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Spider-Man: Fractured Spider-Verse (Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. I am tempted, quite tempted, considering I think PS4 Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man period but I want a more unique character in terms of combat dynamics. I need to think,
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  2. Tbh I actually don't have Black Cat's place in Earth-1645 established yet, but thinking about it it could be really fun to play her off of Kaine if we went that route... Also OG Venom is uh kinda gone in Earth-1645 due to Agent Venom being a thing. Gah, I love how Peter has to deal with all the reformed heroes with close relations to him! Green Glider, Agent Venom, the clones - I love stuff like this.
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  3. Hum.....*Thinks it over, thinking hard*.....do you have a Lizard equivalent in your setting?
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  4. Lizard, as in Doc Connors? ...shoot, I completely forgot about him tbh! Though I think Connors would likely be the opposite of the reformed heroes, trying to be a hero but eventually lapsing into villainy. One planned event I had for the RP was going to be Doc Ock's escape and the formation of the Sinister Six, so perhaps he could be involved in that if we did it.
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  5. I see. I'll keep that in the back of my mind.

    I think for now I will go with Japanese Spider-Man if okay. I cannot resist but I will possibly (Probably) be open to more characters if need by like Jessica Drew.
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  6. Coolio! Like for all the Spider-Men, you'll need to make a sheet for Japanese Spider-Man using the template at the beginning of the RP.
    God, this is gonna be such a good RP. Especially because we've got such high-quality RPers involved!
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  7. I think I might reserve Kaine but I'm unsure on how to shape his backstory
  8. You can base Kaine's backstory off of what is in my Spider-Man's backstory, if you have other questions you need answered I can try to answer them.
  9. Ok thanks, So what will be this version of Kaine's powers? I read on the wiki that he lost the ability of spider sense
  10. Pretty much anything Peter can do, but with somewhat-improved Spider-Sense. The events of Earth-616 and Earth-1645 greatly differ.
  11. Just so you all know I don't read comics so my knowledge of things is very limited
  12. Good. That's fine. You don't need to read the comics. If you're using Earth-1645 Kaine then all you really need is the backstory of the other Earth-1645 characters. Aka the "Backstory" part of the character sheets for Spider-Man and possibly Scarlet Spider if Never gets her sheet out soon.
  13. Also it doesn't seem like Spider man noir is in the character list
  14. you were saying?
  15. Name: Takuya Yamashiro
    Hero Name: Spider-Man
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth-51778
    Appearance: 6'0, with fair skin brown eyes and black hair. Wears the standard red & blue Spider-Man attire, but with what appears to be a metalic bracelet on his left hand.
    Personality: Adventurous with a strong sense of justice. A bit intense, with a flair for the dramatic, though a bit of a down on his luck at times and perceived as "cowardly" by friends due to fleeing when a battle goes on. Mostly to assume his alter ego.
    Backstory: A 22-year old motocross racer who combats the Iron Cross Army after the death of his father and obtaining the powers of Spider-Man through contact with Garia the last surviving warrior of Planet Spider who injects him with his blood to carry on the fight.
    Powers: Wall Crawling, Spider-Sense, Super Strength, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Equilibrium, Superhuman Reflexes)
    Equipment: Spider-Protector (Name of his costume, which he keeps stored inside his metalic bracelet known as the Spider-Bracelet), Spider-Bracelet (The metalic bracelet that is a substitute for his Web-Shooters that comes equipped with a homing device. Shoots threads and web nets), Spider Machine GP-7 (Spider-Man's flying car equipped with machine guns and missile launchers), Marveller (Spacecraft that is stored underground. The GP-7 comes out of that is able to transform into the Leopardon), Leopardon (A giant robot that the Marveller transforms into. Equipped with Arm Rockets, Spider Protector AKA a giant shield and Sword Vigor AKA a giant sword.)
    Friends: Hitomi Sakuma (Love interest)
    Family: Dr. Hiroshi Yamashiro (Father, deceased) Shinko Yamashiro (Sister), Takuji Yamashiro (Brother)
    Enemies: Iron Cross Army
    Other: Is a biker with experience in hand to hand combat.

    Some things tricky to fill, hope it works.
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  16. It works perfectly, approved!
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  17. Cool :)

    Naturally, the flying car and mecha will only be used for appropriate situations. Which means we need a giant enemy he can fight with it at some point XD
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  18. Oh that's spider man noir? Like I said my knowledge is limited
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  19. turnt3chGodh34d

    turnt3chGodh34d Previously Comic

    Spider-Man Noire is lit
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  20. How many version of Iron Spider are there? I know the one who’s Amadeus Cho from th eultimate spider man cartoon.

    On a separate note, how many venoms will we add in this?
  21. Name: Ben Reilly
    Hero Name: Scarlet Spider
    Age: 4 (Looks 24)
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth 1645
    Appearance: Bad boy looks like this.
    Personality: Unlike Peter Parker, Ben lacks the charisma to make funny and witty jokes and banter. Ben takes things a bit too seriously at times, and jokes will tend to fly over his head.
    Backstory: Being a part of Doctor Octavius' project, Ben Reilly was made as a clone of Peter Parker aka Spiderman. He was gifted with the same abilties and memories as Peter Parker/Spiderman, and was created with the sole purpose to kill the real Spiderman. Though, in the beginning Ben thought he was the real Spiderman and that Jessica Drew was his cousin, as his memories were altered a bit Doctor Octavius. Ben, thinking he was Peter, was trying to get rid of the actual Peter thinking that the "fake Peter" would harm his family. Though, as soon as he confronted the actual Peter, Ben learned that he was in fact a clone and was distraught. Ben would then run away after learning the truth with Jessica as the two decided to try and find their real selves. After some time, Ben and Jessica returned and decided to help out Peter fight crime as they didn't want crooks to ruin people's lives. During this time, Ben revealed his new name, which was inspired by Uncle Ben, and his costume change. Though, he then discovered that Doc Ock had created other clones of Peter and that Jackal would run a challenge known as the 'Spider Hunt', in which Peter along with Ben and Jessica would have to fend for their lives against the clones and also dangerous villains of the past. Ben had to confront the Vulture during this 'hunt' and it was a brutal battle as the Vulture had prepared himself to kill the actual Spiderman and was killing clones left and right, though Ben was able to beat him at the end. Eventually, all of the clones were defeated. The group now fight crime together.
    Powers: Same as Spidey's
    Equipment: Web Shooters
    Friends: Spiderman, Green Glider, Silk and Agent Venom
    Family: Jessica Drew
    Enemies: Jackal and Doc Ock

    Name: Jessica Drew
    Hero Name: Spider-Woman
    Age: 4 (Looks 24)
    Gender: Female
    Home Universe: Earth 1645
    Appearance: I'll be using this version of Jessica Drew cuz it looks cool. :3
    Personality: Unlike Ben, Jessica shares more of her personality with Spiderman. She's quirky and likes to have fun.
    Backstory: Just like Ben, Jessica was part of Doctor Octavius' clone project, but unlike Ben she is an imperfect clone. There was a malfunction with Doc Ock's machine which caused all of the Y-Chromosomes to be replaced with X-Chromosomes and thus Jessica was born. Though, Jessica seemed to be able to function normally so Doc Ock kept her in order to help him with his plans to get rid of Spiderman. Jessica had left with Ben after they had learned they were merely clones created to kill the actual Peter Parker. At the time of the Spider Hunt, Jessica had to fight Scorpion and nearly lost but was able to win at the end. As soon as the Spider-Hunt ended, Jessica had joined Peter and Harry in their efforts to fight crime and found herself working with Harry a lot while crime fighting. During that time, she found that she had developed feelings for Harry. Though, not ever experiencing those kinds of feelings before, she decided to play it out as high school girl and not tell Harry directly, but instead told Peter about her feelings. Jessica chooses to want to do solo missions with Harry due to this.
    Powers: Same as Spidey's
    Equipment: Webshooters
    Friends: Spiderman, Green Glider, Silk and Agent Venom
    Family: Ben Reilly
    Enemies: Jackal and Doc Ock

    Sorry, @Godjacob, but I really wanted to take Jessica. :'|
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  22. They’re both yours, only thing is that there’s a few events that probably should be in the backstory that you missed.
    1) Kaine
    2) Spider-Man and the Clones teaming up to fight the army of Spider-Clones
    3) Spider-Man and the Clones taking down Jackal
    4) The Spider-Hunt
  23. Um...okay.
    Maybe, you could elaborate on that? (Sorry, I haven't been looking into the comics for years, so I've become a noob once more) :'|
  24. Those aren’t comic events, they’re Earth-1645 events. Kaine was the first clone created before Ben and Jessica, the three clones teamed up with Peter to take down the Jackal, and there was this big event called the Spider-Hunt where people like Kraven and Morlun started hunting Spider-People like Peter and the clones.
  25. Oooooh! Okay, then. So, should I just edit their bio's then?
  26. Yeah that’s all you’ll need to do. Also maybe figure out who hunted Jessica and Ben specifically, due to Kraven hunting Peter and Morlun hunting Cindy.
  27. Can you give me any suggestions as to who could hunt Ben and Jessica?
  28. Oh uh... hm. That is the question. We’d need some Marvel villains that are considered hunters. Maybe Chamelion, due to his disguise schtick and trickery, would join the hunt?
  29. @Eeveechu151 I'm sorry to say this, but I've decided not to join this RP. Mainly because I feel like I won't contribute much to it.
  30. Ah, that’s alright. Sad to see you go.
  31. Scorpion?
  32. Kraven?
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  33. was already named
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  34. Scorpion could definitely work, and I imagine he'd have a fun dynamic with Jessica as enemies.
  35. Scorpion was also commonly Venom so there's that
  36. I've actually wanted to RP as the Chamelion, but I thought I could save that later in the RP.

    Scorpion works so well!!!
    Ok, so Scorpion will hunt Jessica and Vulture will hunt Ben. Does that work for you, @Eeveechu151?
  37. Yeah, that works perfectly!
  38. Okay! :D:up:
    I'll work on editing the backstory for both characters.
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  39. turnt3chGodh34d

    turnt3chGodh34d Previously Comic

    shit, i forgot about May.
    is she available?

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