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Sinnohs of our Fathers! Back online, everybody! Sign up now!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ozzybeans, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    "O.K Charizard, Curtis said, land here, this is Floroama Town".

    , Charizard said as Curtis looked at him in disbelief.

    "What the hell was that, Curtis yelled, Flowering with Prosperity, that was the lamest pun I ever-well, maybe not the lamest, but it sucked none the less, now land, if you please.

    , Charizard sighed as he landed.

    "12:03P.M, come on Charizard, lets ask around, huh, whats that", Curtis said as he looked at a T.V

    "There appears to be a large hole in the Flower Field, the News caster said, after the loud noise heard last night during the D/P festival at Eternia, there have been similar large holes found all around south Sinnoh, we will tell you more when we hear more".

    "Hmm, Curtis thought, then that means", this was all Curtis had time to think be for Charizard pushed him against the wall, he soon found out why he did this, two Team Rocket Revivals were on the other side of the wall.

    "Man, said one of the grunts, why did IT bust that stupid comet"?

    "Don't worry, said grunt 2, we'll find all five pieces, restore the Comet, and summon-oh crap, that kid heard us, looks like we'll have to kill him".

    "Uhh, are you sure, that Charizard looks strong", said grunt one.

    More like it just evolved from a Charmeleon, said grunt two, we can beat him, go Goldbat"!

    "O.K, said grunt two, go Wheezing".

    "Well, lets have some fun, go Charizard, Curtis said as he jumped on the field and roared, and go Dragonite". Dragonite appeared on the field, looking like he just woke up, but he immediately snapped out of it. Curtis looked around to see that a crowed had gathered.

    "O.K guys, lets give them a show, Curtis said smiling, Dragonite, use Strength on Wheezing, Charizard use Flamethrower on Goldbat"! The battle was on!
  2. Xela silently landed in the grass in front of the Ironworks. There wasn't much around, but she saw a rather large piece of rock. It hadn't been there last time she'd visited the Ironworks.

  3. (OOC: I'm gonna let Artiste revise his post. We've already discussed how he can improve via PM, and what to take out. And FYI, Artiste, Volt threw his Electivire Pokeball away. A bunch of Bidoofs took it to build their dam.)

    "Arbok, use Wrap!" the first grunt called out. Instinctively, the snake lashed out with its tail and caught the Riolu in its grasp, the poor thing being crushed by Arbok's size. Ketta looked up and met the eyes and belly pattern of the Arbok. Suffice to say, the grunts Arbok scared the bajesus out of Ketta.

    Seviper swiftly slithered from the smashing streams of spray. (Alliteration FTWii!) He was ordered to pull of a Glare move and intimidate Kai into paralysis, but Kai was tough and resisted the attack. Angered, the Seviper slithered forth at blinding speed and slashed with it's tail, executing its trademarked Poison Tail attack.

    The attack harmlessly bounced off Empoleon's Steel vest. The Seviper knew he was boned, but he held his ground. He would fight to the end. His Trainer wouldn't feed him if he didn't try.

    It was clear that these Pokemon were malnourished and unloved. They were primal - They fought fights to survive, and they were every bit as feral as a wild Pokemon. They didn't have the love they needed or regular meals.

    Speaking of which, that Arbok looked at Riolu hungrily.


    Ozzy and Crisis headed south towards the bridge.

    "Crisis, you take the bridge. See if anything landed there. I'll take my Aerodactyl and sweep the low road for signs of the comet," Ozzy said as they approached the gate to leave south Eterna.

    "You got it," Crisis said eagerly, as she threw down her skateboard and skated off to check the bridge. "This'll be an awesome speed run!" she said as she passed through the gate.

    "Go, Blitzkrieg!" Ozzy said as he tossed the Pokeball containing his Aerodactyl. "Boy, I haven't used you in a while. How you been?" he asked, to which he got a content roar from Blitzkrieg. He was well-rested. He used him in the Hoenn Elite Four, which was a grueling event for the collector. His Aerodactyl needed the rest. Ready for action, the flying fossil took off once Ozzy was on his back.

    "Take me down low, Blitz," Ozzy said. "We're lookin' for fallen rocks."
  4. "Kai, help out Ketta!" Xela shouted. "That Arbok's got a nasty look in his eye, and I don't want Ketta being too injured! Use Hydro Pump to pound away at that snake! Ketta, when you're free, use Drain Punch again!"

  5. The Hydro Pump made contact with the Arbok, and the water jets knocked him back. The snake collapsed from the pressure of the jets and was throttled across the ground. It relinquished its hold on the poor Riolu, whose fur was soaked from the spray of the Hydro Pump. Arbok got back up shakily and intimidated Riolu with a Growl.

    ...Unintentionally. That was Arbok's STOMACH growling. Powered by hunger, the Arbok used Glare to try and paralyze Riolu.

    Empoleon turned around to watch as the Seviper slithered into the ground. It came up and nailed Empoleon in the belly with a Dig attack. Empoleon was knocked over and the Seviper slithered away and back, and raised his tail to do a Slam attack.

    Xela noticed that the Grunts weren't even doing much of anything. The male was standing there with his arms folder. The girl stood there with a whip in case their Pokemon got testy. They weren't even doing their jobs as Trainers. They didn't even bother to help out their Pokemon.
  6. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Both attacks had hit there chosen target, Curtis knew that it was impossible to win, but when have Rockets ever giving up on a impossible battle?

    Damn kid, said grunt two, grrr, Goldbat, use Air Cuter on that Charizard!

    Wheezing, use Sludge Bomb on that Dragonite, said grunt one.

    The Air Cuter hit Charizard who stagered, but looked fine after a second, Dragonite, who' high HP just shrugged of the Sludge Bomb.

    Dang, Guess, you were right about the kids Pokemon, time to bring our A-Game, said grunt two.

    Right then, said grunt one.

    Charizard, Dragonite, lets show them what you can really do, Curtis yelled, Charizard, Fire Blast, Dragonite, Outrage!
  7. (OOC: Whoa. I totally did not notice you were in a fight.)

    Black smoke poured out of Weezing's openings as the Dragonite rushed forward. The ball-like Pokemon floated up as the inky black fog clouded Dragonite's vision. Dragonite's Outrage missed by a mile and the Pokemon fell over its own body weight. The Smokescreen prevented Dragonite from seeing his target until a purple gas shot towards him. Surprised, the Dragonite gasped, taking in the Smog attack and getting violently ill.

    Dragonite coughed and coughed as the Weezing floated down, partially obscured by Smokescreen. Although poisoned, Dragonite had a lot of fight in him. He wasn't going down so easily.

    Charizard was having a tough time, as well. Golbat easily dodged the Fire Blast, as the Fire-type attack was slow and easy to see coming. The Golbat rushed forward with his fangs bared and bit deep into Charizard's neck. Toxins from the Golbat's fangs dribbled into Charizard's blood, inducing worse poison than Smog could. This severe toxin would steadily worsen as the battle progressed and make quick work of Charizard. Angered, the Charizard roared and scared the Golbat off, and the bat Pokemon fluttered about in the air, with Charizard's blood dripping from its fangs.

    "Ha!" the Revivalists said. "Our strategy's working! Poison, then crush!"

    "What are you after?" Curtis said. "What's with that comet!"

    The Rockets looked at one another uneasily. "Uhhhh," one said, "We...dunno. It looked like an ordinary comet when we looked at it through the telescope. But Sir Volt got excited and decided to pursue it! We don't even know where it is yet!"

    The second one spoke up. "But if you're looking for it, too, then tough luck! What Sir Volt wants, Sir Volt gets. Nothin' personal, Mac, but we gotta take you out so our boss gets his wishes."

    "Damn straight!" the first said. "Golbat, use Air Cutter!"

    "Weezing, Sludge Bomb!" the second said, and their Pokemon unleashed their attacks.


    Volt laughed. "Double Team!"

    Volt's Luxray dashed around until he had created illusionary copies of himself. Dusk paused his charge in the confusion. Which one was the real Luxray? This one...no, that one! Yes! Dusk's eyes did not lie! He charged at the Luxray, mouth agape and ready to Crunch.

    "Scary Face!" Volt called. The Luxray stopped dead in its tracks and grimaced murderously. Volt, not surprisingly, did not treat his Luxray well, and the bitter hatred shone through. Dusk's attack faltered and he slowed down, not wanting to get near such a bitter creature.

    "Dusk, no! Keep attacking!" Matt called out. Dusk couldn't bring himself to attack. That Luxray had such hatred in his face that Dusk thought he'd claw his face clean off if he got close enough.

    "Ha ha ha," Volt chuckled. "Your Luxray is unique. There's only one like it that I know of. But he's cowardly!"

    Matt took offense at that statement.

    "Now, I want you to see a little Battle Item I made. Behold - the Electroshocker!" Volt said. His electromagnetic suit glowed and electricity surged from his helmet through the wires to his large black gloves. The electricity surged into his Luxray's fur. It bristled with electricity to the point where nearby grounded targets got zapped with small volts of electricity. The Electroshocker seemed to use Charge for Luxray, albeit much more potent.

    "Now, Discharge!" Volt said as he broke off the Electroshocker from Luxray. The crackling Luxray discharged and a surge of sheer electric power sparked out from his body. The relief of the released tension caused Luxray's knees to buckle and he fell, sitting on the ground as his heart raced. The shockwave - more like an electric tsunami - rushed towards Dusk.
  8. "Yeeee-ha!" Crisis called out as she sped down Cycling Road. She was moving fast, but Banshee was keeping up well, using her psychokinesis to flew behind her trainer. As the two came to the divider midway through the road, Crisis hopped up and ollied onto it, grinding down it's length. The Gardevoir followed, mimicking the actions of her trainer.

    Just as they reached the end of the divider, a massive robot swung out from under the bridge and landed in Crisis' path. She skidded to a stop and picked up her skateboard. The robot was designed after a Primeape, from what she gathered: a round body with no particularly defined head and a couple limbs on either side. A large, tinted window covered the area where the eyes would be, and beneath that was a large, red, letter "R."

    "Well, well, well," Crisis remarked. "Looks like we've got ourselves a good ol'-fashion Rocket Bot."

    "Hey, isn't that one of those punks that attacked us at the festival?" came a voice from within the robot.

    "Why, I do believe it is," replied another voice. "And she's got that Gardevoir with her."

    "Let's steal it!" a third, more weasely voice chimed in. "That will get us our revenge, and we can give it to the boss!"

    "Aw, that's your answer to everything!" the second voice complained.

    "Hasn't let us down yet!" the first voice proclaimed.

    "Let's do it!" all three said in unison. "Go, RockoVivoRobo Five!"

    The robot immediately swung its mighty paw and snatched up Banshee. The Gardevoir started swooning like a B-movie actress.

    "Voooiiiirrr!" Banshee proclaimed, tilting her head back with the back of one hand on her forehead and the rest of her limbs dangling loosely below her. "Voooiiiirrr!"

    "Struggle all you want!" the third voice taunted. "This robot's exoskeleton is 100% pure unobtainium! No psychic technique can pass through it! Not even Teleport!"

    "You don't say," Crisis said, clearly unimpressed. "Banshee, use Thunderbolt."

    "Garde," Banshee confirmed, placing her hands on the machine's fingers. "VOIR!"

    Thousands of volts of electricity coursed over the robot's arm. The robot spasmed and it's pilots wailed girlishly. It let go and Banshee floated back to her trainer's side as the robot toppled onto its back.

    "Hey, I thought you hardened the systems against that!" the third voice accused.

    "But I don't even know what that means!" the first voice declared.

    "Shut up!" the second voice barked. "We'll just have to do this the old fashioned way!"

    Smoke billowed out of the machine as the window opened. Three silhouettes climbed out and took places on the robot's chest. Music started to play. Not dramatic or orchaestral, but a hard-rocking beat with an electric guitar and keyboard. Judging from the shape of the shadows, the Rockets were playing it themselves.

    "Beatin' you down with excessive force! Leading off on bass is Clyde, of course!"

    "Hacking firewalls with the greatest of ease! To Ian on synth, code-cracking's a breeze!"

    "Brave men tremble when they hear me shreik! When Bon's on vocals, you're up a creek!"

    ("Team Rocket!") "Taking off at the speed of light!"

    ("Team Rocket!") "Singing evil tunes every day and night!"

    ("Team Rocket!") "Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

    "That's right!"

    The smoke cleared, revealing the trio. The man with the guitar, Clyde, was heavily muscled, which was accentuated by the Rocket uniform jacket he wore that had been torn into a vest and wore open. His pants, too, were torn at the knees, and his hair was a long, raggled mess of blonde. The second man, Ian, whose keyboard was supported by shoulder straps, clearly took more pride in his uniform, adding to it only a pair of spectacles and a black construction helmet. The woman, Bon, was armed with a microphone with a cord that went nowhere and her uniform was reduced to simply a jacket, which reached down to mid-thigh and was opened to reveal cleavage, as well as the requisite boots and gloves. Her jacket was sinched at the waist with a belt, and she had shoulder-length violet hair.

    "Now that introductions are out of the way," said Bon, "Ian, Clyde, let's show this punk who's boss. Magnezone, go!"

    "Aggron, go!" Ian declared, as they through out PokeBalls.

    "Crawdaunt, go!" Clyde added. All three Pokemon materialized on the ground between the robot's legs.

    "Three against one?" Crisis remarked. "That's not very fair. You guys don't stand a chance!"
  9. (OOC: G_M, that was singlehandedly the best post EVER. I'm gonna sprite that Rocket trio, by the way.)

    "A bassist, a keyboardist, and a vocalist...And yet you have no guitar!" Ozzy shouted as he swooped up from underneath the bridge on top of Blitzkrieg. The Aerodactyl roared as he came down beside Banshee, and Ozzy hopped off, jammin' on a Gibson SG.

    "I didn't see anything odd down there besides a lonely hiker," he reported to Crisis. "Then I see this giant monkey robot and I know somethin's going down. I wonder if Xela, Matt, and Curtis are tangled up with these guys."

    Blitzkrieg eyed his opponents. He liked Magnezone and Aggron, particularly. He eyed them viciously.

    "Let's get this party started!" Bon said. "Just another rare Pokemon for the taking! Magnezone, use Sonicboom on Gardevior!"

    "Crawdaunt, use Crabhammer on Aerodactyl!" Clyde called out.

    "Aggron, use Rock Slide on them both!" Ian shouted. Their Pokemon obediently used their attacks. Soundwaves, crabclaws, and lots and lots of rocks headed in the duo's direction. Ozzy stopped playing and hopped on Aerodactyl's back, brandishing his guitar like a cavalier brandishes his sword.

    "Let's go, Blitzkrieg! Fly up!" Ozzy said. Blitzkrieg took off, narrowly dodging the Crabhammer, and the Crawdaunt went stumbling into the guardrail. Aggron's Rock Slide followed soon after, smashing Crawdaunt into the side of the bridge. The concrete gave way and the crab Pokemon plummeted into the grass underneath.

  10. "Ketta! Close your eyes! Don't meet it's gaze! Use Drain Punch!" Xela shouted.

    the Riolu replied, grinning as she closed her eyes. She extended the edges of her mind to search out the Arbok's aura and ran towards it, fist raised.

    "Kai, another Hydro Pump!"

    Kai shouted. He set another Hydro Pump on the Seviper as he jumped back up onto his feet.

    While her Pokemon were attacking, Xela muttered something about the Grunts needing to worry more about their Pokemon, or at least feed them. Then an idea struck her. Her pack was full of berries, and if those Pokemon were as hungry as they looked they might give up attacking to eat. Of course she would likely need to get that whip away from the girl. She bit her thumb, then decided to take a shot it if she couldn't just KO the Grunts' Pokemon fairly soon.
  11. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    "Charizard dodge and use Fly, Dragonite, dodge", Curtis yelled and, despite the poisen, Charizard dodged and only his leg got scratched, but it didn't matter, because now, Charizard was 40 feet in the air and zooming towards Goldbat at breakneck speed.

    Bam! There was a huge uprise of dust as Charizard collided with the either the Goldbat or the ground, if he collided with Goldbat , then victory was theres, if he collided with the ground, then Curtis would have to send out his Feraligator. Mean while, Dragonite was unable to dodge the attack, but it didn't faint so Curtis decided it was time to use Dragonites ultimate move: Giga Impact! Curtis was a little worried about using this move because they didn't have it down pat like Ozzys' Chompy did, but it could probably K.O Wheezing none the less.

    "O.K then Dragonite, Curtis said with absolute confidence in his dragon, use Giga Impact"! Instantly he started running towards Wheezing, not as fast as usual, but it would be fairly difficult to dodge, if Dragonite missed, he could probably be able to try Outrage again.

    "Speaking of Dragons, Curtis said, how's Charizard"? Just as he finished saying this, the smoke and dust began to clear.
  12. Beating Ozzy's Alakazam was no fluke - Charizard was good. He had taken out that Golbat before he knew what hit him. The Grunt recalled his Golbat, infuriated.

    Dragonite was not so lucky. Weezing saw his defeat charging towards him and decided to finish them both. He Selfdestructed as Dragonite tackled him, detonating himself and blasting Dragonite to Kingdom Come. Dragonite, bloodied and bruised, fell. Curtis sighed, knowing the battle was a victory, but not a flawless one. He didn't have the chance to recall Dragonite.

    "Wait! We have one more Pokemon!" one grunt cried out. He tossed his Pokeball. It struck the ground. The flash of light came out...and looking murderous was a massive Tyranitar. This creature had been so hideously treated that he was ready to crush anything in his path. The map was going to have to be redrawn after this battle.

    Charizard dropped to his knees and hacked up a purple mucus. He had poison coursing through his veins and he was feeling violently ill. Dragonite...Was Dragonite still concious? Could either of them battle this last-resort weapon?


    Arbok couldn't dodge the Drain Punch. Riolu was too quick. The little guy dashed up with it's eyes closed as fast as its lil' paws could carry it and it smashed the bewildered Arbok in the face. Riolu absorbed some of the Arbok's aura to restore its own, but it wasn't particularly effective. Arbok took the blow well simply due to type-matching and because he's a pretty durable Pokemon.

    "Use Slam! Now!" his Trainer ordered.

    The Arbok responded obediently. He raised his mighty tail and bore down on the tiny Riolu with the strength it could manage.

    Seviper slithered in between the Hydro Pumps. After successfully dodging the onslaught, the snake stuck its tongue out. He was used to Kai's Hydro Pumps by now...It was all Kai seemed to be able to do. The speedy little snake slithered forward and used Bite. The speed caught Kai by such surprise that the penguin flailed its arms uncontrollably to get the snake off. It stumbled back. Kai had flinched.

    The female grunt cracked her whip. "Use Night Slash, NOW!" she ordered.

    Seviper took the opportunity to mount another attack. He slithered up and swung his tail, looking for the weak spots. He stabbed his sharpened tail.

    (OOC: I THINK Seviper learns Night Slash. If not, just pretend it's Slash. He's gotta learn that move, right?)
  13. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    "Dragonite, Charizard, enough, return now before you die, Curtis yelled as Dragonite returned to his Pokeball and Charizard stood up and lumbered over to Curtis' side, you guys did great, now, you both are obviously Rocket Trainers, but that Tyranitar is so ferocious that only a Water, Grass, or Fighting type could defeat it, and I have just the thing, Go Feraligator". The alligator Pokemon let out a huge roar, and the crowed that had gathered early let out a huge yell, they thought the battle was a street show.

    O.K Feraligator, lets give them a show, use Surf, Curtis said as Feraligator shot out a huge wave of water towards the Tyranitar.
  14. ((Thanks, Ozzy. They're kinda pet Rockets of mine. I usually picture them in the white uniforms, although with this particular depiction of Ian I see him in a black uniform and kinda looking like a member of the band Devo.))

    "Crawdaunt, return!" Clyde called out, recalling his Pokemon. He then sent it right back out. "Go, Crawdaunt! No one's knockin' us out that easily!"

    As the Rock Slide approached, Banshee threw herself over Crisis and Teleported the both of them out of harm's way. The Gardevoir then teleported herself back into the fray, dancing around the rocks. She psychically picked up a boulder and threw it into the Sonic Boom, but it broke through and hit her square on.

    "Banshee, Focus Blast on Aggron!" Crisis called out.

    "Aggron, Metal Claw!" Ian commanded.

    The two charged right for each other. Aggron reared back and took a mighty swipe at the Gardevoir, only to meet thin air as she teleported behind him. The metal beast hauled itself around, only to see Banshee reach behind her to deal a massive blast of energy that sent him almost to the edge of the bridge.

    "Magnezone!" Bon commanded. "Use Magnet Rise to chase after the Aerodactyl, then blast it with Magnet Bomb!"

    "Mag ne zone," Magnezone droned as it began to float after Ozzy and Blitzkreig.
  15. "Looks like we're gonna have to pull a Blitzkrieg, Blitzkrieg," Ozzy said, eyeing the floating Magnezone. "We got company." Blitzkrieg roared happily. He liked the Blitzkrieg.

    Magnezone hovered after them as fast as it could go. Aerodactyl, however, was the supposed King of the Skies - he was much faster. He swooped low, into the valley, and picked up a lot of boulders in his wind trail. He swooped back up, and the Magnezone saw the Rock Slide coming. His magnets spun around until they were a blur, and he shot a silver ball of energy towards Aerodactyl.

    Blitzkrieg saw Magnet Bomb coming. He fired off the Rock Slide, sending boulder upon boulder at Magnezone. Both Pokemon were hit; Magnezone was shot down to the ground and Aerodactyl was hit hard by Magnet Bomb. Blitzkrieg flailed for a little and Ozzy fell off, narrowly escaping death by clutching onto Blitzkrieg's tail.

    "Gaaah!" Ozzy yelled. It wasn't a pleasant situation. Blitzkrieg was set on finishing the Blitz. The Pokemon rushed down to the Magnezone and flew in circles around it. Each pass brought a new attack - Ice Fang, then Thunder Fang, then Fire Fang. The Fire Fang particularly hurt Magnezone and Blitzkrieg spun around once more and smashed Magnezone to the ground with Iron Head. Ozzy's grip failed him and he was thrown off like a ragdoll, flailing wildly as he plummeted towards the bridge. Blitzkrieg beat him there; he rushed to the area where Magnezone crashed and Giga Impacted the bejesus out of him. Magnezone was unconcious and Blitzkrieg collapsed from the exhaustion of the technique.

    Meanwhile, Ozzy plummeted to his death.


    The wave surged from underneath Feraligatr's feet. A massive tsunami approached the Tyranitar. Type-matching was sure to win the day here. Even though the Rockets had this secret weapon, he can't withstand a Surf attack. The tidal wave crashed on top of Tyranitar and the area was flooded for a while. Curtis couldn't even see him underneath the foam.

    He thought he had won until the sandstorm started.

    All of a sudden, sand - seemingly from nowhere - surged the area. The Rockets had put on goggles to see. The crowd was scattering. They were splashed by water and now they were covered in sand? This is getting big. They scrambled. The sandstorm quickly got immense and Feraligatr was being pelted by sand. Even with his thick skin, the small bits of rock and glass were irritating his hide.

    Tyranitar appeared from out of the whipping sand. It didn't appear fatigued at all - it was dripping wet and the sand was sticking to him, but his bloodthirsty assault was not about to be stopped. The beast's footprints sunk deep into the earth and the stomping caused a massive earthquake. The attack broke up the ground underneath Feraligatr and he was pummeled by moving earth.

    If Feraligatr couldn't stop Tyranitar soon, Floaroma City itself would go under.

  16. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis was worried, he had meet a hand full of evil Pokemon, and this Tyranitar was added to his list of evil Pokemon.

    "There's only one way to stop this sandstorm, save Floaroma City, and defeat the Tyranitar", Curtis said as he heard Feraligatr roar, signifying that he understood what Curtis meant.

    "Feraligatr, Curtis yelled, use Hydro Pump"! Instantly, a huge stream of water blasted threw the sandstorm, but all it did was make a huge, temporary, hole through the tick sandstorm that was quickly covered up, leading strait to the Tyranitar. Curtis knew it was time to use the emergency technique and, Tyranitar, being in the middle of the sandstorm, made it hard for him to dodge anything.

    "Now, Feraligatr, Curtis yelled, use Hydro Cannon"! Instantly a huge Blast of water came hurtling towards Tyranitar, knocking away the sandstorm, was this the end of the match?
  17. The Hydro Cannon disappeared into the thick sandstorm. Already, Curtis' shoes were filling up with sand. The ground was uneven. Feraligatr had a difficult time finding stable ground. The question was, did the Hydro Cannon hit? If it didn't, Feraligatr was in a world of trouble. That attack had taken a lot out of him.

    The sandstorm didn't let up. Curtis felt uneasy. His worst fear in this situation was recognized - He missed.

    Well, not quite.

    Tyranitar's shadow appeared in the sandstorm. He stomped forward slowly. The Hydro Cannon had hit him spot-on, but still he stood, ambling towards the tired Feraligatr menacingly. It was fueled by pure rage - anger at Feraligatr for having a loving Trainer who fed him every day and took care of his physical and mental well being and won lots of battles and generally loved him. Tyranitar didn't have that. Tyranitar wanted it. And Tyranitar hated Pokemon who had it. He hated the Pokemon who got the love they deserved. Why doesn't he deserve it?

    Tyranitar had let himself get hit to fuel his favorite attack. It was an attack he was adept at using. He liked mercilessly being the tar out of enemy Pokemon with it.

    Tyranitar ambled up to Feraligatr. The Earthquake had damaged him, the sandstorm chipped away at him, and he was at Tyranitar's mercy for using so much energy at Hydro Cannon. Tyranitar was actually in worse condition - he was hanging onto consciousness through pure rage alone. Being a beast of pride, he maintained his vitality even when he was about to double over and die from the pain. He towered over Feraligatr, looking down evilly. Feraligatr closed his eyes. He couldn't run, he couldn't fight back - the battle was Tyranitar's.

    No fairy tale ending here. Tyranitars eyes glowed an empty black and he slashed Feraligatr with a Payback attack, sending Feraligatr reeling from the force of the blow. There was no WAY he could have taken such a blow...Could he?

    The Rocket Trainers plodded through the sand. "Ha!" one called out. "Our Tyranitar can destroy anyone! Hand over your Pokemon!"

    Tyranitar looked Curtis in the eyes. He had a look of utter despair. A pleading look. He practically begged Curtis to get him out of this life. That look was soon replaced by the hatred that normally filled his eyes. Curtis COULDN'T take him. So he'd just beat the tar out of his Pokemon, steal them, and make them suffer like he had to.

  18. "Now, Discharge!" Volt said as he broke off the Electroshocker from Luxray. It's fur crackled as it Discharged the electricity from it's body. The electricity leaving Luxray's body caused it's knees to buckle, and it fell to a sitting position.

    "Dusk!" Said Matt. "Dodge it, if you can!" His last hope, was that Dusk was fast enough from they're training together.

    He wasn't.

    The electric Tidal wave soared towards Dusk, making everything in it's path turn to black dust.
    It made contact, and Dusk was thrown into a tree, from the sheer force of the shockwave.

    "Dusk!!" Matt said, desperately. "Are you okay?!"

    "....Ray..." He said, and, fainted.

    "NO! That's it, Volt!" Matt charged towards Volt, hand curled into a fist, arm upraised, and an evil look in his eye. Determined to kill him. "Time to Party!!"

    But, Volt stuck out one finger, just as Matt was within his reach, and said;


    He touched Matt with his finger, crackling with electricity, as his Luxray was a few moments ago. Matt's eyes widened, from the sheer amount of electricity entering his body. After a moment, he crumpled to the ground.

    In his last seconds of conciousness, Matt saw Leslie speak into a walkie-talkie, and a few seconds later, a very muscular grunt, dressed in the normal Black clothes, jogged into the clearing and picked up Dusk, put him in a sort of control chamber with lightning rods on it, and locked it with both, a combination lock and a padlock.

    "....Dusk...Nooooo" Said Matt, and he lost conciousness.
  19. "Dammit," Bon swore. "Magnezone, return."

    "Crawdaunt, Crunch!" Clyde called out.

    "Aggron, Metal Claw!" Ian commanded.

    "Banshee, rescue Ozzy!" Crisis shouted.

    The Rockets' Pokemon charged towards the Gardevoir, pulling back the appropriate limbs to attack. Banshee then disappeared into thin air, leaving the two to awkwardly spin around in anticipation of her attack and nearly falling over. Banshee appeared in the air above Crisis less than a moment later, falling fast but her psychokinesis quickly slowing her down to a gentle descent.
  20. Ozzy opened one eye. He didn't have that churning feeling in his stomach anymore. He was floating down gently. It...it appeared Banshee caught him.

    "...Why, thank you," he said as best he could, still in a little shock from falling off of Blitzkrieg. Banshee bowed politely, as if catching Pokemon trainers out of the air was normal for her.

    ...Then again, what the hell WAS normal for Crisis and Banshee?

    Aggron and Crawdaunt wheeled around, hearing a throaty "ahem". Blitzkrieg sat perched on the guardrail and grinned crazily at them. The Aerodactyl spread his wings wide and roared, taking to the skies. He came down quickly, slamming Aggron with an Iron Head and smashing the metal dinosaur into the concrete. Having attacked a Steel-type Pokemon, Blitzrkrieg's head hurt. Crawdaunt took the time to attack with a Bubblebeam as Aggron was withdrawn.

    "DAAAAUUNT!" the crab called out as Blitzkrieg was showered in exploding bubbles. The Rock-type Pokemon staggered and shook off its thick skin of the water. It crouched and nursed its wounds while squaring off against Crawdaunt.

    Ozzy's feet touched ground and he turned to Banshee. "Banshee, Blitzkrieg's not particularly fond of Water-types and you have Thunderbolt, it seems. Need I say anything more?"
  21. "I see, I see," Crisis said, pacing back and forth like a detective in the midst of solving the crime of the century. "Now, now If I'm reading you correctly, you're suggesting that I apply my Gardevoir's Thunderbolt, which is super-effective against Water-types, against that Crawdaunt, which is a Water-type, and thus weak against Electric attacks like the afforementioned Thunderbolt. This potent combination would cause incredible amounts of damage against said Crawdaunt and, in effect, quite likely knock it clean out. A brilliant deduction, my good Ozzy. But, would it work? Banshee, your thoughts?"

    "Gardevoir," Banshee replied.

    "A very good point," Crisis said, giving it serious thought. Then she shrugged. "Couldn't hoit. Well, actually, it would. Extremely. But just the Crawdaunt. Banshee, proceed with the plan immediately."

    "Garde," Banshee replied. With a gesture homogulous to a snap of her fingers, Crawdaunt was coursing with several thousand volts of electricity and twitching on the ground.

    "Sweeeeet," Crisis noted.
  22. Ozzy watched with great amusement as Banshee rendered Crawdaunt...well done. He could go for some crab cakes right about now. Awww, with some butter, and lemon. Mmmm.

    "Your hypothesis was correct," Ozzy said. "Electric attack + Water Pokemon = One Asswhuppin'."

    "Dammit!" Clyde cursed as he returned the battered Crawdaunt to his Pokeball. "Three on two and we still lost!"

    Bon eyed Ozzy. "Hey, there, guitarist! How'd you like to join us? You have strong Pokemon and a rockin' guitar!" she said with a wink.

    "I'll pass," the guitarist replied, grinning. "You Rockets are nuts. And that says something. I'm traveling with the epitome of nuts right here," he said, forking a thumb in Crisis' direction, who was already blabbering something about type advantages to Banshee. Banshee herself was using his psychic powers to levitate in a sitting position while a Sherlock Holmes cap and a bubble pipe materialized in her hand.

    "You guys are nothing but trouble," Ozzy continued, hopping onto Blitzkrieg's back and soaring into the sky. As he and Blitzkrieg hovered about twenty feet away from the Rocket trio, meeting them eye to eye, he played a familiar melody on his guitar. Crisis recognized it as Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood (sp) and the Destroyers.

    "Now, then. I've a reputation to live up to," he said, and Blitzkrieg charged towards the Rocket duo and stopped, flinging Ozzy like a rocket towards them. He smashed the control panel of the giant Primeape robot with his guitar, in a manner reminiscent of Haruka. The top-heavy robot tipped back off the bridge and fell back into the valley while Blitzkrieg picked up Ozzy off the face of the robot.

    "Looks like Team Rocket's falling off aga-"

  23. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis looked into the Tyranitars eyes, and he saw sadness buried beneath its hate and rage, there was only one way to save this Tyranitar, but first he had to push his Pokemon to the limit, Feraligator stood up and, using and what little energy he had left, activated his Torrent ability.

    "I'm sorry Tyrantiar, Curtis said with much sadness in his heart, Feraligatr, use Surf, end it"! Instantly, a huge tsunami, slightly bigger then before came crashing down on the Tyranitar. Curtis thought he won until the Tyranitar stood up and let out a huge roar as Feraligatr fainted.

    "No, impossible, Curtis said, Feraligatr". The Tyranitar was walking towards him to kill him, because he reminded him of the love he never had been treated with. Curtis thought it was over for him and all his Pokemon, that he was going to die and his Pokemon would be sold to some spoiled, lazy rich kid who didn't want to go through the trouble of raising Pokemon, until a huge Flamethrower attack came shooting at Tyranitar. Charizard had shrugged of the poisin, and was back on his feet.
  24. Tyranitar was taking punishment. He was beyond exhaustion and he felt like fainting...No! No! He must win! Otherwise he won't get supper! He must take out that Charizard!

    Tyranitar had a type advantage and a strength advantage. His Rock-type could easily handle the Fire and Flying type attacks Charizard had and his Rock-type attacks could smash that Charizard to dust in one shot. His proficiency in using them, the advantage of the sandstorm, the dual-type weakness...Tyranitars and Charizards often duel in the wild with a sort of respect for one another as they are both at the top of the food chain. But Tyranitar figured he had this battle won. Respectfully, he bowed his head to Charizard. The 'Zard took this as a sign of unrestrained combat. He prepared for the worst.

    Tyranitar disappeared into the sandstorm. The flowers had already started to die and Tyranitar's rage had razed a few buildings. The scene was a crisis and Charizard was BOUND to be defeated if he didn't get a hit in. He was at the ultimate disadvantage, but Tyranitar was so exhausted that an Ember could take him out.

    Oh, shit.

    Charizard braced himself as an avalanche of boulders - Tyranitars feared Rock Slide - came bowling towards him. They crashed into the ground as they rolled along the shallow sand, splashing sand everywhere and tearing up the grass underneath. A truck that got caught in the sand was completely torn to shreds by Tyranitar's attack. He was going for the kill safely, by hiding in the sand. He knew that Charizard was a threat if he was spotted.
  25. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    They Tyranitar looked around, he saw nothing through the sandstorm, after a minute, the sandstorm cleared up and he saw a pile of boulders with a orange tail, which was Charizards, under it with its flame out, Curtis, the Rocket Trainers, and nothing else. He roared triumphantly as the Rocket Trainers laughed in victory.

    "Finally, said one of the Trainers laughing, that damn Charizard is dead, we probably couldn't sell it anyway, it loved that brat of a trainer too much", and they continued laughing. Tyranitar looked at they pile of rocks and bowed respectfully, it was able to fight even with its major injures, that deserved respect, even from a blood thirsty Tyranitar.

    "Now", Curtis yelled, and, instantly, Charizard busted threw the rocks and, against his body's will, punched the Tyranitar with all his strength.
  26. With Tyranitar defeated, the sandstorm subsided. Trainers donated to the cause of clearing the sand by calling out their Staraptors and Pidgeots to blow the sand away. The main road was a mess and a few of the buildings were off-kilter, but the damage wasn't as bad as it could have been. And Curtis got a Tyranitar out of the deal. Go figure! It was another super-strong Pokemon for him to use, albeit one that will require lots of work to tame.

    What struck him as odd was the meteor. It looked like a normal space rock from the outside, but the shard gave him an idea of what the inside was like. The comet was hollow, and inside it was this odd...glowing goop. Curtis dared not touch it, although Charizard asked if it was edible. It was shriveled, and its glow was dull. It reminded him of a Kecleon's tail. In the wild, Kecleon can drop their tails to distract a predator, run, and grow a new one while the old one shrivels away to dust.

    ...Oh, damn!

    This must be what the Rocket Revival is after! This glowing stuff! He had to let the others know of his finding. He took out his Poketch and dialed Xela's number first. He waited five rings and pressed "End". Why didn't she pick up? She must be busy...Oh well. He dialed Ozzy's number.

    The call was recieved. "'Ello," Ozzy said.

    "Ozzy! I've found a fragment of the meteor," Curtis said, eagerly.

    "A fragment? Damn, the meteor broke?" Ozzy said. "What's so special about it? Why are the Rockets after it?"

    "That's exactly what I was gonna - Hey, are you moving or something? There's a lot of noise in the background."

    "Oh, I'm flying. My Aerodactyl and I just helped Crisis take out a large robot monkey," Ozzy said.

    "Oh, okay."

    A pause.

    "Oh! Right!" Curtis said. "The meteor. The outside is normal rock, but the inside is hollow and contains some sort of gunky stuff. It's purple. This section looks shriveled as if it was a piece that broke off from a bigger piece."

    "Purple gunk, huh?" Ozzy said as he touched ground and got off his Aerodactyl. "Awesome. I'll let Crisis know. Good work, cadet! Keep it up!"

    "Yes, sir!" Curtis responded. They shared goodbyes and hung up.

    Ozzy walked over to Crisis. She and Gardevior were pondering why Ghosts couldn't faze through any physical attack and why they liked to pick on Normal and Fighting types only. Ozzy interrupted her thoughts with a tickling jab to her sides with his index fingers. She yelped, jumped, and landed on her bottom, caught completely off guard. Banshee just giggled.

    "Listen up, Ms. Blabberbottom," he said, looking down at the dazed skater girl. "We got some information. This meteor has some odd purple gunk on the inside of it. It's safe to assume that it's what they're looking for."

    "Purple gunk? Like grape jelly?" Crisis asked, every bit seriously.

    "Somehow, I think it's different than the purple gunk you get in a jar at the grocery store," Ozzy said, helping her to her feet. "I think we should find out just what this gunk is before the Rockets get it. Sound good?"

    "Sounds like a plan, Stan!" she said, giving a thumbs up.


    More silence. This time it was broken by a comical guitar riff. Banshee rolled her eyes and made the closest thing to an "L" on her forehead with her finger-esque appendages. Ozzy laughed and played more Bad to the Bone on guitar and hopped on Blitzkrieg's back.

    "I'm gonna go search around Mt. Coronet for a few minutes while you check Oreburgh City. Call me on my Pokegear if you find either the meteor or Rockets. Got it?"

    "Aye aye, cap'n!" she said.

    "Now there's a title I like," Ozzy remarked as he took off, riding Blitzkrieg and jammin' on his SG. He liked to think he actually WAS Bad to the Bone.
  27. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis was on one of the Pokemon Center's seats, he continued to look at the meteor shards' purple goop, he sighed and got up. It time they figured out what the Purple Goop was.

    "Hey, Nurse Joy", Curtis said.

    "Yes", she asked.

    "Is there, by any chance, a meteorologist in town", Curtis asked.

    "Hmmm, she said as she thought,yes, theres one visiting this Pokemon Center in room 208".

    "Thank-you, Curtis said as he and Charizard entered into room 208, well this is 208, lets go Charizard". They knocked twice, then a old man appeared.

    "Um, hello, your a mete-", but the old man cut him off.

    "Yes, yes I know, the old man said, you want me to examine this Purple Goop on this meteorite, yes".

    "H-How'd you know", Curtis stammered.

    "It's all over your face, now, leave me alone, I'll have a explanation by tomorrow", he said as he closed the door.

    , Charizard said as Curtis checked his Poketch, it was 1:03 P.M.

    Come on, Curtis said, lets go to bed, I'm exhausted. They walked up to there room were there was two bunk beds'. Curtis' last thought before falling asleep was wondering were Xela was and how she was doing.
  28. (OOC: Dude, Curtis, don't make up times. The day has barely begun. Everyone's had one fight and NOTHING else.)
  29. Xela grumbled something and watched the whip, wondering how she was supposed to get it away from the Grunt.

    These idiots are starting to get on my nerves... she thought, biting into her thumb as she watched Ketta dash backwards to escape the Arbok's attack.

    The Riolu paused, glancing back towards Xela, who gave a quick order, then turned to look at Kai's situation. She then used Strength, running full speed at the Arbok, eyes still closed in case it tried to intimidate her again.

    Xela looked over to assess Kai's situation. "Waterfall!" she shouted, watching as Kai staggered a bit after the attack. Rgiht after the trainer spoke, the Empoleon darted forward, using the attack he was told to use.

    (( Sorry for not replying for a long time... Distracted by Digimon... *blink* Really sorry... ))
  30. When Matt awoke, he was dazed. He didn't know where he was, and it took him a moment to remember who he was.
    And then, the pain. It erupted like an explosion in Matt's body. He was vaguely aware of his surroundings, but as the pain was astounding, he couldn't really focus.

    Then, as the pain subsided a few minutes later, Matt's brain started to work.
    That was a bad thing at the moment, as Matt had so many injuries, the pain intensified, instead of dulling. Although that intensified pain only lasted a second, it was far worse than before.

    He stood up, looked around, and realised he was in the middle of the clearing. But, it was not the same. There was no computer equipment, no chairs, and, most importantly, no grill with steaks... Not even the smell. And the fruit was all gone from the Discharge from Volt's Luxray.

    And because of the thought of the Discharge, Matt remembered what happened.

    His eyes widened, and he cried out telepathically,

    , Rise said, sobered up compared to normal,

    "No...No...This can't be happening, it CAN'T! NO!!" Matt cried out.

    Said Torch, the voice of reason to the Pokemon, and Matt.

    If Torch says it...It has to be true... Thought Matt, downcast. He's gone...Dusk, my best friend in the world, gone...I'm going to get him back! But first...Treatment....Ouch!

    He took out a pokeball containing a Pokemon he got out of his box. Midnight, the Salamence. He'd let professor Rowan keep him at his lab, for reasons unknown, Rowan had asked, but Matt contacted the professor before he left the Pokemon center, and asked for the Salamence.

    "Go, Midnight!" Said Matt.

    As Midnight appeared in a flash of red light, he cried, "Sala!".

    "MIDNIGHT!! It's so good to see you again!!" Cried Matt, and ran over to give him a big hug. "Listen, I need you to fly me to my grandparents' house. You remember where that is?"

    He said.

    "Aight, let's go!!", and he hopped on Midnight's back as he took off for the house.

    I wonder how the others are doing, Matt thought. Hope they're not in trouble!
  31. ((You do realize that, despite what the name sounds like, a meteorologist studies the weather, right?))

    "Okay, Banshee, let's head for Oreburgh City!" Crisis cheered. She took out a map and studied it. "Let's see... If we take this route north, then head east a ways, stop off at the deli, go right for seven blocks..."

    As Crisis continued to make needlessly complex and roundabout instructions to Oreburgh, Banshee lifted her up and put her on her skateboard. The Gardevoir proceeded to tow her through the nearby gate, up a short set of stairs, down steep slope, and into Oreburgh City. Crisis was still babbling intently as they pulled up to the Pokemon Center.

    "...And that's why we can't have nice things," Crisis concluded, folding up the map and putting it away. She looked up at the Pokemon Center. "See? We're here already. Do I know shortcuts, or do I know shortcuts?"

    "Gardevoir," Banshee nodded appreciably.

    "Damn straight," Crisis said. "Hey, the museum ressurrects fossils here, right? Let's check it out!"

    On zip-pan to an establishing shot later, Crisis and Banshee waltzed into the the Oreburgh Mining and Natural History Museum. Then they saw the sign that said "No Waltzing," and proceeded to walk casually around.

    "I wonder where I can get my fossils ressurrected in this place," Crisis mused aloud. "I guess I'll ask the man behind that desk over there."

    "I'm doing work ressurrecting fossils," the man behind the desk growled, a vein popping out of his forehead as if she were the upteenth millionth person to ask him that day, every day, for the past 13 years.

    "Where do you want me to leave this, then?" Crisis calmly asked.

    "Right here!" the man shouted.

    "What time's good for you?" Crisis asked.

    "Right now!" the man screamed. "I'll take your fossil and turn it into a Pokemon!"

    "Okay, cool," Crisis accepted. "Do you take any fossil, or just...?"

    "DO YOU WANT ME TO RESSURECT YOUR FOSSIL OR NOT!?!?" the man shreiked, cringing intensely as his bloodshot eyes popped out of his head.

    "Yes, yes, sorry," Crisis said waving her arms defensively. Banshee wrapped her arms around her and clung tightly, trembling. The skater reached into her pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a tooth. She put it on the counter and said, "Here you go. One fang fossil."

    "Thank you," the man said, calmly picking up the fossil. He stared at them calmly for a moment. Crisis relaxed and Banshee let go of her. "Your fossil will be ready later."

    "Okay, thanks," Crisis said warily. "So, will you call me when it's done, or..."

    "I SAID COME BACK LATER!!!" the man roared. If this were a cartoon, his head would grown to about six feet in diameter as it towered over the duo and threatened to bite their heads off. "YOU'RE WASTING MY TIME!! GO! GET OUT OF HERE!"

    Crisis and Banshee didn't waste any time running out of the museum. They sat against the doors, catching their breath for a moment. Then they stood back up and dusted themselves off.

    "Jeebus Chrysler," Crisis swore. "That guy was intense. I got out of there so fast, I almost forgot my... Dang it! I did forget my skateboard! Okay, let's just get in and out real quick-like so he doesn't notice we're there."

    When they popped back into the museum, they saw that the man had left his desk and Crisis' skateboard was laying right in front of his desk. They walked casually up to the desk, and Crisis stooped down to pick up her board. When she stood back up, the man was back.

    "YOU KEPT US WAITING TOO LONG!!" the man yelled, the very Earth trembling with is voice.

    "But were only gone for..." Crisis started, carrying a quivering Gardevoir in her arms.

    "NEVERMIND THAT!" the man hollered. He shoved a PokeBall into Banshee's hands. "JUST TAKE YOUR SABER-TOOTHED PERSIAN AND GO!" He strained for breath, his head and neck so taught it looked as if it were about to explode. "I'M A VERY... BUSY... MAN! BE MORE PROMPT NEXT TIME!"

    Crisis and Banshee promptly leapt out the nearest window. Fortunately, it was open, so there was no collateral damage. They rolled to their feet and continued walking as if nothing had happened.

    "Man, I thought that guy's head was about to explode," Crisis said, dropping her skateboard and coasting along on it. "So... do you really think there's a Saber-Toothed Persian in here?"

    ((So, is that allowed, Ozzy? I thought I should let you decide before I did anything actually definitive with it.))
  32. ((I'll allow that for two reasons.

    1 - You're a worthy RPer. You're good at it and you're just...freaking FUNNY.

    2 - A saber-toothed Persian isn't a new SPECIES, per se. It's just a Persian whose Bite is worse than its Growl. If it's like a testosterone-infused Persian, I don't see what's wrong with it. But if it shoots Ice Beams and charges the opponent with Flare Blitz (I'm assuming Persian doesn't actually learn those moves), we have a problem.

    So it's just an aggressive Persian, I'm assuming?))
  33. ((It's pretty much a Persian on 'roids with an overbite, yes. It's no bigger compared to other Persians than Curtis' Charizard is bigger than other Charizards. Also, I'm pretty sure they can learn Ice Beam, or they could back in the RBY days.))
  34. (...Oh. I didn't think they could learn Ice Beam o_O

    Anywho. It's a 'roided Persian like Curtis has a 'roided Charizard. I don't exactly like Curtis' 'roided Charizard because he made it bigger simply to avoid being Intimidated by Xela's Salamence, but whatever, I guess...

    I'll have an RPG post later today, I PROMISE. It's been a rough summer so far.)
  35. ((Yeah, what with you're terrible self-employed job, Ozzy! :p))

    Matt had forgotten how much fun flying was. Riding along on the powerful Dragon-Flying type's back, taking in the sights, the smells, and letting his hair get swept this way and that, by the rushing wind.

    He opened his mouth to yell, and he got a ton of moisture in his mouth. He spat it out with gusto, said, telepathically, this time:

    Midnight replied.

    He said, scornfully.

    Urgh.... Matt thought. He's not a liar, either....

    ((I decided to leave it at that. :p SOMEBODY besides Me, or G_M post! We can only take the story so far eh, Gardevoir Master? And, by the way, Midnight the Salamence is JUST as immature as Matt. ;D))
  36. Ozzy soared over south Mt. Coronet. There wasn't much...A few hills...Young Trainers pacing back and forth with their Pokemon...A sweet-smelling tree swaying in the breeze. There wasn't a sign of the Rockets anywhere. Hunh.

    Ozzy relaxed on Blitzkrieg's back and wondered what was inside the meteor. Curtis described is as purple goo. Maybe it was jam...Or Jell-O. Mmmm...Grape Jell-O.

    Ozzy's thoughts were interrupted when Blitzkrieg suddenly plummeted from the sky.

    "Whoa!" Ozzy said, the zero-G taking over. "What's going on? What's wrong, dude?" he frantically asked Aerodactyl, who was thrashing about in confusion. Something had confused Blitzkrieg! He looked around to see a Golbat flying around with a Rocket Trainer, clad in his Batman-esque suit, below him on the ground.

    "Bullseye!" he cheered. "Nice Confuse Ray!"

    Ozzy grabbed Aerodactyl and regained control. He hopped on his back and guided him to the ground, a ways away from the Rocket. He looked around frantically and saw dozens of them - Grunts moving things, Trainers organizing them, a CEO overseeing it all, and scientists observing what they found. He couldn't quite see, but he thought that the massive number of Rockets meant that they had found something. He fed Blitzkrieg a Persim Berry, hopped on his back, and told Aerodactyl to head back to Oreburgh Town to find Crisis. He was intercepted by the Trainer's Golbat before he took off.

    "Not so fast," the Trainer said. "You match the description of one of the defenders who got a bunch of Rockets arrested last night! I'm takin' you to see the boss!"

    "Volt is here?" Ozzy asked.

    "It's SIR Volt to you!" the Trainer growled, "and he's on his way! We'll keep you tied up and relieve you of the burden of carrying your Pokeballs for you."

    "You guys are all very greedy," Ozzy concluded. "I assume this will be a one-on-one?"

    "If you wanna do it the hard way, then fine! Go, Golbat!" he said, pointing his Golbat to Ozzy and Blitzkrieg.

    "I'm not going to use Blitzkrieg here," Ozzy declared. "I'd rather switch it up. Go, Magnezone!" he called, tossing out a Great Ball that released a bright silver Magnezone.

    The Trainer spasmed. "That's a shiny Magnezone!" he stated quite obviously.

    "Brilliant deduction! Oh, yes! Very brilliant! Are you a detective??" he asked harshly. "Yes, it's a Magnezone. My friend in Kanto gave it to me as a parting gift. He caught it as a Magneton in the Power Plant. I trained in Mount Coronet and evolved it into Magnezone. And today, it's gunna kick your ass!"
  37. "I wonder if this really is a Sabre-Toothed Persian," Crisis said as she and Banshee sat down on a bench in the Pokemon Center together. Crisis took out her PokeDex and scanned the PokeBall. "It registers as a normal Persian, but its stats are abnormally high."

    Crisis exchanged glaces with Banshee. The Gardevoir shrugged.

    "Well, let's let him out, then," Crisis said, opening the PokeBall. "Kick the tires, so to speak."

    A large Persian appeared on the floor in front of her. It was curled up in that way cats do, snoozing away.

    "Must've been fossilized in its sleep, or something," Crisis commented. "It looks normal enough."

    A stick appeared in Banshee's hand, and she proceeded to poke the sleeping feline with it. She never got it back. She did, however, manage to awaken the ancient Persian, who slowly stood to his full height. He was muscular for a Persian, was a little scruffier around the chin, and bore two big fangs. Other than that, he was physiologically identical to a modern Persian that works out regularly and neglects to shave.

    The Sabre-Toothed Persian regarded Banshee with a drowsy eye, bringing his face awkwardly close to hers. He huffed dismissively, and turned his attention to Crisis. His eyes focussed lazily on his new trainer, and she wasn't entirely certain he saw her but it seemed like he intended to. His head drifted to the side aways, and he took notice of the empty spot next to her. He started to climb onto the bench, then slumped over and fell asleep.

    "Gardevoir," Banshee commented.

    "I'll say," Crisis agreed. "It's like he's hung-over or something. That's a heck of a trip. Getting drunk and waking up in an unfamiliar epoch... Did they even have alcohol back then?"

    "Garde," Banshee replied with another shrug.
  38. Matt was really enjoying flying. He hadn't landed after two hours of it. He had asked if Midnight was tired, but he said no. He was enjoying it as much as his trainer.

    Matt said, telepathically.

    Midnight replied.

    Matt said.

    He replied, confused.

    As they drew nearer, a scene came into focus.
    There were dozens of Rocket Revival agent swarming around.
    But there was something else, a bit closer to Matt, and Midnight.
    It was a young boy, fighting a Rocket Revival "Trainer". Higher than a Grunt, yet two levels lower than the second in command.
    The Rocket was using a Golbat. What a suprise.
    The boy, No, wait, that was Ozzy! Ozzy was using a Shiny Magnezone. It was a very bright silver color.
    Ozzy said something, though Matt couldn't hear it. By the way he said it, though, it seemed to Matt he was being a bit obnoxious.

    Said Matt.

    He replied, and swooped down to the ground, crouched to let Matt off, and Then stood to his full height, too look intimidating, no doubt, though he already had the ability Intimidate.

    "Hiya Ozzy." Matt said, holding back a laugh at the Rockets expression of terror at Midnight.
  39. "Matt!" Ozzy exclaimed as his Magnezone launched a Thundershock at Golbat, which zapped the Flying-type quite nicely. Ozzy wheeled around and smiled at the white-haired kid.

    "I was just on my way to let Crisis know that there is an unusually huge number of Rockets here, but this clown intercepted me. Apparently, the leader is on his way here. Fly to Oreburgh City and let her know, okay? And tell her to call Xela and Curtis. We'll need backup."

    Golbat sunk his fangs onto Magnezone's Steel-type body in his best Bite attack possible. It didn't do much except hurt Golbat. Magnezone responded with Magnet Bomb, hitting the bat Pokemon dead-on. It was weak, but it still had fight left in it.

    "Go!!" he ordered Matt.
  40. "Go!!" Ozzy ordered.

    Matt smiled back, and replied: "Alright!" He then turned his attention to his Salamence, who was still trying to intimidate the Rockets. "Midnight! Let's go!"

    He said.

    Matt hopped on Midnight's back, and the dragon-flying type took off.

    He did not reply, he just narrowed his eyes, and straightened out his body, to make it more aerodynamic.

    Matt wondered how long it might take to get to Oreburgh. He checked his Poketch, and figured it would take about thirty minutes, flying at the speed they were. A very fast speed it was, too.

    In about thirty minutes, Matt's figurative idea proved to be true, as the bustling mining city of Oreburgh came into view.

    Matt said telepathically.

    Replied Midnight.

    Matt said, rubbing his cheek. It had happened to him once.

    Midnight said, suspiciously.

    Matt said indignantly. He hid his face from Midnight, as he was blushing.

    Midnight said, accusingly.

    And there she was, standing in the middle of the road, with her back to them.

    He comlied, and Matt ran up to Crisis, and said: "Crisis! Thank goodness I found you! Liste-" He stopped short, as the girl turned around, to reveal an older woman, in her sixties, with so much makeup on, her face looked dry as sand. "Ahh!!! Scary old lady!!"

    She was so offended, she reached into her purse, and pulled out a can of pepper spray.

    "Take this, you rude, idiot boy!" And gave him a face full of the stingy gas.

    "OW! Owowowowowow!! That stings!! OOOOOOW!"

    "Good! And take this!", and she smacked him around the face with her handbag, which sent him flying.

    He was knocked out for a little while, as he had flown straight into a tree.

    When he awoke, he saw Midnight standing over him, a smirk on his face.

    "Ow... That really hurt..." Matt said, his eyes still burning from the pepper spray, and a lump forming under his right eye, where she had hit him.

    Choked Midnight, rolling on the ground with laughter.

    "Grr... Stupid old lady... Why did she hit me?!"

    And as he was looking away from Midnight, restraining himself from hitting him, he saw her. Crisis, the one they had come here to find, sitting on a bench about a hundred yards from where Matt was sitting.

    He got up, leaving the laughing Midnight there, and ran over, this time making sure it really was her, and said: "Crisis!! Awesome! Listen, we, that is to say, Ozzy and Me, need help with the Rockets! We need backup, 'cause theres dozens of 'em! Call Curtis and Xela! WOW, cool Persian!" He realized he was talking too much, and stopped.
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