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Spider-Man: Fractured Spider-Verse (Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. I Spider-Cop in time square now or is he just looking through a wormhole?
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  2. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    Deducing the writing in the post, I think it's safe to assume he's currently in another time square, though it's unclear in which universe it is.
  3. I’ll be creating my own Spider-Man character.

    Name: Jace Jackson
    Hero Name: Arachnight
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth-22534
    Appearance: Jace has black hair and light skin. He has blue eyes. His suit is pitch black, mainly to help him blend in at night.
    Personality: Jace is friendly and always tries to help other people. He rarely gets angry.
    Backstory: Jace was raised by his parents in a normal life. When he was 14, he was bitten by a radioactive spider while at his house. He did not originally use his powers to do much, but when his father was murdered, he started to use them for good. He fought villains like his universe’s Doctor Octopus. A year later, a portal appeared to him and sent him into another universe.
    Powers: Web shooting, increased power and speed, stealth mode.
    Equipment: His suit.
    Friends: Luke Ruthlan (Best Friend), Antonio Ulach (Close Friend), Valerie Lanser (Girlfriend)
    Family: Joseph Jackson (father, deceased), Simone Jackson (mother, alive)
    Enemies: Doctor Octopus, Red Jet (OC Villain, would it be fine if I introduced him as a villain? sorta like a miniboss or something), Venom Symbiote
    Other: Waffles.
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  4. He is on Earth-1645, sorry for not making that clear enough. Eeveechu said we could have one non-1645 character on 1645, and suggested I have Spider-Cop interact with Kaine. So here we are.
  5. OH BOY
    It seems as if Spidey-Pool has ascended beyond the fourth wall and now he’s breaking every possible wall that has and will ever exist
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  6. I mean
    Deadpool's wall-breaking
    Peter Parker's mind
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  7. I'll tone him down when he starts interacting with the others. Something with Earth-1645 messing with his omniscience. I can't have him knowing what's about to happen and stuff. He'll still break the fourth wall (and maybe even occasionally sass me for how I write him), but he won't be some all-knowing God. I dislike a literal know-it-all (as in he can see the discussion and what we're planning) as much as the next RPer. So yeah. For now he's a snark master who can see what I write and what others write, but that'll change when we get into the meat and potatoes of this RP.
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  8. Ah, perfect! That works incredibly.
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  9. Basically, the villain Jace was fighting, the Red Jet, is an alternate version of the Green Goblin. Instead of a Glider, he rides on top of a red missile, hence his name. His suit is mainly red, with some black. I could possibly have him as a miniboss, if Eevee approves.
  10. AaAaAaAahHhHhH lack of activity
    this scares me
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  11. I'm mainly waiting on @SS-I Never to post next, then I'll throw up a post.
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  12. I just saw the movie, love the 60s Spider-Man jokes at the end and in the credits
  13. @SS-I Never has been away for a couple of days. Is there any way to work around his absence? I really don't want this to die.
  14. If a week passes and SS doesn’t return, we can temporarily assign their characters to someone else.
  15. So...how do I have Japanese Spider-Man appear? How does the warping work? Do I have a portal just appear to suck him and his giant robot up?
  16. Essentially. In Spider-Verse, the portals kind of just appeared as a result of the Super-Collider, and the Spider-People fell through them, getting a look at the Great Web before being flung - literally, they get thrown out - into the various different worlds. At the moment, only SS's Gwen and Peni would know how this works, though I'm sure Peter and Harry have their theories.
    I'll work on a reply now.
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  17. So giant spider portal got it. Gonna work on a reply ASAP. You wanted him in New York right?
  18. Yeah, Times Square with Kaine and Spider-Cop.
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  19. godjacob you're a beautiful bastard
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  20. I am gonna milk Japanese Spider-Man for all he is worth XD
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  21. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    I see Spider-Man
    I click

    Name: Drike Dunban
    Hero Name: Breaker Spider
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: MCAU; Seventy years later
    Appearance: Drike is white; he has brown hair that's so dark it looks like black from a distance. His eyes are a violent teal color. Despite Drike's age, he's toned, and about six feet tall.
    Personality: Drike's smart, mischievous, analytical, and does whatever is necessary to accomplish his goal, so long as it doesn't involve risking any innocent lives besides his own. Inheriting skills from the last Spider-Man, he's a great fast-talker, and is great at stalling (though he doesn't do it much). He'll even crack a pun in the middle of a conflict. He's the guy who's gonna try to make things better with a good joke with a 50% of failing. Ironically, he's afraid of spiders.
    Backstory: Similar to Peter Parker, he got his powers practically by accident. Seventy years after what was called "The W.S. Battle," where half of the planet's population was wiped clean off the face of, well... the planet, the Avengers restored the world, and faith was brought back. Spider-Man's identity was revealed, and after hanging up his suit at age seventy-five, he focused on inventing. Secretly, he wanted to pass down his powers to someone else; the next Spider-Man. And so he genetically created a new spider; and he called it the Breaker. Now here's the cliche; while his science class was on a field trip to P. Technologies, Drike, in the bathroom, was assaulted by the slightly large Breaker (1.5 inches). Freaking out after it bit him, he swiped it onto the ground, killing it with his shoe. He later discovered that he now had powers. When opening his laptop, the lid stuck to his hand. He reached for a can of Coke and accidentally shot a web string at it. Fortunately for him, he was tracked down by Peter Parker, the way the latter was tracked down by Iron Man. By using fingerprinting and DNA residue, the killer of the Breaker was tracked down and identified. Drike came home from school one day to find the head of Parker Industries having a chat with his single mother.
    Peter trained Drike to use his new powers, teaching him not to use them solely for his own benefit. Peter taught him the basics; web-shooting, lifting, and morals. Though all of this, Drike constantly asked whether or not he would be gifted a suit. Peter would only reply, "If you're nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it." Drike would always nod and continue training. During this time, a super villain was getting revenge on the world under the codename Vulture. Shocked, Peter thought of putting his mask back on to take care of this problem. Drike, realizing this was the perfect opportunity to debut his skills, volunteered to take the Vulture on himself. He would make a grand entrance the same way Parker did; defeat the Vulture. Reluctant, Peter agreed, wanting to relent on the chains a little unlike Tony Stark did for the former. As such, he crafted Drike the Breaker Costume to compliment his powers. Despite never figuring out her identity (or even her gender), he defeated Carah Toomes, granddaughter of the original Vulture, as well as Drike's robotics classmate and personal friend, seeking revenge for her grandfather. Thus, he proved himself worthy of the name, Spider-Man. Unfortunately, she escaped by faking unconsciousness. Nonetheless, the new friend to all neighborhoods in New York was praised as the city's new underdog champion. Realizing he was no Parker, he called himself Breaker Spider, paying homage to the poor spider that had died seconds after giving him his gifts.
    Drike fought with Carah several times, though she always escaped, whether it be distractions, paparazzi, or blackmail.
    Another important villain that he encountered along the way was his teacher in Biology class; Dr. Oswald Octavius. He was by far one of Drike's favorite teachers, and Octavius felt the same way about Drike. He was young, smart, gifted, and a little too self-confident. It was like staring into a mirror through time. Drike was eager to learn (mainly because of his alias as Breaker), and Octavius always had the best lab gear (that he stole the money for), as well as being a god person in general. However, they clashed on the battlefield. Months after his debut as Breaker, Octavius, under the disguise as Doctor Octopus, would stop Breaker in his tracks every time, though Breaker would never let Octavius get away with his robbery; or at least, not all of it. Eventually, the school was attacked by a group of robbers that had escaped police, and Breaker appeared moments after Drike ran away seemingly out of pure fear; which was unusual for his personality. This tied together with other events that had occurred throughout the school year; like when he had to go to his "aunt's funeral" moments after a terrorist attack, and when he had an intense stomachache seconds after the Vulture mad an appearance. Octavius was confident, and disheartened, that Drike was the Breaker Spider. He tested this theory by purposely framing Drike, landing him in detention. While he was held in study hall, Octavius sent out and robbed a bank. Nobody stopped him. Confronting him about this in his Octi Exoskeleton, a shocked Drike was forced to retaliate. With nothing but his mask and a Spider-Man themed hoodie, Breaker defeated Dr. Octopus for the first and last time. He fled, and was never found.
    Congratulating him, Peter presented Drike with the Iron Breaker Suit, which was similar to the original Iron Spider, even having extra legs. Gladly accepting it, Drike found his next quarrels with crooks and super-villains to be almost too easy. As such, he turned in the Iron Breaker, deciding only to use it in extreme emergencies, or at least situations what his normal suit couldn't be used in. From there, he fought other villains like the Juggernaut and Hydro-Man, each time securing his place as guardian of New York.
    - Spider-Sense (No description required.)
    - Acrobatics (Like a jumping spider, Drike can leap to three stories high; his Spider-Sense also give him extreme parkour skills.)
    - Superhuman Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Durability, and Stamina (It seems to come with the package.)
    - Bio-Electrokineses (Similar to Miles Morales, the electricity in Drike's body can be enhanced and weaponized. This excess energy is what he calls, Breaker Venom, in regards to the actual venom rather than the symbiote. Overuse of this power can leave Drike dazed, or even unconscious if he gets too careless.)
    - Breaker Smash (Drike harnesses Breaker Venom in his hand and slams his opponent with a blue punch.)
    - Breaker Injection (When at close range, Drike can discharge energy straight into his opponent.)
    Equipment: Breaker Suit; Drike's costume is jam-packed with gadgets. The costume has a dark grey base with black leggings; neon greenish-blue stripes accent the outfit in places such as around the eyes, down the arms, and small lines around the spider-symbol. There's also some webbing pattern around the head and torso. He also wears some webs under his arms that contract to act like a glider. Drike's costume also has a small black hood with a headset built into it. Small gunmetal bracers around his arms can further control his web streams. He also has a belt that carries web grenades.
    Away in a vault lies a suit that he only uses in emergencies, called the Iron Breaker.
    Friends: Peter Parker (86), as well as some school friends that aren't important.
    Family: His mother.
    Enemies: Most of New York's underground, as well as Carah Toomes and the Venom Symbiote, as well as many other important criminals across New York. However, he considers the Vulture his nemesis for never being able to bring her in.
    Other: Drike is good with a lot of weapons, yet still goes into battle with nothing but his powers and his suit.
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  22. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Thanks; I'm gonna give his world number Earth-200069.
    (Don't look at me like that, it's 199999 + 70.)
  23. Y'know, Deku, if you want to make Carah a long-term character, I may have a place for her in the main plot...
  24. Next post, Cindy is going to show Cocky-Spiderman up by weaving a spider out of her webbing in seconds xD
  25. Pfffft
    Hey at least he has his magnetic pulse blast that he totally didn’t rip off of Magneto!

    Speaking of that I 100% have an idea for a written work series I could do with the whole House of M Spider-Man thing after this RP ends and imma write it down so I don’t forget.
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  26. So far nobody has noticed the giant robot in time's square. Incognito at the moment XD
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  27. Just want to make sure whether or not Spider Cop is also in Time Squares or not
  28. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Sure; why not.
  29. @Rohan Kishibe I said it up above. Spider-Cop is in Times Square. Thought it was clear but it may very well be my fault :D

    Once you respond I'll try and fire off a piece of my own. I've been inactive in general on this site lately. And also I haven't been keeping up with anything even related to this site. Like stories I thought I was going to stick to a schedule for...

  30. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    i'm gonna recreate that Spider-Man meme with the whole pointing tid bit with the Gwens, because from what i've seen in anything involving Spider-Gwen...
    she's never encountered another Spider-Gwen. sure, she's encountered other Gwen's, but not other Spider-Gwen's.
    which... reminds me.
    i should probably get a post up.
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  31. Th splinting meme? That one’s great
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