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Spider-Man: Fractured Spider-Verse (Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. [RP Thread]

    Let's try this one more time.
    My name is Peter Parker. For the longest time, I was the one and only Spider-Man.
    You all know the story. Kid gets bit by a radioactive spider, didn't use their new powers to do good, lost someone close to them because of it, decides to try and stop that from happening to anyone else.
    And y'know what? It was pretty good.
    Made some friends.
    Made some enemies.
    ...lost some friends...
    But at the end? I'm still Spider-Man. And Spider-Man is a beacon of hope the world over.
    Got myself a wife. Bunch of friends too, including a girl bit by the same spider as me, my best friend and the son of one of my most dangerous enemies, and my old bully working on reforming an old symbiote enemy of mine.
    Sure, my villain's gallery is one of the biggest in the world.
    But they haven't stopped me.
    And they WON'T stop me.
    Because you don't stop the Spider-Man.

    The Spider-Men.

    I'm sure any big Spider-Man fan out there has already or soon plans to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It's a truly fantastic movie, and my personal favorite with the Spider-Man name. So I thought, what if we brought the concept of Spider-Verse to Charms? Essentially, a bunch of Spider-People from across the multiverse coming together to save the space/time continuum. Just an average day in the life of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man right? You can use pre-existing Spider-Men or create your own - I'll be doing both. For instance, for the sake of having a unique RP setting we can play around with without messing with canon, I'm making a new Peter Parker from Earth-1645 that blends comic history to make a new universe we can use as the base for this RP. I'll be taking THAT Spider-Man, as well as Peni Parker (Into the Spider-Verse) and Spyder-Knight (Ultimate Spider-Man) as characters. Feel free to make up your own Spider-Men as well, but ideally we won't have TOO many Peter Parkers.
    Even if they're preexisting characters, you will need to provide character sheets for each of the Spider-Men! Here's your template.
    Hero Name:
    Home Universe:
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Earth-1645): @Eeveechu151
    Harry Osborn/Green Glider (Earth-1645): @Mockingchu
    Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider (Earth-1645): @SS-I Never
    Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman (Earth-1645): @SS-I Never
    Kaine (Earth-1645): @Rohan Kishibe
    Flash Thompson/Agent Venom (Earth-1645): @SS-I Never
    Cindy Moon/Silk (Earth-1645): @Eeveechu151
    Miles Morales/Spider-Man (Earth-????) [we don't have a universe number for into the spider-verse yet ;-;]:
    Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman (Earth-????) [it's not Earth-65 but this is Into The Spider-Verse Gwen]: @SS-I Never
    Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider (Earth-65): @Comic
    Peter Parker/The Spider-Man (Earth-90214):
    Peni Parker/SP//dr (Earth-14512): @Eeveechu151
    Peter Porker/Spider-Ham (Earth-8311):
    Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man (Earth-928 ):
    May Parker/Spider-Girl (Earth-982): @Comic
    Ben Parker/Spider-Man (Earth-3145/Earth-982): @Comic
    Sir Peter Parker/Spyder-Knight (Earth-TRN458 ): @Eeveechu151
    Takuya Yamashiro/Spider-Man (Earth-51778 ): @Godjacob
    James Lance/Spider-Cop (Earth-7413): @Mockingchu
    Wade Parker/Spidey-Pool (Earth-[ERROR]): @Mockingchu
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Earth-58164): @Generation Sect
    Alistair Scythe/Spider-Slayer (Earth-58164): @Generation Sect
    Joseph Parker/Spyder-Byte (Earth-136): @Eeveechu151
    Jace Jackson/Arachnight (Earth-22534): @StormingCobra55
    Drike Dunban/Breaker Spider (Earth-200069): @Pro Hero Dekiru
    Here's mine, for reference!
    Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
    Hero Name: Spider-Man
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth-1645
    Appearance: Essentially the regular Spider-Man costume, but he's added some black linings into the divisions between the red and the blue. SS-I Never made a drawing of it.
    Personality: He's Spider-Man. Not much more to say about his personality than that.
    Backstory: You know the major details already - bit by a spider during a class field trip to Oscorp, tried a short-lived career as a wrestler, didn't stop a criminal from escaping, the criminal killed his Uncle Ben, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility", Spider-Man becomes a hero and all that. But what about everything afterwords? During his high school years, Peter befriended both Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn, the three of them becoming a tight-knit group of friends. He soon met Mary Jane, became infatuated with her, and they became a quartet - much to Gwen's chagrin. Peter was bullied by Flash Thompson during this time, despite the best efforts of his friends to get Flash to leave him alone. His time as Spider-Man during this period brought him into conflict with a variety of villains such as the Vulture, the Hobgoblin, the Sandman and many others. His most dangerous foe, however, was the Green Goblin. The Green Goblin's true identity as Norman Osborn, Harry's father, was revealed to Peter at the same time as the Goblin learned Peter's secret. Norman used this knowledge effectively, luring him into a trap with Gwen as the hostage. We all know what happened next. Enraged at Goblin having condemned Gwen to death and at himself for being unable to save her, Spider-Man went ham on the Goblin, prepared to kill him himself if he had to. It was only thanks to the timely involvement of Captain Stacy that Spider-Man regained his senses. In that moment of self-doubt, the Goblin attacked with his glider. When Spider-Man dodged, he found Norman impaled on his own weapon. Peter mourned the death of Gwen alongside MJ and Captain Stacy. Harry, however, was filled with grief and rage against Spider-Man. Over the next year, Peter would have to deal with two of his close friends turning against him with superpowers - Harry took his father's tech, becoming the Green Glider, and Eddie Brock, Peter's coworker at the Daily Bugle, gained his hands on the Venom symbiote. When Harry and Peter learned each other's identities, Peter was able to tell Harry the truth just in time for them to team up against Venom to save MJ. With Brock defeated, it was just about time for Peter, MJ and Harry to graduate from high school and head to university, but not without Peter and MJ finally deciding to be together. In the day, Peter and Harry studied and worked together, but in the night, Spider-Man and the Green Glider kept crime off the streets. This brought them into eventual conflict with Doctor Otto Octavius, their mentor, and were forced to stop him from destroying the city - at the cost of Harry becoming injured. With Harry down for the time being, Spider-Man returned to being a solo act, which was when he discovered one of Otto's secret projects - Spider-Man clones. Namely Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, Jessica Drew, the Spider-Woman, and Kaine. This was quite the messy business for Peter, but eventually he was able to redeem each of the clones into his allies, teaming up with them to take out Doc Ock's assistant - Miles Warren, aka the Jackal, ALSO one of Peter's professors. Harry soon got better, and was admittedly shocked to learn of there now being FOUR Spider-Men. What shocked Peter was that apparently Jessica was into Harry... The next big event in Peter's life was graduation, when he, MJ and Harry finished school - all with the right degrees. Peter took a job with Oscorp to help Harry's goal of redeeming the company, and Oscorp soon became a place for Peter and Harry to create and store all kinds of new gadgets for Spider-Man and the Green Glider. They were soon shocked by the return of Venom, this time bonded to a returning war veteran they both knew very well - Flash Thompson! For a short time, Flash gave into Venom's bloodlust, but was unable to kill Spider-Man, reeling the symbiote under control through pure force of will. Flash then joined S.H.I.E.L.D. as a special operative, but teaming up with Spider-Man often. It was thanks to S.H.I.E.L.D. that Peter and Harry learned about the Spider-Hunt, a massive event taking place among supervillain hunters of the world, in order to hunt Spider-People across the world. Spider-Man and the Emerald Goblin had to deal with Kraven hunting Spider-Man as revenge for past events, but Peter eventually proved victorious. The pair then traveled America to help Spider-Woman, Scarlet Spider, Kaine and Agent Venom. There was still a hunter, however - Morlun was hunting a mysterious SIXTH Spider-Person. Peter asked to handle it alone, and so he did. He and Morlun discovered the truth at the same time - for the longest time, Nick Fury had been hiding another Spider-Person from the world; Cindy Moon, bitten by the same spider as Peter. When Peter found Cindy, he took her out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility - without Fury's consent - and was forced to fight off Morlun with Cindy offering her assistance. Cindy eventually decided she wanted a place in the world like Peter and Harry had, and with the help of Oscorp, Cindy has been developing into a full superhero - codenamed Silk. After the hunt, Peter realized just how little time he had... and decided to propose to Mary Jane. The two became happily married, with MJ having known Peter's secret since that night against Venom. Peter now works not only as one of the top Oscorp scientists, but also as a full-time Spider-Man. Constantly plagued by J. Jonah Jameson, one day Spider-Man decided to sit down with Jonah and figure out just why he hated him so much. During Jonah's time as Spider-Man, he had lost a lot. His son had died to the Green Goblin, his wife had left him, and the Daily Bugle was failing. His hatred of Spider-Man had become all he had. Peter decided to reveal his identity to Jonah, and all of a sudden Jonah understood just why Peter was the way he was. Nowadays, the Daily Bugle is one of Spider-Man's greatest allies, spreading the word about potential threats and being a record of information on supervillains whenever people need them. Peter Parker's had a long history as Spider-Man, but he's far from done.
    Powers: Super-strength, super-durability, super-reflexes, wall-crawling, Spider-Sense
    Equipment: Web Shooters, Spider-Drone, Web Grenades, Impact Web, Electric Web, Trip Mine, Spider-USB Drive, Spider-Bike (just in case the web shooters aren't working)
    Friends: Harry Osborn/Green Glider (best friend), Flash Thompson/Agent Venom, Cindy Moon/Silk, J. Jonah Jameson
    Family: Mary Jane Watson (wife), May Parker (aunt), Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider (clone), Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman (clone), Kaine (clone)
    Enemies: Doctor Otto Octavius/Doc Ock, Miles Warren/Jackal, Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven, Adrian Toomes/Vulture, Flint Marko/Sandman, Cletus Kassidy/Carnage, Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin, Martin Li/Mr. Negative, Aleksei Sytsevich/Rhino, MacDonald Gargan/Scorpion, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin
    Other: Earth-1645 is a world created by me to have a custom setting for the RP we can play around with, which is why the backstory is so damn long.
    Name: Cindy Moon
    Hero Name: Silk
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Home Universe: Earth-1645
    Appearance: Silk's mainline costume.
    Personality: Silk is fairly chipper and optimistic while also being sarcastic. Due to only recently being able to see the outside world in eight years, Silk is fairly behind on culture.
    Backstory: Bitten by the same spider as Peter at the same Oscorp visit, Cindy discovered her powers overnight and freaked out. Her parents soon contacted S.H.I.E.L.D., and Nick Fury came to personally oversee her transfer to a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility where she could understand and learn how to use her powers. Eight years later, she encountered Spider-Man and left the facility with him, battling against Morlun and winning the Spider-Hunt. Since then, Cindy has lived at Oscorp, with Peter and Harry helping her to become the hero she's always wanted to be. Recently, Cindy has been going out on the streets to stop crime, but Morlun is still the only super-villain she's fought...
    Powers: Silk-Sense (a more powerful Spider-Sense), super-strength, super-durability, super-reflexes
    Equipment: Nothing but an Oscorp communicator.
    Friends: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Harry Osborn/Green Glider, Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman
    Family: She lost contact with them long ago.
    Enemies: None yet.
    Other: I like Silk as a character, which is why I decided to tie her into Earth-1645 canon.
    Name: Peni Parker
    Hero Name: SP//dr
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Home Universe: Earth-14512
    Appearance: Like she appears in Into The Spider-Verse.
    Personality: Peni is super cheerful and optimistic like the best waifus most girls her age. She's incredibly smart and skilled.
    Backstory: When Peni's father was killed operating the SP//dr suit, Peni decided she wanted to take his place. Allowing herself to be bit by the same spider he was bit by, Peni gained a telepathic connection with the SP//dr suit, the same suit she uses to fight crime and villainy wherever they rear their ugly heads.
    Powers: The SP//dr suit has incredible speed, great durability and massive offensive potential, as well as lasers and tasers among other weapons. Peni herself has super-intellect.
    Equipment: The SP//dr suit.
    Friends: n/a
    Family: Ben Parker (uncle), May Parker (aunt)
    Enemies: Mysterio, VEN#m
    Other: Any of the Spider-Men in Into the Spider-Verse deserve to be in this RP.
    Name: Peter Parker
    Hero Name: Spyder-Knight
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth-TRN458
    Appearance: As he appears in Ultimate Spider-Man.
    Personality: A true knight, Spyder-Knight lives by the code of chivalry and goodwill, fighting endlessly to protect his home of York from the dastardly minions of Morgan le Fey. He will never let a lady of any kind come to harm if he can help it.
    Backstory: In his young years, Peter dreamed of being a knight and helping the kingdom. He eventually got his wish, becoming the squire of his uncle, Sir Ben Parker. This training eventually brought him into contact with Merlyn, and Peter was bit by a magical spider Merlyn had been working with. This gave Peter incredible powers, and Merlyn revealed to Parker that he was now the only man in the world capable of wearing the Spyder armor. Peter decided to wear the armor, challenging knights he encountered to test just what he was capable of in the armor. When he saw a black knight enter York, he took no notice of it, preferring to focus on his duels. He soon regretted this when his master, Sir Parker, was killed by the black knight. Enraged at the black knight and himself, Peter challenged the black knight to a duel. He defeated the knave handily, deciding to spare his life so he could face the justice of the people. This proved to Merlyn that Peter had now mastered the code of chivalry, putting his rage and pride to the side for the sake of justice. On Merlyn's advice, King Arthur Pendragon knighted Peter, making him the Spyder-Knight. Spyder-Knight was soon brought into conflict with Lady Morgan le Fay, who sought to destroy Camelot, and as such battled fiercely against her minions such as the Goblin, the Man of Sand, the Alchemist's Kraken and the Horned Beast.
    Powers: Super-strength, super-durability, super-reflexes, Spider-Sense.
    Equipment: The Spyder armor, which is magically shielded, has a built-in crossbow and sword, and has a grappling rope he can use in place of web shooters. He also has a Spyder-Horse and jousting lance.
    Friends: Merlyn, King Arthur
    Family: Lady May Parker (aunt)
    Enemies: J.J. Jonas' Son, Morgan le Fay, the Goblin, the Man of Sand, the Alchemist, the Horned Beast.
    Other: We don't know much about Spyder-Knight, so I had to homebrew some stuff about him.

    Let's tag some people who I'm sure will be interested; @SS-I Never, @BlueMew392, @Godjacob, @Comic and @StormingCobra55. How about I tag @Mockingchu, @Rohan Kishibe and @Blatant Mokery?
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  2. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    spider-gwen is mine, obviously.
    she's the best.
    also, are there no 616 characters?
  3. 616 characters are a possibility, but due to all the history they'd be super complex. Mind throwing up a sheet for Gwen?
  4. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    yeah, sure. gimme a moment, i'm playing Doom rn.
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  5. Oh! So many Spider-people to choose from!! Is it okay if I choose multiple like you did, @Eeveechu151?
    (Also, dang-nabbit! I wanted to be Spider Gwen! :@)
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  6. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    Name: Gwendolyn "Gwen" Stacy
    Hero Name: Spider-Woman / Ghost-Spider
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Home Universe: Earth 65
    Appearance: Height - 5' 5" / Weight - 125 lbs / Eyes - Blue / Hair - Blonde
    Personality: The Gwen i'll be using will be less like her portrayal in 'Into The Spider-Verse', and more like she is in the comics. This Gwen will still be very young, toward the beginning of her vigilante career as Spider-Woman, so she's rather inexperienced, and can get cocky in many situations. She's obviously very capable, but when put up against tougher foes, she usually ends up asking for support.
    Backstory: This version of Gwen was the one bitten by the radioactive spider, rather than Peter Parker. Much like Peter, she kept these abilities to herself, and learned adapt to them, but when Peter Parker learned of her secret identity, he helped her, up until his jealousy of her abilities led him to try and design injections to get the same powers. Peter Parker Earth 65 became the Lizard, and fought Spider-Gwen. The result of the battle ended with Peter Parker dying in Gwen's arms, and finally, she realized that with great power comes great responsibility. After this, she became more serious about her role as Spider-Woman, the death of Peter Parker always haunting her.
    Powers: Wall-Crawling, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Equilibrium, Superhuman Reflexes, Spider-Sense
    Equipment: Web-Shooters, Smartphone,
    Friends: Em Jay, Glory Grant, Betty Brant, Logan, Black Cat, Reed Richards, Janet Van Dyne
    Family: George Stacy
    Enemies: The Lizard, The Vulture, Matt Murdock
    Other: She sometimes hallucinates Spider-Ham, who acts as her voice of reason and logic.
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  7. Yeah, of course! Multiple characters are absolutely allowed, so long as you make sheets for each of them. Tbh I'm kind of hoping some people can take Earth-1645 characters like Green Glider or Scarlet Spider off my hands using the backstory I wrote for Spider-Man and their individual histories as reference...
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  8. Approved, Comic! She's yours. But I guess I'll still leave the Into The Spider-Verse version up for grabs, in case @SS-I Never wants that version.
  9. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    i haven't watched it yet, so i'll just use the version i'm familiar with.
  10. Wait, I have a question. Is Earth-1645 the Ultimate Spiderman universe???
  11. No, that's either Earth-1610 for the comics or Earth-12041 for the show.
  12. I'm hoping to watch Spider-Verse tomorrow. I think this could actually end up being a good time. That said, I don't have time to make a character sheet at the moment? Could I go ahead and reserve Spider-Cop? And Spidey-Pool?
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  13. Then is Earth 1645 a fanmade universe?
  14. Spider-Cop, 100%. And by Spidey-Pool, you mean...?
    Yeah, exactly. It's so we've got a custom world to play around in and we don't need to follow the constraints of preexisting canon aside from what I've created so far. I'm mainly taking elements from the best of Spider-Man for it.
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  15. Okay. Is it okay if I choose Into the Spider Verse Gwen even if I haven't watched the movie?
  16. Yeah, 'course. I just advise you watch it soon as possible.
  17. Yes, Eeveechu, by Spidey-Pool, I mean... Spidey-Pool.

    Name: James Lance
    Hero Name: Spider-Cop
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth-7413 [idk I made up a random number]
    Appearance: A bulky man with a cookie pouch (if you know you know). He's a grizzled cop, and he looks the part. Uneven gray stubble, a few cuts on his face, dark sunglasses, leathery skin. His suit is simply a tattered police uniform over his typical Spider-Man getup. An interesting contrast, to say the least.
    Personality: Doesn't trust anybody. He's very closed off... especially since the incident. His world-view is jaded. He can see the worst in everybody. Only sometimes does he see the light in a person. No man could ever bring out joy from his soul. But what about a SPIDER-Man? Or Spider-Woman? Or Spider-Gwen? You get the picture.
    Backstory: A normal cop was doing a raid on an illegal research site. It was run by a terrorist known as the Stinger, a bug themed villain. Arachnid, in this case. During the raid, James was bitten by a radioactive spider. You know the rest.
    Powers: Spidey-sense. Sticking to walls. Enhanced strength. Shockingly, no extreme agility. He's more of a brawler.
    Equipment: Web-shooters. But not like you might expect. He fires his webs from two pistols.
    Friends: No one. Spider-Cop works alone.
    Family: All dead because tragic backgrounds are a thing.
    Enemies: Stinger. Any criminal that tries to hurt his city.
    Other: This is not from PS4's universe. This is just PS4 Spidey's wet dream.

    Name: Wade Parker
    Hero Name: Spider-Pool or Spidey-Pool. Whichever one works for you.
    Age: A mix between teenage and grown man-child.
    Gender: Male.
    Home Universe: Earth-Somethin'. What's it to you?
    Appearance: This is gonna be tough to describe. Under the suit, he looks like your typical Peter Parker. The suit itself is similar to a normal Spider-Suit. However, there are dark accents that run along the sides of the torso, and down the arms. You kinda get what I'm saying? Almost like the Superior Spider-Man suit. The legs are black too. However, the mask is simply Deadpool. Look, I couldn't find any art on the internet for a template. So you'll just have to imagine.
    Personality: Wade Wilson.
    Backstory: Peter Parker was your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Wade Wilson was your jackass mercenary Deadpool. The two had many team-ups. On their last of said missions, they were hit by strange cosmic energy, combining the two. Their powers were combined, but distilled. Spidey-Sense wasn't as fast-acting, and neither was regeneration. Peter Parker provided a host body while Wade took over the conscience. He's been trying to separate ever since, hoping to help both himself and Peter get back to their own lives.
    Powers: Less OP Spidey-Sense. Slower healing. Strength. Agility.
    Equipment: Katanas. Pistols. Grenades. Machine Guns. Knives. Fists. Oh, and web-shooters too.
    Friends: Peter Parker (who sometimes breaks back into his own mind to get an update from Wade about how things are going). Mary-Jane (look, if Wade's going to be stuck in someone else's body, he may as well get the perks). Professor X (he's trying to help them split apart somehow).
    Family: It's complicated when you take over someone else's body.
    Enemies: The writer who thought it would be a good idea to merge Spider-Man and Deadpool. All of Spider-Man's enemies. All of Deadpool's enemies are dead already.
    Other: This character is strange, I know. But just go with it.
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  18. I was worried about Spidey-Pool, but now that he's less OP (and presumably doesn't have that infinite satchel he can pull any weapon out of) he could be a fun character and possibly Spider-Ham's bestie. And I love Spider-Cop. Both are approved!
  19. I'll try. :p

    Name: Gwen Stacy
    Hero Name: Spider-Woman
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Home Universe: Into the Spider-Verse Earth
    Appearance: As she appears in Into the Spider Verse
    Personality: This version of Gwen is cool and laidback, and fights with conviction. Even though she can be serious for a fight doesn't mean she doesn't like to have fun. She likes to tease others and is into music.
    Backstory: (I haven't seen the movie, so I don't wanna say anything which is wrong. (If I haven't already) :p)
    • Wall Crawling
    • Spider-Sense
    Equipment: Web shooters
    Friends: Spiderman and Miles Morales
    Family: George stacy
    Enemies: Kingpin

    Name: Eugene 'Flash' Thompson
    Hero Name: Agent Venom
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth 1645
    Appearance: Looks like this.
    Personality: Flash Thompson can be a bit arrogant, but not as arrogant as he was in high school. He has a bad temper, but always has good intentions.
    Backstory: Being Peter Parker's bully in high school, Flash Thompson had never been seen as a good person, per say. That was until Flash had graduated from high school and entered military school, aspired to help others like his idol Spiderman. This has caused Flash to mature a bit more, though he is prone to banter. Flash then joined Project: Rebirth, in which he was infused with a symbiote. Though, once infused with the symbiote, he would become influenced by the symbiote's hatred for Spiderman but he overcame these feelings and partnered up with Spiderman.
    • Web-Slinging
    • Wall Crawling
    • Weapon Absorption
    • Regeneration
    • Spider-Sense
    • Spider-Sense Immunity: Other people's Spider Sense can't detect Flash
    Equipment: Guns. Guns everywhere.
    Friends: Spiderman, Red Hulk, Ghost Rider, and X-23
    Family: Mom and Dad
    Enemies: Jack O' Lantern, Crime Master
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  20. Both are approved, but for Gwen, just know she's essentially a more experienced version of the Spider-Gwen Comic is using, same backstory and all. Though she has met Peter and Miles via Spider-Verse.
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  21. Okay, I can easily roll with that! (Hopefully :'|)
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  22. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    - SS-I Never (2003-2018)
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  23. We'll start when two more RPers join the RP.
  24. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Name: Ben Reilly
    Hero Name: Scarlet Spider
    Age: 18 (idk his age I’ll just put this)
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth 1645
    Appearance: Red jumpsuit, blue sweatshirt.
    Personality: Usually a lone wolf, Doesn’t like working with others
    Backstory: Is a clone of the OG Spidey
    Wall Crawling
    Spider Claw Things that come out of his palm
    Super Strength
    Equipment: Web shooters
    Friends: N/A
    Family: N/A
    Enemies: Any villain
    Other: N/A
  25. Could I get an RP sample from you? Because in all honesty your sheet for Ben is kind of lacking...
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  26. Just saw this movie and my goodness I'm so ready for this. All of it was--- whoa. Just a fantastic film. Looking forward to this RP. [only bummer is waiting for others]
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  27. @Mockingchu
    Just going to be honest, each time you RP as Spider-Cop, I'm just going to be thinking about the Spiderman PS4 game. 'XD
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  28. Hey Mock, now that you’ve seen Spider-Verse do you want to claim any Spider-Verse characters as your own? I.E. Miles, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham? Also, perhaps you might be able to take an Earth-1645 character? (Heh, think of Earth-1645 as Spider-Man: Eternal.)
  29. I just realized Iron Spider isn't anywhere to be found
  30. I mean... which Iron Spider? Earth-1645 is meant to be entirely Spider-Man focused, which is why I didn't include any Stark stuff.
  31. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    well, there's the Iron Spider from the comics during Civil War, and there was an alternate Peter who kept the suit after this, but he was killed off-panel during the Spider verse event in the comics.
  32. Not sure how many characters I'd want to be responsible for, but I'll try another one. Four seems like too much for me to juggle. I'm already doing a silly character and a gritty character so I wouldn't pick Spider-Ham or Noir (though I do love John Mulaney). Which leaves me with Spider-Verse Miles or 1645. While I would love to do a more juvenile character (Miles), I feel like 1645 would allow me more freedom. So I'll go ahead and choose Harry Osborn/Green Glider. I'm not quite sure what you had in mind for him, since it was somewhat open ended, so I'll do my own thing. If you want me to change something, let me know.

    Name: Harry Osborn
    Hero Name: Green Glider
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Home Universe: Earth-1645
    Appearance: Average height and a lean build. He's got emerald eyes and a head full of light golden brown hair. When at Oscorp, he can be seen rocking spiffy clothing. Top of the line and all that. When he's just hanging out, he opts for a loose fitting tee and shorts. Easy to change out of and into his costume. Speaking of, his costume has a dark earthy green torso with black highlights. The legs are more of a charcoal gray with jet black shoes. He dons a dark green helmet with a one-way black visor. Around his wrists are steel canisters that once contained grappling hooks. After he began his path to heroism, he traded the hook out for high-powered suction cups to become non-lethal. They help him along while he's gliding. But how does he glide? Well, if he knocks his arms against the sides of his body, a green wing suit emerges.
    Personality: He's trying. He really is. His mother's death, then his father's, has left him a shaken boy. Not yet a man. But he has so many responsibilities. Bringing Oscorp back from the brink. Helping Spider-Man. Maintaining his everyday personal life. It adds up. He struggles under the pressure, but he's made it this far. He's optimistic on the outside. Charming. Inside, he's worried. Is he doomed to break down?
    Backstory: His life has been about redemption from the beginning. Redeeming himself as a child, sprouting from spoiled child to the kid everyone wanted to hang out around. Redeeming his father's company after the Green Goblin scandal. Redeeming his actions as Green Glider by becoming a hero, slowly earning the public's trust back. See, after Norman died in a battle with Spider-Man, Harry began plotting to get back at Spider-Man. He originally tried using his father's hover board, but found he didn't quite have the hang of it. So he used a high-tech, tear-resistant wing suit instead. Along with his deadly grappling hooks both to propel him, and to impale enemies, he made a name for himself. Upon learning Spider-Man's true identity, and hearing Peter explain everything, Harry was conflicted. The confliction couldn't last long, however, as they had to team up against Venom. Afterwards, he began fighting crime in the night, switching his grappling hooks for suction cups. A known supervillain couldn't just flaunt himself in broad daylight. He and Spider-Man worked together until Doc Ock broke his arms. When he healed, his bones were stronger than ever, allowing him to pull off crazier maneuvers without the risk of shattering his arms. Upon learning about the Spider-Clones, Harry was shocked but fascinated. Then, when he learned that Jessica Drew was into him, he didn't know how to feel. She was hot and all, but being into a clone of your best friend... He's becoming more and more accustomed to the weirdness of the world, so maybe one day he'll go for it with Jessica.
    Powers: Nada.
    Equipment: Wing suit. Suction cups. Watered-down Green Goblin bombs that only stun and temporarily blind. His steel canisters on his wrists can also deal quite a bit of damage if he smacks an enemy with them.
    Friends: MJ, May Parker, Flash Thompson/Agent Venom, Cindy Moon/Silk, Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider, Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, Kaine
    Family: Peter Parker (but not really)
    Enemies: Eddie Brock/Dark Web [after losing the Symbiote, he brought himself to peak physical form to do battle against Spider-Man regardless of whether he had powers or not], Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven, Adrian Toomes/Vulture, Flint Marko/Sandman, Cletus Kassidy/Carnage, Martin Li/Mr. Negative, Aleksei Sytsevich/Rhino, MacDonald Gargan/Scorpion, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin
    Other: Feel free to make Kite Man jokes at his expense.

    Also, @SS-I Never, that's exactly what I was going for. A running gag turned into a character. I love the PS4 game- just got to 100%
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  33. 100% approved, Harry looks awesome! Was hoping you'd take him. Maybe you two could try tagging other people you think might be interested? @Godjacob and @BlueMew392 said they'd be up for it I believe but they have yet to respond...
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  34. ..........I swear every Marvel story we end up in somehow has Deadpool attached to it XD.

    Um, what is the Green Glider? I've heard of New Goblin but am unfamiliar with that persona.
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  35. As I explained before, Earth-1645 is a new Spider-Man world of my own creation which Never and Mock have helped build on through Agent Venom and Harry. Green Glider is Harry Osborn's formerly-supervillain-now-superhero identity. I went through several names for Harry tbh, New Goblin was a thing, considered just naming him Green Goblin II like in Spider-Man 3, was going to go with Emerald Goblin, but eventually decided Green Glider was a more heroic name. If you want to learn more about what's happened in Earth-1645, I recommend you read the backstories written by me, Mock and Never respectively for Spider-Man (Earth-1645), Green Glider and Agent Vemon (Earth-1645).
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  36. Eevee, I'm thinking of taking the Scarlet Spider. Is that alright? I want to give other people a chance, but I do love the Scarlet Spider.
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  37. Okay, I presume it's in your Spider-Man's backstory?

    I just need to know what Harry looks like. I am a sucker for Goblins so I'm leaning to that. FYI surprised we don't have Black Cat or classic Venom considering we are using more than just the Spider-Man.

    Thought the temptation to play as Japanese Spider-Man is high as well XD
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  38. Mockingchu kind of already took the Green Glider, tho. :'|
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  39. Oh, well there goes that idea XD
  40. Oh yeah, if you want Ben go right ahead! I was hoping we could get some of the clones taken - preferably Jessica for the dynamic with Harry - but so long as you can make a sheet for Ben he's yours.
    Yeah it's in my Spider-Man's backstory, but since Mock did take Harry already if you want some other characters like Kaine or Jessica from Earth-1645 then go ahead and nap them.
    Oh well if you want Japanese Spider-Man that'd be a fun gimmick with Peni xD
    Tho y'know
    PS4 Spider-Man is still up for grabs
    Just if you want
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