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Pokemon Trivial Game!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by UchihaHibiki, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. 000aj

    000aj Guest

    Sableye (I have no idea how to spell it) and Spiritomb

    I give you one hint,
    so listen well:
    It was in my last post
    but the pokemon's name, I didn't tell
  2. Scyther..?

    Yellow and Red, my Counter-Part is Yellow and Blue,
    We always stick together just like + and - do!
  3. Plusle!

    I rise in the early morning
    I fall to the Earth at night
    And become replaced by my counterpart

    (this isn't actually what the pokémon does, but it makes sense if you get it)
  4. Duh, Solrock. :p

    I have a balance problem;
    You can see it when I walk.
    And I'm not the only one seeing spots
    When I begin to talk.

    Yes, I have a little problem;
    I admit it to be true
    But I have my own cafe
    And am Junichi Masuda's favorite, too!

    WHO AM I?

    (All of the above are true)
  5. Spindla, who own Spindla's Café! Is it really his fav Pokémon?

    Ninja I am! Leaves are my weapon! My hair is my face, my hair is my cape!
  6. Umm, it's actually Spinda. Not Spindla. xD

    Yes, it is a favorite of Junichi Masuda, a creator of the Pokemon series, composer of all the battle themes, and on whose birthday the snow in the game changes to silver dust.

    Hmm, Shedinja? No idea.

    I was originally a pure Electric-type, but now I have two types!
  7. Are you Exeggutor?

    Today I would like to sing
    Just a little song
    My voice is nice and new
    I wear a red coat.
  8. Exeggutor has always had two types. I'm talking about Magnemite and Magneton, which were originally pure Electric-types, but were given the Steel-type once it was added to the games in Johto.

    Aha! Kricketot! You thought you would get me there, my friend! >:-D

    I am Ken Sugimori's favorite Pokemon.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Pikachu (If I'm wrong I will explode)

    A pokemon that is said to live to 1000, and my riachu did her hair.
  10. A fire fox,
    In Naruto you are,
    with your sacred powers,
    Ninetales by far!

    I'm in front,
    and now I'm behind,
    with my ghostly hair,
    I'm a Mis you'll find.
  11. Misdreavus?

    Jelly, jelly, on the wall
    You look just like me!
  12. Ditto?

    I was the first of my time
    But not the first of my kind
    I fly high in the sky
    Even in regions I don't belong in
  13. Let's see... Pretty hard this one.
    I think it's Latios, as he is Latias older brother (first of his generation), but his father was a Latios too (not first of his kind), Also, Latios is a flying/psychic dual type and is a roaming pokémon.

    I have two:

    "Even though I'm supposed to be one of the worst things in existence, everybody loves me. My own existence defy the laws of physics, and my own presence freezes times and makes space collapse. And even if someone dares to catch me, I always escape. I'm the Missing Number. Who am I?"

    "Me and my brothers,
    each live alone,
    in a place
    near a Mystery Zone.

    We each ventured
    in our own Mystery Zone,
    and to our great surprise
    each of us found a small pond."

    Edit: Nobody is answering :-\ ? Why won't anybody answer? My riddles are so cool...

    Also, to those who don't know what Mystery Zones is, is a place in the Generation IV games that can only be acessed by the walk throught walls cheats, which exists everywhere in the Generation IV games and is basically just a lange black zone where nothing resides. But there are three places whose respective Mystery Zones have small pond on them.
  14. Sorry it was Ho-Oh. SImply it was the first Gen 2 Pokémon to be shown but was not the first legendary bird in the series (or well at laest not in the games). Also, it doesn't belong in Kanto (due to the fact that it wasn't really shown until Jotho and also resides there).

    About your riddle, I simply have no idea. Just wanted to fix the correct answer for mine :)
  15. Ah, I see. But Ho-Oh is not a Legendary Bird. The Legendary Birds are ArticUNO (from the word Artic and the spanish number one), ZapDOS (from the word Zap and the spanish number two), and MolTRES (from the word molten and the spanish number three), while Ho-Oh just happens to be a flying-type Legendary Pokémon. He even is the Trio Master of the Legendary Beasts, having no true relation to the Legendary Birds. And he was the first legendary flying-type since he was the first pokémon to appear in the anime. Latios makes more sense because he even can be found roaming Johto.

    About my riddles, let's go people, try to guess. I spent so much effort to make then and no one will answer :'( ?

    Aditional tips: The one from the first riddle could only be found in Generations I and II, while the other can be either of three pokémon. I would give a better tip to the second one, but I can't think of anything that wouldn't be a too great tip. Even the tip for the first riddle that I have given now was too big.
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    I am not true
    But you don't understand
    All the hell I go through
  17. Got right the first one, but there's another riddle in the same post.

    Wow, that's hard. I dunno.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit, for the second riddle, I think
  19. Dingdingding

    And we have a winner, people!

    But I really don't know the pokémon of your riddle, could you give more hints?
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ok I will

    A copy, A clone
    I was never ment to be...
    It should be easy now.
  21. Mewtwo, probably?

    My front teeth are big
    I'm quite pointless
  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    I rise with the sun
    I cover up with the clouds
    Dispite that, I am imprevious to the moon.
  23. Altaria?

    Despite my looks
    I'm actually quite remarkable.
    I swing my hands
    And lights appear
    my shell hardens
    and I smile
    while using any move
    even Roar of Time
  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You got mine wrong!

    About you're riddle, I have no clue
  25. About Kazuki-dono riddle, I would say Arceus, as he can have this move by event and is said to be able to learn any move (though like mew this is not true). Even those things you said have nothing to do with him but he can learn the moves that makes he do these things.

    But let's see if you guys can guess which are the fairy legendaries. They are all little legendary pokémon, each of one generation, and can be said to be the embodiments of the chinese Wu Xing, although one of them can hardly be considered to be of the Wu Xing, and is normaly only said so so that the Wu Xing can be complete.

    Edit: No, it's SMEARGLE! He can learn any move thanks to his move sketch, so he can have Metronome (hand swings), Flash (light appears), a move that I don't remember it's name that can only be used by pokémon with shells that increases defense (I think it's name really is Shell Harden) and he can even Sketch Signature Moves.
  26. Hmm, nope, none of yours were right :)
    It's easier than you think :)
  27. It's Togetic! Well, any pokémon with metronome can use any move, and Togetic is on your sig!
  28. Togepi? :(

    "But let's see if you guys can guess which are the fairy legendaries. They are all little legendary pokémon, each of one generation, and can be said to be the embodiments of the chinese Wu Xing, although one of them can hardly be considered to be of the Wu Xing, and is normaly only said so so that the Wu Xing can be complete."

    This was in my last post, and no one bothered to try to guess. At least say that you guys don't know. It's not so hard, y'know.
  29. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Xantu/Natu is my best guess

    I will say my privious riddle from before, and I'll give you another hint, The pokemon i'm talking about is from gen IV and it is also a grass type.

    And just to refresh your memory, here's the riddle again;
    I rise with the sun
    I cover up with the clouds
    Dispite that, I am imprevious to the moon.
    It should be easy now.
  30. Awwwww... Now I understand! That things about sun and clouds and moon were about Shaymin form changes!

    But nobody is trying to answer my huge riddle.

    EDIT: Don't go on wikipedia, it happens that Wu Xing is also the name of a Chinese scientist. The Wu Xing I'm talking about is Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal.
  31. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    My last guess was for your riddle, and you got mine wrong.
  32. 1- My riddle was about five little pokémon, one from each generation, all legendaries psychic type, and all are dual-typed, except for one.

    2- Then I give up. Don't know. If it's not Shaymin, I don't know who it is.
  33. sntonobre: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Meloetta (theese are my best answers)

    Mew - Psychic
    Celebi - Psychic/Grass
    Jirachi - Psychic/Steel
    Meloetta - Psychic/Normal

    Can't figure the last one (Gen 4)
  34. Well, the Gen V is not Meloetta as she doesn't is psychic all the time (her Step Forme is Fighting/Normal) and about the Gen IV, sorry, but the Gen IV one is not a psychic. I was just in a hurry, and didn't noticed that flaw. But about Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi, you got that right.

    Bu reminding you, they represent the Chinese Wu Xing: Steel (Jirachi), Wood (Celebi), Earth, Water, and Fire. I won't say which Mew represents, but even then I think it will be easier to guess the others. So have fun ;D
  35. Hmm, then gen IV is Manaphy or Phione perhaps? And Gen V is Victini!
  36. Gen. IV Manaphy, Gen. V Victini.

    Phione. Is. Not. Legendary!

    Phione can breed, and the son/daughter will be another Phione, and this is reason enough for it not being Legendary. "But Manaphy can breed" you may say, but the egg will never hatch into another Manaphy. And, unlike Manaphy, and any other Legendary Pokémon, in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, Phione won't be classified as rare nor as legendary. Phione is as much legendary as is Rotom.

    Wow, this post makes me look evil. Not evil, just a bad person, that takes everything seriously.

    But we have to let the game going on, so here's a riddle.

    "I'm not I. I have no right to be called that. I became more powerful, but for that I needed to get rid of me. This created two me. But I don't deserve to be called I. I do not have what is needed to that. Only the other I can truly live."
  37. Yay, got it right after all :D And the last words, that's the riddle huh?
  38. Ah yup. So, think you can guess which pokémon is?
  39. Hmm, it's kinda strange. Don't really get it.. So probably no. :(
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