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Sinnohs of our Fathers! Back online, everybody! Sign up now!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ozzybeans, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Meanwhile, back at the Old Chateau:

    This was his chance! He hadn't had a chance to catch a worthwhile pokemon since his Houndour. He reached into his backpack for a pokeball, and pulled one out. it was the yellow and black one he had found earlier, so he decided he should use it. "Pokeball, go!" He said as he expertly tossed the pokeball at the Haunter. The pokeball hit the Haunter, opened, and enveloped the dazed pokemon in a bright red light. The ball shuddered 3 times, and then dinged. He had caught it! But, there remained the issue of the Rotom. So, he decided to kill two birds with one stone--not literally, that is. He reached into his bag for another pokeball. A normal red and white one this time, but it was a pokeball nonetheless. He threw it at the Rotom. It hit the ghost with a static charge, enveloped it in a bright red light, shuddered once, twice....and a third. He had caught the Rotom, as well! It had turned from a horrible day, with large crowds, into a day where he had caught two--count 'em, two--pokemon, in under 5 minutes. He couldn't wait to tell someone, and what better place than the place he had been avoiding all day? He headed off to the D/P Festival in Eterna, where, unbeknownst to Tristan, there was a contest just waiting for him.
  2. Ozzy watched the child dry his eyes and run away. "Hrm. I wonder if that Rhydon will ever get its horn fixed. That girl's pretty nice. I should say hi to her while I'm waiting for my turn."

    Alakazam rolled his eyes.

    "Oh, come now, 'Zam! It's a girl. Guys naturally like talking to girls."

    Alakazam gave his Trainer a look.

    "...Okay, so I talk to girls a lot. That's not a bad thing! I just appreciate women."

    Alakazam looked Ozzy square in the eye.

    "...Bah! Off with you, Alakazam. Go meditate," Ozzy suggested as he walked over to Crisis. Gardenia had announced the next match and it was already underway. It would be a while before he and Curtis battled, being 17th and 18th respectively, so talking to the victor would be a nice way to kill time.

    "I dare SAY, your Gardevior put up quite a show. That little bit with the umbrella got me good! And being a collector, you had my heart racing when you announced that you were sending out a Groudon, you trickster, you."

    Ozzy extended a hand for shaking. "Ozzy," he said amiably.

    (TPL, you kind of missed the signups for the tournament. ^_^; And you aren't allowed to catch legendaries, right? I think Rotom was a legendary...Man, I was hoping for an awesome fight between Houndour and Rotom.)
  3. "Heh. Thanks," Crisis said, scratching the back of her head. "It was a spur of the moment, thing, really. I just felt like doing something silly like that, and when you've got all that energy, why fight it? It's the same with Banshee here. Isn't that right?"

    "Garde," the Gardevoir nodded in agreement.

    "We do what we feel like, that's all there is to it," Crisis continued. "But the first round's just fun and games. After that, we can get real serious."

    A pair of nose-and-moustache glasses suddenly materialized on Banshee's face.

    "Or not," Crisis said. "Whatever."
  4. "My Alakazam would have a HEART ATTACK if he saw your Gardevior act the way it does. He's very focused. Such a serious Pokemon. They're the best to tease, wouldn't you agree?"

    Ozzy chuckled and looked back at his Alakazam, meditating by the Palkia statue. It had opened one eye to give Ozzy a glare.

    "Ha ha ha. By the way, I don't think I caught your name."
  5. "Yeah, it's funny when their heads explode," Crisis said. "Being so stiff is really unhealthy. The name's Christine Isaaks, but everyone calls me Crisis. A pretty and dangerous name for a pretty and dangerous girl, wouldn't you say?"
  6. "Well, I fail to see how you're dangerous, but you're most certainly pretty," Ozzy replied, smiling. They were blazing through the matches pretty quickly.

    "Hmm. It seems our match will be upon us any time now. I'm going to go psych up my Alakazam. As much as I dislike his seriousness, I can't force him to change his ways; that's just wrong. I cater to his style, instead. So I'll see you around, all right? We'll talk after our match. Maybe we'll even get to battle each other," the musician said, turning around, flashing a charming smile, and walking back to his Alakazam.

    "All right, you, we're up against a fiesty ol' Charizard. Seeing as I have one, I know what their weaknesses are. We can get 'im good, for sure."

    His Alakazam looked up and grinned.
  7. Crisis smiled at Ozzy. "I'm looking forward to it." She turned to Banshee as Ozzy walked away. "He should be fun. Let's go get some funnel cake while we figure out what to replace the Iron Ball with."

    "Garde," the Gardevoir replied, clapping her hands. The two turned and went to look for a booth.
  8. Kai said.

    "I should be the one worrying about that," Xela said, shaking her head. "You should just worry about keeping your strength up. I'm glad we ate before we got here... I'm just not so glad that the tournament and festival are here of all places."

  9. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis walked up to the girl named Crisis, I heard your looking for another Iron Ball, Curtis said, here, take this one.

    Crisis looked like she was about to refuse so Curtis said, Don't worry I have two more, there really easy to find in the Sinnoh Underground, oh and Ozzy, don't expect a easy win, I taught Charizard a Fire type move that can K.O Water and Rock type Pokemon. Curtis gave him a friendly, yet competitive smile. Both Curtis and Charizard knew about Alakazams' weaknesses as well, as Curtis owns one to, but rarely uses it however, they weren't going to get cocky if they did they would with out a doubt lose the match.

    (Ooc: Ozzy, Rotom isn't a legendary, the pokedex doesn't say anything about it being legendary or any thing similar and you can enter it in battle tower, I call Pokemon like Rotom and Regirock Semi-Legendarys because there a once in a game catch but they cane be entered in battle tower, battle zone, etc but don't worry, its a common mistake)
  10. "A Fire-type move that beats Water and Rock types? I'm guessing Blast Burn. Are you sure you want to try a move so risky?" Ozzy asked. He was worldy. He could sense that Curtis was a knockout Trainer; one that either goes for the kill in one blow or fails to hurt the foe at all.

    Gardenia announced the victor of the current match as number 16, beating number 15 in a landslide victory.

    "Would the next two competitors please come up onto the stage?" Gardenia asked.

    "Looks like I won't have to wait long," Ozzy said, standing up on stage with Alakazam. He faced his Psychic Pokemon.

    "All right, let's review. Charizard is a speedy, strong fighter. You, however, are quite a bit faster and quite a bit better at using non-physical attacks than Charizard is. We simply need to outmanuever it and hit it with your special attacks."

    Alakazam nodded.

    "However," Ozzy warned, "we have to be careful. Charizard may not be as good as you in terms of speed and non-physical power, but he's quite sturdier and much more well-rounded. He can use physical attacks as well as special attacks and we know that close combat isn't your thing. Keep your distance, PLEASE."

    Alakazam took this into consideration.

    "Now, then, the strategy. The Charizard you and I know and love may be relaxed and enjoys the evening spot of tea with us, but that doesn't mean all Charizards are like that. I can summarize, in one word, how you can bring this Charizard to his KNEES."

    The 'Zam looked at his Trainer curiously. Ozzy leaned over and whispered something into the Alakazam's ear. The Psychic Pokemon grinned.

    "Got it?" Ozzy asked. "Then let's do this!"
  11. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis smiled, as he heard Ozzy mutter something about Alakazam being faster then Charizard and him being a one hit kill trainer.

    Boy was he in for a surprise, thought Curtis as he walked up to the stage coming face to face with Ozzy.

    As soon as Gardenia yelled, "start" Curtis yelled, "Charizard use Flamethrower". Instantly a jet of fire came hurtling at Alakazam with a speed ranging about 100 mph.Though, Charizard and Curtis were still one there toes' for the counter that was about to happen.
  12. (OOC: I'm not kidding; Alakazam actually IS faster than Charizard >.>)

    Alakazam immediately responded with a Psychic attack at full force. An invisible lump of psychokinetic energy manifested itself in front of the 'Zam and zipped forward. The ball pushed right through the heart of the flame jet and deflected the flames into every direction except forward. Curtis' Charizard could see the ripple in the flame jet showing them how quickly the Psychic attack approached.

    Alakazam jumped back and used a Recover attack to heal the minor burns. Though he had successfully deflected the flame stream, the sheer heat burned his skin somewhat. He needed to be in top condition. Alakazam had experienced the Sinnoh League in all of its difficulty; even though he was battle-hardened, he knew a Charizard was something else.

    Alakazam stayed on the defensive. He needed to see what his foe's Charizard was capable of so he could judge how tough the fight would be.

    Ozzy bit his nails. Alakazam had a habit of "sniffing out" his opponent and he didn't like it. It worried him. It's worked more often than not in the past, but he always knew Charizard was one of the better Pokemon. "C'mon, Alakazam, keep up the fighting spirit...Remember what I told you..."
  13. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis yelled quickly," Get close to Alakazam before he fully recovers and use Fly. Instantly Charizard jumped up just enough to doge the psychic energy ball and, in about a second, Charizard was collided with Alakazam. Ozzy's' mouth opened a little bit, he seemed to be asking him self," How can a Charizard move that fast"

    Curtis smiled, "Charizards' Clownish and Jolly natures made him super fast, with speed to rival an Alakazam. He also knew that Alakazams had a low Defence stat, so using a super fast fly was Perfect against his Alakazam", Curtis thought, though moving that fast was a little tiring, good thing he has high Stamina.

    (Ooc: I know Charizards aren't as fast as Alakazams, but my Charizards speed enhancing natures make my Charizard about as fast as an Alakazam)
  14. "Huh. Dang," Ozzy commented, rather bewildered. "'Zam, I'd recommend getting him off of you." Ozzy wondered how a Jolly Charizard could have produced such a powerful Flamethrower attack.

    Alakazam didn't like when other Pokemon got into his personal space. He closed his eyes and began to glow while the Charizard drove him into the ground. He launched a Focus Blast at point blank range, which hit the Charizard hard despite the type weakness simply due to the close range of the attack combined with 'Zams strength. The Charizard was sent reeling, although he deftly regained his balance in mid-air.

    Just in time to see a wave of Psychic energy rocket toward him.

    'Zam Recovered, although it was apparent the blow hit him hard. Judging his opponent's strength was over - he could tell this 'Zard was damn fast and he had to respond by fighting fire with fire.

    I meant speed. Alakazam has to be fast, too. He wouldn't use a fire attack on Charizard. Duh.

    "You're up against a pretty determined Pokemon, Curtis. Charizard may be able to fly faster than Alakazam, but my Alakazam has impeccable reaction time. It's a test of which is better - movement speed or attack speed. I'm excited," Ozzy said, watching his Alakazam giving it all. He prayed he could keep it up - Alakazam was huffing and puffing already.
  15. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis smiled, O.K then Charizard, you O.K? Charizard waved his hand side to side which meant that he was so-so. Crap, Curtis thought, that was a Fighting type attack and it was still knocked the wind out of Charizard. Let move it up to the next level, Curtis bellowed, use Fire Blast! Immediately a huge fire blast, taking the shape of a human with its arms and legs spread out, started Rocketing towards Alakazam.

    Charizard kept his guard up, If he counters Fire Blast, he thought, I'll need to move quick.
  16. Alakazam frowned. That was a huge attack. It was fairly easy to see coming, however, and he used a move he hadn't used since he was just a lil' Abra.

    Alakazam closed his eyes and teleported forward out of the way of the Fire Blast. He looked up at the Charizard. Now, to mount another atta-


    The Fire Blast hit the ground where Alakazam was once standing hard. He had clearly avoided the direct hit, but the force of the attack knocked 'Zam down! Alakazam applied simple knowledge to the situation. This Charizard was fast and put 110% power into his attacks, even though Jolly Pokemon don't typically like using non-physical attacks. However, he allowed himself to get hit at point-blank range by Alakazam's Focus Blast. He must have been a young and tough 'Zard; his strength was nothing to scoff at, but he was brash.

    When Alakazam got to his feet, he saw the 'Zard rushing at him with another Fly attack. He assessed his own injuries. He wouldn't be able to take on the Charizard's attack because it'd surely end in failure. Even hit by a Focus Blast, this Charizard was fighting at full force and Alakazam was weakening. He had no time for a Recover.

    Alakazam anticipated the Charizard's move to the best of his ability. He teleported by the Dialga statue and launched another Psychic attack at the area at which he was just standing - and where the Charizard was zooming towards. He assumed a defensive stance. If the Psychic attack hit, the battle would be his. If the Charizard dodged, 'Zam would surely lose. 'Zam prepared for the worst and got into a defensive position, hoping that if his Psychic attack failed, he would at least be able to hang onto consciousness and try again.

    Alakazam gulped. His hopes rode on the ball of psychic energy that rocketed towards where Charizard was going.

    Ozzy, grinning widely, was sitting on top of the Palkia statue to get a better view. "What a SHOW!" he said. "It all comes down to this!"

    OOC: This fight deserves a dramatic ending. XD It's intense! I'm waiting to see what Charizard'll do!
  17. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    NO, Curtis yelled, the psychic energy ball was a direct hit, Charizard roared and hit the ground, hard. Charizard was breathing hard and Gardenia was about to declare Alakazam the winner, but Charizard roared before she finished.

    Charizard, it's all or nothing now, Curtis yelled, use it now! Curtis saw Ozzy and Alakazam brace for what they thought was Blast Burn, but it didn't come.

    How sad, Alakazam thought, it looks like he's trying summoning some sort of last reserve ener-OH NO! Instantly Charizards' flame on its tail grew twice its' normal size, his wounds started healing, he started gaining energy out of nowhere.

    Charizard, Curtis yelled, activate your Blaze now!

    Charizard roared at the suddent increase in power, this was the climax of the battle.

    O.K Charizard you know what to do, Curtis yelled. Instantly, Charizard aimed his tail at Alakazam and smashed his tail against the ground and it sent out four, huge, flames strait at Alakazam, each moving at a speed of 200mph and each hotter then 1000 degrees, this was Blast Burn.

    Now do it, Curtis yelled.
  18. "...God DAMN, my Alakazam's about to die!" Ozzy cried out.

    The flames rushed all over Alakazam before he understood what happened. 'Zam's eyes went wide open and he was pushed back off his feet. He fell straight on his face. He hit the ground so fast that he didn't even notice he was severely burned. Alakazam's legs hit the ground, burned to the point where he couldn't move them. His elbows hit the ground, and he laid there, looking down at the ground, in total shock. The attack was over in under a second.

    "I've never seen an attack like that. I wonder what THAT was," Ozzy said, hopping down off the pedestal.

    "Wait," Gardenia said. "The Alakazam is still concious! The fight's still on!"

    "Still concious? He's in shock! The attack paralyzed him. He can't even move!"

    Alakazam grunted. His eyes sparked a bright white. Charizard's attack was so unexpected and so unorthodox that it paralyzed the 'Zam, and his natural Synchronize ability had paralyzed Charizard as well. Alakazam looked up at Curtis' Charizard. Ozzy and Gardenia argued about whether or not the fight was over.

    Alakazam didn't want to give up. He was a focused Pokemon! He devoted himself to this! He wasn't going to be defeated by some young, brash, reckless lizard!

    The 'Zam struggled to his feet, much to Ozzy's protests. He held up his twin spoons, twitching from paralysis, and glowed. He launched his final Psychic attack at Curtis' Charizard before falling backwards and passing out. Alakazam, being the determined Pokemon he was, tried to take down his foe with him. He was knocked out.

    The Psychic attack was worthless. 'Zam was too weak to focus. Charizard, having healed his wounds (???) shrugged off the attack and stood as tall as he could with his paralysis.

    Gardenia raised her hand. "Charizard is the victor!"

    Ozzy was silent. "...Damn." He returned Alakazam to his Pokeball. Classy as though he was, he wasn't the best loser. "What the hell WAS that attack?"

    (...So, you made up attack that moves at an ungodly speed at ungodly temperatures while simultaneously boosting Charizard's strength and healing him? I want to know where my Charizard can get that attack. >_>)
  19. (ooc - yeah, curtis, i'm relatively sure that's borderline godmoding--if not godmoding.)
  20. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis was stunned, they won?

    We did it Charizard, Curtis yelled, we did it...Charizard, I don't believe it. Charizard passed out as soon as he was declared the winner, the blaze wearied off just before Gardienia declared Charizard the winner and all the wounds that Charizard had came back to him, so he fainted almost immediately, and he was still standing!

    Phew, Curtis said/sighed while carring Charizard on his back, if it wasn't for Blaze, you would have won, and you still might have won if you didn't underestimate us. Curtis smiled and returned Charizard to his pokeball.

    You almost beat us, Curtis said smiling as they walked of to the Pokemon Center to heal Charizard and Alakazam.

    (Ooc: Blast Burn is only about 700 degrees and travels about 120mph( I'm just guessing this), but Blaze, which all Charizard should have, multiplied Blast Burns' power by 1.33 when they're close to fainting, the temporary wounds healing thing is something I got from the Pokemon T.V show, but all his wounds came back to him in about a minute, so all your Alakazam had to do was wait a few more seconds to launch his attack and he would have won ;D)
  21. (Damn the show. I hate the show. XD Also, I didn't know that was Blast Burn. I thought Blast Burn was an amplified Flamethrower. But giant flames coming out of the tail's much cooler XD How'd you know Blast Burn was 700 degrees hot?)

    And TPL, get roleplayin'. You're the only one not in the tournament so far and I can RP with you while Xela and...whoever else it was are fighting.)

    Gardenia asked the next two fighters to approach the stage.

    "Dammit, we didn't underestimate you! My 'Zam had that under control; we shoulda won! Your Charizard got lucky," Ozzy griped. "How'd Charizard win? He got hit full force by 'Zam's Psychic. Alakazam's forte is Psychic moves! He's best at using psychokinesis! That should've ended it right there!"

    Ozzy certainly wasn't the best loser. He placed his Pokeball on the counter of the Pokecenter, upon which the nurse put it in the machine and restored it to full health. He grabbed the Pokeball and went to his PC to get a few more Pokemon while he was here.

    He sifted through the Boxes for a while before settling on three more Pokemon to use for now. He walked back to Curtis and released Alakazam. His Alakazam glared at Curtis.

    the Psychic type said telepathically to Curtis.
  22. (i'm waiting for the award ceremony. )
  23. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis placed Charizard on the Pokemon Centers desk as he heard Ozzy complain about his loss. Sorry I said I underestimated you, I didn't mean it, I was just caught up in the moment and Charizard and I didn't exactly win in a landslide you were about two seconds away from beating us.

    Nurse Joy came out, handing Curtis his Pokeball containing Charizard, Curtis was about to let him out when Alakazam talked to him telepathically, asking him how long they had been together, Curtis almost dropped the pokeball in shock before answering Alakazam his question.

    Well, Curtis began, it depends on how you look at it, I meet Charizard as a Charmander in Johoto in Cherygrove town, thats were I was born, at four, every day we'd play a little in the Forest ,were he lived, and sometimes at my house. When I was six we had to move to Kanto and the only way for him to remain my friend was to make him my Pokemon and he, of course, agreed. He evolved into a Charmeleon when I was seven and evolved into a Charizard when I was eleven, We started our Journey at twelve and now we've been at Sinnoh for about three months now. So we've be traveling for four years but we've been friends and partners since I was four, so, in total we've been together for over ten years.Curtis took a deep breath after saying all this, what a mouth full! He looked at his Pokeball and decided to let out Charizard. The pokeball opened and Charizard appeared, all his wounds gone and what little blood he had on him was cleaned of, though he still looked a little bit tired.

    Using a combination like that was a little bit foolish, said Nurse Joy, but he'll get all he strength back by the next round provided he eats some food, I would recommend getting something to eat for Alakazam too.

    Right then, the next round shouldn't start for at least another hour so I saw a Subway and a Burgerking near by, both had T.Vs, so we can get a bite and watch the tournament at the same time, how does that sound, Curtis said. Charizard let out a roar of approval while waiting for Ozzy and Alakazams answer.

    (Ooc: sorry if I godmodded a bit, oh and Ozzy, I agree with you, the show isn't that good, but I was board on Sunday and this was the only thing on, and I guessed the heat of Blast Burn but, seeing as it's the most powerful Fire type attack, it has to be very hot, right)
  24. Ozzy shrugged. "I'm not particularly that hungry, but I suppose I'll tag along. If anything, because 'Zam needs to eat. I don't think our Pokemon would appreciate fast food, however. 'Specially THIS one," he said, pointing a thumb at Alakazam. "'Zam is the pickiest eater I've ever met. I suppose we'll have to wander for a while before we find someplace good."

    They left the Pokecenter and walked into the dark streets of Eterna City. The sky was brightly lit with stars; there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The full moon shone brightly, illuminating what the streetlights didn't. They didn't get very far before they heard wild shouts coming from the festival area.

    "Those people are going nuts," Ozzy said. "There must be a helluva fight going on. Think we should check it out?"
  25. He raced through Eterna forest. Through the trees, and across the bridge. Unfortunately, by the time he had gotten into town, it was night. The festival was over, and he hadn't had a chance to show off his new pokemon. Downcast, he made his way home. "Welcome home, honey," she greeted him. "Why the long face?"
    "Well, today started off horribly to begin with, with the Festival and all. I made my way to the old house in the forest, to be alone for a bit, and i caught 2 pokemon while i was there. I got back to the city, but by the time i was there, there was no-one left to show them off to." He said. His mother comforted him, and got him to go to bed early.
  26. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis stopped as well when he heard the crowd let out a roar, and decided Ozzy was right, there was one huge fight going on. Curtis turned around to look at Ozzy and saw that they were right next to a Subway and a restaurant called Eternas Best, both had a T.V

    "Well, seeing as there are two restaurants, both that have a T.V, we could go to eather of them and see whats going on in the battle", Curtis said.

    , Charizard said.

    "Well, Curtis said, the restaurant probably has nicer food but it looks fairly expensive,not to mention we'll probably need reservations where as Subway isn't that bad, its a grinder shop and fairly cheap too, or we could go find another restaurant, your choice".
  27. Alakazam rolled his eyes.
  28. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis extended his hand to helped Ozzy up, as soon as Ozzy was on his own two feet Curtis said, "We'll have to put a hold on the grinders, there are Rockets at the Arena". Ozzy looked at him with a odd expresion, and before he could say anything Charizard blurted out,
  29. "You've got a lot of nerve!" Crisis yelled out. She was standing on a picnic table a few yards away from the pedestal. Banshee the Gardevoir was standing next to her, eating funnel cake. "You think you can just waltz in here during a tournament and demand our Pokemon where your outnumbered and outgunned? Who do you think you are? A magistrate?"

    Banshee gave Crisis a funny look.

    "Oh, c'mon," she said to her. "I know you saw that Strongbad cartoon."
  30. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    After a short sprint, Curtis and Ozzy made it to the Dialgia and Palkia statues to see Volt trying to steal some trainers Empoleon. He heard of Volt in Veilstone city and now he saw him, just about ten yards away.

    "We can't let them get away with this, right Charizard", Curtis asked.

    , said Charizard, cracking his knuckles.

    Ozzy, Alakazam, Curtis said turning to them, you ready for this? Curtis knew it was stupid asking this, he already knew the answer.
  31. "I wouldn't interrupt yet," Ozzy said. "That female Trainer with the Empoleon looks...dangerous. She can probably handle that Electivire. What I want to know is how he got a Master Ball. I don't even know where to get those."

    It was then that he saw that quirky Crisis girl and her quirky little Gardevior protesting Volt's actions.

    "Perfect! She can help. Curtis, go get Crisis. We need the help of her Gardevior. That girl and her Empoleon can hold off Electivire while we take care of these Rocket Grunts. They're overpowering the police," Ozzy ordered.

    It was true. The Rockets were using Koffings to poison the Growlithes and Golbats to finish them off. They were in need of assistance.

    "Hey, 'Zam, you want to take a break or do you think you can handle these chumps on an empty stomach?" Ozzy asked.
  32. "Let's go!" Crisis declared as she leapt onto the back of her Gardevoir. Banshee immediately teleported on top of one of the Koffings. Banshee didn't weigh much since she supported herself psychokinetically, but it got the wind knocked out of it when Crisis dismounted. "Time to fry some brains! Psychic!"

    "Garde," Banshee confirmed. She spun one arm around in a big circle in the air, then unleashed her psychokinetic powers on as many of the Poison-types as she could at once. "GardeeeeeeVOIR!"
  33. Koffing and Golbat are not durable Pokemon. Gardevior's Psychic attack knocked them out easily. They dropped like Yanmas.

    Chompy, meanwhile, was huffing and puffing on his knees. Giga Impact takes a lot out of a Pokemon. While Gardevior eliminated the Pokemon of 5 or 6 grunts, the rest were on Chompy like stink on a Skuntank. Koffings poisoned Chompy with gasses while the Golbats bit away at Chompy's skin.


    Chompy remembered he liked to chomp! The Garchomp sprung up in time to see a Golbat coming at him with a Wing Attack. Chompy opened his mouth wide and delivered a Crunch attack that Golbat won't soon forget. The Golbat rolled out of Chompy's mouth and onto the ground. He beat his tail against the ground to scare the Rockets into backing off.


    Chompy stood tall and proud, but he showed signs of weakness when he doubled over and coughed. He looked back up, wheezing heavily.

    "Ha!" a Rocket cried out. "He's poisoned! Get 'im!"

    With that, the Rockets attacked.

    "Chompy, use Dragon Rush! Seek out Banshee!" Ozzy called out. Upon command, Chompy folded up his wings and blasted forward, tackling the Rocket's numerous Poison-types at breakneck speeds. He zoomed through the crowd until coming to a skidding stop next to Banshee and Crisis.

    "Gaar - cough cough," Chompy said. Now that he was out of the crowd, he plucked the Lum Berry that was tied to his neck off and...well, chomped down on it. A little Lum juice hit Crisis' forehead. Chompy looked away sheepishly while the Lum Berry cleansed the poison.

    "Gaaaar..." he said, embarrassed.

    "Hrmm...Chompy's gotta be more careful. He doesn't have any more Lum Berries..." Ozzy commented. Now that Chompy was out of trouble, he could focus on Volt. Who the hell was this guy? Was he a man in a suit or...is he a machine?
  34. (( Sorry I haven't replied yet guys. Busy day, being Father's Day and all. ))

    "Sorry, mister," Xela said, her voice full of Disgust. "Kai and I don't like your style of thinking. Plus, he's already at his maximum potential... So far at least. You should never rush things with Pokemon. Also, you should never understimate a trainer, no matter the age. Oh, and... I spent a long time building up Kai's speed." She paused a moment, grinning. "Dodge it! Counter with Metal Claw!"

    The Empoleon dashed off to the side, his speed so immense that he was a mere blur. And that wasn't even his full speed. Suddenly he was in the air, his Metal Claw attack aimed at the Electivire's side. It would be fairly impossible for Kai's attack to miss, and almost even harder for the Electivire to dodge the attack.

    "Hope I don't have to call on... him..." Xela muttered, thinking of the Steelix she had in her team. A bad tempered thing, but useful, almost as high a level as her Empoleon.
  35. "For a bulky Pokemon, that Empoleon is rather fast," Ozzy remarked.

    "VIRE!" Electivire cried out in pain as the Metal Claw hit him full on. Being a sturdy little thing, he took the attack well. He landed on his feet and faced Empoleon, looking him in the eye. Electivire grinned.

    "Your penguin is fast, little girl," Volt said. "But no amount of speed or evasiveness can dodge a Shock Wave!"

    Upon the announcement of the move, Electivire's fur crackled with electricity. The brutish Pokemon glowed for a moment, and unleashed dozens of small electric shockwaves aimed at Empoleon, zipping along like a tumbleweed made of electricity. Despite the comparitively weak jolts of electricity that Shock Wave is made of, Electivire's proficiency with Electric attacks combined with Empoleon's distaste for the same type of attack would make for a painful move.

    "Let's see if your Empoleon can take that!" Volt shouted. "Electivire, prepare Charge Beam!"

    Ozzy watched as Electivire began to glow. The creature's fur bristled with electricity as small globules of electric energy gathered in the beast's hands. He assumed a Kamehameha-esque stance and prepared to fire the Charge Beam.

    "I hope that Empoleon can take hits," Ozzy murmured.

    EDIT: (By the way, I posted some general rules on determining battle and capture victories on the first page. Check 'em out. I'm gonna be posting moveset guidelines as well. And doesn't a Kamehamehaing Electivire seem awesome? XD)
  36. Fourteen year-old Matt Palmer had been watching the tournament, in it's entirety, from a tree, rather close to the arena. It had been pretty interesting. It got even MORE interesting when some whacko in a Robot suit showed up to crash the party(and probably to steal a couple of Pokemon, too). Judging by the Giant "R" on Whacko's forehead, he was a Rocket.

    I thought the Rockets Disbanded...thought Matt. Well, I guess not,
    seeing as Whacko here has an "R" on his robot-suit's forehead.

    As he was close to the arena, Matt could hear everything that was being said, and it snapped him back to reality.

    "You don't know what you're doing, kid," the Whacko said, his voice disguised with something, making it sound robotic, to go along with the suit.
    "Just withdraw your Empoleon and nobody gets hurt here. We Rockets merely wish for..."donations" of rare and strong Pokemon for the furthering of our ideals. We could train your Empoleon to its maximum potential. That's what the Rocket Revival is after! Realizing the true potential of Pokemon!"

    So they ARE Rockets! Thought Matt, I guessed right!

    His Electivire stomped the ground and howled. It was ready to fight.

    Then the girl with the Empoleon, Xela, said: "Sorry, mister," She said, with Disgust. "Kai and I don't like your style of thinking. Plus, he's already at his maximum potential... So far at least. You should never rush things with Pokemon. Also, you should never understimate a trainer, no matter the age. Oh, and... I spent a long time building up Kai's speed." She paused a moment, grinning. "Dodge it! Counter with Metal Claw!"
    The Empoleon rocketed of to the side with remarkable speed.

    Wow, that Empoleon's fast! Thought Matt. I doubt that attack'll miss.
    "VIRE!" The attack hit the Electivire with full force.

    Ouch. That must've hurt. Remarked Matt, in his head.

    He didn't realize it, but he was making mental notes of this battle, just in case. That happens alot with him. Also unbeknownst to Matt, his pokemon were reading those mental notes because of his telepathy.

    "Your penguin is fast, little girl," Whacko said. "But no amount of speed or evasiveness can dodge a Shock Wave!"
    At that, Electivire's fur started crackling because of all the electricity it's body. Then, it glowed for a second, and a ton of small-ish bolts of electricity shot out of it.
    If I remember correctly, that attack can't miss... Ow. Matt thought. THAT is gonna hurt. Empoleon is weak to electricity...Oh, boy.

    "Let's see if your Empoleon can take that!" Whacko shouted. "Electivire, prepare Charge Beam!" Electivire started glowing again.

    Uh oh, Matt thought, THAT is gonna hurt even MORE! Coupled with the fact that the Empoleon already was hit by a Shock Wave, and It's a water type.... I better help!

    It assumed a stance reminiscent of someone in a T.V show Matt used to watch, called "Dragon Ball Z", his name was Goku.

    Haha, it looks like a Kamehameha! Wait, that's a bad thing! No more waiting, time to go!

    And with that, He jumped out of his hiding place. Matt's white collared shirt, the same color as his hair, was fluttering as he came down, and it made the red Cross, the same color as his eyes, on it seem three-dimensional. His jeans were fluttering too, unexpectedly, they were usually stuck to his muscular legs.
    Much to the suprise of Wacko and his Electivire, he was younger than Xela.

    "Huh?! Wha..? Whacko said, suprised. He then regained his composure, and said: "Another child to defeat, huh? If you're ANYWHERE as easy to defeat as this one, it should be a piece of cake."

    Then Matt said; "Really? I've been watching you're entire battle with Xela, and it looked like YOU were the easy one, Whacko."

    "My name is Volt! Volt! Call me a whacko again, Boy, and I'll make you wish you were never born."

    And then, the Charge beam was ready. Electivire seemed to be having trouble Picking which person to use it on, though. Xela? Kai? Even Matt?

    "Electivire!" Yelled Volt, "Use it on the Empoleon! NOW!!"

    "Vire!" it said.

    Uh oh, I better send out Midd, and use an Endureversal! That'll win it! Thought Matt.

    "GO!! Midd!!" He yelled, and threw the Safari Ball his friend used to capture her. He said using his telepathic powers.
    In a flash of red Light, Midd the Kangaskhan was there, Using Endure to guard against the Charge Beam.

    "Kang!" She took the beam, and Matt could see that it REALLY hurt Midd. It was taking all his Willpower to stop himself from rushing over, and spraying her with a Hyper Potion.

    But, thanks to Endure, she was safe, albeit low on Health.

    She complied, and Smacked the Electivire with Reversal. Beaten, and worn, but not quite knocked out, Electivire screamed, "ELECTIVIRE!!!"

    Said Matt.

    She said back.

    Now, it was Volt's turn to scream, "Blast you, you stupid Electivire! You're So useless!"

    "Hey! Don't talk to your Pokemon that way, you jerk! Said Matt.

    "I'LL talk to MY pokemon however I please, Thank you very much."

    "That's IT! You're DONE FOR, YOU OLD GEEZER!! Cried Matt, Normally, and Telepathicly, respectively.

    "Geezer!? How DARE you call me an Old geezer!! You're DONE for yourself, Boy!"
    And with that, he sent out an Electrode to accompany his beaten, worn, Electivire.

    In the Second after Electrode was sent out however, Midd used Outrage.
    Very calmly, Volt said: "Electrode, use Shock Wave." And it did, Knocking out Midd.

    "MIDD!!! NO!" Shouted Matt, a tear coming to his eye. "You did a good job, Midd, return."

    (OOC; Sorry for the EXTREMELY long post, I just got into it, and couldn't stop. WOOT for RP'ing!)
  37. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis watched in awe as Chompy preformed one of the most powerful Giga Impacts he and Charizard ever seen.

    "Wow, impressive, Curtis said to Charizard, but nows not the time to be standing here stunned, we have to get to Crisis"! In about a minute, they reached her.

    "Crisis, as you may know we need your help, Curtis said, Ozzy's' Chompy it going to get killed if we don't", but at that moment, Chompy slide to a halt, right next to them with Ozzy not far behind.

    Curtis looked over to see if the Empoleon trainer was O.K when he saw another trainer appear with a Kangaskhan appear, and Volt sent out a Electrode and knocked it out.

    They look like they need help, thought Curtis as he sent out his Dragonite to accompany his Charizard.

    Ozzy, Curtis said to him as he was giving Chompy a Lum berry, I'm going to help those two defeat Volt with my Charizard and Dragonite, will you two be O.K?
  38. "That's it, you old geezer...." said Matt, angrily. "You're done for, here's my trump card....Go, Dusk!"

    And Matt threw a pokeball into the air. It exploded with a harsh red light, and Dusk the Black and white Luxray appeared. He was a Shiny, but not in the normal way. White where he should have been Black, and Black where he should have been yellow, He had kind red eyes that for once, were filled with Hate, his hate for Volt.
    "RAY!" He said.

    Matt caught the Pokeball as it came back, and said;
    "You ready, Dusk?"


    "You ready, Xela?"

    (OOC: Sorry for the short post, which contrasts with my first. :p )
  39. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis stopped at the small army of Rocket Grunts coming at them, he locked were Volt and the other trainers were to see the boy seen out a off color Luxray he called, Dusk.
  40. "I could probably have handled this on my own," Xela muttered. "But it looks like this'll go quicker... Let's go, Kai! Hydro Pump!" It was Kai's strongest attack, and since he held a Sea Incense, it was made stronger. The only problem was that it wouldn't be as strong against the Electrode.

    the Empoleon replied, then sent out the attack.

    (( Bleh... Short post... Can't quite think properly... I was up late last night... Or early this morning... ))
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