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Spider-Man: Fractured Spider-Verse (Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Yep, he's been added to the list. The only thing I think you might need to add is that Kaine went out on his own.
  2. @Eeveechu151 So, just to be clear, which Spiderman is Cindy currently facing???
  3. @Generation Sect's House of M Spider-Man, the one Spider-Slayer was just fighting. She can see him while Alistair can't due to her being on the opposite side of the room and thus the opposite side of the rubble, but it's confusing because as far as she knows Spider-Man is supposed to be at the New York Bank at the moment.
  4. Hey uh Rohan, I don't think Kaine... works like that? Kaine's usually a loner, and I don't think his Spider-Sense would alert him to PETER having a problem...
  5. Oh how should I change my post?
  6. Also I laughed way more than I should have
  7. It might not be necessary, actually. Kaine could get involved in his own action. Or perhaps place him in Times Square, so we can warp some of the Spider-People there and have them able to interact with a 1645er?
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  9. So should I change Kain’s location?
  10. Yeah. Also make him more edgy - Kaine’s an edgy boy.
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  11. An extremely edgy boi. >:3
  12. There are some pretty edgy bois here. Alistair is an edgy boy when he's angery but believe me if he wasn't in that suit he'd be like a little bunny rabbit rn
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  13. Yeah I realized I made Kain too much of a spider man, going to change it
  14. Alright I edited, hope it was alright to add the spider sense part since you suggested Kain meet with an AU spider
  15. Damn, this is certainly gonna be a... situation for Cindy and Flash.
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  16. also Spidey-Pool has been hilarious so far and i cannot wait for more
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  17. Sorry, IRL complications have kept me busy.

    I'll get a starter for Japanese Spider-Man up ASAP.
  18. It's cool, it's cool.
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  19. Thanks! Comedic writing is my strong suit, I like to think. That said, I enjoy the different perspectives (Harry as the normal one and Spider-Cop as the grizzled one). In all honesty I think all the characters in this RP are good.
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  20. Spider-Cop is humorous by the nature of his existence. I know that was the point, but i’ll never be able to read him and not imagine the whole Spider-Cop voice from the PS4 game in my head. Like, narrating everything.
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  21. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    i honestly thought Spider-Cop was the Earth-9997 version of Peter Parker for a little bit, which made me confused at the post, considering this is Peter Parker of Earth-9997;
    i like to call him 'Fat Pete'.
  22. Tried my best to capture the spirit of Japanese Spider-Man with a bit of natural anime-flare. I hope it is acceptable.
  23. Japanese Spider-Man and Peni in the same room... oh that's gonna be magical.
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  24. Sect, I get what you mean. I kinda chuckle to myself while writing it. In its purest form, humor comes from characters taking silly situations seriously. That's Spider-Cop in a nutshell. A bunch of random Spider-People come together for a wacky time? It must be the end of everything. Truly, there is nothing to cling to in hopes of survival.

    Also, when should Spider-Cop and Pool drop in? I'm not really sure how all the timing's gonna work.
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  25. Spider-Cop, like Japanese Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen, can just get dropped through a portal whenever like what happened to Peni. I'd say put Spider-Cop in Times Square to give Kaine someone to interact with, and I think the two of them together could be fun. Let's keep it to one non-1645 character per RPer for a little bit until we get our Spider-People organized and figuring out what's going on. Sect can keep his two because he doesn't have a 1645 character and both them together makes for an interesting conflict.
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  26. Oh uhhh
    Oh lord
    Peni + Japanese SpiderMan

    Also daily reminder that the moment Alistair sees an actual spider he is gonna FREAK
    You ever see an armoured, deadly, superhero-slaying behemoth mechanical battle suit running around and screaming like a child?
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  27. ...where do I have Japanese Spider-Man go?
  28. You could drop him in either the bank fight or Times Square, I'd say Times Square myself due to his tech.
  29. Is that your way of saying you want me to drop him in his giant robot? XD
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  31. Screw it, I found about #spidersona spreading all over Twitter and I had to make my take. I'll probably bring him in later in the RP, but welcome... Spyder-Byte!
    Name: Joseph Parker
    Hero Name: Spyder-Byte
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth-136
    Appearance: Joseph normally wears a loose-flowing and thin blue jacket with a red shirt underneath and blue track pants with black shoes and fingerless gloves. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes with light skin. His blue and red watch is fairly inconspicuous, a large dark green screen across the middle. When Joseph activates the Spyder-Byte program, the watch covers his body in a hard-light hologram. His "suit" is almost entirely red, with dark blue elbow and knee pads as well as a dark blue belt line and eyes. The Spyder-Byte "suit" also has a dark blue fingerless glove/boot pattern on it. The eyes have vast lines of 0s and 1s moving behind them.
    Personality: Joseph is a nerd in every sense of the word. He loves computers, he loves AI, he loves holograms, he loves TECH. He's a Tony Stark-level genius despite being a kid, but in his world what would normally be super-advanced and super-expensive tech is made by the general public all the time. He tends to nerd out when it comes to any sort of technology, but may try to make unwanted improvements... Joseph likes being a superhero, enjoying the thrill of battle, but doesn't like actually hurting people. Instead, he likes to outwit and trick his opponents.
    Backstory: From a young age Joseph was destined for greatness, being the son of the revolutionary tech creator Desmond Parker. By the age of 14, Joseph had created his first AI, who he decided to call Penny Parker and treat like a sister. Joseph was inspired by old-age comic books to become a superhero, and decided to adopt the mantle of the Spyder. With some hard work between him and Penny, he managed to create a watch capable of completely encasing him in a hard-light hologram he could expand and change at will via mental impulses. He and Penny attempted to become Spyder-Byte to stop criminals, but Joseph's eager attitude about the situation made him slip up, allowing one of the criminals to escape. This criminal went on to gun down a nearby driver for her car. This driver was none other than Mary Parker, Joseph's beloved aunt. Now realizing the true weight of what exactly the job he had wanted entailed - not just stopping criminals, but saving lives - Spyder-Byte took down the criminal quickly. Spyder-Byte took on the job with new vigor, this time with the people in mind.
    Powers: The Spyder-Byte suit allows him to summon various expansions and attachments at will. This includes transforming his hands into solid blocks he can use like sledgehammers, creating extra Iron Spider-like arms, making his "Spyrewall" shields, and of course his famous web shooters - though these shooters are actually lines of coding. Penny Parker, Joseph's personal AI, is capable of predicting opponent's movements after observation and analysis, and can make precise calculations and searches in an instant.
    Equipment: Aside from his holo-watch, which Spyder-Byte uses to summon his suit, he has an earpiece and thin headband that allow him to communicate with Penny and mentally manipulate the hologram respectively. He doesn't take anything else.
    Friends: Penny Parker (AI companion, best friend)
    Family: Jessica Parker (mother), Desmond Parker (father), Brian Parker (uncle), Mary Parker (aunt, deceased)
    Enemies: scorp.io, Arcade, Screwball, G0BL1N, Virus
    Other: Spyder-Byte was created because I wanted a SpiderSona :p Fun fact, when I was first drafting the idea, I was calling Joseph Holo-Spider. Think I got the better name.
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  32. All I can see is Joseph Joestar
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  33. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Peter Parker
    Hero Name: Spiderman Noir
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth-90214
    Appearance: 5' 10", 174 lbs.
    http://marvels-spider-man.wikia.com/wiki/Noir_Suit (Noir Suit)
    Personality: Cynical, aggressive, angry, angsty, sarcastic, heroic
    Backstory: Same as the normal Spiderman
    Powers: Proportionate strength, speed and agility of a spider
    Organic webbing
    Skilled marksman and expert hand-to-hand combat.
    Equipment: Pistol
    Family: Benjamin (Deceased) and May Parker
  34. Could I see an RP sample from you, Shadow_Pup? Just to ensure you’re up to the standard I’m looking for with this RP.
  35. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    What kind of thing would you want and how do you want it
  36. An... RP sample? Just a few paragraphs of your previous RPing.
  37. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Ok should I send them to you via conversation
  38. I-If you want, but here’s fine as well.

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