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Sinnohs of our Fathers! Back online, everybody! Sign up now!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ozzybeans, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. "I could probably have handled this on my own," Xela muttered. "But it looks like this'll go quicker... Let's go, Kai! Hydro Pump!"

    "Heh, cocky, much?" said Matt.

    He complied, said;

    And shot off like a dart towards Electivire and Electrode, ready to crunch anything in sight.
    "Kai" the Empoleon's Hydro Pump rocketed toward the electric pokemon as well. Then, an idea came into Matt's head, and he relayed it to Dusk, via telepathy,

    "RAY!" He said, excitedly.

    With that, he jumped. Right on top of the giant spout of water coming out of the Arms of Kai, (OOC: It DOES come out of the arms, right? The little holes in the bladey-fins?) and started the Charge. His body started glowing with an eerie blue electricity.
    As the Hydro Pump drew nearer, the Charge was absorbed into Dusk's body, and Matt ordered;

    He said, And did.

    And suprisingly, the Discharge, powered up by the Charge, mixed in with the Hydro Pump, and Flew towards Electrode, and Electivire. By then, the Hydro Pump had disconnected from Kai.

    Works for me. Matt thought.

    Volt said; "Uh oh".
  2. Banshee's Psychics, Chompy's Dragon Rushes, Charizard's Flamethrowers, and Dragonite's Wing Attacks made short work of the Rocket's Pokemon. Being standard-issue Pokemon handed to the Grunts from day 1, they were not well-trained and they were generally weak Pokemon to begin with. The Pokemon they were fighting had confidence in their Trainers, knew how to fight from years of experience, and were...well, just all-around better Pokemon. It wasn't long before the Rockets had no more Pokemon to fight. Some were caught by the police and hauled off in a car; most of them ran away, and still a few others ran to their leader, asking what to do.

    "This isn't working, boss! These guys are tough!" one Grunt cried.

    "If you had a brain in your head, you could take them on! You outnumber them!" Volt cried as he returned Electivire to his Pokeball. The poor Electric-type had tried to dodge a creative little combo attack made by Kai's Hydro Pump and Dusk's Discharge. Electivire normally liked getting hit with electricity as it juiced him up, but too much of a good thing ends up being bad. The sheer strength of Luxray's Discharge knocked Electivire out, and Electrode wasn't fairing better. The attack was directed at Electivire but the shockwave had hit him, too, and being as fragile a Pokemon as he is, he was severly injured.

    "Worthless!" Volt said, angrily tossing Electivire's Pokeball behind the pedestal he was standing on. Electivire's ball landed in a thick patch of grass near the Galactic base which had long since been abandoned. A small group of Bidoofs picked it up and began carrying it off to the lake near Eterna City, where they were making their den.

    "Doof! Bidoof!" the lil' buggers chattered.

    "Let's end this party! We got bigger fish to fry!" Volt shouted. "Electrode, use Explosion! And let's get the hell out of here! We gotta find where that comet landed!" Volt and the remaining Rocket grunts kicked the policemen out of one of the armored cars and drove it off south, carrying with them a few rather lucky grunts in the back.

    The Electrode detonated with an unparalleled force. While Curtis and his Pokemon, Crisis and her Pokemon, and Chompy were well away enough to not be thrown back, Ozzy, Kai, Xela, and Matt where thrown back from the explosion. Ozzy flew threw the air like a ragdoll and crashed into a lightpost before hitting the dirt. Kai fell unconcious before he even hit the ground. Xela hit the grass hard and rolled up against a tree before falling back down onto a root. Matt fell onto a bench and rolled off onto the dirt. Dusk, being the healthiest one at the time, landed on his feet, but the force of the blast weakened him.

    The Electrode laid unconcious, charred, and smoking on the pedestal. The policemen quickly put it in the back of one of the trucks so it could be nursed back to health. They drove off to Eterna Station, where the Rocket Grunts would be detained.

    "Ohhh..." Ozzy said, weakly standing up. His kimono was ruined, he was covered in dirt, and he was bleeding profusely from the left side of his forehead and the palm of his right hand. He picked up his glasses, casually dusted them off, and put them back on. He ran to the other Trainers who were caught in the blast.

    ...Well, he limped, anyway.

    "My lord, are you two all right? Speak to me, here!" Ozzy beckoned. He bent over and checked Matt's eyes. He was clearly injured, but the pupils looked fine, so their was no need to worry about a concussion. His Luxray walked over to him loyally.

    "All right, you're gonna be okay, man," Ozzy said reassuringly. He helped Matt up and sat him on the bench he landed on. "Here you go. Just rest," he ordered, running over to check on Xela. She had already leaned herself up against the tree she hit, rubbing the small of her back tenderly. There was a huge bruise from the root she landed on.

    "Ma'am, please look at me," Ozzy said. He got a look, all right. Xela glared at him. She didn't appear to like the help.

    "...Well, that's the coldest glare I've ever gotten in my life, but you don't have a concussion, so you're gonna be all right," Ozzy reported. Xela looked away and nodded silently. She returned the unconcious Kai to his Pokeball. What a cheap trick...

    Ozzy helped Xela to her feet and walked her over to the bench. She normally didn't appreciate help or touching (especially that second one), but she couldn't deny that Electrode's Explosion freaking hurt. She tenderly sat down on the bench and resumed massaging that massive bruise on her back. Ozzy sat down and his head hit the table in exhaustion as Chompy worriedly stomped over.

    "What a bastard, using Explosion like that," Ozzy remarked.

    (( Long post...But it has EXPLOSIONS! =D ))
  3. (( EXPLOSIONS!!!! (Sorry... I like explosions... XD) ))

    Xela grumbled something about needing to heal Kai, then remembered hearing Volt say something about a comet. "Darka..." she muttered, releasing the Honchkrow. The Dark Pokemon had seen something a while ago, before she had been called back into her Pokeball.

    "Darka, what did you see...?" she asked, allowing the Honchkrow to sit on her shoulder.

    the Honchkrow replied, knowing exactly what her trainer was talking about.

    "Interesting..." Xela muttered. "But if we're supposed to head down there, we need to heal Kai first. No offense, hun, but you're not quite strong enough to take on anybody of Volt's strength. You could handle a few grunts pretty much single-handedly, but that's about it... There's bound to be somewhere around here we can heal him..." She paused and gave a bit of a depressed sigh. "That's the first time in about forever that he's been knocked out..."

    The trainer carefully stood up, and stopped massaging her back. It hurt, and she was gonna have to get used to it. She silently walked over to Ozzy.

    "Excuse me," she said, a little relucantly. "Thanks for helping me out back there. Would you happen to know where I can heal my Empoleon?"

    Darka asked, amazed.
  4. "Huh?" Ozzy looked up at Xela. She was a rather intimidating woman, but he wouldn't avoid talking to her. "Oh, yes, the Pokemon Center...It's uh...Close by...You go down the street and take a left...Somewhere..." Ozzy put his head back down and clutched his forehead. It hurt like HELL. He stood up.

    "I'll just walk you there," he said. "You should worry about healing yourself, too, y'know..." Chompy sadly walked over and looked sympathetically at Ozzy's bloody forehead. Ozzy shrugged indifferently, patted Chompy on the head for a job well done with the Grunts, and held up a Pokeball.

    "Next time, you...Nnnngh...Should take on Volt. Sound good?"

    Chompy roared enthusiastically. It felt like a hammer crashing down on Ozzy's skull. He grinned weakly and returned Chompy to his Pokeball. He motioned for Xela to follow him. He tore off his now-ruined kimono; he wore a white undershirt and jeans, with traditional sandals. He'd soon put on his high-tops and a jacket now that the festival was cut short.

    He led Xela through the streets to the Pokecenter. It was a short walk, but it seemed to take forever. Ozzy was so dizzy. Fortunately for him, Xela wasn't a talkative person. Talking hurt his head. He walked up to the door of the Pokecenter, which opened upon his approach.

    "We're here," he announced.
  5. Xela silently followed Ozzy down the Pokecenter, only speaking once they arrived. "Thank you," she said, nodding a bit as she walked inside. She stopped in front of the counter and set Kai's Pokeball on it.

    "Would you please heal my Empoleon?" she asked. "He's the only Pokemon in my team that needs healing, and it's rather important that he stay at full health."

    (( Sorry for the short post. I'm on my mother's crappy computer, and it may shut down at any given time without warning. ))
  6. The nurse happily took the Pokeball and placed on the machine. It was only after a few seconds that Kai was as good as new. She returned the ball to Xela.

    "Thank you!" the nurse said, perkily.

    Ozzy, meanwhile, rested in the lounge area of the Pokecenter. He tore off the bottom strip of his shirt and used it as a bandage for his forehead. He laid down on a couch and closed his eyes. Morning wasn't too far off, and he was tired.

    He couldn't fall asleep, though. He laid there, eyes wide open, thinking about the Rocket Revival and the comet. He would have to chase the Rocket Revival around. He needed to know what that comet actually was. His curiosity would bug him about it until he died.
  7. "Thanks," Xela said, taking Kai's Pokeball. Silently, she let the Empoleon out and returned to the lounge area as well. She was tired, but if she fell asleep she wouldn't wake up later on, so she sat on the floor, leaning against the wall. The trainer pulled a smallish book out of her pack and began writing, a story she had started long ago, that had severely needed a good plot twist. She had just come up with one after the battle with Volt. Soon after, she put the pencil down and put both items back in her pack.

    Darka hopped off of her trainer's shoulder and settled in her lap. The Honchkrow silently closed her eyes, though remained awake. Things were getting weird... Again. The trainer untied the cord around her neck and took the Dusk Ball off of it, silently staring at it for a few seconds.

    She said I'd be able to open it when I really need whatever's in it... Xela thought, pressing the button to enlarge it. Maybe it's now...? She tossed the ball into the air, fingers crossed, and it landed on the floor with a soft clatter, still closed. With a sigh, she watched as Darka retrieved it for her.

    "Maybe that girl was crazy..." she whispered, returning the Dusk Ball to it's cord and tying it once more around her neck.

  8. "Well, aren't you two totally badass," Crisis said. She stood over Ozzy, looking at the bandage on his forehead. Her kimono was slung over her shoulder and she was wearing a white t-shirt with some obscure logo on it, loose-fitting denim jeans, knee and elbow pads, and fingerless gloves. In her other arm was a skateboard. "I would've seen a doctor about that by now, and I've had my share of bumps and bruises."

    Banshee the Gardevoir was sitting on the main desk with her legs crossed at the ankle, waiting patiently to be healed. The Rocket Riot wore her out more than anything, although she never did get a proper healing after fighting that Rhydon.
  9. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis laid down on the Pokemon center couch, thinking about what they said about the comet. "So, maybe it was some sort of energy source, Curtis thought, or maybe, Deyoxes"?

    . Curtis smiled, it had been a long day, no one was dead, and now, he needed rest.
  10. "I highly doubt it was Deoxys," Xela said, commenting on Curtis's thoughts. "The two Deoxys returned to space a while ago, and haven't been back since. And Rayquaza would probably have been spotted if even one of the Deoxys had returned." She shook her head. "No... I think it was something different. And probably something more powerful. If it weren't for those Rocket-head idiots I'd probably suggest we leave it be... It'd be the smart thing to do, but as it's likely a powerful Pokemon and the Rocket-heads are after it, about the only thing to do is go deal with it once daylight comes..."

    Darka and Kai stared at the trainer a bit, then both shook her heads and disregarded all thoughts of any sickness she might have. Xela usually didn't talk so much to people she didn't know too well, but she apparently found it necessary. This was basically, after all, one of the weirdest things to ever happen to her. And likely one of the worst to happen to the world of Pokemon.

    Xela sighed and set Darka on her shoulder, standing up. "Need to bring in other Pokemon..." she muttered, walking over to the PC. Silently she turned it on and accessed the Pokemon storage system. After a while, she had switched three Pokemon out for stronger ones, that would be more help against the "Rocket-heads" as she had named them. As soon as that was done, she shut the PC back down and returned to her spot on the floor.
  11. Crisis stared up at the ceiling thoughtfully.

    "Maybe it's made entirely of Moon Stone," she mused. "Enough to evolve a Clefairy beyond Clefable... Like, Cletheology or something."
  12. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    "You know, Curtis said, I've heard a rumor that, somewhere in Sinnoh, there is a location that causes Deoxys to change forms, so its possible that a Deoxys would come to Sinnoh, but it also could be some sort of power source, either way, the comet, or meteor, must have some sort of value if Rocket Revivals are after it". He looked at his Charizard, fast a sleep in the couch below him, and realised he was exhausted too.

    "Anyways, we'll find out soon", Curtis muttered as he turned over and fell asleep.

    (Ooc: I'm literally going to bed now, I'll be back around 11:00 A.M, so don't go too far a head, but you can move on to the morning)
  13. The nurse, having a sense of humor, picked up Banshee by the waist, put her bottom on the healing machine, and healed her without even putting her in a Pokeball. It felt quite tingly.

    "I'll be fine," Ozzy assured Crisis, sitting up to let her take a seat next to him. "Remember, I'm a guitarist. It's natural that I look cool. It's part of the stereotype," he said with a grin, eliciting a giggle from the girl.

    Ozzy laid back and listened to Xela. He wondered if it really WAS Deoxys. If Deoxys was in Sinnoh, Rayquaza couldn't do anything about it because he has to watch over Groudon and Kyogre in Hoenn.

    ...Right? Hm. What else could it be? He'd love for it to be a rare Pokemon. If he could catch a legendary, just for the Pokedex bragging rights, he'd be the happiest man alive. But that was wishful thinking. He'd have little luck seeing a legendary, nevertheless catching one.

    ...How exactly does one catch a legendary?

    All these thoughts made Ozzy's head throb. He closed his eyes and finally conked out, his head falling onto Crisis' shoulder. He was out like a light.
  14. "I guess so..." Xela muttered, sighing as she pulled out an empty Dusk Ball. The trainer silently tossed it into the air and caught it, then repeated the movement over and over. She was extremely bored, and right now, sleep wasn't exactly an option. And she needed something to do until dawn. It felt so weird being back home, back where it all started. Silently she remembered when she started off through the Sinnoh region. She had had to travel terribly far south, to her at least it had been terribly far, just to get to Sandgem Town and visit the lab. She shook her head as her thoughts began wandering off to earlier times. She would not allow herself to remember those times.

    Silently, she returned the Dusk Ball to her pack and untied the cord around her neck again. This time, though, she didn't try to open the Dusk Ball again. She just stared at it for a while, then tied it back around her neck. Things were definitely getting weird again. Or in her case, they were returning to normal.
  15. Crisis blushed a little when Ozzy's head hit her shoulder. She considered pushing him off, but he was sleeping so peacefully she couldn't bring herself to disturb her.

    The tingling of the Healing Machine made Banshee giggle. After awhile, the Gardevoir made an odd face and blushed. She seemed disappointed when the machine stopped, but she giggled as she hopped off.

    Banshee teleported over to Crisis. When she saw Ozzy asleep on her shoulder, the Gardevoir gave him a jealous scowl.

    "Aw, don't give me that," Crisis said with a cocky grin. "I've got enough shoulders for the both of you."

    Banshee turned up her nose at her indignantly. She then hiked up her, uh... dress-like flangies and plopped down on her trainer's lap. Crisis grimaced in annoyance a bit as Banshee cozied up her head on her shoulder and wrapped her arms around her. Then she sighed, her expression softening, and she draped her kimono around the three of them as best as she was able.
  16. (I'm going to now fast-forward time to morning, to prevent the RPG from getting stale so quickly. However, I can't roleplay right now; I'm a little busy >
  17. The second the boy that helped him went to help Xela, Matt was out cold, and Dusk laid down to protect him in his weakened state, rather weak himself.
    When he woke up the next morning, everyone was gone, and all that was left was the smoldering remains of the Explosion.

    , said Matt.

    Where he would go to heal HIMSELF, not even HE knew. What he did know, however, was that he was going to retrieve his backpack, and head on over to the Pokemon Center to heal his pokemon.

    Once he walked in, battered and bruised, he noted that the center seemed a BIT bigger then when Matt lived in Eterna.

    He returned Dusk to his pokeball, and asked the nurse, "Excuse me, but can you heal my pokemon, please?"

    "Why hello Matthew! Long time no see, huh? Here, give me you're pokemon, and I'll heal them."

    And she put his four Pokeballs on the healing machine. While he was waiting, he looked around, and saw The boy that helped him earlier, the girl named Xela, a brown haired boy he didn't know, and a girl with a Gardevoir.
    The boy who helped Matt was sitting on the bench, head drooping onto Gardevoir girl's shoulder, along with her Gardevoir. Xela was curled up into a little ball on the bench.
    The brunette was sleeping with his back turned to Matt.
    He decided to get a room, as he didn't fancy sleeping on a bench.

    "Matthew, you're pokemon are healed."

    "Thanks, Nurse Joy! By the way, how much would a room cost?"

    "Nothing for you, Matthew."

    Matt was stunned. "Really?! Thanks alot!" He didn't think that she would give it to him for free!
    Sweet. He thought.

    When Matt got to his room, his injuries finally got back into focus. OWW!! He thought, sadly. THAT REALLY HURTS!
    He had a large cut on his cheek, the blood long since dried, and he felt as if he was bruised on every part of his body.
    He let all of his pokemon out of their pokeballs.
    "Lessee...Torch, Rise, Midd, Dusk, All present and accounted for!" He said, counting them off on his fingers.
    He laid down on the bed, and fell into a deep sleep.
  18. (( Err... Xela's curled up into a little ball on the bench? I thought she was sitting on the floor, awake, leaning against the wall... And being terribly bored... Well, whatever... ))

    "Finally morning...?" Xela muttered. She sighed, then yawned and slowly stood up. Her neck was stiff from leaning over her book, and yet leaving room on her shoulder for Darka. Silently, the trainer twisted her head around, wincing a bit as it popped a few times. The girl grumbled something and called Darka back into her Pokeball. "I wish everyone else would wake up... If we're going to see about that comet we need to leave..."
  19. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis was woken by Charizard gently shaking him.

    "I'm up Char, I'm up, Curtis yawned, go wake Ozzy, Charizard, him and Alakazam must be just as starving as we are, they didn't eat dinner last night either".

    Curtis went into the Pokemon centers' kitchen, and was greeted with the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Curtis instantly walked over to the buffet table and made Charizard and himself a plate.

    "I wonder if Charizard is done waking Ozzy up, Curtis said checking his Pokech, its almost 10:00 A.M"!
  20. (OOC: Hehe, sorry, Xela! I musta missed it! Sorry. I just thought, she mighta climbed onto a bench to get comfy, and fell asleep. ;D)

    When Matt woke up, he looked at the digital clock on the nightstand, it said it was ten O'clock in the morning.

    "Wow, we musta woke up from our little nap pret-ty early", he muttered. "Alright! Lets get up, Peop- uh, Pokemon!"

    Matt felt completely refreshed after his rest. And his Pokemon seemed like they were, too. Except Midd and Dusk. They WERE the ones that battled, after all.

    Said Dusk, groggily.

    Said Midd.

    Said Rise.

    Torch Exclaimed.

    "Hahaha, C'mon Dusk, Midd! Lets go get some breakfast", Matt said happily.

    Dusk said.

    Said Midd, shaking her head.

    "There'll be Bacon..." Said Matt.

    Said Dusk sharply.

    "Bacon and Salad..."

    Midd piped up, .

    "Knew that'd getcha." Matt muttered.

    He looked around at all of his Pokemon in turn. Rise, the Espeon, Midd, the Kangaskhan, Dusk, the Luxray, and Last, but not least, Torch, the Typhlosion.

    "You sure are a rag-tag bunch, huh?"

    Midd said,

    "Fine, return, everybody. Haha, wierd, too. All of 'em, in they're own way."

    He gathered his belongings, and left the room. When he got into the hallway, however, he was quite lost. He was pretty much a Zombie last night, so he didn't remember which way to take.

    "Two hallways, one right way." He said. "Well, I'm right handed, so to the right we go!"

    And so they did. And they ended up back in the Lobby.

    So, they're still here. Matt thought. All of em. Wait....The brown haired kid is gone...

    Then the smell of food caught his full attention. He couldn't focus very well when food was around. It was one of his flaws.

    "Food...! Lessee...Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes...and Coffee. I'll have to ask 'em to prepare a Salad for Midd."

    She said.

    Matt didn't really want to know what the "Or else" meant. Probably a Dizzy Punch right to the Gut.

    Ouch. He thought.
    When he got into the Kitchen, he sook out the Chef, and said,

    "Excuse me, sir, but can you prepare a Salad, with French dressing, for my Kangaskhan, please? She's a Vegetarian."

    "Of course! I'll get right on it!" He said.


    Matt then saw the brown-haired boy sitting at a table eating some Bacon, eggs, and pancakes. He fixed himself a plate, and sat down across from him.

    "Morning!" Matt said to him.
  21. Ozzy was conked out. Charizard had to bonk him over the head with a closed fist to wake him up.

    "HUZZABU-WHA?" Ozzy said, jumping up and startling Crisis and Banshee into awakening. Ozzy blushed when he realized he was passed out on Crisis' shoulder, but then willed himself against it. He said it last night - he's a guitarist. He's gotta look cool. Blushing ain't cool.

    "Wuzz'up?" he asked Charizard groggily. The lizard pointed to the kitchen.

    "Oh! Breakfast-time! C'mon, Crisis, c'mon, Banshee, let's get some grub! Then we can get ready for the day and go search for where that comet landed," he said, standing up. His headache was gone, although his cuts were still pretty sore. He could USE some food.

    -! And so could 'Zam! He let the Pokemon out. 'Zam immediately took the opporitunity to take his kimono off. He hated that thing. He burned it psychokinetically.

    "...Sheesh, we're going to get FOOD. Calm down," Ozzy told Alakazam, to which the Pokemon responded with a "Hmph". He turned and waited for Crisis to get up.
  22. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    Curtis smiled as he saw Charizard lightly punch Ozzy, waking Crisis and Banshee up as well.

    He then saw that kid with that off color Luxray sit next to him and say hello.

    Oh, hi, Curtis said as Charizard came over, sat down, started eating, and, with his mouth full of eggs and Bacon, asked,
  23. "Whats with your Luxrays weird color, no offence". Said the boy.

    "Umm...I don't really know. I just found him when my family moved from Eterna to Sunyshore. We stopped at Celestic Town for some lunch, and We remembered the shrine, went to see it, and there he was. Sitting under it, poor thing...Homeless. I picked him up, and brought him to the Center in town for some food. He likes human food, oddly enough." Matt replied. "I asked the Nurse there if anyone in town owned him, and she said no. That is how I got Dusk, the Shinx, at the time. Now, a Luxray. And my most trusted pokemon."
  24. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    "Oh, well, its not uncommon for Pokemon to like human food, Curtis said as his Charizard started eating a pancake with too much syrup, my Charizard loves sweet food, but he'll eat just about anything thats not dry tasting, anyways, thats a interesting story". Curtis just finished his breakfast as Charizard took his last bite and took there plates to the kitchen.

    "Thanks Charizard, he's my most trusted partner and friend, by the way, what your name, mines Curtis", Curtis said with a smile.
  25. Matt smiled back, and said;

    "Nice to meet you, Curtis, I'm Matt." He said. "That Charizard looks like..sort of a troublemaker. Is he?"

    He certainly does like pancakes. Matt thought, holding back a laugh when Charizard chomped down on his last Pancake. With ALOT of syrup.

    (OOC: Sorry for the short post! I have to clean my room... :( Oh well, I keep it REALLY clean, I just need to vaccum :p)
  26. Xela sighed and picked up her pack off of the floor. Pulling it open, she began looking for something inside of it. Of course, with the pack having been between her and a hungry Kai all night, although she was awake, too, Kai had eaten the peanut butter sandwich she was looking for.

    "Great..." the trainer muttered. "All that's left is crumbs..." She gave an irritated sigh and went to get some food for herself, seeing as the now asleep Kai had eaten already. She sighed and fixed herself a small plate of bacon eggs. She never ate much for any meal, and so she had more than enough bacon for herself, but the excess was for Ketta, her Riolu. The Pokemon seemed to just love any meat, and bacon was a special treat for her.

    Silently Xela took a seat at a table, away from everybody else, then called Ketta out of her Pokeball. The Riolu yawned widely and rubbed her eyes, as she had obviously been sleeping quite contently. Then she quietly climbed into the chair next to Xela and began stealing little bits and pieces of her bacon. Of course, this was one of those rare events that would cause Xela to smile, and she did, then she began eating.
  27. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    "Well, Curtis began, not really, he has a jolly nature and acts like a clown so he's not really a troublemaker, he just likes to laugh and to see others laugh, we have to brush our teeth often so he doesn't get a cavity from eating all that sugar". Curtis checked his Poketch, it was 10:42, seeing how everyone was almost finished, Curtis and Charizard decided to get ready to travel to the meteor. Curtis slapped down 2500 pokedollors, enough to pay for Curtis and Matt, Curtis recently sold some rare stones he found in the Sinnoh Underground, so he had allot of money.

    "Well, Curtis said to Matt, after your finished, meet us outside the Pokemon Center, if you want to come along that is".
  28. "Thanks for paying! I would go with you, but I have something I need to do first." Matt said, mysteriously. "Haha, you're Charizard must like to see people laughing, he's pretty funny.
    Well, I might see you guys on the road, anyway. Bye!"

    Matt let Dusk out of his Pokeball, and gave him the bacon he promised him. He took it and, though Dusk is calm most of the time, he wasn't when Bacon (or any meat really, It was mostly Pork, though)was in his reach. He chomped it down like he hadn't eaten for a week.

    Midd, who he let out as well, Was the exact opposite of Dusk. Being excitable, and of a Lonely nature, she was crazy away from the food table, and even MORE crazy, at it.

    Rise and Torch are the Balance between Midd and Dusk. They're both very responsible, and so they keep the two troublemakers out of, well, trouble.
    And they both eat calmly, and quietly, thank goodness.

    I couldn't take another one like Dusk and Midd. Thought Matt. I'm glad I don't have to.

    Said Dusk, telepathicly.

    Whined Midd.

    Said Matt.

    (OOC: Sorry, yet again, for the short post. It'll get longer once Matt's on the road.)
  29. Ozzy had a nice quiet breakfast with Alakazam, Banshee, and Crisis. They were still tired and not yet woken up. The silence was excellent for Ozzy's head. He asked that Crisis wait a moment when he had finished. He dug his jacket and his Converse shoes from out of his pack. He put them on, put the sandals from the night before away, and pulled out a small instrument carrying case out. He opened it up and took out a very pretty mandolin.

    The mandolin had eight strings. The sound resonated through a single large F-hole on the top. It was a pretty purple and orange; the colors blended together subtly to create a very professional look. He pulled a guitar pick out of his pocket and plucked away. The sound was soft, but distinct. It was a very happy instrument. Ozzy liked to use the word "plucky" to describe it. Not even Alakazam could tell you what it meant.

    Specifically, Ozzy played to the tune of Led Zeppelin's "That's The Way". (OOC: It is a different song from "That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it, uh huh, uh huh. T_T) It was a very pretty tune with very sad lyrics that didn't really seem to fit. That wasn't really the reason why Ozzy didn't sing, however; that was more due to his lack of confidence in his singing voice. He wasn't about to scare off a new friend.

    Alakazam finished shortly after Ozzy did. He crossed his legs and closed his eyes as if in meditation, but Crisis could clearly see that 'Zams head was bobbing along with the tune. The musician noticed that Curtis was done, and a quick peek into the main lobby revealed that Xela was almost finished, too.

    "Crisis, you and Banshee better hurry up. It looks like everyone else is geared up and ready to go," he said.
  30. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    "Wounder where's he going, Curtis thought, anyway, Charizard, you ready to find that meteor a kick Rocket Rivivals ass"?

    Curtis saw Ozzy, Crisis, Alakazam, and Banshee walk out of the Pokemon Center, both looking like they had there fill of breakfast, Curtis' Poketch told him it was 11:12 A.M.

    "O.K then, Curtis said to Ozzy, where did that meteor land, it looked like it landed near Veilstone city, but I'm not 100% sure, where do you think it landed"?
  31. "Veilstone City? That's east. The comet was heading south. If it landed in Veilstone City, we would have heard a news bulletin about the Galactics being all over it."

    Ozzy paused before announcing his plan. "...Is that girl with the Empoleon coming?"
  32. Xela sighed and finished eating, then glanced back to where she had left Kai sleeping. He was still sleeping. Silently she let a bit of money fall onto the table, then stood up. The trainer helped Ketta down from the chair and they both walked over to the Empoleon.

    Amazing how he can sleep while standing... Xela thought, glancing down to Ketta. The Riolu grinned up at her trainer, a silly looking grin, causing Xela to laugh a little bit.

    "Alright then," Xela said, regaining her normal reserve. She silently called Kai back into his Pokeball and put the Pokeball back in her pocket. "Let's go, Ketta."

    "Oh yeah... You don't know about the comet yet... Well we're going to see where we think it may have landed."

  33. As Matt walked out of the center, full and refreshed, and pokemon returned, he saw the Boy from last night standing off to the side. He hurried over to him.
    He smiled, and said;

    "Hi! Thanks for helping me last night! I really appreciate it! I tried to get to the center on my own after you left, but I fainted...Anyways, I never caught you're name. I'm Matt."

    (OOC: Ozzy, I'm talking about you're character :p)
  34. (OOC: As of now, Poketchs come standard with a phone that uses Friend Codes as numbers. If you haven't found yours, like me, make one up.)

    Ozzy grabbed Matt's hand and shook it firmly. "Call me Ozzy," he said amiably. "We were just gunna go search for the Rockets and the comet. Wanna come?"

    "Nah," Matt said. "I appreciate it, but I've got something else to do."

    Ozzy frowned. "Awwww...That's too bad. I was lookin' forward to seeing more of your Luxray. That thing's cool! It must be pretty rare."

    "It's certainly not your standard Luxray, that's for sure!" Matt agreed. "How about registering each other in our Poketchs?"

    "Sounds like a plan," Ozzy said, and they quickly exchanged numbers. "Well, here's hopin' our paths cross again sometime," Ozzy said, tipping his invisible hat. He waved goodbye and watched Matt head off to only he knows where.

    "Now then," Ozzy said. "I think it's best if we exchange our Poketch numbers because the best plan is to split up. We know the comet went south...But we don't know exactly WHERE. We should head south and west. Crisis and I will head straight south along the bridge and search near Wayward Cave and Oreburg City. Xela and Curtis, you two take the shortcut past Eterna Forest and look around Floaroma and Jubilife. If you find anything, dial. Once you've searched Jubilife, head east. We'll head west from Oreburgh and meet you guys. If we find nothing, I suppose we'll head down near Twinleaf Town. Sound good?" Ozzy asked after reviewing his proposed plan.
  35. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    "Right then, Curtis said, Xela, lets go, our first stop is Floaroma, so lets get going"!


    "Good idea Charizard, Curtis said as he checked his Poketch, so Xela, you ready, It's 11:38, if you want, you can fly with me on Charizards back, if you do, we should be there by Noon"! Charizard turned around as Curtis hopped on its back and beckoned her to get on.
  36. (OOC: THANKS for autoing Matt for the little convo. I need to focus on Matt's side.)

    Once Matt had the boy named Ozzy's Poketch number, he departed for an adventure that would lead him across Sinnoh, and Possibly, the world.

    He was on a journey. A journey to collect the eight Sinnoh badges and defeat the Elite Four. Maybe win a Super Contest here and there, but mostly to beat the Elite Four.

    He let Dusk out of his pokeball. He was, after all, Matt's traveling partner. He was NEVER inside his pokeball while Matt was traveling. Dusk needed Matt, and Matt needed Dusk. He WOULD let the others out, but they would only cause a ruckus. He did NOT need that right now, not when Volt and the Rocket Revival was loose around Sinnoh. Stumbling upon them would be a bad thing.

    Though it didn't seem like it, the Center was rather far from the actual city of Eterna when you're injured. Sort of injured, at least.
    The cut on his right cheek STILL hadn't healed. It was JUST starting to scab over.

    Torch SCREAMED in Matt's head,

    Piped up Dusk.

    Said Rise.

    Said Midd.

    Said Dusk.

    Said Torch.

    Said Midd.

    And so they did, and Matt kept on walking until it got dark. Then, he walked into the forest a ways, and said;

    "Alriiiiiiight, time for ME to go to sleep, Come on out, everyone!"

    When they came out, they were out cold.

    "I'd better follow they're example", Matt muttered.

    He rolled out his sleeping bag, curled up inside, and fell asleep.
  37. "All right, synchronize Poketches," Crisis said. She pressed the button on her Poketch, and map came up. She pressed it again, and the Dowsing Machine came up. She pressed it again, and a dancing hamster came up. She pressed the button again. And Again. And again. "Dammit, why do I have so many freakin' apps on this thing? I barely use them."

    Banshee watched her trainer silently as she continued pressing the button her Poketch.

    "Dang! I skipped it!" Crisis swore as she began pressing the button more rapidly. "Stupid single button..."

    Banshee sighed exasperatedly, grabbed Crisis' wrist, and pressed the button a couple times.

    "Thanks," Crisis said, taking her arm back. "I've got... 11:49."
  38. "I've got my own way to fly," Xela said. "I'll be fine." Silently, she tossed up a Pokeball, releasing a Salamence. Silently, she helped Ketta up onto the Dragon Pokemon's back, then climbed up after her.

    "I just hope you can keep up... My friend raised this Salamence, so it's about as fast as it can get. I'll head to the Ironworks. I suggest you explore Floarama and the Windworks, but it's really you're choice where you head first."

    Ketta wailed.

    Xela laughed and gave the signal for her Salamence to start off into the air.
  39. Curtis

    Curtis Guest

    "Good thing my Charizard is more than a foot bigger than other Charizards, or he might be intimidated by that Salamence, Curtis thought, but boy they're rare, about as rare as my Dragonite".

    "Anyways, Curtis said getting back to reality, don't worry about Charizard, he can go almost 100mph on a sprint, and Floaroma is only about 20 miles away, the wind works is a mile away form there so, I'll take Floaroma and Windworks, ready Charizard"?

    < "You bet, lets go">, he said as Curtis and Charizard took off to Floaroma town.
  40. Matt had an exciting dream that night.

    He was walking through the gates to the Pokemon league, Giant, silver gates. There was a Pokemon on each side of the gate, and one on top. Matt had never seen any of them.

    The one on the left had a blue head with a helmet-esque yellow cap that extended down to it's mouth, with a red gem on it's forehead. It had yellow eyelids. It had a small body, all blue, with short legs, and arms that looked a bit too long for it's body. And it had two tails, each with a red gem in them.

    The one on the right had four pink hair-like tentacles on it's head, with a red gem. It the same face as the one on the left, but pink. It had the same body, and tails as it, too.

    The one on top had a green-blue, arrow-head like cap, and the same body as the others, along with the tails. Same gem in the head, too.

    After looking at the pictures carved into the gate for a while, Matt decided to move on. And a noise woke him up at that second.

    "ESPEON!!!!" Said Rise.

    OWW!! That is loud! Matt thought. What is Rise screaming about?

    "LUXRAY!!!!" Said Dusk.

    Said Matt.

    Said Rise.

    Said Dusk.

    "Torch, Midd, what is going on?" Said Matt.

    "Oh. I know how to stop this. Return, Rise, Dusk."

    He took out they're pokeballs, and returned them in flashes of red light.

    "You too, Midd, Torch."

    He took out they're pokeballs, and returned them as well.

    With a sigh, Matt gathered up his belongings, and set off through the forest, humming the tune to "One of these Days". By the christian band, FFH.

    After about a half hour of walking through the forest, however, Matt heard something. He stopped his humming immediately.

    "Master Volt!" Someone said.

    Volt? Thought Matt. Umm...The Rocket!
    He almost snapped his fingers, but stopped himself at the last second, Thankfully. Any noise would attract the attention of Volt, and his cronie.

    As he moved closer, he saw Volt and a Rocket sitting on chairs in a clearing, with some computer equipment, and, oddly, a grill. The smell of Steak wafted through the clearing. It was a lush clearing chock full of beautiful, green trees, Trees full of leaves, and Fruit. There were apples, but most of the trees were berry trees. Matt saw Razz berries, Pecha berries, and then his attentioin shifted to Volt, and the cronie.

    Volt was dressed in the same old robot suit, and the cronie was dressed in the normal male Rocket uniform, with a Beret added. The same old Black, with a red "R" on his shirt. Plain black pants, and black boots. The beret was just like the one that the hero, Lukas, wore, but completely black.

    "Master Volt, I can't BELIEVE that kid's Luxray is worth that much!" Said the same voice as before.

    "Leslie, it is, quite possibily, THE rarest pokemon in the world." Said Volt. "It was created by the same person who created Mewtwo."

    "REALLY?!" Said the man named Leslie.

    "Yes." Said Volt. "HE created it. But, we're not looking for the Luxray in particular, It would just fund us a little more. We're looking for the Comet! Remember that, Leslie. "

    "I will, Sir!" He said, saluting.

    A branch cracked under Matt's feet as he moved closer.

    "What was that? Go check it out, Leslie." Said Volt, sharply.

    "Yes sir!" He said, saluting again.

    As Leslie came closer, Matt tried to stay as quiet as possible. It didn't work, as another branch cracked under his feet.

    SHOOT!! Thought Matt. I'm gonna be found out!!

    "SIR!! It's the boy with the Luxray!!!"

    "Aha! Grab him, Leslie! Hello, Boy. I never caught you're name. What is it?" Volt said.

    "Matt, though it's none of you're buisiness!" He said, defiantly.

    "Really? Still defiant, even in capture. We have fifty Rocket Revival agents around the area, so, there is NO chance of escape." He added, at Matt's glance around the area. To check for places to escape.

    "What do you want with Dusk?!" Matt shot.

    "Oh, nothing, just to sell him for a LOAD of cash, My boy." Said Volt, haughtily.

    "Grr.... You're NOT gonna get him!!" Said Matt.

    "That's what you say, boy." Said Volt. "Let him go, Leslie. He's OBVIOUSLY not going to give up his precious little Pokemon so easily."

    "Yessir." And did so.

    "Go, Luxray!!" Said Volt.

    "Go! Dusk!!" Matt yelled, hoping to attract the attention of someone.

    Matt was determined to fight till the last. "Dusk, Crunch!!!"
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