors, and Jason sent the message to Jasper.
  39. She nodded as she gestured Blue to follow "Lets go Blue no time should be wasted" she ordered as she leaped off going to the lower left of the mansion as she let out Blade for a bit of back up. "Absol!"she said. "Blade I need your help as well lets go" she said as she ran off to the door on the lower right as she opened it and saw Faba and another member she was very familiar with as this tsked her off as well as Blue and Blade recognized him as well as they both growled. "Umbre!" "Absol!" "Faba! are you the one causing this war!" she asked as he laughed signaling the familiar member she knew well as he unsheathed his sword to her as she unsleathed her Katana pointing it at him. "Girls stand back I'll give you an order when its time" she said as he came at her as both hers and his sword collided as Blade and Blue stood back for her next order but Faba and another member sent out their Pokemon to keep Blade and Blue occupied. "Blue, Blade getting ready to battle, Blue Shadow ball combo and Blade Nightslash combo!" she ordered as Blue used a Shadow ball Iron tail and Blade used a Nightslash Fire Blast combo causing her claws to lit up in fire and leaped at the Pokemon.
  40. Kaleb faced a wall of grunts while Luke had to figure out the floor puzzle. The alternate Kaleb was in a maze of Meowth statues while Jason faced many spin tiles. Kaleb saw Jack come in and the two started to battle the grunts. Luke saw Anthony come in. Anthony distracted the grunts while Luke did the floor puzzle. The alternate Kaleb saw JC come in. He watched as she started to battle Faba. “JC, help with the task at hand!” he called out. “We can deal with him later!”

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