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Pokemon Trivial Game!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by UchihaHibiki, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Not to be a mini mod or anything but Thepokemontrainer and shadowlugia, please actually put down what you think it is and not saying I don't know or I guessed one.

    I'm sorry for that,
    I guess they're new,
    A Flaafy I think,
    Is that you?

    A powerful aura,
    I emit,
    clue: Iron Island,
    My power, get it?
  2. From Riolu you spring
    When you grow
    This one's easy;
    You're Lucario!

    PokeMon are sincerely
    Attracted to me
    I swim trough fresh water
    and trough the sea
  3. *sigh* Riley, you're wrong.
    Surely, you need to think.
    For one whose fur glows,
    I am named Shinx.

    Well, that's quite hard,
    One I'm sure to miss,
    I'll go out on a limb,
    Are you Surskit?

    Bounce, bounce,
    I love to hop!
    Just don't poke me,
    I could possibly pop!
  4. Wigglytuff?
    Could you be,
    A Jigglypuff?

    A fiery fighter,
    a warrior I am,
    My original name sake,
    can you guess who I am?
  5. You, my kin,
    must be BLaziken!
    Now please stop hurting my shin.

    Some say I came from the greatest generation,
    The fire type volcano, very popular in the nation,
    Now tell me my friend, can you identify
    this literation?
  6. Groudon?

    I start you off upon your journey
    I can bite, but I'm not furry

    (Sorry, but I am about as poetic as a doorknob ::) )
    #206 Thepokemontrainer, Sep 6, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  7. Furry, no.
    Scaly, yes!
    A charmander you are,
    Am I right on the guess?

    I have not been released,
    Although you know me well,
    In games I fight,
    With a clam shell!
  8. Clampearl?

    When the water swells
    And dark clouds dwell
    I am at the heart of the storm,
    Spouting a vengful brine!
  9. Riley- Sorry, it was [​IMG]
    Doubled- Oops, sorry, I meant Entei [​IMG]
  10. @KillerSynth
    It's good to be back,
    And see these good rhymes,
    But you are Lugia.
    Am I right this time?

    Fierce with claws,
    And pretty with passion,
    If you know me,
    You have great fashion.
  11. My exotic move makes me quite a mage,
    With a heavenly coat, I take to the stage,
    My charm and my beauty makes the audience batty,
    My namy you ask? Well it is Delcatty.

    As a youth, I've had much to choose,
    But when I made my choice, the rest I had to lose.
    I took to my form under the cover of night
    With an ominous stare, I disappear from the light,
    Can you guess this one right?
  12. @Brendan Savem
    You're wrong, you fool,
    I'm not that sassy little cat!
    My name is Persian, the best of all,
    And you can't forget that!

    I love my wings,
    So fluffy and free!
    As I fly through the air,
    To my song you may sleep...
  13. parallax

    parallax Guest

    Urp... Altaria?

    Through the rocks I hop
    I will not ever ever stop
    The hurricane will take its toll
    For I am the wondrous Absol!

    Above the clouds I do fly
    Air around me, up so high
    A long body and a twisting tail
    Come on guess me, will you prevail?

    [move]WHO AM I?[/move]
  14. Alas, Sorry Killersynth,
    You have got me wrong,
    Mijumaru's the name,
    Buy me and black for a song!

    A spirit of the desert,
    A friend of Blazi's,
    Dinova's old name,
    Flygon my liege?

    Cuddle up warm,
    Though not to close,
    With fireballs of 1000,
    You don't want a dose.
  15. Well that seems familiar,
    But you get me with your tricks,
    Cuddly, and warm,
    You are Vulpix?

    Is that honey I smell?
    Is it on that tree?
    I think I'll go see it,
    Just little buzzing me!
  16. @ Thepokemontrainer- Read the rules please... you have to post a trivial question after you answer. (<Not ment to Mini-Mod)

    My Blue and Orange are divine,
    My strength will shatter rock,
    My Head-fin Radar is constantly on the lookout,
    for those who i herd liek me.
  17. Hmm, I say,
    What a trick.
    But I liek you,

    I'm shocking and fierce,
    I may give you a fright.
    With my X-Ray eyes,
    I can see you at night.
  18. Shockingly fierce and powerful too, are you luxray?
    I shape the time easily, nothing moved until I came.
  19. Powers of a diety,
    Headshape that is quite dainty,
    You oddly lord over water as well as time,
    You must be Palkia.

    My single red ocular, tends to creep out the ladies. Which makes me a bit morose and angry. That doesnt stop me from chasing them until the break of dawn. What is my name?
  20. Alone at night,
    You look quite dull,
    Up close, you're a fright.
    Your name is Duskull.

    Why have you done this?
    Disowned me like that?
    I'll curse you for this,
    You evil little rat!
  21. They discarded you,
    They shall pay,
    Nothing will keep,
    Banette at bay!

    Poisonous and icky,
    You won't like me,
    I am an evolution,
    Do you know me?
  22. People say "Yuck!'
    Whenever they see you,
    You are so gross, you must be muk!

    I am very, very creepy,
    Are'nt you feeling a bit sleepy?
  23. It could be a Gengar,
    Or a Gastly too.
    It could be a Haunter,
    But I am lacking a clue.

    Somewhere in the brush you may see,
    A little vined Pokemon just like me!
    Whilst my eyes come from an indecipherable core,
    My little red boots make finding me anything but a chore!
  24. Ked


    The bush is where you creep,
    The only part visible is your feet!
    Finding you can be hard,
    You pesky little Tangela!

    I swim the cold waters as fast as a bullet,
    But I certainly don't look like a mullet!
    I cut through ice with me pwerful wings.
    If you don't choose to start with the previous me,
    You'll need to learn some things!

    As you can tell, I stink at poetry >_<
  25. I saw you in Sandgem,
    back when you were still young,
    but I can see you've evolved now,
    into Empoleon!

    You kept me warm and traveled with me,
    I was given to you by an old lady,
    You were the first thing I saw when I first opened my eyes,
    and you called me your little blue surprise!

    (okay you probably didn't but I needed a rhyme/more clues)
  26. I remember you fondly,
    My blue little tot.
    I giggle at your antics,
    My little Wynaut!

    What was that sound?
    Was it you or me?
    Oh, I'm so scared,
    I think I'll just SCREEEEEEEAM!!!!
  27. Bonsly???It cries a lot!

    I am fatter than anyone else and I love to eat and sleep
  28. snorlax

    Described me pretty well, made me proud
    I don't look very dangerous but in battle i wont prevail
    and when you see me im often female

    (Jesus, i suck really bad att poetry
  29. Blue, I'm sorry,
    You are wrong by far.
    My name is Whismur,
    You hear me scream far.

    Cloudy wings, pretty voice,
    You're a favorite of mine.
    Your name is Altaria,
    So lovely and fine.
  30. Meh, no question? Guess I'll make one!

    I am a bulldog, cute as can be,
    Girls consider me pretty, I am cowardly,
    Boys say I'm ugly, my polka-dots are blue,
    I am a Normal type, what are you?
  31. I know who you are,
    I'm no fool.
    You're a piece of cake,
    a snubull!

    That's a big clue,
    Thunder stone I evolve,
    and love for the first evolve to!
  32. That is too easy,
    Pichu and Raichu,
    you both suck at riddles,
    the answer is Pikachu!

    I am a Normal type, but look like a bug,
    Yellow and striped, I can't hug. :o
    I have wings, small ones to,
    A Machop could easily beat you!
    #234 Louie Forest, Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  33. parallax

    parallax Guest

    I think I know who you are
    The tiniest tiny can be
    You're called Dunsparce
    And Absol, Skitty and me!

    If a slice couldn't make it
    I'm sure I know who can do
    I know I'm a wily catferret
    And how do about you?
  34. That riddle right there,
    Threw me straight through a loop,
    But I'll take a wander at this,
    Your name is Zangoose?

    Who dares disturb me?
    Eh, I don't care,
    Just give me that berry.
  35. Wow, you seem very lax
    but you may also need a wax
    you must be Snorlax!

    I fly high in the sky
    People say that my Shiny form looks pretty fly
    I eat air particles so of hunger I won't die
    Who am I?
  36. This is easy, you green little snake!
    Your name is Rayquaza, am I right on this guess?

    I have 4 wings, and I like blood.
  37. That is too easy, that is a fact
    You indeed are a Crobat!

    I am made of crystal and look like a ninja,
    My body is red, not ginger!
  38. This too easy, give me something hard!
    I know who you are!
    You must be Regirock!

    I love to lick, I just can not stop!
    Who can I be?
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