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Ask to Join Real life

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Character bio's and OOC discussion goes here https://pokecharms.com/threads/real-life-rp-disscussion.15873/
    The crippled detective made his way around the town he called home. He could of taken his car but felt that it would be better just to walk and smell the fresh air. He stopped by the local grocery store. He walked into the store buying only the most nesceary things he needed. The store seemed to be more packed than usual. he just simply nodded his head and went to back for milk. When he got there he noticed that they were out. " You can't be serious." He said. He looked at the crowded store wondering who all might be here.
  2. Erik looked around the grocery store. "Eggs," He murmured to himself and walked over to the dairy section. He picked out a box and started over to the cash register. He felt someone bump into him and looked behind his shoulder. The buff man who had bumped into Erik just walked off without apologizing. Clenching his fists, he put the eggs down on a table and started toward the man. Erik tapped the man lightly on the shoulder and punched him in the jaw once he turned around with such force that a cracking sound could be heard throughout the place. "Hopefully that'll teach you some manners," He muttered as he went back to pick up the eggs and stood in line as people stared at him.
  3. Drew heard a sound and looked towards it's direction. Drew winced as he bent down checking the man's pulse. He sighed as he heard a beat. He struggled to get back up. He took his phone out and called the police. " Yes sir I'd like to report an assuelt." He said. He looked at the on lookers who then ever so slowly turned their heads to a man with eggs in his hand. He nodded at the people and walked towards the man. " So what did the man do." He asked the man with eggs.
  4. Erik turned to a stranger facing him. "Hm? Oh, lack of manners. He got what he deserved." He cracked his knuckles and put the eggs down yet again. "You know, it doesn't fare well for a cripple if he tries to fight a 4th degree black belt."
  5. Ivy hummed and carried her shipment of carrots to the grocery store. She walked in and went to the clerk, ready to talk about the sale. They spoke quickly and money was traded for the carrots. The nursery owner sighing as she saw the knocked out man and the two agitated ones.
  6. " No it won't." Drew admitted to the egg guy. "But I do have this wonderful device called a phone, it allows you to talk to people who aren't in the same room as you." He said slowly. " I used this said device to call the police." He heard sirens in the distance.
  7. Erik shrugged. "Good luck to them, and good riddance as well." He bought the eggs and headed outside. Police cars had surrounded the store, and police men entered the store. Erik walked over to a policeman and asked, "What's wrong?"
  8. The officer looked at the man. " We got a report about an assault." He said. "You know anything about that?"

    Drew studied the scene as he went in line. " So the man play's the innocent." He thought. ' This should be interesting."
  9. Ivy bought some bread and butter before walking out of the store. She walked past the police and started to head back to the greenhouse. She smiled as she saw all the blooming plants and flowers. She walked past to her house and put the food away before throwing on her apron.
  10. "An assault, huh?" Erik shook his head. "All I heard was a crack, and a thump. The man fell to the ground, but that was all I could get since people started to crowd around the scene. Hope that helps. See ya." He walked away without looking back.
  11. Drew just shook his head as he waited in line. He was lucky that he didn't have any cases he was working on. He nodded as he took his food and walked out. He headed towards his apartment/ office. He put the food into the fridge and walked into his office. He looked through his emails and waited for a new case. Behind his desk was a wall full of medals from his service in the Army Rangers.
  12. Ivy walked through the green house and checked the plants. She watered the ones that needed to be and pulled a bag of fertilizer to the front to pile with the others. Her eyes trailed to the small cherry trees that had been finely bred to be desk trees. She put them in the front and turned the sign on, alerting the world that her green house was open.
  13. Felix sighed. He was in the middle of math class, "of all thi games why math" he said sketching on his note pad, he smiled "finally complete"
  14. He looked around his office and noticed how baron it looked. " It might be a good idea to get a plant." He said as he stood up. He grabbed his cane as he walked out of his apartment.
  15. Ivy moved through the the sweet smelling and green filled wonderland that she had built. Her large sunflowers being the center peice of the place as they stood tall and brightly coloured. Surrounding them was a ring of water and they shared their island with a plethora of other flowering plants and even a few berry bushes.
  16. Jay was sitting on the porch of his house, playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice on his 3DS. It was an enjoyable game. However, his gaming was disrupted by police sirens.
    "Damnit." Jay said, closing his 3DS. "Can't hear the game with those sirens. Wonder why they're here?" A mischievous smile climbing up his face, Jay decided to go find out.
  17. Ivy picked up a basket and put it in the back so it was out of the way. She hummed and made her way over to the fully grown tomato plants. She trimmed their leaves and then fixed up the shrubbery of the green house.
  18. He pulled his 1969 Golden mustang infront of the green house. He checked and saw that the sign said open. He walked in cane in hand. He looked around as he gazed at all of the plants. He wondered which one would look best in his office.
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  19. Jasmine walked to the green house she smiled "this place is awsome" she said to herself "wonder if there hireing" she asked herself smiling
  20. Ivy heard the bell ring and got up from the pots she was putting on a lower shelf. She dusted her hands off and walked toward the front of the warm building. A smile graced her lips as she leaned on the counter, "how are you doing? Looking for anything specific"?
  21. Drew looked at her and the other girl. "Well I'm just looking for a plant. She might have more pressing needs." He said as he walked around. He wondered if that woman grew all of these. He'll ask her later.
  22. "Any specifics on the plant? There are lots here," Ivy nodded her head and sat back on the stool at the front desk. She stretched and reached down to pull a small fish bowl from underneath so she put rocks on the bottom then first ontop of it. She transplanted some succulents into it and then wrapped a blue ribbon around it.
  23. Seeing as the other girl wasn't going to say anything. " I need something that'll make people feel comfortable sitting in my office." He said as he looked at multiple plants. " Do you have any ideas?" he asked.
  24. "Well maybe a terrarium, a fish bowl with diffrent plants in it. Maybe a small breed of tree or a flower," Ivy offered as she pointed to the plants at the front then looked further into the greenhouse, "but feel free to look around. We have many diffrent types here".
  25. He nodded his head and walked to where she pointed. He looked through the plants trying to find a decent one. He nodded until he found the plant. He took it in his free hand and walked towards the check out. He placed it on the table and looked at her. " How much?" he asked.
  26. "five dollars for that little guy," Ivy smiled and pointed to the small biodegradable tag on the plant. She had finished three more plantings and dusted her hands off to make the transaction.
  27. " Ah." He said as he looked at it. He placed it on the table as he reached for his right pocket. He took out ten dollars and handed it to her. " Keep the change." He said with a smile on his face.
  28. "Thank you," Ivy returned his smile and put it into the cash register. She cut a green ribbon and walked over, tieing it around the pot to pretty it up even more. She stood back and crossed her arms, "no he'll need lots of sunlight and a little bit of water about every four days".
  29. " Alright." He said. " Thank you ma'am." He said as he walked out of the green house. He made it to his car and placed his cane in the passenger seat.
  30. Ivy waved to him before getting back to her transplanting. She started the humm along with the radio and blew a strand of hair from her eyes.
  31. Jay walked back towards his house, slightly disappointed. Whatever had happened, it had blown over by now. Sitting on his porch, he opened his 3DS again. He played his game for a bit... but then his mind wandered. He closed his 3DS again and took out a notepad. He had a bunch of ideas on that notepad. Marking the stuff down, he decided to add his new ideas to a previous project. Being a programmer for hire, he also liked to do some extra work just for fun. This was one of those projects. He didn't have a name for it yet, but it would be a fighting game. Checking his phone, he saw that nothing new had popped up. He sighed. He hadn't gotten any work in a while. He figured maybe it was time to do some advertising. Heading into his house, he went to print some flyers.
  32. Viper groaned as she stood up from fixing a really dirty car, she had oil "crap" she said standing up and she pouted " Dang why did the boss make me fix this car" she said getting up and she walked out to her car and she drooped " Hmm what now" she said with a smile as she got in her car.
  33. Drew patted on his steering wheel as he tried to start his car. The engine stalled. He let out a curse as he got his cane and walked back into the green house. " Excuse me." He said to the cashier. "I think my car isn't working properly do you know a mechanic in town? I just moved here."
  34. Jay finished editing the posters on his laptop, and set them to print. Twenty sheets came out. Taking them and some duct tape, Jay headed out. The town was pretty small, so he was confident that this would be enough. Heading out, he taped the flyers to the telephone poles around town.
  35. "Oh? Um yeah let me make a call," Ivy perked up as he walked back in and pulled out her phone to call the mechanics. She hummed and tapped the counter top as she waited for someone to pick up. She looked at him and raised an eyebrow, "what happened to your leg"? If I can ask of course"?
  36. Viper walked back inside because she forgot her phone "Huh?" she asked picking up her phone "Yes This the auto shop" she said and she smiled happily" what you need ?" she asked as she waited for someone to answer.
  37. He smiled at her as he looked down to his leg. " Car accident." He said. "It never fully recovered." He said leaving out what all actually happened. " Thank you by the way." He said. He handed her a card with his number. The card read Leuric investigations. "If you need anything let me know." He said.
  38. Ivy nodded before turning her attention back to the phone. She smiled when she heard the mechanic, "hello? It's Ivy from the soft wood greenhouse and plant nursery. I have a customer here with some car problems. Would you wind coming out and helping us with this"?
  39. Viper nodded "Sure i would love to..." she said smiling and she went to her car and she drove down to the greenhouse and plant nursery. "hmm Whats the problem?" she asked walking over, smelling like oil and mess " Hi there Ivy good to see you again" she smiling.
  40. " So you both know each other." He said as he looked between. "Anyways my car is stalling do you mind looking at it." He said as he handed the mechanic his keys.

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