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Snapdragon's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Snapdragon, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Okay, uh... I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and get myself a sprite thread. Admittedly, I haven't done much spriting in a looong time, so most of what I have to showcase is old. Expect this post to be edited a lot--I'll probably add any other stuff I post up here, too.

    Right, let's get down to it, shall we?

    (Transparency is for HIPPIES. >:I)
    This eyesore is Jalen Rothchilde, who has the honor of being my very first Pokemon RP character as well as my first attempt at spriting. Yeah, top left. Those two. Maybe a year, year and a half old. Pretty godawful, huh? There was actually a pose that came before that one, I think, but I'm pretty sure I deleted it out of shame. XD

    The sprites are in chronological order going downwards, with the bottom ones being my recent attempt to relearn how to sprite. The Ho-oh cosplay's out of order, I know. That's somewhere in the middle, but I can't remember where. The pokeballs... contain his team and look pretty. That's about it.​
  2. Very nice! The Ho-oh cosplay rocks indeed and your recent sprites to 'relearn' look great. I don't reckon you're rusty at all.
  3. They're nice sprites. My favorites are the second row and the Ho-oh cosplay, and those Pokeballs are pretty cool.

    Question: is this the same Jalen that was Spriteon's character, Alexis's, childhood friend? Same name, same hat...just curious. Do you know Spriteon from...um...was it Anu Region (that's what it said on her banner...)?
  4. Thanks Xan, Persian. ;D

    Yeah, they're one and the same. That Anu roleplay was how I met her, actually, though it's dead and buried now. I can't really compare to Spriteon's work nowadays, but she was pretty much the reason I didn't give up spriting at Jalen 1.0. xD
  5. Oh yeah, Tama's still got it ~ I'ma likeing the custom Poke'ball based off Leysa's mark. =3

    If you look, this hair gets a little more wilder as it goes down. Love it!

    Tobias next! Toby's GOTTA come next! I'll re-vamp Izzy if you do Toby!​
  6. Yeah, next time I redo Jalen's sprites I'm just gonna eliminate the middleman and give him a fro.
    Complete with aerodynamic shark fin.

    I'm planning to go through and do all my boys, one by one.
    But the promise of revamped Izzy makes a pretty good motivator all the same. xD
  7. Double posting is okay in art/sprite/fiction threads, right? Right? *crosses fingers* o_o;;

    So next up is Tobias Gallagher. All-around jerk and Pokemon thief extraordinaire.
    Yes, there is a good reason why he's pink.
    Once again, you get to see the many faces of my boys in chronological order. Lucky you.
    I actually ended up redoing that last one a couple times. Toby's a very frustrating boy because a lot of his outfit elements can't change much. He started off as having a very boyish, innocent look, but it was... pretty short-lived. His character's done a lot of changing from "no really I'm a clueless newbie trainer" to "forget it I'm just a jerk >:|".

    Bonus: Found an old sprite of 12-year-old Toby. ;D
  8. Yay for more old sprites. These are a trio of starters I made for kicks a while back. I got bored of the whole "water-grass-fire" thing, so these puppies are rock-flying-fighting instead.

    Oscinary, Eggshell Pokemon: Native to tropical reigions, Oscinaries are prized by collectors for their bold colors. Their squawk is so shrill and piercing, however, that few people have the patience to raise them. (Flying type)

    Sparrel, Fledgling Pokemon: Sparrel is obsessed with flight, and will constantly challenge others to see who can fly the farthest or fastest. Never take one to an airport, or it will attempt to outfly a plane. (Flying type)

    Serapheon, Sky Pokemon: These Pokemon are rumoured to have a lifespan of 500 years. The grander its crest, the older it is. They can glide on their four wings for days without tiring. (Flying type)

    Daragmite, Rock Drake Pokemon: Said to be descended from dragons, Daragmite lost its flight abilities when it took to living underground. Its horn is used to pierce rock while tunnelling. (Rock type)

    Drayvern, Gargoyle Pokemon: Although its horn has grown stronger, it often injures itself while cracking through rock. Its small wings enable it to glide silently from stalactite to stalactite. It often preys on sleeping Zubats in this fashion. (Rock type)

    Stalacton, Guard Pokemon: Stalacton has developed dense armor to protect it from debris while breaking rock. Although its wings have grown, the armor makes it too heavy to fly. They constantly expand the caverns they live in, sometimes causing damage to building foundations in the process. (Rock/Steel type)

    Muskit, Kitten Pokemon: Muskit is constantly in training. Although its punches are said to rival a gunshot in power, it has very little self-confidence and will never start a fight on its own. (Fighting type)

    Hercates, Claw Cat Pokemon: Hercates is able to run and fight on either two or four legs. It has become much more confident, and will never back down from a challenge. (Fighting type)

    Felinaut, Battlecat Pokemon: It uses its claws and spiked tail with deadly efficiency. Felinaut has a notorious temper, and will look for any excuse to pick a fight, regardless of how strong or weak its opponent may be. (Fighting type)​
  9. Yosh! I remember these three sets! Awesome. I'd totally go with Daragmite or Oscinary.​
  10. To be honest, I borrowed pretty heavily from Quilava for Felinaut's hairdo. And, y'know, Hercates' entire body. xD That and I just wanted to have a pink fighting-type line are probably the big reasons for the fire-looking thing.

    But I guess color schemes are kind of a weakness of mine since I tend to sort of go "hey bright colors are real great how could I go wrong with lime green and purple?"

    Update to keep this thread from turning undead. XD

    Based pretty heavily on Umbreon's DP back sprite.
    I dunno how you folks feel about recolors, but me and my garishness just like the neon better than gold.​
  11. Very nice pixel art there Snapdragon, though as you say the backlighting makes the shading around the legs look slightly odd. It's still excellent though, and the slightly green bands and circles instead of gold seems to make it look slightly eerie.
  12. Very nice, keep up the good work!
  13. Well, I tried tweaking the Umbreon a little, but it was stubborn, so you guys get something else instead. XD A while back, Spriteon and I decided to humanize the members of our RP characters' teams, just for kicks. They were okay sprites and all (some of them better than others XD) but I decided to go back and tweak a little.

    So without further ado...
    Guess the Pokemon!

    I tried not to make these too hard, but may as well make it fun.
    First person to correctly identify what Pokemon each of these buggers is meant to be wins a free sprite request. :3
    (Better be quick because Spriteon knows these guys pretty well XD)​
  14. Xatu, Luxray, Blaziken, Froslass, Cacturne and Honchkrow by any chance?
  15. Xatu. Luxray. Blaziken. Frosslass. Cacturne. Grachomp. =] ))
  16. Xatu, Luxray, Blaziken, Froslass, Cacturne, Gabite.
  17. Gardevoir, Luxray, Kricketune, Frosslass, Cacnea, Swampert?

  18. [​IMG]We have a winner![​IMG]

    Congrats, Ozzy. What would you like for your sprite request? :3​
  19. Oh, wow. I can't believe didn't post in here sooner! I'm such an IDIOT sometimes.... Anyway, Those fakemon are teh Pwnz0r. So are Toby and Jalen. I kinda like the newer ones better, though that was the point, I'm sure.
    The transformed people are kinda, pardon my french, SAWEET! I couldn't guess Xatu and Froslass, though. I haven't seen a Xatu in a looooooooong time, and I've never seen Froslass...

    You posted in my horrible thread, and I posted in your amazing one. We're even, XD.

    PS: Ozzy, you always HAVE been knowledgable.... Good job!
  20. Hojeez, um...Can I get back to you on that? ^_^; I can't think of anything offhand.
  21. Well dang, I could have sworn the guy was Honchkrow as he had the red, blue and white and the black trousers were reminiscent of Honchkrow's feet. I didn't see any black on Gabite.
  22. Those are just his jeans. He has a red shirt (Gabite's red underbelly) and a blue coat (the rest of Gabite's skin). Plus the shades are basically identical.
  23. I just figured all the colours would match since that seems to be the case for the rest of them. Evil black jeans, they threw me off completely.
  24. I didn't notice the flames on Blaziken's pants at first... 0_0 Maybe I was distracted by the antennae.
  25. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Wow. I meant to reply to this thread sooner, because your Serapheon looks incredibly awesome. The splicing was done really well, and the vibrant coloring... the shading... Very nifty creation there, Snapdragon. I'd definitely train one of those if they were real O.O

    The Daragmite line is cool, too, and all of your human sprites are pretty damn good. Are all of Sami's friends good spriters? XP

    Keep up the good work ;D
  26. Wow, I didn't think I'd be getting this much attention. XD Thanks, everybody.

    Basically, Gabite's got a pretty restricted color pallette. I just used black for his jeans because blue on blue looked too much like pyjamas. If you didn't win, then don't worry. I'll have other chances for you guys to get sprite requests.

    So, with Ozzy's permission, I now present to you his "generic male Pokemon protagonist" sprite prize.

    Yes, I have a thing for blond guys. Get used to it. XD​
  27. Good! Very good, Tama-chan! =D I wish to see more new sprites from you. You show much promise, yes?

    You have a certain style that you can call your own, which, no offense, it what many spriters lack. Keep it up, Tama-chan! [glow=magenta,2,300]​
  28. :3 More sprite action. Yaaay.

    So first, we have another fakemon. Because I'm lame like that. Normal and shiny versions.
    Ezirem, Enthrall Pokemon: Ezirem has the power to plant suggestions in the minds of others. There have been documented cases of wild Ezirems influencing Pokemon to attack trainers that try to capture it. (Poison/Psychic type)

    And as an added bonus, a character protrait of Tobias. Hurr.
    Yes, his neck is supposed to look like that. Scars, yo. :B
    I used Fire Emblem mugshots as a base, so if you're into the games you might recognize the character I used. I personally would not be able to tell the difference between Roy, Eliwood, and a stump, but that's just me. XD​
  29. Nice fakemon I like Ezirem the best...
  30. That's a very good fakemon indeed, though I have to admit it makes me think of a psychotic Floatzel who can't swim, heh. The portrait of Tobias is damn impressive indeed, a very well done on that one. :3
  31. The Daragmite family focks hard...hmm a psychotic Floatzel who can't swim...
  32. Oh, Snap!(XD Lame pun) I LOVE that portrait! That's an original idea, to say the least.

    Psychotic Floatzel... Lawl.
  33. Yeah... I guess I could have been a bit more subtle about the use of Floatzel's head. XD

    What's Tobias without an Isabella to keep him company? She also makes a lovely guinea pig.​
  34. Lesse how I fare with guessing what Ezirem is made out of.

    2. Arbok
    3. Kingdra
    4. Celebi
    5. Groyvle
    6. Sableye
    7. Gabite

    Oh yeah. -JOYGASIM- Lovin' the Izzy as I told you on AIM. Luffles ~ :[
  35. Pretty good guesswork. Only two sources left to name.

    If you can name one of the other sources, of course, you can count the answers that have been proven correct in your guess. It's first one to all seven, not most bases guessed. >:3
  36. Hell,ill take a guess.
    1. Floatzel
    2. Grovyle
    3. Arbok
    4. Gabite
    5. Sableye
    6. Yanma
    7. Spinda

    Yanma:V thing on yanmas head was rotated and edited.
    Spinda:Swirly eye edited to be a marking on Ezirems stomach.
  37. Not sure who the other two Pokés for your fakemon were, but... The first mugshot looks more like Ephraim than Eliwood to me and the second looks like L'Arachel.
    #37 Orangen, Jul 22, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  38. I hope Ozzy doesn't come in and destroy the rest of us again, XD.

    Uhh... Let me see...

    1-5 already there... So, I need a hint, lawl. I stink at this sort of stuff, but I wants that portrait... >=]

    1. Floatzel
    2. Grovyle
    3. Arbok
    4. Gabite
    5. Sableye
    6. Mewtwo (For the tail)
    7. Fearow (For the spikey head)

    I'm not so sure about Fearow, however. I'm just guessing about the bird. I KNOW it's Mewtwo, though.
  39. So far... no, no and and no.

    I can see one base being nigh-impossible to spot, since I only used an incredibly tiny part of her, but the other... I didn't even modify it at all. xD It was taken directly off the sprite, not even recolored.

    Maybe it'll help if I tell you which of the already-guessed bases were used for what.
    1. Floatzel: Head. Durr.
    2. Grovyle: Body, part of one arm, the little bits sticking out of the tail's tip.
    3. Arbok: The tail itself.
    4. Gabite: The legs.
    5. Sableye: The first two horns on its head, arms, hands.

    The belly-spiral was scratched. :3
  40. Nuts. That tail matched Mewtwo's tail perfectly in Paint... Arbok..

    The torso wasn't mentioned....Wait, that's the non recolored part, isn't it?
    Could the incredibly small part of "Her" be the wing on the side of Ezirem's head?

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