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Ask to Join The Past Is Reborn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StormingCobra55, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Jasper and Casper were flying above the fighting, impressed by everyone's skills. "Alright. That's enough. Now we should join in." Jasper said as he flew down towards Florencio. "Brave Bird!!!" He shouted. Casper stayed in his place, waiting for need of his help. Jasper's Unfezant flew towards Florencio at high speeds, showing now signs of stopping.
  2. he grins then said"ONE...MISTAKE" in a demonic voice"YOU....SHOULD RUN......NOW." he said giving them a warning before using shock wave clenching his fists and pounding them together causing a massive shock wave hitting the two of them
  3. Dimitrij aimed his pistol at Florencio and pulled the trigger three times. Meanwhile he saw Damocles's attack
    What was that? Are you OK?! - he said
  4. the power of the shock wave caused the bullets to miss while he turns around looking at Dimitrij with soulless eyes then turns back and disappears with a puff of toxic gas
  5. Umbreon leapt out of the pokeball and used Psychic, forcing the bullets back towards Dimitrij. Florencio swung his sword at JC, and motioned towards a hole in the wall of the canyon. Many of his and Cain’s Pokémon jumped out. Absol, Gallade, a shiny Greninja, Houndoom, and Scizor all came out and joined the battle. Absol ran up behind JC, in an attempt to impale her with his blade. Gallade swung at Luke with his arm, who ducked out of the way. Cain’s shiny Greninja ran up to Luke’s shiny Greninja, and they both used Water Shuriken, firing at each other. Houndoom blasted at Trevenant with Fire Blast. Scizor flew towards Jason and knocked him off his feet, and then used Guillotine, going straight for the kill, and flew down towards Jason, who barely dodged the fatal attack.
  6. She instantly sensed the Absol behind her as she leaped up letting out her last three Pokemon. Blade her Absol, River her Primarina, and Meadow her Sawsbuck. Blade collided with the male Absol with her own blade pushing him back strongly. "Absol!"she said determined to protect her trainer. "-Blade keep that Absol occupied with Slash, River and Meadow use Energy ball and Moonblast and take out that Scizor to protect Jason and Blue, Wolfa, and Gem help Luke and the others-"she commanded telepathically to them. They all obeyed as Blue, Gem, and Wolfa went over to help Luke and his Pokemon fighting them off with their moves.

    Blade kept the male Absol occupied using her strong Slash's to him badly "Sol!" She growled her eyes filled with determination. River and Meadow on the other hand went over to Jason quickly as Meadow used Energy ball while Primarina used Moonblast together knocking down the Scizor with a direct hit. "Prima!" "Saws!". Meadow lifted Jason up on her back for better protection as she gestured her eyes to him. "Sawsbuck!".

    She pushed Florencio back a bit "Quite a slick move from that Absol that tried to hit me from behind well that failed badly since I can sense their movements instantly but enough talk lets see how fast you can keep up with me!"she said as her movements become to fast for him as all that was heard was their swords clashing.-
  7. Absol took the Slash and lunged at Blade with Megahorn, preparing to use Detect if Blade tried to attack. Scizor got up and used Double Team, creating copies of itself that flew around Meadow and River. Ninjask got out of the small hole he had created in the side of the canyon and flew towards Jason, attempting to assist Scizor. Aegislash moved forward and used Sacred Sword, slashing at anything in front of Cain. The many Scizor began to use Quick Attack, slashing at River and Meadow in a frenzy. Ninjask tried to stab Jason, missing by inches. Jason hit Ninjask with the butt of his axe, but was knocked over when it used Fury Cutter on him.

    Kaleb rubbed his eyes at the sight of this. “How could this be?” he asked himself, seeing his younger self on the floor. He shook him, waking him up.

    The two, along with Jason’s younger self, were so surprised they were at a loss for words. Kaleb spoke first.

    “Where are you from?” he asked. “Another dimension?” The younger Kaleb nodded.

    “This world needs my help,” the older Kaleb said. He ran out, followed by the younger Kaleb and Jason. He ran to the escape pod and fashioned a metal arm from some of the scrap metal on the floor. He welded it together with Charizard’s help and ran to Vast Poni Canyon. He contacted Jack, Anthony, and David and hopped on his Charizard.

    Florencio somersaulted out of the way before lunging at JC and slashing his sword at her. Cain threw his scythe at Luke, barely missing him. Luke grabbed the scythe and swung at Cain, but he grabbed the end and hit Luke in the chest with the hilt. He prepared for the kill when he saw five figures on the horizon, silhouettes on top of the canyon.
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  8. He screams Demonically at umbreon catching everyone's attention "ARE YOU.....GOING.....TO SAVE....HIM?"he asked rhetorically before reappearing right behind it using psychic to lift it up then he slams it back down repeatedly
  9. Blade swiftly grabbed the Absol's blade stopping the Mega horn leaping up and threw him down to the ground then unleashed Fire Blast at the Absol with a direct hit as she landed back on the ground. "Absol!"she growled looking at the male Absol fixing the flower she had on her blade.

    She swiftly moved out of the way avoiding Florencio's blade and managed to cut his shoulder before clashing with his sword again. "You left yourself unguarded from behind and I managed to cut you not badly to make you bleed out of course but it was a mistake move but for me I would never leave anything unguarded especially from behind hm I wonder is it true what you say or were you just bluffing" she said stern pushing him back even further.

    Meadow and River took the attacks like it was nothing as Meadow leaped up and used Horn leech catching the Ninjask in her antlers taking some of its power to regain hers then threw it down to River as she used Ice beam hitting the Ninjask with a direct hit making it become froze solid as that move was super effective against it. River and Meadow then focused on the Scizor using double team as Meadow focused closely on the real Scizor then swiftly leaped at him catching him off guard using Horn leech once again draining his power to recover her own then threw him up. "Sawsbuck!" "Prima!"River said as she unleashed ice beam once again with a direct hit on the Scizor as Sawsbuck used Energy ball to take it down to the ground next to the Ninjask. Blue leaped over to Luke and used Shadow ball just on the ground where Cain stood before standing in front of Luke for him to have a chance to get up as she looked to him. "Umbre! Umbreon!" "Flygon!" "Lycan!" Gem and Wolfa said appearing right after as Gem helped Luke up.-
  10. Dimitrij saw that his bullets were sent back to him. He practised manuevers with his shield, so he defended against them. But he couldn't block all bullets, so the first projectile pierced trough his chest. He hit the ground and slowly crawled behind a cover. Dimitrij told his Pidgeot to bring him some supplies. After some time, the bird returned with a first aid kit. Dimitrij's armor partly absorbed the bullet, but it was still an open wound. He applied bandages to his chest and took an adrenaline shot. He wanted to get revenge on their enemies, so he pulled out his gun and started to shoot at foes. Dimitrij shouted from unbearable pain: умереть! умереть!!, while shooting. He had troubles concentrating, so he couldn't speak foreign languages and his Pidgeot had to help him to aim. After Dimitrij calmed down a bit, he opened the box that he got from his family earlier. There was a Pokéball with a note: If you are in a serious danger, write a letter and then give it to the Taillow in this Pokéball, he will deliver it to your family. There was also a piece of paper, an envelope and a pen. Dimitrij quickly wrote "I'm slowly dying, please call Sergiu to my position, I love you all. - Dima" on the paper and sent it.
  11. He looks back at Dimitrij then used healing pulse that almost instantly revived him"SOON.....ALL STUCK"
  12. The five figures could be distinguished as a Garchomp, Dragonite, Noivern, Haxorus, and Salamence. Cain turned around and saw a huge iron tail pull Gallade, Greninja, Houndoom, and Krookodile underground. A figure leapt off the cliff above and landed on top of Absol, revealing itself to be an Infernape. The five dragon types flew and ran around the group, concealing who was riding them. The owner of the Garchomp threw three pokeballs to the ground, revealing a Pangoro, a Charizard, and a Torterra. Jason saw this and was left in shock.

    “It can’t be...” he said to himself. He was astonished when he saw the figure leap off of the Garchomp, revealing Kaleb Storm! He had bruises all over his body, and a left arm made of metal. Kaleb ran over to Cain and punched him in the back of the head with his metal arm. “How are you alive?” Cain screamed at him. “My nuke should’ve killed you!”

    “Shut up!” Kaleb screamed at him. “You’re a criminal, so you have the right to remain silent!” He grabbed him and shoved him up against the side of the canyon.

    The owners of the Dragonite and Noivern leapt off, revealing the alternate forms of Kaleb and Jason. This caught the older Jason off guard, and left him without words. The younger Kaleb sliced at Florencio with his sword. The younger Jason ran up to Cain and went to punch him in the face. Luke saw him and was so confused that Cain was able to grab him and throw him to the ground. The younger Jason punched Cain just as he was about to kill Luke, knocking him over and buying Luke time.
  13. he teleports behind Florencio used berserk and punch him in the back of the head hard enough to cause him to cough blood
  14. She stopped for the moment seeing a young boy attack him with his sword that to her looked like Kaleb but second guessed herself. She leaped a distance away from Florencio and saw just in the distance and it was Kaleb "-Kaleb! He is alright?-" she said in thought. "Kaleb watch your surroundings!"she warned as she gestured her eyes to her Pokemon seeing that they were alright then back to Florencio and the young boy.-
  15. he unsheathes two of his machetes and ignites them with fury than charges Florencio destroying every obstacle that comes in his way
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  17. Kaleb grabbed Cain by the neck and tossed him into the air, where Luke grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Jason threw his axe toward Florencio, who ducked out of the way, and the axe flew straight towards JC. It was about to hit her when someone dove in the way and caught the axe.

    And that someone was Jeremy.

    He threw the axe at Florencio before pulling out his pistols. He fired multiple shots before running towards him. At the last second, he slid and knocked him off his feet. “You get Cain!” he called out to JC, putting Florencio in a headlock. “I’ve got him!” He threw him to the ground and pointed his pistol at him to make the fatal shot.

    Cain noticed this and threw Luke off of him. He picked up his scythe and threw it at Jeremy. It soared through the air before striking Jeremy in the back. The scythe went straight through his stomach, impaling him. Jeremy dropped his pistol and fell to the floor. His last action before he lost consciousness was to pull out his second pistol and fire a shot at Cain.

    Cain moved out of the way, causing the bullet to hit Luke in the leg. He ran up to Jeremy and pulled out the scythe before running back to Luke. He started to swing the scythe toward his neck but was tackled by Jason.

    “You’re gonna pay for that!” Jason yelled. He kicked him into the air, where Kaleb grabbed him. Kaleb punched him in the face over and over again with his metal fist before turning it into a sword. He stabbed downward, but Cain moved and tripped Kaleb. He motioned for Florencio to get up before running at the younger Kaleb and Jason, who were both confused, and tackled the younger Kaleb.
  18. She saw Jeremy collapsed from a bad injury "Jeremy!" she quickly went to him and treated the wound quickly to stop him from bleeding out then wrapped it with a bandage as her hands were a bit stain with his blood. "Meadow! Wolfa! keep guard of Jeremy!" she commanded. "Saws!" "Lycanroc!" the girls came over before she went over helping Kaleb up. "Your alright Kaleb good" she kicked off Cain from the younger Kaleb before lifting him up by the collar and threw him to Kaleb "Heads up Kaleb he is all yours I'll handle Florencio don't worry!" she said before going over to him knocking Florencio down placing her blade against his neck. "Don't move a muscle or your neck gets it!" she warned picking him up placing his arms behind him with her blade still at his neck. "Stop this now or this boy will get it Cain!" "Umbre!" Blue said running to her having her Shadow ball ready if necessary.
  19. Jasper and Casper flew next to eachother. "Ok, looks like Florencio's in a bad stance. Now we go for Damocles." Said Jasper. Casper joined Jasper as he flew towards Damocles. "QUICK ATTACK!!!!" Casper yelled as he rushed towards Damocles. "Ok Unfezant! Use Quick Attack!!!" Jasper yelled as the duo flew at high speeds towards Damocles.
  20. He grinned as he braced himself for impact chucking as he did so"heh....your pretty screwed"he said preparing to use berserk"now I ain't effing around!"as anger and rage begins of to stir up inside him making him 5x stronger while adrenaline surge throughout his body.
  21. Jeremy looked up at JC. “Duck!” he said, before fading out of sight. Many shots fired at Florencio from a cavern in the wall of the canyon. Umbreon leapt in the way and used Psychic, forcing the bullets in all directions. The shots had come from Jeremy, who revealed himself. He had used an illusion to distract Florencio. “They never stop falling for that,” he said, grinning. The younger Kaleb sent out his Electivire, who destroyed the bullets with Thunder.

    The owners of the Salamence and Haxorus leapt off their dragons, revealing Jack of the Quinella Region, and David, who had journeyed from the Region of Stars to fight against Cain. Kukri, Sharpedo, Menace, and Tumahh all began attacking, while Salamence and Zebstrika (Jack’s) guarded the trainers.
  22. She reacted quickly ducking low seeing the bullets coming but their Umbreon stopped them from hitting Florencio. She huffed "That Umbreon stopped them.." she said softly seeing trainers guarding her and the others but still had Florencio in her grasp blade at his neck. She smelled blood as she looked down slightly seeing that she was hit on the side "-I'm hit dang it...I can't worry about it right now I have to focus on the battle at hand-" she thought as she felt Blue look at her. "Bre!" Blue said. "Shh Blue" she said giving her the look to not say anything about it but she felt her leg starting to bother her and she was starting to feel lightheaded but ignored the feeling as she huffed slightly before looking towards Kaleb who held Cain as if telling him what should we do.
  23. He saw JC gets stabbed "JC! no!" he seamed running towards her "I've lost innocent lives before I won't let it happen again" he thought"I'm sorry Diane please forgive me"JC! hang in there you're gonna be alright just hang tight"he said as he scavenged his backpack for medical supplies"Blue quick warn the others tell them to cover me while I patch her up!"he commanded her umbreon"Go! now!"
  24. She looked to him "I'm fine just worry about it right now just focus on what is happening right now!" she said stern as she leaped up off the ground "Blue come!" "Bre! Umbreon!" Blue said worrying for her but obeyed her as she leaped up after her as she was holding Florencio in her grasp going to finish what they had started before throwing him down on a higher area throwing his sword at him. "Get up Florencio! we are not finished yet so stop messing around and duel so pick up your sword!" she said sternly as she could sense that her Pokemon were concerned for her and could tell that she was hurt but she slipped it off as Blue stood beside her then stood back to where the rest of her team was watching her.
  25. Dimitrij hid behind a cover and sent his position using GPS. Later, a man with a gasmask entered the battlefield. It was Sergiu. Dimitrij explained the whole battle. Soon, Sergiu sent out his Talonflame to attack and Dimitrij commanded his Pidgeot to support the other bird. They also pulled out their weapons to assist their Pokemon.
  26. "listen to me!" he said in a demanding tone"I'll handle this while you recover"he said with a hint of concern in his voice"Blue I know you're concerned about her but please listen to me"he said kneeling down and petting her gently"Would you really obey her every command but watch her suffer? Or would you rather do what's right? Please....for her sake"he said looking back at JC then looks back at Blue.
  27. Blue looked to him "bre..breon"(I..I must obey her commands Damocles even if I have to watch her suffer and I know I want to do what is right for her but she is only doing this to protect the ones she cares about despite even being hurt in the process....especially me since I have been with her ever since I was a small Eevee...not only just me..but Gem, Wolfa, River, Meadow, and Blade understand as well..because we trust her and believe in her...but also she is doing this for Kaleb, Luke, Jason, and Jeremy...and well if she forgives you maybe even for you...but also she lost her mother during the wars when the Apocalypse happened which ended up giving her a lot of grief and pain thats why she is pushing her limits to stop this once and for all to end her grief and pain to avoid others from dying but of course she lost something that was part of her and almost lost another one...thats why I sit and wait for a command from her until she reaches her limits...don't try and stop her its pointless you just have to wait it out Damocles so please focus on the battle around you and I'll watch JC please..this is something she wants to finish..") Blue kept her gold eyes to him seeing she had faith in her but also a slight bit of fear but glanced away from him to not catch it as Gem, Wolfa, Blade, River, and Meadow stood with her watching JC waiting for a command.
  28. "JC!!!!!!!" Jasper yelled. "Florienco!!!! You scumbag!!!!!!!" Jasper jumped down onto the ground and returned his Unfezant, sending out Golem and Hariyama. "You will pay for this!!!!" Jasper shouted. "Now!!! Golem!!! Use Double-Edge!!! Hariyama!!! Close combat!!!" Jasper screamed as the Pokemon headed for Florienco.
  29. he sigh"I know I made a promise to keep it a secret but if it means saving innocent lives on my account then You left me no choice" he thought
    "I have lost loved once,stopped hiding and decided that I should move on.I was fired from the army for having tried to save the soldiers.My boys Dark star,Hunter and Flak,the last ones to call me a general. Since then I'm just a veteran.I left my name in a previous life,the life before the apocalypse.Governments did not allow to localize the spread of warfare.And now the whole world is facing the threat of becoming uninhabitable.

    I decided that one person can also be an army,albeit a small, but well managed.I am responsible only for myself,I give orders to myself and do it by myself too. two war tours have are already in my 'track record' now the third.Perhaps I'm becoming more exited like a player who is always lucky.

    Recently one of the insurgents established contact with me and told me that survivors take the situation gradually.Secret militarily operators and well protected camps did not allow the conflict to spread over their territories.They came together in the [INAUDIBLE],***. In many cities,they are so-called *** insurgents.They help survivors take refuge in fortified camps and give them a bountiful supply of food,water and medicine.

    The insurgent met me on the edge.From his story I realized that there are civil and military in the city,ready to fight for their lives.Outpost needed workers and soldiers for the defense.According to intelligence reports,the army's gathering in groups around this area.May be preparing for a major offensive.

    I have not yet encountered something like this yet.The only good news is that the city's not dead.There are working underground factories,so I can get useful equipment
    ." he said to blue in his head"I've experienced worse" he told her "trust me"
  30. Blue sighed "Umbre..breon.."(Even though you say you experienced worse JC's grief and pain is much worse for her to bare but she doesn't show it because that only reveals weakness in herself and that she does not like Damocles that's why she pushes to her limits so hard...but even so nothing can stop her from finishing this duel with Florencio even if she is injuried badly")Blue said giving him the serious in her eyes before looking at the battle between Florencio and JC.-
  31. He hugs her before closing his eyes an concentrating his thoughts towards Blue"guess we're not that different me and JC" he thought before showing her his dog tags with the names Dark star,Hunter and Flak tainted in blood "I wasn't always like this you know?" he said looking at his hands"you really want to know why I'm like this do you?"
  32. Blue motioned her eyes to him ("You don't have to tell me everything Damocles if you feel uncomfortable but if what you say is true then yes maybe you and JC are not different. Her will to stand strong and keep fighting gives us the power to stand strong with any attack that is thrown at us girls")Blue finished as she rested her paws on his shoulder before looking back at the battle between Florencio and JC. Wolfa the Dusk Lycanroc came over and sat next to Damocles. ("What Blue says is right, JC gives up the strength to stand strong no matter what power comes at us that's why we believe in her that's how strong our bonds are with her") Wolfa said glancing to him with her green eyes before focusing on the battle with Florencio and JC.-
  33. "yeah well unfortunately for me though..."he briefly paused taking out an Image of his fallen comrades"They were like family to me"he said looking at the image with regret"Dark star was like a father to me.He was there to cheer us up when morale was low,he always come up with a plan to keep us alive even in certain death unfortunately for him though..."he paused trying to recollect painful memories of the past"Before I die.. Kill them all... Please... Kill them all." a voice came seemingly out of nowhere followed by telepathic images of a younger version of Damocles pointing a hand gun at a dying officer"I'm sorry" he said followed by a gun shot ending the memory
  34. Florencio noticed the bullet hit JC in the side and took his chance. “Cain, let’s go!” he called out, returning all his Pokémon. Kaleb’s Steelix emerged from the ground with the Pokémon it had pulled under recently. Cain returned all of his Pokémon and the two of them ran off. Kaleb, Jeremy, and Luke all ran after them. “Let’s go!” Kaleb called back to the others. Jason and David came running after the two, followed by the younger Kaleb and Jason, and Jack lagging behind them.
  35. She huffed "Your not getting away! Girls return!"she said returning all of her Pokemon leaving only Blue out as she leaped off after them. "Umbre! Umbreon! (They are trying to escape not on my watch!") Blue said in Damocles thoughts as she leaped out of his grasp after her. She leaped from building to building forgetting the fact that she was injuried as she was pushing herself too much to the limit but she would not let them get away. She was able to get in front of them as she landed just in front sword pointed at them as she let out Wolfa and River "Wolfa Stone edge on the ground to surround them!" "Lycan!" Wolfa obeyed as she used Stone Edge on the ground stopping Cain and Florencio from escaping any further. "River Psychic on them to prevent them from moving!" "Prima!" River used Psychic to prevent them from moving waiting for the others to appear keeping them in the rocks of Stone Edge.
  36. "JC! that's enough! you're pushing yourself too herd let me help!"he said as he ran next to her"please.....let me help...."he said begging her to stop "you're hurt....take this"he said giving her some pain killers and some morphine"it's not much but it'll do.Use them wisely"
  37. She glanced to him "I can't worry about that right now!" she said stern. "I need to stop them first so please stop trying to help for sec until they are caught please!" Blue looked to her as she gave a stern and worry face "Bre! UMBREON!" "Blue! I know your worried but I can not rest until this is done girl you understand!" "Umbre.....Umbreon..." Blue obeyed her anyway as she kept watch on Cain and Florencio.
  38. Scizor jumped out of his pokeball and used Bug Buzz to throw off River and Metal Burst to distract Wolfa. The Psychic attack was cut off and the two flew away on the back of Florencio’s Scizor, with Cain hanging from his legs. They made it back to their base in Po Town and planned their next attack.
  39. Aero witnessed everything that has happened immedietly commanding his Staraptor to fly towards Cain and Florencio. "So now that they are stuck what should we do with this two guys?" Aero asked everyone. His Emolga climbed out of Aero's hoodie and points at Cain. The Emolga's cheeks starting sparking all a sudden while it was glaring at Cain. Aero realized that Cain might be hiding some sort of equipment. "Someone check if he has anything that could possibly be important." Aero said.

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