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Sinnohs of our Fathers! Back online, everybody! Sign up now!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ozzybeans, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Crisis was reclining nonchalantly on the bench, whilst the Saber-Toothed Persian both tired and confused. It was pretty sure it was just inside something somewhere, instead of by the side of the road. Banshee, meanwhile, had snuck up behind a fat man and was teleporting clothing onto him to make him look like Ozzy. Crisis brought up her Poketch and pressed and tapped the screen a few times.

    "Hey, Xela, it's Crisis," she said into it. "Ozzy's up to his neck in Rockets at Mt. Coronet and needs some back-up. I'll meet you and Curtis there." She then craned her neck to address her Gardevoir. "Hey, Banshee, if we're done with the Hyperspace Couch bit, we're going to Mt. Coronet."

    Crisis and the Saber-Toothed Persian climbed off the bench as Banshee floated over and sent it back to the Pokemon Center. Crisis then recalled her new Persian into its PokeBall.

    "Okay, let's ride!" Crisis said as she and Banshee hopped onto Midnight's back.
  2. "Okay, let's ride!" Crisis said, and she and her Gardevoir jumped onto Midnight's back.

    "Alright!!" Matt replied.

    "Salamence!!" He said, and took off.

    "Crisis!!" Matt shouted over the wind. "It's going to take about a half hour to get to Ozzy!"

    She might have replied, but Matt couldn't hear anything.

    Midnight said, happily.

    Matt replied.

    Matt added, after Midnight did an awkward flip.

    Matt bit back his retort, and thought; Boy, if Midnight doesn't start flying a bit better, we're doomed. Ugh.

    Then, after about ten minutes, contrary to what Matt thought, the Rockets came into view, still searching for, whatever it is they were searching.

    "Guess I was wrong about the time!!" He shouted, apologetically.

    ((OOC: I ended it there, cause I wanted to give Crisis a chance to say something.))
  3. "Your Salamence really likes to take its time, doesn't it?" Crisis noted. "And then the traffic! Man, who knew the airways would be so congested this time of day? Don't get me started about the pile-up on the interstate!"

    "Garde," Banshee interjected.

    "Right, no time to gab," Crisis said as the two of them stood up on Midnight's back and stepped off. "Ozzy's in trouble!"

    "But we haven't even landed yet!" Matt exclaimed just as Banshee and Crisis teleported to ground level. Matt just shook his head. "Crazy skater chick."

    Back on the ground, Crisis and her Gardevoir materialized beside Ozzy. He was surrounded by Rockets, and he and his Pokemon were looking a little tired. After all, they had been battling for about forty minutes now.

    "Thank goodness," Ozzy said. "I was starting to get bored."

    "Then let's get to it," Crisis said, reaching behind her back. "It's Morphin' Time! Saber-Toothed Persian!"

    Crisis held out a PokeBall in front of her and pushed it forward. It opened, dispensing said Persian and dropping it on an unsuspecting Rocket and his Koffing. The Persian looked at the miscreants blearily and vomitted all over them.

    Crisis laughed nervously and scratched the back of her head. "He had a rough night last... geologic cycle."
  4. As Matt landed, he saw the Persian vomit all over the Koffing, and His trainer.

    Ohh, that's just wrong! Matt thought, close to vomiting himself. He just barfed all over the Trainer, and the Koffing!!

    "Midnight, return. Rise, GO!!" He exclaimed, holding one pokeball, and throwing the other.
    As Rise the Espeon came out of the ball, She started bouncing up and down, and said:

    Matt said, irritably.

    And she stuck her toung out at him.

    Matt felt like he was going to have one of those anime sweat-drops come down on his head. He said, telepathically;

    But, she seemed not to hear him. She looked at the Saber-toothed Persian as if he were the cutest thing in the world. She said, dreamily,

    He replied.

    Still dreamy, she said;

    Matt, still grossed out, said;

    She complied, and sent an amazingly strong blast of psychic energy at the Koffing and his trainer, who were still trying to get the vomit off them.

    ((OOC: Ozzy, we need you! :p I'm not gonna let the psychic to it's damage in my post. "The outcome is decided by the loser".))
  5. ((Jesus, I've been ignoring this. I'm sorry >_>))

    Rise's Psychic energy hit the unsuspecting Rockets. The hell did you expect? This is Pokemon, not the Matrix. The poor Koffing, as a last second response, detonated. Jade green gasses spread across the battlefield.

    The Trainers were wondering about this unusually deformed Persian. The two closest two it had Marowaks, both scarred from years of abuse and rough battles against the Galactics. Against a still-feral Persian, they had the upper hand. The first rushed forward and smacked the vomiting beastie with his club. He did not have a very nice re-entry into life.

    Ozzy looked at the saber-toothed Persian curiously. "Cute kittie," he commented before turning back to his numerous opponents. They were steadily backing away; Alakazam and Blitzkrieg were in combat with Grimers and Koffings out the wazoo. Alakazam shot psychic waves of energy at the Koffings, who responded by detonating and sending out clouds of toxic gas, and the Grimers (who were handled quite nicely by Blitzkrieg's Earthquakes) left piles of toxic goo that began to dissolve the rock it sat on. The fight went on for quite some time, following the same repetitive pattern: Nuke opponents, new ones fill in. This was worse than Galaga.

    ...Wait, Ozzy LIKED Galaga. This was just boring!

    It was true. Blitzkrieg was a physical fighter with a hunger for war and he exposed himself directly to the toxic gasses. He would need like twenty Pecha Berries after this. Seriously. The ancient skyruler flew in a roundabout, Crunching foes with his sawlike teeth, and landed near Alakazam and Ozzy. He was breathing heavily. He could not communicate telepathically, and Ozzy had no psychic powers like Matt did, but it was fairly obvious - Blitzkrieg didn't want to fight anymore.

    "All right, you two, c'mere," he said, returning both Pokemon to their Pokeballs. He checked his belt. "Lesse..."

    Before Ozzy could decide on a new Pokemon to send in, a figure emerged from the numerous clouds of gas. Contrary to what the Rocket Trainer said, it was not Volt. He was a young adult, wearing a gas mask to conceal his face and let him breathe. Strands of red hair emerged behind the mask. He had a black sweatshirt on and cargo pants. He tossed a Pokeball in one hand.

    "What the hell is going on here?!" he demanded, his voice muffled by the mask. "Who the hell are you?"

    "I could ask you the same question," Ozzy threw back, raising one eyebrow.

    "It's just a coupla punks," he said to his underlings, completely ignoring Ozzy's retort. "Just gang up on them! I'll get the meteor myself, you retards." And with that, the red-haired jerk disappeared back into the clouds of gas.

    "Well, I suppose we know who to follow," Ozzy said. "But we gotta clear out these rejects first." He tossed out two Pokeballs, releasing his Scizor and his Charizard.

    "Scizoooor!" the red insect said, stretching her arms upon freedom. She only recently evolved into Scizor and retained the speed she had as a Scyther. Ozzy intended it that way.

    "CHAAAAAAAAR!" his Charizard shouting, breathing a jet of flame and stomping one of his feet. His Charizard was a charcoal grey in color, with red wing membranes - a shiny Pokemon, through and through. He was massive, his tail blazing, and dwarved the female Scizor standing next to him.

    "Scizor, you know what to do! Charizard, open up with Heat Wave!" he called out.

    Scizor instinctively darted off, using Agility to boost her speed while exposing herself to the toxic smoke. She was quickly poisoned and her body responded by unlocking her inner power, allowing her to use her Bug-type moves more effeciently. She munched on her Salac Berry, which acted as a stimulant to kick in her gliding speed. She danced around while she used Agility, throwing shadow punches in a tradition Swords Dance style. Between the Salac Berry and Agility, she was getting pretty fast. And between Swarm and Swords Dance, she was getting pretty strong. She kept flying and dancing as gracefully as possible, awaiting the command to attack.

    Charizard, meanwhile, opened his mouth and let out a searing wave of heat. Very little flame was produced; Heat Wave was meant to cause a burning sensation, not to burn Pokemon to a cinder. It was a very mean move, as it simply caused pain. Ozzy didn't like using it all that often, but there was a wall of Poison Pokemon in front of him and Heat Wave could damage them faster than Flamethrower could. With all of them weakened, Scizor could dart around and finish them.

    Charizard's heat seared the Poison Pokemon, and caused some of the gasses to ignite and simply burn away. The strategy seemed to be working, but the key element was speed. They had to nuke these dorks soon, so they could get to the meteor. Ozzy wasn't quite sure if they'd make it.
  6. The red haired, obnoxious, annoying kid dissapeared into the mist of poison.
    Ozzy sent out his Charizard, and his Scizor. Matt was amazed at how stinking FAST the Scizor was. And Charizard let out the heat wave, dissipating most of the gasses.

    The fogs dissipated, and Matt decided to try and chase after the stupid jerk of a kid.

    "Ozzy! I'm gonna chase after that kid!" he said. "I want to get that Meteor! Rise, use Morning Sun, so the others can see!"

    She exclaimed, and she used Morning Sun to try and get rid of the remaining gasses. It worked, Sort of. Most of the gasses cleared, but some of it stayed. And the remaining part, was right in front of where Red-hair made his retreat.

    Drat. Oh, well! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Matt thought.

    He ran through, holding his breath.

    ((I forgive you, Ozzy! :p))
  7. The Saber-Toothed Persian turned a headachy eye towards the on coming Marowaks. The first one hit him square-on, striking him on the gem. The Persian's expression remained unchanged, aside from a twitchy eyebrow. The Marowak soon found itself without a Thick Club and flying through the air at his compatriot.

    "I think I'll name him Pebbles," Crisis said adoringly to Banshee.

    "Garde," the Gardevoir concurred.

    "Pebbles," Crisis commanded, "Use Water Pulse!"

    The Persian wasn't sure who the heck Pebbles was, but Water Pulse sounded like a good idea. The gem on his forehead resonated, sending shockwaves through the ground. When the wave crossed paths with the Marowaks, the ground beneath them suddenly exploded in a geyser of water.
  8. Empoleon ran forth with the force to drive up a waterfall. The Seviper was bowled over before it knew what hit it. It was down before its head hit the ground.

    Meanwhile, Arbok saw this Riolu McNugget charging headlong towards him. He leaned down and prepared to Bite the tiny furball. It wasn't the best of moves. Ketta shoulder-checked Arbok in the face and the little thing sent the snake flying. It bounced along the ground limply, its body flailing around, before coming to a rest, completely unconcious.

    Ketta wasn't finished, however. The battle was close, and the Riolu's body was producing tons of adrenaline. Upon victory, Ketta was overcome with a wave of emotions - Mainly, relief and love. Ketta was small and it was only through Xela's quick-thinking that Ketta could overcome her foe. The electric pulses in her brain that made her feel love shocked the adrenaline floating in her body...And a change took place.

    Ketta grew. Her legs became taller and stronger. Her arms stretched out. Her upper body grew, and a spike emerged from the tuft of hair on her chest. Her face became more mature-looking, and she could immediately feel a spike in strength.

    Ketta the Riolu was now Ketta the Lucario.

    The battle was over, much to the female Grunt's dismay. She repeatedly whipped her Seviper, spewing obscenities at it, and forcing it to get up. With its little remaining energy, the snake slithered over to Kai, forced to keep up the fight. Kai looked back, eyes wide. Why was this girl forcing Seviper to fight?? He couldn't bring himself to hurt it anymore...

    He didn't need to. Seviper slithered up to Kai, looked up sadly before its eyes glazed over, and collapsed on the ground.


    "Dammit!" the Grunt exclaimed. "What a worthless Pokemon!!"

    "C'mon, Arbok," the male said, returning his Pokemon to its Pokeball. "I'll have to feed you tonight...You'll starve otherwise." He clipped the ball to his belt, his thick eyes furrowed.

    "Don't bother!" the girl exclaimed. "He lost! Let it die!"

    And with that, the girl stomped away. The man, torn between helping his Pokemon and keeping his job, ultimately ran after her. The Arbok would go unfed.
  9. Xela smiled at Ketta as the now-Lucario walked over to stand beside her. Silently, the trainer glanced over to Kai and the Seviper. Things were definitely not going well for the Seviper. A depressed look covered her eyes, the same look coming into Ketta's eyes as well as Kai's. She walked over to the Seviper's corpse and knelt beside it, touching it's forehead gently.

    "Poor thing..." the trainer murmured. "And chances are, that Arbok won't live much longer either... Let's go guys..." Solemnely, she recalled Kai, letting out her Salamence at the same time.

    Ketta asked, glancing at Xela, who nodded. She picked up the rock, which the trainer had guessed was part of the comet, and passed it up to Xela, who had already climbed onto the Salamence's back. The Lucario then climbed up and sat behind Xela, giving the trainer a concerned look.

    "I'll be fine, Ketta," the girl said softly. "It's just a bit depressing how those Pokemon are treated... Let's go..." She gave her Salamence the signal to set off into flight again, and they headed for Mt. Coronet, hoping they weren't too late.

    The Salamence soon landed, allowing for Xela to slide down from his back, and Ketta to jump down. Silently, the trainer called her Salamence back into his Pokeball, noting that Ketta still held the odd rock. It probably wouldn't be useful to carry it around the whole time, though.

    "...Break off a chunk of that, would you?" Xela asked. "Just something that's still fairly large, but small enough for me to carry in my pack without crushing everything."

    Ketta nodded and wrestled a smallish piece off of the rock, then handed it to her trainer. The girl promptly placed the piece of rock in her bag, while the Lucario set the rest of the rock on the ground, and the pair started off to find everybody.

    After a few minutes of searching, Ketta patted Xela on the shoulder, then pointed off in one direction. Apparently, the Lucario had heard something, and it was most likely the others. Xela nodded and the two started at a run, only stopping once they had found the rest of the group.

    "Poison Pokemon," Xela muttered, staring at the group of currently rather weak Koffings and Grimers. "Apparently I got here pretty late. Most of the fun's already passed, if this could be called fun..."

    She glanced back at Ketta, who, on the way here, had been experimenting with a new move of hers. It still wasn't very strong, sometimes didn't work at all, and backfired once in a while, leaving the Lucario befuddled, but she might try it later on during another battle. For now, she would just stick to Bone Rushing the majority of her opponents, which is what she did then, in hopes of helping the Scizor and Charizard knock out a few more of the poisonous Pokemon.
  10. "Xela! It's about time y'showed up," Ozzy said. "You're a little, late, though. Stand back! Scizor, attack with X-Scissor!"

    Charizard flew back, taking Ketta in his arms to get her away. Scizor, who had been building up speed and power, was ready to launch her attack. Her proficiency in Bug moves, her strong claws, her boosted Scyther speed, and her inner power all came out as she dashed around, merely a blur as X slashes appeared on her opponents. They flew this way and that, crashing into the stone, the slime, and the Rockets. The attack took no more than five seconds and by its end, the seventeen or so Poison Pokemon were on the ground, unconcious.

    Ozzy couldn't quite remember if Bug-moves were even EFFECTIVE against Poison-types. Scizor's raw strength overcame the type weakness.

    "Xela, you can still help. Matt went ahead to fight one of the upper-level Rockets. Go help him. Charizard, you take them there. Listen to Xela for the duration of the fight, okay?"

    "Char!" the dark-skinned lizard responded, his tail flaring up for a moment in agreement. He held Ketta in one arm, and took Xela up in the other before flying up a good distance to look for Matt and the Rocket leader. It didn't take long. The helicopter with the red "R" on it gave it away. The 'Zard landed on the dusty reddish rock as Matt confronted the red-haired Trainer. It looked like Matt was having a tough time. His Kangaskhan was on one knee, panting, while the Rocket's Feraligatr stood tall, seemingly uninjured.

    "Hmph," the Trainer said upon Xela's arrival. "Another one."

    He removed his gas mask and let the sun hit his face. He was a particularly cold looking boy, in his early twenties, if that. He had a lack of care in his eyes. He must have been a neglected child. He shared Xela's lack of sympathy for humanity as a whole, but he also had a lack of sympathy for Pokemon. He was the cruelest Rocket they had met thus far. They were sure of it. It wasn't that he was evil by nature, no, it couldn't be. Something had to have happened to him to make him that cold.

    When his eyes met Xela's, a shiver went down her spine. This Rocket...scared her.

    Meanwhile, Ozzy was helping Crisis tie up the Rockets and clean up the mess. He couldn't help but notice that odd Persian of hers.

    "That looks like something out of a textbook," he commented, fascinated. "It must be rare..." Ozzy was a collector at heart. He liked rare things. This Persian piqued his interest.
  11. The Rockets' interests seemed to be piqued, as well. Ones that were conscious enough to do so looked up at Crisis when Ozzy asked his question.

    "He's a Saber-Toothed Persian," Crisis replied eagerly. Banshee rooted through her backpack, withdew a pair of Blackglasses, and put them on Pebbles. "At least, that's what the guy at the museum said. The PokeDex says he's just a Persian, but look at him! Have you ever seen a Persian like that? He's gotta be super-rare! Probably the last of his kind (until someone else finds a similar fossil)!"

    An engine roared somewhere, and what appeared to be a huge, robotic Lotad with wheels for feet crashed onto a high ridge. It emitted a dramatic electric guitar squeal.

    "That's probably who I think it is," Crisis remarked.

    "Did someone say 'super-rare'?" Bon's voice sudden blared out from the machine.

    "Toldja it was a good idea to hang back," Clyde's voice added.

    "You just didn't want to work," Ian's voice argued. "But enough of that! Go, Super Secret Submarine Machine Super Secret Ability Number 1: Tongue Snare!"

    The robotic Lotad's mouth opened and a tongue launched out of it. The trio laughed as the tongue wrapped around Pebbles and started to drag him in. The tongue suddenly went slack and only half of it, at most, came back.

    "That's one tough kitty," Bon commented.

    "Pebbles really doesn't like being touched when he's hungover," Crisis noted. "Use Gem Beam!"

    Pebbles snorted and the gem on his forehead began to glow. It shot a laser beam at the ridge, leaving a burn mark as it etched its way up to the Super Secret Submarine Machine. Its wheels revved as it started to back up, but the laser peirced its hull. Part of the machine exploded, causing it to lurch forward and tumble down the ridge. It landed in a burning heap on its side, at which point the ejector seats kicked in and launched its occupants past Crisis and Ozzy into a nearby crate. Then their parachutes deployed.

    After a moment of fighting through their own parachutes, Bon, Ian, and Clyde stood between Ozzy and the route to the helicopter. They each got out a PokeBall and enlarged it.

    "If we can't take your Pokemon..." Ian started.

    "...We can at least prevent you from helping your friends," Clyde finished. "Go, Cloyster!"

    "Go, Porygon!" Ian declared.

    "Go, Skarmory!" Bon called out. All three Pokemon soon materialized before them, ready to fight.
  12. Ozzy was so enraptured by Pebbles that he didn't notice that the Rocket Trio was here until they had released their Pokemon. He looked up, noticing they were blocking the way.

    "...You again?" he said. "I thought we beat you, like, a few hours ago."

    "You did!" Bon said, before realizing what she said. "Errr, I mean, umm...We weren't prepared!"

    "You had a monkeybot," Ozzy responded.

    "Jes' shut up and fight!" Clyde said. "Cloyster! Use Ice Beam!"

    Upon his command, Cloyster let out a frigid beam of ice that soared through the air...And right past Pebbles. The attack missed by a mile! Crisis was about to laugh when she noticed the beam wasn't aimed at Pebbles. It hit Ozzy.

    He turned blue and hit the ground shivering and spasming. In an instant, his body temperature dropped a few degrees, and he was JUST in the middle of getting a Pokemon to fight with. The Pokeball rolled away. Bon ran over and snagged it.

    "Thank you!" she said, winking.

    Ian, meanwhile, ordered his Porygon to use Psywave on Pebbles. It was a one-on-three, and Pebbles had a hangover. He was in no mood to fight.
  13. The Psywave smacked into Pebbles, shoving him back a little. His eye twitched behind his Blackglasses, and Crisis could swear that he was starting to look a little more... lucid.

    "Now that's just dirty pool!" Crisis exclaimed. She took off her backpack. "Pebbles, use Frustration on Porygon!"

    Frustration. Now there's a technique to use in the middle of a hangover. Pebbled slammed headlong into Porygon, clamped his jaws around its head, and smacked it into the floor a few times before tossing it into Cloyster.

    "Skarmory, use Steel Wing!" Bon commanded.

    Skarmory swooped down from the sky, its wings glowing brilliantly. It swooped right into Pebble's face, who caught a wing in its jaw. It clamped down hard with a growl, and Skarmory started flailing about in terror.

    "Use Gem Beam again!" Crisis called out.

    Light reflected off the gem on Pebble's forehead before it shot a laser beam. Considering Skarmory's body was to the side of his head, it missed the Iron Bird completely. However, it did manage to knock Cloyster into Clyde.

    "Dang, which one of these cures Freeze condition again?" Crisis cursed as she compared berries in her hand. She picked one and tried to feed it to Ozzy. "Tamato Berries are pretty hot. Let's try that."
  14. Skarmory was freaked out by Pebble's rage, but he was made of steel, and his wings were like swords. Pebbles soon relinquished his grasp on Skarmory's wing, the edge of his lips cut neatly and bleeding. Skarmory's wing was somewhat scuffed up.

    Porygon was having a panic attack on the ground.

    Clyde caught the Cloyster as it came hurtling towards him. Being a big guy, he wasn't knocked over. He threw the Pokemon right back at Persian. It konked off Persian's head and went into the air.

    "Use Spike Cannon! NOW!" Clyde ordered.

    His Pokemon obeyed, raining sharp needles down upon Pebbles. Skarmory simultaneously launched an Air Cutter at the beastie. Pebbles didn't know which way to dodge.

    Ozzy, shivering uncontrollably, grabbed the Tamato Berry from Crisis' hand and munched it. He didn't think it was the right one, per se, but it was spicy hot. His mom used to use them in a recipe she had for spicy tacos that were delicious. The berry's sheer capsaicin caused the shivering to go down considerably.

    "Thank...you," he muttered to Crisis, not even looking at her. He stood up shakily and grabbed his SG before shuffling towards the battle scene. He was brandishing his guitar like an axe.
  15. Midd's battle was almost over. She had been practically murdered by the relentless trainer, and his Feraligatr. The trainer had announced himself at the beginning of the battle, which was only about two or three minutes ago. He'd said his name was "Silver". An odd name for a human, though because he had the emotions of a hunk of silver, it fitted him.

    The boy, or on closer inspection, a man in his early twenties, was completely cold. It was like something happened to him. Something so bad, it made him devoid of love, of kindness, of humanity. He had ordered the Feraligatr around like he was a... Piece of trash, straight from the dumpster. And because of this, the Pokemon battled so fiercely, it was scary. And the root of it all was probably that it was looking for love.

    Matt felt sorry for it.

    When this is done, I'm going to save Feraligatr from that monster! He thought, fiercely.

    Midd finally collapsed from the strain of the battle. He returned her silently, and said telepathically, , his voice devoid of happiness, though full of love.
    She was too torn up from the battle to reply.

    I'll avenge you, Midd. Matt thought, his eyes full of the hate that he usually reserved for Volt. This man was a million times worse than the electrified freak.

    "Go, Midnight." Matt said, quietly, but fiercer than he had ever thought possible. The Salamence came out, looking just as fierce as his trainer.
  16. "Ughk..." Xela said. She was disgusted with herself for fearing Silver. Silently she glanced over at Matt. His Kanghaskan had been beaten by the Feraligater.

    Ketta asked, stopping beside her trainer.

    "Not yet... I don't want you in this battle right now... I'm not so sure you'll be able to last it through... I'm going to let out the Salamence now, so back up... He can be frightening in battle, but he's my strongest Pokemon, attack-wise... Stronger, even, than Kai..."

    the Lucario replied, watching as Xela released her Salamence.

    "Matt!" Xela shouted, suddenly remembering the boy's name. "Ozzy sent me to help you! I suggest you watch out a bit, my Salamence is frightening when he's in battle!"

    I don't want him to use Draco Meteor... the trainer thought, scrunching her eyes closed. He might end up out of control... How about...

    "Shadow Claw, Salamence!" the trainer shouted, watching as the Salamence raised one large paw and swiped at the Feraligater. She then glanced back towards the Charizard, remembering Ozzy had sent it with her.

    "Charizard, use Fire Spin!" she shouted. The Charizard went hurtling off to do her bidding, though he wasn't her Pokemon.
  17. Charizard flicked a claws-up at Xela. He was a particularly relaxed Pokemon and had no fears. He let out a spinning stream of fire that, although it barely injured the Feraligatr, trapped him in a wall of fire.

    Salamence viciously slashed at Feraligatr as the cylinder of fire trapped the water Pokemon. The attack didn't seem to do much. Three gashes appeared in the Feraligatr's hide, but it didn't do so much as flinch. It merely responded with a fierce Dragon Claw, severely injuring the Salamence, and Seismic Tossing it right out of the wall of flames, burning it in addition to damaging it.

    "Hmph," Silver said. "Two Salamences and a Charizard and you STILL haven't knocked out my one Pokemon. You two are pathetic."

    Silver picked another Pokeball off of his belt and threw it, releasing a Toxicroak. The slimy little thing looked eager to pick a fight. He found one in Midnight.

    "Midnight," Matt said angrily, "use Fly on that Toxicroak!"

    Midnight, wordlessly, soared up into the air, blocking out the sun. His attack was immediately interrupted by Toxicroak, who launched up into the air fistfirst, the clawed finger glowing black. He slammed into Midnight and dropped to the ground nimbly.

    "Heh," Silver said. "Sucker Punch is a great move."

    "We'll see who's laughing when Midnight attacks!" Matt shouted back as the Salamence dove straight towards the ground and slashed Toxicroak. The frog-esque Pokemon slid back on the red rock, but kept his balance. He took the attack fairly well.

    "Ha! What a weak Pokemon!" Silver laughed. "Now, then! Toxicroak, Sludge Bomb! Feraligatr, Ice Beam!"

    Toxicroak's throat swelled hugely and it vomited a large amount of toxic sludge onto Midnight, burning the dragon's skin with corrosive sludge and poisoning him, too. Xela's Salamence roared as it saw a huge wave of ice hurtling towards him. Charizard was lost, too; he didn't know who to help. Silver was ruthlessly strong...


    Ozzy, shivering, shuffled over to Clyde, who was distracted ordering his Cloyster to use Spike Cannon on Pebbles. He tapped the bassist on the shoulder. Clyde turned around.


    "You do NOT...HIT ME WITH ICE BEAM!" the enraged guitarist shouted, swinging his SG like a baseball bat and smashing Clyde in the face with the broad side of the guitar. The three thousand Pokedollar guitar was completely ruined, having been splintered and fragments of it were sent all over the place. Fortunately, it was a three thousand dollar head injury, so it all evened out. Clyde went down.

    Everyone stopped and froze. Bon and Ian looked at their unconcious, bleeding teammate in shock. Crisis stared at Ozzy, stunned at this outburst. Skarmory hopped back and Porygon hid behind his Trainer. Even Pebbles jumped at the sound of the smash.

    Ozzy pointed the remains of the neck at Bon, who flinched and grabbed Porygon, using it as a terrified shield.

    "You. The Pokeball," he said, referencing the Pokeball she stole earlier.

    "Yeah! Okay," she agreed, not wanting to get killed. She tossed the Pokeball back to Ozzy, who grabbed it, put it back on his belt, and dropped the splintered neck of his guitar on the ground. He then smiled.

    "Ah," he said. "How liberating!"

    He then cheerfully walked by the remaining two Rockets towards Xela, Matt, and Silver. Ian and Bon turned back to see Pebbles growling ferociously. With such a headache, loud noises - such as the sound of a skull fracturing upon heavy application of an electric guitar - cause severe irritation...or in Pebbles' case, bloodlust.

    "...Oh dear," Ian squeaked.
  18. "Matt!" Xela said. "Ozzy sent me to help you! I suggest you watch out a bit, my Salamence is frightening when he's in battle!"

    Matt turned in surprise as his name was called, just in time to see a Salamence and a Charizard fly by.

    "Wh- Ah! Xela!!" He exclaimed, still a bit shocked that she had come to help him. "OK. I'll let you're Salamence do his thing."

    Matt said, telepathically.

    He replied, and complied, jumping back with force, creating a shockwave along the ground. Matt toppled over because of the force of it.

    "WHOA! Midnight!" He said accusingly, getting up.

    The Salamence replied, downcast, and helped his trainer up.

    "S'okay, buddy." Matt said, once he was back on his feet.

    Isn't that Ozzy's Charizard? He thought. He musta told it to follow her orders...

    "Shadow Claw, Salamence!" Xela said. He shot off, raised one claw, and took a big swipe at the Feraligatr.
    Then, as if remembering it was there, she ordered Charizard, "Charizard, use Fire Spin!"

    It gave her a claws-up, and also shot off, but spinning fire, instead of the Pokemon. It trapped the Feraligatr in a spiral wall of flames.

    Salamence flew into it, and sliced at the Feraligatr, making three gashes appear in his side. He didn't even flinch. He slashed at Salamence with Dragon Claw, which was Super-Effective against a dragon-type, like the two Salamences, and the dragon flew out of the flames.

    "Hmph," Silver said. "Two Salamences and a Charizard and you STILL haven't knocked out my one Pokemon. You two are pathetic."

    He got a pokeball off his belt, threw it, and a Toxicroak appeared, looking for an opponent. It saw Midnight, and its eyes lit up.

    "Midnight," Matt said angrily, "use Fly on that Toxicroak!" Without a word, the Salamence flew up into the air, and it's body blocked out the sun.

    Immediately, the frog-ish pokemon jumped up in the air, and held up a fist, which grew blacker by the second, until, finally, it slugged Midnight right in the gut.

    "Heh," Silver said. "Sucker Punch is a great move."

    "We'll see who's laughing when Midnight attacks!" Matt shouted back, while Midnight swooped down, and cut Toxicroak. It slid back on the rock a bit, but it was mostly inneffective.

    "Ha! What a weak Pokemon!" Silver laughed. "Now, then! Toxicroak, Sludge Bomb! Feraligatr, Ice Beam!"

    Toxicroak's throat filled with a purple goop, and it threw it up, right at Midnight. He was covered in the sticky, poison-stuff, which probably burned. A lot.
    Feraligatr's Ice beam came at Salamence, and Charizard didn't know what to do.

    I should've sent out Dusk- DANG IT! He got kidnapped.... By Volt.. Who's a Rocket... JUST LIKE SILVER!! I've gotta get him to tell me where Dusk is! It dawned on Matt that he would have to do just that, if he ever wanted to see his best friend again. It also dawned on him that he hadn't told anyone Dusk had been kidnapped.

    "Xela!! We have to capture Silver! He might just know where Dusk is!" Matt yelled.
  19. "Pebbles, knock the Spikes away with Fury Swipes!" Crisis called out.

    The ancient Persian leapt up at the still-descending Cloyster, it's claws unsheathed. With several swipes of its paw, the the Saber-Toothed Pokemon deflected all the spikes except for one that grazed his shoulder.

    "Now use Iron Tail to knock it into the Air Cutter!"

    Pebbles' tail glowed brilliantly as he whipped around in mid-air. It collided with Cloyster's shell, knocking the mollusc Pokemon towards Skarmory. That put it in the direct path of the Air Cutter, preventing it from reaching the Saber-Toothed Persian. It also made Cloyster collide with Skarmory.

    [quote author=Ozzybeans link=topic=2237.msg26239#msg26239 date=1183315458]
    Ozzy, shivering, shuffled over to Clyde, who was distracted ordering his Cloyster to use Spike Cannon on Pebbles. He tapped the bassist on the shoulder. Clyde turned around.


    "You do NOT...HIT ME WITH ICE BEAM!" the enraged guitarist shouted, swinging his SG like a baseball bat and smashing Clyde in the face with the broad side of the guitar. The three thousand Pokedollar guitar was completely ruined, having been splintered and fragments of it were sent all over the place. Fortunately, it was a three thousand dollar head injury, so it all evened out. Clyde went down.

    Everyone stopped and froze. Bon and Ian looked at their unconcious, bleeding teammate in shock. Crisis stared at Ozzy, stunned at this outburst. Skarmory hopped back and Porygon hid behind his Trainer. Even Pebbles jumped at the sound of the smash.

    Ozzy pointed the remains of the neck at Bon, who flinched and grabbed Porygon, using it as a terrified shield.

    "You. The Pokeball," he said, referencing the Pokeball she stole earlier.

    "Yeah! Okay," she agreed, not wanting to get killed. She tossed the Pokeball back to Ozzy, who grabbed it, put it back on his belt, and dropped the splintered neck of his guitar on the ground. He then smiled.

    "Ah," he said. "How liberating!"

    He then cheerfully walked by the remaining two Rockets towards Xela, Matt, and Silver. Ian and Bon turned back to see Pebbles growling ferociously. With such a headache, loud noises - such as the sound of a skull fracturing upon heavy application of an electric guitar - cause severe irritation...or in Pebbles' case, bloodlust.

    "...Oh dear," Ian squeaked.

    Crisis watched Ozzy walk off. That was frightening. Deserved, but frightening. Pebbles was even more frightening, as he was still clearly angry.

    "Garde," Banshee cooed, putting a hand on Crisis' shoulder. Crisis put a hand on that hand.

    "Pebbles, use Hypnosis," Crisis commanded.

    Fangs still bared, rings of light and sound radiated from the Persian's gem. The rings washed over the quivering Bon and Ian, causing them to first relax, then to fall asleep. They slumped to the ground, Bon sitting on her knees and Ian lying face-down with his butt in the air. Pebbles then eyed Skarmory, Porygon, and Cloyster, who immediately shrunk back and scattered to various hiding places.

    "Ozzy, wait up!" Crisis said, taking off after the guitarist. Banshee followed as they dashed past Pebbles. The Gardevoir turned back to the Persian waved him over, beckoning him to follow. Pebbles huffed, then galloped after them.
  20. (OOC: I'd just like to inform everyone that I have been and still will be out of commission roleplay-wise for a few days. Sorry.)
  21. Ozzy stood in awe as Crisis caught up. This kid's Feraligatr was taking abuse and dealing it back without any signs of stopping. He whistled for Charizard. The black dragon flew back to Ozzy's side.

    "So you trapped him, ey?" Ozzy mused. "There are two Salamences in play...Matt's is dealing with a Toxicroak, and Xela's is fighting Feraligatr..."

    Ozzy locked eyes with Silver and understood the whole story. He was a cold son of a bitch. In fact, Ozzy wouldn't put it past him to leave his Pokemon to fight, much like Volt threw away Electivire and left Electrode to Explode last night. He would have to prevent that.

    "C'mon, Charizard!" he said, hopping on the lizard's back. "Let's get that chopper."

    "Char!" the Pokemon calmly said, taking to the air and flying past the bewildered Silver. Upon Ozzy's command, Charizard let loose a Dragon Pulse. The blue energy eminated from Charizard's mouth and forced its way through the door of the chopper, setting the helicopter ablaze and quickly exploding it. Shards of heated metal flew across the rock, hitting Ozzy, Feraligatr, Silver, and Xela. Ozzy didn't suffer much damage, but his right side got burned and a hole burned through his jacket.

    "Dammit, I liked this jacket!" he whined, ignoring his burn.

    A flaming shard of helicopter blade flew through the wall of fire and gashed Feraligatr in the chest. Much like the gashes from Salamence's Dragon Claw, it totally ignored its injuries and worked on dousing the Fire Spin to freely rampage about.

    Xela's heart skipped a beat. She was never actually hit, but a spinning piece of the helicopter blade came ever so close to the back of her neck. She narrowly avoided decapitation, but a few strands of hair were neatly cut off.

    A heated plate of metal hit Silver's left eye, searing and scarring the flesh around it. He gripped his eye in pain.

    "AUGH!" he cried out, dropping to one knee. "You bastard..."

    Ozzy landed on the red rock and dismounted his Charizard. He looked down at Silver in pity. What kind of lowlife is this? He's a cold-hearted bastard who has beaten his Pokemon into slavery and treats humans with the same respect - or lack thereof. Ozzy is a caring person. He hates seeing people get hurt unnecessarily. (He considered Clyde Ice Beaming him into temporary hypothermia deserving of pain.) But he just couldn't feel sorry for this guy.

    "You are one pathetic little creature," Ozzy said flatly, not even acknowledging Silver's humanity. To Ozzy, Silver WASN'T human. Humans had the capacity to care and respect. While many sci-fi movies depict aliens and robots finding human compassion a weakness, even they acknowledged that it was human to love. Silver didn't love in the least. It was as if he was subhuman. And fitting his character, Silver responded to Ozzy by spitting at his feet and standing tall (as tall as five foot eight inches is, anyway), looking Ozzy in the eye. It was a showdown.

    (Back online, everyone!!)
  22. Crisis looked over at Banshee. The Gardevoir was staring at Silver and trembling. The red haired Rocket's emotions were intense. So much anger. Crisis couldn't blame her. It was putting a knot in her stomach. Pebbles had caught up and was growling at Silver, as well.

    Banshee tensed as some of the wreckage came flying towards them. She caught it with her psychokinetic powers and tossed it aside.

    "Hey, Ozzy," Crisis called out. "Think there's enough of him to go around?"
  23. Matt was stunned at Ozzy. He blew up the chopper like it was a gum bubble. And then, he walked up to Silver, and stared him right in the face, ready for a fight.

    "Woohoo! GO OZZY! Matt yelled, when he recovered from the initial shock. "I'm sure there is, Crisis!" Matt added to her. "Theres more than enough to go around. Just don't beat him up too much! Midnight, come here." He added, telepathically to Crisis.
    He took an antidote out of his pack, and sprayed it on Midnight. "Return..."
    Matt put the empty Antidote bottle in his pants pocket, took out the Salamence's pokéball, and returned him in a flash of red light.

    "Don't let Silver get away! He might know where Dusk is." He said to Ozzy. "Alright, GO, Rise!" He threw the Espeon's pokéball, and she appeared in another flash of light.
    Rise said nothing, she just glared at Silver's Toxicroak.
    Matt said.

    She glowed for a second with a purple energy, and shot off a wave of Psychic energy strong enough to topple a Snorlax. She was that mad at Silver, for hurting her friends.

    ((OOC: Sorry for the short post... Since the rest of you are here now, I wanted to give you a chance. Crisis has Gardevoir... So she can hear telepathics, right? ???))
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