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Sinnohs of our Fathers! Back online, everybody! Sign up now!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ozzybeans, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. This is set in Sinnoh, as the title said. This is post-Diamond/Pearl, and Palkia and Dialga have returned to space and time. There's going to be a pretty garden where Spear Pillar once was ^.^

    The basic premise behind the RPG is the clash between the crippled Team Galactic and the Rocket Revival. The two are continually waging war with their Pokemon, after similar selfish goals: Team Galactic (led by Cyrus in Veilstone City) desires rare Pokemon to use in the name of power. The Rocket Revival (led by an old man named Volt who I'll describe later) desires rare Pokemon to sell in the name of money. The Galactics feel that the Rockets are wasting the Pokemon's potential and the Rockets think the Galactics are nuts for trying to do what the Rockets failed to do twice.

    The Rocket Revival operates a black market in which they sell unhappy, rare Pokemon in an underground facility underneath Sunyshore City.

    Volt is a man...or so people THINK. Nobody can exactly tell what he is as he wears a black robotic suit that somewhat resembles Elecman from Megaman Battle Network. His face is continually concealed by a mask whose eye and mouth openings resemble a wall outlet. His Electivire powers his machines and he frequently causes blackouts in the city, for which Volkner gets blamed. (I'll have to sprite him sometime.)

    (Note: I've not roleplayed in a forum in a long time. I've wanted to join a few RPGs, but I never could get into the rhthym, hence this RPG.)


    Eterna City

    Ozzy looked around excitedly. He happily watched the festivalgoers run to and fro, getting food from the barbeques and playing games with their Pokemon. The old, faded statues of the space and time Pokemon, Palkia and Dialga, had an aura around them caused by the setting sun. The clouds were dyed purple and orange, as if the whole sky was on fire. The festival had not yet begun, but people were getting ready.

    Today was D/P Day, the date upon which Cyrus of Team Galactic unleashed Palkia and Dialga on the world, causing pandemonium that would have surely ended Sinnoh as a whole if it wasn't for the heroic efforts of a boy named Lukas. Lukas had since gone on to defeat the Elite Four and then disappear to who knows where. The day he stopped Palkia and Dialga from obliterating Sinnoh was since revered as a holiday, although the exact manner of how he defeated them varies depending on who you talk to. Some say he beat them using his own Pokemon, some say he called upon the three fairies of the lakes, some say he opened a stairway to a different realm and summoned a Pokemon so immensely powerful that it could control Palkia and Dialga, and some say he used a Pokemon made of pure darkness to beat them. Nobody's quite sure.

    Eterna City was packed with kimono-dressed men and women. The traditional kimono for men was blue with silver embroidery and the traditional kimono for women was similar, but in mauve. Ozzy proudly bore a light blue kimono given to him by Gardenia the day before. He wonder where the girl was.

    He decided to travel lightly and place most of his Pokemon in the box. He kept his Alakazam with him because he was a well-trained fighter and also because Ozzy thought he looked rather DASHING in a blue kimono. Alakazam ruffled his whiskers in disapproval.

    "Gawwww, come on, Alakazam. You look smashing!"

    Alakazam looked at Ozzy sarcastically, rolled his eyes, and chuckled.

    "Ha, you know you like wearing it, Alakazam. I betcha you'll catch the eye of a pretty Kadabra around here. Who knows?" Ozzy said, teasing his trusty Psychic Pokemon.

    The spoon-bender responded by sending a psychic jolt to Ozzy's ankle, causing the guitarist to fall flat on his face with a resounding thud.

    "...All right, all right, you win," Ozzy said, standing up and dusting himself off. It was then that Gardenia, dressed in a rather attractive looking green and mauve kimono, stood up on the pedestal upon which the Palkia and Dialga statues sat. She spoke into a megaphone as the sun almost completely disappeared over the horizon.

    "Ladies and gentlemen," she shouted. "I wish you all...a HAPPY D/P DAY!"

    Upon her wish, a dozen Roserades danced out from behind her just as the sun completely blinked out from view. The Roserades spun around, doing a less harmful version of their Petal Dance and showering the cheering festivalgoers in cherry petals. Fireworks shot up into the sky and the games and activities were officially open. The social event was overwhelming; there were so many people to talk to, so many games to play, and so much FOOD to eat!

    "And don't forget," Gardenia continued, "that we hold our D/P Day tournament up here on the pedestal in one hour! The best Trainers get small Palkia and Dialga statues to decorate their rooms with!"

    And with that, the Gym Leader hopped down off the pedestal and joined the festivities while the fireworks and cherry petals bedazzled onlookers.

    Ozzy looked to his Alakazam, and the Psychic-type could already tell that his Trainer wanted to compete in that tournament. Alakazam grinned and flashed Ozzy a thumbs-up, which cheered up the collector.

    "All right," Ozzy said. "what do we do first?"


    I'm not the best RPer, but please join! I'll get better, I promise! ^_^

    EDIT: Some good rules to follow:

    > Legendaries are frowned upon having for the continuity of an RPG. If someone made an evil character and PMed me about a story arc where this evil dude has a legendary that needs to be stopped, that'd be pretty cool, but you cannot waltz in here and throw a Darkrai onto the playing field while flying around on a Lugia.

    > This one is important because I get frustrated easily and this can avoid it: Victory is determined by the loser. If RPer 1 delivers a superstrong move on RPer 2's Pokemon, RPer 2 determines whether or not his Pokemon loses. Be fair. If your Pokemon has been taking considerable punishment without healing of some kind and he gets hit with Focus Punch or Giga Impact, he probably won't take the hit. If RPer 1 says that RPer 2's Pokemon is knocked out, that's basically godmoding and I ain't tolerating that.

    > This rule applies to catching Pokemon, too. If you get into a fight with a wild Pokemon, I (as the gamemaster) will take the role of the wild Pokemon. I'll determine if you fought enough and are using a good enough Pokeball to capture it. I was a little aggravated when TPL's character caught a Rotom who hadn't taken any battle damage and was merely Confused with a standard Pokeball...Partially because there was no fight and partially because I THINK Rotom's a legendary. Hmph...

    > Going along with the second rule, if you get continually hit and your Pokemon never faints, you're godmoding. Even a Snorlax can't take a Focus Punch, two Flare Blitzes, and a Close Combat.

    > Godmoding results in an insta-boot from my RPG.

    > EDIT: Oh, as a guideline for movesets: Pokemon are avaliable to access all the moves they can learn plus TM moves. I think of the four-move restriction to be something like the Pokemon's main strategy, revolving around three or four moves (hence, those are the moves used most often). However, if the battle calls for a move not typically found in the strategy, that Pokemon can use it.

    For example, my Alakazam typically uses Psychic, Focus Blast, and Energy Ball as they all reduce Special Defense, and Recover if things get iffy. But as demonstrated against Curtis' Charizard, he was able to use Teleport when the situation called for it.

    So think of the four moves your Pokemon knows in-game as your Pokemon's "default" moves. Your Pokemon should use those moves most often (as part of a strategy or something), but he/she/it is able to call upon other moves it's learned in a pinch. M'kay? ^^

    These seem like standard rules, but I've roleplayed before. It happens. I don't want none of it in mah RPG >( Oh, and TPL is off the hook this one time with the Rotom thing because these rules were put up after he caught Rotom.
  2. Xela sat in front of the Dialga statue, her Empoleon, Kai, standing next to her. Darka, her Honchkrow perched on her head, and though it would bother most people, it didn't seem to affect Xela at all. Hovering beside and slightly above Xela was Gusta, a Drifblim.

  3. Tristan wasn't much of a partier. He knew that the D/P festival was going to occur today, so he skulked in the other direction. Across a bridge, and through the forest, there was a house that he often visited when there was somewhere he didn't want to be. Today was no different. Closely behind him followed a Houndour, his trusted companion. He and his Houndour had been through thick and thin, rough and smooth. They also seemed to attract large flocks of poisonous Pokemon wherever they went, so Tristan never left home without his Chansey--much to the dismay of his mother, who was quite the cook. So, today, when he went out to Eterna Forest, he wasn't surprised when a Weedle started to crawl up his pants.

    "Houndour, get it off me, please.", he asked his partner. Houndour complied, biting the Weedle's tail, and flinging it back into the dense forest with a quick twist of her head. As they continued towards the house, he found... A yellow and black pokeball? This was highly unusual to him, so he picked it up, and continued on his merry way. He made his way to the house, and went upstairs, and to the back of the house. he searched a few rooms, and found an old T.V.I wonder what a T.V. is doing in an old place like this? this building's been abandoned for well over 100 years! He pondered it for a moment, and decided not to mess with it. "Probably better off not doing anything to it, I don't want to get into trouble," he muttered to himself.

    As soon as he turned around, a Haunter appeared! It was the first wild Pokemon worth catching he had seen in quite some time, so he decided to make it his own. "Houndour, use bite!" Houndour agreed, and bit the T.V.! Houndour hadn't turned around, or seen the Haunter! Just as the Houndour made contact with the electron emitting device, a strange entity started to pour out of it. The entity composed itself, and took form as a Rotom.

    [ooc edit: is ozzy's 'zam male or female?]
  4. Ozzy was busy shooting targets to win a pretty Torchic doll for his room back in Hearthome. He had only recently returned home from Hoenn and figured his room could use some redecorating. The night in Eterna City was alive and energetic, and he could tell that there were lots of Trainers itching for the battles.

    "15 points short!" Ozzy shouted when he had finished shooting. "Gaww."

    Alakazam, who was hovering in meditation near the stand, had attracted onlookers while Ozzy was playing the game. The Pokemon eventually got agitated and lost his concentration, causing him to fall out of the air. Ozzy walked over.

    "Hey, everybody, hands off my Pokemon!" he grinned. The onlookers all made comments on Alakazam's "coolness" and continued on their ways.

    "You do realize I was joking about attracting Kadabras, right?" Ozzy asked.

    Alakazam didn't dignify that with a response and walked away. Ozzy quickly followed, chuckling. Gardenia returned to the pedestal with her megaphone and a clipboard.

    "All right, everyone, listen up!" she shouted. "The sign-up sheet is right here! We've a half an hour until the competition begins, and there are thirty-two spaces for Trainers! Remember, you're allowed to sign up with one and only one Pokemon! Sign up now!" And with that, she put the clipboard down.

    "The signup sheet! C'mon, Alakazam!" Ozzy said, grabbing his Psychic Pokemon by the hand and running to the crowd of Trainers who were itching for a spot in the competition.

    "'Scuse me...Pardon me...Got it," Ozzy said, grabbing the signup sheet from the other Trainer's hands. He barely had enough time to scribble his name and Alakazam's on the 17th spot before dozens of battle-hungry Trainers tore the clipboard from his hand. He and Alakazam clambered up onto the pedestal to get away from the Trainers. Gardenia stared at them in disbelief.

    "Jebus! It's like a mob!" she said.

    "Tell me about it," Ozzy replied. "That's just the way it is. Everyone's itchin' to prove how awesome they are at battling."

    He looked at Alakazam.

    "I personally think my Pokemon achieve their true potential on their own, and Alakazam's no exception. You ready to show 'em what an awesome Pokemon you are?"

    Alakazam is not a Pokemon who uses his telepathy to speak very often, but he made an exception just this once. The Psychic Pokemon nodded and said, "You betcha."



    "Rotooooooom!" the plasma Pokemon shouted, sending jolts of electricity to the dusty electronics in the room. The Haunter, who was busy sneaking up on Houndour, yelped and flew back, surprised. The plasma Pokemon saw Haunter first and engaged the ghost in battle.

    Rotom hit the Haunter hard with a Thundershock. Being a none-too-sturdy Pokemon, the Haunter reeled from the blow. The ghost recovered, however, as the plasma Pokemon send a Confuse Ray at it. In response, as a reflex, the Haunter sent his own Confuse Ray right back at the Rotom, and both Ghosts ended up dazed and confused. Haunter floated into walls, and Rotom's electricity caused the electrical devices he was controlling to go haywire.

    The situation turned dangerous when Rotom lost control. The TV screen shattered, sending glass everywhere. Lightbulb burned out and broke as well. The electrical socket to which the TV was plugged into lit on fire, and the wallpaper slowly began to burn. Wiring in the walls burst out and flailed around like tentacles. Rotom was sending Thundershocks out at random.

    Tristan had two options. He could either get out of the now-burning room and save himself, or he could catch a weakened Haunter. Even if he stayed, could he catch this malfunctioning Electric ghost or would he have to look for it later?

  5. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis and his long time friend Charizard walked up to the tournament sign up sheets. Curtis looked at his Charizard and smiled, he took great pride in his Charizard, he taught it a great assortment of moves, he had him since he was four(though he didn't catch it till he was six), trained it more than any other Pokemon he had, and he was 6"11, more than a foot bigger than an average Charizard! Curtis tapped his foot impatiently as he looked around to see dozens of people in Kimonos and looked down at his dark blue shirt and black shorts, glad that he decided against wearing a kimono even though it made him feel out of place. He came back to Earth realising that Charizard was tapping his shoulder and pointing to the sign up sheet for the D/P tournament.

    "Thanks Charizard", Curtis said as he walked up to the sign up sheet.He paused for a moment to consider whether to use Charizard or Dragonite.Charizard knew better moves but Dragonite had better stats, after thirty seconds he wrote on the clip board: Charizard next to the number 18. Curtis smiled to Charizard and he smiled back, that smile exchanged so many words of encouragement, excitement, and a we're-not-going-down-in-the-first-round feeling. Curtis finaly gave up the sign up sheet to the crowed that was nothing short of a mob.

    Charizard Char, Charizard said. Even though Curtis couldn't speak Pokemon he could understand what he meant.

    Yeah, lets get something to eat before the match, but something light so you don't puke if you get hit in the gut, Curtis said as they walked of to the consession stand.

    (Ooc: Thanks for the advice Ozzy)
  6. (OOC: Hey, Curtis, what's up? I'd just like to ask you to touch up your spelling and punctuation. Please use quotation marks when someone speaks ("Thanks, Charizard" instead of Thanks, Charizard) and Charizard is spelled with an "i". It's just easier to read that way. Thanks!)
  7. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis walked up to the consession stand and purchased Charizard and himself a hotdog. While they were eating there hotdogs Curtis noticed a kid with a Alakazam talking talking to Gardenia, but what interested Curtis was the trainers Alakazam, it was clear well taken care of and very strong. Curtis looked at his Charizard and saw he noticed the strong looking Alakazam too. Just then Curtis realised something, he was behind that kid when they went to sign up for the D/P tournament, he didn't notice the Alakazam before because he was spacing out.

    "O.K then, lets go say hello", Curtis said to his Charizard, who noded in agreement as they walked over to see the kid with the Alakazam.
  8. Xela glanced over to where the crowd was forming. "Time to sign up for the tournament...?" she muttered, then looked at Kai. "Shall we?"

    was the Empoleon's reply.

    "Well, I suppose..." the trainer said, starting towards the crowd. "Though I wish there weren't so many people..."

    After a while, with the help of Kai, Xela managed to push her way through the crowd to sign up. She rushed a bit to sign up, putting down Kai's name beside number 19, and her writing was a little sloppier than usual, but only because she hated being in crowds, as well as being in the spotlight. But a battle's a battle... she thought. And if I'm forced into the spotlight during the battle... So be it.

  9. Ozzy grunted.

    "I wish I had something to play on me," he said, as he remembered that his myriad string instruments were back in his house in Hearthome.

    He watched as a younger Trainer with a Charizard walked up to him and said hello.

    "Heya, mister. I see you have a Charizard! You don't see those often. I have one myself," Ozzy said, already getting carried away by the rare Pokemon in front of him. "I don't have him with me, though. Are you gonna compete in the tournament? He looks like a fighter!"

    Alakazam glared at him.

    "Sorry..." Ozzy said, realized he was rambling.
  10. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    "Wow this guy can talk, but he seems really nice though whey's he apologising to his Alakazam, thought Curtis. He saw Charizard smile and nod which signified he liked the kid.

    "Well thanks for complimenting my Charizard, I caught him when I was six, but I befriended him as a Charmander when I was only four, and yes I'm entering the D/P tournament with Charizard. its cool that you have one too, oh and don't call me mister, I'm only fourteen and my name is Curtis," Curtis took a breath after saying all this while his Charizard snickered at him for saying all that in one breath.

    Anyways, Charizard does contests too, Beauty contests(Charizard rolled his eyes) to be exact, Curtis said with pride, oh by the way your Alakazam looks very strong yet cool, and what's your name?

    (Ooc: This is my last post for the night so please don't go too far ahead with out me O.K)
  11. Sebastian walked descreetely into the mob surrounding the clipboard in front of him. "Hmmm," he thought "A tournement eh? I could in fact use some training. Me and Kaddy (a Kadabra) ough to try it out." Sebastian signed the sheet as neatly as one can whilst crazed trainers push and shove to get to the board. "Well number 20 huh? I suppose we get to wait until the tourney starts."

    OCC: Short but I couldn't think of anything else to put. Can't wait to battle!
    Dang you Curtis! I wanted to use my Charizard! Oh well as you know i used my Kadabra.
  12. "You can call me Ozzy," the musician replied. "I'm a musician-gone-collector. I've been going around the world for a good eight years. I've been to Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn. You could say I'm experienced." He grinned. "My 'Zam did contests a long time ago, before I got into battling. After we came back to Sinnoh from trying out the Hoenn Pokemon League, we tried beating Fantina in a Master Rank Smart contest. We lost, as we did many years before. You can't win 'em all!"

    Alakazam grumbled.

    "I trained my 'Zam to be a fighter afterwards. If we get paired up, you better expect a good fight! Here's hoping for it!" Ozzy raised a small glass of sake handed to him by Gardenia and knocked it back. "Nice meetin' ya, kid. I hope your Charizard can put up a fight. Pokemon trained for contests typically don't do too well in battles."

    Curtis' Charizard folded its arms and breathed a cloud of smoke in Ozzy's direction.

    "Heh," the musician said. "He looks confident. Let's hope he can back it up."

    Ozzy looked up at the now-starry sky. There was an aura of serenity about, like nothing could go wrong despite the recent troubles with the Galactics and the Rocket Revival. A comet flew through the sky at a bizarre speed. Was...was that a Pokemon?

    "Oh, a shooting star!" Gardenia shouted giddily, breaking Ozzy's thoughts. "It's so pretty!"

    "Agreed," Ozzy said as he stood and took another glass of sake. He put his arm around Gardenia's shoulder, clinked his glass with hers, and knocked it back.

    "Hey, Curtis, the tournament starts in ten minutes. Better get ready!" Ozzy said.

    "Oh! That's right," Gardenia replied, grabbing her megaphone. "Attention, everybody! The tournament starts in TEN MINUTES! All odd-numbered contestants line up on the left side, next to Palkia, in numerical order! All even-numbered contestants line up in numerical order on the right, next to Dialga! Chop chop!" she shouted.

    "I guess we're number 17," Ozzy said to 'Zam as he propped himself up against the aged Palkia statue. "Better focus up."

    Upon command, his 'Zam took a deep breath and meditated. Ozzy was hoping he'd get a statue tonight. He particularly liked that Palkia.
  13. "10 minutes until the tournement starts! Odds on one side even on the other!" yelled a woman by the statues.
    "Wellthat is my que," said Sebastian lowly to himself,"I hope i win those trophies! I could really use them as presents for my parents."

    As he lined up he saw two trainers who were talking that caught his eye for some strage reason. A man with a Charizard who put a puff of smoke in the Alakazam and his trainer's faces.
    "If this works I will prove myself worthy to my whole family of Pokemon Elitests."

    OCC: I wasn't expecting such a quick reply, think we can get to battling eachother tonight? Can't wait to murtilize you 2 just kidding I will only get cocky when I am getting quite ahead.
  14. Christine "Crisis" Isaaks and her Gardevoir were trying to push their way though the crowd. Unfortunately, due to her small stature, she was routinely being pushed aside. The duo soon found themselves at the back of the crowd.

    "Aw, man!" Crisis whined aloud. "Now I'll never get into the tournament!"

    Her Gardevoir giggled and gave her a sly wink. Her eyes glowed for a moment, and soon the clipboard hovered over the outstretched hands of the mob and into the Gardevoir's waiting paw.

    "Thanks, Banshee," Crisis said. She wrote her name quickly on the clipboard before handing it to her Gardevoir, who promptly tossed it over her shoulder. The eager crowd set upon it like a pack of hungry dogs. "So, what should we do in the meantime?"
  15. OOC: I dunno. As it stands, Curtis is going to fight me. You and Xela are going to fight, too, so this little group is gonna get knocked out pretty quickly. The one who's left out of these little fights will go on to win the trophies. That all depends on whether or not Curtis is still online.
  16. O.K. I will be on for a long while hopefully so I should be able to reply sorry if I can't.
  17. "That's us!" Crisis exclaimed. "C'mon!"

    She grabbed Banshee by the hand (Paw? Flipper?), and the Gardevoir glided behind her as she ran over to the Dialga statue.
  18. (OOC: I suppose to move things along, we'll have Gardevior Master go first.)

    Gardenia nodded to Crisis and a brown-haired Trainer. "Would the first contestants please come up to the center of the pedestal?"

    She backed off to referee the match while the brown-haired Trainer ran up and tossed his Pokeball, and in a flash of light came a bulky Rhydon.

    "Let's go, RhyRhy!" the Trainer shouted, eager to get the fight on.
  19. Sounds exciting You know who I am rooting for! Btw I might be going to sleep though soon but i might not so keep the battles coming!
  20. "Alright you two," Xela said. "Back in the Pokeballs. I can't have you wandering around while I'm battling, can I?" The trainer called her Honchkrow and Drifblim back into their Pokeballs, and went to join the group beside the Palkia statue. Kai followed after her, silently. He seemed to be concentrating on something or another, and was staring off into space.

    "Let's hope whoever we face stands even a slim chance against us..." the girl muttered.

    The Empoleon nodded absentmindedly. He was used to his trainer looking down on other trainers. It had been so long since they'd come close to losing a battle. In fact... The last one he remembered was their battle against Gardenia, when he was still a Prinplup... The Gym Leader had almost beaten them with her Grass Pokemon... And yet, Xela didn't even need to call on a Pokemon other than him.

    (( That last part's true actually, as far as my Pokemon Diamond video game goes... Gardenia almost won with that Roserade of hers... Poor Kai almost fainted about five times... But I've always only had to use him in my Gym Battles, and my Elite Four battles... And even my battle against Cynthia... I take all of the levels and species of Pokemon that Xela trains straight from my video game, except her Stunky. She trains him in a Pokemon RP site... He's a handful... ))
  21. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I do apologize for butting in.

    Artemis, this sort of conversational OOC blather is NOT acceptable. This isn't an IRC-based RP or something to the sort. If it's not a proper post, don't post it.

    And this being your third warning, I don't suppose you'll have to worry about that anymore, as you are officially banned. Have a nice day.

    ... Carry on then, folks.
  22. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis stood in line with feelings that had a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Curtis looked at his Charizard to see he looked serious, which was rare as he was a bit of a clown.

    "Ready Charizard", Curtis asked.

    "Char char", Charizard said which meant: as I'll ever be.

    "Good", Curtis said as he looked at the match up sheet to see that he would be fighting third, against Ozzy and his Alakazam.

    'Well, for now lets just watch the other fights Charizard," Curtis said, and Charizard nodded in agreement. Curtis smiled, Ozzy was about to learn that Charizard was trained to be in battles, and the contests were just something they tried out and were O.K at.
  23. Taylor looked down at her pokeballs. She had just returned from her long journy in Sinnoh and she had unexspectidly caught Palkia. She clutched his pokeball firmly and looked at her Empoleon
    "Ok Em time to come back into your ball."
    She took out his pokeball and called him back. She waited anxiously for the battles to start being the first one next to the Dialga she was going to be in the first battle. Lydia was jumping up and down excitedly with her Eevee doing just the same. Taylor smiled she looked to the sky then she looked at the other trainers. They looked strong and determind like she was. But she wouldn't let her guard down she was going to fight the hardest. She looked up at the match sheet she was up against a young trainer with a Chansey.
    "Hm. We got some pretty good game Em."
    She whispered to his pokeball. It kind of wobbled back as if saying
    "Yeah! Lets do it!"
    Taylor smiled and braced herself for her coming battle.
  24. This is OOC, and I know I've no roleplaying to add, but...what?

    I'm afraid as a gamemaster, I can't allow that for a number of reasons.

    First, I assume you mean "unexpectedly". Did a Palkia walk along and trigger a Pokeball you had dropped or something? That doesn't make sense to randomly include Palkia in such a brief description.

    Second, I believe RPGs tend to follow a rule used in the anime: Trainers don't have Legendary Pokemon. I suppose maybe for a little story arc, a Trainer could have a legendary, but...overall, I feel that Trainers having Legendaries isn't acceptable.

    Finally, it contradicts the background I've given. Did you read through this topic? I specifically said that Lukas, a few years previously, had returned Palkia and Dialga to space and time, respectively. Did you fly into space to catch Palkia?

    On another note, I've already stated that Gardevior_Master is the first match, and he's up against a Trainer with a Rhydon.

    Please, I implore you to delete your post and try again. Use a team with no legendaries (hell, I was iffy about Curtis having a Dragonite since they're so strong), use better grammar and punctuation, and I suppose I'll allow you back into the RPG as Xela's opponent, now that Artemis has been banned for unneccessary messages.

    Gamemasters are allowed to boot people from their RPG if they do something like this, right? I would think it fair if the player didn't read any other posts or godmoded a lot or something...

    In addition, Curtis, you're fighting me first. I'm number 17 and you're number 18. Likewise, Xela is 19 and Artemis (who we're gonna replace with shining_palkia) is 20. M'kay?

    I terribly apologize for OOCing with no roleplaying; I would start the first match but I'm a little busy with work around the house. As the gamemaster, I'm just trying to keep everything in order. *bows humbly*
  25. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis continued to look up at the sky, Curtis ran into a legendary Pokemon one and it took all four of his Pokemon to escape from Mewtwos' wrath, and he was suspecting that comet was not quite a comet. He got two suspicions about the comet being the Pokemon that he feared: A chill down his spine and a chill down Charizards spine, or so Charizard told him later. Either way, comet, Pokemon, or some legendary power he needed to focus on the tournament and worry about the comet( he saw later.

    (Ooc: Just a reference to what Ozzybeans said, I didn't catch Mewtwo! I encountered him and was able to escape him before he killed me, just so theres no misconceptions)
  26. "Yeah!" Crisis cheered as she leapt onto the pedestal and tossed a PokeBall into the air. "Let's go, GROUDON!"

    The ball landed at her feet as they both landed, the trainer making a three-point landing. The PokeBall sprung open, revealing... nothing. It was completely empty.

    "Just kidding!" Crisis said. She grinned wickedly as the picked up the PokeBall and pocketted it. "I don't even own a Groudon. Bet I had you going, though, huh?"

    Crisis stood up as Banshee teleported in front of her. The Gardevoir gave her opponent a sly wink before putting on a more serious face.
  27. Ozzy reacted like he had been jolted with 6000 watts of electricity when Crisis shouted "Groudon". That was one Pokemon he would like to see. The brown-haired Trainer, meanwhile, looked more relieved than he ever had been in his life.

    "You little trickster," the Trainer said. "I'm going to get you good for that! RhyRhy, use Body Slam!"

    The Rhydon let out a vicious roar and charged headfirst towards Banshee. The Rock-type leaped up into the air and came down spread-eagle towards the Psychic Pokemon.

    "...Oh, dang, that Rhydon's gonna smush that Gardevior FLAT," Ozzy said.
  28. A cocktail umbrella (the paper kind they serve with tropical drinks) materialized in Banshee's hand. The Gardevoir opened it up and cowered below it as the Rhydon made its descent. Crisis, meanwhile, remained excited. Right before the rhino Pokemon made contact, though, Banshee teleported out of the way, allowing RhyRhy to crash into the floor unhindered. Banshee materialized in the air above her opponent and remained there.

    "Banshee, use Fling!" Crisis called out.

    Banshee held up a paw and an Iron Ball appeared above it in a glowing, blue shell. The Gardevoir put her hands behind her back and she watched the ball plummet towards her opponent's head like, well, an Iron Ball. Those things're heavy, y'know? Then she teleported back down to the pedestal to await her opponent's next move.
  29. RhyRhy stood up, having missed with Body Slam. He felt a rather heavy object fall upon his head. It bounced off the rocklike shell, chipping some of it off, and fell into RhyRhy's hand. It was an Iron Ball. His head throbbed a bit, but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. RhyRhy was an extremely durable Pokemon.

    "RhyRhy, use Rock Throw!" the frustrated Trainer called out.

    RhyRhy was a practical Pokemon. He knew that stomping over to the side to pick up a rock to throw would waste time when he had something so useful in his hand already. And RhyRhy was a very good thrower. He had plenty of upper arm strength. The Rhydon casually wound up and fired the Iron Ball like a bullet right towards Gardevior.


    (OOC: GM, it's a Rhydon, not a Rhyperior. I seem to have to go back and fix that whenever I try to type Rhydon, though...)
  30. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis immediately came back to Earth when the girl yelled," Go Groudon". Even Charizard gasped in excitement but quickly started snickering when she said it was a joke, and Curtis couldn't keep himself from chuckling.

    "Oh boy", Curtis said when the Rhydon called RhyRhy was going to bodyslam the Gardevior named Banshee but let out a sigh of relief when Banshee used fling and the Iron Ball hit the Rhydon square on the head. Again Curtis and his Charizard almost doubled up laughing. Curtis was amused with this trainer espacially when it kept dodging the rocks and Iron Ball as though they were going two miles an hour. One thing was for sure, Curtis liked this kid.
  31. ((My bad. I fixed it in my post.))

    "Banshee, use Recycle!" Crisis commanded.

    The Gardevoir remained immobile. The Iron Ball came at her like a shot, then simply vanished just before impact. Banshee smiled sweetly and waved at the Rhydon as the Iron Ball reentered time-space behind it and continued along its trajectory.
  32. "RHYRHY, DUCK!" the Trainer called.

    Clearly this Rhydon was well-trained. He instinctively dove for the ground. Sadly, although his reaction time was impeccable, his failing was in speed. The Iron Ball zipped along his back, breaking many of the spines and ultimately crashing through the tip of the Rhydon's horn.

    In that split second, something inside RhyRhy SNAPPED. His prized horn - shattered. He immediately charged for Banshee in a bloodlust, desiring revenge for the horn. As the Iron Ball rocketed back towards Banshee, she could see close behind it the figure of one pissed off Rhydon charging forward with its drill spinning in preparation of a Megahorn attack - an attack Psychic types like Banshee don't particularly appreciate.

    The brown-haired Trainer was scared. RhyRhy had never acted this way. He had lost control of his Pokemon.

  33. "Banshee, use Fling again!" Crisis cheered, her fist raised.

    The Gardevoir calmly raised one palm. The Iron Ball stopped on a dime and reversed course, rocketting back into the charging Rhydon. She was putting as much force into the attack as possible, hoping to deflect RhyRhy, or at least stop him.
  34. The Iron Ball hit RhyRhy square in the face and shattered completely, chipping RhyRhy's face in many places. The wild creature's horn was deflected to the left, but the beast continued to charge awkwardly. The Rhydon hit Banshee at full force, although she deflected the Megahorn, so she'll take her victories where she can get them.

    Banshee hit the ground hard and the Rhydon kept charging across the pedestal until it came close to the edge, where it made a sudden turn to face Banshee and fell over due to lack of control. RhyRhy thrashed about as it tried to get up and mount a charge again.

    "Ohhhh, he's vulnerable," Ozzy remarked, watching intently.
  35. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    This girl kept Curtis wide awake, her battle style was excellent, the way she taunts the opponents, leading there rage to take control of there better judgement. "Though, Curtis thought, Charizard and I would never fall to a tactic like that, even though we look like we would.

    Curtis looked at Charizard to see he was watching the battle with his full attention, in many ways, he and Charizard were allot alike,thought Curtis, though he also was blushing a little, did he think Banshee was...cute?
  36. "Banshee!" Crisis cried out.

    The Gardevoir limply levitated itself off the ground and gingerly righted herself. Though her head was slung back and breathing heavily, she was still conscious. She slowly lifted her head and let it drop forward. Wiping the side of her mouth with a flipper, she found a bit of blood. She glared up at RhyRhy and flashed same excited grin Crisis was wearing earlier. "Garde."

    "All right!" Crisis cheered. "Let's stop playing games! Use Psychic!"

    "Garde," Banshee brought her arms up as her eyes glowed a shimmering blue. Spreading her palms in front of her opponent, the Gardevoir loosed a veritible wall of psychokinetic energy at the Rhydon. "VOIR!"
  37. It was over before Banshee even made the attack. RhyRhy was too busy lamenting over the loss of his horn spike to mount a charge. He relinquished, and let the invisible shockwave attack his mind and force him to black out. RhyRhy fainted.

    "The winner is Gardevior!" Gardenia cried out.

    "RhyRhy!" the brown-haired Trainer called out. He returned the Pokemon and ran up to Crisis.

    "What was that? You made me lose control of my RhyRhy! THAT WASN'T FAIR!" the Trainer yelled. He looked to be about 13 or 14 but he was acting like he was seven. "YOU CHEATED!"

    "A sore loser," Ozzy said, standing up. "That Gardevior did get an unexpected advantage by breaking the Rhydon's horn, but them's the breaks. You can't win 'em all."

    "SHUT UP!" the boy shouting, crying.

    "Harsh," Ozzy said, and he complied, deciding to let Crisis handle it.
  38. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis smiled and Charizard started snickering, they both knew the match was as good as over, when Banshee, or any Psychic Pokemon started using there Psychic attacks the other Pokemon was as good as gone unless it was a Ghost, Bug, or Dark type. "There are few moves that a Psychic attack can't reflect or stop, however Charizard knew one of this moves but it left him exhausted so he only uses it as a last resort", Curtis thought.

    There's a strong chance that well have to use that technique against Ozzy and Alakazam, Curtis muttered.
  39. Crisis walked up to the crying boy and handed him a tissue.

    "I'm sorry I messed up your Rhydon," Crisis said dejectedly. "It was a reckless attack, and you shouldn't have to suffer for it. But, for what it's worth, you raised a pretty tough Pokemon. I wouldn't've expected it to break through the Iron Ball like that." She smiled ironically. "If it's any consolation, that was my last Iron Ball, so I can't pull a stunt like that again."
  40. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Wow, shes really kind, even to a sore loser like that kid, eather way Curtis prepared himself and looked at Charizard, he looked ready to fight the,that battle geared him up.

    Ozzy and his Alakazam will be tough to beat so don't hold back at all, O.K Charizard. Charizard roared and blew out some flames to show he was ready.

    Good, Curtis said, thats what I like to hear, now lets go burn sometime and say hi to that Gardevior trainer.

    (Ooc: Well, I'm going to bed, I'll be back around Noon tomorrow so don't start the battle between Ozzy and I until I get back, O.K thanks)
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